you need a psychiatrist

Why you should be friends with each type

INTJ: ever need a psychiatrist, a handyman or a politician? They can do all of that and much more. But they suck at anything heart-related (except if they’re a surgeon)

ENTJ: your personal sassy coach who won’t sugarcoat things and can help with your math/physics problems

INFJ: a better psychiatrist than INTJ 

ESTP: if you wonder what the catacombs look like, or what skydiving feels like, they can take you there and also fix your car

ESFJ: great wingpersons, will give you The Talk, knows shady stuff about everyone, hugs & cookies

ENFJ: Oscar Wilde once said that Art is being surrounded by pretty things, well they’re Art, also their life is a mess but they give good life advice

ENFP: their life is even messier and they give even better life advice, plus they’re a chance of them being the lovable kind of weirdo we all need in our lives

ISFJ: if you don’t have a wine mom or a vodka aunt, well now you have one

ISTP: Sherlock IRL, also they know where you put your keys

ESFP: idk a weird mix between your stereotypical stay-at-home mom and a fearless truck driver, they’ll save yo sorry ass and then make you regret ever being born

ISFP: a very shy fearless truck driver who likes loud music but hates everything else loud, they can make you realize your life is not as messy as you thought

INFP: they know you need to cry, crying is natural, it’s ok they got you 

ENTP: THE person with whom to share your secret kinks/conspiracy theories/family recipes/political views/memes

INTP: they can fix anything electronic, will come up with awful pranks that even you wouldn’t have thought to do, BAD puns that are hella funny, will hack the ppl you don’t like

ESTJ: chaotic neutral counselor, listen to them at your own risks

ISTJ: Sherlock IRL n°2, now you can have a Sherlock battle, also don’t gamble against them you’ll lose your money

An All-Inclusive Guide to Making Your First Year in Practice Not Suck As Much As Wayfaring’s

Hi there, just curious if you’d share what things you were looking for in your first job vs what things you value now, now that you’ve been working out there on your own. Anything that must be in the contract that wasn’t there before (or vice versa)? Tips for future graduating residents?

Yaaaaasssss so many advices. So many things. This ask has been in my inbox for months because I have too many things to say about it and I can’t seem to organize it properly. 

Let’s break it down into 3 sections: 1) What I thought I wanted 2) What I needed and didn’t know to ask/look for 3) What I want now. Here goes.

What I thought I wanted:

  • big dolla$$$
  • super sweet signing bonus
  • moving allowance
  • loan repayment assistance
  • regular 40 hour work schedule
  • nice patients
  • independence / autonomy in decisionmaking
  • ability to practice the way I was trained - with up to date guidelines and procedures and equipment

What I wanted and didn’t know to ask for:

  • Supportive colleagues - In your first year of practice out of residency you lose every ounce of confidence that you gained as a senior resident. You question minor decisions and are constantly afraid of killing people or being sued. It is extra hard to practice in a new town when your partners in practice are not supportive. Sometimes you need someone to lay a fresh set of eyes on a wonky EKG or a weird rash, you know? I didn’t have that option. It made me study harder and somewhat be more cautious and definitely more creative in my practice. But having a colleague to commiserate with at the end of the day or to consult on difficult cases would have been really nice. You don’t have to be BFFs with your colleagues, but they have to be people you can agree/get along with and trust to take care of your patients in your absence.
  • Friends - This sounds obvious, but I moved to a new town that literally has no people anywhere close to my age. Even having one person I knew and could confide in would have been wonderful. One person to go to a movie with or watch a football game with would have been a sanity saver for me. Find a place where you can find other people like you. 
  • A reasonable amount of time off - I got less time off in my first job than I did as a resident. That was unacceptable to me. This would be fine if my practice didn’t act like they were going to go bankrupt if I took an unpaid day or even a half day to go to the doctor, but they did. You need a place where you can take one week off every 3-4 months if possible, even if all that time isn’t paid. Medicine is such a stressful job. Make sure they’re giving you rest time.
  • A non-toxic work environment - I knew going into my job that I was replacing a workaholic and that I was joining a workaholic. What I didn’t realize was that I was also expected to be a workaholic and anything less than killing myself was seen as laziness. Pay attention to the culture at your new job. Ask the docs what they do for fun or to relax and more importantly when the last time was they did that thing. If they don’t have any answers, they’re too busy. 
  • Diversity. This may just be me, but I went into family medicine because I get bored easily. I need variety of patient types and disease types and socioeconomic groups and everything else. I realized quickly in my practice that most of my patients were privately insured elderly white people. As in, the most boring demographic for Wayfaring
  • A Balanced schedule. I figured that when I joined a practice that had been established for 30 years that the workflow kinks would have been worked out and it would run like a well oiled machine. In reality I would have 8 physicals a day and 5 of my most complicated patients in hospital follow ups back to back, all scheduled for just 15 minutes. There has to be balance in the schedule. You have to be able to take a little extra time here and make it up elsewhere. 

