you might have a heart attack next time

First Sight, Daveed Diggs x Reader

Prompt: Rafa sets Daveed and Reader up.

Words: 978

Author’s Note: Day 5! Two more days to go! I might have to wait until 1000 followers to do this again because we’ve already gained 40 followers in the past 5 days! You guys are so amazing!

Warnings: None?

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Rafa and you were rather unlikely friends, from rather humble beginnings. Partners on a random project in a high school English class turned lunchroom pals. You’d pass notebooks back and forth, ideas thirty years into the future, rhymes that weren’t quite great yet - but you were working on them.

Those midday scribbles in a year old notebook turned into college applications and an apartment rental split between the two of you.

Eventually, you had to go your separate ways - with promises of future support and care packages already planned out.

Your departure to the east coast put a strain on your friendship. There was an occasional get together when you happened to stop by for the holidays. Sometimes he would meet up with you, in town to ‘meet with some colleagues’.

You started to gain traction with your spoken word. Enough to pay the bills, but not enough to feel compromised.

Rafa visited more often as he grew closer to his new ‘colleagues’. He started inviting you out with these people, but you always politely declined. He insisted he could connect you with the people you deserved to be connected with, you insisted you were happy where you were.

“That’s not what I mean.” He told you one day over coffee, “Not professional connections. A personal one. You have a fan.”

“A fan?” You challenged. “Sounds…insane.”

“He’s very cute.” He insisted.

“Then you date him.”

“He’s got his eyes on you.” He sat back in his chair, “But believe me, if there was any inclination he was interested in me-”

“Alright, set it up.” You brushed off, nonchalantly, which was quickly met by a loud cheer of celebration from him.

He went to work quickly, texts at three in the morning on if it was appropriate for him to bring flowers for you, and whether or not you felt a coffee date was just a bit too casual.

Which is how you found yourself in a snooty New York bar, one beer in, wearing a dress Rafa had chosen for you. He had yet to show, and through it was still fifteen minutes until the time you had agreed upon, you were beginning to wonder if he ever would show.

“Y/N?” You heard.

You whipped around, only to be met with exactly the opposite of who you expected. Rafa had restrained himself from describing him - something about the element of surprise, and a poet’s first sight of love and blah blah blah.

He was certainly something. You didn’t know what to focus on, really, there was just so much to take in.

Then he smiled, and there was nothing else to look at. He raised his eyebrow expectantly at you, and you realized he was waiting for something from you.

“Daveed.” You answered, much more breathless than you wished to be.

“What brings you to New York?” You asked, after an extensive background of just how proud he was to be a west coast native.

“Broadway, I’m in rehearsal for a show right now.” He brushed it off, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Ooh, la, la! The lavish life of a Broadway actor!” You mused, ordering a water.

“Right.” He laughed, “Hardly lavish. This is the only solid food I’ve eaten all week.” He pointed to the bowl of assorted nuts, which he had been nervously picking at all night.

“Maybe we should have gotten dinner instead.” You faltered for a moment, realizing just how flirty that came off. He huffed out a laugh at your embarrassment.

“There’s always next time.” He told you, “Although, maybe we should be careful. Rafa might actually have a heart attack if he knows he set this up.”

You felt his hand on your knee - the first intimate moment you shared. You suddenly remember the rant Rafa had gone on that you half-listened to. The poet’s first sight of love.

“I had it with you.” Rafa told you, “When I met you, I knew I loved you. Pure, platonic, creative love.” You cooed out an awe, attempting to pinch his cheek, which he batted away, “I think there could be something there between you. Just give it a chance!”

“Do you have a pen on you?” You asked frantically as Daveed fished one out. You snatched a napkin from the stack near the end of the bar, scribbling away as fast as your hand would allow.

“What’s going on?” Daveed asked after several minutes of your insistent writing. “Did I do something?”

“No.” You mumbled, “You’re fine. Just-” Your pen faltered, you took a breath and met his gaze, “We should go out again.”

“Okay.” He said excitedly. “Whatever you say. When? Where?”

“Tomorrow morning? Breakfast before you go back to your ‘starving actor’ gig?” You stuffed the napkins into your purse, recapping his pen, shoving it in his hands.

“Keep it, it seems like you’re putting it to better use.” He glanced at his watch, checking the time. “We should get going, I have a hot date tomorrow morning that I can’t miss.” He tucked your hair behind your ear, balancing the pen on your ear.

He escorted you to the curb outside, quickly hailing a cab for you.

“Can I ask? What were you writing?”

You paused, wondering if it was too early to share. You took the plunge, fishing in your purse for the first napkin you could find. You pushed it into his hand without second thought and climbed into the taxi before you could second guess yourself.

He watched for a moment as your taxi retreated into the busy street, letting out a breath that was visible in the cold New York air.

He unfolded the napkin, barely able to make out your rushed handwriting.

The poet’s first sight of love - why Rafa may one day be my maid of honor.

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Could you do an officer Grayson x reader where the reader is a forensic scientist and like has a huge crush on him but is super shy and nerdy and just lots of fluff please

So I might have gotten a bit carried away


You are a forensic scientist at the Bludhaven Police Department. You had just started there two weeks ago and you already had a crush one of the officers. Officer Dick Grayson to be exact. Dick had been there for about a year and a half already and he knew everyone in the precinct. This made his adamant to get to know you as well, the only problem with that was that you could string together a full sentence around the man to save your life.

“Hey, Y/N!! Wait up!”

“Shit, shit, shit.” You whisper, trying to walk faster, but of course Dick caught up with you.

He put a hand on your shoulder “Hey! I was just calling you”

“S-S-Sorry Dick, I-I didn’t hear you” you stutter, you can already feel your face heating up.

“I was wondering if you would come to lunch with some of the officers and I”

You hold up the files that you had pressed to your chest, “Can’t sorry. I-I um I have tests to run. Sorry, gotta go!”

You quickly turn away and run back to your lab. You weren’t lying, you really did have to start the tests, but you really didn’t have to stand there and watch them run.

“Stupid, stupid! Should have said yes! Should have told him yes!”

You groan and sink into your chair. Thankfully you get a phone call right then. “Y/N I need you to come down here now, we have a triple homicide, and I’ll send you the address”

“I’ll be right there Chief.”

You quickly gather up your bag, walking quickly to your car. Once you get to the crime scene you are taken to the officer in charge, who just so happens to be Dick. “I thought you were going to lunch”

Yu quickly put in gloves and begin bagging evidence, “Got a call that there was a triple homicide. I thought you would be called in so I volunteered to come”

You freeze, “Y-you thought …”

“Yeah, when I asked you to lunch earlier I was really asking you on a date. I didn’t know if you had picked up on that or not”

“A date?!?”

“Yes, a date. You might be a total science nerd but you really are awful at social cues”

“But…but you said you and other officers”

“Well, I might have fibbed”

You chuckle softly, “I never have been good at picking up hints” You stand up, stripping off your gloves, “If you want to ask me on a date, you are going to have to be direct”

You saunter away, making sure to put an extra sway in your hips. As soon as you are out of eye site you bury your face in your hands “Oh my God! Where did that come from?!?”

You quickly make your way back to the office to run your tests on the evidence. You are there late into the night, sometimes time gets away from you. You know that it is time to leave when you almost rub your eyes with a chemical coated glove. You glance at the clock and have to do a double take. It says that it is 11:00 PM, you had gotten back from the crime scene at 2:00 PM.

