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Ah gosh I’m sorry this took so long! I figured I would rather put all my effort into this and give it to you late than turn it in unfinished !
…well the point was to finish it so haha

So @sevi007! Here’s your late birthday gift from me!
I wanted one of the pages to look a lot like how Horikoshi draws it, so there’s that too. I hope you like it! 
And guys if you haven’t read Sevi’s “Talk to me” - fic yet ……

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Trouble in Canada

Request: “I’m your husband, it’s my job.”

a/n: I hope you enjoy this itty bitty 10 page writing that I’ve been working on for a few days now ! 😉 ALSO @whitechocolateperfection wanted some angst so I wrote some angst and I hope y’all enjoy and I’d love to know your thoughts!!!

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“I’ll see you at the next session?”

            You picked your head up from rummaging in your bag and smiled at Ethan, your cooking class instructor, “My husband might be back in town, but I’ll see,”

           Ethan nodded his head steadily.  After a while of looking at each other, you diverted your gaze down towards the wooden table.  You saw his tapping fingers slowly make their way towards your hand that was rested on the table.

           Quickly, you moved your hand, and placed your engagement and wedding ring back on your left hand.  You did’t like cooking with your rings on in fear that they could fall down the drain if you were washing your hands, “Uh, Thanks for the lesson, I’ll see you later.”

           You heard an audible sigh escape his lips, “See you next week, Mrs. Mendes.” 

           As fast as you could, you scurried out the door and saw your friend, Jessie, waiting for you outside.  She saw your flustered expression and smirked, “Looks like the teacher has a crush on the student.” 

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You guys are awesome! Love your page. I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. Stiles and Derek are Mates. Stiles doesn't know because Derek hasn't told him. They are living together. Derek comes out and is half asleep one morning and ends up cuddling or kissing Stiles and Stiles freaks out. (I think that Stiles is at college and Derek wanted Stiles to have "college experience" but I could be mixing fic) THANK YOU!!!!!

@pyromaniacqueen says it might be this one. But even if it’s not this is a great read! 

Originally posted by chikster

Safety in Silence by Survivah

(5/5 I 66,01 I Mature I Sterek)

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Artemi Panarin - Short Drabble 9

Hiiii if you’re still doing the short prompts, will you do #9 with artemi panarin please????

Originally posted by hockeyeurs

A/N by the lovely Julianne from @write-write-hockey-write

The clock read 2:12 am. With a sigh you slowly got out of bed and walked downstairs to make some hot tea. Once the hot tea was done you made your way onto the couch to read some hoping that reading some might ease you to sleep.

You were about five pages in when you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders. Jumping a little you looked back to see a sleepy Artemi.

“Why are you awake right now?” He said with a yawn.

A smile formed on your face “I couldn’t sleep, so I made some hot tea and decided to read some. I didn’t want to wake you so I stay down here.” You said grabbing your cup and walking into the kitchen to put it in the sink.

“Come read in bed.” He smiled placing a kiss to your forehead.

Artemi took you back into your shared room, this time you were the one who fell asleep first.
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Stimming video. A while back you said you would be more than happy to share my stim videos on your page :) This one is a short simple favorite stims of the month. I also have more of these as well as one super long video featuring every stim toy I own on my youtube channel.

Ah yes hello, thanks for sharing @wyntreblossom199-autismblog!! I love seeing people’s stim toys; I totally want one of those spinner toys you show here.

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39. "I'm not gonna keep having this conversation" with Wolfstar please 😂🙋

“Remus,” Sirius said. He was lounging in the common room with his feet on the table while Remus sat quietly studying. Sirius, of course, couldn’t let that go unnoticed, as it was very late at night and every other sane person in Gryffindor had already gone to bed. “You’re a man of wisdom.”

“Don’t flatter me,” Remus muttered, turning a page in his book. “What do you want?”

“Scientifically speaking,” Sirius spoke slowly, purposefully trying to annoy the boy, “Why is it that I’m so good looking and yet so single?”

Remus shot his friend a look that clearly said, “Really?”

Sirius grinned. “I asked you a question. Maybe you’re not as smart as you seem.”

“Your personality might have something to do with it,” Remus quipped.

“Are you saying my personality is offensive to women?”

“And men,” he muttered.

Sirius considered this, then nodded. “Yes, I suppose you’re right.”

Remus glanced up from his reading. “Pardon me?”

“It’s bound to happen every now and then,” Sirius teased. “Actually, for you, it happens more often than naught.”

Remus rolled his eyes. “Are you done?”

“No, now that you mention. How would you suggest I improve upon my personality? Since your assessment implies that my looks are already on point. What would a young man like yourself like to see in an eligible bachelor?”

His friend exhaled loudly and pointedly ignored Sirius’s question.

“Come on,” he egged Remus. “You’re not unattractive as well. Why are you having problems finding a lady… or boy… friend.”

