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Where did all the women go?

Sif isn’t in Thor: Ragnarok

So in a franchise that isn’t exactly known for having much in the way of female characters we’ve lost Jane Foster, we’ve lost Darcy, Frigga got fridged for “manpain” ™ and now we’ve lost Sif too! 

And in return for losing basically every single female character in the franchise ever, we have Valkyrie. 

Not that I’m not looking forward to Tessa Thompson, I am, but I had been hoping to see just a tad more estrogen on screen. 

Women don’t really have cooties, @marvelentertainment I promise. We also make up 53% of the film going public, so maybe you could put a few more of us in your movies? Huh? Please? 

And maybe give us names because as prime as roles such as  Asgardian Woman #2 and Sakaarian Girlfriend #1 are, I’m getting sick of your sexist shit. 

Why don’t you hire some female scriptwriters, that might do wonders for your sexism problem, or is Marvel Entertainment as big of a sausage fest as your movies are? 

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CopperSam ... did you, just wake up??? It's 3:20 a.m. Where I am, which means it's 2:20 a.m. In Chicago. For the love of fuzzy critters and good ice cream, hWHY are you awake?

Yeah I had…a rough night :D I went to bed around 8, woke up around midnight, couldn’t properly get back to sleep until 3-ish and even then it was light napping on the sofa. I’m calling in sick to work today to try and rest. I suspect the pressure/weather change might be to blame; it didn’t really occur to me while I was trying to get back to sleep that the reason I couldn’t sleep was rampaging sinus pain. Like, in the cold light of day I’m like “Oh yeah, that’s probably it, maybe I should have taken a decongestant” but for some reason it didn’t register at 2am. 

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Speaking of more character asks... I haven’t played Morrowind in a while but I think that one sickness makes your character immortal from dying of old age/sickness? How does Tev and Dren feel about that? More or so with Tev, speaking she might outlive everyone she will ever care about?

Mostly she tries not to think about it.  But when she does, Dren is pretty good at diffusing the tension.

Tev/Dren Masterpost


Ok. So, I just wanna talk about this for a second. For anyone who doesnt know, this is from the teaser for season 4. It should be on this hellsite somewhere if you wanna watch it, or you can find it on youtube.

Now, if you haven’t seen season 3 yet, you should probably stop reading this, cause I’m gonna mention a few spoilers. There probably not going to be terribly large spoilers, but spoilers all the same. If you’ve seen season 3 or you dont care about spoilers, then read on.

Okay, so… I was watching the teaser and I didn’t think much of this scene at first. But upon seeing it again something seemed odd. In this scene (in case you haven’t seen it or don’t remember it) Lotor is chasing after something and desperately trying to hit it with his sword. This is significant because, so far when Lotor has fought anyone, he’s calm and cool. Hell, so far Lotor seems to be someone who never seems to loose his calm exterior and always seems to be in control. He does crack sometimes, but not like this. In this scene he’s clearly upset. In fact, I’d go as far as to say he’s in a panic. I mean, look at the look on his face in the last shot. Whatever it is he’s desperate to wound/kill it and he needs to do it before it can get away.
Okay. So Lotor is trying to hit something and he’s freaking out. “What’s your point Star?” You might find yourself asking.
Well, take a look at the shots again. Look at who’s in them. Acxa, Zethrid, and Ezor are in the shot with Lotor, but not Narti. In case you aren’t sure who Narti is, she’s the blind mute one. The one with the cat.
Alright so, if you’ve seen episode 7 of season 3, you know that there’s a strong chance that that cat is in fact Haggar’s. When he got sick she treated him with quintessence, apparently making him immortal or something similar.
“But Star,” you ask, “what does this have to do with anything?”
I’m glad you asked!
If you’ve seen season 3, then you remember the episode where Haggar sent someone too spy on Lotor because she doesnt trust him. He’s obviously caught because Lotor’s not an idiot. He confronts Haggar about it, throwing the cybornetic arm of her spy at her. Now I don’t know about you, but to me the whole thing felt odd. Haggar is normally at least a little bit sneakier then that. The whole thing sort of plays off as a simple filler scene simply put there too show that Lotor is playing by his own rules and Haggar isn’t having it and doesn’t trust him. But I think Haggar is a little smarter then that. She’s been the brains behind Zarkon for ten thousand years after all.
If you can’t tell where I’m going with this, let me explain. I’d say the cat (or possibly Narti herself) is there to spy for Haggar. I’d say he realizes this in that moment, perhaps after something large about his plans has been exposed, and in a fit of panic and anger tries to kill it (or Narti). Even the way it’s framed. The camera is placed between Acxa and Zethrid, like the person or whatever Lotor is attcking is standing in formation with the three other girls. That would make the scene from Narti’s point of view. Specifically, this is what she would be seeing (except it would have to be the cat seeing it because she doesn’t have eyes but that’s not the point). Both Zethrid and Ezor seem to be in a state of shock. Acxa just seems to be stepping out of his way.
So I guess what I’m saying is that, next season, if anyone turns put to be a traitor amongst Lotor’s group, it’s the cat/ Narti.
Thank you for your time.

