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Hey, so you know how I have a bunch of my OCs as part of the same rebel cell, the “Devaron’s Angels”? Well, for “Shadows and Stardust” (which you can read here, if you haven’t yet), I wanna have more members of that rebel cell show up—maybe not for huge roles, but enough that you get a feel for who they are and what they do. I thought about just designing these secondary characters myself, but then I figured, “Hey, why not see if anyone else would wanna do one?”

So, I wanted to ask—would anyone be interested in designing an Angel? I’m not gonna put all the essential details about them here, just in case no one ends up wanting to, but yeah, just message me if you think you’d be up for it! :D

New Magiswords episode at 4pm! And it’s a personal fav of mine! eee! Are you not at Comic-con and wish you could have some of that convention goodness and adventurous adventure? Are you at Comic-Con but need a breather? Do you like cool punk songs!? Why not turn on Cartoon Network at 4pm and watch “Unconventional Dolphinism”? Boarded by @drew-green and myself, YOU SHOULD WATCH IT AND HAVE FUN!

  • Diana: You need to learn what it’s like in 2017
  • Steve: 2017?! WE MADE IT INTO THE 2000’s??
  • Diana: yep.
  • Steve: THIS IS SO COOL
  • Diana: Steve we need to get you some clothes
  • Steve: why
  • Diana: you have a German World War One uniform on
  • Steve: oh yeah haha

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I've met a few people who tried to play doctor while they were still studying medicine and it really didn't end well. I don't doubt you're a clever girl, but I wouldn't let that get to your head too much. You're really cool but I think you really need to work on dialling it down a touch.

I’m not playing doctor and I state all the time that I’m not. I do know a lot that is medicine related though. All that I say is also backed up by evidence online or that is accessible.


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this guy realllllly does not like being called short.



Alright but I just noticed the neat parallel between Sven and Romelle and Keith’s parents–and I think it’s a tradition that might carry over to Shiro and Keith, so real quick:

In 80′s Voltron, Romelle gives Sven this knife/dagger for protection. They end up being love interests in the dub. But even that aside, Romelle caring so much about Sven’s safety and wishing him well is kinda seen as a romantic gesture. Real quick, but Romelle is also an alien princess (from Pollux, Altea’s “twin” planet) and Sven is of course human. 


Yeah, Keith’s alien mom also gave her partner a thematically important knife before parting ways. So, wouldn’t it make sense that, if Keith ended up having a human love interest who was about to head out into danger–that he’d maybe give them the knife before they left? As a sign of good faith and for luck if nothing else; carrying on his mother’s tradition. Considering how important the knife is to Keith, I can see him giving it away as a measure of the depth to his devotion–I’m lending this to you for luck. But you know how important this is to me, so I expect you to come back alive and return it–something like that. 

But now, couldn’t Romelle also appear later as part of the Blade of Marmora, and give Shiro her own knife? Perhaps. But two things–one, Shiro is already associated with Keith’s blade. And two, of all the blades we’ve seen so far, Keith’s is actually the only one that really resembles a dagger, which is what Romelle gave Sven. Antok, Ulaz, Thace, Kolivan, ect–all their blades look different in their deactivated forms. Here’s a good reference showing how unique Keith’s blade is.

Now as for Shiro, the first he hears of Marmora is right when he escapes. 

“The blade of Marmora is with you,” Ulaz says. How fitting then, that it’s a Marmora blade that cuts Shiro free when he crashes back to Earth. On a thematic level, I think this is so much more than just The rebellion is with you. It’s the narrative saying–Don’t worry, Keith will always be there for you. Because, of course it’s Keith’s blade that frees him; of course, Keith is running to his rescue. Like he always does. Of course, out of everyone, it’s Keith and Shiro who keep crashing back together whenever they’re torn apart. It’s like fate.  

Not only has Keith’s blade saved Shiro once already, but Shiro has defended Keith and his right to keep the knife in turn. If Keith is going to pass on his blade at some point like his mother (whether temporarily or not), thematically, I think it’s just a logical conclusion that that person has to be Shiro. After all, I think he’s the only one that would really understand the depth of such a gesture. Because who was there with Keith in the Blade of Marmora, who saw him fight tooth and nail and nearly die for this? Who was the one that took the form of Keith’s greatest hopes and dreams–who did he fear losing the most? Who was the person he most desperately wants to see

Ulaz was right; Shiro does have the backing of the Blade of Marmora–and his fate appears inexorably tied to one blade in particular. That Shiro was there for Keith’s trial, that he witnessed Keith bare his heart and soul and saw himself reflected there–their endurance of the trial binds them together in a way I don’t think anyone else could ever fully grasp. 

And I mean, I think it would speak volumes about Keith’s trust in Shiro if he were to offer the blade to him willingly. After all, a big part of his trial was Shiro trying to force him to give it away.

Seeing Keith give Shiro the knife to safeguard him on a mission before they parted ways would be especially endearing becuase, well–when he does give in during his trial, he only agrees because he’s so afraid of losing Shiro. 

Shiro threatens to abandon him if he doesn’t relent, and so he does. To see the blade offered then as a sign of their bond, to show just how close they are and that this isn’t goodbye forever, that Shiro will still come back–I think that’s just the kind of closure for them I want to see.