you need soap and water

some tips on being a trans guy and dealing with menstruation:

  • it’s cool if you don’t use tampons. i’m 19 years old and i have never once used a tampon for a lot of reasons and there are a lot of pads out there that you won’t even feel are there (personally i’ve never had a bad experience with kotex)
  • if blood is a source of dysphoria, it always helps me to 1) change my pads a lot which you should be doing anyway, but always carry some with you in case you’re feeling more uncomfortable than usual and want to change more frequently
  • 2) taking a shower and washing as much as i can get rid of away, don’t use soap or anything all you need is water and your fingers. it’s not the most pleasant thing and it can be pretty gross to feel but it’s especially helpful for me on the first day when i’m personally always heavier or when i wake up in the morning and don’t want to feel gross getting out of the house. it’s worth it in the long run.
  • if you can feel it coming and you have cramps or it’s predictable, take some pain relievers if you can. i use generic advil/ibuprofen and i can catch the cramps before they happen or at least make them tolerable 
  • if you do have cramps and they do hit you before any medication can, or if you can’t take medication and it gets overwhelming, hot showers are a godsend, especially if you have a removable shower head, warm water (not burning too hot) below your navel can really help for a while and it’ll help you calm down 
  • try to wear looser-fitting clothes if you can, like when i was in high school i’d wear pajamas when i was on my period and nobody ever really cared. baggy shirt and pajamas week. it’ll be more relaxing and there’s less pressure and less focus on where the pain comes from, i always notice it’s worse when i’m wearing things like jeans 
  • if you can, invest in a heating pad or an icy-hot thing. amazing for night and amazing for distraction, if you can’t take showers a lot i’d consider this a pretty good alternative and it helps with cramps as well as just general relaxation and it takes your focus off of it

feel free to add anything? 

For You

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Prompt: “Instead of the reader getting hurt, Bones does? Maybe he protects the reader from getting hurt or something?” -Anon

Warnings: Trashy science stuff that, for the most part, is made up. Angst if you squint

Word Count: 2,099

A/n: This fic is way, WAY overdue, but don’t worry, I’m getting back to writing again. I have been horribly busy. The facts in this story are everywhere, so if you really have the dying desire to know what’s real and what’s not, message me and I’ll let ya know :P

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When You Don’t Have The Spoons To Bath/Shower #19

It’s a bit embarrassing for some of us but when we don’t have many spoons, a bath or shower can be one of the worst things to do. For me personally, it doesn’t just use up a bunch of spoons. When I get out of the bath, I feel super achy, my joints feel more fragile, and everything needs more spoons.

So here are some tips to help you survive those times when you need an extra day or two. I’ll add to this if I find or think of any more.

-Dry shampoo- If you have long hair and it’s a bit too oily, use some dry shampoo. Look for what works for you. You can get white spray on ones or powder ones, that you rub in and then brush out. You can get ones that are coloured so you don’t need to brush them out so much. Some people like to just use talcum powder which is apparently very effective. Dry shampoo gets rid of that greasy look and gives your hair some volume too. It really does help freshen you up imo.

-Invest in a really good deodorant- If you have a really good deodorant, you will feel clean for longer and you washing up will be quicker as you’ll have less to deal with. I personally love Mitchum deodorants. They work much better than any other brand that I’ve tried drastically. I think they live up to the ‘lasts for 48 hours’ line more than any of the others. The popular/more effective ones are the cream and gel deodorants.

-If you can’t have a bath or shower but you really need to have a wash, have a wash at the sink- Fill it with hot/warm soapy water, use a flannel/sponge/whatever and just do what you can. Just wash the important parts basically. It’s not perfect but it’ll do when you need it. 

-Try using a shower stool- It can make a pretty big difference when it comes to spoons. When I really don’t have the ability to have a proper bath, I sit on my stool and have a shower. I do what I can then get out. I find it makes cleaning your lower body much easier too. I recommend it because it really does make having a bath/shower much less spoon consuming. (thanks to biggunzcdb for reminding me of this!)

-This is something I hadn’t even thought of! It was suggested to me by  n-mourners and llynethsfandomblogthing. Using wipes is an easy way to clean up a bit. You don’t need to worry about water and soap getting on the floor, or anything like that. You just pop the wipes in the bin when you’re done. There are different options you can go with. I personally get exfoliating facial wipes which would be especially good for those of you with acne or other facial skin troubles. I will be trying out these other options soon. Baby wipes are another simple option. Camping wipes sound like a good idea as they are designed to handle your hygiene while you don’t have a bath or shower around (and you can buy no-rinse versions too). If I missed anyone else who suggested this, let me know :)

-Consider asking for help- It can be embarrassing for some but it’s ok to ask for help. There are times when my shoulders sublux or get otherwise injured so I can’t reach everywhere. When this happens, I usually have to ask my boyfriend or Mum to give me a hand. I’ll wash everything that I can do myself and at the end, I’ll call them in to help me with my hair, back, or whatever I need. If you’re shy you could wear a swimming costume or wrap a towel around you.

