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Thought of a cute pacifist Uf Sans prompt for you! You know how he gets you with a joy-buzzer when he first meets you? Imagine if his S/O hands him a pen and a paper that his brother said needs his signature and when he clicks the pen HE'S the one who gets zapped! And his S/O looks so proud of themselves, with the biggest damn grin ever and goes "Whats 'a matter Sans? Too shocking for you?"

zapzap ~Mod God


UF Sans: He thinks nothing of you handing him something to sign. He’s confused for a moment when first zapped, then pissed. When he sees your proud face he can’t decide if he should stay mad or not. Then you make a pun and he can’t help but smile. Why must you be so adorable? “Okay, fine. We’re even know, but don’t do it again.”

Of cheaters and weird encounters

“Damn! That new kid really nails it!”, Stiles complained while walking next to you at the bleachers. “You know what, (Y/N)? Yesterday, he caught every single ball. I mean like, every ball we shot at him! This isn´t normal, don´t you think? I bet he´s a were-cheetah or anything like that.”

You sighed, shouldering your backpack and glancing over at the lacrosse field. The new kid your older brother was whining about was there, running around with a lacrosse stick in his hands and scoring goal after goal.

“Maybe he is just a very good lacrosse player. Ever considered that?”

“Or more like a were-cheater … “, he mumbled under his breath, completely ignoring your comment.

You threw your head back and gave your brother a dramatic eye roll. “Yep, he´s definitely a were-cheetah, Stiles. Let´s go find Scott or Lydia … before our very dangerous were-cheetah turns into anything worse, like a were-canary or a were-slug or … “ Stiles gave you a slight punch on the arm and ruffled your hair.

“You think this is funny, huh?”

“Nooo, why would you think that?” Now it was your brothers turn rolling his eyes at you. Although you were his sister, sometimes you could be a real pain in the ass.

“By the way, will you be there at Training this afternoon?” Stiles flashed you a hopeful grin.

“I don´t know yet, maybe … “

It wasn´t like you didn´t want to spend time with your brother and your friends, but being two years younger than anyone else in the pack made you always feel kinda misplaced. You couldn´t really hang out with People your age since most of your free time was being occupied by solving supernatural riddles and saving Beacon Hills.

“Come oooon, (Y/N/N). You can cheer my on when I show off with my skills on the field!”

“Or I could try to hide between the bleachers and deny our relation.”

“So you´re definitely coming! Good. Maybe you could help Malia with algebra or something.”

Oh yeah, you thought, this is going to be so much fun.

 You wandered through the hallways of the school, lost in your own thoughts and not really paying attention to anything surrounding you. You wondered how it would be if you just ran away. From everything. Maybe just for a single day. How it would feel to have zero responsibilities and no brother who never let you out of his sight; but at the same time you felt guilty even thinking about the possibbility of leaving your loved ones behind …

Suddenly, someone bumped into you, sending you to the floor within seconds.

“Sorry! Oh my god, I´m so sorry, I wasn´t looking where I was going. Are you okay?” The person who obviously ran you over started rambling nervously while you felt two suprisingly strong arms pulling you up again.

“It´s okay. I think it was my fault, actually…” You stopped mid-sentence as you finally came face-to-face with a blonde boy. He must be your age, well-built and with baby-blue eyes. The faint expression of shock was still written over his face, which was only inches away from yours.

“Yeah, well…I´m sorry anyway”, he said and let go of you so that you could take a few steps back. He was just about to turn around and leave when it clicked in your brain.

“Aren´t you the new kid? I´ve seen you on the Lacrosse field, you´re pretty rad …“ You stopped mid-sentence, eyes widening and biting your lip. Did you really just say that out loud? The boy looked at you, a little bit startled but you could see a smile forming at the corners of his mouth.

Really good Job, (Y/N), fabulous. Getting weird before he even knows your name, you thought.

“Ahem, thanks, I guess …”, the boy scratched the back of his head, slightly blushing and obviuosly not having a clue what to say now.

“Yeah, I should go now.” Fuck, this was so embarassing!

“Yep, totally…I mean, me too, you can stay, I´m not telling you to go away, I…oh my god, I´m totally ridiculous, right?”

Now it was your turn to blush, fiercely trying not to laugh. “Just a little bit, I mean, I´m not really better. My name´s (Y/N), by the way.”


For a few moments, none of you said anything and you just stared at each other, awkward smiles creeping over your faces. Actually, Liam was very cute and seemingly nice. Maybe he was indeed supernatural, because those traits were a very rare occurrence in your year.