You set up your finger prints test to run overnight, and put all of your chemicals back on their shelf. You quickly wash your hands, put on your coat, and make your way out the door and into the alley right outside of your lab.


You scream, grabbing a trash can lid that throwing it.

“Ow, shit. Did you just throw a garbage can lid at me?”

“Dick? Is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me. You have really good aim that hurt.

“What the hell are you doing here at 11:00 PM?!?”

”I was waiting for you to finish your work”

“You decide to wait outside in a dark alley instead of waiting inside?”

“Well I know you don’t walk through the department to get out, you come out the side door. Plus, I was afraid that you would try to avoid me”

You put a hand over your still hammering heart, “Please don’t ever do that again, next time you just might give me a heart attack.”

“Don’t want to do that! I’m really sorry for scaring you. I didn’t mean to”

“It’s alright. What did you want to ask me?”

“Will you go to dinner with me?”

“Right now?”

“If you don’t mind. There’s a diner around the corner that’s open 24/7”

You chuckle quietly, you wonder why you ever felt nervous around Dick, he is a total nerd. “Sure Dick. I’ll go on a date with you. But this place had better have pancakes!”

Dick just grinned and help out his hand for you, beginning to lead you down the road.


You groan and lean back in your booth, “I think that those were the best pancakes I have ever had”

Dick just grins, still playing with your fingers. You had shyly linked them in the middle of your meal and Dick hadn’t let you pull away since. “They really do, the French toast is really good too.”

“Well, next time you take me here, I will have to try them.”

Dick looks up at you, “Does that mean that we can go on another date?”

You chuckle, “Yes, we can go on another date”

Dick grins, “Does that mean I can have a kiss?”

You stand up, “Maybe, if you walk me back to me car”

Dick jumps up, having already paid, “Well come on then! We have to get you back to your car! Can’t have a pretty lady like you wandering the street at 1 in the morning!”

You and Dick make your way back to the alley next to the police station. You unlock your car and throw your stuff in the back seat. “Do you need a ride home?”

“No, I’m good” He stepped closer, gently pushing you back against the car, “Now, I believe that you own me something”

You can feel you cheeks burn bright red, “I think you’re right officer!”

Dick smirked and leaned down, stopping his lips a breath away from yours. You surge forward, sealing your lips together. You let out a breathy sigh when Dick takes over the kiss, ravaging your mouth. You pull back with a gasp, Dick peppers kisses up along your cheek, he ends his path with one last firm kiss to your forehead. He squeezes you in his arms before he pulls away.

“Thank you, for coming out with me”

“It was my pleasure, Dick. I’m really glad that I said yes”

“Me too”

You stretch up on your tippy toes and give him one last peck on the cheek, “Goodnight. I’ll see you tomorrow … Officer Grayson”

He chuckled, “Goodnight, Y/N. I miss you already”

“You’re such a loser, Dick” You get in your car and turn it on

“And yet you agreed to go on another date with me”

You just stick your tongue out and blow him a kiss as you drive away. You can’t wait for your second date.

Just you and me, and cake of course, lots of cake ( Fred Weasley Imagine )

request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is being bullied and is self harming and Fred finds out and is super sweet and adorable? Please? Warning!! There is self harm included!! p>

Feeling different and excluded by others is probably the worst feeling. She never really felt like that in her entire life but since she came to Hogwarts, everything suddenly changed. Y/N is now 16 years old, she is skinny because she is afraid to eat infront of others since every one is calling her fat even though she totally isn´t, she wears her hair in a ponytail because every one says her hair is disgusting and she never looks up because she doesn´t want to bother any one with her ugly face. Her parents are muggles and apparently this is a huge problem, especially for the Slytherins. She doesn´t understand why because havinf muggle parents don´t make her a worse witch. The worst of all her bullies is definitely Draco Malfoy and his gang. When ever she hears his voice, she hides some where and almost gets a heart attack every time she was near him. Having classes with him is even worse. She has the worst luck and was seated right next to him. Every time she sits next to him, she tries to pretend he isn´t there but that´s way harder than she thought. You might think, if you can´t stand a person, you wouldn´t even spent your time talking or noticing the person. But Draco is using his entire energy to bully her and make her life harder than it should be. Today it was one of the days where she had class with Draco. She was walking down the hallway with her head down praying he wouldn´t be there even though she knew he would. She was sweaty because she was wearing a hoodie in the summer. Y/N was lost in her thoughts and didn´t saw the red headed tall boy standing the middle of the hallway. She ran into him and trembled an excuse “ o-oh m-my, I-I didn´t see you I´m s-so sorry.” She didn´t dare to watch up and actually see who she ran into, as though that could make everything worse since she was convinced that her face is too ugly to be seen.That was the reasom why she rushes away to her classroom nad overheared that guy saying “ No worries, every thing is good. It was my fault not yours !” When she arrived at the class Draco was already there. He sat on his chair, she took a deep breath in, looked at the ground and made her way towards her chair. She put her bag on the table and began unpack it silently, without making one noise. When she finished she wanted to sit on her chair but Draco pulled the chair away and she fell on the ground. Every one started laughing “ hahaha loook at you mudblood, laying on the ground! Well, that´s where you belong to.” She stood up and sat herself on the chair. She was red as a tomato and tried to ignore his mean words. Swalling the tears. “ I always thought you Gryffendors would be confident and full of courage but I don´t see that in you. You rather look like a homeless rat. Maybe they put you in the wrong house or even in the wrong school because honestly you don´t belong to any of ous” He said grinning and it seemed like every one agreed with him. During the class he was quite. They had Snape and it would turned out bad if he would have said anything. Even though none of the teachers have ever said anything against the harassment that was happening. After class Y/N tried to get out of the classroom as fast as she could but she wasn´t fast enough because right after she left the classroom some one pulled  Y/H/C hair. She didn´t even need to turn around to see that it was Draco. “ Hey disgusting. Can you do me a favour?  “ he said with a fake nice voice. Y/N dared to look in his angry face. “ Stop sweating you fat pig and please, can you never ever come back to this school again?? That would be really nice of you and I mean look around. There is not even one person who likes you or your face.” Y/N´s heart was hurting, her head was hurting because Draco pulled so hard. She couldn´t hold her tears back. One tear after another rolled down her cheek. Finally Draco let go of her and she ran on to the girls toilet. She closed the door and started sobbing.Why are the like that? What have I done wrong ? she thought and started to roll up the sleeves of her hoodie. Scars are all over her arms, some faded already but some were fresh. She took out a knife and searched for a place to cut. She placed the knife and made a slow cut, closed her eyes and let pain go through her entire body. Tears were still running down her cheeks. Blood ran from her skinny arms and she did another cut. Y/N couldn´t believe what a huge impact other people had on her by just bulliying her or by simply say nothing. She started sobbing again and breathing heavily. Overhearing the door that some on opened “man this is ridiculus “ a male voice said. She stopped sobbing and hold her breath, she hoped that he hasn´t heared her yet. But he did. “Hello? Is there some one crying ? Or is this how women´s bathrooms are?” He asked. This sentance  conjured a little smile on her face, what a weird boy she thought. She heared steps walking closer to her door and suddenly she realized how serious this situation was. He would find her crying with blood all over her arms and then he would laugh at her and probably will tell every one about it. She pulled the sleeves of her hoodie over her bloody arms. “knock, knock” the boy knocked on the toilet door. “ Hey, are you okay ? “ he asked and he sounded worried. “ Yes please leave, I´m totally fine. “ She tried to speak as happy as she could and prayed that the boy would finally leave. What is he doing here anyways? she asked herself. “ Well doesn´t sound like you would be okay actually. Why don´t you just come out and we talk a bit? “ he said with a calm voice. “ Can´t you just leave? I really want to be alone.” Not true. She doesn´t want to be alone. All she wants is a friend with whom she can talk to, some one she can trust. But she was sure that this weird guy, standing in  the girls restroom definitley wasn´t a potential friend. “ I´m not going.” The boy answered with a strong determined voice. “ I don´t know you and also, you are in the girls restroom that´s illegal I guess.” “I don´t care. So either come out now, or I get in.” She couldn´t believe him because why should some one she doesn´t know care for her wellbeing? Suddenly a boy was standing infront of her. She was shocked and looked up in his with widened eyes. It was the red headed boy from earlier! “ Wow.” He said. Y/N turned red and looked back at the ground. She totally forgot how disgusting she is. Also her eyes must be puffy and red because of all the crying. “ You are the girl who ran into me! “ he said. “ Yes, I-I´m sorry” she trembled. “ Oh no it was totally my fault! I was standing in the middle of the hallway.” She didn´t say anything. “Okay and now tell what´s wrong? and ..” His look went to the blood on the ground and then he saw the there was blood tripping from her arm on the ground. “ You didn´t cut yourself, did you ? “ He asked totally shocked. She swallowed, she tried to find a way to escape but his huge body was blocking the door. He then softly grabbed her  arm, she didn´t even try to push him away because she knew that it wouldn´t make a difference.He pulled her sleeves up and looked at all the scars. “Why?” He said and looked into her eyes. In his eyes she couldn´t see and hate or disgust but what she saw was grief and worry? Tears were suddenly rolling down her cheeks and started to talk. She told him what Draco did to her and what they call her. She told how loney and ugly she feels and how much she wanted to leave this place. “ I don´t even know why I trust you all this, I mean I don´t even know your name and you could tell that every one and then there is even more hate against me. “ All the time she was talking, he said nothing, He just looked at her. “ shhh, I´m not going to tell anyone and my name is Fred Weasley.” “ Y/N Y/L/N”  “ Listen Y/N, don´t listen to what other people say. Especially not Draco, I mean have you looked at his hair? You are beautiful just the way you are! You really are beautiful and not fat! “ He said and looked into her eyes. A little smile was built on her face “ Well, I-I …no you are just saying it because you feel like you need to.” He raised an eyebrow “ No I´m not. You are truley beautiful. And I think we should go on a cake date. Eat cake all day long and drink tea.” She started laughing  because she couldn´t believe his words. “ What are you saying?” “ When you smile amd laugh you are even more beautiful do you know that? “ He said and smiles at her. “ Stop that´s weird. “ Y/N said but smiled for the after a long time. “ We will have a date, maybe two, three or more: Just you and me. And cake, lots of cake. And lots of smiles. I will make you smile every day from now on, I promise. “ He said and pulled her into a tight hug. She didn´t believe him but it felt good to be hugged and in his larged arms, she felt saved for the first time.                                                                                                                           

