you need a psychiatrist

Why you should be friends with each type

INTJ: ever need a psychiatrist, a handyman or a politician? They can do all of that and much more. But they suck at anything heart-related (except if they’re a surgeon)

ENTJ: your personal sassy coach who won’t sugarcoat things and can help with your math/physics problems

INFJ: a better psychiatrist than INTJ 

ESTP: if you wonder what the catacombs look like, or what skydiving feels like, they can take you there and also fix your car

ESFJ: great wingpersons, will give you The Talk, knows shady stuff about everyone, hugs & cookies

ENFJ: Oscar Wilde once said that Art is being surrounded by pretty things, well they’re Art, also their life is a mess but they give good life advice

ENFP: their life is even messier and they give even better life advice, plus they’re a chance of them being the lovable kind of weirdo we all need in our lives

ISFJ: if you don’t have a wine mom or a vodka aunt, well now you have one

ISTP: Sherlock IRL, also they know where you put your keys

ESFP: idk a weird mix between your stereotypical stay-at-home mom and a fearless truck driver, they’ll save yo sorry ass and then make you regret ever being born

ISFP: a very shy fearless truck driver who likes loud music but hates everything else loud, they can make you realize your life is not as messy as you thought

INFP: they know you need to cry, crying is natural, it’s ok they got you 

ENTP: THE person with whom to share your secret kinks/conspiracy theories/family recipes/political views/memes

INTP: they can fix anything electronic, will come up with awful pranks that even you wouldn’t have thought to do, BAD puns that are hella funny, will hack the ppl you don’t like

ESTJ: chaotic neutral counselor, listen to them at your own risks

ISTJ: Sherlock IRL n°2, now you can have a Sherlock battle, also don’t gamble against them you’ll lose your money

Person of Interest: 1x01

“When you find that one person who connects you to the world you become someone different”
“You wanna see a real gun?”
“You bring enough for the whole group?”
“You know, you could’ve done me a favor and let those guys land a couple more punches”
“Seems like the only time you need a name now is when you’re in trouble”
“So am I in trouble? I don’t know”
“Do I owe you money? Because I’m, uh, running a little short at the moment”
“You don’t know anything about me”
“I know that the government, along with everybody else, thinks you’re dead”
“I know you’ve spent the last couple of months trying to drink yourself to death. I know you’re contemplating more efficient ways to do it. Which would be a shame”
“I don’t think you need a psychiatrist or a support group or pills”
“You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job”
“At the end of the day, one of these people will be gone”
“The right person in the right place with the right information could change everything”
“Where did you get this list?”
“Hey, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
“The information I have is incomplete”
“You need to know what it would be like to be forced to listen to someone get murdered and not be able to do anything about it”
“I guess you could call me a concerned third party”
“Turns out career criminals don’t make trustworthy friends”
“You got time to talk? I could buy you dinner?”
“What happened, you get left behind?”
“I know what it’s like to want to get out of a place so bad you’d be willing to do almost anything”
“These people, they’re evil”
“If the killers are out there, I’m gonna find them. It’s my job”
“You haven’t told your mom you left your ex?”
“I wish this weekend could go on forever”
“I didn’t wanna take the chance that you wouldn’t be here when I got back”
“Then I’m gonna buy a boat. And you get to be my first mate. But first we need some more tequila”
“Something happened this morning”
“You need to come with me”
“You were gonna tell him all about us, weren’t you? Hmm?”
“It was only later that I realized my mistake”
“What did I tell you about sending e-mails?”
“We’ve got all the parts. Question is, how do they all fit together?”
“Are you here? Hello? You’re gonna keep me waiting? We don’t have time”
“I’m curious was there a point where you knew you’d become a bad guy?”
“So I’m working for you now?”
“I don’t have any friends. I don’t have any family left, either. Left them all behind”
“I gave him a choice and he chose wrong”
“We have more in common than you might think. The world thinks we’re both dead, for starters”
“If you stay and we continue to do this sooner or later, both of us will probably wind up dead”

saathi1013  asked:

What is this "genetic test to see what psych meds might work and not work for you" you speak of? is it widely available yet, d'you know?

I got this:

Through my new psych’s office last year!

It is TOTALLY available, but you need to go through a doctor. I think that any psychiatrist COULD order it, you just have to get them to get the kit, get a spit sample, and help you interpret the results. (I got a complete copy of mine.  Very cool.)

Millennium bills insurance directly and your insurance might cover it or might not.  Mine did, completely. It’s worth looking into, absolutely.  Bring it up.  I wish you luck!  

Mine was surprisingly spot-on.  There was one place where it said I was a responder to something I do not respond to, and one place where it did the opposite, I think, but the rest was totally accurate and if I’d had it years ago, I could have avoided the meds that messed me up the worst.

