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Anon: Just saying, car crashes are angsty ((ALSO LAMS IS GREAT)) :000

Lams sure is great for this prompt!! ;))) Angstliving continues! Here we go, kiddos! <333

Alexander was angry. He was angry at John, he was angry at himself.

His anger must have been noticeable in the way he clicked John’s seatbelt around the slumped boy because John whined and reached for his boyfriend.

“Not now, John,” Alex grumbled. He slammed the passenger side door shut and got into the driver’s side. He let his head drop into his hands for a moment.

“Baaaaabe,” John sighed.

“Not. Now.” Alex said through clenched teeth.

“I didn’t mean to punch him,” John slurred.

“You’re drunk. We aren’t doing this now.” Alexander had had enough of this. John had promised not to drink. Promised.

He knew Alex hated driving, especially at night. Especially when they had a curfew hanging over their heads. Especially when he was going to have to figure out how to sneak an obviously drunk John past the Washingtons, which didn’t feel right, but having them know his boyfriend was drunk while being underage also didn’t sound like a great plan.

He hated the position John had put him in.

Alexander knew that sitting there wouldn’t help them at all, so he begrudgingly started the car and pulled out onto the road. Thankfully the party had been at Aaron Burr’s place, in a suburban neighborhood that bordered the one the Washingtons lived in, so they weren’t far from home, but it was still unfamiliar to Alex. And it was still dark out. And his boyfriend was still drunk and bloody.

“Lee started it,” John mumbled unprompted.

“You should’ve walked away,” Alex said.

“I can take him.”

Alex would have rolled his eyes if they weren’t so glued to the road. “Yeah, tell that to your bruised ribs and bloody nose.”

“He only got the best of me ‘cause I’m druuuuunk,” John said.

“No, he got the best of you because you’re drunk and because he’s a burly upperclassman who works out regularly. Even sober you had no chance, and you know that,” Alex said.

He hated John’s self-destructive streak. He knew that was why his boyfriend drank. Why he picked fights he would most certainly lose.

“I’m strong,” John said, his voice fading.

Alexander knew that if he looked over at John, his eyelids would be fluttering shut. Normally that was the cutest, sweetest sight in the world. But not tonight.

Tears started to swell in Alexander’s eyes. He was torn between his worry over John and his anger at him.

Just as he was trying to blink away his tears, Alex noticed a shape slowly crossing the road, no more than ten feet ahead of him. Deer!

Alex slammed on the brakes and swerved the car away from the creature, toward the sidewalk, which his wheels promptly bumped into, jolting John awake.

Alexander panted as he watched the deer hightail it across the rest of the abandoned road, and he thanked whatever god may or may not be up there that he’d been going 25 miles per hour, five under the speed limit, instead of five, or more, over.

“A-alex?” John stammered.

Alex couldn’t say anything. I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. He’d nearly seen death again. He’d nearly killed his boyfriend. It was too much.

He felt a warm hand slip into his. “You’re shaking,” John said.

“I’m sorry, John,” Alex whispered, his eyes glued to the spot in the road where the deer had first appeared.

“Why are you apologizing?” John asked.

“I nearly killed us,” Alex said as if in a trance where words held no weight because if they did, they’d be crushing, and Alexander was too fragile for that at the moment.

I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.

“Let’s get home,” Alexander said robotically.

“Alex,” John said, reaching to place his hand on his boyfriend’s arm.

Alex jerked away before John could make contact. He pulled back out onto the road, and a silence descended upon the car for the remaining seven minutes of their drive home.

When they got to the Washington’s, Alex cut the engine, but made no move to get out of the car. He didn’t even unbuckle his seatbelt.

“Alex, talk to me?” John pleaded.

“I…” imagine death so much it feels more like a memory “I’m so sorry, John.” He shook his head, the daze that had befallen him post-deer-incident was seemingly lifting. “First I couldn’t keep you from drinking, then I couldn’t stop you from fighting Lee even though that’s like a death-wish––” Alex’s breath hitched as the word left his lips. John remained still, eyes glued to Alex.

