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So I'm just watching "Thinking Out Loud" video and can you imagine this: Blaine as Ed, and Kurt as choreographer who came up with this dance. They have a late in night rehearsal and you can literally touch the tension between them. And then there's that one move, too close, too intimate and BOOM! they're kissing and oh I gave myself feelings *___*

Kurt still thinks it’s a prank as he opens the door to the studio.

There is no way that he has actually been called to choreograph Blaine Fucking Anderson’s latest video.

Not to look down on him and his dancing studio, it’s just a fact:

Stars of Blaine Anderson’s status don’t go to Brooklyn’s choreograph for a music video–they go to big names, famous dancers and acclaimed professionals.

Not … him.

But it is Blaine Fucking Anderson standing in the middle of a beautiful factory-turned-loft, wearing a somehow loose but fitting shirt–there is some kind of black magic at work here–and snug sweatpants that leave nothing to Kurt’s vivid imagination.

A blond man approaches Kurt, and he reads enough gossip magazines (shush, it’s a professional occupation) to recognize Blaine Anderson’s occasional lyricist and best friend, Sam Evans. “Mr. Hummel!” the man exclaims, shaking Kurt’s hand enthusiastically. “So glad you could make it.”

Kurt shakes his hand back and can’t help but smile at his energy. “I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else,” he replies, looking behind Sam at Blaine who is warming up with a look of focus.

Damn he’s attractive–no wonder he has so many fan groups.

Not that Kurt doesn’t have his own little group of followers on the different social media, but they do not compare with Blaine’s.

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Klaine one-shot - “Cozy Little Secret” (Rated PG13)

Kurt decides to take Blaine up on an offer to move in with him, but when Kurt shows up the next morning with his bags, Blaine starts acting more than a little suspicious.

What could he be hiding? (1865 words)

So, this AU assumes that Kurt and Blaine didn’t meet in high school, but when they were a little older and already in New York. I’d like to think this Blaine is more “Dalton Blaine if he didn’t switch to McKinley”. It is a re-write of another fic I wrote (for full disclosure).

Read on AO3.

When Blaine opens the door to his apartment and sees Kurt standing in the hallway with his suitcase, he looks like he’s just seen his mother naked …

… which is not the welcome that Kurt was expecting.

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“Um, hi. Can I ask you a question? I’m new here”
“My name’s Blaine”

Best friends.


“Kurt, there is a moment when you say to yourself, Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever. Watching you do “Blackbird” this week… that was a moment for me. About you. You moved me, Kurt, and this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you”

Ex boyfriends.


Boyfriends again.

B: “I will sign whatever you want. Please say we can be boyfriends again. What?”
K: “I don’t know if relationships actually work, I mean…weren’t Bethenny and Jason supposed to be forever?”
B: “For every Bethenny and Jason, there is a Will and a Jada and a Kurt and a Goldie. C'mon, can’t we at least just give it a try?”
K:“But I’m Goldie, of course…”
B: “Of course you are”
K: “Okay, I can’t believe we’re going to do this again”


“fearlessly and forever”

“it’s not just a puppet. It’s a puppet of my fiance” Blaine.

“Oh, it´s my fiance” Kurt.

Exes again.

They’re back together.

B: “Kurt, are you ok?”

K: “No. I’m not ok. I love you. I still love you”

and finally… Husbands ♥.

“I do”

“I do”

their first kiss as husbands ♥

Size Isn’t Everything 1/4

Notes: The past week has been especially mentally and emotionally challenging and I’m choosing to combat that with a little Klaine PW(ithout much)P. So for the few dozen who might want to read some Klaine smut, this is for you. I hope this makes your evening even just a little bit brighter. Or something.

As always thanks to superbeta @mshoneysucklepink. Please blame me.


Summary: Kurt’s got a bit of a size-kink. Based on this prompt from the @prompt-a-klainefic blog. 
Chapter: 1/3 (the rest should be up within a week)
Words: ~2577 (this chapter)
Warnings:  I guess? PWP, Size kink, 

“…and I swear to god he had a huge dick.”

Kurt walked up to the bar, waving at his friend Sasha and accepting the offered martini from his regular bartender.

“Who’s a huge dick?” he asked. A few of the guys from the ensemble of the last show he worked on had been getting together for a regular weekly bitch session, and it inevitably turned into not-so-wild tales of various attempted sexcapades. It was silly, and the guys were fun, and besides, everyone needed to let off a little steam now and then, right?

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Person: What’s your favorite hobby?