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Hello. I am currently being seen by a psychiatrist for my depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. I want to go ahead and make my dog an ESA. I thought it would be as easy as getting a letter from my psychiatrist but he's telling me I need to get some certificate online as well. All those places seem like scams to me... how did you go about make your dog an ESA?


they are scams. all of them. anything that wants you to register into an “ESA database”, that offers “packages” for members, “ID’s”, “Registration cards”, they are ALL scams. 

all you need is a letter from your psychiatrist. that is literally it. 

- (in the US) The person seeking the emotional support animal must have a verifiable disability (the reason cannot just be a need for companionship). The animal is viewed as a “reasonable accommodation” under the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 (FHA or FHAct) to those housing communities that have a “no pets” rule. 

-  A physician, psychiatrist, social worker, or other mental health professional can provide documentation that the animal provides emotional support that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of an existing disability.

- The documentation is typically a note from a doctor. Such a letter would be the way a person could verify the need for an emotional support animal with his or her landlord.

mine basically looks like this - 

GENERAL SAMPLE LETTER: Prescribes an Emotional Support Animal (the letter should be on the physician’s or mental health provider’s letterhead)*


To Whom It May Concern:
[Full Name of Patient] is my patient and has been under my care since [date]. I am intimately familiar with their history and with the functional limitations imposed by their emotional/mental health-related issue.To help alleviate these challenges and to enhance their day to day functionality, I have prescribed [patient first name] an emotional support animal (in my case, ‘a Jack Russel mix named Knockout). The presence of this animal is necessary for the emotional/mental health of [patient name] and its presence mitigates the symptoms of their disability.


(Physician’s name and title)

*i changed some pronouns (it was made in his/her and it looked clunky to me) and made this general letter a bit more like the one that i have. all that’s important is ‘patient name is in my care and has been prescribed an ESA (can include exactly what animal and the name of it) to mitigate their disability. its presence is necessary to mitigate the symptoms of their disability.’ signed by your psych with contact info for them. 

under the law (if you’re in the US), there are no registrations - not for service dogs and not for ESAs. anything that labels itself as such, no matter how convincing, is a scam. i dealt with some when i first got knockout. just know your laws and know that with ESAs, it is not the ADA (americans with disabilities act) but the FHA (fair housing act) that applies to ESAs.

  • Doctor Who fandom: Aliens exist.
  • Supernatural fandom: wtf no. try werewolves, vampires, demons, angels.
  • Doctor Who fandom: are you fucking crazy-
  • Sherlock fandom: *looks up from newspaper* You both need to go to the psychiatrist. now.
  • Superwholock fandom: *staring at a wall, mumbling nonsense*

Pilot - 10 Shots

Directed by David Semel, written by Jonathan Nolan

“I think you and I can help one another. I don’t think you need a psychiatrist or a support group or pills.” / “What do I need?” / “You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job.” - Harold Finch/John Reese

So, 102 days from now is June 21st, the one year anniversary of the airing of return 0. Between now and then, once a day, I’m going to put up one of these, a set of 10 favourite shots from an episode, with return 0 going up on the one year anniversary.

DAY6 Imagines: Once/Twice Series’ Special Chapter (1)

Read: Once is a coincidence. Twice is not. and Once is enough. Twice is too much. first before reading this :)

“How was it?” he asked you with his usual big smile.

You went to the backstage right after their performance. They’re really finally getting some recognition now. Slowly but surely; getting there… at the top. They’re schedule is getting busier, being filled with some guesting and interviews.

People around showered them with compliments while you just smiled softly at him. He somehow pouted and looked away. You caressed his cheek and made him face you. “It was stupendous” You smiled “No matter what you’ll do; I know you’d always do great.” Your hand, from his cheek, went to his hand, stroking the back of it softly for assurance. “Because you’ve always been and you’ll always be. I believe in you”

“Hey, Bob. I think I’m getting a toothache from too much sweetness here” You heard Jae commented at your back “Shall I go see a dentist?”

Brian threw his face towel to Jae “You need to see a psychiatrist”

You chortled as you remember when your friends found out about you. It was three days after the night at the seaside promenade. They weren’t surprised as you thought they’d be.

“Oh. So you guys are a thing now? Finally?” Jae queried when he saw Brian walked to meet you half way and held your hand to walk with you on your way to the usual tree.

Apparently, all of them knew how much Brian likes you. It was just you who were being stubborn to not believe it. But the thing is, it’s not really official. You both wanted to take it slow. Despite wanting to show the world that you got the man of your dreams, you somehow want to protect the friendship. You didn’t want to rush and ruin what you’ve built on the process. Besides, they’re really getting popular now. You don’t want to be showered by bashes and hate by his fangirls.

