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  • Harry, to Scorpius: If you ever are mean to Albus then I'll seduce your dad and convince him to marry me and then I'll be your stepmom and I'll disable the Wi-Fi at 7pm every night don't fucking try me
  • Scorpius: If you disable the Wi-Fi then how are you going to use it?
  • Harry: I don't need Wi-Fi when I'm riding your dad's dick.
  • Scorpius: [screams]

“Again?” You huffed, shaking the shampoo bottle a couple of times before squeezing tightly as an attempt to see if you could get any more out of it. You had only bought this bottle about two weeks ago and you were already out. Maybe you were just subconsciously squeezing too much into your palm whenever you washed your hair. It was odd, really. Your shampoo and conditioner supply had been running suspiciously low for the past month and you didn’t have any other explanation for it! Unless… 

“S’cuse me, mister. I think you can afford to buy your own shampoo and conditioner.” You adjusted the towel wrapped round your body as you stepped into the bedroom, Harry looking up at you from his phone. 

“What are you on about?” He asked, a smirk playing at his lips when you rolled your eyes at him. Harry always loved using your shampoo, you didn’t know why you couldn’t see it before. You had bought him his own bottle for his birthday but somehow, it was your bottle that ended up being finished and he barely touched his own. It wasn’t like you minded that he used your shampoo, you were just bothered by the fact that he would hog a majority of the bottle and leave you with a little squirt left! 

“I’m accusing you of using my shampoo and conditioner.” 

“I don’ know wha’ you’re talking about.” Harry was a terrible liar so you knew from the start you’d be able to squeeze the truth out of him. 

“Are you sure you don’t know what I’m talking about?” You hummed, hitching your knee up onto the bed before crawling towards your boyfriend, Harry suddenly taking note of the playful smile on your features. 

“Y/N…” He sighed, cheeks brightening up significantly when you crawled closer to him and nudged your nose with his. 

“Tell me the truth…” You sang, pressing kisses to his cheek before trailing them down to his neck. 

“Mm…” Harry hummed, thoroughly enjoying the treatment he was receiving from you before sort of snapping back into it. He shifted slightly upon feeling your hand slide underneath his shirt, his mind already bringing him to the many things you two could end up doing in the next minute. “…No, I didn’t use your shampoo.” 

“Alright, well,” You pulled away immediately, hopping off the bed before going over to rummage through the drawers for your clothes. “Since you didn’t use my shampoo, maybe I’ve just run out! I’ll go and pick some up from Target.” You sighed casually, Harry blinking owlishly at how quickly you pulled away from him. 


“Do you need anythi-”

“Fine, I used your bloody shampoo!” Harry snapped, tossing his phone to the side before crawling over quickly and reaching out to tug at your towel. “There’s no way in hell I’m lettin’ you go anywhere after you teased me like tha’.” 

“And you’ll buy a couple new bottles for me after we’re done?” You grinned, Harry already working on loosening up your towel with one hand while the other explored your body. 

What could you say? You loved your shampoo. 


yeet what am i writing 

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Does Draco know that you were a hair's breadth away from being sorted into Slytherin but you refused to be? How do you feel about that, Draco? Have you imagined the possibilities if Harry had been a Slytherin?

Draco: *smirking* Oh, the possibilities–

Harry: *dreamily* Ah, the possibilities–

Draco: What possibilities are you talking about?

Harry: What possibilities are you talking about?

Draco: We’d have been best friends, pranked Wealey and Granger a lot, and I’d have been the one to go get the Philosopher’s Stone with you, and go down to the Chamber of Secrets with you and–

Harry: *stroking his head softly* You’re so pure.

Draco: *slapping his hand away* Fuck off! What were you talking about then?

Harry: We’d have realised our feelings for each other a lot sooner.

Draco: Oh, there it is. *eye-roll*

Harry: I’d have taken you to the Yule Ball–

Draco: Pft, please.