BNHA: Yesterday Upon The Stair, 20/?

Title: Yesterday Upon The Stair

Summary: Midoriya Izuku has always been written off as weird. As if it’s not bad enough to be the quirkless weakling, he has to be the weird quirkless weakling on top of it.

But truthfully, the “weird” part is the only part that’s accurate. He’s determined not to be a weakling, and in spite of what it says on paper, he’s not actually quirkless. Even before meeting All-Might and taking on the power of One For All, Izuku isn’t quirkless.

Not that anyone would believe it if he told them.

(Sixth Sense AU)


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My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x22 "Missing"

All I can say is ASDFGHJMNNBGFF!!! *squeals* I think that’s eloquent enough to express my opinion about this episode.


The birthday man!! OMG! He was so freaking adorable unsure if he had a date or not with Felicity. I wanna know of who was the idea of leaving the door open for him to enter. I mean, do you even know the guy you’re dealing with? And not just him! If i go someplace and find the door ajar, I get suspicious. I don’t know why they didn’t go with something more normal as in he ringing the doorbell and Felicity telling him is open. That was it. Oliver would’ve gotten in relaxed and happy and Curtis wouldn’t have ended on the floor. Just sayin’! (Side note: WOW! i love the shoutout to @lordmesa-art and the cake. It was awesome!!) Anyway, he was so happy celebrating his birthday. Pity that the joy lasted so little, damn it!

Oliver killed me with all his fatherly pride. First saying that William is the purest part of him and then calling him his boy. Oh gosh too many feels

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splatdragonff  asked:

Hi! Can we get scenarios for the RFA where they find out she's pregnant? I love your stuff!

a|n: i didn’t do jaehee’s because i can’t find a scenario that will fit. so i only did this request with the boys! i hope you like this one!!

thank you so much for this wonderful request this is like the cutest request i received ( i received two of them thank you lovelies )
my heart died due to fluff. amen.

RFA boys finding out MC’s pregnant


  • you were a nervous wreck the day you found out
  • the steamy night you two shared blossomed a beautiful flower
  • you didn’t know how to break it to zen the news of your pregnancy
  • because you knew he just won’t be able to take it very well
  • since it might mean that he should give up his career so he can take care of you and your soon-to-be baby
  • the problem lies at the fact that he was just starting out and his name was only just beginning to spread wide
  • so it means all his hard works will be cut off short and his life with the spotlight will be abandoned
  • you didn’t want any of that to happen since you, of all people, knew how hard he wanted to achieve what he’s slowly having now
  • but at the same time, you didn’t want your child to have an incomplete family  – it needs its father
  • so with all the remaining guts you have with you, you forced yourself to go out and at least talk it with him no matter the result
  • with your erratic heartbeat, your dry mouth and your willowy throat, you forced your way out, never minding the jelly feeling of your legs
  • when you opened your door, you were surprised to hear searing and sauteing inside the kitchen and the entire house smelled so good
  • you gently went to the kitchen and watched him as he worked around, cooking what seemed like a feast for the two of you
  • he noticed you out of the corner of his ruby red eyes and turned around with one of the sweetest smiles you ever saw him have
  • “Hmm? What is it, honey? Ah, I thought you’re resting? I knocked on your door earlier, you know.” he asked, his tone cheery, he turned to face you with an eyebrow raised, expectant of your answer
  • “Zen …” you let your lips feel one more time the feel of the roll of his name off of your mouth before everything goes down “I - I need to tell you something …”
  • the worry and crisp on your voice alarmed him that he turned off the stove and slowly faced you as he wiped his hands on his pink ‘sugar daddy’ apron, halting everything he was doing
  • “Is something wrong?” his voice, full of concern asked you as he gently wrapped his arm around your waist “Are you sick? Are you not feeling well? MC?”
  • with all what strength you have left, you showed him the result of the pregnancy test kit you tried on earlier, showing him it opted a positive result
  • you’re pregnant
  • and it’s going to ruin his career
  • “I’m … ” you swallowed hard as your voice failed you “I’m pregnant, Zen … I - I don’t want to ruin your career …” 
  • the concern etched upon his golden features made you more nauseous and paranoid of what his reaction will be
  • he’s going to hate you now for ruining everything. you and your morbid thoughts.
  • but when he realized what you just said, doom and abandonment apparent on your foreboding thoughts, he did something you did not entirely expect
  • he carried you off your feet and spun you around as he laughed with glee  – laughed with glee??
  • you blinked many times as your mouth went agape, slowly absorbing the current situation
  • “Oh god! Seriously?! I’m gonna be a dad?!” he asked, his crimson eyes almost the same color as his face
  • his face flushed in happiness
  • he showered you with his peppery kisses as you giggled with his lips’ ticklish feeling against your own
  • “I’m gonna be a dad?! Oh god! Oh god … I’m gonna be a dad …” he kept on repeating it like he wants himself to believe more than you do
  • then he cried
  • “Oh god … ” he softly chanted as he slowly put you down, his head shaking in worry, “W- will I be a good father …? I’m – I’m worried … All I did in my entire life was run away from my family …”
  • you pulled him against your arms as you softly planted a light peck on his cheeks, this time, assuring him with everything you have, your own tears streaming down your cheeks
  • “Zen … I was worried you’d abandon me. Your life with the spotlight is who you are. It’s what you aspired to be. I don’t want to drag you down when you’re only about to reach it …” with your words spoken in a heartfelt tone, zen slowly teared up as he hugged you tight, shaking his head
  • “I’d abandon everything in a heartbeat. For you. But we’re going to make sure this will work out, okay? Don’t worry about me. You are my life. You are my home. And I aspire to be the man who can shelter you and provide you with everything you deserve without fail. Please don’t say I’ll abandon you, MC. Not now. Not ever.” he whispered as he laid his head on your shoulder, trying to prevent what seemed to be tears of joy – his shoulders shaking as he let out the words you were hoping to only hear in the form of a hopeful dream
  • “You define who I’m supposed to be.”


