you need to be in more things sir

Keith in the garrison part 2
  • Iverson(To Lance): You need to take things far more seriously! You need to learn some damn responsibility boy! You should be more like Keith! Model student he is
  • Lance: Yes sir *rolls his eyes at Hunk when he isn't looking*
  • *Later*
  • Lance: ugh I just don't see what's so good about Keith! Why does Iverson insist I should be like him? Ew
  • Hunk: Well, you do need to take things more seriously
  • Lance: What?! As serious as Keith, Christ look at him!
  • Keith, who is staring at the chicken nugget he just dropped: I think this is the saddest thing that's ever happened to me
  • Shiro, unimpressed: Keith you're literally an orphan
  • Keith: fuck off
Said During D&D Starter Meme
  • Wine isn’t flammable enough. You need vodka or something.
  • Am I allowed to dance on her grave?
  • Look, I’m all for destroying things, but…
  • Are you still on the ceiling?
  • Are you /more/ or /less/ undead than [name]?
  • If you’re still alive by then, go ahead.
  • I will explain nothing. You must discover.
  • I know it was rude, okay?
  • I’m not happy about this, okay? I don’t like hurting people!
  • How many miles per hour is that?
  • There’s blood everywhere!
  • What’s a good song for this situation?
  • Will you seek revenge?
  • This is a family-friendly establishment, sir.
  • This is the third time you’ve run away over the course of this fight, if you’re keeping track.
  • That doesn’t count as a costume, it’s just a hat.
  • He’s all talk. He’s never actually killed you.
  • Wait, do you not have any money?
  • Well, maybe the demon has devoured multiple people.
  • He is not a scaredy cat.
  • None of us came here to fight a vampire.
  • What happened? Where are you?
  • Who did she get murdered by?
  • The vampire killed her, but not with his mouth.
  • You killed her! You set the fire she died in!
  • Doesn’t he know that tweets can be 140 characters?
  • Are there any other figures of authority?
  • This entire town wants to kill me, so I owe them nothing.
  • Wolves aren’t necessarily considered townsfolk. Can they vote?
  • Who do you report to?
  • These people don’t like us.
  • I don’t know what we can even do to help them.
  • That’s not my name and you know it.
  • This is by far the worst contract I have ever been on.
  • Now everybody wants to steal!
  • I’m not a thief, I’m a lady. And an arsonist.
  • It’s a bonfire.
  • Is the frog a good guy or a bad guy?
  • I feel like we’ve accomplished nothing.

Group/Member: BTS/Jungkook

Words: 978

Genre: Full on smut, do not read if you are pure, dom!Jungkook, teacher!Jungkook, student!reader

Summary: Y/N gets caught talking in class

Request: anonymous

A/N: The 2nd smut I’ve written that was requested rather than me just adding it in because I felt like it! I hope you enjoy, and don’t hesitate to tell me if I need to fix anything! ~Admin Unnie

Originally posted by purelyjimin

“Why is he so attractive?” I turn to look at my best friend who was looking at our college professor. Now he wasn’t the typical, old professor. He’s working part time with the school while he goes through grad school, so he’s very close to our age. So it’s not weird that she’s ogling him.

“Why aren’t you paying attention in class?” I ask her. “Is your plan to fail this class so you have to take it again next semester?”

“Yes.” She says, no hint of a joke on her face.

“What if he’s not teaching this class next semester?”

“Ms. Y/L/N! Why are you talking during my class?” I look up and meet Mr. Jeon’s gaze. “Well, according to the clock, it’s time for you guys to go anyway. Ms. Y/L/N, if you could stay after class so I can speak with you.”

I took my time putting my books away as my classmates rushed to leave. “You are so lucky to get to stay after with him. I’m so envious.” My best friend says as she left the room.

“Care to explain why you were talking during my class?” Mr. Jeon asks as I walked up to his desk.

“I was answering y/bf/n’s question, sir.” I answer as I lean against the wooden surface.

“And may I ask what was so important that you had to answer it right then?”

“She wanted to know why you were so attractive.” I say, not bothering to lie or beat around the bush.

“And what did you tell her?” He asks while smirking at me, leaning closer.

“Well I definitely didn’t tell her why I find you attractive.” I look up at him innocently.

He smirks again and walks over to the door. “It’s a very good thing neither you nor I have a class right now.”

“And why is that?” I ask just as he turns the lock.

“Because I believe a punishment is in order.” That’s right, I’m fucking my professor.

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Every phrase said by the Voltron Combinable Toy

@emeraldcyborg and I bought all the lions and spent about two hours recording this transcript, so I hope someone gets a laugh out of it. Or uses it in a fic somehow, because now I really want to see that. 

(When Voltron is fully formed)

  • Lance: Blue Lion! Ready for action!
  • Keith: Red Lion! Ready for battle!
  • Pidge: Green Lion! All systems go!
  • Hunk: Yellow Lion engaged!
  • Shiro: Red, Green, Black, Blue, and Yellow Lions detected! Voltron operational!
    • Voltron complete. Targeting Robeast!
    • Great work, team!
    • Let’s do it! Keith, form sword!

(Pressing the button in full Voltron form)

  • Shiro: Let’s do it! Keith, form sword!
    • Keith: Yes, sir.  (Sheith bait)
    • Keith: Forming blazing sword!
  • Shiro: Now we go on the offensive.
    • Keith: Time to heat things up!
    • Lance: It’s on!
  • Shiro: Lance, Hunk, give me full reverse thrusters!
    • Lance: Fastest feet in the galaxy!
    • Hunk: Whatever you say, Shiro!
    • Lance: Roger. Engaging lower thrusters.
    • Lance: Don’t worry, Shiro! I got this!
  • Shiro: Form shield!
  • Shiro: Pidge, form shield!
    • Pidge: My shield can’t take much more of this!
    • Pidge: Roger that!
  • Shiro: We need to increase firepower!
    • Lance: We got ya, buddy!
    • Pidge: Eat this, Zarkon!
  • Shiro: Let’s light this thing up! Fire lasers!
    • Pidge: Firing lasers… now!
    • *pew pew! laser noises!*
    • Keith: Fire magma beam!
  • Hunk: Time to armor up!
  • Lance: Hold it right there!
  • Keith: Let’s cut the Galra down to size! (keith no)
  • *pew pew! laser noises!*
    • Hunk: You dropped a sonic boom on him!
  • Keith: I’m not backing down!
  • Lance: Let’s see if I can freeze these guys!

Combining phrases

(Red Lion attached)

  • Keith: Red Lion, ready for battle!
    • Shiro: Good to have you back, Keith. (more Sheith bait)
  • Keith: I’m on it, Shiro!

(Green Lion attached)

  • Pidge: You can count on me, Shiro!
    • Shiro: Pidge, we’re going to need that shield.
  • Pidge: Green Lion! All systems go!

(Blue Lion attached)

  • Lance: I’m right there with ya!
    • Shiro: We need to increase firepower!
  • Lance: Blue Lion, ready for action!

(Yellow Lion attached)

  • Hunk: Yellow Lion engaged!
  • Hunk: Are you sure we should do this?
    • Lance: We got ya, buddy. (This is the only instance in which two paladins other than Shiro talk to each other. Hance bait?)
  • Hunk: Whatever you say, Shiro!

(Detaching any of the lions)

  • Shiro: Great work, team!
  • Shiro: Separation sequence engaged.

(Yellow Lion detached)

  • Hunk: Sorry, my bad.

(Blue Lion detached)

  • Lance: Let’s play it cool!

(Green Lion detached)

  • Pidge: Whoa whoa whoa!