Me: Watching Klaine scenes

Person: Mm.. yeah but I mean… 

Me: Watching Klaine scenes 

Person: Ok but…

Me: Watching Klaine scenes 

Person: b..


And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

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young and fumbling and a little insecure but they love each other so here we are

consider this what happened after the camera cut away during “The First Time”

(one word prompt thingy)

“Are you ready?” 

Kurt has never wanted anything this badly in his life, but he can’t seem to make words at the moment. His breath is loud and ragged in a way he’s too turned on to be self-conscious about, so he swallows and nods his head emphatically until Blaine smiles back at him. 

Blaine reaches over to his nightstand and turns off the lamp, covering them in darkness. 

“Oh, what about you? Am I too heavy? I should have asked before, sorry.” He doesn’t know what he’s doing, though his–their–first time has gone spectacularly so far. His boyfriend is warm and hard underneath him, and so hot, and it’s screwing with his concentration if he’s honest, but he’s trying his best to be his best for Blaine.

“I’m great. It’s okay, Kurt,” Blaine answers, and Kurt feels him lift up a little to kiss him. His lips don’t quite land on target, his kiss right under Kurt’s nose, but he just laughs and slides his mouth a little lower to meet him as intended. 

“Okay. Good. Off with this, then,” Kurt says, gaining a little confidence at the way Blaine’s squeezing his butt eagerly. He pulls at the neckline of Blaine’s tank top. “Off, Blaine. Off.” 

Blaine laughs again, and as he reaches down to grab the bottom of his shirt, Kurt leans in, planning to kiss Blaine’s neck. Neither reaches his destination, as Blaine’s hand collides with Kurt’s chin. 


“Oh - I couldn’t see you - “

“I’m okay, haha. Moved too quickly I guess. Here, let me just–” Kurt lifts his hips and grabs at Blaine’s waist until he finds the bottom of the shirt, then pulls it up for him. 

“Oh, wow…”


“It’s… I like how it feels when you take my clothes off, instead of me. Keep going?” Blaine raises his arms above his head, and Kurt keeps lifting the shirt until–

“Omph– wait, Kurt, I’m stuck–” Blaine makes a choking noise and Kurt immediately lets go of the shirt, putting his hands on Blaine’s chest. “Shirt was around my neck,” he says, pulling it the rest of the way off himself.

“Sorry!” Kurt slides his hands lower, idly squeezing at the chubby area around Blaine’s belly button. 

Blaine makes a sudden intake of breath and Kurt feels him suck in his stomach a little under Kurt’s hands. “It’s fine,” he says, his voice suddenly way softer and shakier than it was a moment ago. “Um. Your turn.” 

Kurt moves to sit up on his knees just as Blaine sits up to reach for his t-shirt, and misjudging how much space either of them has, Kurt knees Blaine in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

Blaine doesn’t make a sound, but Kurt certainly feels his knee make contact. “Shit, I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

He gasps for breath, coughing a little, then finally gropes around in the air until he can grab Kurt’s arm. “I’m… I’m okay.”

“This isn’t working, hold on–” Kurt reaches over and turns the lamp back on.

Blaine crosses his arms over his stomach, still getting his breath back.

“This is much better. I don’t think we need the light off.”

“I dunno, it was okay…” Blaine mumbles, shyly looking up at him.

“We’ll end up hurting each other before we finally fuck each other,” Kurt snorts, his eyes going wide as soon as the words are out of his mouth.

“Kurt!” Blaine gasps, shocked laughter shaking his body. He bites his lip, eyes roving over Kurt’s face as he reaches up and cups Kurt’s cheek–making contact on the first try this time.

Kurt barrels forward, feeling braver by the second, and kisses down Blaine’s palm. “I want to keep the lights on. I want all of this with you and I don’t want to miss anything.” He sits on top of Blaine again, leaning down to kiss at all that warm, tan, gorgeous skin on Blaine’s chest, then looks up at Blaine through his eyelashes and says, “I like being able to see you. You make this hotter.”

He doesn’t know it, but he’s just said exactly what Blaine needs to hear. Blaine completely relaxes underneath him, letting go, letting Kurt look. 

“Now… are you ready?”

Blaine nods wordlessly, intertwining their fingers. Kurt gives him one last kiss on the lips, then resumes his slow trip towards the equator.

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Hi if it's okay to prompt you, would you mind writing a Klaine AU where Cooper is Kurt's teacher in HS/College and Kurt somehow meets Blaine without making the connection and then cuteness/embarassment.. I'm very vague, kinda relying on your brilliant mind tbh sorry ;)

I hope this is what you had in mind nonnie ^^

“… And if you don’t point, what happens Mr. Hummel?”