Dear whoever is reading this,
I know things are hard right now and you’re going through so much and I know you might think that there’s no way around this but things are going to get better, you’ve probably heard this about a thousand times and you’re sick of it but life can’t be like this forever. One day, all your problems are going to fade away, all these things that you worry about now aren’t going to mean anything as time passes. You will get better and I’m not saying that you won’t have to face more problems later on, because you probably will, but there will always be a solution. Please don’t hurt yourself and please don’t kill yourself, someone loves you more than you think, even if you don’t know it. Focus on the people who listen to you, not on those who hurt you, surround yourself by positivity and don’t give up, keep standing tall and just know that sometimes it’s ok to fall apart, it’s okay to cry and let everything out, you’re only human and breaking down doesn’t make you weak and sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of that. I hope that a few years later, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face and you’ve forgotten about everything that has been holding you back, that you’ll be able to smile a real smile again and know that everything is okay again and I hope that’ll you’ll feel happy again. Please don’t give up, please don’t lose hope.


Sick Healer AU!

Just a lil side note: i almost failed maths in grade 5-8. Now, I’m doing 2 Maths subjects (straight A+’s) and ranked the third highest in my class for the harder maths subject (out of 20 students). You can do anything if you set your mind to it. Be persistent. Happy studying! :)

1. Keep up do date with the class

Even if the teacher doesn’t set homework, there is always an expectation that whatever excercise isn’t finished in class, you do at home! My maths class moves very fast (we do about 3 concepts/excercises each class) and so its crucial that the first thing I do when I get home, is finish off my maths questions! This is particularly important in the learning process, because if you understand it when you learn it, you will be far ahead of anyone else in an upcoming test- all you will need to do is revise!

This means:

- don’t sit next to anyone distracting

- work efficiently in class

- the time that your waste in class, is the time you will have to spend at home

2.  Do ALL the practice questions in your textbook

In my harder maths class, there are about 20 questions per excercise/concept (100+ per chapter) and so we might only get told to do about half of that. But, I strongly reccommend doing all of the questions! It is great practice and really consolidates your learning! 

ALSO, as the questions go on, they tend to get harder. DON’T GIVE UP IF THEY’RE TOO HARD. Ask the teacher’s help, persevere, or look for a video on YouTube. These are the questions that will most likely be in your tests/exams.

If you can do the hardest question, you can most likely do all the questions!

If you get a question wrong, do AT LEAST 5 more of the same style, make sure you know it well!

3. Practice is everything

You cant really study for maths the same way that you might study for science. There is nothing to memorise (apart from formulas, but the best way to remember them is to practice). Studying for maths IS doing practice questions. That’s all there is to it.   

 - listen to some tunes (music with lyrics is fine for maths!)   

 - put on a movie ( just try to not get too distracted)    

- find a comfy space   

 - just start studying.

4. How to study for maths when you’re sick of it all

Humans are creatures of habit. We like routines and we stick to them. BUT, studying maths can become tedious if you are constantly doing the same thing every time.


    - ditch the notebook and pencil. Buy some non-permanent glass markers and do some maths on your windows or mirrors! I do this ALL THE TIME! It’s actually really fun and it makes me feel like Russell Crowe from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (haha). Alternatively, you could also use a whiteboard if you have one!   

    - study in the library or another part of your house! 

