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Just wanted to check up on you. How are you doing? Love you ~ ❤️

Love you too 💗 Having splendid days and some tough days but more good than bad. Thank you very much for asking. On a more honest note- It might sound a bit spoiled of me to say, but… I’m still adjusting to so many people not talking to me anymore. Like, everything else is getting better each day and life is Rich and I KNOW that’s what I need to focus on, I KNOW I’m extremely fortunate. It’s just… Kinda hard to go from such a popular table to sitting alone. I thought I had a lot of friends here and i guess this is the tough acceptance stage of the whole ‘people like you till you stop doing what they like’ popularity game. I’m sorry. I got really spoiled from all the attention and it hurts that it’s just… Gone. I’m fragile, y'know? 😅 Always regret saying this stuff

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the clouds left and with them apparently my will to live so here’s some shit i’m planning on doing this weekend to distract myself provided fedex, ups, and amazon’s pointlessly Extra independent delivery service can all stop stepping on their own dicks long enough to deliver the shit i need on time:

- whipped citrus body butter: just like the version i made last year that lasted me until a week ago except citrusy, which might sound odd as august drags itself to its impending and well-deserved death but i really feel like this will give me some much-needed ~pep~ over the winter months: shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, vitamin e oil, and grapefruit, lemongrass, bergamot, and tangerine essential oils. basically i just want to smell like a giant meyer lemon at all times

- i’m also going to make a straight body oil with a lot of the same ingredients and experiment with that. the efficacy of that body butter recipe is *fingertip kiss* fucking impeccable but sometimes you want something a little lighter yannow (i ordered rosehip seed oil too so maybe i’ll eventually experiment with a facial oil also???)

related sidebar: look i know my virulent loathing for the tasteless fucks at Anthropologie who sell spray-painted driftwood for $3600 is well-documented, but their ~signature scent~ (candles, reed diffusers, lotion, soap, etc), Capri Blue’s “Volcano”, is what i want everything in my life to smell like

- my navy velvet drapes arrived and they’re incredible but if i don’t soon find brushed brass curtain hardware to accommodate this 144″ wall that doesn’t cost as much as a black market kidney, i’m going to locate the CEO of pottery barn, rip his lips off of his face and sew them into his asshole, and sink all 4 of his gaudy yachts 

- the IVAR cabinet is fully cured so the last step is finding a top for it, because I want to put all of my coffee and tea stuff on/in/above it (okay fine it’s a fucking coffee station but you know, not conceptualized by someone named Laykynn and therefore lacking any Cutesy Quote wall plaques or scalloped cricut-crafter vinyl cutout labels on CLEAR JARS) ANYWAY it’s an odd size at 31 5/8″ x 11″ so a marble tile is out, so i’m gonna try to find a marble remnant at the local salvage and have it chopped to size, or failing that, a piece of caesarstone or quartz provided it isn’t $600 wow WHAT A GRIPPING TALE BRENT

i hope you’re all feeling good and enjoying a nice beverage and are being soothed by something i love you bye

lol my coworkers tryna make me feel bad for turning down a walk-in like.. i know i shouldn’t be picky this early in my career but i’ve left work late every single day for the past 2 weeks and i’m fucking tired. idc if someone is salty they can’t get their hair done w/o an appointment, like you come 2 hours before closing and ask for a major coloring job, like.. i’m not salty if i lost “money”, i’m not staying an extra 3-4 hours after work over something last min. i’m fucking tired.

ps: these customers need to stop box dying their hair pitch black and expect me to get them to stark white in like under 2 hours. acting like i’m being a bitch by telling them the truth, do you want hair on your head!??

Imagine catching and stopping someone who is trying to cut Thorin's glorious hair

You: *protectively squishes Thorin’s head into your chest with one hand, and grabs the scissors by the blades with the other* if come near any of my friends with a pair of scissors ever again and I will take those scissors, shove them up your asshole, and. open. them. Do I make myself clear?
Rest of the company: * sitting there wide eyed in shock*
Thorin: as enjoyable as this is, can you let go of me now? There is food on my plate that needs to be eaten.