Remus slammed his book shut, his face red with frustration and embarrassment. “I’m not going to keep having this conversation with you.”


“Well, why not?” Sirius probed. “There is a simple solution after all.”

“And what’s that?”

Sirius grinned devilishly, lavishing the annoyed scowl on Remus’s face. He knew just how to push his friend’s buttons. Just as Remus was opening his mouth to undoubtedly tell Sirius off, the dark-haired boy kissed his werewolf friend.

At first, Remus involuntarily jumped with shock. But as his anger boiled away, he noticed how soft and warm his friends lips were. Remus kissed back gently, and Sirius reciprocated.

When they parted, Remus said softly, “I suppose you’re right.”

“Hmm?” Sirius said, his ears still ringing with thoughts of the kiss.

“That is one solution to our problem,” he clarified. When Sirius smiled coyly at him, Remus cleared his throat, his face burning. “Perhaps we should collect more data to see if it’s the best solution.”

“Ah, good thinking,” Sirius said. “We can’t be too careful in these crazy times.”

And with those words, Remus kissed Sirius again—this time with a smile.


Hi! I launched my second Kickstarter project today!

The New Arcana is an original tarot card deck I illustrated and designed. I wanted to make a fun and light-hearted deck that’s actually usable too, so each card has a bespoke meaning and the decks will come with a small booklet with all the info you need!

Check out the Kickstarter page ( ) for all the details. And if this isn’t your thing but you have some friends that might be interested, feel free to share with them! Thanks for looking :) 


Sorry I took forever to upload these, and also sorry about the weird cropping…?  I think the scanner kinda gobbled these up in the process, but here are a bundle of assorted requests/suggestions from earlier, when I was passing the time at the candy shop.  I don’t rightly recall who suggested what, so if you see your request, just say so in a reblog or something!

Might be best to fullview these.

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Would you ever consider streaming while you write? I know it's not as conventional with writing, but I wanna see your process and talk to you!

Whoa. I’d never considered streaming, and I don’t know the gosh-darn first step to doing it. I have a pretty weak computer (Acer Chromebook), so I’m not even sure if it would work?

What do you guys think out there? It might be useful to my productivity, knowing people are staring at the page with me. If people want it, I’ll look into it.

( &. intro )

hi hi hi thank you for the lovely welcome everyone ;n; you can call me lea aka delilah ( which is also the ms. music canon wiggles eyebrows ) mun i’m so excited to be here and can’t wait to plot and write with every each of you gems 💓 here is her stats and bio page in case you want to check it out although i’m going to put some facts about delilah under the cut and i also have a plot page up so if you find anything that you want to do just let me know! like this post if you want me to barge into your inbox or just hit me up xoxo 

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I would kiss you in the middle of the ocean during a lightning storm
‘cause I’d rather be left for dead
than left to wonder what thunder sounds like.
I’m not looking for someone who can save me.
Life rafts might keep you afloat but they rarely get you anywhere and I’ve got places I wanna go.
So break me in two, peel back my rib cage and cover every page of my heart with love poems
you will burn someday.
The most fertile lands were built by the hands of volcanoes,
And I wanna know what grows beneath the drone of Hallmark and roses.
I want your goodbye to feel like explosives,
Your lips, a burning building without fire escapes.
Your hips the gates of hell if I know if heaven exists,
But this will do just fine.
—  Andrea Gibson, “Wasabi”
Two plus One.

Short fluffy imagine.

Imagine telling Dean that you are pregnant.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Length: 437 Words

Originally posted by frozen-delight


You had gone over this conversation in your head countless times.
You had carefully picked out the words you were gonna use and you had even practiced by saying it all out loud to your bathroom mirror.
You had also thought about every possible outcome for this conversation and hat tried to come up with solutions for every possible reaction that he might have.
It had all been planned out.
But now that he was actually standing in front of you, looking at you with a curious glance, wondering why you had summoned him here at this ungodly hour, it was all gone.
Trying to remember what you had wanted to say, was like staring at a blank page.
“Dean”, was all you brought out and then nothing.
He smiled: “Is everything alright? You look pale.”
His hand reached forward to touch your face, but you backed away, unsure what to do.
His smile changed into a frown: “What is going on (Y/N)? Why do you wake me up in the middle of the night? What happened?”
There was no going back now, you realized.
He knew that something was up and there was no way you could hide what was going on any longer anyway.
“I´m pregnant”, you brought out, feeling like you had just pushed a rock off your chest.
At first, his expression didn´t change at all.
It was as if he hadn´t heard you and all of a sudden you were scared again. What if he would start screaming now, would get mad?
His hand wandered to his head and then he asked: “Is that for sure? I mean, are you really, really sure?”
You nodded, your heart almost beating out of your chest.
There was silence after that, but only for about two seconds, then he said: “I´m going to be a Dad.”
It wasn´t a question, just a statement.
You smiled because the words sounded right:  “Yeah. Yeah, you are.”
And then he suddenly picked you up, twirling you around, squeezing you tight, before suddenly putting you down again, staring at you in horror.
“What is it?”, you asked, still a smile on your face but with another portion of fear in your stomach again.
“I don´t want to hurt the baby by hugging you like this”, he admitted and that was it.
You fell into his arms and swore that you were never going to let him go: “I love you Dean. More than anything in the world. Well, beside this baby maybe.”
You put your and on your stomach.
He put one hand over yours: “I love you too.”