“And then I nearly get us killed driving like ten fucking minutes through quiet backstreets.” Alex was shaking, but this time with rage instead of shock.

“Alex,” John said, sounding more sober than Alex knew he was. “I’m responsible for drinking and fighting. And I let you down. I said I’d drive, then I got drunk. None of this is your fault.”

“I’m so worried,” Alex whispered, his voice cracking on the last syllable.

“About what?” John asked softly.

Alex turned to him, eyes wide and watery. “You,” he said. “I know you hate yourself.”

John physically recoiled at the words, but he didn’t attempt to deny them.

“I’m afraid I’ll lose you,” Alex continued.

“It’s not your fault, Alex, how I feel and how I handle those feelings.”

“No, but it is my responsibility to help you,” Alex countered. He unbuckled his seatbelt and reached over, doing the same to John, who looked at him bewilderedly.

“What’re we doing?” he asked.

“Going inside,” Alex said.

“Your parents––”

Alex cut him off by hopping out of the car, slamming his own door shut in the process, and opened up John’s. He held a hand out to his boyfriend. “I know,” Alex said. “I want them to see us.”

“What? Why? I must look like––”

“Like a drunk teenager who picked a fight with someone twice his size?” Alex offered. “Yeah, you do. Now come on.”

Whether it was because he was drunk or because he was stunned by what Alexander was doing–– or maybe a bit of both–– John took Alex’s hand and stepped out of the car, swaying a bit in the process.

Alex held him close as they slowly made their way toward the front door. Before Alex could even put his key in the lock, it swung open.

“John? Alex? Are you okay?” Martha asked, her eyes scanning the two boys, her brows creasing in worry as she took in the dried blood on John’s face and sweatshirt.

“Yeah,” Alex said. “Well, we will be.” He looked at John, who nodded at him. “Can we talk with you and Dad?”

Martha took John’s other arm and led the two boys into the house. “Of course,” she said. “You can always talk to us.”

Alex squeezed John’s hand, and John squeezed back. They moved into the house together, knowing that whatever came next, they had each other.

“Were you ever going to tell me I had a son?” Sirius asked with a tone that made the hairs on your neck stand in irritation. 

Clicking your tongue, you leaned forward from your spot across from him. Remus had thrown the two of you into a room in hopes that there could be a possible reconcile between you. “Forgive me, Pads. It must have slipped my mind to make a trip to Azkaban to give you the information that I carried your son for nine and a half months.” Crossing your arms, you narrowed your eyes towards him. “Silly me.” 

You caught a glimpse of a smirk before it vanished from his expression. “Could have sent an owl or something.” 

“You’re unbelievable.” You growled. 

“And you loved me.” 

Looking away from him, you stared at the ceiling, muttering the next few words. “I still do.” 

Vomit and Burns (Host Club AU Jonghyun)

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Type: Fluff

Jonghyun zipped up his pants as you brushed your teeth. “I can’t believe you did that. Do you know how much these pants cost?” he asked you. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help it” you mumble sarcastically. “You puked on my lap. These pants cost more than what your family makes in a year” he hissed “that’s depressing” you click your tongue “someone is dumb enough to spend that much money on pants” you continue as you throw his pants back at him. “Must be nice having your lame existence handed to you” you say as you walk out of the men’s room you were both hiding in after the incident.

“You’re lucky you’re smart or your poor ass would have never been accepted to this school” he hissed sassily sticking out of the room you guys were in as you roll your eyes.


“I’m not going in there” you tell your new friend, Jieun who pouted “but the boys there are so perfect” she said on awe. “They’re a bunch of stuck up rich kids” you say before covering your mouth. “I’m aware silly. They’re just pretty to look at” she tells you with a chuckle. It was something you liked about her she was very sweet and different from the other rich kids you had met. You were dragged with force into the room to be greeted by the five boys who called themselves Shinee. You went to back out when Jieun grabbed you again. 

