you must follow your hearts

Twelfth Night | Alfie Solomons

Request: @tenebris-animam Can you please write an imagine where the reader is an independent woman who wants a job at the bakery, so she dresses as a man and no one finds out except Alfie? If you don’t vibe with the prompt I understand :)

Notes: gosh it’s been awhile… shaking off some dust with this one… 

During the war, you’d worked for a munitions factory and become one of the Canaries. The name came as such due to the yellow staining of your skin from the chemical compounds that you had to handle. It was dangerous work but you felt of use, you were doing something toward the effort. You’d always been ambitious and despite the low wage, the high risk, it felt good to finally put your hands to something. You’d never had any interest in settling down and being a good wife, as your mother used to put it.

You’d always thought there was more for you than that.

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I wish love and life could work in unison, but we’re cursed human beings and the world doesn’t cooperate. It’s inevitable and you must follow one or the other; your heart or your feet. I still haven’t found anywhere that’s worthy in between.
Together We Stand

Owen Grady x reader

Sent in by: anon

Warning: cursing

You and Owen had been in a relationship for one year, and it always would be filled with laughter or screaming. As a perfect relationship without arguing did not exist. But you knew from the beginning that you and Owen would argue sometimes, but at the moment - you did not remember what the two of you had been arguing about.

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Do whatever you wanna do babe 😎

Your RPG Class Is: Druid
You grew up in a loving druidic tribe in the forest. Your best friend would weave flowers into your hair and tell you how they would whisper about you and your beautiful curls. The two of you would hang from the branches of the tallest tree and run across the forest floor with the wind running against you. You spent years doing this until the oceans and mountains of a far off land beckoned you. You knew that you must heed their call and follow your heart to sights unknown.

With 1,000+ followers, the Beacon crew wanted to tell you all something. Something important!
  • <p> <b>Ruby:</b> Hi everyone! Thank you for sending us all this love here at Beacon, you all mean so much to us! But remember, you've got to give love to yourself too. As well as those around you!<p/><b>Weiss:</b> Yes, of course! Even if something seems impossible, keep trying your best. With strength and perseverance, you can move mountains! So follow your goals, and don't forget to set new ones after you complete them!<p/><b>Blake:</b> Also, as easy as it seems to be, running away from your problems won't help. You have to face your demons head on. Which is scary, I know. But you aren't alone, you have others. Don't be too scared to accept help.<p/><b>Yang:</b> Try not to stay hidden in your room forever, remember to get out of there, and say "hi" to family, they probably miss you a lot. And you don't have to jump out there for hours, just go out, say hello, and then you can go back into your safe space, keep trying though, baby steps.<p/><b>Jaune:</b> If you ever doubt yourself, don't worry. It's something we all do. Just keep self reflecting, hunt down whatever about yourself you don't like, and then begin to work on changing it. Or removing it. But just don't give up, you are worth it, and so much more.<p/><b>Nora:</b> Remember that it's always okay to treat yourself to nice and yummy snacks! Anybody, from body builders to just your average day person, everyone deserves to taste some yummy food. Even if it's a little bad for you. Just make sure you have self control and can practice moderation.<p/><b>Pyrrha:</b> If you have feelings for someone, act upom them. The worst they can do is say no. And yeah, rejection hurts, it really does. But that's the first step to getting over that obstacle. And if they say yes? That's wonderful!! Please enjoy your newfound relationship, just make sure it's healthy, and all parties are happy.<p/><b>Ren:</b> Nora is right yes, but also remember to try and eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are important for growing bodies, for bodies in general. Take some quick time to research what kinds of fruit and vegetables are good for you. And if you're allergic, try and find a safe substitute.<p/><b>Coco:</b> Try out new clothes, experiment with your fashion, don't be afraid to do something out of this world! And if you can't afford this style. Don't worry, you could always learn how to sew, homemade things are always better, aren't they?<p/><b>Fox, signing:</b> If you feel as though you're surrounded by an impenetrable darkness, don't lose yourself over it, take a seat, and a breath. And you will find the light! There is always a light, we all believe in you. Go get it!<p/><b>Velvet:</b> Taking lots of pictures is fun, you could cover your walls in pictures of things that make you happy! But don't forget that pictures do not equal memories, so whenever you take an amazing photo, put the camera down and etch the subject of the photo to your mind. Try your best to remember the things you love.<p/><b>Yatsuhashi:</b> If you feel as though you're intimidating, do not worry. The character archetype of a gentle giant is truly a great one. Change that intimidation into a sense of power and courage that people will respect and love. Change it into something you would love.<p/><b>Sun:</b> Don't forget to exercise! Go for light jogs at first, exercise is healthy for the body and the mind. Also remember to eat things that will give you the appropriate amount of energy, you can't run a mild off of a bag of chips! Try a few bananas!<p/><b>Scarlett:</b> If anyone ever laughs at the way you look, ignore them. You're rad if you feel rad. Simple as that. End of story. No one else can ruin that for you, no one.<p/><b>Sage:</b> If you ever feel as though you're just a character in the background, sit down and think about it. If life is a big story, yes you're a background character for strangers. But you're a sidekick to those you love. And you're the hero of your own story. Never forget that.<p/><b>Neptune:</b> Try and beat your fears, you can do it! Scared of spiders? We all are, you aren't alone! Try your best to get over a fear, because you can do it! We're all here to help!<p/><b>Cardin:</b> Don't be afraid to apologize for something bad you've done, it'll make you feel a lot better in the long run, believe me.<p/><b>Ozpin:</b> No matter what in life. You must do what you find is right. You have to follow your heart, your soul. That's what is important.<p/><b>Glynda:</b> Even if it'syour job, there are some messes that you don't need to clean up. Don't let other people's mistakes consume your life. You have yourself to worry about.<p/><b>Qrow:</b> Try your best not to fall into addictions, but if you do, don't be ashamed. It happens to a lot of people. And don't worry either, there's help out there for you. You only have to ask for it.<p/><b>Cinder:</b> Don't stick around with manipulative people, they're not good for you, or your soul. People like that will only hurt you. It's best to cut yourself away from that toxicity, even if it hurts you in the short term. You'll be so much better off in the long term.<p/><b>Mercury:</b> Sometimes...parents aren't what theyre they're cracked up to be. Some parents are just bad people. That's just it. If it applies to you. Keep fighting for the chance to grow up to become a strong and stable adult. One that will never sink down so far as to hurt a child.<p/><b>Emerald:</b> We all have bad habits, ranging from nail biting to shoplifting, but no matter the range, with enough work and willpower. You can break those habits. And replace them with good habits, you can do it!<p/><b>Roman:</b> If you don't feel love in a romantic way, don't worry. Platonic love is some of the strongest stuff out there.<p/></p>
  • Penny: Don't ever worry about being forgotten about, you have friends and family that will remember and love you well after you're gone, but that doesn't mean leaving won't crush them. So do your best to keep yourself here as long as you can.!

