you need me more than i need you

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Have you seen my suneater son. He looks adorable. Also Deku made me cry.. WHY

!!!!! I’ll be really honest here anon I currently have a lot of feelings and 90% of them are about Amajiki picking Kirishima it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in my life thank you Horikoshi I owe you

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do you prefer the pilot g-2 pens or the pilot juice pens? i can't tell which one you use

okay so i loved my black pilot juice pen but i LOST IT and i need to reorder it, the one you see me using all the time is the g-2, which i love, it’s slightly inkier than the juice pens, but the juice pens are so NEAT and are so amazing i need to order more black ones rip

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I've listened to 'Running Home To You' at work today more than 50 times I think. I was listening on YouTube with my phone hiding on my lap under my desk while pretending to work. Me, an adult in my thirties 😭😭😭 At least I can admit it anonymously to you my friend 😉 WestAllen is ruling over my life right now. I might need professional help at this point 😅😅😅

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Sometimes, when I’m bored or need a break, I watch my Iris/Westallen cuts of the eps on my phone.

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Hello, writer's block, my old friend! So I need some motivation. Can you do a prompt for a younger person on a spaceship, the snarky one that likes to crack jokes? Really need some motivation to unravel their personality. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH

“I am more than my jokes.”

“Everyone’s tense. If me being the happy one helps, then I’ll do it.

“I just like to make everyone smile. We’re in the middle of space- where else are we going to find a comedian?” 

“I’m sorry. I know some of my comments go too far, and I won’t make excuses for it.”

Prompt Policy Amendment

Dear Friends,

I’ve been somewhat thinking for awhile now that I should probably amend my prompt policy, and I recently got a random influx of prompts and so now I am thinking that I should definitely make an announcement amending my prompt policy.

First, just to say right off the bat, thank you everyone who leaves me prompts! I still very much intend to keep prompts open and I still very much intend to write *something* for any prompt that I am given. (Although sometimes I do combine prompts/asks together). However, I think I finally need to admit to myself (and to all of you) that I now have more prompts currently in my inbox than I can reasonably handle if I keep doing things the way that I have been.

And I mostly need to amend the policy because I do genuinely feel awful about not getting to them for occasionally months at a time, and I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m ignoring them, or that I didn’t care. (I care very much!!) But I’m also slightly overwhelmed by the number that currently exists in my inbox right now. So, to try and keep these manageable, I need to make a few ground rules (largely for myself) about how these have to be.

Primarily: length. I really enjoy doing these shorts, but they do end up taking more time than I originally thought they would. I am always working on longer projects, and I don’t want these shorts to take up too much time away from those longer projects. So from now on, these shorts are really going to have to be roughly 500 words (or less), if I ever hope to get to all of them. I know that isn’t much of a story, and I apologize for that, and I understand if you’d rather not have prompts anymore, but I really want to try my best for all of you!!

Along those lines, sometimes I get requests for “can you do all the Miracles and they boyfriends doing XX” and I love those kinds of prompts! It means a lot to me that you’re interested in all the pairings! But to properly do all the Miracles would result in a 9K fic like “Promiseland.” I mean, I know I’ve done it with shorter fic before, but they do end up being on the longer side and it is hard to pull off. So from now on, if you could please focus on a specific pairing you would like to see, I will be happy to oblige.

(And for any prompt I currently have that’s requesting all the Miracles, I’m most likely going to only pick whichever one I think would fit the prompt best. If someone knows they’ve requested something that fits this description and would like to amend which pairing they want to focus on, please let me know).

Also, I will admit there are times when I get prompts that I don’t know what to do with, either because it’s not something I am comfortable writing/it doesn’t quite fit my personal headcanons for the characters/universe or if it was something I really hadn’t planned on writing. Or because I plan on addressing it in a longer story at some point. So, up front, I will always try to write you something, but it might be drastically different than what you asked. Or I’ll explain why I couldn’t write something (either because it doesn’t work with my particular headcanon or because it will appear in a longer story).

So, thank you very much everyone who has and who will give me prompts. I still promise to do my best because I enjoy writing prompts and I just want to bring happiness in any way I can with my writing. Things will just have to be shorter from here on out and I hope you can forgive me for that.

