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love and gelato

Victor’s life consists of three things: taking classes at the local university, figure skating on the weekends, and working at a florist shop downtown. After years upon years of monotony, he’s convinced that nothing can take him by surprise anymore. However, when a new employee begins working at Celestino’s, a gelato shop across the road, Victor’s immediately intrigued. Something about watching “gelato boy” work, or laugh, or dance when he thinks no one is watching ignites emotions within Victor that he thought long buried, and soon enough he finds himself longing to meet the boy behind the counter.

In order to fulfill his wish, Victor begins leaving flowers with flirty notes attached to them outside Celestino’s, knowing gelato boy will find them the next morning. It becomes a routine, another expected part of his day, but what happens when notes written on cups begin appearing in return?

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Victor’s never been in love.

Sure, he’s had flings over the years, short, temperate relationships that fizzled out before they really began, but he’s never felt anything close to what all those sappy, romantic songs talk about. No butterflies in the pit of his stomach, no talking on the phone into the early hours of the morning, no pining for someone he can’t have. He can count on one hand the amount of times he’s been on a second date, and he’s never been on a third.

Ultimately, Victor’s decided that people are simply boring, and that’s the last thing he needs when his life is already an ocean of monotony. Every day is the same, a cycle of going to class, working at Yakov’s Flower Emporium, and skating whenever he’s able. He can wake up in the morning and know exactly what he’s going to do and who he’s going to see. Nothing’s exciting anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. The last thing he needs is a bland romantic life to match, and after years of messy one night stands and unfulfilling coffee dates, Victor’s resigned himself to the fact that for now, at least, he’s better off alone.

But then gelato boy comes along and Victor suddenly finds himself questioning everything.

It was three months ago when Victor saw gelato boy for the first time. He’s fixing the arrangements for the flower shop’s front counter display when he glances up and sees a guy who takes his breath away. The boy is casually standing in Celestino’s, the gelato shop that popped up about a year ago, looking out of place behind the counter. His black hair is unruly, swooping across his forehead and falling in front of a pair of half-rimmed, blue glasses. His hip is cocked out to the side and he’s wringing his hands together, only stopping when Celestino appears from the back room and hands him one of the shop’s obnoxious, lime green aprons to wear. The boy takes it with a devastatingly beautiful smile then loops it over his head, laughing when it catches on his ear.

Adorable, Victor thinks.

He ends up discreetly watching the boy for the rest of his shift. When Yakov asks for a volunteer to water the window boxes, Victor raises his hand before anyone else can get a word in edgewise, because he knows he can sneak glances at the boy while he does it. When he is assigned desk duty, Victor finds himself more entertained by the boy taking notes on gelato flavors than doing his own work. And when he is closing up for the day, Victor nearly burns down the building when he knocks a candle over and sets a pile of business cards on fire, too distracted by the boy swaying his hips to a song Victor can’t hear.

Needless to say, Victor is one-hundred percent smitten, and the following weeks are filled with his pathetic, lovelorn pining. It seems like nobody can escape his bemoaning over “gelato boy,” as they’ve all come to refer to Celestino’s mystery worker. If Victor isn’t talking about gelato boy, then he’s doodling pictures of him on discarded receipts. If he’s not doodling, then he’s making heart eyes at him through the window. And if he’s not making heart eyes, then he’s finding any excuse to work by front desk where he can have clear view of Celestino’s.

It’s ridiculous, enough that his coworkers intervene.

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Imagine introducing your son to the world.

A/N: Guess who’s back, back again. Hiatus life was boring, but I did do some writing and some reading and some TV watching. 😋 Did I improve? Hmm…I don’t know, but I feel much more relaxed. Updates won’t be as frequent, but I am back. 😁 Chapter 8, Part 1 of ‘Beginnings’ is here ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist)

Chris’ 39th birthday was spent incredibly low-key. There was no big birthday bash, no fancy dinner party. There wasn’t even a simple luncheon with family and friends, just the four of you in your big beautiful home above Laurel Canyon. You’d wanted to plan something for him, something as amazing as he’d been for the past twelve months; your whole pregnancy and Jack’s first four months of his life. But he told you to “save it for the big four-oh,” arguing that it made more sense to go all out then. You obliged because as long as he was happy, you were happy. If you had to be honest, you were glad Chris opted for something low-key. You liked the bubble the four of you’d been in since Jack was born, with no talk of work as Chris was on hiatus and you were still on maternity leave. It was ending on Monday, but you’d throughly enjoyed the last four months with your little family.

It got a little much at times, both you and Chris admitted that. There were a number of sleepless nights and a few moments in the days where Jack would throw a tantrum like any other baby. He’d relentless cry and scream despite both your best efforts to soothe him, driving the three other members of the household insane. It was never long until you started crying too because Jack’s crying stressed you out. Then there was your messed up hormones, and really- you just cried a lot more than you’d like to admit. Chris would then have his work cut out for him because he’d have both you and Jack to soothe. Usually he’d delegate Dodger to you while he worked on Jack because once Jack stopped crying, you would too. Chris kept a good handle on things like you’d always expected him to. He was freaking out on the inside, but he played it cool so you’d remain calm too. It was a sweet notion; one you weren’t meant to find out, but overheard while he was on the phone with his mom. Needless to say, you loved him even more after.

With news about little families. Sebastian and Ava welcomed their son, Alexander Denver Stan into the world on the 21st of May even though he was due on the 4th of June. Thankfully, the delivery went smoothly and he came out a healthy and happy baby. You and Chris met Alex over FaceTime like Sebastian and Ava did with Jack, agreeing they were going to fly over for Jack’s first birthday so you could all finally meet in person. Alex looked a lot like Ava, inheriting her eyes. But his debonair smile was definitely from Sebastian, that boy- even as a newborn- was an incredibly charming one. He was a Gemini like his godfather, which Chris was happy about as he felt left out; his first name initial was the only one left out of Alex’s name. You, Ava, and Sebastian all got a letter, but not Chris. So he was glad Alex was a Gemini, even if he was on the cusp. Sebastian and Ava went a different route to you and Chris, announcing their baby’s birth and name on Sebastian’s Instagram a week after they got home from the hospital.

Their move placed a lot of pressure on you and Chris to do the same. Both your social medias were quickly bombarded with requests from fans for a photo of your child, and of course a name and a gender as that was also still a secret. Neither of you were ready to introduce Jack to the world so you didn’t, logging out of your social medias so you’d stop getting notifications every time you were online. You both agreed you’d introduce Jack to the world after you started work and actually had to leave the house ‘cause if you didn’t steer into the skid, you were going to have a lot of trouble with the paparazzi. You didn’t need to be hounded about your child every time you were out and about, it was enough they hounded you about everything else. One time when you and Chris were leaving a restaurant, a paparazzi yelled out “chicken or beef?” Neither responded because you were both confused. Why did they need that particular piece of information? How was it going to help anyone in any way?

So far, the two of you had managed to avoid the paparazzi and their useless questions well. Your little trips to the park, the grocery store, the farmer’s market, and the houses of close friends- like Robert and Susan Downey- were yet to be captured on camera. “We are nailing stealth mode,” Chris would say every time he checked the Internet for pap shots and found nothing. But as time ticked closer to the end of your maternity leave, you knew it was time to leave the bubble, get off stealth mode, get back on the grid, and resume living life realistically. Realistically, it was time to get the world off your backs and introduce Jack to them. If you weren’t Chris Evans’ wife and the mother of his child, if you were still a fan of his- you’d want an introduction. You’d want a gender, a name, and a photo. This was Chris Evans. Everyone knew how much he wanted to get married and have kids. It was cruel what the two of you were doing with all the secrecy, you knew that. You blamed Chris, he turned you into a person as private as he was.

