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American Denim: A New Folk Art

Before we get to the book review, please be aware that some images contain nudity–there’s butt, boobs, and one embroidered bush, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

American Denim: A New Folk Art

Somebody actually cut a picture of a jacket pocket into the shape of a pair of pants.  1975, folks.

Right away, you can see why I had to show you this book.

Most of the stuff inside inspired three thoughts, in this order:

  1. That’s really ugly.
  2. That must have taken forever.
  3. I bet you can’t wash that.

Here are some highlights:

Our young model will be all the rage at punk shows, with her pants covered in sequins and zippers.  The macrame necklace is a nice touch.

The horror so horrid, they show it to you twice: a shirt covered in hands.  But just the sleeves and shoulders.

This artist saw Manos: The Hands of Fate and said, “Yeah, but what IF..”

These pants are apparently based on the garden of Eden.  I do not know what is going on with that tree on the ass of the jeans.

This is a front panel on a denim jacket.  There’s a similar lady on the other side.  Do you think someone once wore this in public, with pride?

Here we have pants made out of tiny pieces, because apparently pants that fell apart as soon as you stuck your leg in them were an artistic statement.

There are a lot of ass shots in this book.  This is the best one, though.

Dinosaur ass!

This poor model has grown barnacles.  They are awaiting scraping.

And lastly, tits surrounded by raw meat.  I guess that’s an iron-on?  But, just.. why?

This book is absurdly expensive on Amazon, your best bet if you need more terrifying weirdness is a library sale or something.

Gucci Boy

Group: BTS

Pairing: V X READER

Requested: Anonymous said: Hi there! I’m so infatuated with your writing so I hope you could fill this request for a Taehyung x reader! If the reader and Taehyung are both shopping separately at Gucci but when they are trying stuff on they catch each other’s attention and start shopping together? Haha sorry if this is so specific. Thank you!!

Summary: You meet Taehyung in his natural habitat, Gucci and he helps you complete your outfit.

Genre: fluff

Length: 0.8k

A/N:  I love these detailed requests and all the comments you’ve been leaving and even an ask have made me so happy!! I’m happy you all enjoy my writing and it gets me writing even more!

Originally posted by theseoks

Gucci was your favourite shop for a few reasons; you loved gold, you liked the way they greeted you like royalty at your service and you enjoyed the looks you received when you left with at least three white bags with a black lining on either arm. So as you walked around the shop, checking out your reflection in gold panels and looking through rails of clothes, there was a massive grin on your face.

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In Fear, Behind the Scenes Interview (Blu-ray)

I don’t understand why people knock down Marilyn Monroe. Saying “she’s not worthy of being a role model,” or “she was just a whore,”. Marilyn Monroe was an amazing woman. In her time and in our time, she stood and stands for so much. She was an Independent woman with a passion, she loved acting and did it even though she wasn’t paid as much as she should have. She was comfortable with her body, she wasn’t the skinniest woman in the world, but she flaunted it like no other. She was an activist for equal rights for gays and all races. She was a business woman who had her own film company. She was an inspiration for women that dreamed of getting out of the typical homemaker role. If you think that her faults with men and her provocative nature don’t deem her “worthy” of being a role model then you must think society is perfect… She deserves credit for being a bad ass woman who stood out of the norm in a time when that wasn’t encouraged. Why can’t a woman be intelligent and flirty ? 💋❤

alexonyx64  asked:

Say you have an idea for a game and you want to make it. You currently have no useful skills that would be able to contribute to the development, just the idea, but if you're going to try to actually make the game you want to contribute to development in a tangible way rather than just trying to freeload as the "idea guy". What skills would you recommend learning before you try to assemble a dev team so you can actually be useful?

Honestly, your absolute best course of action in that situation is to choose an off-the-shelf engine like Unreal or Unity and learn how to use it. While engineering or design or art skills will all be useful over the course of the project, knowledge and experience with the engine and its limitations will be much more useful. By this, I mean that you must learn how to get outside assets like textures, models, animations, etc. into the engine, how to manipulate them within the engine and its tools, and then how to use the engine and tools to create the rules and systems for gameplay. 

In order to make a game, you need to build gameplay systems and assets. In order to build systems and assets efficiently, you absolutely need to know what is easy to do and what is hard to do. Because you will be limited in terms of time and resources, you will want to leverage as much of the built-in technology in the engine as possible. There’s little point in spending six months writing a UI system from scratch if the engine already has one available that can meet your needs. However, unless you know that the existing UI system will work, how can you realistically make the decision to use it? If the engine can’t meet your needs in a specific field, you are faced with a choice - either change your design, add support for the system yourself, or switch engines. But you can’t reasonably make that decision without first doing the research and making sure it will meet the requirements. That means you’ll need to do a lot of studying and experimentation with the tools.

There’s no real easy way to find out what the engine’s features and limitations are, other than reading documentation and using it. Unity, for example, depends a lot on code to handle anything dynamic in terms of animation. If you want to move the sprite of a dropped item from the ground into a backpack icon, for example, it will need to go through code and not through the animation system editor. Unreal has the Blueprint system, which alleviates the need for code in situations where you can use it. That’s great and can save a lot of time, as long as you know what the limitations of Blueprints are. How do you actually find out the limitations to the Blueprint system? You just have to try making stuff with Blueprints. Try doing each thing - create a basic UI, import a model, texture it, animate it, make a cinematic with it, build an environment, build a control system, build some crude game rules, and so on and so forth. Read the online tutorials, documentation, message boards, and watch video tutorials. Look for useful and free assets you can use in the asset store. Keep track of what is easy to do and what is hard. Think about what the engine can help you do, and note down where you need something the engine doesn’t provide. Compare that to your project’s design and feature list. What do you need that isn’t provided? How can you get those needs met?

Remember, ideas aren’t worth much if they aren’t feasible. The best way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to try to build them. The more experience you get, the easier it will be to recognize the winners. If you can build out a functional prototype, that’s great! Proving out an idea is real progress towards a playable experience that you can iterate on and improve. If it doesn’t work, that’s ok too - the idea might have failed, but you will have learned something just as valuable - why the idea didn’t work, which will improve future decisions and designs. Maybe you can adjust the idea and it might work better, or maybe you can think of an alternative that is better or different but still feasible. But it all starts with figuring out how to use the tools and what their limitations are.