(Red Lion detached)

  • Keith: I’m not backing down!

(Pressing the button when any of the lions is not attached)

  • Shiro: We need the red lion!
  • Shiro: Hunk, we’re waiting on the yellow lion.
  • Shiro: Pidge, fire up the green lion. We’re coming in hot!
  • Shiro: Lance, we’re still missing the blue lion.

(Black Lion individual phrases aka how many ways can we tell kids to buy the other toys)

  • Voltron is the only thing that can stop Zarkon!
  • Let’s assemble Voltron and get rid of these Galra! (don’t be rude to keith)
  • Form Voltron!
  • We need to increase firepower!
  • Let’s light this thing up! Fire lasers! *pew pew*
  • Now we go on the offensive.
  • Systems compromised!
  • Now… we will destroy you.
  • We will save the universe!
  • (several sound effects)
I really like you, you know? (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

Request: “Can I request a fic with Zach where the reader and Zach are snapchatting. The reader is really sleepy because she’s been staying up late to get homework done and being so tired, she accidently tells Zach she likes him a lot. (Can it be fluffy and a little angsty?)”


It was still 4:30p.m., but you were already tired and longing for your bed. You tried really hard to keep your eyes open, but they had their way of beating you. Finally, you gave up. You got up from the table you were occupying on the school’s library, picked up your stuff and walked home.

The second you got into your room, you took of your shoes and slowly climbed into your bed. You hadn’t even closed your eyes yet when your phone lighted up and buzzed.

“How hard is it for a girl to get her beauty sleep in this wicked world?” you mumbled like a real drama queen, talking to the walls. You reached out lazily for your phone and, suddenly, all your complains went away. The top notification was a Snapchat from Zach Dempsey.

After waiting a while (in your mind, opening it up too quickly would make him think you were desperate), you finally saw his chat. It was just random letters, probably sent by mistake. You rolled your eyes, not believing you created all that expectation in your head. What were you thinking? That Zach freaking Dempsey snapchatted you saying he was madly crushing you?

You sent a question mark back and put your phone away. It only took five seconds for it to buzz again.

“You have got to be kidding me”

You didn’t want to look, all you wanted was a nice nap. Your curiosity spoke louder, and you picked it back up.

Zach Dempsey: Oh hello Y/N this is Zach and I stare at your Snapchat stories like an idiot
Zach Dempsey: I’m lovesick because of uuuuuu
Zach Dempsey: let me be the juliet to your romeo
Zach Dempsey: I’m juliet coz I’m a little girl

You realized it was one of his friends joking around, and laugh softly. You decided to mess around too.

You: I knew it.
Zach Dempsey: that I’m a little girl????
You: oh yeah. it’s common knowledge.

Video call from : Zach Dempsey

You didn’t expect this. You didn’t know if you should pick up or not. You decided to go on with the game, so you fixed your hair and made sure you looked okay. You pressed “answer” and Justin Foley’s face showed up on the screen. It looked like they were at the gymnasium, probably practicing basketball.

“Yo Dempsey! I got your phone man” Justin yelled, and the camera focused on Zach, who was standing at the other side of the gym. “You shouldn’t have told me your password!”

“Dude what are you doing?” Zach rushed over and tried to get his phone out of Justin’s hands. You giggled and, with that sound, Dempsey just stopped moving. “Foley. What was that?”

Justin showed him the screen, and his eyes widened when he saw your face.

“Well hello there” you said, not knowing what to do.

“Y/N, hi. I-uh, hang on, I’ll call you back okay?” The screen went black and his face disappeared. You waited for the call and, since it didn’t came, you tried to sleep again. Unsuccessfully, you should add.

Grumbling, you kicked your covers away, picked up your books and started studying again in your desk.


You were so entertained by your homework you almost missed the notification from Zach. Almost. You unlocked your phone and checked it out.

Zach Dempsey: Hey, I’m sorry for earlier. Justin is an idiot
You: It’s okay 😂

You weren’t really expecting an answer after that, but fortunately it came.

Zach Dempsey: well anyway
Zach Dempsey: wyd?

You gave the pile of papers and books in front of you a sad glance.

You: homework. u?
Zach Dempsey: just chillin I guess

You sighed, jealous of his procrastination.

You: let’s trade please, I can’t stand biology anymore
Zach Dempsey: send all the bio stuff for me. I’ll do it for you, I love bio

What a cutie. He loved bio.

You: don’t give me ideas, Dempsey. I’ll send it for real
Zach Dempsey: lol
Zach Dempsey: you can come over some day and I’ll give you a hand

Oh my god. Zach invited you to his place. You and him, at his house. What a time to be alive.

You: that would be nice :)
Zach Dempsey: so… I’m sorry if that’s like way too intrusive but I wanna ask something
You: dear lord… shoot

Your heart skipped a beat. Was he really going to ask you out?

Zach Dempsey: are you and colin jensen a thing?

Well, apparently not. No dates for miss (Y/N) and mr Zach Dempsey.

You: who tf is colin jensen?
Zach Dempsey: you know, skinny dude who works at crestmont

You let out a loud laugh.

You: you mean clay jensen?
Zach Dempsey: probably
Zach Dempsey: anyway
Zach Dempsey: are you guys together?
You: no sir

The conversation just went on and on, and you liked Zach more and more by the second. He was sweet and funny, and talking to him was just so nice… but you really, really needed to sleep.

You: hey, I gotta go
Zach Dempsey: why??
You: I need some sleep
Zach Dempsey: it’s eight o'clock my lady

My lady. Jesus Christ.

You: I know
You: but I didn’t sleep last night
Zach Dempsey: what were you up to?
You: at a date with my usual partner
Zach Dempsey: 🤔
Zach Dempsey: usual partner?
You: homework
Zach Dempsey: oh, I see
Zach Dempsey: but can’t you stay just a little longer?
You: that’s not a very good idea
You: sleep deprived (Y/N) usually talks more than she should
Zach Dempsey: one more reason why you should stick around w me
Zach Dempsey: this conversation is about to get interesting
Zach Dempsey: stay pleease

Well, he was asking… you guessed it couldn’t be that bad staying up just a few more minutes.

You: okay, I’ll give you some extra time
You: what do you wanna talk about?
Zach Dempsey: let’s play a game


You: what kind of game?
Zach Dempsey: nothing special, just asking each other some questions
You: ok fine, you go first
Zach Dempsey: I’ll take it easy on you because it’s the first question
Zach Dempsey: we’re just warming up
Zach Dempsey: what’s your favorite color?

You laughed again.

You: how original my man
You: green
Zach Dempsey: I’m one of a kind
Zach Dempsey: your turn
You: I’m not extending the courtesy of taking it easy, sorry
You: are you and justin dating?

He sent you a picture of his face. He was frowning, trying to cover a smile.

Zach Dempsey: you’re lame. that’s a terrible question, and the answer is no
You: that was a valid question
Zach Dempsey: there will be a payback
Zach Dempsey: you better believe in karma
Zach Dempsey: my question is why are you single

You didn’t really understood the question. You rubbed your eyes and yawned.

You: what do you mean
Zach Dempsey: I mean, you’re beautiful and smart and funny and I just don’t get how can you not have a boyfriend

You froze. Before you could realize the huge mistake you were making, you sent him the most stupid confession ever.

You: I couldn’t date anyone because you’re the one that I like, and it’s like a lot

Your eyes widened when your own words sunk in. You really should have stopped the conversation when you had the chance. Damn it, damn it, damn it. You waited anxiously for his answer. He opened the chat, visualized your message and…

He ignored it.