As I said, I’ll add to this over time. But for now this is it. If you have any ideas I havent mentioned, let me know :)

“It’s just makeup...”

Sam, Dean, Y/N
Warnings: Cursing, sleepy Dean, pranks 

After a long month of what seemed like constant hunting, Sam, Dean, and I had finally received a break. A whole one week dedicated to relaxing, eventually becoming bored, and lastly feeling the excitement to get back out on the road again. Normally on breaks, Sam would go for morning runs everyday, find something new to study in the library, knock a couple of beers back with me and Dean, then fall asleep. Dean, in the mornings would be with a cup of coffee and with his laptop doing God knows what, making something to eat, drinking beers with his brother and I, and then going to bed.

This week started like all of the mini vacations we have had, Sam doing the morning run thing, Dean being on the laptop, and like always I already have started a new TV show on Netflix. But then my boredom started to kick in and I started to wonder what I could do to pass the time. That’s when I saw Dean’s bedroom door slightly open and noticed he was laying on his bed taking a nap. I slowly moved from the door, down to my room to grab my makeup bag, shut the door, and headed back down to Dean’s to make him look like a real pretty boy. As I turned to shut the door and I turned and bumped into a tall muscular body.

“Sorry (Y/N), wait (Y/N) what are you doing?” Sam said confused as he looked down at me. “I was going to put makeup on Dean while he’s asleep?” I said with a nervous smile. “Oh okay, I want to help.” Sam said a little too seriously. I laughed and dragged the younger Winchester down the hall towards Dean’s room. Once we arrived at Dean’s door, I popped my head into the halfway opened door and Dean was still asleep. I motioned for Sam to follow me as I quietly snuck past the door and walked to the side of the bed, quietly opening my makeup bag.

“What are we doing first?” Sam questioned. “We are going to start with foundation.” I said while lightly applying the liquid onto his face. Then I pulled out concealer and put it on to Dean’s under eyes, after the concealer I dusted on a bit of powder, and then now it was time for eyeshadow. “Sam what color should I do the eyes?” Sam thought for a second, “Do that darker eye makeup, I think it’s called a smokey eye?” Sam and I laughed at the fact he actually new that term and then we settled on a brown smokey eye to bring out his gorgeous green eyes. After I finished doing Dean’s eyes, I finished applying the blush and highlighter to make those cheekbones slay. Then when it was time to choose a lipstick, Sam chose my favorite nude lipstick, so I quickly dabbed the product on his lips, and then Sam and I left Dean’s room.


It was a few hours after Sam and I left Dean’s room, when Sam and I heard Dean walk into the library looking for us. “Hey guys, what are you guys up to?”I turned towards Dean to view my beautiful masterpiece, “Oh nothing, we are just brushing up on some lore.” I looked up at Sam and we both tried to keep our composure. Dean shot us a weird look and left the library. “How has he not seen it yet?” I said laughing. “I don’t know maybe he hasn’t decided to stop by a mirror and check himself out yet.” Sam said laughing a little harder. I found myself laughing just as hard as Sam, “May-” “Son of a bitch!” Sam and I hear coming from the bathroom.

Dean storms around the corner touching his face, “what the hell did you to my face? I look like a painted whore!” Sam and I started laughing, “Dean relax it’s just makeup.” Sam said to his older brother. Dean responded by sticking his middle finger out, “Dean all you need is some soap and water and it will come right off.” You said in between your laughing fits. Dean turned instantly to go wash the beautiful masterpiece I painted on his face, off. After about 10 minutes Dean comes back rubbing his face with a washcloth, “(Y/N), you have a really good face wash.” I heard Dean behind me. I agreed and then felt the cold sensation of some goop slowly sliding down my hair.

“Dean Winchester!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, “oh sweetheart I love it when you scream my name.” I see Dean’s smirk and notice Sam in another chair waiting for my reaction. I slowly stand up and move to go after Dean. “This is so disgusting, what is this?” “It’s your face wash (Y/N)” I run to the kitchen to rinse this shit out of my hair and then Sam runs in trying to find a sink to wash his hair in too. Dean must have gotten Sam after I ran out. Now it was up to me and Sam to get Dean back, little did you all know that the rest of your mini vacation would turn out to be a prank war.