Few weeks before another school year starts. You’re in a fast food, standing at the counter waiting for costumers. You got yourself a summer job. Just when your thoughts wandered to what Brian is doing, you heard your co-worker giggled with another worker. From the corner of your eye, you saw her fixing herself so you turned to look at her. She was looking straight as her hands were busy tucking her hair behind her ear; pressing her lips together and brushing them with each other.

You know those gestures real well. She’s gonna flirt with someone. You shifted your gaze back in front when she greeted a costumer, only to find a striking soul beaming at you. From having a deadpan face, your lips instantly curved to form a smile.

“Good afternoon, Sir.” You couldn’t conceal your happiness “May I take your order?”

“Yes, your heart, please” You felt your blood rush up to your cheeks as your heartbeat doubled. A scoffed from his back was heard “Oh, wait. I already have it”

You heard your workmate gasped beside you and it was followed by an ‘aw’ from the man in front of you. His head was hit by someone behind him.

“This is her workplace, stop flirting” Sungjin chided as he stepped forward to take Brian’s place. He instructed them to find a table as he order. The boys obliged. Brian winked and mouthed ‘See you’ before he finally walked to find a spot.

“Was that guy your boyfriend?” asked your workmate after Sungjin left the counter with their food, with the help of Jae.

You turned your head and saw her hopeful eyes. This is one of those moments when you wish he is. You couldn’t answer yes because your relationship is not yet there; you couldn’t say no because you don’t want to lift her hopes higher. You responded with a smile and thankfully, costumers came in.

When your shift ended, you went straight to their table, not wanting to be bombarded with questions you can’t and don’t want to answer.

“What are you guys talking about?” They turned their head to look at you and Brian instantly grinned at the sight of you. He moved to give you some space to sit beside him and when you did his arm draped around your waist right away. You felt your cheeks heat up but fortunately, nobody noticed you blushing.

“We’re gonna take a break from school” Your eyebrows furrowed with what Sungjin has said.

“It’s kinda hard to balance everything” Dowoon added.

“But Brian’s gonna continue though” Jae remarked “He’s the student model type of guy anyway. He can pull through it”

You shifted your gaze to Brian, turning your head to see him. He was already looking at you with a tight smile, arm still on your waist, he wrinkled his nose for a second.

A week after, your summer job ended. It was your last day yesterday so today’s a lazy day. You’re just lying on your bed with nothing to do when your phone vibrated. A notification from Instagram that Brian has posted a photo. No one knows you turned on the notification from him, not even your friend. It was a collage of his four selfies. The weather is real nice. Do u want to go on a picnic with me? You silently read the caption. And just how fast you clicked the heart button, that’s how fast your phone vibrated for another notification.

So u’re coming?

You arched your brows with his message.


U’re coming on a picnic with me or not?

You let out a soft chuckle and slightly shook your head.

Why are u asking me tho? Ask someone else. Ur question was for everybody anyway.

You raised a brow because of another notification with Brian mentioning you in a post. It was the same post, only that the caption was edited. It has now your Instagram username on it.

Im asking u

You replied with a smiley emoji and he sent few more messages you didn’t bother to answer and picked up Jae’s call instead. It was a video call. He was walking with Wonpil to a convenience store to buy some ramen and he asked you to come because Brian was sulking a bit. You planned on going anyway, you just want to surprise him a bit so you didn’t care opening your inbox on Instagram again.


You’re sauntering to where they at. You could already see them and you instantly smiled just by the view of him smiling. He positioned himself beside Sungjin and tried to lie down but just when Brian’s head was about to touch Sungjin’s leg, he brushed his head off away. You chuckled and shook your head thinking how Sungjin hates skinship. They were all laughing as you pace faster to them.

Your heart melted seeing Brian’s face glow when he saw you. He held your hand and guided you to sit on the mat carefully. As soon as you’re seated, he rested his head on your lap. He’s still holding your hand, he intertwined your fingers together and rested them on his chest. You unconsciously moved your other hand to softly stroke his hair. You saw his lips moved to form a small smile. He likes it.

You looked Sungjin who let out a small laugh saying how Brian wanted to lie down on his lap because you weren’t there. Jae was narrowing his eyes. He hates PDA and there were a couple of times that he really wanted to hit Brian for being so affectionate. You chortled softly as you looked down to see his angelic face only to find out he’s already fast asleep. You chuckled again.

“That’s one of Brian’s, a.k.a. Young K, the master of all trades, talents” Jae commented “Falling asleep anywhere so fast”

That’s true though. For almost a year of being close to him, you’ve witnessed him falling asleep with just a blink of an eye.

Few hours passed, he asked you for a walk.