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You deserve better - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2,1k 

Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up Audiences, mentions of low self-esteem.

Request: “can you write something about luke and the reader being at some event and there’s lot of pretty girls and the reader starts to feel insecure about herself and thinking luke deserves better than her, but then he shows her how much he loves her?”

Summary: Being the girlfriend of Luke Hemmings from 5sos was never easy. Especially when you have already your own issues. What happens when Luke finds out about them though?

A/N: I really liked this request and tried to keep it clean for the most part. I really hope you like (even though I know it may not be the best). If you liked it, like/reblog the post (it helps me as a writer to know that you liked it) and don’t forget to leave me your thoughts and comments in my inbox. It helps me improve my writing and motivates me to keep going! 

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Okay, so like, I know Whiskey has been kind of Problematic™ so far, but the boy has such a #look, ya know?

Anyway, I guess this is a companion to this piece I did before I even had a side blog of Tango wearing a flamenco tango outfit.

This is slowly becoming a series……

(Edit: Added a vignette for the #aesthetic)

A waste of time

Request from Anonymous: Can I please ask for Christian Yu imagine where reader is 8 months pregnant with twins. She and Christian gets in to a huge argument. And Christian walks out. Angst in the beginning and super fluffy at the end. The twins names cane be A'meena and A'naree  

I think there’s more angst than fluff.. D: But I had fun writing this so I hope you like it!

“Where are you, Christian!?” she yelled into the phone.

“I’m being held up with work. I’ll be there as soon as I can!” he yelled back.

She was standing outside the hospital for her monthly check up. This would most likely be the last time she would come here for a check up, because the next time she’s here, she will be in the delivery room. Christian was supposed to be with her because he had promised but also, he had missed the last two monthly check ups. Both Christian and her didn’t plan on having children just yet but after a drunken night, both have to live with the consequences. She didn’t regret on falling pregnant so soon. She was actually excited for this new chapter of life. Christian, on the hand, was sort of iffy and nervous. He wasn’t ready to become a dad. Or in this case, a dad to twin girls. But she always had his back and promised him that he will think differently when he see his daughters. 


After the check up, she took a taxi to the shops to buy some dinner. She stopped by her favourite ramen place. There was a queue outside the store but she didn’t mind waiting because when she craves for something, she will make sure she gets it. Whilst waiting in line, she looked ahead and saw a familiar figure. He was wearing a white muscle tee which showed off his arms. She knew whose arms they belonged to because of the tattoos. She had traced them over and over again with her fingers. 

It was none other than her boyfriend, Christian. She saw that he was standing next to girl and she looked pretty from behind. Her loose waves brushed passed her shoulders and she was wearing a very beautiful dress that hugged her figure perfectly. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her partner couldn’t come to the hospital with her because apparently, he had better things to do. Like taking some girl to dinner. She walked passed the other customers and confronted Christian. 

“What the fuck is this?” she spat in his face.

Christian nearly dropped his phone when he saw her. 

“Babe hey, what are you doing out here?” he managed to piece a sentence together. 

“Don’t fuck with me, Christian. I’m not in the mood. Is this why you couldn’t come to me to the hospital today?” she huffed angrily. 

“I told you I was working, didn’t I? And I don’t even need to be there anyway. All I do is just sit in the corner,” Christian said in a slightly louder tone than hers. 

She folded her arms across her pregnant belly and stood back from him. She couldn’t believe what he had just said. What did he mean he didn’t need to be there anyway? He’s the father so it’s part of his duty to be with her when she needed him. 

“You don’t think it’s important, given the fact that you’re the father, to be with me?” she raised her voice louder and the people around were now looking. 

“Of course, I want to be with you but I have work also. Like I said, all I do is sit in the corner so why would I waste my time in there. I could work on my shit instead,” Christian beckoned back. He didn’t care if other people were staring. 

“Waste of time?!” she yelled back. “I’m sorry for getting pregnant because it must be an inconvenience since you prefer fucking with models like her!”

The girl next to Christian gasped and he looked over to her with comfort in his eyes. Too bad, his girlfriend saw it.

“You know what Christian, don’t bother coming home tonight or ever. Clearly I’m just an inconvenience,” she said as she gave a death stare to both Christian and the girl. 

She didn’t bother turning around nor did she get dinner. This was probably the first time she had skipped dinner and this probably wasn’t healthy for her baby girls. She came back home and quickly changed out of her clothes to a comfy dress pajamas. Her belly was rumbling so she went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Looking inside the fridge she took some of the leftovers and began making a sandwich. She sat down on the couch as she flicked through the tv channels and nothing caught her eyes, so she went to the balcony to finish her dinner. However, when she was about to step out into the cool breeze, she heard the front door unlock. It must be Christian. 

He simply took off his shoes, placed a plastic bag in the fridge and walked towards her. She saw his eyes and they were filled with frustration and anger. 

“Do you wanna explain why you were acting out?” he asked bluntly. 

She scoffed at his remark and proceeded to step outside, however Christian pulled her back in. 

“Why were you being such a-” 

She cut him off.

“Such a bitch?” 

“I wasn’t going to say that. If you had let me finish, I was asking you why are you being a controlling person all of a sudden?,” Christian asked.

“Is that how you see me now?,” she retorted back. “How does wanting my boyfriend to come with me to the bloody hospital make me a controlling person?”

“I told you countless times already, I don’t do anything in there. I just sit in the fucking corner for like an hour,” he snapped back. 

“The check up is not for me, you know. It’s for the babies. Our babies,” she told him. 

“I know that but why are you making such a big deal out of it? I know that you and the girls are healthy, isn’t that enough?” Christian pleaded.

“The only reason why you know is because I tell you AFTER my check ups. I want you to be there right in the moment, Christian. I feel like I’m going through this alone,” she almost chocked on her saliva when she said that. 

Christian buried his head in his hands and furiously ruffled his hair. 

“I try to be with you, I do. But my work just screws every thing up. I can’t keep putting away my work to go the check ups with you. It’s just a waste of time,” Christian muffled into his palms. 