The piercing ring of the bell woke you from your little trance. You had to head to your next class.

“Well, see you, Liam.” Hopefully.

“Yeah, see you..”(Y/N).”

If you only would´ve known what hurricane was about to hit the two of you …

Part 2?

Shadow on the Run - Masterpost

There are monsters that hide under your bed, in your closet, under the stairs. Those things that go bump in the night? They wait around the corner. If only you had someone to protect you.

  • Rating: E
  • Quick Summary:  A late-Victorian era re-imagining of Dragon Age 2.
  • Pairing: Fenris x Female Hawke
  • AO3 Link: Click Here
  • Art By: @saa-pandaleon

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Can you draw some marichat?

I cheated, I doodled some platonic Marichat.  ;)  These dorks are both so deep in their crush that I see them becoming good friends before anything else.

EDIT:  Gahh!  What is it with me and forgetting masks?? I guess I must be ready for the big reveal!  ;) 


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48. How are your character’s gestures? Vigorous? Weak? Controlled? Compulsive? Energetic? Sluggish?

Dimitrion - Controlled when he does gesture. Normally will twitch his left eye when in deep thought or click his nails together.

Zanin - Compulsive in an orderly/predictable fashion. Certain things must be done five times. Others only once. Always bow to a person entering a room and return smiles. 

Esmond - Energetic! Slow to talk though quick to wave, fistbump, and especially hug.

Malai - Energetic!!! Vigorous!! Wild gestures are his norm, though usually he doesn’t bump people.

Zandros (Zheng) - Energetic and rarely controlled tail motions, prone to getting into the moment and pointing frequently with his favorite thumbsup motion. 

Zedrick (Shan) - Weak and slow, usually to make you wait as long as possible and cause a reaction. Unless you’re the one paying.

Mintha'to - Sluggish when drunk, vigorous with his finger pointing when sober. Little personal space.

S'ialu - Quiet and controlled young adult, now at least. Around family/relaxed energetic and inclination to perch or touch things.

(( Thank you for the ask @nebula1984!! c(_)

The Psychic Squad: Chapter Two

Ryna picked at some dirt beneath her fingernails and yawned. What was taking them so long? Jed was pacing by the door, driving her bonkers. The constant click of his boots on the concrete itched her brain. “Can you cut that out?” She snapped. He abruptly stopped pacing and sat down beside her, promptly beginning to tap his toes nervously on the ground. “Jesus, Jed!” Ryna threw her hands in the air. “You’re wigging me out!”

Jed said nothing, but sighed, and began to silently dum his fingers on his knees. Thank god for small mercies, Ryna thought. The prospect of going near the cove again must have been getting to Jed, after all, he and Alaina were so close when she- No, she wouldn’t let herself think about it. It wouldn’t do her any good. She was tempted to look into Jed’s mind, and get a more exact read on his thoughts, but brushed off the idea. Telepathy was unwarranted at the moment. Either way, Ryna had a pretty clear idea of what was going on inside his head.

The girl’s eyebrows perked up when she sensed Dee and K’s energy moving towards them. She was surprised that Dee was actually able to convince K to do this. Their mental signatures moved closer to the door, and Ryna mentally prepared herself for Kellen’s barrage of uncontrolled emotions. This, however, never came. Kellen was surprisingly serene when they stepped out into the cool night air. “Hey team.” Dee raised a hand. “You guys set?” She asked.

Jed nodded and stood. “Yep.” Ryna said.

“What’s our plan, Jed?” Dee asked.

He cleared his throat. “We go to the cusp of the outer rim. Kellen and I will scan the area and formulate an attack strategy. This will utilise my Claircognizance and K’s Spatial Empathy. Ryna and I will start close quarters combat in sector one, Dee will run interference and disrupt the Specters’ movements with her soundwave manipulation. Kellen will, of course, attack from a distance, and alert us over coms if she senses anything.” He finished. “Any questions?”

Dee raised a hand. “Uh, no questions, but a warning. I’m not going to remind you what happened last time we failed to work as a unit near the cove. It’s something that none of us are likely to forget.” Dee picked at a seam on her yellow suit. “We should not let ourselves get separated under any circumstance. I refuse to leave any of you behind.”

The team exchanged solemn glances and nodded in agreement. None of them wanted a repeat of the Alaina disaster. Ryna prayed they wouldn’t find her there as a Specter. “Alright, then. Let’s go!” Dee said, and waved for the team to follow her, as always, eager for excitement.