What I want now: 

  • fair dolla$$$. In actuality, what’s fair is actually considerably more than what I was making in my first job. I was grossly underpaid, particularly considering this being a rural area where nobody wants to work (typically those jobs are paid much higher). It’s not about the bottom dollar value for me. It’s about compensating me in a way that is comparable to my peers. 
  • Colleagues who can be both friends and mentors. See above. 
  • Good benefits. Two years of no dental or vision sucks when your most expensive problems are dental and vision related. Life insurance and retirement plans aren’t something most 30 year olds think of, but they’re really important, and I didn’t have those to start with. 
  • A flexible schedule. The whole world doesn’t need to fall apart if I need to switch my regular day off or if I need a half day to go to the doctor. 
  • Administrative time. Preferably a full week day, but a half day is great too. I’m happy working 4 10 or 12 hour days a week to have one week day off to catch up on work I’m behind on or get my hair cut and get my taxes done and see my psychiatrist, you know?
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff. I need staff who don’t perpetuate old wives’ tales and notions like “you need a zpack for that cold”. I need to work with people who will ask if they don’t understand something rather than just make something up and who can help me educate my patients. I need folks who are prompt and who can anticipate some needs. 
  • To not be responsible for other peoples’ paychecks. In private practice, if I take time off or scale back, the practice loses money and thus our staff lose hours or money too. The staff in my first job were horribly underpaid and I don’t like the idea of the entire burden of the practice’s finances hanging on my shoulders. Sign me up for that hospital-owned practice, please.
  • To not have to turn patients away based on payer source. This is a national problem and is definitely not limited to my first job. But my first job wouldn’t let me take Medicaid patients at all. It made it completely impossible for me to build any sort of pediatric or OB practice in our town. I don’t like the idea of turning away a patient because their type of insurance doesn’t pay as well. I want to just treat patients and not have to worry about their payments. Hello, single payer healthcare system. Get on it! Obviously I will still have to worry about whether my patient can afford their meds or whether their insurance will cover their meds, but I won’t have to pick and choose what patients I accept based on their payer source. 
  • To deliver quality, up to date care. To work with people who will back up my evidence-based decisions and not practice based on feelings and patient satisfaction. To work with people who will encourage me to learn more and do new things. 

There you have it folks. A lil summary of what I want, what you might want, and what I’ve learned in these first (almost) 2 years of practice. Here’s to better future jobs for us all!

