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American Denim: A New Folk Art

Before we get to the book review, please be aware that some images contain nudity–there’s butt, boobs, and one embroidered bush, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

American Denim: A New Folk Art

Somebody actually cut a picture of a jacket pocket into the shape of a pair of pants.  1975, folks.

Right away, you can see why I had to show you this book.

Most of the stuff inside inspired three thoughts, in this order:

  1. That’s really ugly.
  2. That must have taken forever.
  3. I bet you can’t wash that.

Here are some highlights:

Our young model will be all the rage at punk shows, with her pants covered in sequins and zippers.  The macrame necklace is a nice touch.

The horror so horrid, they show it to you twice: a shirt covered in hands.  But just the sleeves and shoulders.

This artist saw Manos: The Hands of Fate and said, “Yeah, but what IF..”

These pants are apparently based on the garden of Eden.  I do not know what is going on with that tree on the ass of the jeans.

This is a front panel on a denim jacket.  There’s a similar lady on the other side.  Do you think someone once wore this in public, with pride?

Here we have pants made out of tiny pieces, because apparently pants that fell apart as soon as you stuck your leg in them were an artistic statement.

There are a lot of ass shots in this book.  This is the best one, though.

Dinosaur ass!

This poor model has grown barnacles.  They are awaiting scraping.

And lastly, tits surrounded by raw meat.  I guess that’s an iron-on?  But, just.. why?

This book is absurdly expensive on Amazon, your best bet if you need more terrifying weirdness is a library sale or something.

alexonyx64  asked:

Say you have an idea for a game and you want to make it. You currently have no useful skills that would be able to contribute to the development, just the idea, but if you're going to try to actually make the game you want to contribute to development in a tangible way rather than just trying to freeload as the "idea guy". What skills would you recommend learning before you try to assemble a dev team so you can actually be useful?

Honestly, your absolute best course of action in that situation is to choose an off-the-shelf engine like Unreal or Unity and learn how to use it. While engineering or design or art skills will all be useful over the course of the project, knowledge and experience with the engine and its limitations will be much more useful. By this, I mean that you must learn how to get outside assets like textures, models, animations, etc. into the engine, how to manipulate them within the engine and its tools, and then how to use the engine and tools to create the rules and systems for gameplay. 

In order to make a game, you need to build gameplay systems and assets. In order to build systems and assets efficiently, you absolutely need to know what is easy to do and what is hard to do. Because you will be limited in terms of time and resources, you will want to leverage as much of the built-in technology in the engine as possible. There’s little point in spending six months writing a UI system from scratch if the engine already has one available that can meet your needs. However, unless you know that the existing UI system will work, how can you realistically make the decision to use it? If the engine can’t meet your needs in a specific field, you are faced with a choice - either change your design, add support for the system yourself, or switch engines. But you can’t reasonably make that decision without first doing the research and making sure it will meet the requirements. That means you’ll need to do a lot of studying and experimentation with the tools.

There’s no real easy way to find out what the engine’s features and limitations are, other than reading documentation and using it. Unity, for example, depends a lot on code to handle anything dynamic in terms of animation. If you want to move the sprite of a dropped item from the ground into a backpack icon, for example, it will need to go through code and not through the animation system editor. Unreal has the Blueprint system, which alleviates the need for code in situations where you can use it. That’s great and can save a lot of time, as long as you know what the limitations of Blueprints are. How do you actually find out the limitations to the Blueprint system? You just have to try making stuff with Blueprints. Try doing each thing - create a basic UI, import a model, texture it, animate it, make a cinematic with it, build an environment, build a control system, build some crude game rules, and so on and so forth. Read the online tutorials, documentation, message boards, and watch video tutorials. Look for useful and free assets you can use in the asset store. Keep track of what is easy to do and what is hard. Think about what the engine can help you do, and note down where you need something the engine doesn’t provide. Compare that to your project’s design and feature list. What do you need that isn’t provided? How can you get those needs met?

Remember, ideas aren’t worth much if they aren’t feasible. The best way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to try to build them. The more experience you get, the easier it will be to recognize the winners. If you can build out a functional prototype, that’s great! Proving out an idea is real progress towards a playable experience that you can iterate on and improve. If it doesn’t work, that’s ok too - the idea might have failed, but you will have learned something just as valuable - why the idea didn’t work, which will improve future decisions and designs. Maybe you can adjust the idea and it might work better, or maybe you can think of an alternative that is better or different but still feasible. But it all starts with figuring out how to use the tools and what their limitations are.