“Yeah, go away lovebirds” Jae shooed you both away

“Let’s have dinner together, okay?” Wonpil yelled

You were walking hand in hand when your thoughts start to wander. Is it better this way? It somehow doesn’t make a difference because we already seem like a couple. But I’m afraid if we’ll be official, I’ll start to ask for more; I’ll be selfish and greedy and I don’t want that. He’s already having a hard time with school and the band.

“You okay?” You suddenly got back to your senses “Do you want to go back? Are you feeling sick?”

You smiled to assure him “No, I was just thinking about school”

He groaned “I’m jealous” You arched your brows “I’m with you, we’re even holding hands, but you’re thinking about school. Can you not think of me alone?”

You chuckled and you don’t know how much it affects him. It’s like a sweet harmony he wants to play on repeat.

“I’m always thinking of you though”

He just smiled and you both continued walking. You had random chitchat when you stopped near the river. A few number of girls passed behind you but moments later, you heard a delicate voice saying ‘excuse me’.

You turned to face the owner of the voice only to see her cheeks as red as tomato, mouth agape, gazing dreamingly at Brian in front of her. She stuttered in asking if he’s Young K and when he answered, she asked if they could take a picture with him.

Your jaw dropped when she handed you her phone. You blinked twice to recover and bit your lower lip. You took one for each of them, and they were three. And another three shots for group photos. You were biting your lower lip harder than before that you almost said ‘ouch’ aloud when Brian’s arm was on the girl’s shoulder. Fortunately you didn’t. You don’t want to show him you’re being jealous. Besides, it’s normal. Aren’t they being recognized slowly? Yes, this is normal.

You took a deep breath to calm yourself as you showed a tight smile when you handed the lady’s phone back to her. You felt your heart skipped a bit when Brian instantly draped his arm around your waist. When the ladies said their thanks again, he even pulled you closer to him before waving at them. They turned and whispered to each other. I bet they’re asking each other if I’m his girlfriend.

You really want to take it slow. But being like this without a label is kinda frustrating. At times you are contented, more than contented even. But at times like this, you get frustrated.

“Sorry about that”

You showed him a small smile and nodded “It’s fine.” You smiled again “It’s normal anyway. And I must really get used to it. You’ll be known by the world soon, and a sea of people would want to take a picture of you. Shall I apply to be your official photographer?”

He grinned and shook his head and pulled you closer again, kissing you at the top of your head. He hummed a song and swayed you for a bit.

You let out a comforting sigh and looked up to him “How do you even exist? I thought there’s nobody perfect in this world?”

He chortled and reached for your hands “I’m not perfect; just perfect for you.” He raised your right hand; the back of it met his lips. He softly caressed it as he put it back down, still not letting go of it.

You narrowed your eyes at him before you laughed and hit his chest with your other hand playfully. You wrinkled your nose as he let out a soft chuckle seeing you do his signature move.

“Seriously though…” You trailed off and lingered your gaze for a while at his image “Soon there will be countless of girls who’ll swoon over you”

He shrugged “Well, Bae starts with B and so does Brian.” You cracked up at his remark “Doesn’t your name start with M?”

You knitted your brows together and gave him a querying look “What?”

“You’re mine

It wasn’t a question but a statement of declaration. You just stood there; stare was locked with each other’s for what felt like forever until his gaze shifted a bit lower. You gulped knowing where he was looking. You felt her fingers move in your hand as he softly pressed it while leaning closer. It was the longest minute of your life, anticipating for something you know will happen. And it finally did. You slowly shut your eyes and felt butterflies flying wildly in your stomach as his soft lips brush with yours. It wasn’t that long. Neither too short. It was just right. Just right.

You felt shivers down your spine when you felt his soft breath as he slowly pulled away. His gaze instantly met yours. He caressed the back of your hand once again.

“You’re mine” he repeated.

You’re breathing became so uneven as you felt your heart pounding hardly to your chest as if it wanted to get out. You let out a breath as you slowly nodded. He pulled you into his arms for an embrace as he kissed the top of your head and whispered something that made your heart beat even crazier.

“I love you”

Special Chapter (2)

Create a Grounding Note

It can be kept in your phone or on paper. Useful for flashbacks and/or dissociation. Keep with you at all times, especially when out of the house. 

In the note:

  • When it is (year and month unless you’ll update every day)
  • Where you live
  • How old you are and when you were born
  • Your full name
  • Reminder that you are safe and it’s all in the past. You lived through it
  • Reminder to notice where you’re sitting/standing
  • Reminder to use your senses to connect to environment (what can you hear? Do you smell anything? What does the chair/floor feel like? Is it cold there?)
  • Phone numbers of therapist/psychiatrist/parent/whoever you might need
  • Any mantra/quote/lyrics you find helps comfort you

Things like these can connect you with your present reality, and can give you comfort if you’re panicking because you don’t remember basic facts about yourself. I find it really helps me if I’m starting to lose touch, to read over it before I’m all the way gone. It’s very easy to do in public or around others without drawing attention to yourself. 