Harry: They’d have taken you from me during the Second Task– *sappy staring*

Draco: *softens*

Harry: *enthusiastically* And then you’d have been so grateful to me for having pulled you out of the lake, you’d have snogged me right there–

Draco: Well, shit.

Harry: And let’s face it, we’d have probably done it by fifth year.

Draco: Harry, no–

Harry: ‘cause you know, Voldemort’s back and everyone’s scared of the future and shit, and we’d have figured, hell, there’s no better time–

Draco: Please–

Harry: Just imagine it, the Room of Requirement would’ve given us anything we’d have needed–

Draco: Why are you like this?

Harry: *thoughtfully* You think it’d have given us stuff like flavoured lube and butt plugs?

Draco: HARRY!

Cheeky Bets

“No Harry you cheated!” you shouted, “I totally won!”

“Obviously not love,” he smirked. Harry and you had a bet of who would win at game of mini-golf. You would have beaten him if he hadn’t cheated the entire game. He pushed you when you swung, he moved your ball when he thought you weren’t looking, and didn’t write the correct score down.

 Fighting with him would do no good. He knew he couldn’t beat you fair and square so he had to cheat. Both of you were very competitive and could turn almost anything into a competition. And many times that meant raising the stakes. Normally the stakes weren’t too high; it would be something stupid like what you had for dinner. However the stakes this time were completely different. Whoever won at mini-golf would choose something new to try in the bedroom.

Harry and your sex life was far from boring and yet the two you were always wanting to experiment. The problem was there were so many different things to try and the two of you couldn’t agree on one. One night you’d planned to try something, but instead argued about what to try. By the time the fight was over it was neither of you wanted to even have sex.

The whole week Harry had been smirking and making smart ass comments. If you’d been paying attention you may have caught on that he was dropping hints of what was to come, but you just thought he was being his normal self. He was always making cheeky comments so you never would have guessed anything out of the ordinary. The comment that should have alerted you was when Harry came up behind you running his hands all over your ass saying, “Always love this ass. M’gonna put it to good use soon.”

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In Sickness and in Health

More Kiss writing prompts, this one worked out well as a two for one special. 

13. Kiss on the ear, for @enderkid11

5. Angry kiss, for  @lokilaufeyson1048 

(Also On AO3)

Harry’s head felt tight. The room was swimming in grey light from what was leaking around the curtains. When he closed his eyes time moved strangely, sleep came in fits and bursts and the sunlight that was there was gone. He dragged himself out of bed only to use the bathroom, force half a glass of water down his throat and then staggered back to bed and closed his eyes.

Something smacked his forehead sharply. Harry twitched and forced his eyes open.

Draco slowly lowered his head until he was only six inches in front of Harry’s face and came into sharp focus, then he glared at Harry, “How long have you been running a fever?”

Harry blinked, and lifted one shoulder slightly in a shrug, “don’t know,” he mumbled.

Draco sighed, leaned back and smacked Harry’s forehead again, “You are an idiot, Potter. A complete and total idiot.”

Harry tracked the shape of Draco as he went to Harry’s bathroom and heard him going through the cabinets. Harry let his eyes close, there weren’t any pepper-up potions but Harry was too tired to say, every muscle in his body tight and aching, his throat rough and aching, just too, too tired. He let himself fall back to sleep.

“Wake up.” A voice said impatiently.

Harry ignored it.

The owner of the voice pitched his arm sharply.

Harry flinched, frowning slightly and opened his eyes.

“Can you sit up?” Draco asked, sliding his arm behind Harry and pull him up without waiting for a response.

Harry groaned as his muscles complained at the movement.

Draco pushed his glasses on and then held a small glass bottle to his lips, giving him a second to react before tipping the bottle up and filling Harry’s mouth with the bitter, spicy taste of pepper-up.

Harry squeezed his eyes closed and braced for the wave of heat that swept through his body pushing out the worst of the illness and leaving only the exhaustion and lingering ache.

“How?” he asked faintly once he felt he could.