Did he just say waste of time again?!

“You know what, maybe I’m the one wasting my time with you” she furiously told him.

“What did you say?” Christian asked as he stood up. 

“I said, maybe I’m wasting my time with you,” she repeated herself clearer and louder. “You think sitting in with me at the check ups are a waste of time”.

“Yes! It’s a waste of time! I’d rather be out shooting my videos than sit in a dark, cold room!” Christian yelled at her. 

“You didn’t bother to call once you were done with work tonight. Instead you went out with that girl!” she yelled back again.

“I promised her I would take her to dinner when we were done with the shoot. She’s just one of the models I’m working with,” Christian explained. 

She thought about the sentence. 

“One of the models…So out of every one you chose to ask her to dinner? That is saying something, Christian,” she beckoned. 

“C’mon, you’re making a big deal out of something so trivial. Every time I can’t come to a fucking check up or ultrasound, you bring up my work. Telling me I don’t love you and shit like that. I didn’t sign up for this, you know!” he was now practically screaming at her. 

“Right, because what you signed up was to fuck with other models and now you can’t do that because of me. Maybe you’re the one acting up, Christian. Not me!” 

Christian scoffed back at her. 

“You know what, I’m so sick of you accusing me of things. We wouldn’t be this fucked up situation if you have kept your horny ass off me that night!” 

“So now it’s my own fault that I’m pregnant?” she sarcastically asked him.

Christian sighed loudly.

“Look, I’m tired. Can we just stop and go to bed?” Christian reached out his hand.

“What the hell?! We can’t put a pin in this and call it a night, Christian. We do that every time and look where it has gotten us,” she told him.

“Argh! I’m so fucking tired of this!” Christian yelled and knocked the vase off the table. “I need some air before things get worse. Don’t wait up for me”. 


She tried to sleep but couldn’t because she threw out her dinner so she’s sleeping on an empty stomach. But the girls also didn’t let her. They kept making movements. They must miss their dad because every night, Christian would hum a lullaby to them. 

Come morning, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast then began cleaning the mess that Christian made last night. It was now nearly lunch time when she had to go out to find a proper meal otherwise she would faint. She got changed and was putting on her sandals when she heard the front door unlock. She wasn’t ready to face him just yet. 

“Morning..or afternoon,” he greeted her softly. 

She ignored him and went to grab a jacket from the bedroom. Of course, he followed her. 

“Hey..” Christian tried to pull her in his arms but she didn’t let him. “Listen, I’m sorry for yelling last night and all the things I said, I take it back. I’m sorry”.

She continued to ignore him but at the same time, was paying attention to his words.

“I shouldn’t have said what I said. My anger and frustration got the best of me,” he continued knowing she was listening, “I don’t think of you as an inconvenience. From now on, I’ll be there for you, okay? Because I can’t wait to meet my two beautiful girls”. 

She finally turned around to him.

“You said some hurtful shit last night, Christian,” she told him. “I know I said I’m ready to have children but I’m scared as fuck! And with you not being by side, makes it worse. I’m not saying you have to be with me 24/7 but-but..”

Christian cupped his hands around her face. 

“I’m sorry. I really am. I’m sorry for saying I’d rather shoot my videos than be with you. And I should not have blamed you for falling pregnant. I’m too blame as well”.

“Damn right, Christian,” she let out a small chuckle. 

“Forgive me?” Christian pleaded.

“No, not yet”. 

Christian looked at her, confused.

“Tell me what changed your mind? Why did you come back?” she asked. 

“Ahh well, when I walked out last night I stopped by our favourite cafe. You know they open till midnight, anyway I met my old friend there. We used to work together back in the days and I found out she had recently had a baby. I asked her about the whole pregnancy stuff and from what she told me, it is a very umm tiresome stage to  go through, especially in the last trimester. Because you know, the baby is ready to meet the world. Also, she showed me a picture of her baby and he is so so so cute. He has dimples and his chubby cheeks. Ahh”. 

She tilted her head to the side and couldn’t believe he had just said that. The way his face lighted up when he was talking about the baby’s looks and she knew he was ready to become a father. 

“Trimester? I didn’t know that was in your vocabulary,” she teased.

Christian laughed and pulled her in closer, but his two babies were in the way. 

“I can’t wait to meet our girls and once they are out, I can hug you even closer,” he said softly. 

“Are you ready for nappy duties and constant crying - times two?!” she asked. 

“Hmm..yes! Well I’ve worked with Jay Park and isn’t he like a 3 year old, anyway? So if I can handle that man, I’m sure I can handle our little girls,” he said. 

“Don’t talk about my man crush like that,” she joked.

Christian laughed at her comment before guiding her to sit on the bed.

“Also we haven’t named our children yet, but I have an idea,” he told her. “I was at the cafe when it came to me”.

“What names are you suggesting?” 

“A'meena and A'naree”, he told her. 

“What do they mean?” she asked. 

“Well for Meena, there are many definitions but my favourite meaning is ‘rising to the top’ so i want Meena to always rise and be on top of every thing she does. As for Naree, it means creativity and having idealistic qualities. You don’t need me to explain why I chose Naree. 

She took a minute to think about his suggestion. 

“What’s with the A at the beginning?” she asked. 

“My girls are special so I want their names to be special as well,” he told her. 

“A’meena Yu and A’naree Yu..” she whispered to herself. “Hmm let me sit on it for a while. I’m still a little mad at you. You made me miss dinner last night,” she complained. 

Christian laughed. 

“Why don’t I make you some food. I bought home steaks last night so let’s have that now?” Christian insisted.

“Steaks for lunch?” 

She smiled as he planted kiss on her lips and her belly before exiting the bedroom to make lunch.

No sleep ‘til Vegas.

(I’m too tired to put actual effort into the background *throws hands up* it serves it’s purpose)

A Difficult Distance- Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/n: My first Shawn imagine! I’m considering a part 2, but we will see how many requests I get for it. I hope you enjoy this little thing I whipped up in a half an hour and didn’t proof read :’D 

WARNINGS: Literally like none except for it potentially sucking since I didn’t even proof read it… 

Originally posted by illumeshawn

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too Shawn, now go be a super-star” you say as you finish up your seemingly short phone call. With him on his Illuminate tour you have barely gotten to see or even hear him. Sure you were happy he was out living his dream, but you missed him… a lot.