When I went to my psychiatrist to get my T letter, the guy told me that I was one of the most informed people about HRT that he’s had a visit with. He told me that he’s had people like me(referring to other trans people) or identified otherwise, trying to get him to give them a T letter, but not many were informed on what it would do. He was explaining how appointment after appointment, he still wouldn’t provide the letter because they didn’t need it. They WANTED it, but had no need for it. They didn’t have dysphoria, thus they didn’t need the medication needed to treat it. If you don’t have dysphoria, I want you go think long and hard before you decide to get in HRT. Do your fucking research man. Cause testosterone won’t make you a pretty boy™, it will make you a man with a hairy butt and deep voice and hair, everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You will stink, your face will chance and will be a man, not a boy. Think of yourself when you are 50, is this really what you need? Do you feel so out of place in your body that this is the way you know you need to go? If so, then go forth, but be informed. Don’t go in blind. I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, I’m saying this because I am genuinely concerned, and do not want you to be upset when your doctor won’t allow you to get on hrt when you don’t need it, or when you do get on hrt and it does more than you expect. If the changes are too fast and too much, that’s understandable, but if the changes aren’t things you want at all, then maybe you aren’t trans and weren’t meant to transition buddy. There’s a reason you need to visit a psychiatrist for a T letter, it’s so you don’t make a mistake. Really do think about what you are doing, cause this isn’t a choice of life, it is a need of treatment, and if you don’t have the condition, then you don’t need the treatment.


WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS????? This is actually happening in an episode, in the same episode????? Look at that kiss, that’s like my fan fiction dreams come to life. Look at that tender touch between them, and they are both obviously in tears. I almost dropped my phone when I first saw these pictures and now I’m an emotional mess. Someone reserve my funeral plot, carve the tombstone, contact my acquaintances and get some cake for the afterparty because my funeral is promptly after 2x15 airs. The tender love beaming from these pics is so beautiful, I need to go cry about it again one more time.

Sound the Alarms: 07

Sound the Alarms: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader ~ Jungkook | Seulgi
Description: You were in love with Jeon Jungkook since you were 14, but made the mistake of introducing him to your best friend at 16. Now you’ve slept with him at 19, and it appears that fate isn’t done screwing you over when it comes to your two best friends.
Warning: Hella Angst, EXTREME Toxicness (don’t read if you can’t handle the abusive side, it gets bad), Sexual Assault, Self-Harm, Mentions of Suicide, Handjob, Blowjob, Violence
Word Count: 4,549

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Person of Interest: 1x01

“When you find that one person who connects you to the world you become someone different”
“You wanna see a real gun?”
“You bring enough for the whole group?”
“You know, you could’ve done me a favor and let those guys land a couple more punches”
“Seems like the only time you need a name now is when you’re in trouble”
“So am I in trouble? I don’t know”
“Do I owe you money? Because I’m, uh, running a little short at the moment”
“You don’t know anything about me”
“I know that the government, along with everybody else, thinks you’re dead”
“I know you’ve spent the last couple of months trying to drink yourself to death. I know you’re contemplating more efficient ways to do it. Which would be a shame”
“I don’t think you need a psychiatrist or a support group or pills”
“You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job”
“At the end of the day, one of these people will be gone”
“The right person in the right place with the right information could change everything”
“Where did you get this list?”
“Hey, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
“The information I have is incomplete”
“You need to know what it would be like to be forced to listen to someone get murdered and not be able to do anything about it”
“I guess you could call me a concerned third party”
“Turns out career criminals don’t make trustworthy friends”
“You got time to talk? I could buy you dinner?”
“What happened, you get left behind?”
“I know what it’s like to want to get out of a place so bad you’d be willing to do almost anything”
“These people, they’re evil”
“If the killers are out there, I’m gonna find them. It’s my job”
“You haven’t told your mom you left your ex?”
“I wish this weekend could go on forever”
“I didn’t wanna take the chance that you wouldn’t be here when I got back”
“Then I’m gonna buy a boat. And you get to be my first mate. But first we need some more tequila”
“Something happened this morning”
“You need to come with me”
“You were gonna tell him all about us, weren’t you? Hmm?”
“It was only later that I realized my mistake”
“What did I tell you about sending e-mails?”
“We’ve got all the parts. Question is, how do they all fit together?”
“Are you here? Hello? You’re gonna keep me waiting? We don’t have time”
“I’m curious was there a point where you knew you’d become a bad guy?”
“So I’m working for you now?”
“I don’t have any friends. I don’t have any family left, either. Left them all behind”
“I gave him a choice and he chose wrong”
“We have more in common than you might think. The world thinks we’re both dead, for starters”
“If you stay and we continue to do this sooner or later, both of us will probably wind up dead”