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In Fear, Behind the Scenes Interview (Blu-ray)

I don’t understand why people knock down Marilyn Monroe. Saying “she’s not worthy of being a role model,” or “she was just a whore,”. Marilyn Monroe was an amazing woman. In her time and in our time, she stood and stands for so much. She was an Independent woman with a passion, she loved acting and did it even though she wasn’t paid as much as she should have. She was comfortable with her body, she wasn’t the skinniest woman in the world, but she flaunted it like no other. She was an activist for equal rights for gays and all races. She was a business woman who had her own film company. She was an inspiration for women that dreamed of getting out of the typical homemaker role. If you think that her faults with men and her provocative nature don’t deem her “worthy” of being a role model then you must think society is perfect… She deserves credit for being a bad ass woman who stood out of the norm in a time when that wasn’t encouraged. Why can’t a woman be intelligent and flirty ? 💋❤

Meet the parents. Yuri x Otabek (Otayuri)

Type: One shot

Genre: Fluff and romance with a little angst, AU

Word count: 4,125

Pairing: Otabek/Yuri (Otayuri)

Summary: Yuri meets Otabek’s parents but is he ready to deal with the intenseness of his potential mother in law?

Warnings: Past relationship abuse mentioned.

A/N: Thank you to this adorable anon who left me this prompt I hope I did it justice. Also this is so unedited it ain’t even funny.


Viktor and Yuuri sat in the empty seats across from Otabek and Yuri in the small café they planned to meet up at

“Hey how’s everything?” Yuuri asked as he sat his takeaway coffee cup in front of him

“Same old and you guys?” Otabek answered

Viktor nodded “Yeah the usual”

They had a normal conversation about life and up and coming things in it for a while when Yuri sat up in his seat “Can I ask you two a favour?”

Yuuri perked up at this “Of course what is it?”

“Are you both free tomorrow afternoon? Around one pm?”

Viktor and Yuuri looked at each other as if they were speaking telepathically, Viktor looked at Yuri “Yeah we are, do you want to go for lunch?”

Yuri shook his head “No I need you to take care of Niko for an hour or two, I would’ve asked my grandpa but he was busy and I don’t want him to have to cancel prior plans, so can you?”

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Okay, so like, I know Whiskey has been kind of Problematic™ so far, but the boy has such a #look, ya know?

Anyway, I guess this is a companion to this piece I did before I even had a side blog of Tango wearing a flamenco tango outfit.

This is slowly becoming a series……

(Edit: Added a vignette for the #aesthetic)

shions-heart  asked:

can I have a smol scene from the sci-fi tensemi AU? the one with Semi as an AI?

the shiratorizawa-in-space au: in which tendou survives an enemy attack, and meets a peculiar stranger. some elements shamelessly stolen from star trek, because i can. 

There are black spots in his vision and the world is swaying on an oddly-tilted axis when he wakes up, which isn’t ideal. Still, Tendou hadn’t expected to be waking up at all, so at this point he’ll take what he can get. He rubs at his temples, his fingertips coming away sticky with half-dried blood. Again, not ideal. But injured and alive is better than dead and floating in the void of space.

He pushes himself into a seated position, looking out over the bridge of the Shiratorizawa from an odd angle. Usually he’s off to the left side of the pilot’s chair, manning the shields. Right now he’s… sitting in the captain’s chair. His vision has cleared enough by this point that when he looks around, it takes him only a minute to realize that he’s alone.

The screens at the various console stations are smashed through, but that hadn’t been the worst of the damage. The dire alerts had gone off once the hull had been punctured, dyeing the entire ship in red light. Now, the lights are glowing a pale blue— emergency power, but not an active threat situation. That’s good, Tendou supposes. But something still doesn’t make sense.

“Why aren’t I dead,” he asks the empty space of the bridge. His voice come out rough— he’d been screaming when he was knocked out, for Tsutomu and Watatoshi and Reon.

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anonymous asked:

I'm just going to say this, the Bible isn't literal representation of anything they are just a bunch of made up stories to understanding how the world was created and how everything came to be. Each story has its own lesson that can be interpreted in different ways. That's why there are so many different kinds of christians. Example: I'm a Lutheran and my grandparents were Catholics and one of my aunts is a baptist. Each preaches differently according what they believe to be true.

I was raised in an Orthodox Christian household, but I was baptized Lutheran. I’ve read the Bible plenty of times, so, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to teach me something I do not already know.

I stopped being a Christian in my early twenties but now I am just straight up anti-Christianity, now that I have realized how nasty that doctrine really is.

Sure, there might be a few good stories in there (subjective) and you can have ~individual interpretation~ to make a story mean anything you want.

