you need to stop please

Some days, I need a hand to hold. Other days, I need to be left alone. But in all of those days, I most definitely need you to love me. Please do not stop loving me.
—  Lukas W. // All those day

your daily reminder from an autistic that hearing the word r*tard feels like a slap in the face.

It’s a slur. Don’t drop it as an insult in a casual conversation unless you want to take me and any other autistic/neurodivergent people listening straight to frown town


Aaron reacting to being told that “no one else comes close” to him

#look at this precious little baby who can’t believe he ever would be that important to someone yet someone would put him first.

Only Slytherin; Part 1

“I want to make out with you.” “We’re in the middle of potions class” “So?”

”Its not dark enough.” “Darling it’s black” “Not black enough

“Why are you crying did someone say something really stupid again”

“I didn’t mean to sound like a psychopath when I said that I just hate people”

“Fucking hell am I the only one here who is not an uncultured swine”

“How am I supposed to express my emotions if I can’t even fucking swear in the essay professor”

“I’m sorry do words with more than 3 syllables confuse you?”

“If you don’t shut the fuck up about how uncomfortable your shoes are I will get you muggle crocs for Christmas.”

“Professor am I not meant to be truthful? Then why am in trouble for for calling her out on being a raging bitch?”

“I love you but I don’t need this right now please leave”

“Stop crying, he’s not worth your tears”

  • Me: I feel bad I should reach out to someone before this gets too much
  • Me: *actually talks to a friend*
  • Friend: *is reasonably worried and tries to support me*
  • Me, crying: oh god oh god I'm so sorry don't worry I'm fine pls I didn't mean to make you worry I promise I'm fine I shouldn't have dragged you into this I'm so sorry you didn't deserve this this isn't your fault I'm sorry you don't have to put up with me I'm so sor-...

Don’t leave me here alone. Don’t go where I can’t follow.

so @watson-sighs-and-tuts made this gifset and the tags are everything I need in season 3

  • What artists say: #soon
  • What they really mean: Definitely not soon. In fact, so far in the future that you might have grand children by the time we release the new album. Enjoy the waiting!

“Goodness had nothing to do with it.”

Clara and the Doctor resemble each other, in their love for adventure and saving the world, in their cleverness and recklessness, and in the chaos and destruction they’d be wiling to unleash for the other. For two people who are so similar, a story holding up a mirror between is a powerful thing.

Realisations can be discomforting, painful even. Clara slips into the Doctor’s role and the Doctor meets someone who calls herself by his name, who does not truy fit into this world in spite of looking the part, who readily chooses lying as a way to achieve her aim, who moves on after witnessing a death with no time for grieving. What does being the Doctor mean? He leaves Clara standing there, staring ahead, her expression puzzled.

Clara looks into a face which has gone through unimaginable terror for billions of years, she demands to know why, and is met by her own reflection. “Why would you even do that to yourself?,” asks the girl who jumped into the Doctor’s time stream to be torn into a million pieaces. “I have a duty of care, you know what that is?,” a teacher explains in another time, in another place. Wouldn’t she have done the same here, chosen the path that horrifies her? Would goodness have had something to do with it?

You keep leaving me. You leave me longing for you again and again when I would give anything for you to stay, and it’s killing me.
—  The night circus, Erin Morgenstern
Gravity Falls and Mystic Messenger Cross Over
  • Bill: Hey Pine Tree, I see you summoned me. What was it exactly that you needed?
  • 707: Ive been trying to think of names for my son, and I uh, thought of this one... um... Dorito. What do you think?
  • Bill: No, you cant name your son Dorito.
  • 707: What do you mean I cant name my son Dorito?
  • Bill: Well you see, there is a specific reason you cant name your son Dorito.
  • 707: Alright whats the reason?
  • Bill: Okay one, first off. Its not even a human name. Like that's stupid. Second of all, you cant really name him in the first place because... hes NACHO son.
  • 707: Are you kidding me with this shi-