“How what, Potter?” Draco said flatly uncorking another bottle.

Harry closed his eyes briefly, “I was out of pepper-up.”

“I’m quite capable of going shopping,” Draco quirked an eyebrow and pressed the next potion to Harry’s lips, “Pain reliever.”

Harry quickly drank the blue potion and shivered as it went to work, spreading through his battered body like a cooling wave.

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Hogwarts Friendships ::

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw



Harry Styles Packs

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Violet Beginnings

( Celebrating 500 followers!!! Thank you so much! This fic has been split into two parts. This is part two. Click here to read part one.)

Immediately upon entering, the previously rowdy group fell silent in anticipation. 

“So?” Hermione inquired looking concerned yet interested. 

Harry shrugged before finding and squishing into his seat next to his best friend. “We just talked.”

“What about?” Lavender pressed. 

Harry turned to look at Ron and Hermione as he spoke, “We’re friends now.”

The silence around them intensified. 

“Friends?” he heard Seamus demand with disgust, but his attention was still on his closest friends.

Hermione had a peculiar mix of pride and empathy written on her face, and Ron a firm, indecipherable thing. 

When Harry paid him no mind, Seamus continued, “He’s a death eater.”

Harry did look at him then. “Was a death eater.” 

Seamus sneered, “Once a death eater, always a -”

“No,” Harry interjected firmly, “Severus Snape was a death eater before he turned spy for the Order. Malfoy was a death eater. He’s not anymore.” 

“But Malfoy didn’t work for the Order. He never switched sides,” Lavender pointed out.

“He was an idiot, and he’s realized this.”

“That’s not enough!” Seamus growled, “What about Fred? It could’ve been him that done it!”

There were collective gasps around the group. Harry saw Hermione grip at Ron’s knee who’s face had gone pale. Ginny was glaring at Seamus mighty impressively for someone who had tears in their eyes. 

“Shut up, Seamus!” she snarled. 

Seamus, still red faced from either anger or shame, apologized and sat back down looking guilty and embarrassed. 

“I’m with Harry,” Ron said with a steady voice to the group, “He was an idiot, but he-he couldn’t have done it…murdered someone. He was just a scared kid. We all were.” He glared at Seamus until the other boy gulped, and then turned to Harry and smiled, “Besides, if Harry starts hanging out with the ferret, maybe he’ll actually shut up about him for once.”

Ron gave him a wink, and Harry returned it with a self depreciating grin. The group laughed and slowly returned to their own conversations. The rest of the train ride nearly felt normal. 

Dinner at the great hall was anything but. The returning eighth years were immediately separated from the rest of the school, and were ushered into a room off of the hall that Harry remembered from his first year. Headmistress McGonagall stood tall before all of them with a fierce glint in her eye. Her hands were clasped firmly against her stomach as she spoke. 

“Welcome back to Hogwarts for your extended and final year. Your life as students will be vastly different from the years previous. You are no longer children, and will not be treated as such. You will be given privileges the other students do not have. The curfew, for one, is none existent to you. You may visit Hogsmeade whenever you like, and your attendance to your classes will not be monitored.” There was a brief pause to allow for excited whispering. “However, I will ask you to remember that each and every last one of you has returned here by choice to complete your education. If you spend all your nights partying and partaking in any particular tomfoolery, and you find yourself failing classes, it will be no ones fault but your own. Furthermore, if you are caught behaving in a way that is inappropriate of a Hogwarts student, you will find yourself in my office quicker than you can say quidditch,” she paused and eyed them all tremendously, “Now. I am not ignorant to the reality of the relationships between your houses, and a such, I have decided not to split your year into houses this term,” there were groans and shouts of outraged all silenced swiftly by the professor’s steely glare, “Eighth years will share a common room and living area. Feel free to pick your room and your roommates, though I encourage you to pick one student from each house if possible. Which leads me to my next piece. If I find any student fighting another, no matter who either of them are, they will be expelled immediately. I do not care if the students are Gryffindor, Slytherin, pureblood, or muggleborn. We have all been through and have seen what prejudice can do, and I will have no patience for any of it. Is that understood?”