“What photo are we going to use?” You asked, then gently nudged Chris’ thigh with your foot. You needed him to tear his attention from Jack, who was giggling because he was being lifted above his daddy’s head like Simba was lifted over Rafiki’s on Pride Rock. “Are we thinking like a family photo, or like a single shot of Jack?”

“I’m thinking whatever you think, darling,” he answered unhelpfully then proceeded to blow raspberries into Jack’s belly. You leaned your head on the back of the couch and smiled as you watched Chris play with your son. He was good at being a dad. It made him happy and anyone could see that. You were glad- honored even, to be the one who helped him become a dad. “Oh buddy, you are so adorable.” He laid Jack down on his back on his lap, playing with his feet. “I’m going to eat you. Om nom nom,” he playfully nibbled on Jack’s feet, making your son squeal with absolute delight.

“Okay Curtis Everett, if you’re hungry we’ve got some leftover curry in the pot.” You teased and Chris turned to you, trying not to smile as he shook his head. “Help me pick a picture.” You sat up and crawled over to him on the other end of the couch, holding out your iPad to show him the finalists. “We gotta pick carefully, this is going to trend for- God knows how long.”

“What is this?”

‘What’s what?”

“Would you give up pizza for a sex-filled one-night stand with your fave celeb?” Chris quizzed with a quirked brow. You looked down at the screen and realized you’d accidentally opened the conversation you were having with your friends, Taylor and Salma, on Instagram. “Whoa, excuse you.” He caught your wrist, preventing you from pulling the iPad away. You laughed because he’d read your answer and you knew what was coming. “Pizza all the way? With the thrown up hand emojis? Wow,” he dramatically gasped. “That is very hurtful.”

“I’m married to my fave celeb, I don’t need to give up pizza to have a sex-filled night with him. In fact, I should get pizza to have a sex-filled night with him.” You said and Chris cracked a smile. “Even if we weren’t married, I still wouldn’t give pizza up for a one-night stand with you. I might give it up if it was like- a serious monogamous relationship. Y’know, I’d really ponder it.”

“You’d really ponder it?” Chris snickered when you nodded, smiling. “I agree with Salma.” He looked back down at your screen and recited her response, “you are the strongest, all hail the queen. Your priorities are honorable.” You giggled and kissed his jawline. “For the record, I wouldn’t have to ponder it. I’d give anything up if it meant having you, even for one night.”

“Way to make me look like a total B,” you muttered bitterly then laughed when he laughed, wrapping one arm around you while the other held Jack close to his chest. Jack’s small hands reached for you, making you and Chris exchange; Jack for the iPad. “What are you smiling at, handsome?” You planted his tiny feet on your lap and bounced him, smiling when he smiled. “Are you ready to be famous, Jack Jack? ‘Cause you’re gonna be once Daddy picks a photo.”

“Why does Daddy have to be the one to pick?”

“‘Cause I shortlisted,” you replied. “I always do the shortlisting and you always make the final decisions. That’s us. That’s how we always make a decision when we post about Dodger and that’s how we’ll make a decision now that we’re posting about our son.” Chris’ fingers played with his lower lip as he went over the final four photos. “I doubt we could go wrong, he’s cute in every photo. Our boy is so photogenic, it’s scary.”

“Yeah, he gets it from you.” Chris mumbled under his breath while he examined the photos. You smiled because you heard him, resting your head on his shoulder. “Okay, how about this one?” He pointed at the photo of Jack in a grey onesie, smiling up at the camera. “I believe he was laughing when you took this photo. It was after he screamed us awake and we brought him to our room. He was all smiles once he got into our room.” You kissed Jack’s cheek, smiling at the memory of that moment. “He’s quite the actor, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he gets it from you,” you responded and Chris smiled. “Okay then, that is our winner.” You passed Jack back to Chris as he passed you the iPad. “What’s our caption going to be?” You asked, glancing at him. He shot you a look that said, “aren’t you the writer?” You shook your head, laughing, “forget I asked.”

“Done and done.” He quickly pecked your cheek then resumed playing with Jack, pointing at the television. ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’ had been playing in the background, almost on a loop as Jack loved Winnie the Pooh as much as you and Chris had growing up. It was pretty amazing how the age gap between the three of you didn’t change the love you had for Pooh Bear.

“Poor Bear,” you mumbled to yourself. You smiled as a caption came to mind. You opened your Instagram first, setting up your post and saving it to your drafts. You then hopped over to Twitter where Chris’ account was already logged in and created the same post, saving it to his drafts. “Okay, go on your phone and then we’ll post at the exact same time.”

He reached for his phone on the coffee table and opened Twitter. He smiled when he opened his draft box, whispering into your hair when he leaned over to kiss your head, “perfect caption, baby.” You smiled and opened your draft box. “On the count of three?” He quizzed and you nodded, finger at the ready. “One.”


“Three.” He said and you both posted. Within seconds, notifications started flooding in. Congratulations and reactions from friends, family, and fans filled your comment sections; hundreds of retweets and reposts occurred. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Chris read your caption, smiling in agreement. “Everyone, this is Jackson Christopher Evans.” You turned to him and met his lips for a gentle kiss. “I love you,” he whispered upon breaking the kiss.

“I love you too.”

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Part 2

Professor Evans (5/?)

Summary: Chris and Y/N text each other and they spend time together at a field playing catch with Dodger. And Y/N feels sad at the end

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Student!Reader 

Word Count: 1,686

Warnings: Chris wearing grey sweatpants, yea that needs a warning 

A/N: I haven’t uploaded a part in so long, forgive me darlings. I give this part with Chris being flirty and wearing grey sweatpants as a peace offering :) 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -

Their car ride was normal, well as normal as a car ride can be. Chris was somewhat of a good driver, he did got honked at a couple of times and Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at him. When they arrived at her apartment, they traded phone numbers and from that day, they couldn’t stop talking to each other. They would talk day and night about the most random things, but each time they both found whatever they were talking about interesting. Truth be told it was only because they were talking to each other and that made their relationship become stronger, day by day. Y/N’s friends knew something was up since she always smiled crazily when his name was displayed on her phone or how she would choose to ditch them to do other things with Chris. But Y/N never told them she would go to Chris’s office or that she had his phone number, knowing they would make it a big deal. So she kept it a mystery and her friends were enjoying the thrill too.

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TrekFest 2017

Four times you fell for Bones, and the one time he fell for you, pt1: Bambassabor and Doctor Bones

Word Count: 2674
Tags: @dolamrothianlady, @supermoonpanda, @kirkaholic123, @shewhorunswithfandoms @youdonebeengarthed, @starmission @emmkolenn @auduna-druitt @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @pinkamour1588 @impalaanddemons @flirtswithdanger @southernbellestatues @engineeringtrashcan @rayleyanns @sistasarah-sallysaidso @samaxraph99

“Ambassador Y/L/N? I understand you need a pre-mission assessment?” An attractive blonde nurse approached you where you’d sat down to wait. You nodded, handing her the questionnaire you’d been asked to fill out. “Follow me. Doctor McCoy is running a little behind today, but I can get your labs drawn while you wait.”

“Thank you?” You weren’t sure, but you thought she was the head nurse.

“Chapel, Christine. You can call me Chris,” she smiled and led you back to the furthest biobed before darting away for a lab kit. A tall, handsome doctor you could only assume was McCoy was dealing with a red shirt at the biobed nearest you, and you couldn’t help but overhear as he berated the young man for the foolish way he’d been injured. You felt yourself bristle as you eavesdropped on the conversation, and didn’t realize that it was obvious you were listening in until the doctor looked at you, arched his fine eyebrow and enabled the privacy curtain, effectively blocking you.