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sherlock- 70, 90, 128 :))) 💞

Characters: Reader x Sherlock Holmes

Warnings: Sherlock spoilers, drug use, mild swearing

Prompts: 70: “I can’t stand seeing you like this.” 90: “Trust me.” 128: “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.”

Word Count: 362

A/N: hope you like it !!

Want to request a drabble? Read this post [x]

“When was the last time you saw John, Sherlock?” you demanded, and Sherlock halfheartedly shrugged.

“He doesn’t want to see me anyway.” he muttered, and you didn’t respond. Ever since Mary’s death, John and Sherlock’s relationship had rapidly deteriorated. You knew Sherlock wasn’t dealing with it well, but you didn’t realize how bad it was. His hair was a mess, his face unshaven. It was clear he was using again.

“I can’t stand seeing you like this.” you felt tears welling up in your eyes as you dumped a pile of photographs Sherlock had scattered on the floor onto the kitchen table. You leaned against it, looking up to see Sherlock’s reaction, but he just closed his eyes. “Sherlock, will you just listen to me?”

“Get out.” he mumbled, and you shook your head, tears starting to fall down your face now.

“Don’t push me away.” you took a deep breath and balled your hands into fists. “Please, Sherlock. You need to talk to John, stop using drugs to try and cope with the pain. Maybe even see a psychiatrist. Trust me. You need to do something now, or you’re going to kill yourself if you keep going like this.”

“Death doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” Sherlock waved his hand halfheartedly, and you angrily slammed your hands onto the table before storming into the room.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Sherlock?” you yelled, and Sherlock looked up at you. “We all need you. Please, Sherlock. Do you really think this is what Mary would’ve wanted? What John would’ve wanted?”

“I don’t think John cares.” Sherlock looked away, and you threw your hands into the air.

“Forget about John. I don’t want this! You can’t leave me, Sherlock. I love-”

Before you could finish your sentence, Sherlock had stood up and grabbed your arms. You jerked away, tears still in your eyes.

“Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.” you muttered, but Sherlock ignored you and held your face, kissing you. You froze, before reaching up to pull him closer.

“I am not leaving you.” Sherlock mumbled against your lips, his voice low. “No matter what happens, I am not leaving you.”

20 things only a Borderline will understand.

1. That love/hate feeling you have with your CPN/Psychiatrist ‘you need to learn some better coping mechanisms’ I’M NOT DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU.

2. When shit hits the fan it means automatic self destruct mode - whether by substance abuse or self harm. 

3. That constant need to be loved, so much so you feel the need to write a love me sign and sit in the street. 

4. Unsure how to tell a brand new friend/partner/employer you’re a psychiatric patient. 

5. Trying to explain to people what borderline personality disorder is without freaking people out by references of fatal attraction or comments like 'oh you mean like girl, interrupted?’

6. Purposely starting arguments, then sobbing because you’re too sensitive for the fucking argument. 

7. Mood swings which you then take out on others. 'I love you so much, so sorry i’m being like this, YOU MEAN I’M A BURDEN WELL UP YOURS AND I FUCKING HATE YOU *cries*’

8. Random urges to have sex, not bothered where, when, how or who with. 

9. Trying to explain your impulsive decisions to people 'It made sense at the time’

10. Hating on all of the exes who abandoned you ever. All. Of. Them. 

11. Wanting space in a relationship but also wanting your partner to be clingy because otherwise they don’t love you. 

12. Feeling constantly annoying to everyone you’re around. 

13. Feeling up and down about your appearance depending on the day. Day 1: OMG i am so fucking hot, all these people want to fuck me. 


14. Taking it personally if your partner isn’t in the mood for sex. 'Its because i’m ugly/fat isn’t it?’

15. You know all of the A&E staff by name. 

16. Hating your scars but not wanting to be rid of them. 

17. Constant paranoia of abandonment. 

18. Never being able to make up your mind about anything. 

19. Having the emotional control of a 5 year old, despite being 18+ years old. 

20. How hard it is to love a Borderline. 

Therapy pt 1

REQUEST: Helloo can i request for a story (it can be a one shot, a drabble or a long chapter ff its up to you) of AU! Semi canon Yoongi falls in love with his psychiatric that helped him going through his dark days? If i can add an addition he started to fall in love w/her the first time she helped him cure his mental health but he didn’t have the gut to admit it at that time and he was busy being a trainee to even have a relationship so he kept the feeling for himself only. and like 11 years later they accidentally met and he is now laid back and able to manage a relationship and the girl is having trouble forgetting her ex because he cheat on her on their 1000days anniv and it was d-2 b4 her mother died so it’s her that feeling down now but she manage to be strong in front of people. and yoongi is the one who helps her going through all this.