Jed had always counted on his intuition to lead the way. Claircognizance never steered him wrong in the face of opposition, but there was something about the cove that deeply unsettled him. He wasn’t sure whether it was the memory of Alaina’s death, or the sheer wrongness of the quarantined zone that scrambled his thoughts. If he wasn’t trying so hard to concentrate on the task at hand, he might have cursed his foggy mind.

Kellen was scanning sector one with her Spatial Empathy, eyes squeezed shut in concentration. It was always easy to tell when a teammate was astral projecting. K’s form had a non presence in reality; her astral body was somewhere in sector one checking on the status of the specters. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she withdrew her hand from the ground. Jed touched her shoulder, gaining the information she had gathered in astral form, his eyes flashing bright blue for a moment, formulating a strategy in his mind. “Got that, Ryna?” he asked. Ryna nodded and her eyes flashed green as she telepathically transferred the battle plans to the rest of the team.

They’d attack from the West side of sector one, clear out the toughest of the Specter guards then pick off the stragglers. Kellen would snipe down the worst of the threats from the Jagged Peak. Dee would chorale the spectors, basically performing crowd control, keeping them all within K’s sights. Ryna and Jed would tank the horde, she with her swords, nimble and quick, he with his axe, brutish and powerful.

K aimed her grappling hook at Jagged Peak and sped off through the air. When she landed at Jagged Peak, she set off a burst of energy, illuminating her astral wings to the naked eye; the signal that she was in place. Ryna, Jed, and Dee dropped down into the valley, fired off their own winged flares, and rushed the first Specters they saw.

They were terrifying, yet strangely beautiful creatures. Specters all had iridescent, silver hair, and a sickly hue. Their eyes, once filled with life, were now soulless blue without any pupil or shine; some said that the eyes were the first thing that changed when someone became a Specter, and there was no going back after that point.

Everything had been going according to plan for the first ten minutes of battle; most of the powerful Specters had been successfully eliminated and the weaker ones were dropping like flies. Ryna had just delivered a roundhouse kick to a Specter and shoved a sword into its side, scattering it into a million fractured pieces. Jed noticed that Dee had stopped choraleing specters into a point of attack and whirled around to see what the issue was.

His teammate was frozen on the battlefield, looking directly at a Specter, tears streaming down her face. Jed’s eyebrows were knotted in confusion until the saw the identity of the Specter. He almost dropped his axe when he saw Alaina’s vacant face looking back at him with an empty smile, one that made his blood run cold. He knew this wasn’t the Alaina they knew, the one he had loved. This creature was a hollow imitation, a shadow of the girl that was once so full of life. It was everything he could do to not sink to his knees in despair, but he held strong and stood his ground on the encroaching horde of lesser Specters. He moved in defense of Dee, who was still paralyzed with fear, shattering two creatures on either side of her. “What are you doing!” He pulled Dee away from Alaina’s attack.

The look on his friend’s face clenched at his heartstrings. “Alaina…” Dee whispered. He had to pull back his friend once more when the Specter swung a mace at her face.

“Snap out of it, Dee!” He shook her. “It’s not Alaina!”

“How could you say that!” She hissed at him tearfully. “We could save her!”

“No, it’s never been done! It’s impossible!” Jed’s heart rate was through the roof. “You have to let her go, Dee, she’s gone. There’s nothing in there. The real Alaina has moved on to the next life.”

“No!” Dee struggled free from her friend’s grip and ran towards Alaina. She dropped her weapons and held out her arms, ready to embrace her dead friend, but stopped cold, two yards away. An arrow had gone straight through Alaina’s chest. Dee barely had time to cry out before Alaina dissolved into a million pieces before her.

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Teiya, your character will be in the next chapter, I promise!

I’m Sorry I Love You (2)

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    “I hate you, I don’t want to meet you anymore!” that’s the last words you said to Simon before you left his apartment and cried on your own. Well, literally you yelled at him.

     You hate him, because you couldn’t stop loving him.
     You hate him, because you can’t take him as yours.
     But you hate yourself even more because of that.

     You lied down on your bed, recalled the scene at Simon’s apartment that afternoon. You said you didn’t want to meet him, you hate him. You left his apartment after said that and of course there’s no reason for Simon to hold you. He let you go without saying anything.

     After the love confession incident, you locked off yourself from Simon. You avoided him for this past week, rejected his call, you even made him waited in front of your apartment for three hours, just because he wanted to talk to you, but you chose to ignore him instead.