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Imagine This [Rated R Version]- (Chris Evans x Reader)

Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

Word Count: 2.1k (I got carried away) 

A/N: Guess who wrote smut for the first time in 2 years? I’m a little rusty, so be nice. I hope this gets your knickers in a twist. Literally. If this man in a tux hasn’t already done it (hello sailor!). Keep those prompts coming in, darlings. If you want to read the PG version of this story, check it out on my blog

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Imagine going to an aquarium with Chris.

A/N: So this was an idea that came after I went to an aquarium in Japan, I’ve just been putting it off ‘cause I’m lazy and I’ve been busy with other one shots, and the mini-series. But no more, I shall get to it before I completely forget how excited the jelly fishes and penguins made me feel.

You browsed the exhibit guide while your boyfriend, Chris, paid for the tickets into The Aquarium of he Pacific. It was his idea for this week’s 'Fri-Date’ after the two of you watched a documentary about Magellanic Penguins. You didn’t stop talking about them once, from the second the documentary finished to the moment he brought you to the aquarium; you talked about how cute they were, how much you liked penguins, how you wished you could have a penguin as a pet like in the movie 'Mr. Popper’s Penguins’. You were lucky you’d been dating Chris for a while now, any other guy would’ve left you at the aquarium and drove away in fear of your incessant penguin talk. But then again, Chris wasn’t any other guy and you weren’t any other girl; you were the girl he found incredibly adorable, as well as the girl he planned to marry someday.

“Oh my God,” you practically squealed when you turned to the page about the Magellanic Penguins. Chris chuckled as he joined your side, wrapping an arm around you so he could steer you towards the entrance. “Look how cute they are,” you pointed at the page and Chris nodded, smiling at how cute you were instead. “I can’t wait to see the penguins, you just know they’re going to be awesome.”

“You know we’re not here to just see the penguins, right?”

“Well, duh,” you retorted and he chuckled because it was not a 'duh’ moment for him.

Chris took his arm off you so he could pass your tickets to the admission officer. When he turned back to you, he found himself shaking his head with a wide smile. You were seriously adorable to him with your head buried in that little booklet, reading all the facts about the creatures you were most excited to see: penguins, jelly fishes, sea horses, sea lions, seals, sea otters, and lorikeets. Funnily enough, fish weren’t your thing; you weren’t here to see the fishes at all. But Chris knew he could make a day of the aquarium anyway because you could spend an hour alone on each of the creatures that you did want to see, the penguins especially.

“Oh my God,” Chris chuckled and grabbed your elbow when he saw that you were still nose-deep in your booklet. “C'mon, nerd,” he teased and pulled you alongside him into the fairly crowded aquarium. “Ow,” he laughed as you closed your booklet, slapping his chest playfully.

“You deserve it, you jerk,” you bit back your smile and slipped your hand into his; that smile escaped when he locked his fingers with yours and gave you one of his signature, pearly white grins. “God, you just know you’ve got me wrapped around your finger, don’t you?”

“If it’s any consolation,” he began as he leaned in to whisper into your ear, “you’ve got me wrapped around yours too.” You giggled and lifted your joint hands over your shoulder, leaning into his now open arm. “Oh definitely, without a doubt,” he kissed your hair, breathing you in, “my candy scented darling.”

“Mm…” You pressed your nose into his shirt and he laughed, squeezing your hand. “You smell nice too,” he raised an eyebrow, asking for an elaboration, “like everything good in the world.” You answered and he laughed louder; you tipped your head and kissed his bearded jawline, smiling.

“Everything good in the world, huh?” He chuckled and you nodded, grinning. “That’s not a scent I thought existed,” he said, only to have you wink in response. “God, you’re such a dork sometimes.” You just giggled, which made his smile reach his eyes. “But you know what, I just love you more with each passing day.”

“Enough to buy me a penguin?”

He laughed, “I don’t think buying you a penguin is the best idea. What would you even do with a penguin?” Before you could answer, he interrupted. “How about we compromise and we get another dog to keep Dodger company, and you name the pup 'Penguin’?”

“A pup named 'Penguin’?!” You gasped; so much excitement filled your eyes, Chris felt as though he’d just told a kid she could have any candy she wanted. “Can you imagine- Oh my God! Yes yes yes, yes to that compromise and yes to a dog named 'Penguin’.” Chris honestly could not contain his laughter, he had no idea how he got so lucky with you. “We need to find like a black and white one, a husky maybe? Or- oh oh, I know-”

“Shh,” he laughed and pulled his hand out of yours to press it against your mouth. “How about you breathe before you pass out?” He chuckled into your ear and you nodded, pressing your lips together. “We’ll go check out the shelter tomorrow, see if we can find a dog that suits you and that adorably ridiculous name.”

“Do you know what I wanted to name my first self-owned dog when I was younger?”

“Yes, because we’ve been dating for four years and I know every story you can possibly tell.” He reminded you and you chuckled, challenging him with your facials though you knew what he said was true. “Okay, you wanted to name your first dog 'Monkey’ because you like Squirrel Monkeys and there was a cute little mixed pug in your neighborhood named 'Monkey’ whom you loved.”

“Well I’ll be damned, Christopher Evans,” you pretended to be shocked and he laughed, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you continued to walk through the first floor. You both gave glances to the exhibits you passed, but seeing as they were fishes- there wasn’t much interest showed. “Do you really know everything about me?”

“Yes I do,” he nodded and pulled away from you, pointing at the Pacific Seahorse exhibit that you were yet to notice. You turned and your eyes widened at the 'Pacific Seahorse’ sign. “Which means I know you’re about to run off to join the other sea nerds and admire those seahorses.”

“You’re very right,” you nodded excitedly. “Bye, baby.” You ran ahead like a little kid, squeezing yourself into a small space between other patrons so you could get closer to the glass. “Wow, you’re huge compared to other seahorses. But it’s okay, you’re still cute.”

You spoke to the seahorses under your breath as Chris watched from a distance, chuckling. He could see your lips moving and even though he couldn’t hear what you were saying, he knew you well enough to guess. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and snapped a quick photo because he wanted to remember this moment, and honestly- every moment with you. His phone was filled with a lot of candid shots of you; some you’d seen and knew about, some you didn’t. He was saving those for your birthday present which was in August, he had a pretty special gift planned; a scrapbook of all your greatest memories together. That was the kind of thoughtful gift you’d usually give him which was why he was excited; there was no way you were going to see it coming and he was sure it was going to blow your mind.

“Babe!” You called out to Chris as he put his phone back in his back pocket. He started walking over, but you reached him before he could reach you. “Jelly fishes!” You pointed to the sign behind him. “Moon Jellies! They’re the ones you can touch because their stings are too weak to hurt humans. Come on,” you grabbed his hand and dragged him with you; he chuckled, speeding up so you didn’t have to. “Are you going to touch them?”

“There are a ton of things I’d rather touch,” he whispered suggestively into your ear and you laughed, feeling your cheeks heat up. He chuckled softly at your reaction, loving how he easily he can turn you on. “But yes, I’ll touch them. I just have a feeling that if I don’t, I’ll hear you talk about how I should’ve and that’ll be insufferable,” he teased you and you playfully shoved him.

“You’re really lucky Moon Jellies can’t hurt people.”

“You going to toss me into the tank?” He nudged you, grinning.

“Don’t tempt me, Christopher,” you giggled. “'Cause I will.”

“Maybe you should,” he leaned in and whispered into your ear again, with that same suggestive tone that you never could resist. “Then you won’t be the only wet human being in the aquarium.” You scoffed and he laughed, grabbing his left pec as you shoved him.

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The west coast of the US is filled with hidden and not so hidden gems. A lot of people think to get a great shot they need to venture out to some epic location. Yes that is fun and you do get great photographs,  stories and experiences; but really some of the most beautiful places you can shoot are sometimes in your backyard. @olloclip

“Those Three Words Aren’t Enough” - Part 2

Your best friend Chris Evans is going to marry the love of his life this weekend and you’ve never been more excited for something – besides maybe seeing your other best friend Sebastian Stan again after you haven’t see him for months. However, your reunion doesn’t happen as you thought it would be.