Bubble bath with boys and s/o (sfw)

Heh. I really had fun with this one ^^ thanks anon!
~mod Ouma >:3

Kaito Momota
-You honestly thought that he would set up the bubble bath normally
-The moment you walk into the bath, THERE ARE HONEY STARS CEREAL IN THE BATH KAITO WHY
-RIP cereal
-He’ll just laugh as you question him and get into the bath while beckoning you to join him
-It was actually quite fun using the bubbles to form a a beard for him with the cereals in it

Kokichi Ouma
-You know he likes Panta but this is going a tiny bit too far
-Both of you wash each other’s hair and you just hug him as you both relax in the soft drink
-Both of you probably need to take another bath  with actual soap and water right after that one to prevent from attracting ants


-He can’t bathe in water so he googled on other baths humans bathe in
This one looks promising
-Took him a week to prepare the ‘special bath’
-Called for you to come see it when it was done, and led you to the bath
-Explains that since he couldn’t bathe in water, he researched that some people used crude oil in baths which is said to be great for one’s health.
-He looked so excited about it you really couldn’t say no
-Helps with washing your hair along with soap while you would put bubbles shaped like cat ears and whiskers on his hair and face
-The bath was a surprisingly good experience
-He helped you with scraping the oil of your body and made sure you got off the bath within 10 minutes precisely
-But it took awhile for Iruma to clean the oil in his system

Shuichi Saihara
-The bath would be the most normal out of all the boys
-Would be blushing the whole entire bath though
-He’s so embarrassed the whole time that you couldn’t help but cuddle him in the bath and dozed off
-He goes so red that the bath starts to heat up
-He wouldn’t move at all in case you woke up
-By the time you woke up the bath is at room temperature
-Once the bath was done, the cuddlefest continues

Rantarou Amami
-You wanted to play a joke on him and enjoy quality time with your boyfriend
-When he saw the bath he didn’t expect there to be avocados in the bath
-And there was avocado scented soap
-Would just laugh it off and kiss you for the joke
-His s/o is just too cute!
-Since he had so many sisters he was quite skilled with your hair and give you tips on what shampoo to use next time
-During the bath both of you would talk about things that come to mind
-Would definitely do this again

Korekiyo Shinguuji
-Would use scented soap along with petals and candles
-Turns out to be really romantic
-Wouldn’t let you wash his hair though
-Helps with scrubbing your back and massages your head
-Is really the most romantic among the boys
Gonta Gokuhara
-You were VERY worried about the bathtub breaking once he enters it
-thankfully it didn’t
-He wanted to invite his bug friends into the bath with him!
-Poor bby looked so sad once you said no
-So you decide to try using the bubbles and turn them into the shape of bugs!
-That made Gonta happy!
-Wouldn’t want to look at your body because its ‘ungentlemanly’
-Also his hair will take forever to wash cleanly.
But its WORTH IT

Ryoma Hoshi
-The moment he enters the bath he sinks even when he is standing so you have to hug him to make sure he doesn’t sink
-He’s like a teddy bear~
-Its so comfortable that you doze off and you let go of him
-He has to cling onto you to prevent getting completely submerged
-When you wake up you’d see your boyfriend clinging onto you like his life depends on it
-You place him on your lap and made sure his head was above water and made cat bubble clouds on the water
-As fun as it was, he’s never going to do it again

Why I Love - [Chpt. 11]

An Old Friend

Negan x Addison 

A/N: eventual smut ( ̄ω ̄), woot I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. xoxo I’ve mapped out a few ideas for the next few chapters, but I could always inspiration! <3 Love you beautiful peeps 

Chapter 10 || Masterlist 

(gif by @mypapawinchester



Stop thinking about him, stop thinking about him 


Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. The medical supplies were spread all over the counter. I had offered to help out Carson as a thank you for what he did for Toby. Right now, as I’m taking inventory, all I can think about is Negan.

Tapping the back of the pencil on the counter, I bit my bottom lip, shaking the arousing thoughts that ran rampant through my mind. Why am I constantly so back and forth about this? One minute I’m throwing myself at him in a random cabin in the middle of nowhere, and the next I’m shying away.    

I’m not going to lie, hearing Naomi and Jade both talk about Negan made me feel intimidated. I’m nowhere near as experienced as they are or as he is, and realize now that I can easily make a fool of myself. 

I can’t bare the thought of doing that in front of him. 

He’s become an itch that I can’t seem to scratch, turning me into pent up ball of frustration. I need to get a grip of myself. 

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Thorin x Reader

Author: Me :)

Summary: During the journey to Erebor, it wasn’t an uncommon sight to see dirty, knotted hair. But what about after the city has been reclaimed? And the hair belongs to one of the most stubborn dwarves alive?

Warnings: Mentions of blood, fluff (is that a warning? Oh well)

“How could you betray me like this?”

“It’s for your own good, Thorin.”