     While you were on your thinking time, you couldn’t stop missing Simon. He’s the one who you can talk to, even his busy time he would spend his time to respond your message. After all, he’s your best and he loves you, just like you love him. You can’t deny the fact that he takes a lion’s share in your heart, you placed him above your boyfriend. It’s clearly wake you up that Simon is the one and only you need. But you can’t being mean with playing with Tae Woo’s heart, whatever will be happen, you need to talk to Tae Woo and clear everything.

     You stood in front of your boyfriend’s apartment and confidently pressed the password.

     5420. Beep! It’s a sound when you input wrong password.

     No way, that’s Taewoo’s password. You were sure it was the right password, but why did it sound beep? You tried it one more time and it went beep! again. Wrong password.

     Did he change his password? Without even telling you? Out of the blue?

     Recently you always meet him at your apartment or simply you just went out for dinner and movie date. As you could count, it’s almost one month you didn’t visit his apartment and now he changed his password.

     You shrugged it off and pressed the doorbell. 

     “Oh, hi baby!” Tae Woo greeted you from intercom.

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Welcome Wagon || Closed.

@justalostboyinparadise gets the job at Lia’s. 

-+ Lexi +-

Things were moving super speed this afternoon and Lexi was as always not showing how stressed she really was. Though she felt like she was coming down with the flu she continued on with the show with a smile. She had just finished talking to Joe to tell to keep the boxes of bourbon separate from the ones that came in last week. 

Then went back to writing down the new shipment and inventory when footsteps that rustled on the new floors made her look up and turn her head. The young man made her curious and then clicked that it must be the new guy, Mila had texted her about earlier. 

“Hi. Come on in. You’re Vila’s friend, am I to presume correctly?” Lexi gave him a warm smile. “Please come take a seat.”

@cheetahleopard requested #5 - I’m assuming it’s sentence 5, and since you didn’t further specify I just went with IwaOi because that’s what I usually do? xD (if I got any of that wrong, please feel free to send me another prompt D:)

THANK YOU FOR THE PROMPT!! :D [more of my writing here or on ao3! Prompts are here!]

#5: “I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”

Warnings: hahaahh you wish, this is senseless fluff. ENJOY!

“What do you mean, you’re leaving,” Oikawa asks, and his voice is filled with hurt.

“Literally that.”

“But- Iwa-chan, you can’t just-”

Hajime sighs, running a hand over his tired eyes and praying for patience.

“Jesus Christ, Oikawa, you’d think I was breaking up with you or something, by all the fuss you’re making about this.”

Oikawa gasps and physically takes a step back.


“I’m just going to the library. There’s no way I can work with you here, and you know it.”

Oikawa is back at his side before Hajime has time to so much as blink.

“Nooo, Iwa-chan, don’t go! Don’t leave me here all alone - I’ll be good, I promise!”

“Yeah, right.”

“I promise!”

How could he say no to those eyes? Hajime knows the second that he sighs and surrenders (leaving Oikawa cheering and clapping his hands together like a three-year-old) that this is going to be a long night.

Maybe it’s okay, though. He knows Oikawa hates being alone.


He’s just trying to get to the kitchen for a glass of water. Nothing more. This isn’t a break from his godforsaken essay. Just… a brief boost of energy. A glass of water, for crying out loud.

But he has to pass through the living room for that, where Oikawa is stretched out across the sofa watching some sort of documentary. And he has ears like a bat sometimes.

“Iwa-chan!” he says happily, perking up at the sound of his footsteps.

“Just getting some water, don’t get excited.”

But of course that doesn’t stop him. On the contrary. Oikawa is up out of his seat in an instant, and runs up to Hajime before he can even walk past the sofa.

“Iwa-chaaaaan,” Oikawa whines, draping himself over Hajime’s shoulders from behind. The unexpected weight is enough to make him sag a little, and he clicks his tongue at him. Not that he has the heart to shake him off. He never does.

“…what is it now?” he asks, with the air of an exhausted mother of four, responding to yet another drama from one of her toddlers.

The insinuation isn’t lost on Oikawa, and he pulls his lips into a well-practiced pout.

“I’m lonely, Iwa-chan,” he says, tone somewhere between accusing and self-pitying.

Hajime feigns surprise.

“Oh no! You poor dear, that’s terrible!”

Oikawa lets out a huff of air, offended, but Hajime grabs him by both hands before he can pull away, leans forward and tugs, taking Oikawa’s entire weight onto his back and lifting him clean off the floor.