Warning: Swearing & lot of drinking
Sebastian Stan x Reader
Part TWO 

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Tells Your Story, Part 3/5, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is asked to be a part of the Hamilton Mixtape.

Words: 1125

Author’s Note: Alright turns out I didn’t really plan this far into the series so I’m just winging it at this point. Also, Christmas is this weekend so I might take a little break from writing this to write holiday inspired fics?

Warnings: Gets a little heated at the end, cursing.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 1Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5

You knew Chris was one of Lin’s closest confidants, they were close and his opinion mattered a great deal to Lin.

You couldn’t explain why your palms grew sweaty when he approached you with a purpose in his stride. He wanted to talk to you, he said, about Lin.

“He’s an alright guy, like a solid six out of ten.” He started.

“I’d say that’s a pretty fair assessment.”

“He likes you a lot already, and that makes me nervous.” He waited a moment for you to throw back a funny quip, to deflect, but nothing came, “You know this?”

“I-” You stopped, not sure what you knew at all. You knew he was very nice, he’s a friendly guy and he seemed to show a barista the same common courtesy he shows you.

“I’m sure you’re very lovely. You seem nice and friendly and way out of his league. Just…” He paused when he noticed Lin emerge from his dressing room, making his way towards you with the occasional stop on the way, “I want him to be happy, and he takes this kind of stuff pretty seriously. I don’t want to see him get hurt.”

With that, the conversation came to an abrupt halt as Lin planted himself in front of you. There was a moment of silence that you quickly tried to fill, unable to shake Chris’ words off.

“You’re heading home?” You smiled, gesturing to his backpack. You needed this night to be over, you needed to go home and consider your options, and you certainly needed to be out of Lin’s proximity for a moment. He made your head go fuzzy, and you really needed to think.

“Actually, I was thinking about heading out to dinner. Join me?” He didn’t direct this question at the two of you - only you. You glanced at Chris for a moment, hoping he could save you from having to say no to Lin. He shrugged and quickly made his escape. Traitor.

“Sure.” You said to Lin, a lot less enthusiastically than you intended, “I’d love to.” You added for effect, feeling fuzzy again when he grinned at you.

His idea for dinner was a dingy little Chinese place. Very hole-in-the-wall, only regulars show up kind of place. It was 24 hours, and as the sun was setting, you took a booth near the window and ordered too much food.

He seemed very comfortable sitting across from you, no expectations other than hoping the appetizers would be out soon because you were both starving.

“This place has been here forever.” He told you. You glanced around at the peeling paint and the mismatching silverware.

“I bet.” You twirled your drink in your hands to keep them busy, the water almost tipping over the glass.

You small talked like a pro until the food came and Lin was reminded of the first time he came here with his parents. That reminded you of a restaurant back home that you always had to stop into whenever you were back.

“You’ve never had burgers like the ones there, I have to bring you sometime.” You said casually between bites, a very open ended invitation.

“I look forward to it.” His little grin made you soften a bit, and you wondered if Lin was thinking about kissing you as much as you were thinking about kissing him.

Chris’ words flashed through your mind for a second. You pushed them away once and for all.

You liked Lin. A lot.

You certainly didn’t intend to hurt him, or to lead him on at any point. You smiled back at him and you watched as he sat up a little straighter in his chair, allowing you to steal some of the food off his plate without any protest.

He insisted on paying, practically throwing your card back into your purse.

“You can get it next time.” He said cooly, unashamed that he was already asking for a ‘next time’. You nodded, and he had to stop himself from physically celebrating in the middle of this tiny Chinese restaurant.

You told him you only lived a few blocks away and he asked if he could walk you back. It was approaching midnight, and while you felt back about keeping him out late when he had another show to do the next day, you couldn’t bring yourself to say no.

You shuffled along the few blocks, stretching the usual ten minute walk into twenty, very consumed with the other’s presence. He even insisted on walking you all the way up to your apartment door, just to be safe. You humored him, toying with the idea of inviting him in.

You closed your door, leaning against it for a moment, listening to his footsteps as he retreated down the hall.

Neither of you needed to say anything to see what was going on. It was very obvious where this relationship was going if you allowed it to stay its course. You let out a sigh, pushing away from the door and ready to head to bed.

A frantic knock at the door halted you in your tracks.

You peeked through the peephole, knowing better than to answer at one in the morning without checking. Lin was nervously fidgeting on the other side.

“Mr. Broadway, you have a show in a few hours.” You chastised, swinging the door open.

He stood looking confused and nervous at your front door, suddenly disheveled and with a mission in mind.

“Lin-” Before you could get farther, his lips were on yours. The kiss was desperate and heated, leaving you with nothing to do but kiss back and cling to Lin like he was your only source of oxygen.

He pulled back for a second to gauge your reaction. Your hair was disheveled, lips swollen from the sudden hungry kiss. His ego swelled when he realized he did that to you. He was back on you in a second, quickly working on stripping both of your jackets and backing you into your bedroom.

“Wait, wait-” You said inbetween kisses, when he pulled back to tug your shirt over your head. Your bit your lip, eyes trained on his still clothed chest rather than looking in his eyes, “Are we, you know, moving too fast?”

His hand was at your chin, tilting your head up.

“We can stop whenever you want, but Jesus Christ if I don’t kiss you again within the next five seconds I’m gonna fucking-”

You pushed him so he landed on your bed, bouncing from the sudden movement.

“-lose my mind.” He breathed as you positioned yourself over him, lips ghosting over his.

Well.” Your fingers toyed at the button on his jeans, “Can’t have that.

Stuck to this Corner Like a Streetlight

A/N: I’ve been obsessed with bakery AUs lately and I really wanted to write one! Feedback/constructive criticism is always encouraged! Hope you enjoy! This is so long I’m so sorry!

Things you should know: 1. I’ve never been to NYC in my life. So, I don’t know how streets work up there. Is 34th and Melso Street even a place? Probably not. Is it five blocks down from the Richard Rodgers? Hell no. 2. I do a very poor job of explaining ITH 3. I have nothing against Vanessa

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Pairing: Lin x reader

Summary: You bake cupcakes for Lin’s opening nights and he gives you tickets to the show. It’s enough until it isn’t.

Masterlist | Request!

You and Lin-Manuel Miranda had a friendship that came about in a unique way. It all started back in 2008.

March 5, 2008

You had just opened your bakery on the corner of 34th and Melso Street. You were beyond happy; opening a bakery was a lifelong dream of yours. Your bakery, “Cupquakes,” had only been open for three weeks, and business was booming; you already had ten orders. But the order made on March 5 was the one that you’ll never forget.

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Imagine your son watching his daddy, Chris, on TV.

A/N: Helloooooooo, I’m back with the mini series! The last mini left us with Chris and the reader having an adorable little boy; Jackson River Evans. This continues on from there, just a bunch of fics that show their daily adventures that come with parenthood. Hope you enjoy it. X (Here is the mini-series ‘Masterlist’, I’ll link it as soon as I get home.)

It was 11:25PM in the Evans household, after a long day of running errands with your very talkative and excitable son, one would think that you and Chris would be fast asleep. But instead, the two of you were sat on the floor of your living room surrounded by wrapping paper, ribbons, and a buttload of different toys, books, and clothes for your son’s second birthday tomorrow.

You’d planned to start wrapping around 8:30PM- Jack’s bedtime- but as always, neither of you could leave his side until he fell asleep which was three and a half stories later at 9:48PM. What made things worst was that he knew it was his birthday tomorrow and that his parents were staying up to wrap his presents and prepare for his party; the questions he tackled both of you with made for good laughs and weary head shakes.