You sat down away from everyone scrolling through your phone when a presence sat down next to you. “You know most girls come here to socialize” you hear as you looked up to see Lee Taemin there. “You’re the chick who puked on Jonghyun” he said as you quickly covered his mouth “don’t say it out loud” you tell him as he smiles. “Anyone who wears pants that cost that much are asking for it” he jokes as you smile. “He wouldn’t shut up about his designer pants but now he wants nothing to do with them” Taemin laughs as he smiles at you. “Why don’t you join me over there? We have cake, cookies, tea, and coffee” he said sticking his arm out for you. You took his arm “why did you puke?” he asked as you smile “I had a smoothie drinking contest with my younger brother and Jonghyun happened to walk by at the wrong time”  you say as he nods “what flavor?” he asked “mango” you tell him as laughs.


Jonghyun laughed at the girl who told him a bad joke as he moved some hair away from her face before he saw Taemin sitting there. His smile dropped when he saw you there “excuse me for a minute princess” he said as he got up and made his way over towards you two. “Are you here to apologize for ruining my pants?” he asked as you chuckled “the moment I apologize will be the moment your ass actually looked good in them” you say as Taemin held back a laugh “do they not teach manners to poor people?” Jonghyun asked as you smiled “we’re nothing but uneducated swine” you coo as he scoffs. 

“Just say sorry for ruining my pants” he said as he got closer to you “I won’t apologize” you say stubbornly as Jonghyun looks you over. “Then you’ll pay me back for the pants” he says crossing his legs.  “What size do you wear?” he asked as you raised a brow.


You held a tray behind your back to cover your skirt as you bowed. “You know how to pour tea right?” Jonghyun asked as you looked down. “Pour” he ordered as you set the tray down and picked up the pot. “What is this?” one of the girls asked “tea” you state “what kind of tea?” she asked. “Green tea” you say “it’s good for keeping your figures” you say as she smiles “really?” “yup” you say pouring the tea. You gave a smile before you picked up the tray. Bowing you walked off. 

“I didn’t know you were hiring people, can I work here?” she asked excited as Jonghyun smiled taking her hand. “Princess, she owes me a big favor. Even though I would get to see you in a cute little maids outfit, you’re much to pretty to be pouring tea” he says as you scoff being able to hear him. “Are you saying our new server isn’t pretty?” Kibum asked as he popped between the pair “of course not. She’s just used to having to work” Jonghyun defended. “Contradicting yourself something fierce” Kibum says resting his head on Jonghyun’s shoulder.

Soon the crashing of a cup filled the air followed by a hiss “you can’t even pour tea right” the girl said as you held your leg. “I pour it just fine you’re the one who poured it on me” you said as you were helped up “why would you pour tea on her?” Jonghyun asked as she rolled her eyes “she got tea on my dress” she said “we don’t hurt people here” Minho says as he grabs her arm. 

You let out a yelp as you were picked up off of your feet by Jonghyun who carried you to the bathroom.


“What are you doing?” you ask as he presses a cold wet towel lightly to your leg “5 minutes. Then I’ll take you to the nurse but this is the best thing to reduce swelling” he spoke as he poured more cold water on with his hands. “You know how to take care of burns?” you asked “my nanny taught me” he told you with a smile. “She taught me a lot about taking care of boo-boos” he joked. After a few minutes you felt the towel pulled off of your leg. You were picked up once more “I can walk” you tell him as he looks you in the eyes “not until it’s properly taken care of. We have to go downstairs and I don’t trust the strength of a burnt leg” he said. “You’re a really good actor” you tell him as he chuckles “don’t believe I care to help you? I don’t like seeing people hurt” he explains as he opens the door to the nurses office.