    - buy some different stationery (this is always so fun)

5. For an upcoming test…

  1. do all the chapter review questions in your textbook. These tend to be a compilation of all the most important questions you will need to know. Take your time, don’t give up.
  2. Seek external resources for questions. I own other revision books for maths that isn’t part of my school’s recommended material. These really help when you need more questions to test yourself on.
  3. Do practice papers. THESE ARE CRUCIAL. Most of the time, the material that they test you on will be from past papers, the questions are the same, but they change the numbers!
  4. Take a deep breath. Drink some water. Focus. Time management is the issue for most people (including me :)), so when you feel like a question is too challenging, move on, come back to it when you finish with a fresh mind!
Cover photo credit: @littlestudyblrblog

When your schizophrenic friend talks about delusions or hallucinations


  • Tell us it’s real.
  • Add more information or details to our delusions.
  • Try to take control of or change our delusions.
  • Give us examples of what it could be besides a delusion or a hallucination as in “what if these shadow people you see are ACTUALLY ghosts.”
  • Tell us that we’re stupid or crazy or dumb or sick for believing what we see and think is real.
  • Tell us not to talk about it.
  • Confront us with the fact that it isn’t real and that we’re sick unless you’ve talked to us first about whether that helps and gotten our permission. You’re not our therapist and we might not need or want you to confront our illness, we might just want you to be supportive and listen.
  • Dismiss or invalidate our thoughts and experiences. They’re very real to us.


  • Ask us what we need from you - do your friend need and want you to confront them with the fact that they’re sick and it isn’t real or would you doing that make everything worse?
  • Listen and be empathetic. Example: “wow, that must be scary, I totally get that you’re upset - can I do anything to make you feel better?”
  • Tell us that what we see and hear can’t hurt us and that we’re safe even though we’re experiencing these upsetting things.
  • Try to distract us - ask if we want to do something active with you like playing a board game or going for a run or going to the mall to get our minds off things and connect us to reality.
  • Understand that what we think and experience is real to us.
  • Help us feel safe and let us be weird in the attempt to feel safe. Let us pour salt on the floor if it keeps the demons away, give us water from and unopened bottle if there’s something wrong with the water in the taps, taste our food to check if it’s poisonous and help us cover the cameras so they can’t watch us.
  • Let us talk about it. We have the same need to share and talk about our thoughts and experiences as everyone else and sometimes we just need someone to listen without judging or invalidating us.

Since I’ve just been through Harvey, for all my Florida followers - here are some tips.

- NO HALTERS. I don’t care if it’s a breakaway, just leave them off.
- NO STALLS. Your horses are safer out. They may get some cuts and scrapes, but that’s easier to fix than a drowned horse.
- Cattle tags can be braided into the mane and tail, and can hold a lot of info, including a phone number and your name. They’re also waterproof if you write in permanent marker. Livestock paint and numbers on the hooves WILL wash off. Luggage tags will get wet. Your best bet is either cattle tags or dog tags braided into manes AND tails, and if you’re having trouble, you can use rubber bands to secure them.
- If you have to evacuate quickly, you can fit more horses in a trailer if you pack them nose to tail and take out the dividers of your trailer. A stock type trailer will fit more. It’s not ideal, but emergencies call for desperate measures.
- If you don’t need to evacuate, remember not to blanket your horses. They’re going to be shivering. They will be wet. Let them be. A blanket, even a waterproof one, will not hold up in this kind of storm and will ultimately make them colder. By the time they’re shivering they will be too wet to dry off. Plus, it will most likely be around 60-70 degrees which is too warm to blanket. If you cover them they will sweat and make themselves sick.
-HAY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FEED. Make sure your horses are well stocked on forage before the storm, because it might be too dangerous for you to get out and feed them. A few days without feed will not hurt them - a few days without forage will.
-Make sure your troughs are full or close to full before the storm. Waterlines may break and you want to be sure your animals will have water for a few days.

That’s all I can think of right now, but please stay safe. Also feel free to add to this list.

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What if Stiles and Derek's first kiss is post-nogitsune? Would he feel like a thief? Would he mourn the body that Derek never held? Would each brush of fingertips or kiss to his temple be a betrayal? They'd probably talk about the scars too. Derek would understand-- to an extent. But he grew up not without his history on his skin so he'll never understand how it feels to have that ripped away.

Their lips brush and Stiles turns away a second later, breaths shallow, hands twitching against the folds of Derek’s shirt. There’s warm breath on his cheek, the ghost of beard still so close and all Stiles can think is that he wants this. He wants this. And…

It’s wrong.

Those fingers, twitching against Derek’s shirt, smooth and uncalloused. The scar that used to live above his third knuckle just a burn-hot memory in his mind.