“Do you want some coffee?” Chris chuckled when another yawn escaped you; you shook your head. “What about Gummi Bears?” You shook your head again. “What about both?” He suggested, smiling when you bit back your smile.

“No, I’m good.” You told him as you returned your attention to the half wrapped ‘Dancing Elmo’ in front of you. “I can’t have caffeine or sugar now, if I do then- I’m going to be up all night.” Chris raised an eyebrow, his facials saying “isn’t that what we want?” You chuckled, “are you that tired that you’ve forgotten what happened the last time I tried to stay up with the help of coffee and Gummi Bears?”

His eyes narrowed slightly as he thought back, it didn’t take long for realization to sweep over his face. “Ah, yes.” He chuckled, nodding. “I believe I called it The Rise and Fall of Y/N.” You nodded with pursed lips. “I honestly thought you broke that day, was going to call Kevin and Robert to set me up with another girl.” You rolled your eyes. “Preferably one that doesn’t go on a caffeine and sugar high so she can pull an all nighter on her script, only to talk my ear off with her random epiphanies instead.”

“Jerk,” you tossed a toddler size version of Chris’ favorite pair of shoes at him. It hit him in the chest and landed in his lap, but he was too busy bellowing with laughter to bother retaliating. “Shut up,” you laughed softly, throwing the other shoe at him. “You’re going to wake Jack up.”

“Okay okay,” he softened his laughter, wiping away the tears that had formed in the corner of his eyes. “Hey, these are cute.” He said when he picked the shoes up off his lap. “They look exactly like mine, how did you-” He looked up at you and you smirked, shrugging. “You’re going to make him so happy.”

“I know,” you smiled. “He keeps asking me to put your shoes aside for him so he can wear them when he’s older, he gets so mad when he sees you wearing them because he thinks they’re his now. He keeps telling me that you’re wearing them out.”

“Trust me, I know,” he chuckled. “He gets so passive-aggressive every time I have those shoes on. Like the other day, he told me my feet are too big for those beautiful shoes.” You both laughed at that. “And just today, I found him hiding them under his bed. Honestly,” he shook his head, smiling, “that boy is an odd one.”

“Children are a reflection of their parents,” you teased.

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded then smirked as he said, “have you met his mom?”

“I’m running out of soft things to throw at you,” you threw a Mickey Mouse plush ball at him. “Can we get back to it now?” You asked, beckoning at the pile of unwrapped gifts; you were starting to regret offering your wrapping services to your family and friends who were out of town and couldn’t make it. “We’re going to need at least some sleep if we want to get through a two year old’s birthday party tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay.”

The both of you returned to wrapping and a comfortable silence filled the air. It wasn’t until you got through your fifth gift, and Chris his fourth that you both realized there were sounds coming from upstairs. You glanced behind you then turned back to Chris whose narrowed eyes were looking at the archway leading to the hallway where the stairs were.

“Did you leave the TV on upstairs?”

“No,” you shook your head. “I haven’t been upstairs since-”

“Jack,” you both concluded in unison, heaving a heavy sigh.

Chris made his way upstairs with you right on his heel. The closer you got to your bedroom, the louder the TV got. Chris looked over his shoulder at you, mouthing “is that?” You nodded, chuckling when you realized Jack was watching one of his father’s old interviews with Jimmy Fallon. You both poked your head into the room and saw Jack snugged in the middle of your bed with Dodger under his tiny arm. He was always so mesmerized by his dad, or you, being on TV that he’d fail to notice all else, like the two of you in the doorway.

“Bud,” Chris called and Jack flinched, “what are you doing out of bed?”

“I’m not out of bed,” he gestured to the fact that he was in your bed, grinning cheekily.

“Let’s rephrase,” you stepped in, chuckling, “what are you doing out of your bed?”

“Well, I…” he trailed off, turning his attention back to the TV because he didn’t want to miss a second of his dad.

You and Chris shared a weary look then shrugged and joined Jack in your king sized bed, each on either side of him. Dodger shuffled, moving to rest his head on your lap. You smiled and stroked his side, leaning down to whisper into his floppy ear “thanks for looking after of our little handful, sweetheart.”

“Shhh,” Jack pressed his tiny finger to his lips.

“Oh, please.” You chuckled. “Like my whispering-”

“Seriously, shh,” Chris shushed you too, pointing to the TV. “You’ll want to listen to this part, it’s super sweet.” A smug smirk formed on his lips because you’d already seen it before and you already knew it was super sweet. “It’s about his wife and kid.”

“And I’m the kid!” Jack gasped excitedly and climbed out of the covers so he could crawl closer to the TV. You were about to reach and catch him when Chris got to him first; the last thing you needed was your son ruining his eyes like you did as a child.

“You’re not going any closer to the TV, bud.” Chris murmured into his soft locks. “The last thing we need is you wearing glasses too.” Jack still tried to wiggle out of his dad’s strong grip and Chris frowned. “Jack, stop,” he spoke in a firmer tone and Jack immediately stilled. “Either sit here with me or go to bed.”

“I’ll sit here with you,” Jack nodded, leaning back against his dad’s chest.

“Not bad,” you mouthed, smiling at Chris who was tipping his imaginary hat; he was getting a lot better at controlling Jack. Usually Jack would just ignore Chris and continue his defiance until you stepped in and dropped the hammer, but not so much anymore. You turned your attention back to the TV when you heard your name.

“I believe congratulations are in order, you and Y/N are now parents to an adorable boy.” Jimmy said and the audience cheered; Chris smiled as a photo of you carrying Jack, who was only eight months then, popped up on the screen behind him.

“That’s me,” Jack giggled excitedly; both you and Chris chuckled.

“Jack, right?” Jimmy asked and Chris nodded. “He is a beautiful baby.”

“Thank you,” Chris smiled. “Yeah, he is a real looker. His smile just lights up the room and his eyes are bluer than mine,” he chuckled softly. “But I mean-” he glanced back at the photo, his smile growing even wider. “I didn’t really expect anything less. Look at his mom, she’s beautiful and perfect and- he’s just a splitting image of her.”

The interview touched your heart like it did the first time, you smiled and reached over Jack to press your hand against your husband’s face. He smiled and turned his head, kissing the palm of your hand. You pulled your hand away and returned your attention to the TV.

“It must be very hard for you to be away from home at the moment,” Jimmy said and Chris nodded, pouting adorably. “And how is Y/N handling Jack on her own? She’s always said that between the two of you, you’re better with kids.”

“That’s-” Chris chuckled. “No, Y/N is fantastic with children. She just says she’s not because she’s overly modest and she likes her 'I-don’t-want-kids’ reputation, but honestly- if you see her with kids, you can tell that she is nothing like she portrays herself to be. She is just the sweetest, kindest, most gentle person when she’s around kids. Well,” he chuckled, “the good ones anyway.”

“And Jack’s one of the good ones, right?”

“Definitely,” Chris nodded, smiling. “I was FaceTiming with Y/N yesterday and she’s been telling me all about how he just sleeps through the night and eats whatever she gives him. He’s a very easy baby, like she hasn’t even had to call our moms for backup yet.”

“I’m sure you must be very excited to get back home to them,” Jimmy put another photo up on the screen behind Chris; it was one of the three of you and Dodger that Chris tweeted out for Mother’s Day. The whole audience awwwed at the photo, making Chris smile. “I mean- that is a sweet family waiting for you.”

“Yeah, and I’m counting down the days till I see them,” Chris admitted with a soft chuckle. “Only a couple months of press left and then I’m back in Boston for a long break until the next part premieres. But by then, Jack should be old enough to fly so they can come out and visit me while I’m doing press around the world.”