You even waited a few minutes but there was no response. “Well, congratulations (Y/N), you ruined everything as usual”, you thought, and climbed up your bed. You picked up your blankets from the floor and covered your ashamed and self loathing body.

It felt like you had just fallen asleep when a noise woke you up. Scared, you almost fell on the floor. It sounded like… knocks?

You picked up a baseball bat you kept on the floor (just for hitting strangers because you couldn’t even play any sports) and looked around. Suddenly, you saw Zach outside your window.

“Oh my god!” you whispered, in shock, and opened the lock so he could come inside. “What are you doing here? Jesus I only have my pajamas on!”

You covered yourself with your arms, which made Zach laugh.

“I came here because I wanted to know if what you said was true. You know, the I-like-you-a-lot thing” he asked in a serious tone.

“God just forget I said it, it’s embarrassing really” you looked away from him.

“I don’t think so”

“Well, that’s because you don’t have feelings for someone who doesn’t like you back” you whispered, trying not to get your parents attention.

Suddenly, Zach’s hands were on your waist and he pulled you close, with nothing but an inch of air between your bodies. Your heart started beating like crazy. One of his hands went up to your jaw and caressed it. His fingers made their way to your lips, separating them.

“Who said anything about not liking back?” he whispered too, and then pressed his lips against yours.


Sooo I hope you liked it, I’m sorry if it’s different from what you expected!

anonymous asked:

Jason: "Why couldn't Wonder Woman have adopted me instead?"


Cor Et Cerebrum universe bc why not and also I don’t have to do a ton of legwork to get Bruce and Jason to talk.

Some language

Jason Todd has been moping around the manor for five weeks when Bruce has finally, finally had enough. He likes having him there, he really does, and most of the time it works out just fine.

Except Jason has picked up the awful, grating habit of muttering, “Why couldn’t Wonder Woman have adopted me instead?” every single time he’s even mildly annoyed. In his defense, Bruce visibly flinched the first time Jason said it, half-joking, and he’s been throwing it around since then probably in hopes of getting a similar reaction which Bruce will not give him the satisfaction of seeing.

Jason is pretty fond of his new catchphrase and the week that Bruce reaches his limit is the same week Jason makes sure he overhears it while Jason is talking to Alfred, Damian, Tim, Dev, and Dick, in that order. The final straw is when he’s sitting on the floor in the study while Bruce works at the desk, and Jason puts his book down to ruffle Titus’ ears and without provocation says it to the dog.

“You’re a good boy,” he says to the drooling face, the dog’s whole body shaking in excitement. “I never had a dog. Why couldn’t Wonder Woman have adopted me instead? She’d let me have a dog.”

Bruce slams the folder in front of him shut and Jason waits for the shout or the tense reassurance that Jason could, in fact, procure a dog if he so desired.

But instead Bruce picks up his cell phone.

“Diana,” he says after a moment. “I have a problem.”

Jason stops petting Titus to listen and Bruce stands and leaves the room.

“Get a bag,” Bruce says stiffly when he returns, Jason still sitting and too shell-shocked to move. “Now.”

And if Bruce is going to take it to the next level, Jason is going to match him step for effing step. He throws stuff in a duffel upstairs and stomps back down toward the front, where he finds Bruce waiting.

“Hurry up,” Bruce says. “She’ll be here soon.”

Jason follows him to the end of the lane where Bruce takes the duffel bag and motions for him to sit down on it. Bewildered, amused, angry, and still silent, Jason complies.

Bruce pulls something out of his pocket and then crouches and safety pins a piece of paper to Jason’s shirt.

“Ow,” Jason mutters, even though the pin didn’t actually prick him.

“Sorry,” Bruce says, and Jason feels a touch of guilt but doesn’t fess up. “We’ll miss you. Have fun.”

And then Bruce leaves.

A few minutes later, a car turns into the drive and stops. The window rolls down and Dev looks at him. Tim is in the passenger seat on the far side, with wide eyes, sipping something orange through a plastic straw.

“Mate,” Dev says, leaning out the window to look around a bit.

“Yep,” Jason says.


Jason isn’t a minor but he’ll let this detail slide for now.

“I’m calling his bluff,” Jason says, and Tim snorts.

“Bloody hell,” Dev grumbles and rolls up the window and drives toward the manor.

Another few minutes go by, slow in the early fall afternoon, and then there’s a soft whoosh and Wonder Woman lands on her booted feet in front of him. For all his bravado, he hasn’t actually spent all that much time in front of her, and if he’s honest, she still intimidates him far more than Clark ever does. He forces himself to give her what he hopes is a cheeky grin.

“Hiya,” he says. “Guess you’re the new mom.”

“Your father conveyed such wishes,” she replies solemnly.

She looks up and Jason turns at the sound of footsteps approaching across the fine gravel. It’s Bruce again, this time with a mug in his hand. He raises it to Diana slightly in greeting.

“He is certain?” Diana asks and Jason is starting to feel a little nervous. She sounds so serious.

“Ask him,” Bruce says, with a shrug. He stops and puts one hand in his pocket while he sips the coffee. “He’s been talking about it for months.”

“Are you certain?” Diana asks Jason and Jason is still unwilling to back down. At some point, one of them has to break and either admit it’s a huge farce or beg him to change his mind.

“Yep,” Jason says. “So, whaddaya say we get the frick outta here?”

“I have always wanted a son,” she says, now beaming. “I always thought it unlikely to find one that agreed to the terms of Themyscira.”

“You’ve found him,” Jason says, giving Bruce a slightly alarmed look. He was not made aware of terms.

“Do not trouble yourself,” Diana says, seeing his expression. “Castration is a brave but noble undertaking to dwell among my women. And we are not barbarians. You will be permitted to be sedated for the procedure if you desire it. There is no shame.”

Jason feels the blood rush to his cheeks and then immediately drain from his head.

“The–” is all he gets out. The world around him has gone fuzzy, wrapped in gauze and protected from sound.

He does not hear or see Bruce sputter into his coffee.

But he does turn to look at Bruce after and mistakes the attempt at Bruce’s self-recovery for a dark scowl.

So, Jason figures he brought this on himself.

“Shall we go?” Diana asks.

“I…” Jason looks dumbly down at the note on his chest and tears it off with a frown. “I think I’ll stay,” he says faintly.

“That is unfortunate but understandable. I have reason to believe your current family holds great affection for you,” Diana says kindly.

“Sorry to waste your time,” Bruce says, as Jason climbs to his feet and says a hasty goodbye. The boy goes up into the manor and disappears inside.

“How did I do?” Diana asks, smiling at Bruce.

“Fine,” he says, scant on praise as usual. “The castration bit was a little over the top, don’t you think?”

“It was very effective,” Diana retorts. And Bruce can’t argue with that.

“Thanks again,” Bruce says. “I’m going to go do damage control.”

“It was my pleasure,” Diana says before flying away. Bruce watches her go and then turns back to the house. When he goes inside, Jason is sitting on the steps in the foyer with a defiant glare.

“I wish the Kents had adopted me,” he snaps before Bruce can speak. “They’d never do something like this.”

Bruce opens his mouth and for a long moment, is frozen, but then he laughs and holds out an arm. Jason is still sulking, pretty convincingly for someone wearing combat boots and almost as tall as Bruce.

He steps right into the hug with his arms stiff at his sides and his chin dipped down. Bruce squeezes him, an arm firm around Jason’s shoulders.

“You didn’t really think I’d let her take you, did you?” he asks.

Jason grumbles something indistinct and shakes his head.

“You know she was joking, right?”

“Fuck me,” Jason mutters in disgust and relief at once. “I’m never gonna be able to even look at her again.”

