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So you don’t believe in emotional cheating I take it? I love Taylor, I just.....

dude it’s totally personal beliefs like if youre in a half ass relationship and this person comes in your life and makes you stutter step a bit but you still remain faithful because youre stronger than that? you aint cheat. we’re human dude. if anything, these feelings make you realize that maybe somethin aint right with the relationship youre in and you need to communicate about that. stopping yourself from cheating and admitting to it qualifying as actual cheating?

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How would Merlin (and eggsy if you feel like it) react if his s/o just casually appears when he least expects it and just gives dat ass a good pat bc that booty thou and walks off like nothing happened

Oh man. 

Merlin would freeze up. 

Completely and totally.

 He stops mid-sentence, head tilting in mild confusion as walks you strut past him. Eggsy, of course, shoots him a confused look. Having not witnessed the ass pat, he’s very confused. His eyes dart between your figure sauntering off and his best chap frozen up beside him.

“Wha’s a matter, Merlin?”


Meanwhile, Eggsy would make a big deal about, chirping you up with comments like “Do I need t’ phone HR? Because I will,” or “You come back here an’ y’ do dat again proper.”

Just a reminder

There’s going to be people who constantly hate on your writing for no reason. Ignore them.

You’re going to get asks from mean anons whose only goal is to make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t listen.

You’re gonna always feel like your writing is not good enough because of other’s writing on here. Stop comparing yourself to others. There’s gonna be different types of writing styles on here.

There’s gonna be days where you don’t feel like writing or talking to anyone. That is okay. Take time for yourself.

You’ll feel like you always need to update because you want people to like your writing. People will like it no matter how long it’ll take you to update.

Remember that you are only human. Remember that you don’t always need to constantly write all the time. It is okay to make mistakes and sometimes take a break from writing. You will feel like you aren’t worthy enough. But believe me, you are.

To anyone that is struggling out there or is constantly going through any of the above, I love you. I believe in you. And I’m here for you.

Excuse me I see a lot of negativity and unnecessary dragging about Gorgeous not living up to lyrical expectations first of all this misconception of “great lyrics” being synonymous with “heartbreaking/emotional lyrics” needs to stop because a.) you’re wrong and b.) nah that’s it you’re just wrong and second of all have you actually listened to the song because the lyrics are fantastic and witty and so relatable while still being super specific to her own life and GOOD SONGS DON’T HAVE TO BE BALLADS TO BE GOOD SONGS:)

Please stop demanding your headcanons on characters, and then demanding the creators follow them. Please stop demanding every single character in every series is lgbt or the series is useless. Please stop sayin heterosexual couples are an attack on your mental health, because heterosexual is the way it’s been from the beginning. Not every character needs to fit your insane standards of perfection. Not every character needs to be sexualized. Stop making show creators feel they /have/ to pander to your fantasies or their shows will tank. Just stop crap talking creators for not doing what you think is the best, it’s not your show they are not your characters. Stop trying to make it your way and let them have it theirs.

So, I stopped reading perhaps two posts ago, by the time I finish writing this maybe five posts ago, because I need to get this shit off my chest.

(Because Alas Going To Work does not mean someone actually stops the shit posting. It’s really just a convenient “Mic Dropped, I Am Out Bitches” ending to a shitty fucking post that shits all over the people who have been in the corner and you have been mistreating, while setting you up to be the victim of those bad people who will not stay around for you to shit on them after you already used them, got your back patted by and then ignored in favor of bemoaning how alone and victimized you are).

@poplitealqueen (because when you talk about someone you should do them the favor to @ them rather than just drop their names thus calling them out without immediately alerting them you called them out personally) how about you stop with this fucking woe-is-me bullshit?

Woe is not fucking you.

You are a decently known author. You are not deadcat-famous but you did not spend more ten years writing a fic through huge life changes, sticking by it and determinedly trudging on without unleashing a constant stream of Witness My Self-Victiminization posts. You are known enough in the circles of the people who like the kind of fics you write that people answer to your posts and send you asks, ask you thing and show you support, as well as reading and kudo-ing your fics. Maybe less than they once did, but fandom is fickle, always has been fickle and always will be.

