you need not fear the terrors of the night

I swore I’d never tell you I loved you
if I didn’t mean it, never
say you were my world unless
I wanted to spend
all my sunrises with you, and
more importantly, every
crawling night. Waking
in your gentle warmth can
calm me, make me
I can keep waking, but
the nights I feel safest
are when you shiver in your sleep, un-
conscious terror at a world
you can’t live in.
The nights I feel safest
taste like kissing languid sweat
from your neck and sound
like shuddered breathing as
a candle threatening
to go out.
My strength lives in your
weakness, beams
in a mineshaft,
useless without

My strongest nights, when
I don’t fear the dark or coming
day, are those where I know
you need me. You
are the most magnificent thing
I have ever known, and
to be yours
when no one else can
is all the faith
I’ll ever need.

You are my will, my
ability to go on, in
giving me your least
you have given me
your all.
I will never say I love you
without meaning it, and
every night you shake
want safety,
I whisper into the skin
of your throat
I do.

Sleep sweetly spell

I have been plagued by night terrors my entire life. To help combat them; as well as the sickly fear I feel upon waking, I created this spell.

This spell is a mixture of candle magic, dream sachets, and knot magic.
As well as a sigil for added strength.

So it will be a bit involved, and this post will be long. Deal.

You will need :

1 tsp Yarrow - to ward against fear
1 tsp Lavender - for healing
1 tsp Hyacinth - for peace of mind
1 tsp Violet - to calm the nerves
1 tsp Rosemary - to ward off nightmares
Dash of Cinnamon - for strength
Essential oil Peppermint - peaceful sleep

As well as gold & blue glitter (to mimic the night sky & stars), tea lights (I use white), thread (I prefer purple), & a swatch of fabric of your choosing.

First take the tea lights out of their foil casing, and pluck the wicks out (set them aside). Put the wax back in the foil casings. Take a metal pan (cover with tinfoil), and put your oven element on low heat. Place the tea lights on the pan.
The pan on the element.

While the wax is melting, take the dried herbs and grind them up in a mortar and pestle. Also use your fingers to rip up the larger pieces, to exert your will upon them. Add the glitter. All the while try to remain focused on your own strength, and your will to see the spell through.

When the wax is melted add around 3 pinches of the mixture to your tea lights (I used 5), and add 3 drops of peppermint to each candle. Turn the heat off, and let the candles harden.
When the candles are hard, roll the sides of the tea lights with your fingers to loosen them, and gingerly take the wax out of the casings. Punch a hole with a nail through the middle of the candles, and fit the wicks through.
Place them back in the casings.

With the rest of the mixture, take a square swatch of fabric and add 5 drops of peppermint oil (one in each corner and one in the middle). Draw a sigil of power if you so choose, and place the paper in the fabric. Add the rest of the dried herbs, flowers, & glitter.
Take some thread and pull it out to your arms length (or longer if you like), fold, and fold a third time.
Make a knot on either end.

Recite with the first knot “by knot of one the spells begun”, with the second “by knot of two it cometh true”.

Gather the ends of the fabric and wrap the thread snugly around it. Don’t wrap the thread right in the middle, leave it askew so you can hang the sachet above, or by your bed once the spell is complete.
Once the bag is secure, and to your liking, with the remaining thread resume the knots.

“By knot of three I make it be, by knot of four the power I store, by knot of five the spells alive, by knot of six this spell I fix, by knot of seven events I’ll leaven, by knot of eight it will be fate, by knot of nine what’s done is mine.”

Hang the dream sachet above, or by, your place of sleep.

Take a tea light and place it in a lovely candle holder.

Light the candle for however long you want before bed, and sleep sweetly.

*Obviously some of these herbs and flowers can, and do, double up for sleep and such… So if you’re in a fix and can’t find certain things, peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary, & lavender alone will work too.*

you were holding your breath at graveyards long before we ever met and you wouldn’t let me hold your hand when it shook. i remember driving out of the city and you let me cry in your passenger seat. that was so long ago, baby. i don’t collapse at parks anymore, i don’t need to fear the dark. you’ve stolen the terror from me and replaced it with familiar laughter and eyes that don’t get wide. i still have nights where i become storm but you’ve become the centre and you like to keep me warm. so when i howl with you tonight, just know i’m not afraid. you’ve taken me away and i’m not running alone anymore.

