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Ok so I have always thought that calicos, torbies and cats like that were really rare???? Because I ADORE those types of pelts and when I look for them at my local shelter I only see black cats and brown tabbys????

omg no calicos/torties/torbies are actually pretty common. it may be because the cats you get are from the local population, which are all interbred (obv) 

red is a neat trait because males only need 1 parent (their mom) to be red, while females need both parents to be red. if a female has 1 red and 1 black parent, she will be a tortie/torbie, and she can pass on her red genes to her own son in return. red can be kinda infectious that way haha. also torbies can sometimes be hard to identify because the colors can mottle and mix really well or they may only have a small patch of red somewhere

Hwarang Reacting to their S/O getting stabbed.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Sun Woo - Sun Woo would be heartbroken, but wouldn’t let it get to him as he has a clearly bad person to take care of. He’d make sure to finish the battle quickly and then escort you to a doctor so that you can get all the treatment you need.

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Ji Dwi - He’d completely lose it. Ji Dwi would be furious because there was somebody who actually dared to touch somebody he loves. He wouldn’t let the person who stabbed you get away with it - even if it means he has to fight his closest of friends.

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Soo Ho - He’d be confused at first as to what had just happened, but would soon enough grasp the situation he’s in. He’d make sure to take you somewhere safe first and then immediately confront whoever dared to harm you.

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Ban Ryu - It would be a hard blow for Ban Ryu and he would first blame himself for letting you be in danger, but then he’d snap out of it and quickly take you to get treated, while he plots how to get his revenge.

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Yeo Wool - He’d be completely paralyzed and let himself fall in front of his enemy because seeing you hurt would be worse than getting hurt himself. He’d wouldn’t be able to fight back at the moment, but would come back to his senses soon enough and fight back.

Han Sung - Han Sung would probably take it the hardest out of the six Hwarang and would take you getting hurt because of him as a defeat itself. There would need to be somebody else (if not you) to encourage him not to give up and protect you so you can get better.

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Ok so I just sent in my project proposal for a big grant to do research this summer, but I just realized that I might need to switch around a whole leg of it (thank god I’ve heard that they don’t check receipts). Basically, while in my proposal I suggest traveling to St. Petersburg for a week to use their library, that will not really be that important versus going somewhere I know where I can get access to primary sources. And you know where has those? Its in the US, I hate it with every fiber of my being, and its crazy expensive. Yep, San Fran and Berkeley both have repositories of valuable stuff, I just confirmed. So uh, @5jahre, wanna host me for a week or two this summer? It would be cheaper for me to stay with you and rent a car (since I’ll be 25 by then) then it would be to try and rent my own spot on airbnb closer to the action.

You know what really bothers me???

The fact that there are people lurking around on Tumblr just waiting for the opportunity to hate on someone. Seriously…I’m bored half of the day myself, but I’m not so bored as to send anons and rip someone’s life apart. It breaks my heart to see my friends feel like they need to delete their work or to delete their blog because of these people.

To the hate anons (I know you see this), go find a job or volunteer somewhere. Actually, I’d like to see you write a really good piece of fiction, or draw some fanart. I dare you to do something productive. You idiots don’t know how hard we work on things, so stop the hate and go do something good. Get off of Tumblr.

quinn o’shea

motor mouth / dork knight / agent mulder / insufferable genius / seeker archetype / open mouth, insert foot / soul-sucking retail job / in harm’s way / cannot talk to women / attention deficit… ooh, shiny!


  • her fellow urbex/mystery inc. wannabe friends to get into trouble with
  • a couple of housemates maybe?
  • a lady for this dork to follow around like a puppy and pine over from afar. maybe one she’s snooping on because ameteur sleuth, maybe someone she runs into while breaking into somewhere she’s not supposed to be? this is super open but i’d love to work something out
more concepts:
  • yuuri and victor hosting dinner parties for all their skating friends all the time

“I’ll break out the wine!” “Ooh, where’s my pole???” “Christophe no!”

  • visiting hasetsu whenever they can to check up on the family (and because makkachin misses everyone so much)

“Yuuri, Vicchan!!! Please come in, I have katsudon ready!!” “Can I take a picture of you kissing??? The skating otakus will love it!” “Victor, please get your dog off of me.” “Oops, sorry Mari-chan.”

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Autism self-care

Bright light autistics: Make sure you give your eyes a break every now and then, even if lights are just so pretty.

Dim light autistics: Do what you need to feel happy and comfortable, but make sure there is enough light if you are reading/writing. You can cause eye problems such as nystagmus if you strain in the dark.