“Just two more months” you say softly to yourself. If you can make it through 6 months of this, two more should be a piece of cake, right?


A week passed by, and to someone like Shawn time was flying by, but to you it felt like an eternity. Work dragged on, your coworkers always asking you what it’s like to date someone famous. Not to mention the constant messages from your mom asking when you and Shawn would stop by for dinner, and you having to always remind her that he won’t be back for a while.

This past week you got a total of 4 texts and 5 snapchats from Shawn. Yes he was busy, but throughout the beginning stops of his tour he made sure to message you every chance he had and to leave you cute voice messages for you to wake up to. Instead you saw countless of his posts on twitter thanking fans and saying how much fun he is having. You even saw a few candids of him with some girl that you presumed be some sort of model.

“Come on (y/n) we are going out tonight” your best friend says eagerly. She was the only one who seemed to understand how hard the past few months have been on you, she was the only who cared.

“Can’t we just stay in and have a wine and movie night” you beg even though it was helpless.

“Nope not going to happen. We have done that every Friday night for the past 6 months, so today we are getting you some air and some crappy alcohol at a cheap bar. Now get dressed… and at least try to look nice.”

Although you lacked the motivation to get ready, your friend had a point. You’ve literally been hiding out in your apartment every night ever since Shawn left. Tearing through your closet you settle on the perfect little black dress and your signature vans. Your makeup was minimal compared to your friend’s but you still felt confident in your look.

“Finally, I swear this is the first time you’ve looked hot in months” she says sarcastically.

“Oh shut up, let’s get going” you banter back. Your friend offered to drive because she wanted you to drink whatever you wanted and however much you wanted.


The bar was fairly crowded and the music was loud. You each comfortably find a seat along the main bar counter and immediately order drinks. You two hadn’t even been there for ten minutes before a man comes up and approaches you.

“Hello ladies, what brings you here tonight” he asks smugly.

“Well ya see my friend here is sad, and she could use a little pick me up” your friend jokes.

“Why don’t you two let me buy you a round then?” He calls over the bartender and we give him our order and quickly finish up our first drinks. Minutes pass by as your friend is making flirtatious small talk with the stranger who is obviously hitting on her as well. However, you couldn’t be any less interested then you are now and just start nonchalantly scrolling through your phone while they talk.

“Can I get you a refill” the bartender asks, brining you out of focus from your phone. When you look up you give a small nod and turn to see your friend and the stranger are no longer by you. Instead they are now on the dance floor grinding on one another, and you start to question just how many drinks your friend has already had.

“This one’s on the house” the bartender says while handing over the drink. He gave you a look of pity as he could tell that there was something bugging you, but you just shrugged it off. You down the drink in a matter of minutes and feel a warm tingle take over your body. A daze begins to consume you as the alcohol flows through your veins. A constant ringing of your phone helps to break you out of your buzz.

“Hello” you answer without even looking at the screen.

“Hey baby what are you up to?”

“Shawn! What are you doing calling me, isn’t it like super early in the morning for you?”

“No it’s like 11pm” he says casually.

“How is that even possible” you ask completely confused. Sure you weren’t great at knowing all the time zones, but there was no way that France was the same time as you. Before you even had time to process what he was talking about, you feel two strong arms wrap around your body. Turning around quickly, you almost fall off your chair in excitement when you see your boyfriend standing right behind you.

“Oh my god, what are you doing here” you exclaim while embracing him in a giant hug. His arms stay wrapped around you tightly and he fills your body with warmth.

“Well when I realized that there is still about two more months of tour, I knew there would be no way I could make it without seeing you at least once.” There was a comfortable pause between the two of you as you soaked up each other’s embrace. In the corner of your eye you see your friend smiling at you with a thumb up, there’s no doubt she helped set this up.

“I missed you so much (y/n), you have no idea” he coos.

“I’ve missed you so much too, I’ve just felt incomplete since you’ve been gone” you say with a sad tone to your voice. A frown appears on Shawn’s face as he feels a pang of guilt for making you feel this way while he’s been gone. It was never your intention to make him upset, but you couldn’t hold in your emotions any more.

Few words are exchanged between you and Shawn as you wave goodbye to your friend and walk out to his car. Shawn drives you two back to your apartment so that you can be alone for the short time you have together.

“I’m really sorry” he says so softly you weren’t even certain that’s what he had said.

“Don’t be” you stammer out.

“(Y/F/N) told me all about how you’ve been feeling lately and I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. I didn’t mean to stop messaging you or ignore you. My cell service was just really bad in the last few cities and I’ve also been so busy filming the music video that I neglected the one thing I truly love.”

“Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about the music video” you mumble, a confused face coming across Shawn’s face. “I kept seeing pictures of you on social media with some sort of model, but she must be the girl from the music video…”

“Did you think I was cheating on you” he states more sternly than you expected.

“No of course not, I trust you with all my heart. It’s just she looks so perfect and beautiful, I just didn’t want to lose you to her.”

“Don’t you see you never will. I am all yours. In fact, you’re stuck with me now and forever.” Your face turns a rosy red as he places a soft kiss to the top of your head. “I have a surprise for you.”

“But I thought you were my surprise” you joke.

“Well there’s more. (Y/F/N) and I already figured it out with work so now all you have to do is pack-“

“Pack?” you interrupt.

“Yes pack. You’re coming to Paris with me for a week.” He flashes to plane tickets and a smile of excitement.

“I’m so insanely lucky to have you” you gush.

“Well I don’t know where I’d be without you by my side, so it’s the least I could do.” Shawn pulls you in for a much needed kiss and you can feel your body coming to life once again. Your lips stay attached, as shaky breaths attempt to escape.  Shawn lifts you up to the counter so that he as better access to your soft lips. His hands reach your lower back as yours find their way to his neck. Just as things start to intensify between the two of you Shawn pulls away leaving you in a heated mess.

“You need to pack” he says a bit out of breath. “We have an 8-hour flight so there is plenty of time for this to continue.” He sends you a smirk and walks towards your bedroom while you just sit there wishing he could have waited at least a few more minutes…

What can you do in LOS ANGELES?

