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while you’re waiting for me to post or just looking for suggestions, i hope this helps! it took me ages to compile and i’ll update as i come across new pieces, so i hope that both readers and writers alike appreciate this’=) as a reader i know how satisfying it is to read quality fics, and as a writer i know how gratifying it is when someone acknowledges your work. i’ll be honest, it’s mostly smut and lots of fantasy!au because i am a mermaid princess, so of course i’m always thirsty; BUT it’s not all that this list is, i assure you there’s a nice mix of everything~

love always, 토끼 언니

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*i edit this post constantly, so be sure to check it often for updates! i used to keep authors together, but now i just put the newest pieces at the top. i’m always looking for new material, so don’t hesitate to dm me some or send suggestions!

a secret || @stormae

MAE NEVER DISAPPOINTS!! college!nct and some sicheng yes please! technically there is slight smut but truthfully i think it’s the build up that makes it feel so intense so if you’re not in the mood for heavy stuff you should definitely read this.

control (smut) || @jungblue

i usually steer clear from dom!reader pieces because it’s not me at all BUT if i ever did venture out to try myself as a switch this is exactly how i think it would go down, realistically. i really really enjoyed this jimin one~

taste (smut) || @jungblue

poly!taegi help loosen you up while studying so ya know, so you can uh,, think better..:.

step-brother (smut) || @idolimagines

i actually read this one a long time ago but i lost it, but i found it!! so much angst and tension with soon-to-be stepbrother!jaebum oh my eff. it’s a mini series and markson have notable characters throughout! i cried a lot, i loved this so much.

arrangement (smut) || @the-goddesswrites

call boy!hyunwoo is already a yes please BUT this storyline makes it 10,000x better oh my gosh please read this. the appreciation i have for this piece is through the roof.

daddy devil one two (smut) || @dom-joonie

i am such a power sub and this gives me life!!! devil!namjoon ruler of all 7 levels of hell? how can you not be intrigued by this one. (i’m not super into “daddy” but i like the dynamics i just personally prefer another name haha)

the boy next door (smut) || @hansolmates

ROOMMATE!HANSOL!!! this one is so well written with such a good storyline and character development ah. jeonghan+jisoo have active parts in this as well. i cried too but what’s new lol.

misunderstandings (smut) || @hallyuwriters

if you’re new here, know now that i am SO into fantasy au. especially werewolf!! so here’s a mildly angst-ish vampire!you and werewolf!taehyung.

call boy (smut) || @caliboyjaeffrey

rylee and these nct call boy fics are gonna be the death of me. sicheng is such a sweetie, my gosh.

bonus round (smut) || @bxebxee

if i harbored feelings for hoseok this long i too would also give in at the stairwell *insert upside down smiley*

impatient (smut) || @bxebxee

royalty!au and prince taehyung, oh gosh. you’re betrothed to each other and he writes you private letters and ahh i am a mess already please read just read

wait for it (smut) || @workofteaguk

i am such a sucker for royalty!au and with  prince jungkook? hell yeah i’m going to love it. you’re also a princess, how can you not enjoy this one! there’s mild angst but hang tight because it all works out in the end!

call boy two (smut) || @caliboyjaeffrey

so this one was actually on the list AGES ago but sweetheart went and added a second part AND I LOVE IT EVERY BIT AS THE FIRST!! you need to read it!!1! but i do need to warn you that taeyong AND yuta are in this so you will have to wear your seatbelts okay bbies~

face riding (smut) || @17mounteens

there is so much more than just face riding lol but this minghao one shot is well written (as with everything else admin scooter writes – quality). i feel like minghao deserves more writers.. but yeah hehe

thin walls (smut) || @chokemewithjaehyunschoker

neighbor!jaehyun (i might have a thing for neighbor!jaehyun idk this is like the second one haha). this one was very different from the usuals, really really recommend~

jailbreak two || @jooheonster

criminal!jooheon. security guard!you (but you quit after the first, js). this two parter actually takes place like a year a part but that makes it even better? so much tension and feels my gosh.

on a dare (smut) || @badgirlfanfics

this wasn’t even supposed to be angst but i cried?? kihyun being an ass is amusing as always but this felt so real? ANYWAY the storyline is ridiculously good, the smut is amazing, and wah it’s just perfect in every way ok.