I am so, so sorry that I have to change the way I respond to prompts. When I first instigated open prompts, I genuinely didn’t expect to ever get to the point where I have too much to handle. I just want you to know that I do very much appreciate getting prompts, I will keep responding to prompts as much as I can, but I really need to limit myself otherwise my poor anxious self might explode.
Thank you everyone who reads my stories!! =)

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I liked that post you reblogged about minors not flirting with adults, but something bugged me. I kept seeing people say 'minors should flirt with minors' and while that's true, I feel more specificity is needed? As a 12-13 year old, I was in an abusive (COCSA) age gap online relationship with a 15-16 year old. So yeah, minor+minor doesn't always equal not predatory based on age, and people need to remember that too. (not that you said this yourself but it was just bugging me)

Yup definitely. I got into shit with a kid 4 years older than me and it literally wasn’t until this year I realized I was able to consider it that, because I did flirt with him. So yea, definitely be careful of that.

Hmm the asks about ysalamiri have made me think about them again, and thinking about (I think it was) Filoni’s statement that the ysalamiri wouldn’t make an appearance in Rebels/in new canon (don’t remember how much he specified), with Thrawn’s entry because they didn’t fit/don’t make sense.

And I’m all… but they DO. Like, I can understand saying you don’t want to bother with them, even if ysalamiri come with restrictions (you need more than just one unless you want a personal anti-Force bubble, and the need to keep them attached to a natural tree/similar frame of some sort at least most of the time) because well, as soon as you introduce them and don’t keep the knowledge of them very limited, any Force-user is going to have Issues.

But, as for how ysalamiri work? That’s easy! They’re force-sensitive animals who use their small ability in the Force for one thing and one thing only; to push the forcefield/presence of the Force away from them, alternatively to suppress the midichlorian of any living thing within reach of their ability to channel the Force properly, hence then the “anti-Force” bubble.

(I imagine you could actually, potentially, still use the Force while within an ysalamiri’s sphere of influence, but it would have to be only through using your own midichlorians, not connecting to the rest of the Force around you, and even this would be hard as soon as you try to do something beyond your own body, because of the ysalamiri influence.)

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Today, the person I have had feelings for but are just friends with, bluntly told me they don't ever see us working out in the future. I knew this but actually reading those texts hurt more than anything ever has

I’m sorry, that’s never a good feeling. Here’s what you need to remember - you will find someone someday that wants every part of you. Someone that would give anything to be with you and make you happy. That person isn’t it for you, they can’t give you what you truly need. They have now opened the door for the right person to come in. Take it day by day. Trust the process, it will all work out someday.

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your holtzy cosplay is amazing! how do you get the hair to work cause im worried mines too long and i need to cut it?? ive got a wig but i need to sew some wefts in because its so gappy when its styled and pulled back into the bun

Thank you!

My actual natural hair is actually very short, and I use extensions for length and fullness, and from my experience as someone who has had all kinds of hair styles in the past, I’d say the extensions makes it easier for me to fix the hair because they’re more textured and lighter than what my real hair would have been. I don’t think length will be a problem, but if your hair is too thick and heavy it might be tricky to get it to stay up. 

I originally was gonna use a wig, because I wasn’t really into toning my hair at first (which is what I do now, before every con), but I gave up on that pretty quickly because I felt it required way to much effort to make it passable. I’m a wig girl, I love wigs, but styling one into an up-do that looks natural is hard work. Like you said, if it isn’t a very full wig it gets gappy, and if it’s too full it won’t hold. 

Here’s a video of me doing my hair on tumblr, and on youtube (tumblr link won’t always show the video, because I fucked with the code on my blog, but it has more commentary so I’ll link it anyway). I went to a convention with the hair from this video and it held all day without any touch ups. I hope it helps you, and good luck!

I love you!

Every time I say I love you.

I’m really trying to say so much more than those three little words.

I’m trying to say you mean more to me than anyone else in the world.

I’m trying to let you know that I adore you and that I cherish the time we spend together.

I’m trying to explain that I want you and that I need you and that I get lost in wonderful thoughts every time I think about you.

And each time I say “I love you”, I’m trying to remind you that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

161218- Fan note to Joshua and Jeonghan.

Q: If you made unit w/ 1 member?


  • Member that you want= Jeonghan
  • Unit name= HongYoon♡


  • Member that you want= Joshua
  • Unit name= nice kids

trans: ohmywonwoo


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah


Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 7

G is for Glasses