He eyed the metal blades in your hands, attempting to determine if you would actually use them. “Have we not lost enough to this war? Or are you restless for more blood?”

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Ayurvedic Advice for a Happy Menstruation

Ayurveda says that bleeding every month gives us a distinct advantage over men, and it’s probably why we live longer than they do. It sounds weird, I know, but that’s because Ayurveda believes that your monthly is much more than a way to shed the ol’ uterine lining.

Think of it as a built-in detox cleanse that you get to do every 25 to 35 days, one in which all the toxins— the sticky, icky stuff Ayurveda calls ama— that have accumulated during the month get a free ride out. These toxins can come from anything your body hasn’t digested— bad food, stress at work or at home, even any emotions you’ve shoved down.

Of course, if you’ve taken good care of yourself all month long, your body should have a pretty easy time self-cleansing. But if you’ve pigged out on junk food, hit the Red Bull a little too hard, functioned with barely any sleep, skipped out on your usual yoga classes, or failed to deal with hurt or angry feelings that cropped up, guess what? It’ll be a drag later on in the month.

Add these if they speak to you!

1. Focus on your breath on Day 1

While you’re taking it easy on the first day of your period, your body is working really hard to move the menstrual blood (and all the toxins it finds) down and out.

You can help it along by focusing on soothing, conscious breaths, with a special emphasis on the exhale.

This type of breathing will encourage what yogis call the apana vayu— the downward-moving wind energy. Apana vayu (a type of prana, or life force) not only governs menstruation and digestion, but it also allows us to let go of what no longer serves us— destructive thoughts or negative emotions.

2. Be selfish

The first day or two should be a time for reflection. This is a perfect opportunity to do a loving-kindness toward yourself, your family, and your friends. It can really help dislodge you from the poor-me attitude your cycle has unleashed.

Focusing on your basic goodness— after all, you’re beautiful just the way you are— turn it inward and then toward the people you love (even if you’re not feeling all that loving toward them right now!).

Here’s how:

Sit down comfortably either on a cushion or in a chair. Close your eyes and allow your breath to find its natural rhythm. And then turn your attention to the area around your heart.

Breathing in and out of your heart space, repeat the following several times to yourself:

Loving-Kindness Meditation:

May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I be free from harm.

And now visualize someone in your family, and repeat

May s/ he be happy,
May s/ he be healthy,
May s/ he be free from harm.

Repeat the same meditation/ prayer with one of your close friends in your heart.

3. Give yourself an Ayurvedic massage

Begin your massage with a loving attitude— toward your body and your mind— and focus your awareness on the task at hand.

Warm some sesame, almond, or coconut oil and massage a thin coating over your whole body.

Use long strokes on your arms and legs— moving from the tips of the toes and fingers in toward the body— and circular movements on your joints.

Let the oil soak in and then shower in warm water. No need for soap. If you want to feel even more luxurious and rejuvenated, massage some of the warm oil into your scalp, onto your forehead and temples, and the soles of your feet just before bed. Throw on a pair of cotton socks and call it a night.

via Yoga for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

want to eat in tune with your menstrual cycle? follow yourcycleyourfood

Showering if you have one bad footh: A guide by Miss T

Step one: Wrapp your footh in a plastic bag and make it thight.

Step two: Take like five minutes to figure out how to use the controlls for warm and hot water. Also take a few extra minutes to learn how to switch from tube modus to shower modus.

Step three: Start showering.

Step four: Keep turning off the water because of dumb reasons like you need to grabb the soap. Also turn off the water when you wash your hair.

Step five: Keep showering and turn the bath into a mess because there is no curtain to prevent water from spraying around.

Step six: Finish quickly because you have to stand on one leg the entire time.

I nailed it!

anonymous asked:

Loud, though muffled chirping came from the kitchen area. Infernum had gotten his nose stuck in a jar of honey....Again.

Ice cream hair dad came to the resc-

“I’d appreciate it if you called me by my name.”

Yes sorry. Tanaka the Forbidden One came to rescue his little demon. Once doused the top with soap and water, the jar popped off. “You need to stop shove your face into jars! I seriously need to teach you how to eat with a spoon.”

(Fourth wall breaking. Yeah!)

How to do the ketchup oath

So we all know the blood oath. Where we cut our palms and shake hands? Well I have a much more sacred tradition that my bff and I started doing. Since both of us are wanting to dress up as miraculous ladybug characters and we wanted to commit to it, we decided to take a blood oath, but with ketchup. So the ketchup oath is unable to be broken. If it is, you get punished.
But here’s the instructions:
1. Get a ketchup packet or bottle
2. Pour ketchup on your hand
3. Rub it across your palm entirely
4. Stare the person in the eyes
5. Pinky promise
6. Shake hands
7. High five
8. Fistbump
Now your ketchup oath is complete and you need to wash it off with soap and water. It is now a sacred promise that cannot be broken. Or a ketchup themed punishment will commence.

anonymous asked:

Okay but vaginas are self cleaning? Literally all you need is water and putting soap inside of your vagina can lead to yeast infections or a PH imbalance

why do you guys act like im shoving an entire bar of soap inside of my pussy

Quick guilt-relief spell: 

Note: This is meant to tidy up residual feelings of guilt, if you have not resolved the issue at hand it will not be as effective. 