He sat beside you as he watched the nurse apply cream and wrap your leg “do you want me to kiss it better?” he jokes as you lift your leg up playing along. “they really should make those skirts longer” he says as you lower it. “It doesn’t mean I didn’t like the view of your little teddy bear undies” he said as you rolled your eyes and got up. He watched you limp off “what?” he calls “that’s the Kim Jonghyun I expected. A dirty pervert” you say loudly as he chases after you “you’re the 17 year old wearing teddy bear underwear” he says just as loud. 

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Hello! :o I was just wondering how you got the "you're his master now" ending for ren?

ohhh boy i dont recall all the choices i made but basically you gotta keep his heart broken (in other words, dont play nice). then when he brings you to lawrence you must murder him slowly. afterwards, ren will tell you that you’re starting to get out of control and he’ll reach for the remote in his pocket. mc jumps at him and both of yall get thrown off balance. his furry ass stares at the chain so you gotta click -the chain!- and choke him.
now, you can either kill him and get one of the other survival ends or take the remote from him. put on the collar and bam, now you’re his master.
everything past this point counts as a survival ending (or at least i believe so). im sure you can figure out the rest through trial and…fun. ;^)

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Are you going to make a guide on all the endings? I am really enjoying BTD2 so far but I am terrible at getting all the endings ;; I like the dialogue and all and a guide helps me enjoy the game, since I like reading the stories. (btw I must be stupid or something, but I still have not found out how to get to Ren's routes, argh.

We’re planning  on doing guides to most of them, we’re not sure on Cain yet because his route makes us uncomfortable!

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Imagine Fred and George trying to cheer you up.

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“Oi, what’s up with you?” Fred asked, concerned as he took in your scowl. George and him sat down on either side of you, looking at you with questioning expressions.

“I wanted to go flying today,” you mumbled, kicking at your broom forlornly. “But there just HAD to be a thunderstorm.”

“I know,” George sighed. 

“But we can always find ways to entertain ourselves,” Fred piped up. 

“Yes! We can play Exploding Snap!” George grinned.

“Or prank Ron,” Fred laughed. You chuckled at his suggestion. Poor Ron. 

“Or we can do whatever you want,” George wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “The holidays are ending and we must take advantage of that before we’re forced to go back to school.”

“You boys could do so much if only you applied yourselves,” you clicked your tongue. 

“There’s no fun in that, though,” Fred winked. “Now, let’s go have some fun.”


Unfit to be Queen (M!Corrin x Felicia)

Felicia was a sobbing mess. She had locked herself away in the closet, curling up into a ball on the floor to cry. Stupid! Stupid! This isn’t how a queen should act! You’re terrible, Felicia! Idiot!

There was a knock on the door. “Felicia?” It was Corrin. “Sweetheart, please come out.”

He’s probably mad at me. He hates me! No, Felicia, Corrin would never hate you! Stupid! He deserves better than you!

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Can’t seem to let you go..

Selena’s POV;

“Next on Justin Bieber with his new single what do you mean? First give it up for Demi Lovato!!" I got up to cheer for Demi, but I was thinking about Justin. We didn’t talk for quite some time.. I guess he is so nervous right now. While I sit down I am looking for my phone, Jassy, John, a lot of J’s, Justin..My thumb is circling above his name. Should I, or shouldn’t I was the only thing going through my mind. I was having a mental argument with myself as we went to commercial break. Justin was up next. I didn’t even think twice, before I knew it I had clicked his name, which was still saved dearly in my favorites

*Hey Jay, long time no see. I hope you’re ready, the crowds going wild out here. I know you must be nervous, so the best of luck, even though you don’t need it. I’ll be here to cheer you on, I’m so proud of you. Your Sel. Xx* SEND

“Sel, we gotta go backstage before all the cameras are on your face..” Taylor says while pulling me out of the chair. My mind was somewhere else, with someone else.. why does this boy never really leaves my mind? 

Justin’s POV;

I was just about to go on stage as I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out to see a message from Sel. As I read through it I got butterflies in my stomach. ’‘She’s proud of me” I whispered, but loud enough for Scooter to hear it. “What?” He questioned. I turned to face  him with a grin on my face. “Sel’s proud of me.” I repeated. Scooter smiled at me before saying “Of course she is Justin, go rock that stage.”