Everything still feels off in his body, out of balance, and he remembers the way Derek used to look at him. All tension and frustration in ways he couldn’t start to make sense of. And now Derek’s lips are in reach, a short turn away, and he’s murmuring out “Stiles…?” and all Stiles can think is…

“Do you want me?”

He can feel the stall in Derek’s thoughts like a physical reaction, and he wonders if there was a subtle tell or if… if he’d just felt it, inside, the confusion a flicker of chaos in Derek’s chest. Can he do that? Feel chaos? The Nogitsune drank it in and Stiles…

“Stiles,” Derek breathes again, a quirk of amusement in his tone. Thumbs smooth down his hips and Stiles fights the urge to rise into the contact. “Thought I’d just answered that question.”

And Stiles could leave it at that, asked and answered. Except…

There should be a scar on his hip, long and thin, from a fence he’d scaled once and dropped down five times faster. Derek should be feeling that right now, that piece of Stiles’ history, that stupid ten year old adventure laid out across his skin. But the skin’s smooth. Blank slate.

He shivers, gripping tighter into Derek’s shirt.

“No, I––” He can’t think of how to explain it. The thoughts are a choked feeling in his throat, a twist in his gut. Something like guilt and fear and he doesn’t even know what answer he wants when he leans back enough to find Derek’s eyes and say: “Since when? Did you… I mean, before…”

He’s not sure Derek knows what he means, but there’s a hint of flush under that dark beard suddenly, and Stiles gets a little bit lost in the contrast.

“Last summer.”

“Last––?” It pulls Stiles back, his eyes startling up. That was… most of a year, that was before…

A sick lurch sets him falling back out of Derek’s grip. Too-smooth fingers (uncalloused) slip too easy from Derek’s chest. His sneaker-covered feet might as well be walking over glass and he’s being dramatic except that he’s really not. Because if Derek wanted him last summer…

“That wasn’t me.” It sounds wrong as he says it, stupid, because… he was there that summer. He remembers every moment spent with Derek, researching the Alphas, searching for hints of Boyd and Erica. Charged smirks and snark and quiet moments that felt more comfortable than they should. He remembers the moments before summer too, when the thought of Derek made his heart pound and his body thrum in a way that could have only meant fear, except it hadn’t only been fear. He’d been scared of the Alpha too, and the hunters, and that coil of electric heat only sparked through his gut for Derek. He remembers that, like he remembers the scars that aren’t there anymore, and he can’t help running his too-soft fingertips over the smooth flesh of his knuckle as he breathes out, faint and lost, “…Was that me?”

There’s a too long pause while the question burns back into his throat, buzzing through his limbs like a current until he realizes he’s shaking from them. Was that him? Helping Derek track the Alpha pack? Helping Scott learn to control his wolf? Sitting by his mom’s hospital bed, watching her lose the long war to her illness, pieces of her flaking away like old scars, like a whole identity, like––

A warm hand closes over his, large and gentle, grounding.

“It was you,” Derek says, simply. Like there’s no question, like nothing’s changed. Like Stiles hasn’t changed. 

But that’s wrong. He’s not the same person he was before the Nogitsune, and he’s not talking in the experiences change you, huh kind of way. He’d had scars before. He’d had… a whole life written on his skin. And then he’d crawled out from inside his possessed body’s throat, spawned out like some alien parasite or… clone and––

“My body died, back there.” Four months past, and he still can’t wrap his head around it. That he’d watched himself bitten and impaled, spasm and cracking and shatter to dust.

The scarred body. His real body.

And he was left in… this.

Long fingers uncurl, stretching out slow. Thin, pale digits fitting strangely perfect between Derek’s, and Stiles can only wonder what it would have looked like before.

“…What if I’m not real?” He watches Derek’s fingers twitch, barely perceptible, tightening like they’re fighting to hold onto him. And Derek’s lost enough in his life, too much. It’s a dick move to say this, to take anything else away from him, but… “What if the guy you wanted last summer… what if he died inside the Nogitsune, and I’m just––”


The sureness of it has Stiles’ throat clenching. He tilts his head, challenging. Finds Derek’s eyes again.

“You don’t know that.”

“I know you.”

Which is just… it’s stupid how that makes Stiles’ heart jump. Flutter around like it’s fighting to leap the distance between them and plaster itself all up against Derek’s stupid, muscled, secretly sweet as hell chest.

Which… yeah, that’s nearly a gross enough visual to stomp his fondness boner in the bud. He sets his jaw.