There was an instant chorus of ‘yes, Headmistress’, and Harry was happy to see that every last student had agreed. McGonagall, too, was proud. She smiled a small, but no less pleased smile, and then dismissed them. 

Once they entered the Great Hall, it was clear that the sorting ceremony had ended. They took their places at their respective tables, all anxious to get back to their familiarities and friends. Harry, once seated beside Hermione, looked up across the room and spotted Draco next to Pansy, though she didn’t appear to be speaking to him. 

Draco looked up and caught Harry’s questioning gaze, and answered with a small smile and a shake of his head. Harry furrowed his brows in confusion. 

“Why don’t you ask him if he wants to sit over here, with us?” Harry turned to Hermione who was already motioning to Draco for him to join them at the Gryffindor table. Draco sought out Harry with a panicked expression, but Harry simply smiled and threw his head in the direction of Hermione’s persistent waving. 

Draco slowly stood, looking no less anxious, and only then did Pansy take notice of him. In fact, the whole student body seemed to be mesmerized by Draco’s walk to the Gryffindor table. By the time he stood in front of Harry, the entire hall had been reduced to hushed whispering. 

“Have a seat, Draco,” Hermione offered. Draco hesitated for a long second. 

“Alright,” and then he sat down next to Harry just like that, making sure to cast the other boy a side long glance clearly meaning ‘what the hell?’. 

Harry sniggered and shrugged before taking a swig of pumpkin juice. Draco began to make his plate, and Hermione nodded at him, satisfied. 

“As I was saying,” and as Hermione prattled on about the upcoming curriculum and study regimes, the Great Hall went back to its boisterous celebration as if nothing unusual had happened. All except for Pansy Parkinson, who was gawking at Draco in disbelief. 

Harry nudged Draco’s shoulder with his own to get his attention. “So what’s with Parkinson? Why is she giving you the cold shoulder all the sudden?”

Draco finished chewing, and then wiped his mouth with his napkin, “Its not ‘all of the sudden’. We agreed over the summer that she shouldn’t be seen speaking with me.”

Harry frowned, “Why not?”

Draco shot him a raised eyebrow. “Death eater, remember?”

Harry opened his mouth to protest, but Draco silenced him with his hand, as in he literally put his hand over Harry’s mouth, his fingertips pressed firmly against Harry’s parted lips. Harry stopped breathing. Draco stared at his hand for a beat before coming back to himself and removing it hastily, putting it out of sight, safely onto his lap. 

“It would do no good for her reputation to be seen with me,” Draco spoke rougher than before. He took a sip of pumpkin juice to clear his throat while Harry recovered. 

“She does remember that it was herself to suggest in front of everyone that we should give me up to Voldemort, doesn’t she?” Harry asked dryly. 

“Ah, but she still doesn’t have one of these,” Draco explained as he gestured absently to his own arm, “This is far worse than any words she might have spoken when she was scared and desperate.” 

“You were scared and desperate,” Harry reminded him. 

Draco sighed, “You’re not a matyr, Harry. You don’t have to save us all.”

“Like you would ever need saving,” Harry mumbled without thinking. 

Draco’s gaze upon him turned tense and unwavering, “I did need saving, and you already did that once. You don’t need to do it again.”

Harry held his stare, “You saved me once, too.”

Draco broke first, and looked down at his food. “It was an accident.”

Harry smiled, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Draco said in a small voice, and went back to working on his plate. 

