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how do you decide what to do with your face in pictures? there are a lot of tutorials on posing but they mostly just talk about the body and i feel like my face looks boring or weird in most pictures

AS ALWAYS this stuff takes practice. You get more comfortable the more you do it, but there are tips and shortcuts to help you achieve something more in your control then just smiling and hoping you look right. 

My favorite tips are the, “MMMM”  “me” “haha” and “you” tricks! And what they are, are words to say to yourself during your pose to help train your face into specific structures. 

For smiling for example, specifically with your mouth closed, practice saying “MMM” when you pose! It creates a really natural curve to your mouth, without making your cheeks ache and contract when you force yourself into a fake smile. I know this all sounds stupid, but seriously try it. Try it in some selfies, practice agnling your head. Say it out loud if you need to!

Here’s me saying “MMMM” to make a closed lipped smile! 

For an open mouthed, natural, teeth smile, say “Me” when you pose!! You can either say “Me” as you smile for a prounouced smile, or simply say it as the shutter goes off to catch a more candid looking, happy state of your face. 

These are all “me” poses, where im literally saying the word under my breath to train my face. 

Saying “You” so youself as you exhale through your lips, creates a very neutral, easy, UN TENSE, looking face. Its my go to for everything. YOU poses are awesome for static poses, where you just need your face to look normal, natural, and pretty. Lol. It’s great cause if you dont do this and keep your mouth closed, you often look boring or too stiff. Sayng “you” activates your muscles and livens your face enough that you dont look dead or lifeless. 

These are all You poses. I’m literally saying that word a I pose. And some of these I say YOU while putting a little smile in there by thinking happy thoughts.

I don’t use “HAHA” as much, but it really is just like you might think. Saying HAHA out loud as you pose creates that easy going, natural look of laughing. 

As you might tell, Posing is a lot about ACTING as well as knowing your body. 

SO GET LOOSE. In between photos im CONSTANTLY moving around. And after a few shots im cosntantly stretching my mouth wide, making fish faces, puffing my cheeks, RELAXING my muscles so they don’t do that horrendous School Day smile that we all dread. 

And again PRACTICE. Get in front of that mirror and try out a bunch of stuff. Try DIFFERENT WORDS to see what saying them dos to your expression. Try angles and poses at home, so when the camers in front of you, your ready. 

Then youll be able to do more complicated stuff too. 

Hey, (little) guy

Trying to practise limbs and feet and hands using my fav rarepair, here we go. Please enjoy some odd stuff ❤︎ 
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Am I the only one that wants Tom to have a Hellfire moment sometime in the series and sing about his uncontrolled rage?


I swear this fanfiction gives me so much life. 

Fic- I’ll Protect You link:

flashback to chapter 1! I love this story @lattemika, I hope you update soon!



Kind of just a random mishmash of cc that I thought was cool. You get:

- Anto’s Brave clayified. Need (MESH)

- 8 group poses, MUST have these 3 props: (tipped/upright shopping cart, accessory iphone)

Have fun! Like, reblog, bla bla bla


Why I stand with Planned Parenthood

Multiple gynos refused me an IUD because  “oh, it hurts so much to put in when you’ve not had kids! We don’t want to put you in pain!!”

I was at a 7-9 on the pain scale regularly for my periods, and the docs were determined to make me run the gauntlet.

“But what about the pill?”


“Have you thought about depo?”

“Mood drop.”

“And the patch?”

“Family history of breaking out in rashes.”

“Well, what about the nuva ring?”

“How will that NOT give me the same symptom-swap issues?”


“Look, I’m in pain so bad I wake up in the middle of the night. I’m in pain so bad I didn’t know I had appendecitis. I need SOMETHING.”

“Have you tried an ibuprofen protocol?”


“There are yoga poses that help with cramping.”

“I can’t uncurl from the ball of pain I’m in. How the hell am I supposed to hold position?”

“Well, how much caffeine do you drink? That could be a factor.”

“I have three cups of coffee a day and drink lots of water.”

And so on.

Then, one day, I made an appointment and went to Planned Parenthood.

“Yeah. Hi. I have incredibly painful periods that are fucking crippling me, and I need an IUD.”

“Okay. Do you have a chart of your periods I can look at?”


“Okay. Looks like you have regular, heavy periods where the pain is worsening. Is that right?”

“Yup. And the fatigue. And the mood swings. And all of it.”

“Fatigue and mood swings, too?”


“…is there any history of endometriosis in your family?”

“Yup. I’ve never been diagnosed, though. They say it takes a biopsy.”

“The biopsy can confirm tissue, but if you don’t have excess tissue, it doesn’t really help. You can have endo without excess tissue.”

“Okay. So, what are my options?”

“I suggest Mirena. Paraguard can make period symptoms worse even though it’s got no hormones while Mirena has a low-dose hormone that should help with all your pain and other issues. Here’s all the info on both of them. Here are models of both of them. Why don’t you take everything with you, read through it, then call if you have any questions? We can go ahead and schedule for insertion before you leave, and you can just call and say which type you want after you’ve read up. Is that okay?”