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  • Gascoigne: Anyway, I was thinking we need new table linens for the dining room. Well, not so much table linens as placemats. What do you think is prettier, burgundy or mauve?
  • Eileen: [While Gascoigne continues to talk without stopping] What the hell’s with him?
  • Henryk: He’s mad, but he can’t give me the “silent treatment” because he knows I’d actually love that, so he’s giving me the “talk until I want to commit suicide treatment”.
  • Eileen: Sucks to be you.
  • Henryk: You have no idea.
  • Gascoigne: [is still talking as Henryk starts eating his newspaper] What else do I need for that - OH! I need new pillow shams and I - I like cotton, but I think we should get a cotton blend because that’s easier to clean and I hate ironing. Maybe we need a new housekeeper - maybe the housekeeper should come every single day now…

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Hey pxelbox don't you think its funny that people care about your aesthetic more than you do? Just wondering.

Hey checkmar! Nice to see you active again :) Long time no see!

I think people need to chill the fuck out and stop putting so much stock into simblr but that’s just me!

PS: wcif that bookshelf you use in all your legacy posts?

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Dear Traincat, I am a big fan of your work who only recently stopped lurking. I just wanted to say I not only admire your writing, but the care and respect you have for the characters you write. (Also, as a huge fan of Johnny, Stormcast is everything to me) Recently, I have wanted to try my hand at writing Spideytorch, and wondered: what do you think are some of the most important character traits for those two that aren't explicitly stated in comics? I just need some help getting in their heads

Wow, thank you so much! That means a lot. And thank you for listening to Stormcast! Yuuhy and I love it, but I don’t think either of us actually expected that people would listen, so it is very, very cool to hear that they do. Also oh my god yes hi please write Spideytorch I need more fic to read.

As for traits, here are some. For the record I think these are all pretty strongly present in the comics, but they’re stuff that I feel either gets overlooked or is a little harder to spot if you’re not looking too hard.


  • I don’t actually think Peter Parker actually has self-esteem issues beyond like, the average man. He’s extremely confident in his intelligence and in his physical abilities. He’s canonically stated that if he had to, he thinks he could kill the Hulk. The Hulk. What he does have is a very New York self-deprecating sense of humor and a neurotic tendency to blame himself for everything, turning him into the world’s worst critic of his own personality.
  • Similarly, he’s rarely afraid. I mean, why should he be? He can shrug off having a building dropped on him, fight off an entire crowd with one hand tied behind his back, and he has a personal alarm system that warns him of danger. 
  • This isn’t explicitly stated but it is, I think, explicitly shown: he’s a very tactile person with his friends and family. He’s also very, very physically affectionate with his significant other. He’s also a very protective person with his friends – I was reading Venom (2011) recently, which stars Flash Thompson, Peter’s high school bully turned one of his best friends, and during every Emotional Thompson Family scene I was like, why is this random brunet man here, and then I realized it was not a random brunet man, it was Peter, because why wouldn’t Peter be there while Flash’s mom checks into therapy! Why not! 
  • A Peter Thing TM that I love is that when he’s really, truly angry, he drops the jokes.
  • Peter Parker holds himself as the ultimate authority. Not the police, not any various above the government agencies, not any other superhero. Himself. When he shifts this view, it tends to go very wrong for him, partially because when things do go wrong, he has someone beyond himself to blame. (Civil War, etc.)
  • Peter honestly enjoys Spider-Man’s antagonistic relationship with J Jonah Jameson and likes JJJ as a person, even if he frequently wants to strangle him. Similarly, he loves everyone at the Bugle. 


  • Johnny Storm is a geek. Between the two of them, he’s the one I think is far more into pop culture. Shows he mentions watching include Buffy, Twin Peaks, and Star Trek. (He even cites Star Trek filming trivia.) In a Top Picks article once for “favorite movies” he picked two fictional scifi/fantasty films and Titanic. 
  • He just wants to find true love. Honestly like I’ve been trying to figure out where his Rep comes from but I think he like, self-perpetuated it around the time he said he went through girls like “water through a sieve” when he’d had. Three girlfriends. Total. In canon at the time. I also think he has trouble divorcing physical intimacy from emotional. (I do think he had an intense fling period … but it started after the incredibly traumatic break-up of his marriage.)
  • On a similar note, he defines his own worth by 1) his powers, 2) his celebrity, and 3) his desirability. 
  • He loves his powers but he hates the idea of his powers being used to hurt innocent people. He also doesn’t seem to like it when other people get very violent – I’ve got panels in my refs of him holding back Ben and Peter and asking Sue to stop when she’s threatening the Wizard. In general he’s a pretty gentle person. 
  • I’m having trouble thinking of Johnny Points I haven’t already brought up, I’m sorry! 

I think when writing them (in a non-AU context) what I try to keep in mind first and foremost is the depth of their history and their connection with each other, the ways their personalities compliment each other, and the incredible amount of affection they have for each other. I hope this helps!