Choose your neighborhood.
Buy your house or apartment in the Downtown, South, East,
Santa Monica, Palos Verdes and, if you are a wealthy person,
buy a house in Hollywood Blvd. or Malibu.
Even an empty lot is more expensive here.

Do you wanna be a model?
A car dealer?
A psychologist?

If your dream is to be a music star,
you have not to wait being a teen to start playing guitar,
you can start in childhood.

If you wanna be a model, you must to work out!
Go to LA Gym, jog around the city or swim at the beach.

Cab service is not free anymore.

In the bistro, gas station, Hard Rock Cafe, wherever you go to eat,
you can choose your menu and eat it outside.

Go to the ice cream parlor and buy your favorite ice cream flavor.

If you wanna stay at home, eat a chocolate pie
on a beautiful floral plate watching the news channel.

Visit the famous Hollywood Sign
If you go walking, it will take around 2 hours.

Rest in the camping in Palos Verdes.

Have fun with the ferris wheel in Santa Monica!

(These mods are not mine. I´ll post credits next friday :) )

Grey's Anatomy//Teen Wolf AU

This is going to follow the first episode somewhat, just to get it started? Also, Braeden doesn’t have a last name so we’re pretending it’s Bailey too

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Lydia Martin, Braeden, Reader.

You wake up and glance over at the man next you. You had a one night stand on the floor? You grab the blanket off of him and wrap it around yourself. You hit the man beside you with a pillow.

He grunts and opens his eyes, picking your bra up, “This is…?”

You take your bra and smile, “Humiliating on so many levels. You have to go.”

He sits up and looks at you, “Why don’t you just come back down here and we’ll pick up where we left off?”

“No, seriously. You have to go, I’m late which isn’t what you want to be on your first day, so.”

“So, actually live here.” He asks.



“Yes. Kind of.” You correct yourself.

He begins to get dressed, “Oh. It’s nice. Little dusty. Odd. But it’s nice. So how do you kind of live here?”

“I moved two weeks ago from Boston, it was my mother’s house, I’m selling it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“You said was.”

“Oh! My mother’s not dead. She’ know what, we don’t have to do the thing.”

“Oh we can do anything you want.”

“No, the thing, exchange the details, pretend we care…look I’m gonna go upstairs and take a shower, okay, and when I get back down here, you won’t be here, so um goodbye…um…”

“Scott.” The man nods.

You shake his hand, “Scott, right. Y/N.”

Y/N.“ He repeats.

“Yeah.” You say and he steps closer and you step back. “Mhm.”

Nice meeting you.“ Scott says.

“Bye Scott.” You smile and run up the stairs.

You’re waiting to see the resident you’ve been assigned to.

“Six women out of twenty.” You observe.

“Yeah. I hear one of them’s a model. Seriously? Like that’s going to help with the respect thing?”

“You’re Kira?” You ask her.

“Which resident you assigned to? I got Bailey.”

“The Nazi? Yeah, me too.” You nod.

“You got the Nazi? So did I. At least we’ll be tortured together, right? I’m Stiles Stilinski, uh, we met at the mixer. You had a black dress with a slit up the side, strappy sandals…” He looks at you.

You and Kira exchange looks.

“Now you think I’m gay.” Stiles sighs.

Kira walks away, “Uh-huh.”

“No, I’m not gay. It’s uh, it’s just that, you know, you were…I mean you were very unforgettable.” Stiles explains.

A doctor walks in the room, “Stilinski, Yukimura, Y/L/N, Martin.”

“And I’m totally forgettable.” Stiles mutters.

“Bailey?” Kira asks.

“End of the hall.” The doctor says.

“That’s the Nazi?” Kira asks.

She’s a small woman, extremely petite.

“I thought the Nazi would be a guy.” Stiles says.

“I thought the Nazi would be…the Nazi.” You raise an eyebrow.

“Maybe it’s professional jealousy. Maybe she’s brilliant and they call her the Nazi because they’re jealous. Maybe she’s nice.”

“You must be the model.” Kira deadpans.

Lydia gives Kira a look and turns to Bailey before extending her hand. “Hi. I’m Lydia Martin.”

Bailey looks her up and down and doesn’t shake her hand. “I have five rules. Memorize them. Rule number one, don’t bother sucking up. I already hate you and that’s not going to change.” She gestures toward a bench, “Trauma protocol, phone lists, pagers. Nurses will page you, you will answer every page at a run. A run, that’s rule number two. Your first shift starts now and lasts 48 hours. You’re interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain. You run labs, write orders. Work every second night until you drop and don’t complain!” She opens the door to the on-call room, “On call rooms. Attendings hog them, sleep when you can, where you can, which brings me to rule number three, if I’m sleeping, don’t wake me, unless your patient is actually dying. Rule number four, the dying patient better not be dead when I get there, not only would you have killed someone, you would have also woke me for no good reason, we clear?”

You raise your hand.

“Yes?” Bailey looks at you.

“You said five rules. That was only four.”

Bailey’s pager beeps, “Rule number five, when I move, you move.” She runs down the hallway, leading the four of you. “Get out of my way!” She shouts at a couple of doctors.

She splits you up, leaving you as the intern on the case she was paged for. Her parents had questions, you weren’t sure who to ask.

“Katie’s parents have questions. Do you talk to them, or do I ask Boyd?”

“No, Boyd’s off the case. Katie belongs to the new attending now, Dr. McCall, he’s over there.” She points but you can’t see him. You take a few steps forward to see him and stop dead in your tracks. It’s Scott from this morning. You turn and quickly walk away, he looks at you and does a double take.

You run into him later in the hallway and he grabs your arm.

“Hey.” You start, he pulls you into a stairwell. Dr. McCall,-“

"Dr. McCall? This morning it was Scott and now it’s Dr. McCall?”

“Dr. McCall we should pretend it never happened.”

“What never happened, you sleeping with me last night? Or you throwing me out this morning? Because both are fond memories I’d like to hold onto.”

“No. There will be no memories.” You shake your head. “I’m not the girl in the bar anymore, and you’re not the guy. This can’t exist. You get that, right?”