But like, at the end of the day, the very central pillar of Christianity is the belief in god the father. (Not capitalizing it on purpose because I don’t believe in respecting that shit.)

You literally worship a father-god. That’s patriarchal whether or not you like it, it’s just an accurate description. 

And why is this father-god worshiped? Because according to the Bible, he is the creator, the all powerful life giver, the one who makes decisions and we just have to obey, because father-god knows best and we better not question it.

That’s why religion is tied in to being Pro-Life. They don’t believe that women create life, they believe father-god has decided a woman should give birth and that women are obligated to obey the will of this father-god. This is inherently anti-feminist.

That’s why the character of Mary is written as the female ideal: a sweet kind woman who goes along with the plan of the all powerful male, even though the father-god just sent an angel to tell her about a surprise pregnancy. That’s right your precious Jesus is a rape baby, nobody ever asked Mary’s consent. She was just all too happy to go along with it after finding out, because she’s so pure and devoted to the the father-god. Can you see how idolizing Mary is basically grooming women in to a subservient housewife role who will accept anything from men and be constantly forgiving? Mary is a terrible role model for women.

How many pornos out there have that same plot–man rapes woman, and it turns out she liked it all along? That’s the ultimate male fantasy. Christianity is the worship of this fantasy.

Christianity glorifies suffering. It paints this romantic picture about how enduring pain for love is some beautiful thing. How many women in abusive relationships are thinking to themselves about how Jesus died on the cross for all humanity so maybe they can endure this “anger management issue” from the man they love? 

How many religious women stay with abusive men because marriage is a ~sacred bond~ and divorce is breaking a promise you made to the father-god who you must obey in order to be deemed a good person?

The family model of Christianity is the father-god, Mary, and Jesus, who is the male son who gets the father’s power passed down to him. This is how patriarchy works. It’s literally a family style where the man holds the decision making power about the woman’s body, because in material reality, it is she who has the power to create life, not he. 

Christianity is a religion of woman hating, it blames women for original sin, creates a mythology where women are not in control of our own bodies and our own power of creation, and provides the model for women’s subjugation.

Women can’t be liberated until Christianity is wiped out.

for interestinggin

A mock-up cover for D’Artagnan’s interview, that’s sure to create legal woes for the magazine as there’s a clause in La Fere’s contract that he will NOT consent to be in the same issue of a magazine that also has photos or references to Milady.

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Simon Dominic request

Genre: soft smut idk

Word Count: 4,156 words (holy shit I wrote this much?) 😭

The place where magic takes place was in Gray’s very studio. The GRAYGROUND was your favourite place to visit within AOMG’s building. This was due to the the ambience it brought, the soothing atmosphere, the music lightly playing though the speakers making you feel things and the perfect place to make love. Yes you read that right. You were a bit of a thrill seeker, I wouldn’t say exhibitionist, more of an introverted version of it I guess.

Kiseok also known as Simon Dominic is a popular character with women. On sets, on shoots and basically around the world. His appearance, deep voice and rapping with sensual verses had people melting whenever they saw him. Since his arrival at AOMG, the re-birth of him was successful and females despised your position. Oh that’s right, you fit in here somewhere. (Y/N) formerly known as AOMG’s makeup artist.

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katie-wants-donut  asked:

To Amy: You're my favourite Sonic character. You always have been and probably always will be. I just wanted to say you're awesome 😊

“Aww, you’re so sweet! Thank you so much! I must say, I try hard to be a good role model for my society! Every girl should have a goal, a cause, a reason to fight and remain strong and loyal to her heart!”

“To remember the good, to hold true to faith, to never stop believing, to hold on to that feeling!”

“I just quoted a Journey song AND gave a wonderful, empowering speech. I’m more than willing to say that I’m proud of being your favorite, and have to say I like you just as much!” -nod, nod-

“And don’t let anyone make you believe or tell you otherwise!”

(She’s truly flattered, and deeply happy to hear it! Thanks, my friend! :D)

Are we only friends?

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff and maybe angst

Length: 1K 

Summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for as long as you could remember but things change when a girl comes in the way


Are we only friends? Part 2 

Are we only friends? Part 3

You and Jungkook are laying down on his bed like usual. You on Tumblr and him playing on his phone. The two of you were almost always together starting when you first met him when he moved in the house next door 12 years ago.

“Jungkook-ah should I get this dress?” you ask as you show him the dress on your phone.

“I don’t know. They all look the same.” He says without even looking over.

“Come on! Look at it. Maybe I can catch me a boy” you say with a wink.

He laughs loudly at that. Resulting in you playfully slapping him.