You will need: Writing implement, your hand, running water, soap, towel

Optional first step: Journal what you’re feeling guilty about and be as specific as you can, including thinking about how the issue started, how it was resolved and how you will take steps to avoid it in the future.

Secondly, using your writing implement write the word “Guilt” on your palm. I used waterproof eyeliner but you can use anything as long as it’s not permanent marker (it needs to wash off clearly, if a good scrub leaves the ink still on your palm that’s no good!)

Next, go wash your hands. Once again, think about the guilt and about how you resolved it. Acknowledge you are a person deserving of forgiveness. Think about how all the ink is washing off down the drain and taking your guilt along with it. If you like, you can use an herbal soap with herbs associated with peace (mint, lemon balm), relaxation (chamomile, passion flower) or cleansing (sage, rosemary.) If you’re a deity-worshiping person, perhaps include a prayer to your deity while you are washing your hands. If you come to any epiphanies about how you can make things better, file those away for later. Allow your mind to relax, if you like give yourself a hand massage while you’re washing. 

When all of the ink is gone and your mind is clear, go dry your hands. Let yourself move on, make yourself busy. If it helps, make a sigil for self-forgiveness, self-love, or something similar and carry it with you. 

And you’re done!

Legacy Part Forty Three

Summary: You finally get to meet the famous Jody and Donna.

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five] [Part Six]
[Part Seven] [Part Eight] [Part Nine] [Part Ten] [Part Eleven] [Part Twelve]
[Part Thirteen] [Part Fourteen] [Part Fifteen] [Part Sixteen] [Part Seventeen]
[Part Eighteen] [Part Nineteen] [Part Twenty] [Part Twenty One]
[Part Twenty Two] [Part Twenty Three] [Part Twenty Four]

[Part Twenty Five] [Part Twenty Six] [Part Twenty Seven]
[Part Twenty Eight] [Party Twenty Nine] [Part Thirty] [Part Thirty One]
[Part Thirty Two] [Part Thirty Three] [Part Thirty Four] [Part Thirty Five]
[Part Thirty Six]
[Part Thirty Seven]
[Part Thirty Eight]
[Part Thirty Nine]
[Part Forty] [Part Forty One] [Part Forty Two]

A/N: I’ve got big plans for the next part to throw us back into the demon storyline!

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anonymous asked:

my parents are against bone collecting and always think that something died from rabies. I found a rabbit head at school I felt really connected with it? I don't know. I brought it home and my dad yelled at me and said that I would get rabies and threw it away in the trash. How do you know if a bone is safe to collect? Also, I heard you can talk to spirits by meditating but I'm not sure how it works. Sorry if this is long, you have a great blog!!

Oh goodness…

While rabies is definitely a concern when handling dead animals, the virus is nowhere near as dangerous or…prevalent as your parents are making it out to be. 

I don’t mean that in the sense that a rabies infection is minor. It isn’t; it will kill you in the worst, most drawn-out of ways and there is no cure and not even any kind of treatment (unless you count the Milwaukee protocol, which I wouldn’t). Rather, what I mean is that… getting an actual rabies infection from a carcass is a little harder than they seem to think it is.

Let’s talk about rabies first, though. Like what is it, actually? 

Rabies is a zoonotic disease associated with violent, unpredictable behavior, foaming at the mouth, and frenzied biting. It attacks the central nervous system and causes, among other things, massive swelling on the brain. I could go on and on about the different stages of infection (for example, did you know that the “bite everything” phase only starts up in the middle of the infection’s course and the animal was infectious waaaay before that?) and how the virus changes its hosts’ behavior in eerily intelligent ways that could help it spread further, but that’s a topic for another day. One main point I will get to is this: When an organism is infected with rabies, the virus takes up residence in two main places: the salivary glands and the brain tissue.

Now, as insidious as it is, the rabies virus itself is… shockingly weak.

The virus itself is only truly infectious if it enters the bloodstream. You could have a rabid raccoon lick your arm for a day and a half–so long as you had no cuts or areas of broken skin, you wouldn’t get rabies. This is why rabid animals are driven to bite. It’s one of the only reliable ways for the virus to be transmitted to a new host, as a bite introduces infectious saliva into the bloodstream.

