you need a break too


- “What do you mean, Sir?”

- “She looks happy, peaceful… in love.”

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Remember, pals, it’s okay to eat! It’s okay if you have to take medication to get the same balance of chemicals in your brain as other people! It’s okay to care for yourself, even if you don’t think you deserve it (you do)! It’s okay to need a break, too! You are ALL loved!

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When your mom tells you to stop watching Voltron to go socialize with family

TMNT Flashback . . .

“This isn’t you, April!”

“That crystal is changing you! You need to break free!”

“Aw! It’s too much power!”

“I - I can’t control it anymore!”

“You can do it! I know you can!”

“I’m not strong enough!”

“Donnie … I’m sorry.”

“April … ”

“Please … ”

“April! PLEASE!”

Remember Donnie … 😭

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Suffered some bumps on the old noggin’, hey, Phil?

sb: asks a question
jensen: answers it honestly in order to prevent ppl from getting their hopes up
everyone: gets pissed at him for answering the question
me: ?????????

if you’re the kind of person who can’t give compliments without finding a way to be negative for the sake of being negative, you probably shouldn’t leave reviews on other people’s fics

2. Thank You, Rain.

Genre: Fluff

Content: A fluffy bus ride with Minhyuk.

Word Count: 1188

Author’s Note: I had an ask pertaining to something along these lines (and decided I really need to take a break from writing angst for a moment) I hope you enjoy!

The lilt escaping Park Minhyuk’s lips was that of a tune both of you were more than intimidate with. Now, the hold on Park Minhyuk’s heart was something unknown to you. If you were to ask him, being a close friend or colleague, if he was okay; he would flat out say, the pain is synonymous to that of being struck. In which said friend or colleague would slowly back away or nod as if they had any sense of what he was talking about - which they most definitely had not. For it was a different kind of struck feeling pillaging Park Minhyuk’s thoughts and actions. The struck feeling of having affection for someone.

Your face was perpetually etched as clear as an oil painting in Minhyuk’s young mind. Bright pink cheeks with lips that his mind always ate away at him to kiss kiss kiss.. Eyes with pupils that never failed to lure him in and keep him there for ages, because after all, you were the bait and he was the fish.

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Well love your arr keep doing what you love And make your drems come ture..

- Moho says: thank you for this massage and tbh sure, I can have my bad days where I feel like nothing is worth it anymore, but drawing just gives my comfort. I honestly CANT give it up since I’ve been doing to for soo long and it was the only thing that Keeps me entertained through out my boring unproductive life( tho I don’t see my self as an extreme artist that makes paintings and all that jazz) and drawing here makes me more passionate about art since you guys give my positive feedback on my work and comics ! And I really appreciate that🌸 so I understand if you feel like giving up, but if you’re really passionate about it, you shouldn’t. Just take a break from it if you really need too and when you feel like drawing again, do so 👍

If you need a break right now, take it my love🐼❤️💕✨

anonymous asked:

How would the guys react when they've been stressing about confessing to their crush, but they end up beating them to it and confessing to the boys instead?

haAAAAA get rekt

Noctis: His jaw drops, and his face flares up into a bright shade of red. He grumbles something under his breath and looks down to rub the back of his neck. “N…No, no, I’m not put off or anything, I’m… I’m really happy, because… I like you, too.” Needing to break the tension, he shoves their shoulder a little bit and groans, “Ah, c’mon, I was stressing over this and you just come out and say it? Who do you think you are?!” Noctis puts an arm around them and pulls them close anyway. “Jeez. If you knew, you could’ve said something.”

Ignis: He struggles to make any sounds for a solid ten seconds, his mouth opens and closes a few times like a stunned fish. “I… I’m happy to hear you feel that way towards me. I think the exact same of you,” he says once he’s over his initial shock. Ignis sighs loudly and runs a hand down his face. “To think I was fretting so ridiculously over telling you how I felt, and for you to utterly beat me in timing… I’m a fool.” He coughs and reaches for their hand to interlace their fingers. “…Consider this payback.”

Gladio: He blinks once, twice, then stares for a few seconds before pulling them to him in an elated hug. “So you did feel the same. What a relief.” He has to admit, he feels awkward being the one worrying so much over how to confess when his crush seemed to do so with such ease. He rubs the back of his neck. “You caught me off guard there, but I was planning on telling you, too. Can’t believe you beat me to it.” Honestly, once the initial embarrassment passes, it doesn’t bother him much. He just holds them and sighs contently. 

Prompto: He’d probably work up the courage to start to say something, but amidst all his nervous stuttering his crush would go ahead and blurt out their feelings for him. “I- wait, what? Wha? Huh? Me? You, like me? Like, like like? Wait, but I was gonna- that’s my line!” He’d curl up into a defensive ball and hide his face with both hands. “Ugh, come on! I was gonna be the first one to say it anyway, why’d you have to interrupt? I mean, hell yeah I’ll still date you, but dammit, I’m so lame!” he cries. He’d need some comforting later, but at the end of the day he’s still light-headed and happy. 

send me a paring + a sitauation for a fic/ficlet (new years/holiday edition)
  • only two people in this hotel/inn and sitting in my room alone wasn’t fun so I’m invading yours
  • meeting at friend’s new years party
  • snowed in at the airport on new year’s eve
  • “I’m not singing karaoke with you, this isn’t high school musical.”
  • I got into an accident because of the snow and you’re the on call doctor and it’s not just the pain pills talking but I think I want to kiss you
  • I’m trying to drown my yearly sorrows at this bar, stop making me laugh
  • meeting on holiday vacation
  • my resolution was to tell you how I feel so you’re going to sit there while I do it
  • cuddling around a fireplace
  • I’m so sorry that champagne bottle cork hit you when I opened it, I swear it was an accident and I’ll kiss it better
  • I thought you were someone else but I’m still glad I kissed you
  • meeting at new years eve carnival/ball drop
  • fell asleep on each other before midnight and now it’s the new year
  • new years eve/holiday au of your choice
Heartache tore through me like an earthquake, destroying my heart, my soul and everything in it’s place. Leaving me behind like I was hazardous waste. But at the end of the day, you helped me sort through the wreckage and forget their face. And I realized love wasn’t about passion, heat or rage. It was about who you went to when you needed a safe space.
—  Friends can break your heart too

Take Shelter* (Years and Years) x

The struggle of everyday life was starting to wear you out. How the hell did you manage to live like this for the last 6 years? All this mindless bullshit you had to rotate through every single goddamn day; it was all the same. What the hell was the point?

You tugged at your hair, feeling the rough pull of it on your scalp. The need to break something was bubbling within you, too difficult to push back down, so you grabbed a plate off the drying rack and threw it against the wall. You watched as the porcelain shattered across the surface, shards flying in every direction. It felt good. As you reached for another one, you felt a large hand close around your wrist. When you turned around, you saw Mark staring at you in confusion.

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The relaxation fairies want you too remember that even if you are relaxed, you’re body needs to relax aswell. Listen too it, take breaks from your binder and don’t wear it anymore than eight hours a day. You’re just as much as aman without it as with it and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

(tried out a new style/colouring with these, think they did okay.)

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Being Wild

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader
Word count: 1,498 (Before Lyrics)
Warnings: Brief mentions of light drinking. Out of character Balthazar
Request: ( Anonymous ) Can I request a fluffy Balthazar x Reader based on the song Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy? I love your writing by the way!
Authors Note: I’m not very familiar with the song so I hope this works for what you had in mind.  

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