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You were there for him when he needed you, but now it seemed like the tables have turned.

Word Count: 7187

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“Oh, Jungkooookie-aaaah…ish t-that you?” Taehyung stumbled out of the bar with Jungkook and Jimin who struggled to guide him through the door mostly because he was flailing his arms about,

“Hyung watch it!” The older was flushed, his boxy smile overtook his face. He turned to Jimin,

“Jiminie! Aww, cute Jiminie…you’re so schmol…and c-cute…” Taehyung pinched Jimin’s cheek and Jungkook was struggling to stifle back his laughter. Jimin, on the other hand, was very irritated,

“Who was it that allowed Taehyung to drink today, huh?” 

Jin managed to hail a cab for the maknae line, “The stairs are steep so you guys make sure to get him to your apartment safely.”  They nodded as they stuffed the drunken boy into the car. 

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Ishimaru.....Have you consider seeing a psychiatrist... at all...... Cause I mean you definitely need one.

My Hearing Aids, And How I Got to Having Them

I finally got my hearing aids and went to the doctor to have them set for me. It took me a very long time to get there, and with this tiny bit of hope I now have, I want to share my story

The year of frustration

I first decided to go and see an ENT doctor after Misophonia started to be too much and I had finally gathered the courage to take care of myself. I come from a place where you can’t see an audiologist without seeing and ENT doctor at first, so I thought I should start with that.

I set an appointment with my regular ENT doctor, a doctor that is considered a very good doctor. I waited for over four months for my appointment, and when it was finally the time to go, I got really excited. But when I got to her and started explaining what I had, she just sent me to a hearing test, thinking it was hyperacusis.

So I set another appointment and a hearing test, waited another couple of months for those two, and when I got back to her with my results, she gave them one look, then looked up at me and said, in these exact words, “Well, that’s what you get for hearing too good”.

I got so very annoyed and insisted she do something. “It’s a neurological condition,” I pointed. And so she sent me to a neurologist.

Of course I waited another month for that appointment. When I got to his office and explained all I went through, he actually made an effort and looked Misophonia up. Then He looked me in the eye, and said, “I can’t help you. You need a psychiatrist”.

Well then. No hope here. I went home, and cried all the way back and at home, for over an hour straight. My Mum then somehow convinced me that I should drop it for a bit. I don’t know how she’d done it, but I dropped it for three months, a bit more.

Then one day I came home from work and saw the newspaper open on a random health article. I looked for a second, and the first word I read was tinnitus. Intrigued, I sat and read the article. I saw the name of some doctor who was one of two doctors who are licensed to perform TRT (Tinnitus Relief Treatment) in my country. Of course I saved the name and looked her up the day after.

Her title was ENT doctor, specializing in tinnitus and hyperacusis. I got so excited and hopeful, yet I was afraid I’ll get to her office and start to cry again when she dismissed me. I called and set an appointment, sad to find out that my health insurance didn’t work with her and it was going to cost me about $200.

I drove all the way to the clinic, paid, and went in. I was so stressed I just said, “Please tell me you know what Misophonia is”. She said, “Of course”. I started crying.

The diagnosis

I sat with her for an hour. She asked questions, smiled at me, and actually looked like this was interesting for her. I guess when you love what you do, you love having those special patients.

She laughed, she smiled, she encouraged, and after forty-five minutes, she said, “Now you’re my patient, and we’re going to help you”. She asked how my parents felt about it, and when I said they refused to understand, she nodded and opened her computer. She wrote a letter for them, explaining everything I was going through, and what they needed to do to help me.

She also said I should order white noise generating hearing aids. She gave me the name of a company that made Tinnitus hearing aids – ones that only generated white noise and weren’t actually hearing aids, and so were cheaper. Unfortunately, we don’t have them anywhere where I live, and I had to order them online from the UK.

The hearing aids

My doctor said that, unfortunately, my country doesn’t have any noise generator sellers. She told me about this British company “Puretone”, and sent me to their website. I started doing my research and had to decide between ITE (in the ear), ITC (in the canal) or BTE (behind the ear).

Each kind of hearing aids has its pros and cons, and eventually I decided to go with BTE. Their battery is bigger, so it lasts longer, the sound is of better quality, it has easier volume control (from 1 to 4, but with in-between options), and with an open fit, it’s not that visible.

My hearing aids are Puretone 22MA+ Open Fit. They cost less than £500, including shipping. They use battery type 312, and they are very small and they come in brown and beige to go with your skin colour.