It is human nature to fear the dark; I understand this very well. 

I, too, once feared it - and in lives where I have forgotten myself just to the point that I felt human, I have felt the terror that comes when night falls. But there is no need to fear now, my child. Look. The darkness comes, and you tense up in fear, but when it hits, you feel warm and comforted. Why is that so, when your very form clenches up as if to protect itself? You are not being hurt. 

The darkness never meant to scare you, nor hurt you. Let it embrace you, my child. Breathe where light will not follow, and sit on the edge of the world you know. Let it envelop you and calm your soul. 

Maybe one day, you will follow in my footsteps, and learn to call the darkness home. 

devouring-time  asked:

This is sort of a prompt and sort of a query. I don't know if you brought Fenris into the Fade for Night Terrors, but if so I'd be interested in your take on the follow up of Fenris' Fade "betrayal" because I was pretty dissatisfied with the one in-game. :)

Fenris worried about it with a kind of incessant gnawing anxiety. He paced the halls of his mansion like a restless spirit, tense with horror and fear and a deep, gut wrenching sense of loss.

It was no use trying to distract himself. The moment his mind began to settle, he would hear the demon’s voice again, feel his hands on his sword as he turned himself – as he turned himself against Hawke.

It was the Fog Warriors all over again. That sick, twisting impulse to obey. The demon spoke and all he saw – all he wanted – all he could think - !

With a frustrated noise, Fenris raked hands through his hair, as if by doing so he could claw the memory out too. The demon, wriggling into his mind and finding a safe place, where none should be.

The scrap of red around his wrist caught his attention, and Fenris stared at it in horror as he slowly lowered his hands. This was hardly the first time he had betrayed Hawke, was it? No, nothing was as simple as that. He had turned from him again – Hawke, who had only ever loved him, supported him, encouraged him. Hawke, his first and dearest friend. Empty promises from a demon, that foulness in his soul, and he hadn’t even hesitated.

He clawed at himself, trying to take it off, and froze when he heard the door open downstairs.

“Fenris?” Hawke called, and he felt a sickness in his belly. His heart was pounding. He made himself still, closing his hand around the red favor, feeling the familiar fabric against the bare skin of his palm.

Hawke had given it to him, and it should be Hawke who took it away. He had earned that right, hadn’t he? Stripping away the one physical reminder Fenris had of that night, of the fact he had been loved.

He knew what he would face downstairs. He knew the face of Hawke’s anger. It had never been directed his way before. Fitting that now he would see what their enemies saw – the force of that glower, that scowl, the big, powerful mage looming and furious. Hawke’s anger was cold, all steely eyes and clenched jaw. Hawke deserved to take his favor back, to rip it from his wrist and throw it into the fire. Fenris couldn’t deny him.

“Fenris?” Hawke called again. “Are you here?”

He steeled himself. He swallowed the lump of unexpected emotion in his throat, and squared his shoulders.

He said, “Upstairs.”

It took Hawke little time to reach him. Some small mercy, that. Fenris turned to him with his head down, and spoke with his eyes on the floor.

“I have been thinking about what happened in the Fade,” he told him, before Hawke could bring it up first - before even a word of hello. There was no point in niceties now. It took effort to lift his eyes as far as Hawke’s chin. He clenched his hands, and kept his voice firm. “That a demon could have played so easily on my fears…disturbs me.” He had to stop for a moment, hesitating. Somehow he managed to meet Hawke’s eyes. “I failed you,” he said, and tried to believe he was ready to face the consequences.

Hawke didn’t immediately answer. Fenris couldn’t read his expression. It was hard to see him as he was in that moment, the sleeves of his flannel rolled up to reveal his forearms, his hair windblown. It was hard, knowing what Hawke meant to him, what they had meant to each other, before Fenris had allowed his weakness to ruin it. He dropped his eyes.

Even knowing it was useless, he had to add, “I won’t let it happen again.”