Pressure autistics: I know how calming it is and how good it feels, but make sure you are not cutting off circulation when you pressure stim. Also make sure you don’t bruise yourself and that your rib cage can expand properly. Try not to squeeze yourself somewhere unsafe that you could get trapped.

Olfactory autistics: Try to stick to smelling natural things or things designed to be smelt e.g. Soaps, perfumes,candles. Avoid sniffing cleaning products such as bleach, as they can give off dangerous fumes.

Taste autistics: Think to yourself before you put it in your mouth ‘Is this safe, could I choke?’ It seems mundane but I have choked on a toy car wheel because I got too into mouth stimming. Baby chews are always a safe bet, and they are small (for babies) so they are discreet.

Food issue autistics: I am one of you, I understand. As much as the funky textures of the world are gross, veggies can be gross, foods that touch can be gross but you do need your proteins and vitamins. Try and find some chewable kids multivitamins (like candy, but vitaminny). Make your food look cute, research kids bento boxes and don’t be ashamed if you have one week where you only eat chicken nuggets.

Soft noise autistics: I am also one of you, it is PHYSICALLY PAINFUL sometimes, so block out as much noise as you need, but try not to totally deprive yourself of stimulus. Listen to some quiet music. Make sure you change earplugs regularly if you wear them,to avoid infection. If you wear ear defenders, take them off when you are in a good place to let your ears breath, and try not to wear earrings with them.

Loud noise autistics: as much as the stimulation is needed for you, you need to make sure you don’t damage your ears. Intervals of loud noise are okay, but constant bombardment can cause hearing loss.

Stim safely lovely people

when you are dating or in a relationship as a person diagnosed with bpd, it’s important to have safe words. im not talking about when in sexual situations (though that might be a neat idea too) but just for everyday-use. use a certain word when you are splitting or dissociating so your partner will be aware.

also when you are being triggered, either by your partner or something/someone else, a safe word is a great tool. especially when you are in a crowded place, so your partner can help you get somewhere quiet.

a safe word can also be needed when you are in a fight with your partner and one of you crosses a line. then you’ll be able to either apologize, stop the fight or take a “time out” - a few minutes apart to cool your heads.

you might also not need it at all, but i think it’s a good idea to have one, just for safety measures? idk, it has just saved me a lot of crying and maybe even a broken heart.


possible spoilers.

  • ‘ whatever i do, i do it to protect you. ‘
  • ‘ you’re confusing peace with terror. ‘
  • ‘ have to start somewhere. ‘
  • ‘ you will never win. ‘
  • ‘ come. we have a long ride ahead of us. ‘
  • ‘ is that ___ ? he/she/they look a little different than i imagined.’
  • ‘ what part of ‘urgent message’ do you guys not understand
  • ‘ you want to get out of here
  • ‘ congratulations. you are being rescued. ‘
  • ‘ i like to think he/she’s/they’re dead. it makes things easier. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve never had the luxury of political opinions. ‘
  • ‘ what we need is someone who can get us through the door without being killed. ‘
  • ‘ that is a bad idea. i think so, and so does ___. ‘
  • ‘ you find him/her/them, you kill him/her/them. then and there. ‘
  • ‘ why does he/she/they get a ___ and i don’t ? ‘
  • ‘ i find that answer vague and unconvincing. ‘
  • ‘ trust goes both ways. ‘
  • ‘ i will not fail. ‘
  • ‘ yes, i’m speaking to you. ‘
  • ‘ for that answer, you must pay. ‘
  • ‘ we’re not here to make friends. ‘
  • ‘ tell me you have a back-up plan. ‘
  • ‘ there are a lot of explosions for two people blending in. ‘
  • ‘ quiet
  • ‘ and there’s a fresh one if you mouth off again. ‘
  • ‘ let them pass in peace. ‘
  • ‘ is your foot alright
  • ‘ you almost shot me
  • ‘ there is more than one sort of prison, ___. i sense you carry yours wherever you go. ‘
  • ‘ not a day goes by where i don’t think of you. ‘
  • ‘ did they send you – ? did you come here to kill me ? ‘
  • ‘ all it’s ever brought me is pain. ‘
  • ‘ i will run no longer, but you must save yourself. ‘
  • ‘ it’s beautiful. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not very optimistic about our odds. ‘
  • ‘ i believe i owe you an apology, ___. your work exceeds all expectations. ‘
  • ‘ we stand here amidst my achievement, not yours
  • ‘ does he/she/they look like a killer ? ‘
  • ‘i don’t need luck, i have you. ‘
  • ‘ i have so much to tell you. ‘
  • ‘ you lied to me. ‘
  • ‘ you’re in shock. ‘
  • ‘ you’re in shock, and looking for someplace to put it. i’ve seen it before.’
  • ‘ i had every chance to pull the trigger. but did i ? ‘
  • ‘ i had orders. orders that i disobeyed. but you wouldn’t understand that. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t all have the luxury of deciding when we want to care about something. ‘
  • ‘ you’re not the only one who lost everything. some of us just decided to do something about it. ‘
  • ‘ be careful not to choke on your aspirations, ___. ‘
  • ‘ what chance do we have ? the question is, what choice ? ‘
  • ‘ the time to fight is now. ‘
  • ‘ every time i walked away from something i wanted to forget, i told myself it was for a cause i believed in. ‘
  • ‘ i couldn’t face myself if i gave up now. ‘
  • ‘ ___, i’ll be there for you. ‘
  • ‘ ___ said i had to. ‘
  • ‘ not used to people sticking around when things go bad. ‘
  • ‘ welcome home. ‘
  • ‘ one fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day. ‘
  • ‘ make ten men feel like a hundred. ‘
  • ‘ good luck, little sister/brother. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve got a bad feeling about this – ‘
  • ‘ light it up. ‘
  • ‘ why does nobody ever tell me anything, ___ ? ‘
  • ‘ here. you wanted one, right ? ‘
  • ‘ your behavior, ___, is continually unexpected. ‘
  • ‘ ___ ! come back ! please ! ‘
  • ‘ ___, don’t go. don’t go. i’m here. i’m here. ‘
  • ‘ it’s okay. it’s okay. ‘
  • ‘ this is for you, ___. ‘
  • ‘ do you think anybody’s listening
  • ‘ you may fire when ready. ‘
  • ‘ ___ would have been proud of you. ‘