The feast finished off with Harry’s favorite dessert, and then the eighth years found themselves getting settled into their new living quarters. The new common room was a tasteful mix of all the house colors and the familiarities of each other’s old common rooms. There were vibrant colored mermaids swimming through the portraits hung on the wall. There was a stone fireplace that birthed blue flame. A bookcase took up the entire wall adjacent. There was a desk and an array of quills and parchment tucked neatly into one corner. A large sofa was the center of the room with love seats and arm chairs strewn about, all fabrics in the tones of the four houses. It looked comfortable, if a bit busy, but the group seemed to take it all with satisfaction. Off to the right side of the room was a staircase that could do nothing else but lead to their rooms. On that floor there were five violet doors arranged in a tight line.

“There’s no girls and boys,” Hannah Abbot pointed out. Significant looks and leers were exchanged and Harry heard Ron and Hermione arguing about this new revelation. Hermione ended the spat with a firm, “I am not sharing a room with you, Ronald.”

Harry was sure it had more to do with the fact that she had just escaped a year in a tent with the both of them, than it was the indecency of the matter. 

As the rest of his peers began grouping off, Malfoy sat on the edge of a love seat looking uncertain. Harry caught Pansy looking at him guiltily with Blaise by her side, tugging at her arm, but looking just as conflicted. 

“What’s the matter, death eater?” Zacharias Smith spat, “Not even your own kind want to-” 

“Malfoy, you’re rooming with us, aren’t you?”

Harry, Pansy, Blaise, and Malfoy all gaped at Ron, along with those who were left in the corridor. The only person who didn’t seem shocked by Ron’s invitation was Hermione, who was beaming up at him with pride. Harry recovered first, and shot Malfoy an encouraging and welcoming grin. Malfoy stood, looking just a little bit taller. 

“Certainly, Weasley.” 

He made his way over to them where Neville gave his shoulder a friendly pat. Hermione stood on her tip toes to give Ron a kiss, and wished them all a goodnight before heading to her room with Padme and Susan. 

Their room looked identical to every other dorm in the castle, bar the hanging curtains that were a matching violet to the door. Having roomed together before, Harry, Ron, and Neville all easily assimilated into their new living space. 

“Thank you, Weasley,” Draco spoke from the dresser where he was hanging his clothes. 

Ron shrugged, “It was no big deal. We’re friends now, right? You should probably call me Ron though. There are a lot of Weasleys.” Ron’s voice tightened at the end, but his friends pretended not to notice. 

Malfoy nodded once. “Ron then,” he said confidently. 

“You can call me Neville, if you want. Though, I think that might not be as fun as calling me Longbottom.” 

Draco furrowed his brows and frowned at the ground. Harry looked over at Neville with worry, but although his face was stern, he could tell he wasn’t angry. 

“I’m sorry…Neville for treating you poorly in our past. You have proved yourself to be a strong wizard, and I regret judging you prematurely.”

Harry pressed his lips together and inhaled through his nose. It wasn’t the best apology, but Neville seemed to accept it anyway as he smiled warmly at Draco before clasping him on the shoulder once more. 

“Its alright, then. I thought I was a rubbish wizard, too. Turns out, we were both wrong.”

Harry saw a faint blush paint Draco’s face, and he turned back to his trunk to hide his smile. Being friends with Draco was going surprisingly well, and if a little more ended up happening between them, they could blame it on violet beginnings.              

#8: Touch Me Not

*mature content

It was nearing midnight when Y/N finally shut the television after a long saga of old episodes of ‘Friends’. She set the remote back onto its place and headed for her phone that lay on the table adjacent to her bed side.

‘hope you’re keeping a check on the time styles…’

She drafted a message in her phone and after hovering her fingers twice and thrice over it, she finally bucked up to press the send button. The reply came instantaneously, as if Harry had been sitting over his phone.

'Parking the car, you be at the door honey:)’

With a deep sigh, Y/N set her phone back on the table, and in slow, lazy steps, she headed for the door.

She has been very cross with Harry this past week. Every morning he promises to be home early but Y/N doesn’t even get a track when he gets back home and when he leaves. She just knows he’s healthy by the frequent phone calls he pays her.

