you ned this


When Min Yoongi does that with his face.


Let’s have a good round of applause for some other fellow YouTubers! A stoic af Dutchmen and an eternally sugar high American! YouTuber Ned really satisfies me in a way I cannot explain… And yes, their Minecraft skins are their canon clothes!

Also, Nor is suspiciously good at games and no one knows why. 

Catelyn stumbles from her bed in the middle of the night at the sound of the sobs.  “Robb,” she mumbles to herself.

Her son does not like to sleep.  Nor does he seem to particularly like Old Nan’s attempts to sooth him.  He misses his old nurse, the one from Riverrun, though the gods only know he won’t remember her in a few months.

Catelyn has been in Winterfell for only a week, and she is not yet recovered from the road.  Every night, twice a night if not more, Robb awakens and screams in the night, screams so loudly that Catelyn can hear him even through the thick stone walls with their hot water pumping through them.

She pushes open the door to his nursery, intends to sweep him up into her arms, but she finds that she cannot.  Ned is already there, walking their son up and down the room while Robb weeps, the wetnurse he’d employed to feed his bastard still curled up on her palate on the floor, her pillow over her ears.

“Oh,” Catelyn hears herself say as Ned reaches the wall and turns around.  He stops in his tracks.  

“My lady,” he says, flushing slightly.  “I didn’t mean to wake him.”

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