Hopes for Voltron Season 3:

-Lance character development.
-IF Lotor does go for Lance, I want Keith to deck Lotor in the face in order to protect Lance. “Don’t you DARE lay a finger on Lance, Lotor.”
-Lance cradling Keith in his arms.
-Lance gets an alien pet.
-In Lance’s character development, he has some flashbacks with his family.
-Even more Pining Keith. The boy is pining hard for Lance, and I want to see him pine for Lance even more than he already is.
-More Keith flirting with Lance.
-An episode where Keith and Lance are in a mission together. OR an episode where they are stuck together somewhere and need to do teamwork in order to escape.
-Keith’s galra form. (Hopefully no sadness tho, I want it to be a random moment where he suddenly goes galra and Lance is just “omg he looks like a kitty”)
-More Klance moments.
-Pidge retrieves at least one of their family members in the third season.
-More Shallura moments.
-Some more Allura character development!! -Some Coran character development!!!
-Haggar backstory.
-The galra that Keith saved to appear again. Hopefully that’s Keith’s mom.
-More Shay.
-Hunk character development.
-Some kind of reason for Hunk’s desire to save the universe–they all have one. Lance for example is because he wants to see his family again, Hunk is the only one left who doesn’t have a reason yet. But please don’t hurt him.

‘Look! I’ve still got space on my arm!’

Check Please daycare headcanons

Lardo and Shitty edition

- Little Larissa must never be left unsupervised with anything craft related. She is FAST. And she still manages to get the supplies if you don’t leave them somewhere high. 

- She draws with her two hands because it works better that way

- Little Baby Knight, is actually named Baby Knight by everyone at the daycare. Since he was only called Baby by his parents during his formative years, he only answers to that, even if he’s four years old now. 

- Baby Knight’s favourite colour is pink, no matter how much his father disapproves. He will switch clothes with little Larissa first thing in the morning. It’s okay, but you need to change them back before the parents come to look for them. 

- Baby Knight is super sweet and helpful, I mean in an obnoxious way, he ALWAYS wants to be the one to help. He’s also the one who yells at anything unfair. His favorite movie is Thumbellina. 

- Little Larissa doesn’t speak much. She understands instructions, she will come when called and pick up after herself. Her parents worry about the fact that she doesn’t speak but she just does things her own way. (She’ll start speaking in full sentences when she hits four.)

several things happened at once. the car was too hot and the windows were fogging and you were singing along to the music. in my hands were cheddar chips you’d bought me because they’re my favorite and in the back was a bottle of wine. you glanced over at me and grinned and i realized: this is what home felt like. somewhere alongside the highway going seventy-five and screaming the lyrics to bohemian rhapsody and stuffing our faces. this is what it felt like to belong to a space, even if the whole frame of your car rattles and there’s a stain on the ceiling and i get road rage for you. it just fit for a second. like even though my brain is still screaming about what i need to get done and there’s a lot to do when morning comes, for a moment: it was all okay. it was okay and tomorrow would come. just you and me and the yellowing light of the setting sun. and it was okay. okay. just us.