Lemon Cakes and Pie

Summary: Reader owns a bakery in a small town where a group of demons decide to throw a party. An injured Dean Winchester is in need of a hideout and a helping hand.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2 401 (it got away from me…)

Warnings: Canon typical injuries and swearing, I think

Prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.” (marked in bold)

Beta’d by the one and only @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms 

A/N: IT’S SO FLUFFY! This story is for the lovely @impala-dreamer‘s OP4A Challenge! This is also the first fan fiction I’ve posted on Tumblr… *gulp* I didn’t even like this storyline when I started writing it, but I think it turned out fine in the end. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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In the small town of Plainville, Kansas, everything was as the name suggests; plain. Although the town initially got its name from the actual plains it was situated upon, one could argue the applicable meaning of the word had shifted over the years.

You owned a small but fairly successful bakery in the middle of town. You were very proud of it, as you had saved money for most of your life to start your own bakery. Last year you had even won a state award for your famous lemon cakes. You had the diploma framed and hung on the wall behind your counter, reminding you that dreams really can come true.

Every morning started out roughly the same; you waking up at 4 am in your cozy suburban home for one, just a few blocks from the bakery. You always got up straight away and got ready in a jiffy, out of the door by 4:25 am, getting on your bike and arriving at the bakery five minutes later. Breakfast had to wait until you were done with your morning chores, but coffee was a necessity to function so that was always where you started.

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The Specialities as Ghibli Characters:

The Mini Docs:

Premeds/school students: Arietty (Arrietty)

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You may be only little, but nobody’s going to keep you away from the big bad world, and all the fun!

Preclinical med students: Ponyo (Ponyo)

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Yes, medicine is precisely like eating a bowl of ramen that is far too hot, far too soon. Only it always feels too soon.

Clinical med students: Chihiro (Spirited Away)

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Hospitals are strange, strange places, filled with friendly but slightly scary people, and you can’t believe you willingly chose to sign your life away for the forseeable future.

Junior doctors: Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

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You’re just trying to create a little magic and work out how to live as a slightly-more-grown-up. It’s not as straightforward as you thought. You can do it!

All the other specialties after the cut…

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saathi1013  asked:

What is this "genetic test to see what psych meds might work and not work for you" you speak of? is it widely available yet, d'you know?

I got this:

Through my new psych’s office last year!

It is TOTALLY available, but you need to go through a doctor. I think that any psychiatrist COULD order it, you just have to get them to get the kit, get a spit sample, and help you interpret the results. (I got a complete copy of mine.  Very cool.)

Millennium bills insurance directly and your insurance might cover it or might not.  Mine did, completely. It’s worth looking into, absolutely.  Bring it up.  I wish you luck!  

Mine was surprisingly spot-on.  There was one place where it said I was a responder to something I do not respond to, and one place where it did the opposite, I think, but the rest was totally accurate and if I’d had it years ago, I could have avoided the meds that messed me up the worst.

anonymous asked:

Hello. I am currently being seen by a psychiatrist for my depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. I want to go ahead and make my dog an ESA. I thought it would be as easy as getting a letter from my psychiatrist but he's telling me I need to get some certificate online as well. All those places seem like scams to me... how did you go about make your dog an ESA?


they are scams. all of them. anything that wants you to register into an “ESA database”, that offers “packages” for members, “ID’s”, “Registration cards”, they are ALL scams. 

all you need is a letter from your psychiatrist. that is literally it. 