“You took advantage of me and now you want to forget about it.”

“I did not take-”

“I was drunk, vulnerable, and good-looking, and you took advantage.” He interrupts.

You smile, “Okay, I was the one that was drunk and you are not that good-looking.”

“Well, maybe not today. Last night, last night I was very good-looking. I had my red shirt on, my good-looking shirt. You took advantage.

"I did not take-” You start again.

“You want to take advantage again? Say Friday night?” He raises an eyebrow.

“No. You’re an attending and I’m your intern. Stop looking at me like that.” You shake your head.

“Like what?”

“Like you’ve seen me naked. Dr. McCall, this is inappropriate. Has that ever occurred to you?” You push the door open and leave Scott in the stairwell.

Far beyond my reach part 2

Elijah x F!reader. (Witch or vampire you pick)
Warnings: smut.
Story start:
Four days have passed since the incident happened between Elijah and Y/N. She was now in a robe, with nothing on underneath it sitting on a long couch. She was nervous, and red in the face. She heard Klaus shuffling around for his paints and other art supplies needed. “Is everything alright?” She asked, Klaus looked back at her and nodded “Looking for the right skin tone” he answered digging through his paints. She was nervous he knew, certain it’s been awhile since any man has seen her naked. “So what if Elijah walks in?” She bit her lip. Klaus chuckled “Then we simply tell him we are lovers, he’ll get over it.” “WHAT!?” she shouted “Only kidding dove, I already told him we were working on a piece since you are a fan of my work. Asked him to not bother for at least five hours.” Klaus shrugged finally getting the tones he was looking for. “Do you mind putting your hair down?” Klaus asked as he sat down infront of the canvas. “My hair?” She asked, you see, Y/N never wore her hair down, it was always up in a bun and it was ALWAYS like that, no one besides Rebekah has seen her hair down. Rebekah told Klaus once that it was very long, being passed her bum. (Curly, or straight any color you want readers) Klaus noticed her hesitation “If it’s okay with you, it would add texture and since Elijah has never seen your hair out from that bun, it would add something special. Y/N nodded has she reached up for her hair tie. Klaus eyes widened.
Her hair unraveled down landing on her thigh. She played with her hair slightly so it could fully come undone. “You should…leave it down more often…it flatters your face.” Klaus said trying not to sound like he was flirting with her. Y/N nodded in response. “I need you to undress. ” Klaus said with a grin she wanted to punch away. She nodded “O-Okay…”
Y/N took a breath and removed the robe from her body. Klaus gave her a look over and smiled. “Now I can see why my brother is so jealous and possessive.” He walked up to her, she felt so small, he moved some of her hair to the front. “Now be a doll and lay down on the couch don’t worry I will not touch you.” He sounded sweet just then. “Why are you so hairless though?” Klaus asked, yeah he killed the little sweetness he had going there. “Shut up and draw!” She blushed laying herself down trying to get a position. “What I like my lovers to have alittle hair on the-” “KLAUS!” She shouted while he laughed. “Alright I will stop my teasing. Move your arms and hips abit.” ((Basically Titanic Rose pose)). “Beautiful…” he said to himself as he got started.
After six long hours staying in the same position, Y/N was cold and hungry. “Are we almost done?” She asked. Klaus who had been silent while finishing looked at her face. “Well I could finish without you, I will remember your flesh tones.” He sat up alittle straighter cracking his back. “That sounds so creepy coming from you…” she shook her head getting up grabbing her robe and tying it around herself. Putting her hair into a high bun again. “May I see it?” She asked. Klaus shrugged and motioned a finger for her to go to him. As she stood behind him to look, her blush returned to her face. She couldn’t believe it was her. “So what do you think so far? I just have to paint in details.” Klaus said almost tensing when he felt her hands on his shoulders, she was so amazed. “How long will it take to dry fully?” Klaus smiled “overnight. Do you want to present this to him together or would you rather do it alone?” She shook her head “I think you should do it, you daggered him. It would be more sweet that way.” She smiled giving his shoulders a slight pat. Before turning away. “Why did you model for me?”
His question caught her off guard. He turned around her back was still turned to him. “Well you daggered him, and I broke his heart…so I figured we both have something to apologize for.” She said, her voice low and regretful. “Well, let’s hope he forgives both of us.” He said turning back to the canvas. “Yep” was all she said before leaving the room.
It was the next day, Y/N was so nervous. She wanted to know Elijah’s reaction to the painting. She wanted to know so bad she dragged Rebekah through one of the secret rooms, the ones that have a peephole to look into Klaus’ studio. Rebekah and Y/N stood dead silent has they looked. “I hope he likes it..” Y/N whispered. “He will love it, I’m sure.” Rebekah assured her. Holding hands in nervousness and support they looked on. They heard the door open,Y/N tighten her grip on Rebekah’s hand, it didn’t hurt the Original but it made Rebekah slightly chuckle. She thought this whole thing was cute. “So Niklaus, what is this thing you wanted to show me?” Elijah sounded alittle annoyed, Y/N and Rebekah could only assume Klaus dragged Elijah when he was trying to relax. “Trust dearest brother, you will love this.” Klaus smiling stood infront of the painting which was covered. Y/N’s heart started to pound.
Rebekah put a hand on Y/N’s chest to indicate to calm down. If she could hear her heart her brothers could too. From what Rebekah could see they didn’t notice. Y/N tried calming down. “This is an apology for me daggering you, and Y/N hurting you aswell.” Klaus explained. Elijah’s eyebrow raised “She told you about that?” Klaus shook his head “No details just said she broke your heart and wanted to make it up to you somehow.” Elijah nodded curious. Klaus took the cover not pulling it off yet “ready?”. Rebekah and Y/N had a veiw of the canvas as well, they could see their reactions and movements, it’s driving Y/N insane. “It’s going to be okay, calm down” Rebekah whispered. Y/N nodded. Elijah nodded to his brother and Klaus smiled pulling the cover off to reveal the nude painting of Y/N. Y/N blushed and Rebekah gasped quietly. Elijah’s eyes widened slightly as he was he couldn’t find the words. Klaus watched him curiously as Elijah stepped closer to the painting “Her hair…” Elijah said in awe. “And she posed for you?” He asked looking down the body. “Yes, it was completely professional I assure you.” Klaus said. “Are we forgiven?” Klaus asked. “Just you Niklaus…this is a very thoughtful gift. But I’m afraid Y/N would have to do better…” Elijah said turning to his brother. Rebekah wanted to slap her brother as she glanced at Y/N, tears were rolling down her face. Rebekah was the only one who saw every emotion Y/N hid.
“Brother, Y/N posed for you, she did this for you…” Klaus was confused. Elijah looked emotionless “I appreciate that she was willing to pose for you, so you could make me this.” Y/N couldn’t hear this anymore and she turned and left Rebekah whispering her name after her. “But I want the image of her body for my eyes only….in person…” Elijah said tracing a finger across the paintings hip. “I will put this in my room later for sure Niklaus. Thank you” Elijah gave his brother a hug. Klaus knew that Y/N was no longer there, they had both heard the two sets of heart beats. Klaus only hoped she heard everything Elijah said and not parts.“I’m glad its to your liking.” Klaus said returning the hug and covering the picture up again. “If you woulf excuse me brother, I must find the model and thank her personally.” Elijah gave a short nod and left the room.
“Y/N I’m sure he forgives you, he is just being hard to get is all” Rebekah said on the other side of the door, Y/N had locked herself in her room. Not wanting anyone to see her tears. After soft cooes from Rebekah she heard Rebekah stop talking, she figured she gave up and left. Y/N now putting cold water on her face to calm down the puffiness of her cheeks. She looked in the mirror. “Much better…” her voice still sounded alittle cracked from crying,but she cleared her throat and drunk from her water bottle. She went to her door unlocking it ready to let Rebekah in, she thought she would see her friend but saw Elijah instead, in a panic she slammed the door shut again before he could say anything. Her heart was pounding then she realized what she did gasping, she opened the door again slowly peaking from behind it. “Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I was welcomed with a door slammed in my face…” Elijah said amused. “I-I’m sorry” she tried to look behind him “Where’s Rebekah? ” Elijah sighed “I sent her away, we need to talk..” Elijah walked into her room, “Well come on in then” Y/N said under her breath. Closing the door. Elijah sat on her bed hands in his lap. “When Niklaus said he had a gift for me I was not expecting a nude painting…especially of you…” Y/N did not look at him, in fact she was looking everywhere else but him. “I wasn’t expecting to be a nude model either. But life happens…” she replied sitting in her reading chair that was in the far corner of the room. “So you actually undressed for Niklaus?” Elijah asked staring directly at her. Her eyes were focused on her lap. “Yes…” she replied a blush returning to her face. She didn’t realize he got up from the bed.