“Justin , you gotta go on stage now!” One of the stage assistants yells at me. I just take a quick look at Selena, at my wirst and I feel like I can do it. It will be my come back, I feel stronger as ever.

Selena’s POV;

“Make some noise for Justin Bieber!!” I felt a rush of excitement run through my body as Justin entered the stage. The crowd was screaming so loud I could barely hear him, but he sounded amazing. With every move he took, I felt myself getting lost in his performance. He moved confidently on the stage as he sang. He sounded so good, I just wanted to run out there and hug him right there and then. Before I knew it the performance was over. He just stood there in shock as tears streamed down his face. I looked at him and I knew excatly how he felt. All I wanted to do was hug him and tell him how great he did

I am heading to the hallway, waiting for him to come off stage. But I’m hiding between all those big security men. What if someone sees me here, it will be in all the newspapers tomorrow. I see Scrappy and Allison also standing there, closer to the stage. Justin finally comes off, he looks so upset. “I screwed up!” I hear him saying to Scrappy and Allison. Why does he always think so bad about himself? He pushes them away and enters his wardrobe, smashing the door behind him. I need to go there, I know how he feels. I sneak to the door and open it slowly. “Just go away!”

Justin’s POV;

“It’s me Jay” I heard a familiar voice say. I quickly turned around to spot the one person I could bare seeing right now. Before I could utter one word I ran over to her and gave her a hug. I buried my face in her neck as tears still streamed down my face. “I’m here, you did so good.” She whispered as she kissed my neck softly before rubbing her hands up and down my back.

“Thank you for being here right now.” I stuttered as I hugged her even tighter. “Always.” She whispered back to me. We stood there for several minutes, enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms. “I think I screwed up, did it even sound like me? I am so insecure Sel..” She knows me the best, she gotta help me. “Justin it was amazing, I was so so so proud of you, watching you perform. Don’t ever doubt yourself again!” she said it, she means it and it’s all I needed to hear. “Why are you so sweet? I don’t even deserve those words out of your mouth princess. She wrapped her arms tight around me and I felt her breathing in my neck. “Justin?” “yes?” “Can I be honest with you?” she asks. “Always, you can trust me for 200%” It almost sounds like she’s crying. “The reason for this, for the..” I hear a sob from her, I hate that sound. “For the message is..I just can’t get rid off the feelings I have for you.. that’s it. Now I said it. I can’t seem to let you go..” I turned my face to look at her before replying. “I….’

Felt so good to write with my best tumblr friend again, jelena-a is the best! Thank you for reading the fanfic, if you like it just send feedback! :) If you want a part two… send feedback, we wanna know what you guys think of it :) lots of kisses from baylis and goofy!

Sweater Polos Are My New Obsession Because Retro Dad Is The…

By Closet Freaks

Sweater Polos Are My New Obsession

Because Retro Dad Is The Look

Nothing beats a classic and sweater polos are one spring item that definitely falls into that category. The slim fit and banded hem are flattering to just about everyone and they’re easily paired with your favorite pair of dark denim or chinos. For this outfit, I kept it simple and casual with a pair of wax-coated skinny jeans, clean white trainers, and a short linen jacket. Believe me when I tell you a knit polo sweater is a must-have this season!


Get his sneaker look:

Leather Sneakers

NEW ON WANTERING: Check out how your favorite wardrobe must-have is doing on social media with our new social hottness score. Just search and click on any item on Wantering to see who’s been sharing and wearing it.  

Okay, haircut!Mac is pretty popular, so it’s time for a tutorial!

You’ll need to be playing on PC to do this. Sorry consoles, you must wait for mods.


Step One: SAVE YOUR GAME. Always save before messing around with console commands, yo!

Step Two: Take off Mac’s hat, if he is wearing it, and sit that boy down in a chair.