“Give it a few months,” Bruce says. “You’ll survive. And maybe stop throwing your dad out with the bathwater every time I turn around.”

“Are you calling yourself a baby?” Jason asks without looking up, but Bruce can hear the grin in Jason’s voice.

“Maybe. Maybe I’m sensitive.”

Jason barks a laugh against Bruce’s shoulder and steps back.

“Deal,” he says.

“Crap,” Tim says from the top of the stairs. They both look up to where Tim and Damian both have armfuls of books and action figures from Jason’s room.

“Put those back,” Jason orders sharply, already hurrying toward the stairs. “Now, you miscreants.”

“Why did you permit a return policy, Father?” Damian asks, stepping back and tightening his grip. Tim has already fled and abandoned him there. Damian wastes no more time in following and Jason’s heavy boots sound out as he storms down the hall. There are outraged shouts and a scream a moment later.

“Change of heart, sir?” Alfred asks calmly, walking by with a tray of tea things.

“Something like that,” Bruce says, still looking up the stairs and trying to decide if it’s worth intervening. There’s another yell and he decides they’ll come for help if they need it.



There’s a loud crash.

He shakes his head and goes upstairs.

“I knew she wasn’t serious,” he mutters to himself when there’s another crash. “Why didn’t I go with her?”

A Small Solace

Fffffff okay so I thought of this stupid little short story while at work so I guess I’m putting the other ones on hold for the moment. Kill me, I’m a sucker for affection between these guys. (Not gonna bother with the Read More on this one since it’s fairly short)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, thank you all sooooo much for the reblogs and support! ❤ You’ve all have been my motivation to keep writing and I cannot thank you enough!

Previous works in chronological order: Lovestarved, Deeper Than Skin

And as always, be sure to check out @paperhatcollection for a bunch of really good content! They’re very awesome!


Running a huge business can be a little stressful sometimes.

It wasn’t overly uncommon for Flug to find Blackhat in a state of utter vexation when overworked. It was something they had in common, though the demon usually showed it in his short temper as opposed to Flug’s turning into an even bigger bundle of nerves than usual. Still, the premise was similar, and the doctor could empathize with his boss on some level.

Flug clumsily fumbled with the papers in his hands, attempting to get them as organized as possible on his way to Blackhat’s office. Very slowly and warily, the doctor opened the door and stepped inside.

“I don’t care about your excuses!!!

The shout made Flug jump back, and he was sure not to take another step further.

Blackhat appears not to have noticed him yet. He was on the phone, a particularly fancy rotary dial phone to be specific, with someone Flug could only assume was somebody doing their job wrong.

“If you don’t have that order delivered by the promised time– It’s not MY problem if your people lost it! I will not stand to have my company suffer because of your bloody incompetence! Then you’d better get moving, shouldn’t you!? No later than five! That is my final word!” With that, the eldritch roughly slammed the phone down, Flug flinching at the noise, and snarled in frustration, “Fucking idiots!

Only then did he finally notice the scientist nervously lingering in the doorway. “What do you want, doctor?” He growled harshly.

“I-I-I, um…” He lifted the papers to his chest. “I-I have a p-progress report on t-the n-new product–”

“I do not need a progress report! The demon snapped, fangs bared in another snarl that made Flug flinch back further. “I need you to just get it done!

Swallowing a lump in his throat, the doctor just stood there for a moment, seeming to be considering something. Very hesitantly, he started a slow walk over to Blackhat, rolling his sleeves up to the elbow.

The demon narrowed his eyes, yet another growl being shot Flug’s way. “What did I just say, doctor!?”

At that, Flug was almost tempted to turn tail and get out of there. If this was months ago, he definitely would have. “….J-Just one moment, sir…” He replied, finding his way to the side of his boss’s chair. Hmm, that obnoxiously tall chair was going to be tricky to work around… but he was sure he could manage it. Every part of Flug was ready to brace himself if he was lashed out at, but the doctor had a feeling the demon wouldn’t bother.

Thankfully, he was right. Blackhat just gave a begrudging huff of irritation and started flipping through forms on his desk. “I don’t have time to be wasting right now! I have a meeting in two hours, still need to call our insurance company about the damage those bloody heroes left, and now those blundering idiots at Machinery Unlimited lost our order of equipment for Build-bot–”

The demon went silent for a split second, confusion momentarily replacing his anger. “… What are you doing….?”

“It’s called a massage, sir…” Flug explained quietly. He was at a bit of an awkward angle, as he had to stand directly next to the chair and reach an arm between the demon’s head and chair’s back, but he managed to reach both of his boss’s shoulders without too much trouble. Gently, he began to rub them.

Yeesh… At the risk of sounding cliché, Blackhat was extremely stiff and tense… It was like massaging a brick wall….

“I don’t— Oh… That’s actually… oh…” The demon was pleasantly surprised by the soothing sensation Flug’s hands were leaving, a pleased shiver running through his body. Almost instinctively, Blackhat leaned forwards, resting his arms on the desk and an unmasked happy purr escaping him. Goodness gracious, he’s almost like a bloody cat. “That’s… quite nice, actually…” He commented under his breath as Flug took the opportunity to reach more of his back. The man almost sounded awestricken by this.

Flug felt a sudden twinge of pity for the eldritch. He’s always had 5.0.5. to comfort him when he’s stressed or felt the need for physical contact…. Even Demencia, to an extent, could offer him some stress relief when they would sometimes rant about things together. But nobody was really willing to do any of that sort of thing for Blackhat, or at least didn’t think he needed it….

Flug should consider doing this more often, he thought to himself.

After slowly but surely getting his boss’s muscles to relax, the doctor’s arms then slid down to the demon’s chest to lock around him in a light hug as he leaned down to place his head on Blackhat’s shoulder. “There’s only so much you can do, sir…. Don’t stress so much over what you can’t control….” He murmured, eyes closed.

Blackhat lightly leaned his head against the scientist’s in turn, raising a hand to hold Flug’s face close, and a content but tired sigh leaving him as his eyes closed as well. For a peaceful moment, all seemed serene. Then Blackhat shifted away, albeit reluctantly. “…. I’d better get this done…”

Standing straight again, Flug placed the progress report on the edge of Blackhat’s desk. “I’ll leave this here for when you have a free moment. No need to rush, just know that I should be finished by the morning.”

The demon nodded, going back to his papers. “Very good. I look forward to seeing the finished product.”

It was clear from his voice and posture that he was calmed down much, stress almost completely relieved from his tone and leaning back in his chair with a far more relaxed-looking exterior than before. Almost was like an entirely different person than five minutes ago.

Beneath the bag, a small smile slipped across Flug’s face. He had a feeling that might’ve been able to help, but honestly didn’t expect to have that much of a positive effect on the eldritch. With a satisfied nod, the doctor took his leave.

Lo and behold, everything turned out just fine.

Million Dollar Man

+Request: harry smut with harry as ur boss who’s been flirting with you and you’ve been teasing him a lot but u two haven’t had sex bc u know people would talk if they found out, but then he makes a really risky move that makes u change ur mind 

 A/N: Hey guys back with another imagine. I hope you guys like it because I worked super hard on this. I would love so much if you guys would leave feed back and tell me what you guys think of it. love you all and thank you! 

This one shot I based a bit off of and even named it from the original song called Million dollar man by Lana Del Rey. Go check out the song its so good, one of my favorites by her. 

 Working with Harry wasn’t as bad as it all really seems. Yes he may be strict and yes he may yell a lot but I just know that when you have to work with people that sometimes are idiots and don’t wanna do their work it is hard not to come off as a prick. Harry was a very smart man, he knew what he was doing and how to really become successful. I’ve only been working with Harry for about 3 months, it isn’t that long for you to base your perspective off of someone you barely know. But all of that aside, I has a crush on my boss. 