Kurt is shaken from his daydreaming by Mr. Anderson calling out his name.

Namely, a daydream about their wedding plans. Kurt is on plan #21.

It involves doves. And glitter.

Thankfully for his academic career, Mr. Anderson, as handsome as he may be, is not very original in his Introduction to acting class.

“The audience won’t be able to understand our emotions, sir,” he replies, managing to look focused and like his notes are not variations of the different ways to hyphenate Hummel and Anderson.

Alphabetical can suck it, Hummel-Anderson sounds better.

“Very good, Kurt.”

Kurt is beaming before he can remind himself that he should not reveal his feelings so openly.

Then again, he wasn’t pointing at Mr. Cooper Anderson or at himself, so he feels pretty safe.

For now.

Must practice his poker face.

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Fic: Pride & Prejudice & Superheroes (5/5)

PG-13 | Humor | Romance | College AU | Superhero AU

Summary: Blaine, the reluctant superhero amateur with the lamest backstory ever. Kurt, the apparent snob with an impatient attitude and an aversion to expressing gratitude. They hate one another, but the universe has other plans if the way they keep running into each other is anything to go by.  


Beta’ed and rescued by @notthetoothfairy, without whose enthusiasm this might have gotten deleted a while ago. Thank you for everything! she’s made this story a thousand times better!

And thanks to everyone sharing and loving this! it means the world to me!

AO3 | | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Part Five: The End of the Pride and the Prejudice, and the Start of the Superheroes

If you ever ask Blaine Anderson how he managed to break into a hostage situation, undetected by both cops and robbers, make his way through the building into the hot zone, fake himself as one of the hostages, find the perfect moments to get the guns to scorch without the risk of making them accidentally press the trigger and killing someone, and get their clothes equally scorching without actually catching on fire, to the point of them writhing on the floor completely neutralized but without being a danger or fire hazard to anyone else, get everybody out safely, and make sure none of this could be traced back to the almost normal looking boy in a sweater and jeans in the corner of the room that the security cameras probably caught on tape – all the while sporting a painfully broken arm, a roughed up face, and bloody palms and knees -… if you ever ask Blaine how he managed all that? He will tell you he has absolutely no idea, but that he’s damn glad he did.

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Fic: All Out of Love

All Out Of Love (6x05 reaction fic)
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Blaine/David Karofsky
Word count: 2,600
Rating: Teen

Summary: “It’s a couple of days later, after everything with Jane explodes, that Blaine realizes he may still actually be kind of angry.”

Notes: This is my long-delayed elevator reaction fic, which ended up being a reaction fic for all of the first five episodes as well. Thanks to damnpene​ and wowbright​ for beta help and asking when it would be finished.

All Out Of Love

Blaine has never been very good with anger. His family doesn’t fight, not really, and at school he learned early on that if you’re small for your age and gay, you use charm, or you run. He’d learned to box at Dalton, and that had helped, but still sometimes the anger he tried to move past or hide from found him anyway, and usually at the worst possible time. It blew up at Cooper. At Sam. At himself. At Kurt.

During that last fight, he’d gotten really, really angry. A fire too red to see through had filled his brain, and his chest was tight, like he was going to explode of out of his skin. When he’d told Kurt that he would never forgive him for breaking off their engagement, he’d meant it. He’d meant it when he packed a bag and moved out. He stayed furious, too: when Elliott came to see him, cautiously reassuring that he wasn’t taking sides but just wanted to help his friends, Blaine had slammed the door in his face.

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klaine: i’m a florist and you keep buying flowers from me and what do you mean it was my fault we didn’t get together earlier you were buying flowers i assumed you had a lover au


Klaine Bingo: Earth

Blaine has never been one to buy flowers.

Most of the time, he brings home-made gifts to people inviting him for dinner, and his mother has a whole garden of flowers–the only time he brought her flowers was when he came back from Keukenhof and bought her bulbs of tulips.

But ever since “Edelweiss” opened in his street, Blaine has a sudden willingness to offer flowers to all the people in his life.

A little bouquet of daisies for his barista on a particularly rainy day.

A large bouquet of peonies and freesias on the day of the opening of Sam’s kindergarten school.

An array of potted hyacinths–blue, pink and white–for Tina’s birthday, complete with a bag of fresh soil.

A bouquet of ranunculus for the old lady who sells red bracelets at the entrance of the subway because … because Blaine is running out of people to buy flowers for, and he can’t have too much of them in his apartment–it’s a nightmare to clean, and he gets sneezy when he buys too much of it.


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