you nasty boy


The Road So Far: Dean Season 9

Dean, you give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas.

You broke my heart when you thought you lost Cas.

I’d give anything to hear the words, “That’s my girl,” come from your mouth. No matter what the context.

“The two of us moving together. Grinding. Pressing. Pulling.” Sweetie, you name the time and place, I’ll be there.

You’re not poison but sweetie there are NOT other men like you. You’re right. 

I’m proud of YOU, you selfless, loving, kind-hearted man. 

anonymous asked:

I.... I really love Dorian's Kadan shirt from your Pride pic. (honestly i love the whole piece, it makes my heart feel light asdfhh) Do you maybe possibly have a store that one could maybe possibly buy a similar shirt?

Alas, I don’t! I’m sorry. Perhaps if we ask Bioware and/or Sanshee nicely enough…? @sanshee​? Think about it:

It’d be FANTASTIC. (Matching AMATUS shirts for you and your sweetie!)

I’m glad you like the piece though! To be honest it took me a few tries to get a shirt I liked–

um… that one has an explanation I promise

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