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Glitched: Part 2 - Save Him

Author’s Note: Going to say exactly what I said on my last post - this entire fanfiction is going to be quite dark. This chapter in particular is dark and does contain a bit of a disturbing part near the ending. This is an angst-filled horror story. So if you’re looking to have a happy fun time, this is not for you. There WILL be feels. You have been warned…..Enjoy!

Also, listen to this playlist while reading :)

Was he alive? Was he truly actually alive?

His heart was beating at a slow, stuttering pace; the rush of stale blood deafening to his ears. Raspy labored breathing – inhaling and exhaling, struggling to get the air he so desperately needed.

Yes, he was alive. Just barely.

He was growing weak, he knew this. It seemed the longer he remained here in this prison, the more drained and dead he felt. He didn’t know what it was that was causing this. Was this all a result of that wretched demon trying to take control of him? One thing he was certain of: if he didn’t get out of here soon, he would die, whether it by Anti’s own hands or by suffocation of this hell.

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Someone please send me a link to that meta where they point out the visual cues that proves its Kylo’s hand.

My star wars group thinks its Hux reaching out to Kylo and I’m like you misguided fools.

MTVS Epic Rewatch #127

VM 2x17 Plan B

Stray thoughts

1) I had forgotten just how good this episode actually is. The writing in this episode is VM at its best: funny, witty, swoony, shocking and heartbreaking. It’s a key episode for almost all the character arcs - Veronica, Logan, Weevil, Mac, Cassidy, Jackie, Wallace! And it’s the closure for the Felix/Weevil/Thumper arc (and what a closure!) There are little scenes that catch your attention but you’re still not sure how they will play out in the future (I’m thinking Cassidy, Jackie, Woody) - and of course it will all make sense in the finale. It’s comedy and UST and romance and kaboom all in one beautiful episode. And there’s Sway oh sweet Jebus there’s Sway. *swoons* 

2) In case you didn’t catch the reference…

Originally posted by ohokayamaliawalker

BTW, Rushmore is a great movie. 

And Logan isn’t even holding the magazine properly. He set it all up so that he could do this Max Fischer bit. He knew he was going to win the essay contest.

3) Veronica immediately knows something is up, and I don’t think she’s questioning Logan’s intelligence - she just knows he wouldn’t invest time and effort into doing extra work for school. And she’s right. And of course, she needs to reference how well she knows him and their past time together…

VERONICA: I’m quoting Easy Rider, which you may remember making me watch last summer.
LOGAN: That’s funny, it sounds a lot like my essay.

It’s the “you made me watch it” bit that gets me. Because she’s obviously turning a fond memory of their time together (I can totally see Logan raving about the movie and telling Veronica that she must see it and then striking some kind of deal with her “you watch this for me, I’ll watch that for you.” and them making a big night out of the whole thing and having fun even as Veronica mocks one of his favorite movies - because isn’t that exactly the scenario referenced in Welcome Wagon “I really shouldn’t have pushed for the Clint Eastwood marathon. Now I’ve ruined you.”?) into a forced chore, something that she reluctantly did because he made her. You’re only lying to yourself, Veronica.

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