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Hello! My question is do you read any reylo fanfics and if so what are some of your favorite ones? :)

Do I need any Reylo fanfics? AH yes I do, I actually need to find new ones to read for when Im not writing or drawing.

Favorite ones? mmmmhhh I’ll keep a special spot for ’’The moon, the sun and the star in between’’ (because it sucked me into the reylo hole for good by silvershine)  then ’’He knows he needs to stop’’ (an adorable and epic story by @perrydowning), ’’It’s better if we just pretend’’ (a wonderful reydar fanfiction by @ellensama ) and of course let’s not forget all the fanfictions written by @lucidlucy (my fave)

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So recently I stopped binding. I'm pre everything but I've been dressing in just my bare chest and my shirt. I see like nothing about this so it makes me feel like I'm weird. Am I weird?

Not really. Do whatever you want to do. It doesnt matter what other people are or arent doing. It makes sense in that binding can be annoying, being bare with shirt emulates how it would feel post op for example. If you dont need to bind then its best not to honestly

Anyone else similar for reassurance?

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For your drabble thingy, possibly 332 & 240 for Bucky? I hope the writer's block breaks soon for you!

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332. “Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me?”

240. “None of this makes sense.”

The tears were falling fast down your face, leaving tracks against your cheeks. “Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me?” you whispered, voice cracking. The screaming had long stopped, you both now just stared across the room at each other chests heaving with exertion. “Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me, James?” you repeated, softer this time. He hung his head, shaking it slightly.

“They need me” his own voice was hoarse from the argument.

“None of this makes sense” you countered, mostly speaking to yourself. He approached you then, wrapping you up in his arms. You cried, wetting green uniform with your tears.

“I’ll come back doll, I promise” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. 

“I promise”

one time i tweeted abt how ppl in the senate need to stop talking abt impeaching trump and just do it and i included that judge judy gif of her tapping on her watch, and my professor replied to the tweet and was like ‘remind me to tell you about when i worked with judge judy back when she was a real judge and i was a real lawyer’ skdhdjdjfkfkf

Person: Stop making plans in front of people if you’re not even inviting them!

Me: Yeah.. Well if i have to take a shit do i still have to invite them? Or do you think maybe i don’t need them up my ass for absolutely everything?

Person: ………

Me: That’s what i thought.


She loved her dad but at times she found it difficult to rationalize how he could have allowed her mother to get away. Had he really loved Elara? Hard to imagine. The thought gave her nightmares.

“You’re my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

“Cash please stop singing” she moaned swatting at his hand.

He only smiled nodding towards someone approaching behind her. Turning she found herself facing the guy from the park. “What are you doing here?”

“You looked like you needed help?” he grinned at her while Cash continued to sing.

“You shouldn’t be here” she insisted pushing him away.

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Oh my god your designs are beautiful every time I do not miss a acsepte you request them or Art trade ? *-*

thank youu♡
well, you didn’ miss anything!
now i’m stopping to get requests or art trade, ‘cuz i’m so busy to draw 'em…(i always draw some doodles tho, those’re i really need to keep myself up :P)
if i wanna do that again, i’ll tell yu guys~:3
thanks again fo asking me!x3

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And I thought I was already dead. Apparently not ������

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Why would you do this ����

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you killed me w/ this once already now you come in here and kill me again. WHEN WILL ENOUGH BE ENOUGH MERE

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why do you want me to cry? *headcanon accepted*

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you need to be stopped bc I cannot cry at work and this is gorgeous and perfect and *headcanon accepted*

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how do you get over the notion that guys are only attracted to one body type? I legit just realized almost my entire life I've been trying to attain this "ideal" body which is ridiculous!! I'm 6' and it's not healthy to try to be 115 lbs like wtf I've closed myself off to so many opportunities just because I feel unworthy. sorry for the rant lol wish you the best in everything you do ✨✨

I used to think the same way! I decided that I needed to stop viewing my worth and my beauty based on what men thought of me (or what I thought men thought of me) and more on what I thought of me. Am I healthy?? Am I happy?? Am I doing things that enrich my body and my mind?? Those should be the things that matter. Don’t try and view yourself through the perspective of what you believe men think / want, and start doing things for YOU!!! ❤️

shaladin safe space

please reblog this if you’re pro-shaladin, or at least are not anti-shaladin. i need to know that there are more of us out there, shipping and multishipping and seeing shiro happy with his paladins. also i want more shaladin-positive blogs to follow.

this blog is a shaladin safe space.