 He is so tall and strong and beautiful long curly hair. I just wanna run my hands through his hair and hear him moan to how good it feels. But there are a lot of other things I wanna do to him to hear him moan. I just wanna crawl under his desk and pull down his pants and suck his cock. I wanna hear him moan out my name so loud and to place his hand on the back of my head and push me down farther. I wanna look up and stare at his face while this is going down and see him roll his eyes back in his head and plead for more. I want him to finish in my mouth and to feel his cum run down my throat. But hes my boss so it would never happen.


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anonymous asked:

okay hear me out: (1/2) after the Avengers are pardoned "everything goes back to normal", Tony is still a ball of anxiety, still doesn't believe in himself tho. And then The Avengers meet with the public, and someone comes over to Tony to talk to him, and they start crying (they way people do when meeting their idols sometime) they tell him how happy they are to meet him, how much they love him and look up to him, how Tony changed their life with all the good things he's done

(2/2) and generally they are just really emotional, and Tony is so stunned, and so touched at the same time. But then Clint and Steve decide to ruin the moment with “wow Stark, you’ve already managed to make someone cry?” and “I’m sorry about him [Tony], can we do something?” respectively. Tony is already shrinking in on himself, but then, unexpectedly this little person Tony was talking to starts to defend him. Their raised voice makes Peter come over. He realizes what’s happening and joins.

The girl looks a bit like a doll with those huge blue eyes and pretty, golden locks. She’s also crying. Which doesn’t make Tony panic at all, or so he tries to convince himself. It’s just, he’s not very good at comforting people. He’s absolutely awful at comforting kids.

And sure, he knew this whole meet-and-greet was a terrible idea, but he didn’t exactly expect people to break down at the sight of him? The kid’s outright sobbing, trying to get a word out but it’s incomprehensible and–Tony repeats, he’s not panicking. He’s just fighting the very strong urge to call the suit and get the fuck out of here, never to be seen again. He’s fine.

“I’m so-sorry,” the girl hiccups, “I’m just–you’re here and–I know this sounds stupid but you were just so, so, so important, you literally saved my friend’s life, you know, you made her so happy and you’re here now and it’s just, I promised I wouldn’t do this but you changed so much for her, for us, and I didn’t even, you’re my favourite hero Mr Stark and I don’t even know how to thank you!”

The more the girl talks, the faster the words seem to come, and it takes Tony along moment to catch up with what she’s saying and process the meaning behind it. Which. Is good?

It’s a little hard to believe that, because there are still tears running down her cheeks, though she’s wiping them away now, clearly embarrassed. Tony can’t help but smile at her, a bit tentatively perhaps, but genuine. She’s looking at him so–so–foreign, and it makes Tony want to hug her.

“Wow Stark, you’ve already managed to make someone cry?” sounds Clint derisively from behind before he has managed to come up with a reply. “We’ve only been here for seven minutes.” Clint sounds amused, but not in the easy-going, friendly way, and Tony tenses again.

“I’m sorry about him,” Steve speaks up from Tony’s other side, voice apologetic, “Can we do something?”

He’s not even looking at Tony but it still takes all of Tony’s willpower not to flinch. Being bracketed between the two men who are definitely not friends anymore, gives Tony all sorts of chills. He’s barely keeping it together as it is, what with all these publicity stunts lately to prove how well things are going in the team–when really, there is no team–he doesn’t need this shit on top of it.

The girl has stopped crying at least, is staring at Steve with narrowed eyes instead. Tony feels a stab of petty vindication that this kid at least isn’t falling over herself to greet the returned hero.

“Yes, you can, sir.” The girl says far more assertive than when she’d been talking with Tony. “You can back away and return to greeting your own fans because I really don’t appreciate your tone.”

She’s got her arms folded in front of her chest and stares at the three baffled men in front of her expectantly. Tony snorts. He can’t help it.

He does it again when she turns her head and winks at him.

“What’s going on?” Spiderman asks cheerfully as he bounces over to join their group.

Tony suppresses an eye roll. Of course Spidey comes over. That kid can smell trouble like the best of them, and he’s even worse than Tony at keeping his nose out of it.

“You’re Spiderman!” the girl exclaims excitedly, then immediately blushes and averts her eyes. “I was just, thanking Mr Stark here for being such an amazing person. He really helped a friend of mine go through a rough time, you know?” she peers up at them from underneath her lashes.

Then she frowns.

“I’m not sure what they’re doing here, to be honest,” she gestures dismissively at Steve and Clint. “But they’ll catch a clue eventually. I hope.”

Spiderman chokes on a laugh. “I like you!” he exclaims and drags the girl away, one arm slung casually over her shoulder. She lets him, just turns around to wave Tony goodbye with a bright smile that Tony can’t help but return.

Steve and Clint watch the two disappear into the crowd with growing apprehension. 

Nothing good can come of this

Anonymous said: Do u do monty imagines bc i rly need more of him
Anonymous said: Please give me more monty i cant get enough

Author’s Note: Because some of you asked so nicely.. enjoy my attempt at Montgomery. Also, much thanks to @jayadoreee for creating ‘Dating Montgromery Includes’ headcanons that sparked the idea for this ;) One headcanon in particular had me laughing, but as I was listening to a couple of songs.. inspiration struck! So go listen to ’Gangsta’ and ’Crazy in Love’ to get a feel of the mood I was in when writing this XD

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Montgomery de la Cruz. There was a lot to be said about this bad boy, a lot to dislike about him as well, but given that he’s been your boyfriend for the last eight months.. well you mustn’t find him all that terrible.

But that wasn’t the case once upon a time. Once upon a time you sneered at his attempts to intimidate fellow students, told him to fuck off one too many times to count, and even shoved him off Alex once when they got into one of their monthly fist fights.

His cruelty lessened when he turned his sights on you and every time you went to tell him off, you found that your amusement would spike. He noticed it, too, if his attempts to get a rise out of you almost everyday were anything to go by. Every curse you spewed at him was then followed by a smile and roll of your eyes instead of a sneer, and you found that Monty had wormed his way beneath your skin without even realizing it until it was too late.

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Suzanne overhears something she shouldn’t have, but is so glad she did. Takes place over the Madison Fourth of July weekend.  For @lastknownwriter <3

The garage. Yes! Suzanne finally remembered where she put the citronella candles. The garage. After that, she’d be all set for the guests who would be arriving in an hour. She closed the kitchen sink cabinet and headed toward the garage.

As she approached the back screen door, she heard hushed voices coming from the yard.

It must be Jack and Dicky, she thought with a smile and then stopped dead in her tracks when she realized what she was hearing.

“I just… I just want you to hold me, and – and never let me go.”

Suzanne’s eyes grew wide as she heard Dicky’s voice. Oh sweet Mary! No, Dicky. Don’t do it! Suzanne had suspected Dicky was carrying a torch for Jack. Who wouldn’t? And she wanted to talk to Dicky about it for so long, but then that would mean she’d have to tell Dicky she knew he was gay. Or suspected. But every magazine article she’d read said wait for your child to approach you. To tell you. So, she waited. And waited, and waited. And now her poor boy was about to have his heart broken.

“Never. I’ll never let you go.”

Wait… hold on, that was Jack’s voice. He’ll never let him go? What? Suzanne tiptoed closer to the window and peered out. Jack and Bitty were on the swing, which sat alongside the house.

She saw Jack reach out and place his hand on top of Dicky’s. The old swing creaked slowly.