Oikawa yelps in surprise, scrambling for purchase before he wraps his legs around Hajime’s, almost making him trip.


“Oh no, looks like I’m losing my balance-”

“Don’t you dare-”

With a devilish grin, Hajime lets himself drop sideways onto the couch, turning slightly to force Oikawa to take most of his weight.

Oikawa groans theatrically at the impact, arms tightening around Hajime’s neck.

“Oh, Iwa-chan, I’m suffocating-”

Hajime wastes no time, he reaches back with his newly-free hands and jabs his fingers into Oikawa’s sides, hard, cutting him off.

Oikawa squeals indignantly, trying to wiggle away - but it’s not like there’s anywhere he can go, what with Hajime on top of him and all.

“Iwa- ha- s-stop-”

Hajime laughs softly, but pulls his arms back in mercy.

“Sure thing, idiot,” he says. He’s not even trying to hide the fondness in his voice.

Screw his essay.

“…you’re evil,” Oikawa mutters, but the impact of his words is completely destroyed when he pulls Hajime back and presses a kiss to his neck.

“Absolutely ruthless. Why would you do this to me?!”

Hajime smirks. “I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”

Oikawa clicks his tongue. “You could at least try, Iwa-chan.”

“Ah, but you love me,” Hajime says with a smile. It’s not really his line - it feels a lot more like something Oikawa would say - but Hajime just feels like re-confirming it now, with Oikawa’s arms (and his legs) wrapped tightly around him.

Not that he’d need Oikawa to say the words. He knows him by heart, his expressions, his gestures, the subtle signals he sends. And oh, he loves every last shard of him.

“Are you sure?” Oikawa teases, and Hajime can hear the smug grin that must be stretching across his face.

“Positive,” Hajime tells him, reaching over his shoulder to ruffle a hand through Tooru’s hair.

“You’re pretty confident, for someone who’s completely at my mercy.”

Hajime scoffs. “Aren’t I always?”

Oikawa laughs softly. “…ha. I wish.”

Hajime twists in Oikawa’s arms, just far enough to look at him. “No need to wish for that.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. You know I’m weak to you, love,” Hajime whispers. He knows it’s cheesy as hell, but Oikawa’s widening eyes and the blush shooting across his face make it well worth it. He thinks of his unfinished essay for a moment, almost regretting that he’d let himself get talked into staying - but Oikawa’s warmth is very real at his back, and it calms him more than the silence in the library ever could. He could never regret this.

“Ah-” Oikawa starts, but Hajime doesn’t give him the chance.

“Not that I’m surprised. You’ve always been good at seducing people,” he says, cutting him off.

Oikawa seems to catch his breath for a moment before he lets it out in a short burst of laughter.

“Of course, Iwa-chan. I had to get good at it! You know - hone my skills before tackling the big game.”

Hajime raises his eyebrows.

“Who’s the big game, then?”

Oikawa looks at him like he’d just asked if the moon was made of cheese.

“You, of course! The ever elusive former ace of Aoba Johsai, Iwaizumi Hajime! Everyone’s first gay crush! Iwa-chan the stoic, the unapproachable-”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down there!” Hajime cuts in, laughing lightly. “…everyone’s first gay crush?”

Oikawa blinks at him.

“You really are this dense, aren’t you, Iwa-chan.”

It’s not a question.

“What are you-”

“Good think I called it first,” Oikawa says, looking wary. “I loved you before anyone else did. So you’re mine now.”

Hajime shoots him a frown.

“Do I get a say in this? At all? Or am I first come, first served?”

Oikawa pushes his lips forward in a pout, but there’s a hint of real worry in his eyes.

“As long as I hold on, you are,” he says, completely without irony. “One day you’re gonna realize how hot you are. I dread that day.”

Hajime tilts his head to one side. “Why would you dread it? Don’t wanna be seduced, Tooru?”

Oikawa bites his lip, and Hajime is sure his blush is deepening.

“That’s not it,” he says. He seems to fight for words for a moment, before his gaze drops away from Hajime’s face.

“…just. You could probably have anyone you wanted.”

Hajime gives him a long look, irritated that Oikawa isn’t looking up at him.

“Oi. Shittykawa.”

He doesn’t move.

Hajime tries again, voice softer this time.


Oikawa lifts his head, only to be met with a smile from Hajime.

“Good thing I already have who I want,” he says. “Saves me the trouble of trial and error. And unnecessary seduction.”

He leans in, pressing a kiss to Oikawa’s cheek. “I can save all my skills for the big game.”