shotgun under the blood moon two (smut) || @2badseoulsad

okay i was so conflicted on whether or not to put my own writing but if you only ever read one thing by me LET THIS BE IT. smoker!taehyung but of all the other boys make notable appearances. it’s smut, but it’s funny too, and ah please just read this i promise you’ll enjoy it ok. probably the peak of my writing career.

say his name || @haeng-syo-peace

this fic is the reason i opened this blog to start writing again i kid you not. a must read. it has EVERYTHING in it, and copious amounts of angst and smut. jiho and namjoon!

sins and virtues (smut) || @blackpearl-scenarios

demon!namjoon, i’m kinda emo over this one.

passion (smut) || @deathbyyoongi

hobi angst-fluff-smut done proper!! realistic but dreamy, ah, i love it.

until we meet again || @alienpikachu

this ghost!taehyung piece will rip your heart out and piece it all together again and you’ll be crying and you’ll love it ok.

i don’t bite || @alienpikachu

eeeee vampire!yoongi and guess who delivers his packages..

tinder 2.0 (smut) || @tayegi

a fabulous concept with some angst and jungkook!!

adoration (smut) || @pleaseseokjin

werewolf!seokjin is your boyfriend but watch out for namjoon bc he’s in heat…

time of the month (smut) || @no-more-cream

werewolf!jimin yessss. also appearances by the other two rotten maknae.

why not? two (smut) || @monbebeaf

best friend!changkyun is so comforting and i need him in my life ahh.

territory (smut) || @imaginethisbts

dogboy!taehyung is such a cute concept ugh.

talk dirty to me (smut) || @idolized-scenarios

kiseok(simon d) and that low voice comE ON.

with love and money (smut) || @jaebumgotme

sugar daddy!yoongi realness. it’s got a good storyline, and yonni paints beautiful pictures in your head i’m tellin’ u~

blue bloods (smut) || @jaebumgotme

why do i love when jimin is abrasive but not? tbh pretty sad.

i’m not a kid, two (smut) || @drquinzelharleen

businessman!jungkook as your boss’ son with an actual storyline yay!!

scent, sweat, heat (smut) || @itsyvvngis

werewolf!jungkook dramaaaaa. chimchim makes an appearance too~

feelings || @tenpioca

this soulmate!donghyuck(haechan) is next level, really love the concept!

not to be || @tenpioca

ah soulmate!jaehyun for when things seem bleak but you just gotta make things happen.

soon, two, three ,four || @blubeeny

this novella should be published my gosh it’s flawless! romance, heartache, smut, fluff, it’s got everything. probably the truest piece to minhyuk as fiction can get~

from dust to dust || @jungkxook

warlock!jimin has my heart torn. there’s some smut in here but it’s light.

claimed (smut) || @ellieljade

tbh jimin is a real brat and gets jealous bc of how flirty hobi is around you but of course my heart is still fluttering after finishing this so..

elevator rides and expert tongues (smut) || @mystikimagines

a classic. oh yoongi…

breaking the mold (smut) || @keurimnsuga

idk why student council president!taehyung isn’t more of a thing bc it should be!!

roommates? two (smut) || @keurimnsuga

THIS ICONIC TWO PARTER WAS THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP. it holds a very dear place in my heart. also, who doesn’t want taehyung as a roommate.

princess (smut) || @daddyjooheon

jooheon is my ult so of course this is in here.

color you mine (smut) || @noir0neko

teacher!jimin oh be still my beating heart!

below zero (smut) || @noir0neko

in a world where you’re both rich but of course you’re still not enough (to everyone but taehyung). super angsty but i love hurting myself so

void, two, three || @ncttrashaf

if you like dying here’s a johnny trilogy. eloquently written though, bless~

just one day (smut) || @t-o-p-madam

I HAVE NEVER CRIED MORE AND LOVED IT SO MUCH. i’m not trying to shove this one down your throat but it’s perfect and you’re missing out. boyfriend!hyunwoo is so realistic and maybe that’s why it kills me.. (also, this deserves SO many more notes than it has?? wtf i don’t understand)

holier than thou || @stormae

tattoo artist!ten needs soo much more appreciation ahh a true work of art~

hellion (smut) || @stormae

demon!ten sounds hot (and it is wow) but tbh i cried at the ending.