  • you break in a cold sweat as your hands trembled upon seeing the result of the small box on your grasp
  • you swallowed hard as you felt soft tears roll down your cheeks, unable to process the fact that was sewn across your being
  • you are pregnant
  • and you knew that was one of the least concerns jumin have at the current being
  • you jumped when you heard a soft knock on the door followed with his baritone voice inquiring, “MC? Are you alright?”
  • it occurred to you that you’ve been inside said bathroom for merely an hour or less already
  • and it was really weird for you to stay that long without any proper excuse
  • “A- ah!” you quickly hid the kit in the medicine cabinet as you scrambled on your feet while marching towards the door, flashing your man a sheepish grin, “I’m sorry. My stomach was upset. I had to um, let it go inside. Hehe!”
  • he lifted an eyebrow as he looked at you, amused by your small antic
  • then he looked thoughtfully at you and for a moment, you thought you’re going to have a heart attack thinking he saw through your small lie
  • “Hmm … I might change chefs. I can’t have your stomach going upset with what he cooks. I don’t want you sick.”
  • you let out a nervous chuckle that might have been too obvious as jumin studied you one last time before he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to bed
  • the next day
  • you were so surprised to see jumin’s disheveled hair and dark look as he sat cross legged in front of your sleeping figure
  • his hand to his face while his other removed the tie he wore
  • he looked concerned and mad
  • you realized you woke up quite late yourself
  • you immediately rose as you fixed your bed hair, trying your best to fight your droopy eyes
  • “J- Jumin? What are you still doing here? It’s 8 … you should be going to work now …” you asked as you let out a small yawn, dropping both your legs to the floor down to your slippers
  • “Work can wait. My concern … can’t.” he slowly said as he rose up from the couch he was sitting from earlier, his broad figure looming over you
  • he slowly crouched before you as he pulled out a tiny box from the pocket of his black blazer
  • “What is this, MC?” he showed you the exact PT kit you hid on the medicine cabinet from yesterday
  • your eyes widened as he showed it to you, the kit flashing before your very eyes
  • your test result
  • your mouth dropped open as you looked over his eyes and saw how hurt and offended he seemed from your hiding
  • “No … I …” you began, trying to find your words but they just won’t come out
  • you’re too distracted with how sad and regretful jumin looked and your own busted little secret
  • you were so afraid of what he’ll say next and it caused you to tremble under his gaze
  • it looked like he massaged his temples but it seemed more like he was wiping his own tears instead
  • you gaped at him as he tried his best to retain his composure
  • but nothing
  • he was a nerve wreck
  • “How come I did not notice this … God,” he began as he swallowed what seemed to be a lump on his throat, his deep voice sounding like a broken record “Do you not want me to be the father of your child? Or … could it be that you’re carrying another man’s flesh and blood?” his eyes searched yours, hope sparked in it that he might just be wrong about what he’s thinking
  • you stared at him dumbfounded and you immediately shook your head in a quiet rejection
  • but this did not stop him from laying his head down to the edge of your knees, his dark mop of hair falling to your skin, tickling you
  • “Is my love not enough?” he continued in a soft whisper as he tried to control the intonation of his voice despite it sounding so wounded, afraid that if he yells at you, you’d break, “You dare hide to me an important matter … have you no trust in me, MC?”
  • “Jumin, no … That’s - that’s not it …” you tried to bite back your sobs as you felt fresh batch of tears rolling down your cheeks
  • “Then, baby, tell me … ” he raised his head as he cupped your face with the palm of his hands, wiping your tears in the process, “Tell me … why have you hidden it from me? Did you not want me to be the father of your child? Tell me …”
  • you shook your head as you explained yourself in between the rake of your sobs “I - I was afraid you’d want me out of your life. I knew you didn’t want to have a child this soon … And the scandal of you being a father despite us not being united with the church’s consent, still …”
  • “No … I’d never want to condone such thing to you. You are my love. You are etched in every fibre of my being. There is no me if there is no you.” he breathed for a while as he planted a kiss to your forehead, a gentle one it felt feathery “There is no greater gift from heaven than having you carry my child. For now I am finally certain that you are mine and mine alone.”
  • you let out a gentle chuckle while wiping your tears as you nodded your head against his touch
  • he looked at you with the fondest of emotions; this man truly loved you
  • there was a strange feeling erupting from the depths of your soul
  • you knew what it was called though: satisfaction
  • “I love you. Never forget that. I am not whole if you’re not with me. I have vowed my life for you the day I tasted your lips.”