●▬▬✿✿Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ✿✿▬▬● “Be glad of your human heart.” All the individuals that were inhabiting that marvelous planet had a human side, or at least she believed so. “You must always trust and always follow what your heart acclaims. I’m sure it’ll always guide you along the right path. We all commit mistakes.” @prince-demando


Never let anyone tell you how to feel
or criticize the way in which you write
even if well intentioned they are fools 
for they know not your heart’s delight

Never let them show you how to see
as they are not you and cannot know
if you’re ever lost look into your heart 
for it understands where you must go

11x11 Scene

“Would you like to know the secret to living a long and happy life?”

“Yeah, I would, actually.”

“Follow your heart.”

I really feel like this season has been all about telling Dean to settle down with a romantic interest.  But that can’t be right, because Dean’s only acknowledged romantic interest at the moment is Amara and that relationship is 100% nonviable without the world ending.  So…WHO ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT DEAN.  TO WHOM MUST YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART.  WELL DEAN.  WHO IS IT.  WHO DO YOU LOVE YOU ASSHOLE

you get to a point where other people’s advice just sounds like static and the sound doesn’t help as much as it harms anymore– you stop listening to what other people have to say and it doesn’t matter what they think or how crazy they think you’re getting because you read a poem once about a girl who compared her body to a car talking about how if she rammed herself against enough trees that she’d stop feeling it eventually and you’ve been ramming yourself against other people’s bodies for the past 7 months like making fake love in the backseats of borrowed cars is a holy saving grace like its the only thing that makes you feel okay and

maybe you are getting a little out of hand maybe you’ve been throwing yourself too close to the edge too many times and everyone knows that if you throw yourself a little too hard that maybe next time you’ll finally just fall off the goddamn cliff and you can’t tell if it’d be a tragedy to everyone around you or just a relief–

they say you need to focus on wanting yourself but what they don’t understand is that you want yourself just a little too much and you want all of these voices to just shut the fuck up like
“gosh you’re becoming such a slut”
“it’s okay she’s just having fun”
or better yet
“she’s just trying to be okay again”

but what do they know?

what do they know about having fun or being okay or that none of what you’re doing is any of these things because you’re not having fun fucking your friend’s brother while she’s in the shower and you’re not using him to fill some kind of void– fuck–

you don’t even know why you’re doing any of what you do why you smoke why you drink why you don’t exactly throw yourself at warm bodies but you open up the door for them if they come knocking if you know what i mean and you don’t know why you’re so confused or upset it’s just that life keeps sucker punching you right in the gut and it kicks you like a dog when you’re down and

maybe you are going crazy maybe your mom was right and that you do need to start seeing someone but what the fuck do these people know because it’s your body and it’s your choice and as long as it’s not hurting you or anybody else then you’re doing okay right?