- (in the US) The person seeking the emotional support animal must have a verifiable disability (the reason cannot just be a need for companionship). The animal is viewed as a “reasonable accommodation” under the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 (FHA or FHAct) to those housing communities that have a “no pets” rule. 

-  A physician, psychiatrist, social worker, or other mental health professional can provide documentation that the animal provides emotional support that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of an existing disability.

- The documentation is typically a note from a doctor. Such a letter would be the way a person could verify the need for an emotional support animal with his or her landlord.

mine basically looks like this - 

GENERAL SAMPLE LETTER: Prescribes an Emotional Support Animal (the letter should be on the physician’s or mental health provider’s letterhead)*


To Whom It May Concern:
[Full Name of Patient] is my patient and has been under my care since [date]. I am intimately familiar with their history and with the functional limitations imposed by their emotional/mental health-related issue.To help alleviate these challenges and to enhance their day to day functionality, I have prescribed [patient first name] an emotional support animal (in my case, ‘a Jack Russel mix named Knockout). The presence of this animal is necessary for the emotional/mental health of [patient name] and its presence mitigates the symptoms of their disability.


(Physician’s name and title)

*i changed some pronouns (it was made in his/her and it looked clunky to me) and made this general letter a bit more like the one that i have. all that’s important is ‘patient name is in my care and has been prescribed an ESA (can include exactly what animal and the name of it) to mitigate their disability. its presence is necessary to mitigate the symptoms of their disability.’ signed by your psych with contact info for them. 

under the law (if you’re in the US), there are no registrations - not for service dogs and not for ESAs. anything that labels itself as such, no matter how convincing, is a scam. i dealt with some when i first got knockout. just know your laws and know that with ESAs, it is not the ADA (americans with disabilities act) but the FHA (fair housing act) that applies to ESAs.

I’m making this short because I’m tired and pretty sad today

To all people that insult Cory and the show. You don’t deserve Gotham. Also you have a problem maybe you need a psychiatrist. Because Cory is not Ed.

p.s. I put this post here because anyone can see it! but I know there are alot of good people here*hugs*

Create a Grounding Note

It can be kept in your phone or on paper. Useful for flashbacks and/or dissociation. Keep with you at all times, especially when out of the house. 

In the note:

  • When it is (year and month unless you’ll update every day)
  • Where you live
  • How old you are and when you were born
  • Your full name
  • Reminder that you are safe and it’s all in the past. You lived through it
  • Reminder to notice where you’re sitting/standing
  • Reminder to use your senses to connect to environment (what can you hear? Do you smell anything? What does the chair/floor feel like? Is it cold there?)
  • Phone numbers of therapist/psychiatrist/parent/whoever you might need
  • Any mantra/quote/lyrics you find helps comfort you

Things like these can connect you with your present reality, and can give you comfort if you’re panicking because you don’t remember basic facts about yourself. I find it really helps me if I’m starting to lose touch, to read over it before I’m all the way gone. It’s very easy to do in public or around others without drawing attention to yourself. 


Pilot - 10 Shots

Directed by David Semel, written by Jonathan Nolan

“I think you and I can help one another. I don’t think you need a psychiatrist or a support group or pills.” / “What do I need?” / “You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job.” - Harold Finch/John Reese

So, 102 days from now is June 21st, the one year anniversary of the airing of return 0. Between now and then, once a day, I’m going to put up one of these, a set of 10 favourite shots from an episode, with return 0 going up on the one year anniversary.

Baby, if you don’t mind me calling you that. I now curl up in the middle of the bathroom floor with the room pitch black.
Without you, I still have anxiety attacks.

Baby, I still find your hair.
In the bed, the drawers, the laundry room, the car, the closet, I seem to find it everywhere.

Baby, I don’t want to be alone, I don’t want to keep hearing your answering machine tell me “Sorry, I can’t come to the phone”

Baby, that flickering lightbulb that we argued about finally blew. You did say that our light bill was already overdue.