  • it was an accident
  • he was still on the final semester of his studies before he’s finally going to get his license for medical practice and you were on the edge of either aborting the baby or letting it live
  • yoosung didn’t deserve this
  • he needs to finish his studies first and you knew that
  • it’s his dream his entire life
  • you knew you had no right of snatching it away from him
  • you knew the baby had no fault but you didn’t want to ruin yoosung’s future either
  • it was the baby or his future
  • you decided to tell yoosung the thing at hand the night his examination results comes out
  • your tummy is by then, at least 2 months pregnant already
  • you were a nervous wreck as you practiced your speech an hour before yoosung’s arrival at home
  • when you heard the front door click, you knew for certain it was him
  • his face was flushed due to the cold weather and a few confetti were stuck to his blond hair which was a bit odd
  • his eyes widened in surprise when he saw you sitting on his living room sofa with a gloomy look on your face that he literally stumbled backwards while holding his chest this would have been funny if you weren’t so nervous lolol
  • “Oh gosh! Don’t scare me like that!” he exclaimed as he let out few big breaths while clutching his chest “Gosh, MC! I thought you’re a killer or something!” he sighed as he flicked the lights open and dropped what seemed to be bags of groceries on the coffee table
  • “I called you many times today. So you’re just here the whole day? Ah - I thought you’ve been busy!” he began as he made his way to the shoe rack to pile up his shoes, “It’s the first snow of the month too! You wanna go for a walk at the park later?”
  • when he noticed you weren’t your usual self since you were not entertaining him that much, he immediately went over to you and sat down with a concerned look on his face
  • “What’s wrong? You’re unusually quiet …” he asked, albeit his cheerful face hides worry on his tone
  • “I … I have something I need to tell you,” the grim on your voice made yoosung stumble back a bit with a serious look showing upon his features
  • his eyebrows were knitted together as his amethyst orbs stared at you in confusion, clueless of what you’re going to drop to him, clueless that his future is about to crumble into pieces
  • you pulled out the tiny box you kept on your sleeves and yoosung quietly followed your movements with his gaze
  • he saw how you unpacked the box and handed him the tiny material that held his future in line
  • the box yelled at him the results of the night you two once shared
  • positive
  • his eyes widened in stupefied surprise
  • “W - what is this?” his voice cracked as he nervously took the kit with his trembling hands “I - Is this from you, MC?”
  • you slowly nodded your head, regretting everything you did, everything that lead to this path
  • and the next thing you knew
  • he was crying
  • he was a ball of sobs and incoherent words as he held the kit near his chest like it’s everything he have left in this world
  • “Oh god … Is this mine? Is this ours? A - Am I the father? Am I going to be a father??” these were the words you heard him repeat at particularly no one
  • you were crying too when you heard how broken and excited he sounded
  • “Oh god … I - I’m sorry … I don’t want you to go alone with it, MC … I’m so sorry. I’m going to ruin your life. I’m going to ruin everything. I’m sorry …” he was apologizing profusely and you thought that NO
  • it’s not his fault, it’s yours too
  • “I’ve decided to go through with the pregnancy …” you slowly said that made him shot his head up to you, his expression crestfallen, “I - I don’t want your future ruined, Yoosung … I - I’m going through it even if you decide you want nothing to do with it … I - It’s my child … You have your life ahead of you. I don’t want to hinder you from reaching your dreams.”
  • “W - what are you talking about, MC?” his voice quivered as he gently touched your hand and clasped it with his, “You thought of aborting the baby??”
  • “Yes. Once. But … I thought better. It’s yours, too. It’s ours. It’s what defines our love. I … I can’t kill the child.” you were a heap of sobs when you crack to him your darkest thoughts
  • he pulled you to him as he caressed your hair and showered your head with feathery kisses “No, please … you’re not going to ruin me. We’ll do it together. I’ll be with you. I’ll never leave you. Don’t … don’t kill our child. Please.”
  • all these seemed so easy to say yet impossible to do
  • he breathed in and you noticed how intense and deep he stared at you before you heard him whisper the words, “I passed. I got it. I got the license.”
  • your eyes widened in utter shock
  • yoosung flashed you a toothy, boyish grin that looked absolutely heavenly at the moment
  • he gathered your hands with his as he brought it to his chest, letting you feel the wild beating of his heart while he said his vow to you
  • “Don’t ever think you’re a burden to me. I … I maybe the youngest out of everyone but I promise you I won’t be a coward for responsibilities just because I’m young! No matter how hard it will be … No matter the circumstances - even if I have to give you my life, I will.”
  • you nodded your head in a soft agreement as you showered his knuckles with soft pecks of light kissies
  • “I’ll be with you til the end.” he smiles fondly as he caresses your still flat stomach, “Always.”


  • he was not ready
  • you knew he just wasn’t ready
  • god forbid you knew Seven would be so surprised if he finds out
  • and he’ll freak the heck out of it
  • you tried to crack it to him the lightest possible way ever
  • and it often ended with him just laughing the idea off which isn’t actually helping the growing paranoia inside you
  • since you wanted your child to have a complete family even if it was a bit unplanned for the both of you darn it for him being a sharp shooter
  • you knew he didn’t want the two of you to have any child sooner, considering the fact that both of your lives were pretty messed up and still in chaos
  • the danger around still looms your heads
  • there are still few who’re running after the two of you and the problem only ended like 2 months ago?? it’s still so fresh
  • not only that but he’s got his hands pretty full right now with all the issues and betrayals he’s facing
  • he was still on the edge of recovering and keeping his life back on track
  • and this will only add up to his piles of stress
  • so you were a bit afraid of what he might do or might tell you to do
  • you had dark bags under your eyes as you stared at your reflection on the mirror inside the bathroom one day
  • with the PT kit on your hand you stared at it in awful horror as it screamed at you how positive the result was in a blaring red color
  • you’re pregnant
  • with Saeyoung’s child
  • you’ve been experiencing various nausea episodes whenever you smell something you were so fond of before or even a slight tinge of your favorite perfume
  • you had it once when you were eating it with him
  • but you dismissed the idea the moment he asked you about it as you just experiencing an upset stomach
  • you’d get dizzy at random times of the day and you’ve been very picky with what you eat
  • you even puked when you smelled the cheese from the pizza Saeyoung brought home one day which was actually the trigger for his deepening suspicions
  • you never said no to pizza before
  • you ran towards the bathroom and cried so hard about how hard your situation was
  • you were on the verge of being suicidal and aborting the baby when you heard furious knocking on the door
  • “MC! MC!! Open the door! What are you doing there?! Are you crying?!” he yelled in frustration but you did not budge
  • you let him continue his prevalent knocks
  • “Let me in or I’ll force my way in!”
  • you only edged further and locked yourself inside the shower room, not minding his threat even a bit
  • you held the PT test kit on your hand so tight when you heard the door click, prompting that someone unlocked it
  • you heard his footsteps inside as he neared the frosted glass door of the shower
  • at first, his shadow was not doing anything until you saw how he laid down and sat indian-style on the floor
  • “Alright, alright. I’ll listen to you. Say what you want to say.” you heard his deep, playful voice encourage you as he settled himself on the bathroom floor
  • this prompted you to open the door slightly while peeking at him
  • his golden eyes were concentrating on you, a look of soft plead evident on his features
  • a heavy sigh escaped your lips as you opened the door fully
  • you gently stepped out of the shower room with the PT kit on your hand and handed him the small white material
  • his eyes narrowed upon receiving the small box then he turned his gaze up towards you
  • “And … what does this mean?” he lifted an eyebrow as he eyes you through the rim of his glasses
  • you sighed exasperatedly and snatched the thing on his hands
  • he protested and stood up as you stormed out of the bathroom with him trailing behind
  • “Damn! MC! Why are you acting this way?!” he called out and grabbed your hand, making you spun around so you can face him
  • he was narrowing his eyes towards you and you couldn’t help but whimper as you felt a fresh batch of tears flowing freely from your eyes
  • “I am pregnant! PREGNANT, SAEYOUNG! With your child! Oh god … This is a mistake …” you boomed with anger and when you realized what slipped your mouth, you covered your face with your hands, letting the PT kit fall with a gentle thud
  • “Oh god … I’m sorry. Please, don’t leave me. Saeyoung …” your voice quivered as you begged, your shoulders shaking badly with your tears
  • you heard Seven sigh as he held your shoulders and pulled you towards him, making you crash against his hard chest
  • “I know about it, MC. I’m not dumb to not notice everything …” he whispered in a small voice as he rubbed your back
  • your eyes widened and you tried to pluck yourself away from him due to what he just dropped “Y - You knew?”
  • he slowly nodded, a small ghost of a smile spreading across his lips “Yeah, I knew. It takes two on two to notice though since you showed late symptoms.”
  • you smacked him on his chest as he let out a bubble of chuckle from his throat, his cheeks flushing due to it, “Ouch! Haha! I guess we’re even now! Alright, you can stop hitting me now, seriously!”
  • “I thought! God! I should have known!” you exclaimed and you continued to smack him to let out your frustration no matter his chest is hard and he barely even flinched against your attacks lolol
  • he was chuckling as he pulled you back to him, locking your body with his arms, hugging you tight
  • “I told you I want to leave a mark of my existence in this world, right?” he began as he trailed off, your face cupped in between his hands
  • he rubbed his nose against your own as he gently kissed you on your lips, his eyes so soft and loving as he stared at you
  • “Then, this is that mark. The world will know that I existed. Finally, in this world, I now have somewhere I belong.”