Distance does cause a lot of frustration. There are immense stances of misconceptions and what not, and problems really do drift the couple apart. Y/N fears the thought of losing Harry, and sometimes when sat alone, she wonders if he shares the same fear. Thoughts like these have only made her cry alone in her cold, empty bed.

The bell rings just as she is stood by the door, and taking her time with unlocking the door, she opens up with an unpleasant look.

“Hello there, my darling.” He extends a small, blooming red rose in her direction as a pretty smile flashes across his features.

“Hi.” Y/N replies in a monotone, accepting the rose as she walks back into the house. Harry follows sincerely after her.

“You wanna eat something?” She asks as she drops the rose in the vase situated at the center of the dining table and looks over at Harry giving her a guilty look.



And they don’t talk any more than that in the moment. Harry descends up stairs to their room while Y/N spends sometime setting everything in the kitchen.

She walks back to their room then, and on entering the room meets a half naked Harry. He looks at her for some response to his intention, but she plainly checks him out up and down before settling in the bed on her side.

Her back turned to him, Harry grows more anxious and apologetic. He takes off his sweatpants and climbs into the bed in plain boxers, nearing her slowly and cautiously. He lies down, close to her, as a hand goes about her and pulls her close to his chest.

“I love you.” He murmurs into her hair, pressing his lips to her back. “I’m sorry, baby.” He kisses her temple, trailing down to her cheek and to her shoulders before tugging her to face him.

She remains rigid at her place. “Don’t touch me.”

Her words effect Harry immensely. He realizes how profusely he has neglected her than ever before in just one week. It’s new to her, the distance and ignorance, and he doesn’t want to her to get any wrong knowledge about it.

“I’m tired, Harry, let me sleep.”

“I’ve missed you, please, I’m sorry..” He kisses her some more.

Y/N sighs. “I’ve missed you too, precisely more, Harry.”

Harry closes his eyes and presses his nose to her shoulder, hating every minute of sadness he has occurred to her. He wanted to really compensate for it tonight.

“Honey, turn over..” He finally gets her to face him, but she still has the sour expression. He runs a hand through her forehead and pushes aside the fringes, and then continues his fingers down to her lips.

“Harry, don’t..”

“Fine, I won’t touch you.” He climbs on top of her, his hands on either side of her body supporting his weight. “But, I want to love you.”

Y/N urges to sit up, and tenderly Harry moves back, allowing her to take up her comfortable position. Y/N gets up and strolls over to where her scarfs hang, and bringing along one, she climbs back in her place.

She tugs Harry’s wrist and tying them up together like cuffs, she lies down back again beneath him. Harry looks at his tied hands and smirks invisibly, adoring her little tactics of torture.

He climbed on her hips, and lifting his arms above his head, he leans down to kiss her. His arms enclose around her head, his lips touch down hers and his body presses closer and closer to her small frame. The heat between the two resides within them from the extreme closeness.

Harry’s lips move slow with hers, he treats both the upper and lower lip of hers one by one, sucking and nibbling and leaving them glistening wet. She hardly gets to treat him back because he is trailing down before she could think, making it extremely clear that this night’s all about her and only her.

He slows at her neck, taking time to let her first feel his lips on her skin and then a profuse bite, smothered by a slick lick of the tongue. He mumbles his love for her once as he is biting down her shoulder and then repositioning his lips over the valley of her breasts, he meets her eyes.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, baby, and you’re all mine.” He makes it clear to her. A moan in response furthers his actions.

He pokes his tongue out, slowly sliding it down her collar bones to the depth of her night dress’s neckline, wetting the curve between her breasts. He moves away, tugging at the thin sleeves of the dress with his teeth and slowly sliding them down her shoulders, he meets her eyes for assistance.

Y/N is quick to tug both the sleeves down her arms. Harry’s smile grows; his eyes trail back to the area he had left wet behind and tugging the dress material from there, he gets her rid of the dress top off of her body. She lies now in just a pair of small shorts, flushed and aroused from the slow pace of romance.

