you might want to get off the bar darling

Control (Bucky x reader)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: a little violent? 

Word Count : 2222 (wow I thought this would be short)

Prompt: a bucky x reader where they go undercover together and she is in danger and he is dying to just save her

A/N: This is my first time writing in a very long time, please go easy on me :)

“James, what are you doing?” I said into my ear piece as I picked up my drink. I was sitting at the bar, keeping an eye out for a certain Russian member of HYDRA that was our target. Bucky, Clint, and I were undercover in the bar while Tony and Sam were our eyes and ears from the outside. So far none of us has seen the certain target that we were all here for but a certain blonde undercover CIA agent tipped us off that he would be here tonight.

“I’m just dancing darling, isn’t that what you young people do at these clubs?” I could hear Bucky smirking right through the ear piece.

“Right!” I stifled a giggle. “Might want to leave all the dancing to me, Mr. Barnes, your dancing might actually get us caught!”

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