Jimmy smiled, “once again, congratulations. If you’re watching this, Y/N, Jack is beautiful and I am so happy for you guys. The first part of Avengers Infinity War is out in cinemas now, be sure to watch it. Chris Evans, everyone!”

You expected Jack to clap and when he didn’t, you looked over to find him fast asleep in his dad’s arms. “I guess he woke up and just wanted us to keep him company until he fell asleep again,” Chris whispered and you smiled. “I’m going to go put him to bed.” You nodded and yawned as he rose to his feet with Jack in his arms. “And you should go to sleep too, I’ll finish up downstairs.”

“We’re a team,” you told him and rose to your feet, following him with a hand on his lower back. “I don’t sleep until you sleep.” Chris smiled and wrapped one arm around you, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head as the two of you made your way to Jack’s room.

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Part 2 will be up soon.

The Right Partner. 3/?

Series Summary: You’re in a tough spot with your boyfriend, but a random Disney duet with your neighbor may have been exactly what you needed to distract yourself. Now to see if you can take the heat that follows.

Warnings: Swearing / angst / sad Chris

Word Count: 2,308


“Captain Homewrecker? Chris Evans reported to being not so righteous…
   The Marvel star, reported to have been involved with an affair, has been spotted with his newest arm candy. Our inside source tells us that this affair had been going on for the last six months, and the two were tired of hiding their relationship. More details to come in tomorrow’s article!”

Your eyes scanned over the bold text on Tabatha’s phone. Over. And. Over. There was no way that this was happening. You shook your head slowly as you scrolled to see the repeating slideshow of photographs: the Starbucks, the shopping bags, the Gyros, and just random shots of the both of you smiling. You didn’t remember Chris having his arm wrapped around your waist, yet there it was in the picture. You were just so comfortable with him that you never noticed.
“How would they even know?” Chris’ words made you jump, forgetting that you weren’t alone. “I mean we only decided to go after… “
“Rick.” You practically spat his name. “I’ve got an old college friend who writes for these guys, and she’s listed as this author.” You shoved Tab her phone back and pushed over to the door, fiddling with your keys until you finally had the door unlocked. Tabatha and Chris followed, unsure of what to do next. You slammed your shopping bags and purse onto your dining table. You left the others in the living room while you sought out your phone charger. It took a minute for your phone to come to life after plugging it in in the kitchen. Tabatha gave Chris a desperate look. He gave a weak smile, murmuring something about things turning out alright. They both looked back to you once you started speaking.
“Hi, get me Shannon Wells.” You paced in what little open lead you had.

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Party like Porn Stars [Josh Washington x Reader] *SMUT*

Word Count: 3405 

Warning: Alcohol and very descriptive sex

Author Note: This story has sex in it and alcohol, if you are not comfortable with that kind of stuff then DO NOT READ THIS. 

This story also has a song in it – Here’s the link to it [x] Sorry if you don’t listen to The Weeknd

Also here’s the outfit you’re wearing. [x]

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Where’s Your Shirt?

Standing back from the washing line, you made sure that everything that had been washed was hung up. Double checking the wash basket was empty, you went back inside. A double check of the washing machine confirmed that that too, was empty. 

Walking back through the house, you glanced at the wall clock and realised that your boyfriend and your two dogs should be returning from their walk soon. 

Using the remote control to your radio, you skipped to the next song and danced your way into the kitchen where you proceeded to fill both of the dog’s water bowls - you needed two because your Great Dane takes one for himself and you wanted to make sure Dodger could have some water without constantly have to worry about the bowls running dry - and started to make Chris his favourite snack that he favours eating after exercise. Especially when he gets back from walking the dogs, because sometimes he likes to jog or run with them. 

He likes walking the pair of them together on his own when he’s with you at your home because his house isn’t in the country and he has to contend with crowds or cars on the busy roads. At yours? There’s a lot more space so he can walk for longer or run with them off their leads. Also, when you’re with him at his, you always have to walk the dogs with him because walking a dog as small as Dodger and one as big as your Great Dane is difficult in crowded areas when on your own, considering Dodger has a tendency to weave in between his pack mate’s legs.

The telltale signs of your boys returning began with the two dogs running into the kitchen and straight to the water, although, Dodger came to you first because he could smell food but didn’t think much of it as he headed to his water.

Chris made a lot of noise as he went about putting away their leads and emptying his pockets before he too joined you in the kitchen. 

Both your libido and your heart rate increased as you turned to face your love, “where’s your shirt, Chris?” You felt no shame as your eyes travelled along his form, “not that I’m complaining.” 

He laughed and you shivered as his abs clenched. “It got dirty so I took it off. The boys are also going to need a bath.” 

“What happened?” You questioned, Dodger was no longer his golden colour as he was mostly covered by mud and Bambi looked like he brought a swamp home with him.

“They wanted to go swimming.” He chuckled, “in a puddle we came across in the field.” 

By the way, I chose the name Bambi for a Great Dane because they are a large breed of dog, which can be jokingly called a donkey or a horse plus there is the running theme of Disney. I would also seriously name my own Great Dane Bambi if I ever got one.

Texting Accident

* Thayne Jasperson × Reader
* Modern rpf
* Random idea from @omicronarmagedon

A/N: so no one requested this but I saw this prompt a while back. It was just collecting dust in my files so. I did get the idea from a different blog. From @omicronarmagedon, credit to them. And Thayne is my favorite under appreciated cast member.

Word Count: 1,236


You were sitting in your couch reading a book. It was a rare day off Broadway so you decided to spend it at home in your pajamas all day. Suddenly your phone buzzed. You quirked an eyebrow as you read the message preview.

Group: Broadway Fam

It was a group text that you were added to. It seems like Thayne created one. Dear Lord, what was he up to now?

Thayne: Guys? I need some advice…

Now this made you pause. You and Thayne had been close since day one. He often come to you first with questions or concerns or just to chat. Why was he consulting the group? You were about to ask what his problem was but Anthony beat you to it.

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Imagine meeting your son. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C! Holy crap, okay. So it’s 3:52AM, I just finished this and I cried like a baby. Well, I’m crying like a baby which is why I’m going to leave this here and do the links tomorrow. Enjoooooy! ❤️ (Also, I feel like strawberry Jell-O now.) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist; Chapter 7: ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D/Part 5A/5B)

The closer your contractions got, the more nervous you and Chris became. You were in a lot of pain so you tried to focus on that pain to distract yourself from the fact that you were about to have a baby. You channeled your writer’s mind, convincing yourself that this was an experience you could use to better your writing. You did things like that all the time, you found you coped better if you saw what you feared doing as an experience to help with your writing. The last time you went to the dentist, you told yourself you were a spy who’d been caught and was being tortured for information. Chris thought you were insane, but said if it worked to relieve you of your anxiety that came every time you had to go to the dentist that you should “do you, boo.” So now that you were having ridiculously painful contractions- which had become five minutes apart- you convinced yourself you were being stabbed so you could later utilize the pain to write something in the crime/thriller genre.

Chris couldn’t do what you were doing, he was too focused on you to think of anything else. You were in absolute agony, whimpering every time you had a contraction. It’d been three and a half hours of five minute apart contractions, yet still no progress. You wished it was easier, that after your water broke you’d just start pushing and a baby would pop out of you. Unfortunately, it was not; you were going to suffer for quite a while before your son arrived. Chris was glad your parents were around to keep the two of you company, but he really wished his mom was too. He glanced at his watch, it wouldn’t be long now. It was 11:56AM now, and her flight was arriving at 12:15PM. Your dad left for the airport half an hour ago to pick Lisa up for Chris as neither you nor Chris wanted him to leave your side. You needed him with you every step of the way, there was no way you were going to do anything without him.