People have their own lives and they move on and then sometimes they come back and sometimes they do not. Some fandoms get their heyday and then the more dedicated people stay on and then the show goes off the air, the comic stops publishing, the canon is completely erased in favor of a new one and people get interested in things that offer new content. That’s life and it might suck but hey, darling sweet little girl, IT SUCKS THE SAME FOR EVERYBODY.

You know how it feels to sit down with someone, give them complete support and try your damn all to make them see the good sides of things and comfort them by saying that people will be there for them, only to log on and look at their account and find them answering asks and having long convos with people and getting funny posts that get 7k notes (the Luke-in-the-tlj-trailer one) while your posts are big when they get over 80 notes in a few weeks of activity (and only when boosted by other people with more popularity than the OP) and when you publish memes no one gives a fuck about asking about your OCs?


Because you are the person moaning and bitching while having it better and I am the person who gave you support while being fully aware of my much less active and noticed blog. I am the person who sent you asks and reblogged your memes (you know, the ones I later on see you say SEND SOMETHING IF YOU REBLOG about but you never answer when it’s me blogging them?). You are the person who does not see reality as it is because it’s not convenient to them.

Yes, I said convenient.


Because you are the kind of person who likes to, as we say in Italy, bask in their own broth.

By which I mean: you are milking being the Depressed Artist Who Nobody Likes shtick for all it’s worth, hooking people up on your drama and using them (like you used my Lee, before you dropped her like hot coals once Senpai FlameThrower Noticed You) only to later on shit on them (like the bullshit you said about me not having reached out for you in weeks, which I can disproves with fucking screencaps of our chat, darling, so do not try to pull the “I Am Bad But She Abandoned Me [So Clearly I Am The Victim But You Are Supposed To Get That From Contest So I Can Be The Victim When The Other Party Gets Angry]” move).

I am pretty sure you are not aware of it and people have trouble either telling it to you (it is a brutal thing to say, made even more brutal by the fact that it’s true) or realizing what is going on, but you *are* doing it. Oh boy are you ever doing it.

It does not matter what other people do.

It does not matter that I was inspired for a few days straight to work on fanarts for you.

It does not matter how many people send you asks and support and take time out of their own lives to hold your hand and put their arm around your shoulders and support you.

You are still constantly posting that nobody likes you, nobody cares about you, nobody gives you notes on the posts you like, people do not answer to your posts.

Except that when I get around to seeing things (after I sleep, do my fucking job babysitting two kids I cannot take my eyes off of lest they kill themselves or each other and actually spend time with my mom and fiancee) I do but I get no answer back from you, I suppose because I am somewhat contractually obliged to do it with you but the opposite does not apply to you when you can spend your time posting depressing Mood Things rather than engaging into further interaction.

Except that when I get around to checking your blogs (after the same things as above), I like all the stuff I can look at without being spoiled for things I want to see.

Except that I kept reaching out in the chat and being met with silence for days on your end.

And, again, all of that does not matter at all, not to you, because being Mood Depressed Unloved Artist is more important than actually getting off your ass and making the changes you need to make.

You say “I have resolved to be positive” and then it’s day after day after day of depressing Mood Posts and NOBODY LOVES ME.

People love you, you just make it hard for some of that love to prosper, given how you do not nurture it, you do not work with the other person, you prefer to shitpost about being unloved.

You know why people unfollow you?

Because you are a negative fucking person to be around and because even after they have given you time, attention, support, the notes you wants, the kudos you want, you still make shitty call out posts that allow you to play the victim and react to them cutting your negativity out of your life with the classic Fandom Shit Move of “Way To Abandon The Person Having a Breakdown.”

Darling, I know you told me you have maybe one breakdown per month but I need you to sit down and listen to this.

