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~bread slime🍞a favorite of mine! {credit}


This is what I’ve doing all day. :’D

smol is no longer me, They have their own story.

I said I would draw Hazy, so I drew Hazy.

…..might’ve Gotten a little carried away.

Hazy belongs to @gremist

and CommandFell!Temmie belongs to @undertale-cat

Smol is mine :’D

My friends in Alabama are way different than my friends back in Wyoming. It’s so bad. In AL all anyone ever wants to do is go out and get drunk or stoned every niiiight and then won’t want to hang out during the day. But my Wyoming friends we would hike and chill by campfires and make s'mores. Or go on road trips. Or watch meteor showers. Or just go for walks and talk about life. Sooooo if you live in north Alabama I need new friends 🙃🙃🙃

Hi guys! So I’ve already told the team this, but I’m sorry to say that after 2.5 years, I don’t think I’ll be continuing my work with Haikyuu translations. It was really fun in the beginning, and it still is, especially when I read your reactions and all, but it’s been feeling like a chore for the last 6 months or so, and I find that I actually start to dread the end of the week when chapters come out just because it takes a lot of effort for me to release each chapter. At this point in my life I feel like I should focus more on real life and things I enjoy doing more, so I felt that this was a good time for me to stop. Thank you to everyone who has kept up over the years, or read the scans at some point along the way. You guys made it all worth it, so thank you for supporting me through the ups and downs. o/

That being said, the rest of the scan team plans to continue functioning so all translations will be posted on the side blog @nijimurashuuzo, so please make sure to support them as well. Also, there are openings for every position (redrawer, proofreader, typesetter, email sender? aka if you want to help but don’t know how to do the other things) so please contact me if you’re interested in helping. It’d be greatly appreciated!

Also for the record, I’m not quitting tumblr lol. Just realized it might sound like that but nope, not yet.

Peace out and get hyped for season 3. Thanks for everything.

There are seriously no reasons to watch Shameless anymore, no matter whether you watch it for the show or for something in particular. Majority of the people haven’t cared about Frank in ages. How long until Fiona’s involved with drama around men again? Ian and Mickey aren’t gonna get a happy ending and are over for good, and who’s seriously interested in Ian without Mickey? Kevin and Veronica were ruined with this shitty Svetlana involvement. Debbie is forever ruined rapist that I’ve zero tolerance for. Carl’s just there and Liam still doesn’t fucking speak. Sheila, Jimmy and Mandy are forever gone. There are no carrying characters or couples left to root on this show anymore. There is no hope, and the fact that this show could still continue after season seven is beyond me.

Shownu Appreciation!!

So I was feeling bad about all the torture I put you guys through last night so I decided to make you babes a Hyunwoo appreciation post! These are some of my favorite Papa Bear moments! Enjoy!!

@flowerboyshownu @myhyunwoolyone @yourbabymonstaaa

This is the very first Monsta X video I ever saw and this scene is the one that sealed my fate! (Also the reason why my initial bias was Shownu before watching No Mercy….Shhhh)

“Adorkable Woo”

Gawd where would I be without “Daddy Moves Woo”?

His eye smile can cure the world of all pain!

And what would a Shownu appreciation post be without stopping to the the lawd for his glorious backside!!

I mean who doesn’t love the Showbooty? And that backside? Good Gawd!!

These are obviously just a few of a ton of my favorite Shownu moments but ain’t nobody got time for that post lol!!

I hope you enjoy ya thirsty hoes (I say that with the utmost love!!) and that this post makes you embrace your inner Jooheon!!