“It’s killing me not being able to just kiss you and hold you tight, every time you’re near me.”

Dicky smiled and looked down at their hands.

“I know. Me too, honey. Every time I see you walk into a room, I just want to jump into your arms. I’ve missed you so much.”

Was this real? Her son and Bad Bob Zimmermann’s son were dating? How long had this been going on? Who pursued whom? Jack wasn’t straight? Her son – her baby – and Jack Zimmermann? And clearly, they were into each other.

“Me too, Bits. Me too. Thank god for the calls and Skype, but nothing beats this,” Jack said as he stroked Bitty’s forearm.

Suzanne wasn’t sure when she had stopped breathing, but her brain kickstarted itself and forced her to take a deep, deep breath. Bits. He called Dicky “Bits.” Oh, that’s sweet. His little Bits. Suzanne pushed in a bit closer; the gauzy curtains stroked her face as they billowed in and out.

“I wish you could come back home with me. Now. This weekend.”

“Sweetheart, you know I want that more than anything but I have camp and then… what would I tell my parents?”

Suzanne, placed her hand over chest and inhaled.

“That I love you. That I want to be with you… always.”

“You… you love me?” Dicky asked wide eyed.

Jack looked adoringly into Dicky’s eyes, and nodded.

“I’ve been wanting to say that for weeks now, Bits, but it just didn’t seem right to do it over Skype.”


“Yes,” Jack said as he pulled in closer.

“I love you, too,” Dicky said softly. “So much.”

“I wish I could kiss you right now,” Jack said leaning in just slightly.

“No… someone might see.”

Suzanne frowned. Oh, these poor boys. Bless their hearts, she wished she could tell them it was okay, but she supposed she was back to the waiting game.

“I guess I’ll have to wait till tonight,” Jack said with a smirk.

Dicky laughed, and playfully slapped Jack on the chest.

“And could you be a little more quiet this time? I swear, you almost woke up the entire house last night sneaking into my room. Lord!”

Suzanne frowned. Okay, what‽ Love was sweet and all, but there would be no hanky panky in her house. No sir.

“Boys!” she called out and watched Jack and Dicky jump apart. Bless. Their. Hearts.

“Can you bring in the citronella candles that are on the shelf next to the window in the garage? And then I need some help with a couple things.”

“Yes, mama!” Dicky replied flustered as he stood.

Jack quickly ran his hand down Dicky’s back. Dicky turned and smiled at Jack who mouthed I love you

Dicky threw a kiss to Jack then pulled him out of the swing and led him toward the garage.

Suzanne shook her head and smiled, in spite of herself. Despite the nighttime shenanigans, she was thrilled for Dicky.

Her son had found love, and clearly it had found him.

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The Rescue.

Summary: You are MIA while the crew try desperately to get you back and try to avoid your boyfriend, Spock. 

Spock x Reader

TW: Some strong language. Injury mention.

A/N: This was hecking hard. To say there’s plot holes is an understatement but just enjoy it anyway. It’s nice.

Spock x Reader

Word Count: 3224

“Y/N NOW!” Jim shouted as he stretched out his arm to you as the shuttle in front of you began to fall forwards,

You reached out to grab his hand only managing to brush fingers before he disappeared, leaving you and a falling death trap together. Great.

You ran holding your side which had already been gashed in action, flipping open your comm you attempted to contact the transporter room.

The shuttle fell with a deafening crash quicker than expected.

Before you knew it, everything went black.

“And someone keep Spock off the bridge, the last thing I need right now is a pissed off Vulcan.” Jim said entering the lift to the bridge.

“Aye sir.” an officer barked back as the doors closed

“Has anyone got signal or transmissions of  Lieutenant Y/L/N yet?” Jim asked as he walked towards the captain’s chair to pick up his PADD.

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Raised by Maids

Originally posted by betweentheearthandthemoon

Thomas Shelby x Reader

Living with Thomas Shelby wasn’t easy after Grace’s passing, and working for him wasn’t any easy either. He had started going out at night with Grace’s favorite horse and he wouldn’t come back until morning to feed the horses and give Charlie his breakfast. Then, he would lock himself in his study for most of the day unless he had other “business” to attend to.

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requested by @royalparkjimin

oh MY GOD please p.e. teacher!jimin where you don’t take his classes seriously and his dom side starts coming out when you wear yoga pants/booty shorts

genre: smut

a/n: lowkey tho, teacher!bts is kinda hot, only lowkey tho…, also sorry for not proofreading…

I had finally made it to senior year of high school which also meant, I could give less of a shit if I didn’t do well in P.E, it was all fun and games anyway. Although P.E was no fun at all, my teacher, Mr. Park, was one good looking guy but his voice bored me so much, he made the day seem longer and really did drag out his instructions.

“I would rather be doing maths right now.”, Sujin, my best friend whispered to me. “I know, same. This guy keeps going on about the same thing, I don’t even think he’s speaking the same language as us anymore.” “True, true. I think I’m just gonna skip the next class.” “I would but remember that time we skipped last year?”, I laughed. “Fine, but you’re making the choice to do this to yourself.”

I attended the next few classes without Sujin and tried my hardest to make it through each one; however each time I noticed myself drifting off or falling asleep. I just couldn’t take these classes seriously, not when he made the same damn points every time he taught us.

One day, I got called out by Mr. Park for not moving or interacting with the lesson and honestly it was the best thing that happened all year and it was almost the end of the second term. “___, you need to be paying more attention.” “Do I really though? This is just P.E.” “It’s not ‘just’ P.E, it is required by law that you exercise for at least one hour.” “That’s not my business, sir.” “You better start improving your attitude or there will be consequences.” “And what are those?” “You’ll see if you don’t change yourself.” Change myself? Consequences? Was he joking because he was seriously a funny guy for thinking I cared about his lessons.

“Did he seriously say you needed to take his classes more seriously?”, Jungkook, another one of my friends, asked me as I left the art classroom with him. “Yep, and he told me there would be consequences if I didn’t. What a funny guy.”, I joked. “Hey, maybe you should take him seriously. I heard his consequences are quite a lot.” “And where have you heard that?” “I dunno, but my friend who’s finished school already told me that Mr. Park is no joke when it comes to consequences. He made my friend do 300 push ups and like 100 chin ups.” “That’s brutal.”, I laughed. “Yeah, he’s hella strict with his punishments, you best be careful, ___.” “Thanks for the advice but I think I’ll pass.”

3pm and this class was finally over, I was slowly losing myself in school. I shook my body to wake it up some more before making my way to the dance practice room in school, I had my booty shorts on in preparation and my sports bra on underneath my shirt. I had turned ‘Pink Matter’ by Frank Ocean on and had started to choreograph a dance for one. The more I added to the dance the worse it got, something was missing but I couldn’t figure out what. Giving up I made my way over to my bag and got out my water bottle when the door opened and in walked Mr. Park.

“I told you to take the classes more seriously or else there would be consequences.”, he angrily told me as he moved to the stereo to shut off the music. “Did I not look convincing enough? I thought I was pretending to care quite well.”, I jokingly told him as I placed down the water bottle and turned the radio on with my remote. “Don’t mess around, this isn’t elementary school, you need to do P.E.” “Cool, now, I’m kinda tryna choreograph a piece, so umm, sir, you can leave now.”

“I’m not going anywhere, remember, consequences.” “Oh, can’t you wait for another day? I’m busy today.”, I seriously asked him with my arms crossed. “No, you need to receive your punishment.” “What are you gonna make me do? 300 push ups? 100 chin ups? Tell me so I can get back to this.” “No, I have a special punishment for you.” “What would that be?”, I chuckled as I closed the distance with hopes to intimidate him. “Those damn booty shorts, do you know what you do to me?”, he said as he aggressively grabbed my ass, taking me by surprise. “You wanna play at that game?”, I smirked back as I palmed his member through his sweatpants.