So I’m fairly sure it’s canon somewhere that Jedi are actually all really proficient dancers? Like I’m fairly sure there is something floating out there in the licensed literature saying how they all learn to dance as kids/teens in order to hone their coordination and make sure they’re never awkwardly unable to participate in diplomatic dances, state dinners, etc., as they may need to in the course of being peacekeepers and diplomats.

…That being said, can we imagine, for a moment, some Jedi getting caught at some magnatrain station on Coruscant in one of the backwater neighborhoods where you’ll be waiting and hour or more for a train, and there is a group of teenaged kids waiting there on the platform, having fun, playing music loudly, etc., and they start picking on the Jedi for whatever reason, and challenging him/her to a dance off, thinking that a stoic, dignified Jedi would never in a million years accept. Then without saying anything, the Jedi just completely throws down and out-dances all of them? And then their train arrives, and they straighten their robes, and ride off with a smug smile knowing that no matter what these kids tell their friends, they will never, ever believe them. 

I mean… come on. We all want to see a breakdancing Jedi.

Yea see, the problem is, with all the talk of “we accept lgbt aces and aros!!!” and “we only exclude cishet aces and aros!!!” is you can’t really do either.

I’m a bi trans aro. For my mental health and for my personal feeling of safety, I need somewhere to talk about and get support for ALL of my orientations. I need community that understands the intersection of all my identities. I need to be able to turn to people who are willing to help with my trans issues, my bi issues, and my aromantic issues.

If I am part of a community that actively says “we don’t have space for an a-spec community,” I am being excluded. My needs, and those of all the others like me, are being sacrificed in order to keep out (the actual minority of us) “cishet” aces and aros.

If I am part of a community that insists my identity is “just a modifier,” my orientation is being invalidated. If I am part of a community that says “aros face no real problems,” I am not going to receive the support I need. If I am part of a community that says first that “a-spec identities are all mental illnesses,” then say that my mental illness is not “allowed” to affect my other identities, I am not safe. If I am part of a community that generalizes “all aces and aros” as bad, and forcefully labels all aces and aros as “cishet” I will never have equal respect as anyone else.

If I get told my aromanticism makes me inherently abusive and that my being aro inherently sexualizes everyone else, I will never be accepted into the community.

Please explain how I am welcome at all in the LGBT, as a bi trans aro. Please explain to me how this is supposed to “not target” people like me, but “just the cishets.”

Explain to me how I wouldn’t be treated like a second class member if I am treated like one of my orientations is an embarrassment and that I don’t deserve any support or community for it.

Cause either you’re that damn ignorant, or you’re lying our your asses as you knowingly and forcefully remove LGBT people from the only community they have.
Black holes are a passage to another universe, says Stephen Hawking
Humans could escape from black holes, rather than getting stuck in them, according to a new theory proposed by Stephen Hawking.

Unfortunate space travellers won’t be able to return to their own universe, according to Hawking. But they will be able to escape somewhere else, he has proposed at a conference in Stockholm.

Black holes in fact aren’t as “black” as people thought and could be a way of getting through to an alternative universe.

“The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible,” Hawking said, according to a report from Stockholm University. “The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn’t come back to our universe. So although I’m keen on space flight, I’m not going to try that.

Hawking’s proposal is an attempt to answer a problem that has tormented physicists about what happens to things when they go beyond the event horizon, where even light can’t get back. The information about the object has to be preserved, scientists believe, even if the thing itself is swallowed up — and that paradox has puzzled scientists for decades.

Now Hawking has proposed that the information is stored on the boundary, at the event horizon. That means that it never makes its way into the black hole, and so never needs to make its way out again either.

That would also mean that humans might not disappear if they fall into one. They’d either stay as a “hologram” on the edge, or fall out somewhere else.

“If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up,” he told the audience at the end of his speech. “There’s a way out.”