Now, rabies can technically be an airborne virus, but only under certain conditions–namely, if infected saliva or brain matter becomes aerosolized. (Your nostrils and lung tissue are mucous membranes, which is basically a direct link to the bloodstream.) This is why they tell people not to shoot a rabid animal in the head–that sends blood, saliva, and brain matter spraying into the air, where it can potentially be breathed in. No bueno.

The virus cells also have to be kept in a liquid solution (say, saliva) for them to be infectious. Once the saliva or infected brain matter dries, the virus deactivates, and getting wet again will not re-activate it. The virus is “dead”, insofar as something that was never technically alive can be dead. If you find a mummified raccoon, it won’t give you rabies, even if that’s what caused its death.

Also, the rabies virus is only viable within a very narrow range of temperatures. Much below… I think around 96 F, and the virus doesn’t function, and 110 F will outright destroy it. So it has to be kept somewhere between those two, which is a range of… fourteen degrees. This is one of the reason why the virus primarily affects placental mammals, as our body temperatures fall well within its preferred range; marsupials are just a liiiiittle too cool for it, reptiles are way too cold, and birds are too hot.

In North America, the most common rabies vector species (the species most likely to be infected with the virus) are bats, followed by raccoons, foxes, skunks, and–oddly enough–groundhogs. But the first four are hands-down the most common vectors among wildlife. Stray dogs and cats are also pretty high on the list. So if there is any fresh carcass you want to be careful about, it’d be from any of those species. 

Of course, if you live anywhere that is green on this map, congratulations, your rabies risk is 0% thanks to stringent customs regulations and, in most cases, the fact that you are in the middle of the ocean and rabid animals fear water. (No, really.)

The main thing to keep in mind with rabies is that it’s transmitted primarily through biting, and the bitten animal has to be able to survive the attack and live with the wound long enough to successfully incubate the virus. Small prey animals–mice, rats, rabbits–can certainly be infected with rabies, but it is much more likely that they will die (either by bleeding out or from the shock of the attack) before they can become vectors of it themselves. 

Also, if you want to show this information to your parents, and they want to know how credible I am… I worked in a wildlife rehabilitation clinic this past summer. We would take in rabies vector species in need of treatment, and as such, everyone working there had to have an understanding of the virus and the danger it posed, because it was directly related to how we did our job. We emphasized things like hot-water hand-washing, wearing heavy leather gloves if you absolutely had to deal with the animal, wearing disposable gloves whenever you handled its linens or washed its dishes, and never putting your bare hand near the cage–not even to pop in a grape for the raccoon as a treat. Even those who had been vaccinated weren’t supposed to touch RVS animals or anything they touched without gloves on. A simple scratch from the claws of an RVS animal was treated like a bite, because it was always possible the animal had licked its paws previously and there might be infectious material there now–any scratches had to be washed immediately with hot water and soap. I would often follow it up with a wipe with alcohol, to ensure the skin was dry.

We had to know the mechanisms of the virus and how to protect ourselves from it, because even those who were unvaccinated and not allowed to work directly with RVS animals were still at-risk for exposure. It wasn’t a terribly high risk, but it was still there. If it were truly that high, we would have required every single volunteer and staff member to have the pre-exposure rabies vaccine–but we don’t. 

The rabies virus is a very dangerous pathogen, but it’s incredibly easy to reduce your risk of contracting the virus, even if you have exposure to it.

Now, to answer your actual questions.

How do you know if a bone is safe to collect? That depends on you, really. Are you wearing gloves and do you have a bag to “quarantine” it in until you can clean it up? Do you plan to practice good hand-washing afterwards? If so, pretty much any bone is safe to collect!

I used to be a huge stickler about gloves, but I’ve become somewhat more lax about it these days. If the bone is completely cleaned of flesh and totally dry, I’ll pick it up bare-handed. Now, of course, I don’t touch my eyes, nose, or mouth again until I’ve washed my hands thoroughly, but I’m probably going to pay for this someday, so don’t be like me. Wear disposable gloves.

Once you’ve transported the bones home, give them a thorough scrub with some hot water. Soap, too, if you feel the need. (I don’t.) Get some bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution from the drug store and pop them in overnight. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH, UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR BONES TO FALL APART AFTER LIKE SIX MONTHS BECAUSE BLEACH DOES NOT WASH OUT AND IT GRADUALLY DESTROYS THE BONE TISSUE. Ta-dah! Your bones are now safe to handle!

How do you contact spirits through meditation? My method has always been to “set up” a meeting place. This can work if you’re one of those people who does well envisioning themselves going places when they meditate.