“What do you need, sweetheart?” Chris asked, gently brushing away the tears that had rolled down your cheeks. You couldn’t take the pain anymore, your distraction was losing its effect because no story was worth what you were going through. “Do you want me to get you something from the vending machine? Do you want me to go get you a packet of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?” He asked you and you nodded quickly, hoping chocolate would help subside some of the pain.

“Oh no,” your mom stopped Chris, “no. I don’t recommend eating while in labor, sweetheart. It’ll be dangerous if they have to end up putting you under, you could vomit and choke.” You frowned with a pout, and Chris gave your hand a light pat. “If you really need to eat something, you’ve got to keep it light. You shoulder only eat things that won’t make you feel worst than you already do, and we all know chocolate is not one of those things.”

“That’s true, baby,” Chris agreed with your mom, and you silently did too; you liked chocolate, but chocolate didn’t always like you. It wasn’t like you were allergic or intolerant, it was more of a psychological reaction because you preferred to clean eat and chocolate was part of clean eating. “You can have Reese’s after you have Jack, as a celebratory snack.”

“So what can I have?” You asked, then screwed your eyes shut as another contraction hit you. It wasn’t even just the contractions that caused you pain, it was everything; everything hurt at that point in time. “Other than ice chips because I’m sick of chewing ice chips,” you told them, taking another few deep breaths.

“I’m going to go see if I can get you some Jell-O,” your mom offered, patting the back of your hand. “Watch her and call Dr. McCullough if anything changes.” She told Chris and he nodded. “And don’t you try and convince him to get you that chocolate bar, young lady.” She told you before she took her leave because she knew the both of you all too well.

“She’s good,” Chris chuckled softly when he saw you roll your eyes. “But honestly,” he pulled your hand to his lips. “I don’t need much convincing, I would do anything for you right now.” You opened your mouth to ask for chocolate, only to get shot down. “Anything that doesn’t make you feel worst than you already do. How are you feeling?” He quizzed, lowering your hand back onto the bed.

“Conflicted,” you answered, pulling your hand away from his touch so you could wipe the tears from your eyes. “Like I want this to be over, but I don’t think I’m ready to have the baby.” You told him and he gave you a sympathetic smile. “Chris,” another fresh set of tears filled your eyes. “I don’t know if I can do this. I know I said I wouldn’t be like Pam, but-“ you started to cry, “I don’t think I can do this. It hurts so bad already, I don’t know if I can take anymore.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” He got off his chair and sat down next to you on the bed, wrapping an arm around you. “Everything’s going to be okay, I promise. Look-” he huffed. “I can’t promise you it won’t hurt because we both know it is, but I promise I’m going to be right here with you. Okay?” He waited for you to nod then kissed the top of your head. “I love you, sweetheart.” He whispered into your hair as you leaned into him.

“I love you too.”

Your mom came back with strawberry Jell-O about ten minutes later, and you ate that while you weren’t suffering from contractions. Around 1:24PM, your contractions became even closer at four minutes apart, and your dad arrived with Lisa. The rest of Chris’ family, and yours weren’t due until the 15th of March which was a Sunday, the day after Jack’s original birth date. They figured you were already panicky enough, you didn’t need a room full of people while you were trying to push a baby out of you.

The next few hours leading up to 4:14PM- when your cervix was finally dilated enough- your contractions progressed at a steady pace to the stage your doctor needed you to be at. Chris joked, saying “Jack must know I needed Mom here.” You managed a light laugh, then went back to freaking out because you knew you were about to start pushing. The nurses checked your pulse, blood pressure, and temperature, then strapped a monitor to your abdomen to check Jack’s heart rate. You and Chris couldn’t stop smiling when you heard Jack’s little heartbeat. As scared and nervous as the both of you were, you were excited to bring a little life into world.

Your delivery took about ninety minutes, and all ninety minutes was engulfed in immense pain. You cried, you screamed, you swore, and you squeezed the life out of Chris’ hand- but you did it, all without pooping on the table or having an episiotomy. Your afterbirth was fairly easy on you too, it took no less than five minutes. You’d read birth stories online about women having trouble with their placenta, and you were glad you weren’t one of them. But that it, you were done. You were no longer pregnant, you no longer had to suffer contractions or push because- Jack was here and you were a mom.

“Here’s your son, you two.”

Chris felt his heart skip a beat when Dr. McCullough held up Jack for the two of you to see. You were a little too distracted by the pain to zero in your blurry vision on your baby, but Chris saw him. Chris saw Jack; he covered in blood and gunk, but he was absolutely beautiful. You cried out of joy when Chris said, “you did it, he’s beautiful, baby” and kissed your forehead. The nurse quickly wiped your son’s face then bundled him up so he could meet his parents for the first time.

You were hesitant to take Jack at first because you’d never held a newborn before. He seemed so small and fragile, and you were afraid you’d hurt him. But Chris, and everyone else in the room assured you “babies are a lot stronger than they seem.” Chris sat beside you as the nurse carefully placed Jack into your arms, and the moment you held him- you understood why people wanted children, why you would gladly have a second in a heartbeat. Everything you’d been so afraid of faded and everything just fell into place. You were a mom, the baby in your arms was yours. You started to sob which worried Chris until he realized you were smiling. He wrapped an arm around you and kissed the top of your head, his other hand gently interacted with one of Jack’s.

Your son was beautiful with eyes as blue as Chris’; you had hoped they would be and you were glad they were. Now every parent believed their baby was the most beautiful baby they’d ever laid eyes on, but you knew for a fact that yours was. He was utter perfection and you couldn’t believe you were finally in your arms after nine months of waiting. Neither you nor Chris could stop smiling, or crying at the sight of Jack. He was real, it wasn’t just a vivid dream. You’d just had a baby boy, the two of you were parents.

“Hi,” you smiled at Jack, who you swore smiled back. Chris smiled, he smiled widely as he watched you interact with Jack. “We’re your mom and dad, we made you.” You started crying harder when you said that because it still seemed impossible that humans could make smaller humans. “And we will love you unconditionally and endlessly.” You whispered softly then kissed his tiny forehead.

“Just like I love you,” Chris said and you turned to him, smiling when he dipped his head and pecked your lips. “I am so proud of you, Y/N. You brought life into this world, you helped me become a father.” You pressed a kiss to his jawline then turned back to Jack when Chris’ gaze fell on him. “Welcome to the world, Jackson Christopher Evans.”

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Part 5D



 I apologise, this one is shit, I’m not that really into Chris so, sorry if I didn’t match his character correctly.  

 Dating Chris Argent would include:

• patching him up when he gets hurt
• being protective af over you
• teaching you how to fight
• with a range of weapons including crossbow, knives guns and hand to hand combat
• hand to hand combat usually leads to hot, sweaty sex against the floor or wall
• always coming to save you when you get into trouble
• growling during sex, particularly angry sex
• kinky sex
• public sex
• arguing when it comes to your safety
• being scared to get close to you at first as everyone around him dies
• when he’s ready, telling you stories about Allison
• showing you old family albums and you don’t mind as you like hearing stories about his past daughter along with knowing they played a significant part in his life and shaped him to be the man he is today
sitting with your head in his lap, or on his chest as he strokes your hair
• and then leans down and plants a lingering kiss on your forehead
• the odd occasion when you both have a movie night you always fall asleep on Chris
• so he carries you upstairs to your bed
• Chris getting really over-protective and jealous when Peter is near you/flirting with you
• holding you in his arms
• moving to Paris with him
• convincing him that Scott and pack need him so you both move back
• a relationship that is filled with many eye rolls
• dragging Chris to your family events for holidays as you want him to be surrounded by people, not giving him time to be over come by sadness by the thought of spending holidays alone, without a family anymore
• being close with the pack
• the pack always being able to rely on you
• Chris referring to you as ‘his light’
• though you thoroughly know how to defend yourself, Chris won’t let you go into the hunting business in fear of losing you too
• Chris cooking for you
• long hugs where you just cling to each other
a love that can be incredibly over-complicated as a result of the supernatural crap that goes on in beacon hills, but managing to stay together through thick and thin as nothing can tear you two apart

I want to Go Back (Chapter Sixteen)

Authors Note: Now, this chapter sixteen is officially the last chapter of the “I Want To Go Back’ serious. I appreciate every single response i have gotten, message, ask etc. I love and adore it all! It means so much to me that each and every single one of you has taken time out of your day to read it. Thank you so so so much. 