Baby, I listen to our song every night at the same exact time, still at 9:39. When you’d come out of the bedroom to rub my shoulders, kiss my neck and tell me everything gonna be just fine.

Baby, I was so shy when you kneeled down and said “it’s forever us until we turn to dust”.

Baby, I will never forget the smile that came upon your lips when I opened the bathroom door.. “It’s a bun it the oven from all that good lovin’!”

Baby, WE lost our first child.. it made you distant for a while. I grieved at home, all alone. I even stopped answering the phone.

Baby, I cooked. You barely speak, you said you no longer eat meat.

Baby, you kissed me. You said that you missed me. “I’ll have a shower, dress up nice for me. I’ll be ready in an hour.”

Baby, why’d you have to go?
Why didn’t you just let me know?
You was depressed.
You was overwhelmed with so much stress. That you might’ve needed to see a psychiatrist…

Baby, I knew you loved to ride dirt bikes, go on hikes and roller coasters just for the thrill.
But baby, I didn’t know that you would stand in the middle of the bathroom floor and take all 70 of my anxiety pills.

—  Unique
DAY6 Imagines: Once/Twice Series’ Special Chapter (1)

Pairing: Brian x Reader
Word count: 2,223

Read: Once is a coincidence. Twice is not. and Once is enough. Twice is too much. first before reading this :)

“How was it?” he asked you with his usual big smile.

You went to the backstage right after their performance. They’re really finally getting some recognition now. Slowly but surely; getting there… at the top. They’re schedule is getting busier, being filled with some guesting and interviews.

People around showered them with compliments while you just smiled softly at him. He somehow pouted and looked away. You caressed his cheek and made him face you. “It was stupendous” You smiled “No matter what you’ll do; I know you’d always do great.” Your hand, from his cheek, went to his hand, stroking the back of it softly for assurance. “Because you’ve always been and you’ll always be. I believe in you”

“Hey, Bob. I think I’m getting a toothache from too much sweetness here” You heard Jae commented at your back “Shall I go see a dentist?”

Brian threw his face towel to Jae “You need to see a psychiatrist”

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20 things only a Borderline will understand.

1. That love/hate feeling you have with your CPN/Psychiatrist ‘you need to learn some better coping mechanisms’ I’M NOT DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU.

2. When shit hits the fan it means automatic self destruct mode - whether by substance abuse or self harm. 

3. That constant need to be loved, so much so you feel the need to write a love me sign and sit in the street. 

4. Unsure how to tell a brand new friend/partner/employer you’re a psychiatric patient. 

5. Trying to explain to people what borderline personality disorder is without freaking people out by references of fatal attraction or comments like 'oh you mean like girl, interrupted?’

6. Purposely starting arguments, then sobbing because you’re too sensitive for the fucking argument. 

7. Mood swings which you then take out on others. 'I love you so much, so sorry i’m being like this, YOU MEAN I’M A BURDEN WELL UP YOURS AND I FUCKING HATE YOU *cries*’

8. Random urges to have sex, not bothered where, when, how or who with. 

9. Trying to explain your impulsive decisions to people 'It made sense at the time’

10. Hating on all of the exes who abandoned you ever. All. Of. Them. 

11. Wanting space in a relationship but also wanting your partner to be clingy because otherwise they don’t love you. 

12. Feeling constantly annoying to everyone you’re around. 

13. Feeling up and down about your appearance depending on the day. Day 1: OMG i am so fucking hot, all these people want to fuck me. 


14. Taking it personally if your partner isn’t in the mood for sex. 'Its because i’m ugly/fat isn’t it?’

15. You know all of the A&E staff by name. 

16. Hating your scars but not wanting to be rid of them. 

17. Constant paranoia of abandonment. 

18. Never being able to make up your mind about anything. 

19. Having the emotional control of a 5 year old, despite being 18+ years old. 

20. How hard it is to love a Borderline.