For example, I used to have this whole long “journey” I would take. I would start off in a dark sea-cave, then follow it back through a series of long tunnels lit by glowing crystals, which opened up to this beautiful… place, sort of like a big, brightly-lit underground cavern. But there was a field of tall grass that I would have to walk through, which eventually opened up to a clearing with two large, smooth stones on it. This was normally the spot where I would meet with my guide–it was our agreed meeting place.

So you might try something like that. Envision a cave or tunnel of your liking, follow it until you come out on the other side, and see what you “find.” There’s all kinds of guided meditations you can find online that can help you with this!

Hope this was helpful!

Scorpions and Orphan Black

Well after our third teaser, I feel like we are finally onto something here! Today’s message translates to: Some scorpions are predators. No predator is a pet. Conclusion: Some scorpions are not pets. True or False?  (Thanks once again to 324b21-clone, clone club’s wonderful decoder)

So to refresh, we have bloody bathtubs, soap, and scorpions. Seemingly random? [whispers] They have a connection.

Now, before today’s message, JJ (who has been on the scorpion path for some time, you smarty!!!) made this post, talking about the cure for a scorpion sting, into which I threw some science about scorpion venom.

To summarize the post: scorpion stings are treated with soap and water (bathtub?), and their venom may be helpful in curing autoimmune disorders (clone disease???). (Also their venom is currently being studied as a potential cure for cancer due to it’s ability to block chloride channels.)

What does this all mean????

Well Helena is featured with the scorpion, possibly indicating Helena’s use as a weapon (“I’m not your weapon”) by the military, in an attempt to brainwash her to do their bidding (torture and brainwashing go hand and hand and we already know a torture scene featuring Helena and a scorpion is to come). 

Sarah is featured with the bathtub, perhaps symbolizing how she will attempt to save Helena from her situation. Sarah could be part of Helena’s treatment of her military wounds (whether simply by saving her, preventing her from being harmed, or picking up the pieces afterward). The bloody bathtub could also indicate the scene of the crime, perhaps Sarah is somehow involved in Helena’s torture, either accidentally stumbling upon it in an attempt to rescue Helena, or being used as a pawn by the military to persuade Helena.

Alison is featured with soap, another form of treatment for the sting. She also has the phrase “I’m not your toy” attached to her, so perhaps she is being manipulated in some way by people connected to Helena and the military, using guilt about saving Helena to get what they want. It could also reference a need by Alison to cover up everything in her life that makes her unhappy (she is often putting a bandaid over a bullet hole and then turning the other cheek with all her might). A scorpion sting may be treated with soap and water, but ultimately you need to see a doctor, and this could reference Alison’s demons coming back to haunt her, or her need to 100% face the fact that she is a clone this season.

Now what is to come? Well the therapeutic nature of scorpion venom is already a nod at Cosima. She has an unidentified autoimmune disorder, and scorpion venom is a potential cure for that. Also a random fact: there is a type of scorpion known as a ghost scorpion…who do we know that’s been referred to as a ghost? Paul. Paul, military, Helena, scorpions…it all is coming together.

We shall see tomorrow.

anonymous asked:

My rabbit died months ago, but for some reason last night a fox who frequents our garden dug her up - I can't imagine there was any meat left on her but nevertheless I have found and collected several of her scattered bones including her skull. I feel now rather than trying to lay her back to rest after such a disturbance I should keep her bones with me for her spirits protection. It seems to be mainly mud stuck on and in the bones, but do you have any advice for cleaning and preserving them?

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. 
Hopefully the little trickster did not do too much damage to your rabbit and garden. 

If you are wanting to keep and clean the bones it is rather easy and quite cheap! : )

All you need is 
- an old toothbrush,sponge 
- warm water with some dish soap 
- a container that all the bones can fit in  ( mason jars, glass bowls, Tupperware etc)
- a few bottle of hydrogen peroxide
- towel

Step One:
Gently hand scrub the bones with warm water and your sponge/toothbrush ( the tooth brush helps you get into the tiny cracks and crevices) 

Step Two : 

One you have hand cleaned all the mud you can from your bones, give them a quick rinse and dry with some water and a towel 

Step Three:

Place your bones in whatever container you are going to use ( i typically use large mason jars or Tupperware containers for smaller bones like this) and fill the container with hydrogyn peroxide. 
You want to make sure to fully submerge ALL of the bones though keep in mind some of the bones will naturally float, so just poke them down a few times. 

Leave them to soak over night - two days ( your preference) 
The peroxide will further clean and disinfect the bones as well as slightly whiten them. 
If you want your bones to be pristine white you can repeat multiple soaks with hydrogen peroxide, though you will want to use fresh peroxide for each soak and allow the bones to fully dry between soaking them. 

Hope this helps you! 
sending lots of love to you and your rabbit <3 

godsonschronicles  asked:

Any advice on how to treat women better and not look like a pushover?