Oikawa lets out a weak sort of chuckle.

“…you mean that?”

Hajime shoots him a reproachful look and flicks his finger against Oikawa’s forehead.

“You wound me. I thought we had ‘perfect trust’, and yet here you are, doubting me.”

Oikawa opens his mouth to protest, but Hajime simply ducks in and presses their lips together, silencing him.

Oikawa melts into the kiss, like he always does. Like he can’t help it. Hajime would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it, having him open and vulnerable like this to his every move.

He pulls away to meet Oikawa’s gaze, wide and full of love.

“Only you,” he promises. “That much I can swear to you.”

He sees the relief and happiness and affection in Oikawa’s eyes and wishes he had a camera right now.

Oikawa gives him a smile that could make his knees turn to butter.

“So you are mine, after all.”

Hajime throws him an incredulous look before pulling him in close, chest against chest, heart to heart.

“Of course I’m yours. Always have been.”

“Always?” Oikawa repeats, slightly breathless.

“Always, Tooru. Since the moment I met you.”

Oikawa relaxes into Hajime’s embrace with a small, content sigh.

“…you’re prefect, Iwa-chan,” he tells him quietly, running his hands down Hajime’s back.

Hajime allows himself a dry chuckle. “Nothing but the best for the Grand King.”

Oikawa laughs.

“I should hope so!” he declares, and Hajime can hear his wide, ear-to-ear smile. It makes his heart clench in his chest for all the right reasons.

“Mmh. Don’t you dare replace me, though. You won’t find anyone who knows you like I do.”

“Iwa-chan!” Oikawa sounds positively affronted at the mere suggestion. “I would never!”

Hajime turns his head so he can press a kiss to the side of Oikawa’s face.

“I know, I know. Just making sure.”

“…only you,” Oikawa says, parroting Hajime’s words from earlier. “That much I can swear to you.”

Hajime brings his hand up to tangle in Oikawa’s hair, unable to fight the soaring feeling in his chest.

Not that he wants to. He’s holding his entire world in his arms.

“I love you,” he tells him, squeezing him lightly.

Oikawa squeezes right back.

“…love you, too.” And then, quieter, “I won’t let you go.”

“As if I’d want to.”

“You never know.”

“Trust me.”

Oikawa presses closer, burying his face in the crook of Hajime’s neck. The position is kind of awkward, with Hajime still on top of him, but he doesn’t seem to care. And Hajime is sure as hell not going to be the first one to pull away.

“Hold me, Iwa-chan, that was beautiful.”

Hajime laughs.

“Oh, shut up.”


“…I should have known.” He drags his fingernails lightly over Oikawa’s scalp, and he leans into the touch. Hajime almost expects him to purr like a cat.

“You’re always gonna be an insufferable pain in my ass, aren’t you?”

Oikawa considers this for a moment.

“…only if you want me there,” he says finally, sweetly, and then he leans in and presses a wet, open-mouthed kiss to Hajime’s neck. Hajime thinks nothing of it, until he can suddenly feel Oikawa sucking in air.

“Goddamn it Oikawa, no hickeys, we have class-”

Oikawa dislodges himself with a gross popping sound and pulls back far enough for Hajime to see his wide, shit-eating grin.

“Oops,” he says, and it’s the most sickeningly adorable lie Hajime has ever heard coming out of his mouth.

“You’re incorrigible.”

“But you love me,” Oikawa shoots back.

Well, he’s not wrong.

Hajime just shakes his head and smiles, pulling Oikawa in for another kiss. He deepens it and is silently overjoyed when Oikawa lets him, lets him in with no hesitation at all.

When they break apart, they’re both breathless and flushed, and Oikawa is beaming.

Hajime’s own personal sun.

“…I’ll take it,” Oikawa says finally.

Hajime rolls his eyes, but the warmth in his chest must show on his face as well, because Oikawa won’t stop smiling.

Hajime doesn’t mind. It’s this Oikawa that he loves the most, after all. Adorable, carefree and happy.

If an essay has to suffer for that, so be it.

“Hey Maka, nice outfit today.”

“Huh? Oh, thanks?”

“It’d look better on my bedroom floor, though ~♬”

“… Soul, just give me my damn latte.”

AU in which an impatient journalist/intern Maka has to deal with an annoying (yet ridiculously sexy – she must admit..) barista Soul && his dumb pick-up lines before she can get her morning latte.

Click for full-res, I promise you it looks better~ (〃> ω <〃)