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You should do something about Harry and a girl sleeping together and the next day she has to take the morning after pill

I should, huh? Well….I did lol.

I admit it. I wrote this one purely for the smut. I actually incorporated a different idea I had a long time ago and I hope it fit okay.

Rooms On Fire (The Morning After)

He’d been staring at you all night. If you hadn’t kept trying to catch glimpses of him yourself, you wouldn’t have believed it.

God he was gorgeous. He was the personification of the phrase “light up the room.” Everybody seemed to be wanting to get a piece of him, a moment of his time. And as they should. Harry Styles was a household name for a reason. As if his looks and talent weren’t enough, he seemed to be able to charm the pants off anyone within a ten mile radius.

So why he was stealing glances in your direction, you’d never know. But it sent shivers down your spine every time your eyes met, and you thought you might have a heart attack the next time they did. You hadn’t made a move yet to walk his way, though you weren’t sure why. You weren’t exactly the most outgoing person by any stretch, but you weren’t really shy either. You definitely had butterflies in your tummy though. And you figured your nerves might get the better of you and make you look like a fool in front of him, which was the last thing you wanted.

So instead, you stayed either planted in your seat next to your friends, or got up to shake hands and mingle with someone one of your friends introduced you to.

About an hour or so later, however, the drinks flowing and the conversations getting lighter, you looked up once again to see Harry’s eyes on you. Sipping on your cocktail straw, you began to smile, the tingling sensation growing stronger as he smiled back. You licked your lips just as someone else stole his attention and he turned to talk to them.

You knew it was time to introduce yourself, fool or no fool. But first you needed to go to the ladies room. Touching your friend’s arm to get her attention, you whispered to her where you were going and she nodded in response. Harry was still talking with a group of people around him, so you slipped away to the restroom.

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Hello love your work, Can you please do a situation where MC likes to get in trouble? (like pranking, getting in fights, taunting authority) (all RFA members)


  • Seeing you get angry at people makes him angry at said people
  • Even if it might have been your fault
  • Which it probably was, most of the time, because u enjoyed blowing things out of proportion
  • But he would totally join you in fighting tho
  • Fight first questions later
  • Later there would be a long ass lecture
  • “What if you hurt yourself?? What if I wasn’t there?”
  • I can take care of this myself just fine!
  • “But what if you can’t? What do I do then??”
  • So you didn’t really have an answer
  • You decided to chill for this boy
  • Or at least tone it down and yell a bit first next time before going ham


  • Oh no.
  • Yoosung would be so worried
  • Gets a heart attack and turns completely pale every time you get into the slightest trouble
  • One time you got into a heated argument with this big dude on campus
  • You were about to bust a can of whoop-ass when Yoosung started clinging to your arm
  • He didn’t say anything but there were tears forming in his eyes
  • He was so scared you’d get hurt
  • “MC please just run away, I’ll distract him, I’ll definitely lose though so you’ll have to find a good hiding spot”
  • His voice was getting higher with each word
  • You had to remove yourself from these kinds of situations so he could stop offering himself as a human shield


  • When she discovered that you were the ultimate prankster, she wasn’t exactly hyped
  • She would sigh and shake her head every time you get yourself into more trouble
  • She would still help you get out of problems tho
  • Would diplomatically help you solve the problem in casual incidents, but would totally judo you out of trouble in extreme cases
  • This would always be followed by a long lecture
  • But you swear she sometimes giggled in the background during your pranks
  • One time you taught Jumin that “pussy” was a cuter way of referring to your cat
  • Everyone in the messenger laughed their asses off as he kept on claiming that he was “playing with his pussy all day”
  • He asked Assistant Kang if anything he said was funny
  • Jaehee completely denied it in the messenger, confirming that pussy is indeed a word for cat (I mean she wasn’t lying)
  • Later on she told you to tell him the truth though, it would be a nightmare for her if Jumin blurted this out in a business meeting


  • He found your pranks mildly entertaining
  • “Is this what commoners do to kill their time?”
  • What Jumin I am no commoner I am the BEST PRANKSTER in the world (after Seven tho) FIGHT ME
  • “I’d rather not.” omg this boy
  • He let you have your fun and if you ever got into big trouble he fixed it with money
  • You try not taking it that far tho
  • Because Jumin was kinda scary when he was displeased
  • His fav prank would still be the one time you put a whoopee cushion on the chair of his dad’s new girlfriend (at the time)
  • You were all having dinner together
  • When the said girlfriend farted, Jumin tried so hard to keep his composure that he snorted in his food and tears ran down his cheeks
  • You mumbled some shitty excuse about Jumin being allergic to some stuff and dragged him out where you both had a laughing fit for a good five minutes
  • You had to get out before they noticed the whoopee cushion


  • Ok maybe 9/10 because you end up paranoid 24/7
  • Also let’s not forget about your habit of picking fights with ppl
  • Instead of helping you, or calming you down each time u got into deep shit
  • Every time he would just stand at a distance and take selfies of himself doing the peace sign and you strangling some stranger’s neck in the background
  • He would be laughing his ass off in the corner
  • Sometimes he would even egg you on
  • Like he would spill water on your clothes and vaguely point at a random stranger and whisper “he did this to you” and wiggle his eyebrows
  • You had to stop him one time when he pointed at this little baby girl, claiming she had been the one to throw a full sized perfectly rolled snowball at your back
  • WTF Seven do you want me to fight a BABY
It’s Okay

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You missing out on date night.

You opened the door to his room, the only light coming out from the opened door; only to find him curled into a ball on bed. You walked towards the left side of the bed kneeling next to him. You could see the top of his head, a head of hair and the rest of them covered by the duvet. You had promised to come see him around 8 but you had completely lost track of time recording in the studio. You sighed feeling guilty watching your boyfriend snuggled under the duvet all alone. You ran your hand through his locks as he stirred a little from your warm touch. He had send you multiple texts and the last one was just a frown emoji.

 You got up walking out of bed and going to the kitchen to get a glass of water as you put your backpack down on the kitchen island. You took out a glass and pour in some cold water and hot water. You picked up the chair pulling it out trying to make as little noise as possible. You sat down putting down your hair from the messy bun it was in. You knew you were not the best girlfriend someone could have but this was just too much. You could see the boxes of takeouts on the table in front of his TV. The two of you had always opted to eat there than the kitchen table.

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You’re The Worst- Part Three

Chapter 3: Rich People Like Buying Mountains

“Dipper, for the last time, a heart attack for an old person isn’t suspicious,” Mabel argued tiredly from the back seat.

“Mabel, he wasn’t old. He was 35!” Dipper argued.

“Right, old.”

“Hey now,” Grunkle Stan interrupted. “Watch what you’re saying in front of your employer or you might find yourself fired.”

“You promise?” Dipper smiled. “Gosh, 35 is super duper old, right Mabel?”

“That’s what I’m saying!”

“Okay, I lied, next person to call 35 old gets extra, extra chores.”

