you must change your way

In order to change the world, you must first change your way of thinking. Do things in ways that other people do not do. Think new thoughts. Learn new ideas. Develop a plan. Each one of you has so much potential to change the world; you just need to be able to manifest it in the way that only YOU can.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
The first step to changing your life is changing your mind, in some way. You must be open to new thoughts, new interpretations, new perceptions. Your life around you will change only when you allow what’s going on inside of you to change.
—  Karen Salmansohn


If you intend to own a rabbit, you should be prepared for your home to face some destruction. Base boards and molding will be chewed, carpet will be ripped out, blankets will be mauled. Even if you bunny proof, your rabbit will find a way to be destructive. They aren’t being bad, they’re just being bunnies.

Remember, you must organize YOUR life around your rabbit. Your rabbit will not change his ways just to suit you. No amount of “punishment” will stop a rabbit from being destructive. (that will make it worse) So you must be prepared to make some sacrifices.

Bunny proofing is not pretty, but it is very necessary.

If you leave something lying on the floor, it will be sampled. it will be chewed on. it will be destroyed. Don’t leave anything on the floor that is unsafe for your rabbit. Even a well trained rabbit cannot resist a nice juicy phone charger.

:) If you have any specific questions on bunny proofing, send me an ask and I will give you a more detailed break down.

You know how drugs change the way your body works? I think you must be my drug, because I’ve had this ache inside ever since you left, and yet I need you more every day.
—  j.f // excerpts of stories I will never write