Elijah was not kneeling infront of her, taking her hands into his, she still refused to look at him.“You let your hair down for him?” Elijah asked holding her hands alittle tighter. Y/N nodded. “For you…” she added. Elijah took a moment, he was going to deny it, he loved and hated that painting. He was jealous of the fact his brother got to lay his eyes on her body. But the painting was beautiful and he wanted to see it in person. “Well in that case…” Elijah began “Model for me right now.” Y/N eyes shot up to his face then, he was serious. “What?” Y/N moved her hands away from his, only for him to rest his hands on her lap, rubbing them slightly. She shivered. “Model for me. I want you to do the exact pose you did for Niklaus.” Elijah said with a grin. “You’re serious?” She got up and walked to her dresser turned away from him. Her face was red and hot she needed space. Space he would deny her. She felt his arms wrapping around her waist pulling her against him firmly. “I am very serious Y/N…” Elijah kissed her neck, he felt her shiver. “I want you to pose nude for me, in the exact position as that painting. I promise to be unprofessional..” he told her in her ear. His hands undoing the front of her shorts, one hand sliding in. She gasped as his finger touched her pearl, her hand shot out to hold onto her dresser as his fingers drew figure 8s against her. Her body slightly slouching due to the sensation in her lower regions her butt pressed up against his growing bulge in his pants causing him to groan.
Elijah’s hand went her her shirt and cupped her breast, groping her. She bit her lip “Elijah~” she whimpered. "Please darling…pose for me?” He asked holding her body against him. His fingers stopping his teasing, he felt her body tremble against him. “Will that make you forgive me?” She asked her voice a whisper. Elijah sighed, “I already have forgiven you..” his head now rested ontop of hers. “But you told Klaus…” she began “Just said that because I knew you were there. Didn’t mean to make you cry…” he kissed the top of her head. “I forgived you when I left the room that day. I understand everything you feel. Not feeling worthy of happiness. I was so angry, that you felt that way of yourself.” Elijah smiled as she gasped, he moved his finger against her again. “I’m assuming you didnt hear me when I told my brother that I want the image of your naked body for my eyes only, no one else should see your full beauty but me…But I also told him I wanted to thank you personally for the gift, I will always cherish it, and you, if you will have me…” Y/N was blushing as she removed his hands from her turning herself around. Elijah placed hiss fingers in his mouth and sucked on her juices that were on his fingers.
Her eyes widened as she saw his fingers in his mouth, his eyes were closed a he gave a light and low groan at her taste. She bit her lip “I will pose for you…” she said moving away from him going into her bathroom closing the door. Elijah’s eyes watched the door, he sat himself at the foot of her bed. He felt himself harden from anticipation. He heard shuffling in the bathroom and a quiet ‘ow’. When the door nob turned he almost shot up and went to take her but he had to be patient. The first thing he saw was her long hair that went passed her hips. His eyes stayed at her hips before traveling downward. She was hairless, his mouth began to water. His eyes traveling up again to her breast, her hair covered her nipples, she saw her chest moving up and down from her breathing, she was nervous, her heart was pounding. When his eyes landed on her face, he realized he was falling…hard. This was not only lust he was feeling. “Does it have to be the exact pose? I don’t have the exact same couch like the one in the studio…” she said twirling her hair with one finger. She was blushing even redder because he didn’t reply to her. Elijah stood up kicking his shoes off and away from him and walked to her and pulled her into him by her hips. “Kiss me…” was all he said, before he moved his face closer to hers. She kissed him, her kiss was soft and caring, his hand cupped her face, kissing her harder. She gasped has he picked her up, his tongue slid into her mouth, her legs wrapping around him as he carried her to her bed. He layed her on her back not breaking the kiss, he pushed his hips into hers causing her to moan, her wetness getting onto the crotch of his pants. His kisses where now going down her body, nipping at her at random places. She shivered. “Elijah..” “Shhhhh my dear, I’m getting to the fun part.” Before she could question what he meant she moaned loudly as his tongue slid into her folds pressing against her pearl. He began to suck and lick her, her hips moving slightly to get friction but his hands kept her hips still.
“Please Elijah…” she whined she was getting close, his tongue was wicked, but so good. He didn’t stop looking at her face, he loved every expression she was making. His pants were incredibly tight and getting really uncomfortable. He answered her with an 'hmm?’ He wasn’t going to stop until she was just about to go over the edge. Which was very close. When she started to pant and tried to buck her hips, with her mouth slighty adjar he pulled away. “Elijah!” She was fustrated. He only smiled sitting up to unpants himself. When he was finally free he gave himself a few strokes. Closing his eyes at the little pleasure he gave himself. She was on all fours on the bed infront of him, when he felt her mouth around his tip his eyes shot open looking down at her. She looked up at him and gave a wink before taking more of him inside her mouth. He groaned as he held her hair with one hand and the other hand started to undo his shirt. When she started to suck harshly he involuntarily bucked into her thoat. She gagged alittle bit but kept going. “Y/N….” he moaned. Wrapping her long hair around his hand he moved to the side as his other hand traveled down her back. She was so small compared to him. He smiled as his hand slid down her backside and a finger entered her, her body jerked as she lefted her backside up more into his hand as his fingers thrusted inside. Her suckling got sloppy from his fingers distracting her. When she felt him become swollen inside her mouth she moved away, his member causing a lewd pop when it slipped from her mouth.
“Y/N” he grunted he was close himself but it would take it as pay back for not letting her cum. He removed his fingers from her. She was still on her fours but she turned herself that her butt was against his crotch. She felt him poking hard against her butt. She wiggled her hips against him causing him to hold her hips. “May I?” He asked his voice husky but before they go any further he wanted her to be sure if she wanted this. Her answer was a buck against him causing him to slide inside, he hissed as she gasped as he filled her. His hands on her hips he started a slow but powerful pace. Her hair fell to one side, he leaned foward and placed kisses on her back as she moaned for him. His pace went faster and her legs went wider and the upper part of her body leaned into the bed keeping her backside up as his thrusts went deeper. Elijah closed his eyes moaning at her tightness. Many nights he thought about this, he was almost afraid to open his eyes, scared that it would just be him pleasing himself and not him inside her. “Elijah~~” the sound of his name leaving her lips made this reality. He opened his eyes looking down at himself sliding in and out of her. Biting his lip, her moan got louder. He then noticed her fingers rubbing herself. He started to slam himself into her. His groans were bringing Y/N to her end quickly. She started to tighten around him. “Y/N!” Elijah moaned as she became too tight and he came,filling her with his seed. She came throwing her head back in a yell. When they both rode out their high. He slid out of her, Y/N getting up and moving so he could lay next to her. After a few moments she looked at him running her fingers through his hair. “I thought I was supposed to pose for you..” Elijah smiled “I’m not as professional as I thought myself to be.” Y/N layed her head on his chest as he wrapped an arm around her. She whispered more to herself “I thought you were so far beyond my reach…” Elijah kissed her forehead “How wrong you were…” Elijah said holding her tighter. “I love you..” she said looking up at him. “And I love you.”
Extended ended: “Can I have it?” Kol asked trying to get a peek at the covered painting. “Hell no, it’s Elijah’s.” Klaus said shaking his head walking the covered art to his older brother’s room. “But he has the model now! He doesn’t need this anymore!” Kol protested. “Kol, if our brother finds out you want this he will dagger you himself.” Klaus groaned in annoyance. “Wants what?” Elijah said walking behind them. His shirt was still undone. Kol and Klaus felt Elijah’s eyes dig daggers into Kol, causing Kol to become uneasy. Klaus found this humorous. “Oh our brother Kol wanted” Klaus began “NOTHING, I WANTED NOTHING.” Kol shouted to shush Klaus “But Kol you were just saying how you wanted” Klaus smiling was cut off but Kol’s shouts of “I said nothing of the sort!! Well I should be going now see you all at dinner!” Kol sped off leaving a laughing Klaus. “My, my, brother you can be quite scary.” Klaus said amused. Elijah returned the smile and reached for his gift. “Only when something belongs to me. Hope our brother understands that.” “I’m sure he does now” Klaus said giving the painting to its rightful owner. ~End~
Sorry this was so very freaking long! And sorry if it sucked and was cheesy and bleh! And more will be coming soon!