You have a breakdown per week, sometimes twice per week.

Many of these breakdowns lead you to shit even more than your usual on the people who are there for you.

Having any kind of mental illness does not excuse the behavior you have been exhibiting or making your actions acceptable.

I am also not contractually obliged to let you spew bullshit about me and still stick by you. I signed no piece of paper or clicked ok on any internet document that said “I have to put up with you whining about notes and Patreon not expanding fast enough and people not giving your due for the work you do, when my Patreon never went past three people and 15 dollars and you get a little bit more than 100 dollars per month”.

I am not trying for sainthood here, I am not going to just stand by and smile and nod and pat your back while you spew things that hurt me in public rather than reach out to me and talk about it.

Like I said we could and should do? Like I encouraged you to do? Like I told you that you could do at any point and we would talk things out and resolve them? You remember that chat or has it been conveniently removed from your memories so you can justify your behavior to yourself? In that case, please dear, do scroll up our chat and check it for yourself. It’s a conversation we actually did have.

You are 21, not 11 and the kind of call post you did today was uncalled for and very primary school of you. Shitting over people on public while setting you up as Poor Victim Miss Pops unless people haste to run at your side and declare their friendship to you is not how friendships get mended, it’s petty emotional manipulation meant to make other people feel guilty and force them to come to you in a way that puts you in a position of power and (fake) superior moral ground.

You do not have the superior moral ground and I am not giving you that power.

You can either get your head out of your ass, stop being someone who is constantly negative and reach out to me on your own, ready to meet on equal ground to mend what could have been the beginning or an actual friendship or you can play the victim further, keep down the road you are on and enjoy basking in your broth.

I will not unfollow you, I will keep reading your posts and liking the ones I like, I will keep enjoying your writing, I will keep being happy when new fic from you shows up in my inbox, I will keep giving you kudos and I will keep supporting you as an artist on Patreon and both my email and my chat on tumbrl will always be open to you (with the understanding that I will answer you when I get around to have the time for it depending on the day I am having). If inspiration strikes again, I will make more fanarts.

Have a good work day.

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Fun fact: in my house I have a bottle of ibuprofen with the words "no Michael" written in sharpie on the top. Not because my family is worried about you sneaking off with our ibuprofen, but because my father (michael) is extremely allergic to it, but refused to stop taking it when he had a headache, so after about 3 bad allergic reactions in a row, my mom decided she needed to take matters into her own hands

this means no one will be worried about me stealing ur  ibuprofen and i can get away with it scott free

You ever feel the most intense connection to someone but you know it’s too little too late and there’s a 99% chance nothing’s ever gonna happen between you too but you’re still holding on to that 1% and you’ll probably always have a soft spot in your heart for them because you’ll never get a resolution

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What are some reasons that someone will go searching for someone else to help them on a quest despite not knowing who they are before hand, and how would they find out about them in the first place? My story has come to a stop because I can't seem to find a way to figure this out naturally. Thank you!!

Prophecies. A prophecy or something similar tells them they need to find so and so to help them on their quest.

A name appears on their wrist or something almost like soulmates. They may not even know what it means but they go looking for this person and as things go on, they realize the significance of it all.

Or maybe gramps (or whomever) tells them about this other person.

Or maybe they aren’t looking for someone specific in the first place. Maybe they are just looking for anyone who can fill the spot and fate works it’s magic.

or, ya know, magic. Unless by natural you meant you didn’t want magic.

Or maybe it’s just a gut feeling. They feel there is someone they need to find and they figure they will know when they find them. They don’t have an explanation for this feeling, it’s just a feeling.

Knowing what we do about Rachel now, from what BTS has given us (how she was exactly what Chloe needed at the time when they met,) it only makes the scene were she and max find her body a million times worse. because now we’ve met her, and come to love her as a character, and watch her and Chloe fall in love, but as lovely as these amberprice scenes are, once you stop and think for a moment about what life is str*nge has told us what is going to happen between these two, it’s just SO heartbreaking.