“This is supposed to be a punishment ___, don’t mess around.”, he growled. “And how is this gonna work?”, I asked before he pushed his lips onto mine and asserted his dominance. “Is that all you have, sir?”, I asked as I pulled away from his kiss. “It’s Jimin, just call me Jimin.”, he moaned as I put my hand down his sweatpants and started stroking his cock. “What are you gonna do Jimin?” “Don’t mess around and suck me off now.” Immediately I got down on my knees and pulled down his sweatpants and boxers, revealing his thick cock. “Hurry up.” “Now, now, patience.”, I teased before I played with the tip of his cock with my tongue, I swirled it around and slowly wrapped my lips around his cock.

“You’re too slow.”, he groaned as he grabbed my hair and pushed me down his cock, making it hit the back of my throat. He bobbed my head up and down his cock and finally released me after I did it myself. Every now and then I would hold my head down and deep throat his cock before gasping for air. “You look so fucking hot”, he growled. After many moments of bobbing up and down his cock and teasing his tip, Jimin was begging for release. “Fuck, don’t stop, keep going. I’m so close.” and finally Jimin came into my mouth and partially on my hands that were wrapped around his cock.

“Shit, that was amazing. Best blowjob I’ve ever received.”, he chuckled. “Does this excuse me from giving a shit in P.E?”, I asked after I swallowed his load. “No, but after I eat you out you’re good to go but you ain’t gonna get out of our after school activities.”, he smirked before he reconnected his lips with mine.

Response to That "Decepticons Helping Humans in Rescue Bots" AU thing
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream... what do you have in your hands?
  • [Starscream shows what's behind his back]
  • Human: WAUAUUGHH!!!
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream! Where did you-- put him down! Down!!!
  • [Starscream starts to open his claws so the human drops to the floor]
  • Nurse Darby: Gently...!
  • Starscream: But he's squirming..!
  • Nurse Darby: You heard me!
  • Human: HUAAUUUGH!
  • Starscream: [cringe] I can hear HIM too.
  • [Starscream gently places human on ground, who scrambles away behind June]
  • Human: That... that HUGE freaky robot TRASHED my lawnmower!
  • Starscream: Yehk. Is that what you call it? Looked more like an abomination to me. Doesn't matter, it's scrap now.
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream! Why on Earth did you abduct this man and destroy his lawnmower?
  • Starscream: While I was making my rounds, I saw this human and his machine on a patch of grass. But upon my second pass, he was driving down the road! He couldn't have been going more than 5 miles per hour, however LOCAL speed signs that were CLEARLY posted indicated 25 miles per hour. He was obstructing the flow of traffic, and placing himself and OTHER humans in a potentially hazardous situation! It was so incredibly foolish I just KNEW I had to intervene.
  • Nurse Darby: ... Were you really driving a lawnmower on the road?
  • Human: W-well my next job was only like a mile away!
  • Nurse Darby: That's still a decent amount of time to clog up the road, sir. Normally, if a cop saw you, they would probably give you a ticket. Though I really wouldn't know. Here, let me see that scratch...
  • [Knock Out comes in]
  • Knock Out: Oh. It's YOU. The human in that slow-moving contraption.
  • Nurse Darby: So is this a typical thing for you, or what? I swear. Don't you have a truck you can put that thing in?
  • Human: Well its not like I'd need to any more, cuz HE totalled my mower!
  • Knock Out: Did you really?
  • [Starscream shows what's in his OTHER hand]
  • Knock Out: [whistles] Yeah, I can't fix that.
  • Nurse Darby: [sighs] Starscream, did you REALLY have to destroy it?
  • Starscream: [scoff] When HE didn't heed my warnings to get off the road, I knew I would have to use force--
  • Human: --I always wear ear protection when I mow!
  • Starscream: -- but then, THIS hunk of scrap exploded! Disgusting, green, organic mush rained down upon me, staining my paint, streaking my windows, squishing between even the tiniest of gears...
  • Knock Out: [scandalized gasp]
  • Starscream: It even smeared all over my landing gear... Oh, it'll take a WEEK to get the stuff out of my vents!
  • Knock Out: He's right you know. I'll pencil you in right before tomorrow's 2nd shift.
  • Human: What about my mower?!
  • Nurse Darby: I don't get paid enough for this...

[x] - requested by anonymous

Yondu chuckled and rubbed his hands together after he helped you to your feet. You looked up at the man, unsure of what to say. He had just saved your life from a bunch of other Ravagers.

“Thank you, sir.” you stammered politely, and Yondu laughed.

“No need to thank me, you pretty little thing.” he waved his hand. He looked up and down, before commenting, “Maybe I ought to keep you as my cutest little trinket.”

You froze, unsure if he was about to kidnap you or something like that. Yondu looked at your expression, and laughed again when he realized you were taking him seriously.

“I’m just messin’ with ya.” Yondu grinned. “But if you wanna hang out with me, you’re more than welcome. I’m Yondu Udonta.”


Thief Pt 2 // Park Jimin

Pt. 1

- Part Two: Coach

summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

words: 2,001

category: prince au, fantasy au

author note: here is the second part as promised!

- destinee

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HC’s on Kakashi and Gaara’s S/o Going into Labor and Giving Birth

@arkhamsnight And here is part two my dear, thank you so much for requesting! Hope these are okay too!! 