Step Three: Open the console by hitting the ~ key, and then click on MacCready to get his ID number (0002a8a7).

Step Four: Type “slm 0002a8a7″ (without quotes) and hit enter. This will bring up the character creation menu.

Step Five: Exit the console by hitting the ~ key again. Now you’re free to mess with Mac’s face! I didn’t change his facial features at all, I just gave him a new haircut and the ‘Lone Wanderer’ facial hair option. The boy is handsome enough already.

Voilà, you’re done! Exit out of the character creation screen and stare at MacCready’s pretty face.


(ch 18 pg 18,19,23)

Of course, Sebastian’s good idea is to disguise his identity by wearing a mounted deer head as a mask.

… or is it? I don’t think a taxidermy mounted deer head would be hollow, so there’s no way Sebastian would have been able to put it over his head. 

I found a video of a man mounting a deer skin on a head form (don’t click that link unless you’re sure you want to see that), and it looks like he’s using a foam cast from a mold. It’s hard to tell whether it’s hollow, but there definitely isn’t enough space for a man’s head inside.

So if Sebastian couldn’t literally use the deer head as a mask … he must have literally transformed into a deer!

Anonymous - Scarlett & Chartreuse

Since being sent off to Auradon Prep, Scarlett had hardly had enough time to herself considering she had to adjust to a new schedule, deal with classes, homework, and new people. But now things seemed to be settling down to their calmer norm and she found herself thrown across her bed when she remembered about the email she hadn’t checked. Springing up she motioned for her laptop, a faint blue mist circling the computer as it floated over into her hands. Back home she had developed a pen pal, which had basically been her only source of friendship due to her fathers overprotective nature. Now as she read his response a small frown appeared on her face as she clicked reply:

I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope that you’re okay, I know it must be very hard for you. The only thing I can say is that, things get better with time and that fate is complicated. I just got sent to a new school, so I’m sorry if this reply took forever to get to you. It’s huge and a completely different environment from what I’m used to. But i’ guessing that’s a goof thing considering I was alone back home, haha.


( @achartreusechameleon )

miffythoughts  asked:

Your writing is really pretty~ can I request Tsukishima finding out that his s/o was getting secretly bullied by some of his fans because they're dating him? Thxx~ keep the writing up ^^

When Tsukishima hears crude remarks being made, he gets curious. He had never been one to intervene in such things, and the last time he remembered being any help was to Yamaguchi when they were young.

He sees his partner standing there, and they don’t look at all happy. It didn’t click until they started up again, but he knew what was happening.

“You don’t deserve Tsukishima-kun!” One of them said, and he gathered they must have been in the years above him, because he’d never seen them around. “He’s with you out of pity,” Another says, crossing their arms and looking at his partner as if they were scum.

It irritated Tsukishima, cause his blood to heat into molten and his eyes to darken. These people had no right speaking to his partner at all, let alone tear them down for such a petty reason. He knew he was rude, but he’d never treated anyone the way he witnessed them doing.

“By the looks of it, you don’t deserve me either.” His tone is mocking, taunting, with an underlying darkness that gave the bullies goosebumps on their arms. Their demeanor changed in a heartbeat, standing up straight and turning to look at him with fake shy smiles. “Oh, Tsukishima-kun!” The leader says, tucking a lock of hair behind their ears and doing anything they could to meet the tall boy’s gaze.

“Save it. If I see you near my ___ again, I doubt I’ll be so civil to let you go unscathed.” His partner is still sitting there even when the others left, catching their breath as they leaned their weight against the wall. “You okay?” Tsukishima asks his lover. He wished he could have got there sooner, and he doubted it had been the first time.

They still smile, however, taking his hand in theirs as a thank you. “I am now. Sorry for being so troublesome,” They say, furrowing their eyebrows and pouting in the slightest. Tsukishima sighs and gently flicks their forehead, starting to lead them down the deserted hallway. “You’re never troublesome.”