Harry feels one breast of hers with his mouth, circling his open mouthed kisses around her nipple. Y/N feels a desperate urge to feel his hand over her other breast. With the contact of his cold tongue on her hard nipple, Y/N arches her back for more contact. Harry assists her.

He takes her sensitive peak in his mouth, torturing with sucking and nibbling of it. His teeth graze over them, and Y/N reaches an another world. Harry brings the same pleasure to her other breast, and seeing her face turned up in such bliss makes it difficult to control his outburst. He so wants to touch her, squeeze her, fondle her in his arms.

He moves down, leaving kisses over her stomach, and over her navel, he dips his tongue causing a loud squeal to escape her mouth. He chuckles as a smile appears on her features.

He moves lower, and fighting with the string of her shorts, he manages to loosen it with his teeth. He pulls her shorts down - a slight on his own and the rest with the grace of his missus - and dips his head between her legs. Y/N gasps and gets a hold of his hair. They are short but they manage to tangle about her fingers.

Harry’s tongue invades her. He licks and flicks in angry motions, he is desperate and now completely out of control. It hurts him now, and he wants to use his hands to guide her to where it hurts.

He sits up with one last lick over her clit.

“Open this, now.” He extends his tied hands to her. Y/N sits up with a sly smirk as she slowly with her teeth, entangles the knot.

Harry presses his free hands now, on her cheeks and kisses her again, this time in extreme passion and anger. They lie down on the mattress again, with Harry on top of Y/N as he presses his groin over exposed clit, rocking back and forth to create a friction that could cure the pain.

Y/N’s hands roam down; she tugs at his boxers and pulls them down, releasing the aroused animal that resided inside. Harry doesn’t blink for a second; he positions himself in front of her and thrusts in with force, giving her a taste of his extreme dominance and rage.

She feels him throb around her walls, and her head falls back into the pillow; her eyes pinch close when he pounds hard into her, her lips tighten to suppress a loud scream.

“Look at me, baby, open your eyes.” Harry commands, his voice hoarse and heavy from contentment and fatigue, whilst his body fast and hard for more.

Y/N opens eyes and meets his dark, heavy eyes, and Harry thrusts into her again, causing her to moan for mercy.

“I love you, Harry, so much, baby, so much..”

“I love you so, so much, Y/N Y/L/N.”

“I just always want you with me, Harry. You leave and my heart comes right here in my throat, and when at nights you are late, I cannot blink either. Am I being too selfish for asking you and only you?” The distance had to be sorted out, and somehow, naturally, words escaped Y/N’s mouth.

“No, darling. I realize your care and patience but just some more of it and I promise the day’s not far when you will always stand by my side. I am doing all of this only for you, for us. I just need your love.” Harry committed to her, and Y/N couldn’t stop her throat from filling up.

She pulled him down by his neck and replaced her lips with his frown. He smiled, and so did she, and the night was long as he moved inside of her till his last strength and they spoke their love to each other till their senses finally dissolved to sleep.

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Fic Recs: Illustration for The Better Man by turtletotem:

“I do believe the two of you were in the same year as boys, were you not?” Headmaster Shaw said. “Charles is the most competent deputy any headmaster could ask for, Erik, and he’s been doing this for years…” He trailed off, as if finally noticing something odd in the way his Potions and Divination masters were staring at each other.

“Of course,” Charles said quickly, his voice only a little hoarse, and stuck out his hand. “Welcome back to Hogwarts, Erik.”

A Harry Potter AU Cherik

Comments: Okay so this is like one of the best f***ing cherik fanfics I’ve ever ever ever read and I neeeeeeeeeded to draw my favouritest part (ahem ch. 19)

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prompt: a part two to your thing where Draco tries to surprise Harry at pivet drive, when Harry first moves in with Draco. bc that was rlly good

Thank you!

My Writing

Part One

Harry practically skipped up the stairs to his bedroom, with Draco following closely behind. 