Authors Note: Part 2. So i’m an idiot. I scheduled this post on Sunday to post in the late hours of the afternoon but somehow i didn’t save it and it was set for Next Friday, 4:33am.  Stupid, i know. I wouldn’t have ever noticed it it if i hadn’t of gotten a few messages. Then crap happened and i completely forgot about it, so i apologize. Ciao! 

The next morning, you awoke with Chris’ arms wrapped around you. His face inches from yours. You watched him sleep for a while, he was beautiful but the question still remained, ‘Did you guys make a mistake?’ …again? There was no denying, you cared about him, you loved him even but was this the right thing to do. Things were complicated now, you two had kids; two different career roads paved. You two had changed and grown so much the past few years but could you go back to where you were? You’re lost in thought when Chris wakes up, he slides his hand along your bare hip and pulls you closer to him. He doesn’t open his eyes, he inhales deeply and plants a small kiss on your forehead. 

“Good morning.” He whispers, you smile and wrap your arms around him. 

“Hi.” you whisper back. 

“How are you?” He asks. 

“I’m–” You smile, for once you don’t have to think of an answer. “good.” 

“Yeah?” He asks, opening his eyes. 


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Imagine meeting your son. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D/Part 5A)

“C-Chris, my w-water broke.”

Chris stared at you with his mouth agape. Everything he’d read, everything Dr. McCullough and your parents had told him in preparation for this very moment- all that information had sailed into the unknown, getting itself lost in the stormy seas of Chris’ thoughts and emotions. Your water broke, so that meant all those contractions you’d said were Braxton Hicks were actually the labor contractions. You were having a baby today- Jack was coming today- he was going to be a daddy today. He couldn’t believe it, it was finally happening- he was going to be a father.

“Okay-” Chris swallowed. “Okay, you’re going to breathe and we’re going to get through this.” He told you and you frantically nodded, taking short, sharp breaths. “Slower, sweetheart, and deeper too.” He advised and you nodded again, following his instructions. “You’re okay, just don’t freak out. Don’t freak out,” he repeated, but this time to himself and under his breath.

Chris’ mind couldn’t help but flit to his memories of the movie ‘Inside Out’. He was imagining his five emotions sitting up in his mental faculties freaking out; all the red alerts were flashing and all the sirens wailing as they screamed in absolute panic. It would’ve been easy for him to give the wheel over to Fear, to let Fear control him and bring forth a panic attack of his own. But he didn’t do that because he remembered what he promised he’d always do and that was to take care of you. He needed to be strong for you, to remain calm and reassuring. You were the one having the baby, not him. He had to get over whatever he was going through so he could help you through what you were. You were scared and it was his job to make sure you weren’t. He was your husband and the baby inside you was his son, it was time for him to step up and become what the two of you needed him to be.

“When was the last time you had a contraction, baby?”

“I don’t know,” you shook your head, tears filling your eyes. “I don’t- Oh my God, I don’t know.” Chris squeezed your hands, reminding you to stay calm and breathe. “Are we going to the hospital?” You asked and he nodded, gesturing for you to sit while he walked into the walk-in to grab the go-bag and something for you to change into so you didn’t have to sit in amniotic fluid. “Oh no,” you whimpered, starting to cry. “I don’t want to do this, Chris.”

“I know you’re scared, Y/N,” he called out as he searched your dresser for something clean and comfortable. He pulled a pair of your underwear from the top right drawer, then scrambled to find a pair of sweatpants in the bottom drawer. They looked like they were his, and they probably were considering he was the one who did the laundry- but he was in too much of a rush to bother finding yours. “But it’s going to be-”

“Contraction.” He heard you call and quickly rushed out to look at the clock; it was 6:42AM. “Oh my God,” you whimpered, grasping at the sheets as you tried to breathe through the pain. “It hurts,” you cried and Chris watched you with an aching heart. “I can’t do this, Chris,” you looked up at him once the pain subsided; it only lasted sixty seconds, but it felt like an hour for you. “I can’t have this baby, I can’t do it.”

“Hey, stop.” He descended to his knees in front of you, lowering the go-bag and the sweatpants on the floor beside him. “Do you remember when we were watching The Office and it was the episode where Pam was having Cece and she was freaking out? Do you remember what I said to you?” He quizzed and you nodded, chuckling as you sniffled. “And do you remember what you said in response?” He asked, biting back his smile.

“Fuck off, Chris,” you answered and he nodded, laughing.

You remembered that moment very clearly, which was understandable as it only happened a couple weeks ago. Chris had told you you were going to follow in Pam’s footsteps and have a complete breakdown, doing everything you could to postpone giving birth. The two of you knew he was probably right, but also, that you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of being right hence why he said it in the first place. He wanted to have leverage, something he could use to pull you away from your breakdown. You hated being wrong, so if he had that to use against you- maybe you’d try and hold it together.

“So are you going to prove me right and freak out, or are you going to stay calm and keep that streak of being Mrs. Always Right?” He asked and you playfully slapped his arm, biting back your smile. “That’s what I thought,” he quipped then kissed the back of your hands before getting to his feet, scooping both go-bag and sweats up with him. “Okay, let’s get you to the hospital. We’ll call your mom on the way, and-” He glanced at the clock; 6:47AM. “I’ll call my mom when her plane lands. I’m really hoping she gets here before you start pushing, ‘cause I’m going to need her around for that.”

“Why,” you teased him, “are you going to freak out?”

“I’m already freaking out, but I’m staying calm for you.” He told you and you smiled, which quickly faltered when the ache in your lower back increased. “Here, get changed.” He passed you the sweats that you immediately knew weren’t yours. “I’m going to go fill Dodger’s food and water bowl before we go, I don’t know how long we’re going to be there and I don’t want to have to leave your side to come home.”

“These are your sweats,” you told him and he chuckled, wincing. “Oh, fuck it,” you staggered to your feet and slowly made your way to the ensuite, stopping when a contraction hit you. Chris glanced at the clock; your contractions were about five and a half minutes apart. You hunched over as much as your belly would allow, using the chaise in front of your bed for support. “Oh God, the pain is getting worst.” You breathed slowly as Chris walked over, rubbing your back soothingly. “I fucking hate you for getting me pregnant.” You bit out of agony and frustration, earning a soft chuckle from Chris; it was not the first time you’d cussed at him while pregnant.

“I’d say ‘never again’, but you already promised we would have two.” He reminded you and it was like your pain increased at the thought of having another baby. “I’m holding out for Charlotte, or Charles if we have another boy. I hope we don’t, ‘cause I really want a girl and I don’t think you want to have a third child. Can you imagine if we had a third child and-”

“Please stop talking,” you begged then squeezed your eyes shut, taking slow, deep breaths.

“Right, I’m sorry.” His hand ran up and down your back, which helped a little. “I know it hurts, but just think of how cute our baby is going to be,” he told you then kissed the back of your head. “You good?” He asked after a while when you straightened up; you nodded. “Okay, c’mon.” He walked you to the ensuite. “I’ll be back to help you downstairs.” He told you and you nodded again. “Hey,” he stopped you before you could close the door, a wide grin on his face that made you smile too. “We’re going to meet our son today,” he said.

“We’re going to meet our son today,” you confirmed with a nod.

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Part 5C