They generate white noise. The lowest volume option (1) is very nice and you can only hear it when you’re in a really quiet place. The highest volume (4) is a bit loud, and can help cover noises that are a bit stronger than the general sniff.

Arkham Asylum: Day 1

Prologue & Session 1 

The criminally insane.

“A mind’s state that leads a man to furlough their own free will and succumb to the will of their insanity and commit horrendous acts.”

You watched as the tip of his tongue slipped out to wet his bottom lip as his brown eyes watched you in a predatory manner.

“But man furloughs his free will and succumbs to his urges on many occasions to commit…horrendous acts.” His lips spread in a small smirk. “Wouldn’t you agree, Doc?”

“What do you mean?” You tried to reply in a steady voice.

“I mean, look at you, for example, wouldn’t you agree that you have the urge to succumb to your natural urges…desires… lust.” You felt the heat rush to your lower abdomen and your cheeks, instantaneously. He stood up from his chair and walked around your desk. You simply watched, trying to stop the frantic beating of your heart. He bent down, placing a hand on either arm rest of your leather chair, leaning in close enough that you felt the soft puff of his breath against your chest, but you didn’t dare move an inch away. He tilted his head to the side, slightly, gazing into your eyes.
“Wouldn’t you agree that your having these urges right now?” He whispered. “So does that make us both criminally insane?” he asked as he leaned the rest of the way to press his lips against yours.

Your eyes shot open and you sat up panting heavily. You were confused at first at where exactly you were, as you looked around in the darkness. The realization slowly sunk in that you were in your temporary dorm at the Asylum. You sighed, trying to steady your breathing, as you wiped away the sweat from your forehead with the back of your hand. It was just a dream. You mentally told yourself as you slowly relaxed. What a strange dream at that.
The sun was slipping from the horizon so sleep wasn’t going to grace you with its presence anymore. Instead you got out of bed and got dressed.
You locked your dorm a few minutes after and decided to make your way to the cafeteria when you heard screaming from one of the rooms. Strange.
You stepped closer to the door and pressed your ear against the mental surface. There was the screaming again. You swallowed hard, trying harder to listen to what was going on when a hand on your shoulder made you jump.
“You lost your way, doctor?” Gump asked you. You took a moment to steady your breathing.
“No, I …I just heard something. Is everything alright in there?”
“Those are Dr. Crane’s quarters. He will meet you later tonight. As for now, you should go and get some breakfast.”
That was warning enough for you to leave the hallway and dash for Lumpy Custard’s breakfast.

You had grabbed an apple, as that was the most appealing meal it seemed, and looked past the glass window into the cafeteria. Your eyes unknowingly scanned the patients, looking around for one person. He wasn’t there.
“Are you Doctor. Quinn?” A squeaky voice chimed beside you.
“Oh…um, yes.”
“Nice to meet you, I’m Nina, the head nurse.” She greeted you with a charming smile. A smile that was all too charming. “I’m afraid I have to call you into my office for a bit, doctor. There’s a bit of a situation.”
“Follow me.”
You didn’t get a chance to register the girl’s words as you watched her sway her hips down the hall. You saw every male eye linger at her hips as she left the cafeteria. You quickly snapped out of it and ran after her. She took you through hallways with flickering lights. You wouldn’t expect anything less from Gump. She stopped in front of a door and turned to face you before opening it.
“Patient 9 has had a bit of an accident.”
“Patient 9?” Byun Baekhyun. “Is everything alright?”
“This morning when he went to go get breakfast with the others, it seems he spoke the wrong words to another patient and there was a bit of a squabble. He faced an injury to his stomach.”
“What happened?” You gasped with worry, growing more anxious by the minute.
“The other patient drove a plastic fork into his stomach.” She said in the most insincere manner.
“Is he okay?”
“I don’t know; he won’t let me treat him.” She said, with a bit of annoyance.
“What? Why?”
“He says he wants to be treated by you.”
You froze.
She nodded her head and rolled her eyes. “While this is against procedures, I’ll let it slide this one time.” She turned the knob and threw door open. When you didn’t move she nodded with her head for you to go in. You finally did and you couldn’t help the feeling of dread when you heard the door shut closed behind you. You swallowed hard before turning to face the examination table.
There you saw him.
Byun Baekhyun was seated at the edge of the examination table, his teal blue shirt now gone, leaving his upper half bare, his head bowed staring at the ground.
You held your breath as your eyes roamed his naked chest before coming to the bloody wound at his stomach.
He slowly looked up, and there were those eyes you hated to lose yourself in.
“Hello doc.” He smiled, but his words came out strained and you knew it was because of the pain. You still didn’t move. “Won’t you come help me?” Every inch of your mind screamed no.
You took in a deep breath before walking to him.
“Why did you call me here?” You asked in a steady voice as you stopped a foot away from him. You saw his eyebrows furrow together as he realized you weren’t coming any closer.
“I’m in a bit of pain doc.” He said, gesturing to his wound.
“I’m a psychiatrist. You need a nurse.”
“You’re all I need.”
His words snatched the air out of your lungs and you watched his lips spread into a smirk.
Without another word you stepped in front of him and, trying to keep your hands from shaking, you grabbed the bottle of disinfectant wipes. You avoided his gaze, keeping your eyes on the blood. You could tell he was enjoying your distress. He straightened his back so you could get a clear view of the wound. You slowly began dabbing at it.
“How did this happen?” You whispered. You knew his face was inches away from yours and you tried to not let it affect you, focusing on your task at hand. You grabbed the bandages, still avoiding his gaze, and placed it on the wound, pressing the palm of your hand against his stomach to smooth it out.
“Not everyone finds my jokes funny.” He replied in a husky voice that sent shivers down your back.
“Maybe you’re not funny.” You said.
He suddenly caught your wrist, making you look up at him in confusion. His face was inches apart from yours and your gaze lowered to his lips.
“I’m hilarious.” He whispered. You tried to hold back your smile.
Alright.” You pushed away from him as Nina’s voice came through the now open door.
“You got what you want Byun. Now get back to your room.” She said assertively. You turned back to Baekhyun who still had his hand wrapped around your wrist.
“Don’t mind her, doc. She’s just jealous.”
“Jealous?” You asked confused. He leaned in closer to you.
“Jealous that I don’t succumb to my urges for her, like I do for you.” He whispered.
You froze, youe heart sinking to your stomach. He brought your wrist to his lips, placing a gentle kiss and you only watched him silently.
“Let’s go Byun. Or I’ll call Gump in here!” Nina shouted. He dropped your wrist and left the room. You remained frozen in you place, unable to understand anything.
You were either insane or…..