“They used to make me sleep in the cupboard under the stairs,” Harry said conversationally as he opened the door to his room.

“That’s awful,” Draco commented.

Harry just shrugged. He pulled out his trunk and they began packing all of his things into it. He simply left a note on his nightstand for his Aunt and Uncle, saying that he left and has doesn’t plan to ever come back.

Harry then grabbed Draco’s hand, and they apparated to the Manor.

“You’re sure your parents will be okay with this?” Harry asked, feeling nervous now that they were standing outside the large house.

“Yes, Harry. They aren’t the same people you remember,” Draco informed him before opening the door.

He put his hand on the small of Harry’s back to lead him into the house. Harry gasped as he took in its elegance. The last time he was here, appreciating the architecture and decor of the house wasn’t at the top of his list of priorities.

“Do they know that we’re together?”

Draco smiled and vanished Harry’s things up into his room.

“Yes, I told them almost immediately. They weren’t incredibly pleased at first, but they quickly accepted it.”

Harry smiled and turned around to wrap his arms around Draco in a hug.

“Thank you so much,” he mumbled into his chest.

Draco chuckled and kissed the crown on Harry’s head.

“Of course, love. Now let’s find my parents.”

Harry nodded and remained wrapped around Draco for a few more seconds before releasing him.

Draco took Harry’s hand into his own and they walked into the dining room, where Lucius and Narcissa were having glass of wine.

“Hello,” Draco greeted as they walked into the room.

His parents stopped their conversation to look up at where Draco was standing, and were shocked to see someone else standing there with him.

“Hello, love,” his mother said with a kind smile. “I see you brought a guest.”

Harry blushed under their gazes.

“Yeah, um, Harry is going to be staying with us.”

Lucius raised an eyebrow at this.

“U-Unless that’s not okay!” Harry stuttered out. “Draco said it would be, but if-”

Harry was cut off by Narcissa getting up from her seat and enveloping Harry in a hug. He stood there awkwardly until she let him go.

“Of course it’s okay, dear.”

Harry smiled at her.

“You’re important to Draco, therefore you’re always welcome here,” Lucius said from his seat at the table.

Harry was a bit taken aback at his words.

“I don’t even know what to say, just…thank you.”

Draco smiled and snaked his arm around Harry’s waist.

“Let’s go, love. I’ll show you our room,” Draco murmured to Harry.

He nodded and they went upstairs.

Harry smiled as he looked around the room, and went to sit on the bed.

“It’s so nice of you guys to let me stay here. I can’t thank you enough.”

Draco went to sit down next to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“You don’t need to thank us. Like my father said, you’re welcome here, Harry. We’re happy to have you here.” 

He lightly kissed Harry’s lips.

“I love you,” Harry whispered.

“Mm, I love you too. And I just thought of one way you can thank me,” Draco said with a smirk before laying back on the bed.

Harry grinned and crawled on top of Draco to capture his lips in another kiss, and to later break in what would be Harry’s new bed.

ok no… no wait. earlier i saw a post w/ a bunch of lesser known hp facts and one of them was 

Only one non-magical person has ever managed to get as far as the Hogwarts Sorting Hat before being exposed as a Squib.

and i have been thinking about this for hours… because like, this is a “funny fact” until you remember that some eleven year old got a letter saying they were magic. they got taken to diagon alley, they bought robes and a cauldron and their class books and a wand, maybe with their magic parents or, worse, with their muggle parents, and they waited through the rest of summer, thinking i’m special, i’m magic, and then they have this long, nerve-wracking ride to hogwarts on this magic train—maybe they even made a friend or two on the ride to school! and they go across the lake, and can you imagine how nervous you would be, at eleven? theyre thinking about what house they’re going to be in, about what subjects they’re excited to learn, about finally being able to use their wand,

and they get to the sorting, and they put on the hat, and someone says, “i’m sorry, there’s been a mistake—you don’t belong here”

and if you dont think thats some ice cold bullshit idk what to tell you