heavenlysams  asked:

psssst i was reading your tags on the post about books and idk if you're looking for recs or anything but i saw the books you've been reading and that you find it hard to find good ya books so i just wanted to mention that the shades of magic series is one of the strongest ya fantasy series i've read in a really long time (seriously, the second book is 500+ pages and i read it in a single sitting lol) and i feel like you might like them!! no pressure obviously but i wanted to share :)

Yo I’m always down for recs! I just read the synopsis and some reviews on amazon and it sounds really interesting and promising, I’ll definitely stick these on my to read list! Thank you so much for the rec, I don’t think I ever would have found these haha :)

The person who cut the part of my analysis about V is actually an admin of that facebook page and name herself Jihyun….
Now that I look at it I kinda feel sorry for V, his name deserves much much better. Please dont spoil his name like that, he would act more elegant with bitch (like me for example). Perhaps he could say:
- And screw you in particular my good lady.

That will suit V character.
Fans, if you love a character dont do this, hate for you might actually turn to hate for character while they are in fact innocent. If you want more love for your character you need to be better than that. Spread love, not hate.
I actually feel sentimental for V now.

Tumblr April Fool’s Joke

This is what your dash looks like if you fall for the Tumblr April Fool’s Joke.

I know some of my followers might have vision sensitivities, and as this background is a rather bright color, I wanted to warn everyone.

If you don’t want your dash to look like this, do NOT click on the “This Is Decision 2016″ voting link. It will take you to a page where you vote for a lizard, and once you do, it changes your dash to look like the above.

If you’ve already fallen for it, there is a way to revert to the default dash. Underneath the spinning “Decision 2016″ graphic on the sidebar, there is a link to opt out.

Stay safe and have fun, lovelies!

I Actually Have A Boyfriend || G-Eazy


You leaned up against the counter of your favorite music shop, flipping through a magazine. You were waiting for your boyfriend, who worked across the street, to get off work. 

You looked up and noticed a tall, lanky guy standing in the corner looking in your direction. You turned your attention back to your magazine, thinking he might be looking elsewhere. 

You glanced up to see he was still staring at you. You felt your cheeks get hot as he sent you a wink. You tucked your hair behind your ear and turned the page. 

You wanted to see if he was still looking at you, you looked up through your eyelashes and say the guy still had his dark eyes set on you. When he noticed you were looking again he pointed at you. 

You held up a finger and mouthed ‘me’ he nodded and motioned for you to come over. You slightly shook your head and flipped the magazine page once more. 

“Weird, usually that works.” You heard a deep voice speak. You looked up to see the guy standing in front of you. “I’m Gerald by the way.” He smiled holding out his hand. 

“Y/N.” You smiled, taking his hand. 

“I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you were.” He winked. 

“Thank you.” You blushed shutting the magazine and setting it aside. 

“Just out of curiosity, why didn’t my ‘move’ work?” He questioned.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m not into guys who creepily stare at me from across the room.” You joked. 

“Fair enough.” He laughed. “Do you maybe wanna get a drink sometime?” 

“I uh- I actually have a boyfriend.” You said, picking at your nail polish. 

“What a shame. I should’ve known a pretty girl like you wouldn’t be single.” He laughed. “Well here’s my number anyways, call me if things don’t work out.” He said ripping a corner off the magazine and taking a pen from his pocket. 

You took the number from his hands and gave him a smile. 

“I’ll uhm.” You said looking down at the piece of paper. “I’ll call if things.-”

“Don’t work out.” He smirked, rubbing your cheek with his thumb as he walked away. You fiddled the paper in your hand before sliding it into your pocket. 

|Request Closed| 

VIXX REACTION to their girlfriend crying when they got home and refusing to tell them what was wrong because she didn't want them to worry.

One more part for this reaction! Don’t forget to look in our page for the other bands version!



“Jagi don’t do that! Just tell me already..” he’d make a bit of drama, but it was for your own good. He was worried sick as his motherly side shows up.


He’d give you space. Taekwoon is a reserved person, but inside would be worried sick even when you stopped crying.


“Nooooooo don’t start this again! Tell me what happened! Pleeeeeease!” Ken might be mistaken as if he was joking with your tears but he was serious. He hates seeing you crying.