but you’re not exactly sure what’s going on whether or not you’re hurting yourself or anybody that you love–

they say this is how girls like you lose themselves and maybe now that isn’t such a bad thing but you’re afraid of what you’ll find sitting in the old you’s place and that’s enough to keep you stuck in the middle

you’re not quite in the light but not completely submerged in the dark either it’s enough to keep you balancing on the tightrope it’s enough to keep you swerving to miss all the trees on the highway all the headlights all the drugs with unpronounceable names and boys with unfamiliar faces it’s enough to keep you independent but still afraid wondering if you really do need help or if this is just something that can be easily fixed/easily tamed

like your mind is some kind of wild animal or forest fire and with the way things are going it’s starting to feel like both nothing is stopping nothing is making sense and there are two kinds of people in your life–

the ones who know what’s going on and don’t seem to care and the ones who think you’re just fucking fine but would freak out if they knew and you can’t make the former care and you don’t want to make the lives of the latter more complicated

you really just don’t know what to do and to tell you the truth it’s hard to say what could happen if you keep letting this go on kid– but finding a way to change– now that’s the hard thing

you’re too scared of what other people will think because everyone knows you this way and no ones throwing you a life jacket no one is saving you and you don’t really know how to save yourself but you’re trying god you’re trying hard but even you are not invincible

your demons cannot be fought off with just your heavy thoughts and bony arms and you must realize somehow that you must follow your heart

but finding the path that it’s trying to take– now that’s the hard part

please tell me someone understands this // do any of us ever need fixing?


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Happy Undertale Day!

I wasn’t on my computer since the past few days so I’m replying this today even if it’s over already.

Happy Undertale’s day to everyone, undertale had brought light to my darkest days and helped me to open up myself to others. I had - and still have - wonderful supporters who help me to stay determined and keep going despite getting through a living nightmare. Undertale’s  community is amazing and I’m glad I’ve been able to meet some of the most important people in my life.

@azraeltree, my lovely marshmallow, an incredible person with a big heart who listen to my worries and is there when I need it the most and accept my flaws. I find in her a confident, a best friend, and an adorable cinnamon roll that became an important piece of my life.

@alainaprana, a talented story teller and a lovely friend I can relate to a lot, sharing stories and silliness.

@furgemancs, lovely friend I’m looking up to for her amazing and deep tought ay Asylumtale. She’s adorable and fun to talk with.

@foreverafterall, one of the first person I meet in this fandom and who encouraged me to keep working on my own AU. An awesome fellow canadian~<3

@reyindee, who encouraged me to create my own AU, without her, UnderDecay wouldn’t be what it is today.

@inhale-the-sans, A wonderful ball of pure angst and silliness (Miss yah sweetie !)

I’ve met many more… SO MANY people @7goodangel, @sugartalesans, @nekophy, @miya-sheep, @zenoo1, @turtledoveanimations, @askinfresh, @solotale, @sorumegane13… and SO MUCH more. For someone afraid of social interaction like me, who almost gave up on everything, meeting you have been the greatest thing that ever happened in my life.

Undertale taught me to never give up, even when things get hard, even if you feel at the bottom, even if you lose all your hope… you must never give up and follow your heart. That sometimes, the hardest path worth it at the end. You can achieve all your dreams, if you’re determined enough.

Thank you @undertale, you changed my life and I’m looking forward in hope of a better day. 

Non-Trad Ch. 4

You’re a non-traditional student in your senior year at college, with an even more non-traditional past. When you meet someone who makes your heart flutter, you can only hope he’s as non-traditional as you are.

A/N: Your friends are Kelsey @leviathanslovedick , Allie @but-deans-back-tho, Emily (she is modeled after someone, but her name has been changed to protect the innocent), and Cait @oriona75. The bitchiest bitch to ever bitch, Jess, is @abaddonwithyall (who is nothing like I’ve written her here, so a big thank you goes out to her for allowing me to besmirch her good name!).This was inspired by a fic written by @icecream-and-gadreel way back in December. Hers is a fabulous smutfest of kink-filled sin. Mine’s more like an old-fashioned Harlequin Romance.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Chapter 4

Summary: More of Cas in the garden, and we learn something new!

Warnings: Bees. That’s about it.

Word count: 1618

A/N: I’m opening up my ask box for questions for the characters!! Wanna ask Professor/Fireman!Sam a question? How about Fireman!Dean? You really want to ask Cas a question, though, right?? Ask away!!!

Over the next couple of hours, you harvested the ripe tomatoes and peppers, helped Cas unearth and untangle the dead morning glory vines from the arbors, and pulled the dead stalks from the daylilies. It was while you were pulling stalks that you found yourself too close to the far corner of the garden that was closest to the hives.

You had been just keeping your head down, trying to concentrate on your work instead of the man who kept raising your heartbeat every time he got near you, so you didn’t realize where you were until a loud buzzing noise zipped by your ear. You waved an arm and cried out in surprise, turning your head to see what had dive-bombed you. Seeing a couple of the bees heading right for you, you screeched and tried to back away from them calmly. They must have thought you smelled good, though, because they just followed you. Your heart was racing as you started to panic, trying not to wave your arms wildly because you knew that would just excite them more.

You were almost out of the garden in your panic when you slammed into Cas’s chest and his arms wrapped tightly around you. You buried your face in his neck, your hands pressed against his chest, and one of his hands came up and stroked your hair.

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