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I don't understand how facists are Nazis (Nazis we're socialists) I don't understand how advocating free speech makes someone a fascist (basically the opposite of fascism) I don't understand how you can know someone's political leaning without having a conversation with them? I also don't understand why people stopped debating? That's how you get a point across. Violence creates more violence. This is just two different groups of people screaming "let us talk" while beating each other up. Wtf

what the ever loving fuck are you on about?

[2017.04.11] Tsukiuta Short Story: Shun Cares For You, Like A Lot.

Irregular Fortune Telling

Shun: Today’s lucky one is August-san, while November-san should be careful!

You: I’m home~. I’m kinda tired today…
Shun: Welcome back! I’ve got a reward for someone hardworking like you! Would you like a kind Shun who’d take care of you? Or a playful Shun who’d give you a good time?
You: I want a sleeping like a lamb Shun.
Shun: Ehhhhhh

Shun doesn’t want to sleep like a lamb

Shun: Fine, I will follow your order and sleep…
*lays down*
You: Wait, wait, wait that’s my bed-
Shun: Let’s sleep together as I sing you a lullaby!
You: What are you gonna sing.
Shun: Icicle.
You: There’s no way I’d be able to sleep!!💢💢
Shun: “No need to be afraid. To the organs of your heart…“
You: Don’t you dare start singing!💢💢

note: i’m too lazy to translate lyrics so i got the line/lyrics of shun’s ‘icicle’ here


There is no path. Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of dark…what could possibly await us? And yet we seek it, insatiably. Such is our fate.

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“genevieve,” arthur called out as he saw her walking down the street near micheleine’s home. he had been waiting for a moment to speak to her alone ever since he’d first met her. there was so much he wanted to say to her, so much he wanted to do because she couldn’t stay there. he saw the way that she was treated, the way the micheleine put on a show for her, wanting everyone to believe they were the best of friends when it looked as if geneveive was only there out of obligation. no friendship should be like that.

“it’s me – arthur.” he quickly added, not wishing to panic her as he knew that times were troubling right now. you never knew who to trust and who not to trust. there were a few people that he didn’t trust and one of them just happened to live down the street from where they were standing now. “i met you a few weeks ago, when i helped micheleine with her mirror. you can’t stay there, genevieve. you shouldn’t go back there tomorrow. i don’t trust her and i don’t trust her or her husband.”