salt and iron || @i-would-rather-be-queen

bodyguard!jooheon is something you didn’t know you wanted until now.

inbetween (smut) || @bangtanboysboo

i am literally mega heart eyes for every fantasy!au this fairy dumpling(i hope you take that as a compliment?) writes. nymph!taehyung on this piece, eek!

instinct (smut) || @bangtanboysboo

it’s mating season and both you and your mate werewolf!jungkook are going crazy. werewolf!jimin is your brother. i’ve read this one so many times you’d think i’d have it memorized by now but nope.

strangers (smut) || @the95liner

wealthy and sophisticated jimin yes please. also, you’re in art curator, go you! i thoroughly enjoyed this one.

the switch (smut) || @kookingtae


the equation of love || @kookingtae 

professor!yoongi gosh this series has dragged my heart over the whole damn creation, i love death.

la douleur exquise (smut) || @kookingtae

okay i’m really not one for “the other woman” type scenarios but frick man, this one got me crying on my knees. taehyung angst ouch.

triplicity (smut) || @kainks

poly!yoonseok, honestly i’d probably make a deal out of something dumb like this too so #relatable.

just like honey (smut) || @taehyugme

a proper sugar daddy!seokjin

mine (smut) || @whoistaehyung

super intense alpha werewolf!namjoon. i really enjoyed the detail of character rank, it added to the story a lot. werewolf!jaebum is in here too but it’s not about him.

a sip from the grail (smut) || @asexpectedofthestork

being a donor to vampire!jungkook just got a little more exciting..:.

delicacy || @failaise

very unique vampire!jooheon, really beautifully written~

internet fiend || @thedreadedsweaterinyourcloset 

neighbor!jaehyun steals your wifi to watch porn, giving you viruses lol. v entertaining!

Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?



“The Thatcher Effect, also known as the Thatcher illusion, illustrates that the brain can’t properly process a photo of a face that is upside down. The interesting part is that the brain thinks it can so you get a confident feeling that everything is alright, until you turn it over.”(

“The Thatcher effect or Thatcher illusion is a phenomenon where it becomes more difficult to detect local feature changes in an upside-down face, despite identical changes being obvious in an upright face. It is named after the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, on whose photograph the effect was first and most famously demonstrated.” (Wikipedia)

The brain is conditioned to see what it expects to see rather than what is presented with. No matter how obvious it is, the brain will still think what it sees must be right. (sounds too familiar, doesn’t it?)

And you read my writing upside down.

You Must Be This Tall To Read This Fic

Prompt: Could you write something where Jason has a short s/o and him always having to bend over and the reader having to stand on their tiptoes when they kiss, and him having to reach things for them or putting things out of reach? Just domestic fluff please by anon

“What the actual fuck do you think you are doing?” Y/N heard as she felt two arms wrap around her waist and pull her off the counter.

She had been trying to find something and it wasn’t on the lower shelves so she had climbed up on the counter. When she had still been unable to find what she needed, she had stood up on the counter and continued her search.

So Jason had walked into the kitchen to find his girlfriend literally standing on the counter and looking through the cabinet.

“I was getting something.” Y/N explained as he put her on the ground.

“And you couldn’t have pulled up a chair? Jesus Christ, Y/N, you almost gave me a heart attack. I almost died. Again.” Jason said, gripping his chest dramatically.

“I didn’t think about that. And it is your fault anyway for putting everything on the top shelf anyway.” Y/N said as she grabbed a chair and pulled it over to the cabinet she had previously been looking in.

Jason just smirked and watched her continue looking. “Do you need some help?” He asked sickeningly sweet.

“Not from you, you fucking giant.” Her voice sounded a little echoey because her head was currently in the cabinet.

“What are you even looking for anyway?” He asked as he watched her close the cabinet with a sigh.

“My sewing supplies. They were in a cookie tin, but now I cannot find it.” Y/N said as she got down from the chair. Jason thought about it for a minute before pulling the chair to a cabinet so high up even he needed help reaching it. He stood on it for a minute and pulled a cookie tin out.

“Is this it?” He asked, holding it out to her.

Y/N took it and opened it up to find actual cookies. “Of course.” She sighed. “The one time I don’t want cookies would be the one time this is the actual cookie tin. Are there any more tins up there?”