Dipper grumbled. “Look, all I’m saying is that he was too young to have a heart attack.”

“I don’t know. If I had to deal with over a hundred teenagers for my job I might have a heart attack just to get out of it,” Grunkle Stan offered.

“We have to go to the hospital and talk to Mr. Riegner. He was only 35, Mabel-”

“You keep saying that, Dipper.”

“I know, but when we saw him, he looked at least 55. You saw him talk to your Bio teacher, you said he didn’t have the wrinkles or grey hair then. He couldn’t have acquired those in only five hours, Mabel.”

“He’s in a coma, Dipper. We can’t talk to him.”

“But why is he in a coma? What happened to him?” Dipper pressed.

Grunkle Stan put the car in park out in front of the school. “Dipper, Mabel, I know you can take care of yourselves…well Mabel can, but I don’t want you two digging into this mystery.  There are somethings that are in the dark for a reason and bringing them to light isn’t always the right choice.”

“Wait, what do you mean by that?” Dipper asked.

“Your mother called,” Stan informed the twins trying to change the subject. Neither twin spoke for a long moment.

“Is grandma-”

“No. She’s not dea-gone, honey. Your mom just wanted to check in to see how your first day went. I left out the whole finding a man comatose on the floor thing. She sends her love.”

“Thanks,” Dipper said, “for keeping out the comatose teacher, I mean.”

“Yeah, well, can’t have her calling CPS on me, now can I?” Stan grumbled.

“We love you too, Grunkle Stan.” Mable smiled. “Oh, by the way, I invited some kids to the Shack later.”

“That’s my girl.” Stan wiped a fake tear from his eye.

“Now, say you love me,” Mabel instructed.


“Don’t worry. I’ll wear ya down,” Mabel assured him.

“Come on, Mabel, we’re going to be late,” Dipper sighed.

“What? You want to get to class and see Pacifica?” Mabel teased.

“What? No!” Dipper exclaimed.

“Wait that little blonde haired princess that wears too much makeup?” Grunkle Stan asked. “Dipper’s got a thing for her?”

“NO!” Dipper shut the door loudly behind him.

Mabel laughed following after him. When she reached her brother she turned back around to Stan. “Blink once if ya love me!”

Stan kept his eyes open until they reached the schools gate. “Darn it.”

“Hah! Works every time,” Mabel called to him.

“That doesn’t count!”

“Does too! Bye Grunkle Stan.” Mabel waved at him as the twins entered into the school.

“Mabel, come on. You have to admit a man aging in the matter of a few hours is definitely something that belongs in the journal.”

“Dipper, didn’t you hear Grunkle Stan? He doesn’t want us looking into this.”

“Which mean there is obviously something going on.”

“Alright. Alright. You got me. I agree. It is weird,” Mabel relented.

“Good. Then tonight we break in and search room 618.”

“I don’t think we’re going to find anything, Dipper. If there was anything left behind it’s gone by now.”

Dipper sighed. “You’re probably right. We should talk about this at the shack.” Dipper looked around pointedly.

“Sounds good, Dipper. I’ll see you at break.”

“See you at break.” Dipper made his way to his locker retrieving his chemistry book before walking to class. His mind swirled with thoughts on what could make someone age so quickly, he completely forgot about Pacifica until she was sitting next to him.

She scooted her chair all the way towards the end of the lab bench and continued to ignore him, which was just fine by Dipper. Mr. Crawford walked in at 8:20 am on the dot.

“Today we will be discussing your big Midterm project that is due in nine weeks. Now I know that seems like it’s far away but, trust me when I say that date creeps up fast. Every year I have at least one pair of lab partners fail because they did their project at the last minute.” He eyed the room critically as if searching for the procrastinators amongst them. “There are several things to turn in before the big project is even due,” Mr. Crawford explained to the class. He rummaged in his briefcase pulling out a stack of papers. “Mr. McMann, please hand these out to the rest of the class,” he called to Jonathan.

He quickly took the papers and passed them out to all 14 lab benches, making sure to say hi to Dipper, before returning the extras and returning to his seat.

“On here are the dates everything is due. As you can see, choosing what your project will be on is due tomorrow.” The class groaned. Mr. Crawford continued. “If you do not have a project chosen by 8:20 am tomorrow morning, I will choose one for you.”

“That sounds better than coming up with one,” someone murmured in the back.

“If I am forced to choose one for you, Mr. Giovanni, it will be a college level project and your grade will already be docked 15%.” The kid who had spoken turned red. “Now getting back to your assignment.  In two weeks, you and your partner will make a list of chemicals you will require to proceed with your project so that I may obtain them for you.  Three weeks after that, I require a physical prototype, whether it be a creation or written out hypothesis, before I give you the chemicals. If I believe you’re on the right track and your chemistry is accurate, I will then give you the chemicals.  By then you should only have to follow your prototype and your finished project will be due at the end of the nine weeks. You may change your project up until you hand me the list of materials needed. You may discuss with your partner some ideas now. Look in your chemistry books for inspiration or you can look at the list of projects done by students in the past on the back of the paper I just gave you.”

The class erupted into chatter. Dipper turned to Pacifica. They looked at each other awkwardly in silence. Dipper broke first.“You want to look at what the past students have already done?”

“No. I’m a trendsetter, not a follower. We can’t do a project that anyone has done before,” Pacifica said.

“Okay. Fine then. Do you have any ideas in that peroxided brain of yours?”

Pacifica scowled at him. “Can’t you get some new material?”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Five more minutes of discussion and then you’ll have to figure it out on your time,” Mr. Crawford announced to the class.

“Okay, obviously we’re never going to agree on something in five minutes. Why don’t I just come over to your Grunkle’s tonight and we can figure it out, then. I  have a feeling we’ll need all the time we can get if you’re going to be so argumentative.” Pacifica turned up her nose.

“Me? You’re the one-wait- what? No! I can’t tonight.”

“What do you mean you ‘can’t?’ This is our grade, Dipper. I am not allowing my grade to drop to a ‘B’ because you’re busy. We have to figure this out by tonight.”

“I told you I can’t,” Dipper said stubbornly. “Why can’t we just meet during lunch?”

“Because I don’t want to be seen talking to you, duh. What do you have to do that is more important to you than our grade?” She looked at him suspiciously then her eyes widened in comprehension. “Wait. Is there something going on that I should know about that would put my life in danger? Again?”

“What? No! Why would you think that?” Dipper lied pathetically.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because every time you and your ‘colorful’ sister come around me I have a life threatening experience.”

“It’s nothing like that. I just have to…to uh, shave my sister’s pig tonight,” Dipper floundered.

Pacifica gaped at him. “Dipper, I don’t even- what am I supposed to say to that?”

“I’ll figure something out by tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about it,” Dipper assured her.

“Weren’t you the one that kept going on and on about me pulling my own weight? I’m not letting you decide by yourself the fate of our project.” Pacifica folded her arms unamused.

“Why don’t we do it right before class tomorrow then?” he suggested.

“No. We wouldn’t have enough time. I’m coming over to your hovel and we’re going to figure out an amazing, A+, grand prize winning, scholarship earning, science project. You got it?”

“Fine. Come over after school.”

“I have tennis after school. How about after seven?” Pacifica asked.

“No. Either after school or before school tomorrow morning. If you’re keeping me from–shaving Waddles, then I get to keep you from tennis.”

Pacifica glared at him.

Dipper looked back unfazed.

“Ugh! Fine, Dipper. After school,” she relented.