Nu'est 2nd Win!!

Let me tell you it’s honestly so depressing seeing some Igot7 saying that Nu'est doesn’t deserve their win. In the music bank chat Like come on dude….

Nu'est waited Years for this let them have this. Can we please let them be happy? They finally achieved one of their dreams. Got7 has already won. can we please let others feel that happiness too? without them feeling like they don’t deserve it because some ignorant butthurt fans can’t come to terms that their favs won’t win everything?

It’s not fair to see stuff like “Got7 were the real winners” which they weren’t or “Got7 were better then every group/artist that performed today” like honey stop it because Nu'est, Rainz, JBJ, Taemin, Masc, Sf9, Up10tion and BTOB all slayed today so you need to get some glasses and get your lives in check.

Got7 and all the people I named all slayed as usual. Get your head out of your ass and stop being so problematic. k? 😒😑

But anyways pushing all that drama to the side i’d like to say congrats to my babies nu'est they deserved the win no matter what. Finally their hard work is paying off.

And for got7 their comeback is bomb as always. I especially love ‘Teenager’ but anyways you guys never know got7 can win this comeback but you sure as hell are not giving them luck with bashing others

But anyways my rant is done now. 😂

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I'm currently recovering from anaemia/depression/fatigue. When I was really sick my relationship with food got weird because it stopped being connected with energy. Now that I'm better eating does make me feel better. But, I'm having trouble recognizing hunger. And often when I notice I should eat I'm already too tired to get up and make food. Any tips or sources on relearning what hunger is? All the things I can find are about distinguishing "real" and "fake" hunger. No rush, thank you!

i’m of the controversial opinion that there is no “fake” hunger, emotional or otherwise. i believe that if you want food or think you need it, you should eat. maybe there’s some room to debate that for the general population but for people who tend to undereat, all hunger is real hunger and should be responded to by eating (as opposed to like, soul-searching lol).

hunger for people w eating disturbances is often not felt as a desire/craving for food. it’s important to distinguish between hunger and appetite bc unlike normal eaters we often experience the former without the latter. we need to eat, but we don’t have the normal cues that drive humans to eat.

hunger without appetite can manifest in lots of ways, including: weakness, shakiness, dizziness, nausea, lethargy, headache, sensations in the stomach, difficulty concentrating, irritability, trouble sleeping, and thoughts about food

i know there’s a lot of hoopla around eating intuitively but i wouldn’t try to rush that. if you need to eat on a set schedule, do it. being energy balanced will also help with your appetite, and you’ll achieve that by eating enough for an extended period of time, so do whatever it takes to make that happen while you’re working on picking up your body’s subtler cues. good luck <3

the way i see it, you can ship whatever the hell you want. however, if you sexualize the two people (especially if they’re minors) or try to force sexualities and relationships on the people, you need to stop.

if the two people say they’re uncomfortable, back off a bit. it’s okay to still ship it, just don’t take things too far; keep it to yourself or between you and a friend or a couple of friends. don’t continue to say things that would make them uncomfortable.

also, just because someone ships two people doesn’t mean they are sexualizing them. simply thinking two people would be cute together is not sexualizing them. there are still boundaries you should pay attention to even if you don’t sexualize them (again, when they say they’re uncomfortable, chill out some).

do not hate on anyone someone is dating. that is so disrespectful, and no one deserves that, whether they’re a horrible person or not. it’s okay to not like them, just don’t send them hate.

one more thing: just because someone ships something doesn’t mean they ship it in a romantic way. a lot of people only ship them as friendships.

Happy birthday @xyle!!!! I hope you have a amazing day!! :D

Cyclonus was waiting for Tailgate at Swerve’s, sitting at one of the tables, drinking a little to keep himself distracted. Why did he needs a distractions? Because waiting in that loud place was irritating, and not because he needed a distraction to stop looking at the door to see if Tailgate had arrive.