After some silence Jungkook speaks up

“Y/N, you know that stuff you wear on your eye?”

“There’s a lot of stuff. What are you talking about? Eyeliner? Eyeshadow?”

“I think it’s eyeliner. What’s a good brand? I want to buy one.”

You jump up and stare at him.

“Omg do you like someone, Jungkook? ”

He looks away as pink creeps up on his cheeks.

“No. Well. Yeah. I don’t know. There’s this girl, Victoria. She’s kinda cute and her birthday is coming up so I want to get her something.” He quietly admits.

In all the years you knew him, he’d never had a crush so you were excited, but there was this protective feeling in your heart too. But you ignore that.

After you bring him to Sephora and help him choose out some make up you go back home.
While lying on your bed you think about dating. You’ve always been interested in Jungkook but never romantically. He was like a brother, just a really hot one.

When it was time for Victoria’s party you help dress Jungkook up.

“I wish you could come with me Y/N, but if Victoria thinks we’re together that would be bad.”

“Yeah. But you’ll be fine. You look great. There’s no way she would turn you down.”

A week have gone by since the party and it seems like Victoria really likes Jungkook. They’ve been texting non-stop and hanging out all the time. Everything was great for him. But not for you. You’ve literally gone outside four times during that time and that was only to get food. You never realized how alone you were without Jungkook.

You decide to give him a call to see what he’s up to.
When he doesn’t pick up, you text him. But surprise surprise. There’s no response.

With nothing to do, you just take a nap. When you wake up it’s 9pm and you’re starving. You quickly change, grab the cake you bought from the new pastry place down the block and run over next door to share with Jungkook. He’s been wanting to go there but hasn’t found time to go.
When you knock on the door you hear light footsteps and a really pretty girl opens the door.
“She must be a model” you think to yourself.
“Hey, uh is Jungkook home?” You ask as you peek inside.

You see Jungkook running up behind the girl, “Y/N! What are you doing here? Come in.”

You’ve never felt so awkward walking into his house before.

“I brought cake from that new place you wanted to try” you say holding the cake up.

“Oh! Jungkook and I went there today. The cake there is delicious.” says the girl.

For some reason you feel a tinge of annoyance when you hear that.

“Oh, yeah. Y/N this is Victoria, Victoria this is Y/N.” Jungkook says as he takes the cake and brings it to the kitchen.

You shake her hand and can’t help but notice how beautifully her hair falls into place and how tall she is.

“Nice to meet you Y/N” Victoria says with a beautiful smile.

“Yeah. Nice to meet you too.” You say with a not as nice smile.

You speed walk to the kitchen where Jungkook is cutting the cake.

“Jungkook, you never called me back or texted me and you never told me Victoria was so wow.”

“Really? Sorry. I was with Victoria so I didn’t want to check my phone too much.”

When you don’t respond he tells you to go talk to Victoria while he prepares some drinks.

You take the cake slices and bring it over to the coffee table and sit down with Victoria.

“You’re really pretty Y/N. I wish I was as pretty as you.” Victoria says with that beautiful smile

“Thanks. You’re really pretty too…. ” you says as you look away.

“So you and Jungkook must be really close right?”

“Yeah. We’ve been best friends for about 12 years now.” You say with a proud smile

Her smile drops and she harshly says, “Aw. Well too bad it’s going to end there. Jungkook likes me. Not you.”

You stare at her. Did she just say that? What happened to the nice girl you were just talking to?

You open your mouth to respond but you see Jungkook coming out of the kitchen with two cups of coffee and black tea. He places the coffee down in front Victoria and himself and the tea in front of you.

Victoria glares at you before saying,
“Jungkook-ah, can I have tea too? I don’t want to have too much caffeine.”

“Oh yeah of course. Y/N doesn’t like coffee so she normally has tea with sweets like this.” Jungkook explains as he gets up to go to the kitchen.

While Jungkook is in the kitchen you can feel Victoria’s eyes crawling up and down your skin.
“You’re not special Y/N. I can get Jungkook to do what I want him to.” she says before smiling at Jungkook who’s walking towards us cluelessly.

After Jungkook sends Victoria to the train station he comes back and asks you how you like Victoria. You don’t know if you should tell him what she said to you or if you should just lie and say she’s nice.

So I decided to try to write something for fun. What do you guys think? What should Y/N do? Tell Jungkook the truth or lie? Please message or send me an ask about what you guys think of this! Thank you C:

anonymous asked:

Your art is very pretty and I must say you are one of my role models thank you for the great stuff you do ♡♡

((You flatter me anon. Thank you for existing!