Finally! Hawking finally said it! YES!

honestly mahdi is so great like obviously he’s not as tuned into isak’s emotions as jonas is because they haven’t been friends as long and we don’t have too much characterisation for him but you can tell he picks up on what isak needs pretty quickly (much quicker than magnus lol)

like when isak clearly wasn’t comfortable with the label gay he offered an alternative and then when jonas made the point that it didn’t matter (because isak was uncomfortable with the conversation) he picks up on that and shut up about it, immediately forgiving isak for their “fight” because he knew isak didn’t mean it, “maybe he’s somewhere he can’t talk” trying to reassure isak, and then his famous “what’s important is we get out” line

he’s just such a good supportive friend!goddamnit i want so much more of these boys

Tip if you live with room mates or parents:

Make your bedroom your SANCTUARY. Make a place you want to go to at the end of the day to relax, having a dirty room is so stressful. And I get it, you sit there and stare at it, but don’t tackle the clutter because it’s overwhelming. My advice, just start somewhere. Even if it takes you a few days. GET RID OF STUFF YOU DON’T NEED. Minimize your belongings. (Read DO LESS by Rachel Jonat. It has seriously changed my view on organization and clutter and has opened my habits and my mind to minimalism) I donate all of my unused but salvageable goods to thrift stores, because keeping them around to try and sell them can cause you to continue to be overwhelmed.
Then, once you’re room is cleaned, let your bed be your bed. It’s for sleeping and lounging only. Try to get a good desk for homework and study.
Then for decorations
GET COZY SHEETS, CANDLES, FAIRY LIGHTS, drape tulle or tapestries along your walls or ceilings with push pins or command hooks. (Small Holes in walls are easy to fix by yourself btw, just do a quick google search.)
Get a cozy comforter and comfy pillows. If you have an uncomfortable mattress, get a comfy foam mattress topper (@ target for $12) to help. Keep a little tray that you can lay your night time goodies on. Mine has a lavender pillow spray, a wide tooth comb, water bottle, Vaseline (I put it on my lips, lashes and brows before bed), and my notebook in case I have any wild ideas I want to jot down during the night.
Keep a catch all try by your door. Lay your keys, sunglasses, watch, etc. there, so you know where they are when you’re rushing out the door. Also, have a place to put your purse. If you can’t put a hook on the wall to hang it up, get an over the door hook hanger from Walmart. (I love this thing because I keep my purse, school bag, fave Nike hat and umbrella there, and I always know where I put them.
Use things like white boards, calendars, and pin boards to keep yourself organized, and design yourself a motivational vision board.
ORGANIZE YOUR DRESSER. Keep socks, undies, bras, tights in the top drawer, then shirts, then pants. But if you can, hang up tips that you know will get wrinkles easy.
Put a cozy rug in your room to keep your feet warm, but don’t forget to clean it, because if you have pets it will start to stink.
Keep clutter off your bed and DIRTY CLOTHES IN THE HAMPER. I don’t care if you need 3 hampers, idc if you need 3 hampers for dirty clothes and 2 for clean clothes, just KEEP THEM OFF THE FLOOR.
Play some chill music while you just hanging out. Light your candles, sit back, and enjoy your beautiful chill room.

listen i have a lab final in 5 hours and im running on painkillers and espresso jUst listen 

  • Andrew Minyard could snap you in half. 
  • Andrew is 5′ feet even, probably weighs somewhere between 130 and 150
    • mostly pure muscle don’t get me wrong 
  • and could bench press Neil sitting on KEvin 
  • LisTEN
  • he has the waist/chest ratio of a d o r i t o 
  • Think steve rogers but smol and angry 
  • Andrew is one of those people you look at and you wonder how their sleeves havent ripped
  • Andrew is one of those people you dont even dare think of fighting bc you just /know/ he could pummel you to mush with his bare hands 
  • you’d thank him but that’s besides the point 
  • Andrew also keeps his arms folded a lot 
  • like he does is absentmindedly,when he doesn’t really knwow hat to do with his hands, h just folds his arms 
  • and 
  • that flexes his arms 
  • classmates are swooning 
  • there’s a betting pool, idek what about but money changes hands as soon as Andrew leaves the room
  • NICKY, Aaron, KEvin, and NEil all lost to Andrew at arm wrestling 
  • it becomes a competition 
  • Matt tries his hand
  • ha pun not intended 
  • it ends on a tie
  • Matt’s red in the face
  • Allison and Renee try too, but to no avail 
  • Wymack’s nodding in thought, maybe amusement who knows
  • Dan breezes by, sits down, and beats Andrew within 14 seconds 
  • Matt starts crying 
  • Nicky’s yellin g 
  • I’m sscreaming 
  • i need to catch up on a weeks sleep in the next 4 hours and cram a semester’s worth of info at the same time 
  • Im sorry for this mess 

a symptom of anxiety i think does not get talked about enough is how fast one walks or does actions whether its the overwhelming need to get something done or fear of being late somewhere i have noticed everywhere i go i am so fast paced and i have been trying to train myself to do otherwise it is so much more relaxing to take your time to walk somewhere it even gives you time to look at your surroundings