“Jagi… please. Tell me what’s bothering you.. I want to help” Ravi wouldn’t let you go until you tell him what happened.


He would let you have your time, embracing you running his fingers through your hair. He was worried with you but he would try to understand you for a while until he brought up the subject later.


“Ya don’t do that…! I want to help! You’re not a bother!”

(pretend you’re Ken)


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi


 Step one: pick a sheet of paper (I use printer paper) 

Step two: fold it in half, this will be the size of your zine (I learned this as “hamburger style” when I was in grade school. ) 

Step three: Add the “guts” of the zine.  Words (I usually type mine out and tape the printed section to the paper, same with any cut-outs or pictures), drawings, pictures, etc. Do this to all of the sides.  !!!!!Be sure to know what order you’ll be doing your zine in. Put all your pages together from time to time to make sure it looks right!!!!!!

Step four: Put all the finished pages on your zine together like they would be if you’re reading it all done.  If it looks good, you might want to add numbers to the bottom of the pages to keep track of them, plus your readers probably would like it (this will help keep organized when putting them all together in the end).

Step five: copy!! scan each page front and back.  Make sure that both sides are okay and one side isn’t upside-down before you copy.  Make however many copies you want/need.  Do this for all the pages.  I do all my pages in back and white, except the cover page, but you can do it however you want! ((I don’t have a functional copier at home so I usually go to Office Max, but your local library might have one!)) 

Step six: staple all the pages together and there ya go! You just made a zine! 

Trade, sell, or give away! 

Additional tips:

  • don’t use pencil or weak pens- it won’t show up probably when you copy it
  • make it whatever length you want.  My first issue of Cutthroat Cutie was 16 zine pages and my second issue was 36 zine pages!! 
  • don’t be too nit-picky about your zine.  Zines are traditionally kinda messy and very DIY in nature. They won’t turn out perfectly, so don’t even try to make them.  Enjoy the mess. 

P.S. The way the laptop webcam is, it looks like it’s all backwards but I hope you can still understand the process!

Who You Should Fight on Netflix's Daredevil
  • Matt: Do not fight Matt Murdock. Sure, he WANTS you to fight him, he may have even ASKED you to fight him, but that’s only because he wants to kick someone’s ass. This man would kick his own ass if he could; he will definitely, DEFINITELY kick YOUR ass. Do not fight him.
  • Karen: Karen seems like she’d be a good person to fight. She doesn’t look particularly intimidating, she’s sweet, she’s personable…don’t be fooled. ON NO ACCOUNT SHOULD YOU FIGHT KAREN PAGE. Once you throw the first punch, she will NEVER stop fighting back. She won’t stop until you’re either crying your eyes out or FUCKING DEAD. Fight Karen Page if you want to die.
  • Foggy: ...Why? Why would you fight Foggy Nelson? Why would you do that?? Absolutely do not fight.
  • Ben: I mean, you could fight Ben. You might even win. But you’d feel like such a horrible person while doing it that it’s not even worth it to try. Hasn’t this man been through enough?
  • Claire: If you fight Claire, you’ll lose. Badly. Make no mistake, she WILL beat the shit out of you. The only upside is that afterwards, she’ll feel bad about it and probably help fix you up, maybe offer you some tea and a blanket. Fight Claire if you don’t mind a lot of bruises and Matt’s subsequent rage when he finds out.
  • Wilson Fisk: Are you insane? I know that it’s tempting to punch him, it really is, but you will die. This man beat a cold-blooded killer to death with a car door. You don’t stand a chance. Besides, he’d be uncomfortably emotional about the whole thing. There is no benefit to fighting Fisk.
  • Wesley: Absolutely fight him, but first: look him in the eyes and take his glasses off his nose. Maintain direct eye contact, break them in half, and hand them back to him. Then punch him. Just slug him right in his smug little face j us t fucking d o it. Fisk might kill you after but it’s SO worth it. FIGHT HIM
  • Vanessa: Honestly? I would not fight Vanessa. You should not fight Vanessa. If you fought Vanessa, she’d probably just glare at you and you’d drop dead of your own accord before you could land the first punch. Besides, if you fought her and lived, Fisk would be waiting, and you REALLY don’t want that.
  • Psychic: reads my mind
  • Inside my mind: Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood. If you think you might be one, close this book immediately. Believe whatever lie your mom or dad told you about your birth and try to read a normal life. Being a half-blood is dangerous. It's scary. Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways. If you're a normal kid, reading this because you think it's fiction, great. Read on. I envy you for being able to believe that none of this ever happened. But if you see yourself in these pages, if you feel something stirring inside, stop reading immediately. You might be one of us. And once you know that, it's only a matter of time before they sense it too, and they'll come for you. Don't say I didn't warn you. My name is Percy Jackson.
  • Psychic: What the fuck