He watched Hawke’s hands, how they opened and closed. He wondered if the man considered hitting him. No doubt it would have been satisfying, after all he had done to him. He answered Hawke’s love with betrayal, again and again. He wondered bitterly how Hawke managed to restrain himself.

And then Hawke spoke, and his voice was gentle.

“The demon was using magic on your mind,” Hawke told him. He saw him move, as if to come closer, and then he saw him stop himself. His hands opened and closed again. When Hawke crossed his arms, Fenris realized it was to keep from reaching for him – that even now Hawke was aware of his limitations, and respectful of them. “It’s as simple as that,” Hawke promised, and Fenris realized he believed him.

Its all about power & play

The man sat nervous, waiting for the blonde to speak, it was the first time he did something like this he repeated to himself cleaning the sweat of his brow with the hankerchief, Arendelle had been so peaceful, the princessess had a hard childhood but there was peace until the Queen’s coronation, then it all had been chaos.

The Queen was capable but the fear of her powers was crippling their country and economy and her night terrors of the red haired man were crippling her.

“As you see Miss Sinclair, the job is very easy” he insisted “I need a bodyguard for our Queen we’re concerned with her safety and your recommendations have been impressive” He explained.

A year ago, Elsa decided to repay all damages caused by her outburst, that came with descicions, that’s how and why they sold the castle to the north of the main one and how Kai got to meet Mr. Hellstorm and Mr. Whitemore, noble gentleman who spoke greatly of her

“That officially, and unofficially” he pulled a case full of money and put her over the desk “I don’t desire any ill to come over anyone but I’m sure my Elsa, whom I rased as my own daughter would sleep a lot better if a certain prince of the southern isles were to have an accident; of course, I can only wish the lord keeps him protected and well” It was perhaps contradictory and just for the sake of his concience, but the message was clear and so was his mind. He wanted the man who attempted against his two daughters dead and done and once again Helga had been recommended as having excelent credentials for the job.

A Clash of Kings sentence/starter meme || Part 1

“It is ill to keep a lady waiting.”
“The wretch is mad, and in pain, and no use to anyone, least of all himself.”
“A fool sings what he will. You must not take his words to heart.”
“In the end words are just wind.”
“You could bring him no hope?”
“I ask you, why did the gods inflict me with brothers?”
“It would not be fitting to plead and bargain with them for what is yours by the grace of god.”
“Such a small thing to hold the power of life and death.”
“It is a dreadful thing I do, yet it must be done.”
“If there are gods, surely they will forgive me.”
“The night is dark and full of terrors.”
“Only children fear the dark.”
“I need no crown but truth.”
“Gods make uncertain allies at best.”
“He’s going to wet his pants.”
“Every time you look at him he twitches.”
“I sit a chair better than a horse, and I’d sooner hold a wine goblet than a battle-axe.”
“Courage and folly are cousins, or so I’ve heard.”
“Crowns do queer things to the heads beneath them.”
“So, now that we are of one purpose, we ought to have no more secrets between us.”
“If you keep doing that, I may get angry.”
“Truly…you were born to be a widow.”
“Schemes are like fruit, they require a certain ripening.”
“I hope he doesn’t kill anyone important.”
“When I came in, you were in the midst of some merriment.”
“I’m terrified of my enemies, so I kill them all.”
“I’m short, not blind.”
“You’ll think of me every time you go to bed.”
“Be quiet and kiss me.”
“Who can know the mind of a wolf?”
“The hour grows late, you ought to be fast asleep.”
“Do dead men dream?”

Love is Patient

Your mind races my dear
Late at night, in the hours
Of morning when it’s clear
The new day will dour

I’ll hold you close dear
When you’re, by anxiety crippled
And the weight of fear
Lies upon you as though gravity tripled

You’re not alone my dear
No longer do you alone face
This wretched world here
Together we’ll run the race

For you, I’ll be patient my dear
When you need a loving shoulder
If terror is all you can hear
I’ll let you know it’s gonna get better

I love you like no other Emily
To you I’ll devote my every minute
It is no small task to love eternally
But you assure me I can do it

You have made me a greater man
Forever I will love you, my dear, the best I can