Best question yet. OK GUYS LISTEN UP! I’m going to say this ONCE. And if you think otherwise of this, move on with your childish ass. This is some grown folk talk.
First things first, chivalry is not dead. It does not make you a punk. It does not make you clingy. If you are to converse with a lady, be sure it’s to take things to another level. No more one year relationships, no more “we lasted for 3 months” wtf is that? Make your goal nothing less but marriage and peace. There is no better feeling than coming home to your wife and your family. YOUR territory. Your peace. If you’re already questioning what I said.. Stop reading this, you are a child. I’m writing this for MEN. THE BIG DOGS. BOUNTY HUNTERS. SUPERMEN. Now let’s face it, times are hard and so is your dick. We, as women, understand that. We know a way to a man’s heart is honestly just food and pussy. You want something from your lady? She wants something from you. It shouldn’t matter what she wants because her vagina is priceless. Make no excuses to give her what she wants. Mind you: I’m not taking about materialistic things. If she wants a pair of new shoes from you in exchange of her giving you pussy.. Move on. That’s no wife, that’s a child. Step 1: RESPECT. Once you have respect for her, everything else will fall into place. You approach a lady with kind gestures, “excuse me miss.. I’d just like to compliment you on the perfume you’re wearing. May I ask what it is?” You just noticed something as small as her scent. Not what you could physically see. You just started a conversation. Keep respect in mind. Do not flirt with her on the first encounter. BIG NO NO. And please keep the conversation short, shit 🙄. Walk away but now from a distance - you keep your God damn eye on her. THATS YOUR FUTURE LADY. She may have other men come up to her. That shouldn’t phase you. You keep your fucking confidence and let her live. Watch her move and right when you see her about to leave, you take another route to beat her to the door. You’ll be waiting for her out there. Prince Charming 😍. “You’re leaving so soon?.. Listen I enjoyed talking to you. If there’s anyway we could keep our conversations going, I’d be honored to listen.” Basically asking for her number without saying it. Now since social media is a big platform she may say “I don’t give my number out but you can follow me on this and message me” TAKE IT AS A GOLDEN TICKET. Don’t you be unappreciative. “I could respect that. I’ll message you.” - let a few days go by (2 at most then hit her up. Keep respect in mind) eventually whatever convo you have with her on whatever social media network, she’ll hit you with the “just txt me I don’t check these messages often” BOOM! Bang. You did that. Over the course of time, you take her on a date to HER favorite restaurant. Open the door for her. Pull out her chair. Make her laugh. Lordddd make her laugh!!! Ask her about her family. Her goals. Find commons with her. 2: NEWS FLASH, Females lifestyles are way more hard than you think ok. If she lives alone or with a roommate, she needs help. Not only does she have to make ends meet but maintenance gets expensive: tampons are fucking 8.99 a box now. To get your nails done is 70.00 every two weeks. Even if she doesn’t tell you, you should know she does. Do not ask her if she wants you to do something for her. She will always say no. From your first date you should’ve asked her enough questions to know her and what she likes. If you don’t know what she likes from the first date that means you weren’t asking questions. Fuck were you doing? Thinkin bout pussy huh? 😑. If you went grocery shopping for yourself, text her a photo of your shopping cart, “do you need anything from here? Milk? Water? Shampoo? Soap?” If she says no, it’s fine. Keep calm because she really means yes. Buy her things anyway that come in handy. Put it all in one bag. Icecream, tampons, Candles, water, etc. whatever. Text her and tell her you got something for her and she’ll send you her address. To make her feel more comfortable tell her to come outside instead of asking to come inside. If you bought her a case of water bottles, it’ll be a little heavy for her to pick up anyway. She’d have no choice but to ask you to help her bring it in. BOOM! Bang. Dude, you made it in her house. Now observe. The way a lady keeps her house, is how she keeps herself. “You got a nice place. Anyway, these are just a little something to start off the month on a good foot. Text me if you feel like I left something out, I’ll grab it for you.” On god, you might get the pussy that day. Idk. Sometimes, we’re just as horny as men are. But keep in mind EVEN AFTER SHES GIVEN YOU PUSSSSSY DOOO NOTTTT STOPPP DOINGGGG ALL THAT GOOD SHIT YOU WERE DOING TO GET TO THAT POINT!!! That’s how you make her fall in love with you. That’s how you make her your ride or die. That’s how you make her loyal. That’s how you make her your wife. Now don’t think you’re going to be doing all of that for her and get nothing in return, I promise we’re not stupid. We already know it’s 50/50. You keep doing what you do, she’ll do the same for you. 😍😍 ugh, this is goals tbh. 😩

The rest is up to you. You’re welcome.