Originally posted by oicean

  • Kakashi has been SUPER supportive of his girlfriend through the entire pregnancy. He’s read every book, been to every class, went to ask questions at the hospital. He would get his girlfriend all the food she needed, let her take her emotions out on him, give massages, help her get up when she has to pee and her stomach is the size of an exercise ball. 11/10 highly recommend.
  • He also made a list of what he’s not going to do as a father that he keeps in his nightstand drawer. Number One: Don’t abandon child. He’ll add to it every so often just as another preparation.
  • He also totally did not diaper pakkun as a part of diaper training. 
  • I totally see his wife going into labor the same way Rebecca did on the show “This Is Us.” I recently watched it and as soon as I saw that scene I was like, “Yup. That would def happen to Kakashi.”
  • For those unfamiliar with the show lemme draw you a picture:
    • It’s going to be a random night and Kakashi is going to be his charming self and request a sexy dance from his nine month pregnant girlfriend (real smooth). She’s not having any of it and instead of putting on the lingerie she’s going to come out of the bathroom fully clothed with the lingerie on top of her clothes. Kakashi is going to be sitting on the bed with a shit eating grin, he’s doing this more so to tease his gf versus actually being in the mood.  
    • “Well. I’m waiting.”
    • “Kakashi, I feel like Choza Akimichi. I literally have no idea how you still want this.”
    • “Shhh, don’t talk about Choza. And because I’ve wanted that since day one.” 
    •  “In the academy, really?”
    • “Of course. Those pig tails were,” ~ he’s going to say that while stifling a laugh.
    • “Uh-huh. Be lucky you’re cute.”
    • “Always am. Now, do your thing!”
    • His gf is not even going to dance, she’s going to awkwardly strut because she feels so unattractive. Kakashi smiling the entire god damn time.
    • She won’t even make it to the bed before she stops because the first contraction hits. It’s not a pain she’s used to. This causes her water to break and Kakashi’s mouth to drop. 
    • His gf will look at him, “This is what you get for trying to make me uncomfortable!” And then she’s going to hunch over from the pain.
    • Kakashi grabs his mask and any discarded clothes, scoops his girl up, grabs the overnight bag, and leaves.
  • He’s super supportive, the most supportive out of all of them. He’s a better coach than Naruto, very encouraging. Totally lets his gf crush his hand. He uses a shadow clone to get ice chips, he wants to be there every step of the way. I definitely see him reading to her while the wait (cause labor takes a long ass time). He’ll time every contraction, and will inform her when the contractions are getting shorter.
  • Now, baby time! Unlike Naruto and Sasuke, I definitely see complications with this one. I’m feeling a breech birth may happen:
    • His girlfriend is going to be pushing and pushing, but nothing is really happening. All she knows is that despite the drugs, she’s still in a lot of pain. Kakashi’s wiping the sweat from her forehead and whispering sweet encouragements, but it’s secretly killing him seeing her like this. He’s more level-headed and smart enough to not snap at the doctors though.
    • But she’s going to turn her head towards him and mutter a “Something is wrong.”
    • Kakashi’s going to look down and see no baby but a LOT of blood, so he’s becoming uneasy.
    • Then the room starts getting more hectic. The doctor is going to tell them, “Your baby is breeched. That means it’s coming out buttocks first.”
    • “Is she going to be okay?!” ~ Kakashi’s cool is slipping.
    • “Yes she is, but you need to leave the room. We have to do a few things and can’t have you crowding around us.” 
    • “Okay, but I’m the father!” He’s 110% not okay with leaving his gf in such a painful state
    • “Sir, I realize that but you need to go.”
    • “Kakashi, go. I’ll be okay.” ~ His lover will say very weakly. This only encourages him to stay by her side.
    • Nurses eventually drag him out and he’s left waiting outside the delivery room. This is the only time he wishes Obito had the byakugan so when he gave Kakashi his eye, he would have the ability to see through walls.
    • Definitely summons Pakkun to comfort him.
  • It would be a long time before Kakashi saw his girlfriend again, the process of delivery would take longer than expected. However, he would be awake for all of it. 
  • He would cringe every time he heard her scream in pain, and would beat himself up for not being there with her.
  •  When the doctor comes out of the room, Kakashi is on his feet in a flash and ask, “How is she?” 
  • His girlfriend and baby would be healthy. She would be out of it because she’s physically exhausted and the drugs they gave her made her sleepy. She would have to stay in the ICU for a short period of time, just until her blood pressure was normal.
  • The baby is healthy, they were able to deliver it without any bone breakage or without having to worry about the umbilical chord suffocating it. It would be in the room, in the bed/cart thing they bring to mothers after the birth of a baby.
  • All of the weight is immediately off Kakashi’s shoulders and he goes to join his girlfriend in the room. She’s immediately a level 100 badass because he would not be able to do what she just did. He’d give her a peck on the forehead before going over and seeing his newborn. And he’s just blown away at how fragile the small being before him is. He also tries to look for resemblances even though it was just born.  
  • He’d end up crashing on the chair next to the bed because he is emotionally wiped. 
  • Overall: Very happy that his wife and newborn are safe and is excited to be a father.


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  • My sandy son.
  • Gaara is okay on the support scale. He is better than Sasuke but not as great as Kakashi, he just as no experience with this. It’s not like his Dad sat him down and was like, “Well son, here’s what you do while your wife is pregnant.” What is this, Happy Days? hA.
  • However, if his wife needs to vent then he will gladly listen. If his wife needs food he will gladly get it (or order someone else to do it). And when she gets to big and drops something and has trouble bending over, he’ll use his sand to pick it up for her. He also uses his sand to make a softer bed for her. 
  • He tries to be there whenever he can, but he’s the Kazekage. So it’s not like he can take off to go to a lamaze class, and he’s only read 1 or 2 books on the matter. But when he’s not with his darling wife, he makes sure one of his siblings is with her. Kankuro and Temari rotate days on when to be with her. I have a feeling Kankuro would be a little more fun to hang out with though…
  • When Gaara’s wife goes into labor, she’s not even close to her due date. In fact, she’ll only be about 7 months. Their child is gonna be a preemie! Like father like child.
  • Here’s what’s gonna happen:
    • She’s going to be hanging out with Kankro, the two are about to go out to lunch (Kankuro loves pigging out with Gaara’s wife. It’s like the sister he never had). 
    •  She’d grab her bag, happy and ready to go, but then she feels water running down her leg. And a wave of pain that causes her to drop to the floor on her knees. Kankuro catches her and asks, “What’s going on?!” 
    • “I-I don’t know. I think I’m going into labor.” 
    • “But I thought you weren’t due for another two months?” 
    • “I am. I think it’s premature labor. Quick, go get Gaara.” 
    • “Gaara?! No, we need to get you to the hospital.” 
    • “B-But I need him. I need him to be with me.” ~ Cue the tears. 
    • “Yes, but he also needs you to be healthy. I will get you to the hospital and then haul his ass to you, sound like a plan?” She would nod and try to stand but the contractions would enable her from doing so. Kankuro would end up carrying and running his little sister in law to the hospital.
  • Kankuro would actually order someone to fetch Gaara and Temari because he felt obligated as a brother-in-law to stay by the girls side.
  • Poor Gaara. He was in a boring meeting, thinking about how he was going to go home and cuddle with his wife and then all of a sudden an out of breath ninja comes to inform him that she’s gone into labor. This literally causes him to have a panic attack. He was a premature baby and his mother died because of this. He does not want that to happen to his beloved wife because A) He loves her and would be completely heart broken. B) Because he wouldn’t know what to do with a newborn without them. So after that shocking news, he runs out of the room and heads straight for the hospital.
  • When he gets there his wife is already in the operating room. Kankruo informs him that his wife passed out from the pain and the doctors had to do an emergency C-Section for the two to have any chance of survival. Needless to say they’re not letting anyone into the room. 
  • Gaara sits down next to his brother and his leg starts bouncing up and down rapidly. He hates feeling useless, he hates that his wife is in there alone, he hates not knowing. The boy is on the verge of tears. But! He does get an idea. 
  • He summons his third eye and gets it into the operating room so he can see what’s going on. He’d keep it in the corner so the doctors don’t freak out because of a floating eye. 
  • The sight breaks him. The love of his life is strapped down to a table, tubes running in and out of her, she’s cut open, her organs are out, and she’s barely, if even, conscience. He feels the need to comfort her and to make up for the fact that he’s not in there with her. So he decides to feed sand under the door until it goes across the room and reaches his wife’s hand. He then shapes the sand into a hand and holds hers with it. It calms him when he feels a slight squeeze back from her.
  • Gaara DOES cry when he sees the doctors pull the tiny baby out of his wife. He just can’t believe that that is his child. And he’s blown away at how small they are. He gets the sudden urge to protect the child with everything he has. 
  • He feels relief when he hear’s the baby cry from outside of the room. 
  • He would watch the doctors put the baby aside and then stitch his wife back up. He wouldn’t be able to tell if she’s okay so he is back to a tense state and practically tackles the doctor when they walk out of the room
  • The doctor would inform Gaara that his wife is okay but she would need to stay in the hospital for a few extra days so they keep an eye on things. He was also welcome to go down to the NICU to see his newborn. 
  • After seeing that his wife got to a room and properly medicated, Gaara would speed walk to the NICU. He would immediately know which child is his because his would be the only one with red hair. And when he sees their little hands and little feet up close he practically melts and almost cries again. 
  • When he holds them for the first time and gets perspective on how small they are, he’s just at a loss for words. I made this. I can’t believe I made this. And would vow on his life that no harm would come to them for as long as they lived.

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