Jason looked back into the cabinet. “Nope, that was the only one.” He got down and put the chair back up. “Sorry, babe. For once I didn’t actually hide it.” He came over and leaned down to kiss her cheek. “You want to watch a movie?”

“Sure, I don’t have anything else to do. What did you have in mind?” Y/N asked as she let him lead her to the couch.

“I picked last time, it is your turn.” He said as he settled on the couch. She quickly found something that she liked and put it on. She sat on the couch and leaned against Jason, then she put her legs up on the couch and stretched them out.

One of the few times she would ever be thankful for being short, she could usually stretch out comfortably on a couch.

She had almost fallen asleep when Roy came in. 

“Hey, who took my cookie tin and filled it with sewing supplies?”

blissfultxuch  asked:

Hi I was just wondering since you write such amazing fics, you must know or read amazing fics or maybe some good writers. Could you recommend some to me please? Thank you!!!

Here are a few of my faves: @girl-next-door-writes @outside-the-government @netflixandcastiellll @imoutofmyvulcanmind @willowing-love @splendidcas @divinitycas @joanne-egberp @bkwrm523 @trekken81 @wheresthekillswitch @musingsongbird @darkmystress00 @itsanerdlife @sugarquillstarlord


“If you want to write, if you want to create, you must be the most sublime fool that God ever turned out and sent rambling. You must write every single day of your life. You must read dreadful dumb books and glorious books, and let them wrestle in beautiful fights inside your head, vulgar one moment, brilliant the next. You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads. I wish you a wrestling match with your Creative Muse that will last a lifetime. I wish craziness and foolishness and madness upon you. May you live with hysteria, and out of it make fine stories — science fiction or otherwise. Which finally means, may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.”  – Ray Bradbury

anonymous asked:

Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking but would you recommend any books to read? I'm trying to decide what next to read, and I thought I like your writing so I'll ask what you would rec? Don't worry about genre, just any book you'd think one should read or anything that inspires your writing ? I love your writing so automatically felt you must read books with depth. I hope this ask doesn't feel too pushy or intrusive. Thank you :)

Hahaha, oh my god. I don’t consume as much published fiction as I should (so much fanfiction. So little time) so I’m probably not the best person for book recs that aren’t classics/things you’d probably read for school, so :P but I can tell you some books that have stuck with me over the years or have informed portions of my works!

The entire Middle-earth legendarium (the Hobbit, LotR, the Silm) by J.R.R Tolkien has been with me since sixth grade, and I guess his attention to detail in worldbuilding really rubbed off on me! The Hobbit is a very short light read, though you’ll probably get irritated at the lack of female characters. LotR requires stamina because he goes on and on and on about Tom Bombadil for a chapter or two and it’s… It reads like a history book. Because he made up LotR to disseminate his elvish languages Sindarin and Quenya. It wasn’t the other way around. And it’s pretty obvious. (And the Silm is even more of a history book, but with added Elves Behaving Badly. and suffering.)

Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy is one of my favourite pieces of classic literature, not only because Thomas Hardy drags 19th century British society for their double standards regarding female sexuality but also the prose is so beautiful? There’s a scene where Angel Clare carries Tess across a river and it’s nothing but doki doki schmoop schmoop in the most beautiful of words, and now that I really think about it no wonder most of the selkie AU was also doki doki schmoop schmoop in pretty words. I love Tess so much, I would fuckin die for her, and fuck EL James for completely misinterpreting the entire novel in Fifty Shades.

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare is probably one of my favourite comedies of his (but I like. am a huge Shakespeare nerd? check out my Shakespeare sideblog @eighttwotwopointthreethree lmao). I’ve got mixed feelings about the slutshaming section of it but like, it’s pretty obvious that Claudio is a foil to Benedick when that plot point rears its ugly head so like. Kill Claudio amirite. Anyway. The point is, the entire setup between Bea and Ben is fucking amazing and @actualyuuri and I super duper want to see a Viktuuri AU set to Much Ado for this reason

(I could also talk about Julius Caesar, and Twelfth Night, and Richard III, and Romeo and Juliet – but then I’d be here all day. I love Shakespeare so much)

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro fucked. Me. Up. That quiet moody introspective narration! This terrible dystopian universe told in such a soft way!!! Pls let me live oh my god. 