Meet the parents. Yuri x Otabek (Otayuri)

Type: One shot

Genre: Fluff and romance with a little angst, AU

Word count: 4,125

Pairing: Otabek/Yuri (Otayuri)

Summary: Yuri meets Otabek’s parents but is he ready to deal with the intenseness of his potential mother in law?

Warnings: Past relationship abuse mentioned.

A/N: Thank you to this adorable anon who left me this prompt I hope I did it justice. Also this is so unedited it ain’t even funny.


Viktor and Yuuri sat in the empty seats across from Otabek and Yuri in the small café they planned to meet up at

“Hey how’s everything?” Yuuri asked as he sat his takeaway coffee cup in front of him

“Same old and you guys?” Otabek answered

Viktor nodded “Yeah the usual”

They had a normal conversation about life and up and coming things in it for a while when Yuri sat up in his seat “Can I ask you two a favour?”

Yuuri perked up at this “Of course what is it?”

“Are you both free tomorrow afternoon? Around one pm?”

Viktor and Yuuri looked at each other as if they were speaking telepathically, Viktor looked at Yuri “Yeah we are, do you want to go for lunch?”

Yuri shook his head “No I need you to take care of Niko for an hour or two, I would’ve asked my grandpa but he was busy and I don’t want him to have to cancel prior plans, so can you?”

Keep reading