“Okay class. Time is up. Let’s talk about the Periodic Table,” Mr. Crawford announced.

And if Dipper stole chances to make faces at Pacifica while he took notes, and Pacifica took chances to glare at Dipper,  no one else noticed.

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Request: Gabe x reader (hunter). They used to date but had a messy break up that gabe never got over. readers in school/university and gabe is the sub. The reader trys to act like she doesn’t know him but he keeps like flirting/innuendo during class. And Gabe is SUPER possessive and jealous and leads to fun times ;)

Warnings: bad break up, sexual innuendos, possessive and jealous archangel, language, semi-public smut, Professor!Gabriel, College student!Reader, slight mockery of Christianity on Gabriel’s part with using some events as innuendos…so if you’re really religious I’m sorry..but I figured it would work with the request…no real hate against anyone or religion though in here, and some cute fluffy parts

Word Count: 3974

Gender: Female

Author: Gwen

Thanks for the request. I’ve been thinking about writing a Teacher!Gabriel for a while now and now I’ve finally got the chance. Let your inner dirty schoolgirl rejoice.

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And here’s a very late xmas present for @teamalphari who wanted asanoya with Noya loving on Asahi’s hair. Sorry it took me so long! It’s really nice to draw other ships from this anime, I gotta do it more often. x3

Imagine joking with Sam and Dean about how they are cougar magnets

“Oh we have a case at a retirement home, bet ya both are gonna walk out with new rich lovers.” You smiled as you pulled into Oak Parks.

 "That was once.“ Dean replied

 "More like every time we work somewhere with elder women” you joke as Sam rolls his eyes. 

“Well who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one." 

 "In your dreams Winchesters." 

 "Who knows, maybe this time some random grandma won’t hit on us.” Dean answered 

“20 bucks each say they do” you smiled 

“Your on, Sammy you in?” Dean answered, looking at his brother after he parked the car. 

“I’m in.” You smiled, already able to smell that 40 dollars. 

 "Cough it up Winchesters.“ You smiled as each took out 20 dollar bills. 

"This needs to stop happening.” Dean groaned as Sam smiled 

“At least it was only one this time, instead of two like the last time." 

 "Oh no, she was going for both of you, she pulled me aside and told me. However she was scared she might have a heart or asthma attack while climbing the mountain known as Samuel Winchester.” You smiled as Sam groaned, knowing the next time you would raise the stakes.

Some Things Are Meant to Be - a drabbley thing

AU where the love potion Roland used on Marianne at the end worked on her for however briefly.

Not nearly as angsty as the description suggests. This was also written like a weird meta post I kinda threw dialogue into.

Bog was only able to stomach so much. Watching his Marianne - no, she had not been his Marianne, but at least that had been up to her - throw herself into the arms the blond interloper, seeing his smug smirk, blatantly ignoring the shock and horror of literally everyone around them. When he kissed her forehead, condescending and utterly disgusting, it was too much. 

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Yes you are. That’s your role in life. She throws trash, and it summons you. This is how she’ll find you even when you’re married. She’ll throw some trash, and your trash can head will appear to catch it. “Right, Mamo-chan, now that I’ve found you, do the laundry”. It will be like that.

This was pretty repetitive of last episode, so I won’t cap the whole thing. Seriously Crystal, you don’t have to have her say “WHY IS MY HEART POUNDING” every time they meet. WE GOT IT THE FIRST TIME. WE KNOW WHY. 

Anyway, the point is Mamoru notices Usagi has a talking cat because he is the only person who pays attention in this town, and also thought a cram school might seriously hold the Silver Crystal because it had Crystal in it’s name. Next he’ll see a DVD for this anime and be like IT SAYS CRYSTAL. CRYSTAL? WHERE? while ripping it apart. 

someone will say “it’s crystal clear” and he’ll attack them.

kekekehehehe-deactivated2015120  asked:

Midorima, Akashi, and Imayoshi reacting to their gf having an anxiety/panic attack. Also, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love all of your work! The writing for everything is amazing >.<

Please only send in one request per askbox opening next time -Admin Fyre

Midorima Shintarou:

He knew the symptoms of a panic attack well enough: shortness of breath, sweating, dizziness. But he’d never expected it to happen to you, in the middle of the elevator no less. When you suddenly gripped his shoulder, your entire body shaking and your breath coming in short pants, Midorima felt fear seize his heart. “________?”

“Midorima-kun, I think I—” Before you could finish your sentence your legs gave way beneath you, but Midorima was there to support you, looping your arm around his shoulders. “Relax. You’re having a panic attack, ________. Stay calm, I’ll get you to a safe place.”

By the time the elevator doors opened and Midorima got you away from the stuffed crowd inside, you’d broken into a cold sweat. Hurriedly he lowered you on a bench and sat down next to you, Midorima examined your face with a professional air. “Control your breathing. Slowly. Don’t rush.”

You closed your eyes and did as he instructed. Gradually your breathing calmed down somewhat, although your heart was still hammering.

“I told you, you have to learn to cope with an attack on your own,” Midorima chided you sternly, not unlike a headmaster dealing with an unruly student. “What if I’m not there next time?”

You rolled your eyes at his tone. “Yes, Doctor, I apologise.”

“I-I’m just trying to help you!”

Akashi Seijuurou:

You’d told him it might happen, but it threw him off guard for a moment when it actually did. Freezing for a second, Akashi was going to call for help when you clutched his wrist tightly, shaking your head. Akashi knew what you meant immediately.

“It’s okay, I’m not going anywhere,” he told you quietly. “I’m right here. Just breathe.”

Despite the fact that the two of you were standing outside the concert hall while fancy-looking people filed past, Akashi stayed next to you while you breathed, stroking your back reassuringly as you calmed down.

“Are you okay?” Akashi asked, his gaze filled with concern. “Talk to me, you’ll get your mind off all this…what did you eat this morning? What did you buy at the store?”

Bit by bit, talking to Akashi helped you focus and distract you from your mental state. Before you knew it, your head was clearer and you realised that Akashi had taken you to a park bench to sit. “Feeling better?” he asked, with a smile.

“H-how long has it been since it started?”

“Twelve minutes. Quite an improvement from last time. You’re getting better at this.” Akashi kissed the top of your head affectionately. “Soon you’ll be able to handle your attacks even without me to help you.”

Imayoshi Shouichi:

Okay, shit. Don’t panic. Even though he was telling himself that, Imayoshi couldn’t help but freak out a little as you wobbled a little on your feet, eyes closed and your breathing frantic. He’d be lying if he said he knew what to do.

“U-uh, look, ________-chan, just…just stay calm, okay?” Imayoshi glanced around; people in the gym were beginning to stare.

“I just need a moment.” You take a deep breath, your hand gripping your boyfriend’s wrist like a vice. Imayoshi knew you didn’t mean it, you simply needed something to hold on to and someone to stay with you. “Could you…talk to me? Just…about anything at all.”

Realising that hearing his voice would distract you and help you calm down, Imayoshi cleared his throat. “Well, uh, today I spilt the team in half to make them play against each other, just to work on their teamwork, but it might not have been the best idea to put Aomine and Wakamatsu on the same team against Sakurai and Susa…”

You spluttered with laughter and Imayoshi relaxed a little, noticing that you were more at ease as he went on. Half an hour later your breathing and heart rate had returned to normal, and although you were still trembling a little, you didn’t point it out to Imayoshi, who was busy telling you about Aomine “accidentally” throwing the ball into Wakamatsu’s face.

You didn’t want to worry him, after all.