Life on Mars by Tracey K Smith is a book of poems that she wrote to work out her feelings around her father’s death, couching it in stuff about the endless unknown of space (and also David Bowie). I feel like her style of poetry at least lowkey influenced some of the poems in the selkie AU? Also I just love space poems.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is so… relevant. And I’m so pumped for the Hulu miniseries oh my god. It’s a really gripping, slightly terrifying in the current climate kind of read. 

The Princess of Cleves by Mme de Lafayette. oH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I know like most French students hate having to read this novel but I am SO ALIVE, I LIVE for longwinded descriptions of how fuckin besotted M de Nemours is, I LIVE for the sweet sweet drama of people who clearly wanna bone each other deciding not to and then pining away terribly forever and ever. (I also LIVE for the ending lmfao because that’s exactly how I like het media to end.) Anyway, if I were to write a period drama Viktuuri AU I would probably utilise elements of the plot of the Princess of Cleves that is how much I love this novel okay. You’ll probably see influences from it in my writing from the way a lot of the action gets driven by introspection and stream of consciousness, so yeah.

Also, I don’t know if you also want nonfiction recs, but I really enjoyed Day of Empire by Amy Chua, the Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett, How to Ruin a Queen: Marie Antoinette and the Diamond Necklace Affair by Johnathan Beckman (it doesn’t even read like a history book it reads more like a whodunit!) and oh. my god. The Reluctant Empress by Brigitte Hamann. I am such trash for this biography of the Empress Elisabeth I of Austria. I would also probably put in elements of the early parts of her life into this hypothetical period drama AU for Viktuuri because fuckin Franz Joseph disregarded all of his duties to watch his fiancee get her portrait done like he’s not the fuckin Emperor of Austria? What the hell? And she commissioned portraits of herself in deshabille for an anniversary present??? which he hung over his desk like BABE. DON’T PUT NUDES OF YOUR WIFE UP IN YOUR OFFICE OH MY GOD. (like I recognise that her story was ultimately super duper tragic and the Habsburgs are all just a big mess but every time I think about this stuff I just die a little on the inside from happiness so)

Anyway that’s probably enough to get you started, and I’m sorry for my disintegrating coherency. Like I said I really should read more published works! Pretty high on my list rn is the Miniaturist by Jessie Burton mostly because I stole so much of what happened to her regarding the publication and success of that novel for the selkie AU that I’m really genuinely interested in what caused such hype lmao. So yeah happy reading!
Until we meet Chapter 12: KlarolineInfinity 1, a vampire diaries fanfic | FanFiction


This is exactly what I wanted to see in canon, I’m not joking. Thank you to the talented @ashleigh-jewitt-xx for giving me a Klaroline reunion after Liz died. It was equal parts emotional and beautiful. And that ending, gah I just want more ; ) Thank you for writing this, luv! A definite must read.

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You must write for the wound of
all closed buildings, inbetween
of this and that street, unnamed
in the city to be ever known.

You must write for the blindness of
grandmother, pissing her pants
in the dark night of the clinic while
her son never comes to visit her.

You must write for the mutated heart
of the lonely man, which is irratiated
by the meaning of love. A man who is
incapable of having anything else.

You must write while being anyone,
everyone and while not being the
person you will always be. Must walk
identity across letters with meaning.

You must write about this occasion,
as a star suddenly crosses the mind
and there is only a space to see it.
You must write about it while crying.

You must write with possibility, an empty
page which is read by someone
with crystalline eyes deep inside of her.
You must write with a lonely child.

anonymous asked:

Hi--so I have to tell you, like so many of your other stories, I really love TWS. I wouldn't even care if you only updated once a month (okay I might be sad) but the wait however long is always worth it! Seriously you've made me want to try and start writing even though I think I might be awful at it, but I'm kind of hoping it will be therapeutic in a way after my breakup. Or I'll write something and I'll never let anyone read it haha

Oh, you must start writing! Everyone needs a creative outlet, especially in the wake of a break up.

If you want to write, if you want to create…you must write every single day of your life. You must read dreadful dumb books and glorious books, and let them wrestle in beautiful fights inside your head…I wish you a wrestling match with your creative muse that will last you a lifetime. I wish craziness and foolishness and madness upon you. May you live with hysteria, and out of it make fine stories…may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.
—  Ray Bradbury