The minibot was meeting him there so he can take him to a more private place for some singing lessons that Tailgate has asked for. When the minibot asked for more lessons he couldn’t say no, he didn’t want to make him sad. He thought he was immune to it, he used to be, but something changed and now Cyclonus couldn’t help staring at the door while he waited, it wasn’t like he was nervous, why would he? It wasn’t something they hadn’t do in the past, he teach Tailgate how to sing in the past, but that was before they started this… thing.

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yang xiao long literally did nothing wrong she jumped headfirst to save her best friend without thinking about herself or the danger she would be put in and lost an a r m trying to save her best friend. yall need to stop tryna demonize her saying she’s “too hot headed” or “doesnt think” because if it was someone you loved then you would do the same thing. she paid the price for saving her partner and she would do it all over again.


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I'm sorry for bothering you but lately I've just been losing interest in BTS and I feel really bad. I like their music right now but I think maybe part of me misses some of their older style? Idek. I just feel sad because I don't want to just stop liking them altogether... Do you have any kind of advice or anything? I'm slightly desperate. And sorry for dumping my problems on you so suddenly but even though we're not mutuals I really like you as a person and wanted to know what your opinion is.

okay i’m not sure if you’re the anon that asked me if i got your message, but this is what i was referring to when i needed time to answer. haha (if not, then forget i said that lol) I recently experienced this with a group I was super into, and I understand feeling bad about it, but there’s really no reason to feel that way! I felt bad too for falling out of love with a group that once made me super happy… and it’s normal I think to feel that way when something doesn’t quite excite you or make you happy like it used to. Our tastes and opinions change all the time and with that, so do our interests, and it’s to be expected. So no reason to feel bad (i had to tell myself this too)! I don’t really have advice, because I wouldn’t want you to force yourself to be into them when you aren’t feeling it. I know fandom has a way with pressuring people to do certain things to feel like a fan, like be super hardcore over the top all the time, and honestly that is really unhealthy thinking. You can go at your own pace and enjoy BTS in the way you need to, whether it’s their new stuff or appreciating their older stuff. They obviously sound completely different than they did years ago, and their style is changing along with our tastes and interests, so I wouldn’t blame anyone for not liking their music, or not feeling a certain way, like they used to. But all of that is okay, and it’s nothing to feel bad over. Be your own kind of fan and enjoy fandom in the way that works best for you! And that’s really all the advice I can give. haha Don’t let anything or anyone pressure you into thinking you have to think a certain way about them, or act a certain way, to be a fan.

TBH I hate reading the comments in my old animation meme videos. That’s also why I stopped making them (not only because of that. I got bored making those and wanted to change my content)

They’re just “this is just 1-5 frames!! put more effort to it!!” oh gee I’m sorry it’s not like I needed your fucking opinion I only did this for entertainment purposes oh what’s that? you’re not entertained??? well FUCK YOU it’s for myself it’s my fucking youtube channel and shit but whatever it’s not that easy to use Movie Maker jesus fucking christ 

But I just ignore these comments lol but it kinda pisses me off every fucking day I get notifications on Youtube

Oh, Just in case I got tired of this bullshit, I have a second channel named Skinny Penis (yes. it’s ya boi) sooo I might post the Migraine fic animatic there instead or w/e

pls leave me alone KIDS go make your own REAL animation how about that m hm

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What was Petra's favourite colour? What was Brutus' favourite season? What would Lyme have done as a career in a non Hunger Games AU? What was Devon's favourite item of clothing? What were the names of Callista's cats? Did Adessa and Artemisia get on?

OKAY, WELL. it’s your lucky day, anon, sometimes asking questions gets you the usual, and sometimes you get mini-ficlets. today you got mini-ficlets. 

I’ve put them under the read-more because nobody needs to scroll past 3,000 words when they’re just trying to get through their dash, but FOR THE HASTY SCROLLERS, PLEASE NOTE: there are 5 mini-ficlets (plus one standard non-ficlet response) under the read-more

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