psychiatrists: *diagnoses almost everyone who has depression as a symptom with mdd because it’s easy*

psychiatrists: *immediately prescribes ssris regardless of the fact that they can be extremely dangerous to people with other illnesses*

anti self-dxers: you need to see a psychiatrist because misdiagnosing yourself is The Most Dangerous Thing and also is single handedly responsible for the stigma around mental illness

anonymous asked:

How do tell your parents you might need to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist? I'm really scared to ask because what if they think I'm just being dramatic or something?

Bring it up during dinner or a family meeting. Take a few deep breaths. Mention it casually, and see how they react. Most likely they’ll have some questions, so you might want to be prepared. If they think you’re just being dramatic, try talking to your main doctor about seeing a psychiatrist when you see them next.

The Instruments as Scenes <3
  • Bassoon: A rainy, peaceful day watched comfortably from a window. A hollow scream echoes from the basement.
  • English Horn: a lonely ship presses through the empty sea on a foggy, cold morning. A faceless shape emerges in the distance. How?
  • Oboe: Void.
  • Flute: Your first kiss, at first it seemed so perfect. They were not up to your standards. An unhinged jaw swallowed them in their entirety. There. Better.
  • Piccolo: the birds, on a warm spring day. they hunger for flesh. they get angrier and angrier. you feel their cold, beady eyes on you. Running.
  • Clarinet: An empty hallway, standing alone. Something falls to the tile, a sound that echoes endlessly- ringing. No one is there. Nothing ever fell.
  • Bass Clarinet: a girl weeps in a corner, with her face hidden. It is such a disturbing scene that you can not continue to look. When your gaze returns, she is gone.
  • Saxophone: Screaming, eyeless, children, running frantically. Everything is red.
  • Horn: A beach at early dawn. The tide lowers, to reveal what you think are bodies, but upon further inspection are really only crash test dummies. A seagull pecks at their limp limbs. How did they get here?
  • Trumpet: An epic space war. Shit gets blown up. Neat.
  • Trombone: A dinner table with three people you've never met before. You all sit quietly, eating food that you don't remember being served.
  • Euphonium: A pink and gold sunset, with purple clouds. There's aliens, somewhere out beyond this meaningless rock.
  • Tuba: A jar of ketchup falls off of a table. Someone's going to have to clean that up.
  • Percussion: A noisy, bustling city. People are rushing about, with their heads down, bumping into one another and quickly rushing off. You look around. Everyone is wearing bird masks. Odd. You never got the memo.
  • Violin: An empty, dark auditorium, which stretches too far back to see the end of. A single spotlight is on stage. A single voice says hello, but who can tell from where?
  • Viola: An empty room with that ugly piece of furniture you never liked much.
  • Cello: A practice room with no doors or windows. There is no way out.
  • Double Bass: A nightclub, full of happy tree frogs.