“…Yeah. That’s. That’s fine.”

“Do you have any questions right now?”

“Um, I got told a bunch I shouldn’t get an IUD because the insertion will hurt too much because I haven’t had kids.”

“Looking at the pain you’re usually in, I think you can handle it. It will definitely hurt, but it should only last about twenty seconds.”

“Twenty seconds?”


“I’ve been refused the best option for dealing with my symptoms because of TWENTY SECONDS?!”

“Sadly, we hear that a lot.”

Planned Parenthood treated me like a PERSON who was in pain, not a walking uterus bitching and moaning about womanly things. Planned Parenthood showed me respect and kindness and respected the knowledge I brought of my own medical history to the conversation. Planned Parenthood respected my autonomy where other doctors rarely had and paid attention when I explained why I felt the IUD was the best choice. Planned Parenthood showed me I mattered, and I want to show how much they matter to me.

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Can I request some headcanons? The ouran hosts with a crush or s/o who's really good at writing and drawing? Thank you

Of course, you may! I LOVE this request because I am someone who writes and draws so I had a lot of inspiration when writing it. I hope you enjoy!

The Hosts with a S/O who writes and draws -

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  • Will constantly ask you to draw him things
  • mainly himself
  • Loves seeing all of your artwork and will no joke pin it on all the walls
  • He’s like that one parent whose refrigerator is covered in their child’s artwork
  • He is also very interested in your writing and will always want to read it
  • Tamaki will shower you in compliments on every piece you make


  • Always slyly inserting your name into conversations to show you off
  • “Ah yes my dear Y/N is quite the artist themselves, can I show you a piece they made?”
  • Wouldn’t ask for a piece but would gladly take one if you gave it to him
  • Likes to keep certain pieces to himself because he wants to keep certain aspects of you to himself
  • So you’ll probably find some of your drawings on his desk
  • LOVES your writing
  • Drawn in every time he reads your writing
  • Your writing is something he wants to himself, and he can become very jealous if you share it with others


  • The amount of praise you will receive from this boy is insane          
  • Hikaru tries to play off how much he loves your art
  • But he will get jealous if you show someone else your art         
  • “Y/N! I wanted to be the only one to see that piece!”         
  • Usually joins you when you’re drawing          
  • Which leads to drawing challenges (very competitive beware!!)         
  • ADORES your writing as well
  • Like would read it for the rest of his life if he could
  • lowkey reads through your stuff/goes through your sketchbook without you knowing this little shit


  • So happy???
  • Kaoru BEAMS every time you show him something of yours
  • Again wouldn’t ask for you to make him something
  • Though he secretly wants you to draw him
  • “Y/N if you ever need something to draw, I’ll pose for you~.”
  • Kaoru loves powerful writing that leaves an impact on the reader
  • Likes taking your writing with him everywhere so he’s never bored
  • If you every write/draw him something he will hold it dear to his heart and never let anyone else see it

Mori -

  • I honestly think Mori would be the most interested to find out his s/o could write/draw
  • He likes seeing people use things other than words to express themselves
  • Mori’s ears and nose would turn bright red if he found out you wrote/drew something for him
  • But he would cherish it forever omg
  • LOVES all types of writing but poetry is his favorite
  • “I love it Y/N.”
  • smol smile I’m dead

Honey -

  • Will ask you to draw him things every five seconds
  • Likes fictional and humorous writing
  • And picture books obviously I mean have you seen this boy
  • Constantly encouraging you to become a writer/artist as a profession
  • Loves drawing with you
  • Overall a very happy smol bean

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Lapis doing a pirouette? With Peridot watching with admiration?

Here you go !

I’m kinda proud of Lapis’ pose because I didn’t need several attempts haha - also Peridot fangirling is one of my favorite things in this world so I’m glad you asked this :^)

Bonus :

idk if it’s the same in english but in french “pirouette” can also be used as “rolling” so…this thing came into my mind before the previous one

Toddler Bathtime Pose Pack !

Hey my fellow simmers! I worked all day long on a new Pose pack. Since eveyone ask me to do more of those smaller Toddler pose packs I couldn’t resist to do more. This time I did a bathtime pose pack :) You will need teleport any sim mod and andrews pose payer. I also used euphoria creations skintone nappies which I’ll link below. Please do not re-upload or claim as yours :) Enjoy those bath poses and if you like to tag me on my Instagram account (Simming_for_fun) so I can see it :)

Over and out!

Skintone Nappies  

Download SFS

Couple Yoga Posepack!

Hey guys it’s me Simming for fun back from a break of creating poses. I had some inspiration and created this one here. Couples that sweat together stay together! Its comes with 6 Poses. You will need Andrews Poseplayer and teleport any sim mod. Just place two statues at the same spot. Please dont re-upload or claim as yours. I hope you enjoy those poses and let your sims get fit together! If you like to tag me on my instagram (Simming_for_fun) when u use one of my posepacks so i can see and like your photos!

Over and out!

Download SFS