“Did you know I used to have a scar on––”

“Your right hand? Just above the third knuckle, a burn.”

Stiles’ argument stalls out. He blinks, finger shifting to rub over the space, but Derek’s is already there, soothing the phantom mark over his skin.

“I… was eleven.” Because silence has never been safe for him. Because noise distracts from the too-easy pleasure rippling up his arm. “First time I tried cooking dinner for me and dad. Mac and cheese, it… didn’t go great.” He wets his lips. Looks away “Or… the other me did, I don’t––”

You did.” And Derek still sounds so damn sure. Stiles wants to believe him. He parts his lips, can’t. Because––

“Stiles, I’ve never had scars on my skin. I… can’t relate to what it’s like to lose them. But the things that have happened to me… they’re not any less real because I can’t see them. Every bullet, cut, punch I’ve taken…” He might sense the wince forming on Stiles’ face, and shakes his head, shrugging that off like it’s not important. But that’s an argument for another day. “Every scar life gave you… they’re still there. You’re still carrying them, inside you.” He flits his eyes down Stiles’ frame, then away, finger soothing over the ghost burn. “There are plenty no one would have ever seen anyway. But they made you. Who you are, and who you are…” He shakes his head, looks back to meet Stiles’ eyes squarely. “You recognized me when I was a teenager. That’s the same person who recognized me in the preserve.” Stiles feels his face heat because… even knowing Derek’s a werewolf now, he’d never put together that Derek would have heard his fangirl moment to Scott after Derek had walked away.

Before he can speak up, though, Derek’s going on. “You tracked me to Mexico. Faced down the Calaveras to save me. That’s the same person who stared down the Argents, drove a Jeep into a kanima, who hit an Alpha with a wooden baseball bat––”

“Two Alphas,” Stiles cuts in, because props, ok? “Two, that were…” His free hand mimes squishing, and Derek’s lips twitch.

“Two,” he agrees, and Stiles can’t not smile back. Just for a second –– fond, helpless –– then he’s ducking his head. Derek sighs, catches his chin. Guides it up until their gazes lock again.

“That was you,” he says, so firmly Stiles can’t help believing this time. “Was the man who clawed his way out of his own possession. Followed Scott’s howl back to the real world. And whatever happened to your body, whatever… magic gave you a new one, Stiles came out with it. Your scars are still there, just…” His fingers trail to Stiles’ chest, and something thumps out eagerly to meet them.

“Inside,” Stiles breathes, and the way Derek’s eyes warm makes him shiver with a proud ripple of pleasure.

“Inside,” Derek echoes. Runs a thumb light along Stiles’ lip. “You could have come out of the Nogitsune looking like anything. Wouldn’t change who you are.”

And damn, Stiles has fallen for a goddamn poet in a grumpy wolf’s body. …But then, Stiles is pretty sure he’d known that already.

His fingers go up, curl gently into Derek’s shirt.

“But… you like this body,” he prompts, and Derek gives an exasperated huff, pulling him in.

“I like this body,” he confirms, and it doesn’t feel wrong to hear that.

When Derek kisses him this time, Stiles doesn’t pull away.

since the world was supposed to end today (it didnt, and wont), i wanna just say, for anyone who has anxiety over the world ending;

anytime shit like that starts up, just remind yourself that its always just a fluke. it isnt real.

the people who make this up have no clue what theyre talking about. this has happened many, many, MANY times before in the past. the y2k scare didnt happen. the 2012 apocalypse scare didnt happen. and nothing happened today.

hearing about the world ending makes my anxiety act up real bad to the point of making me sick. so i just go offline for a little while. and its okay to go offline to prevent seeing it. block posts about it. go talk to someone you trust for reassurance.

the world isnt ending anytime soon, you’re fine


endless summer, wheel of fortune.

Metaphor of Spirit Work

Spirits are tacos that are from a different world. 

There are many different styles of tacos, so many different kinds.

Astral Travel is a skype call to wherever tacos might come from. 

Astral Projection is a VR simulator of being with the Tacos. 

Some people are very afraid of the hot sauce that might come with tacos. 

You might get a lot of it you might not, really depends from person to person. 

Not all hot sauce is bad. Just depends on your taste and what you can handle. 

BTS Reaction: Seeing Their Girlfriend’s Cleavage When She Bends Down (Part 2/3)

Requested by Anonymous

A/N: And here is part 2!! Writing two or three members on each written reaction is way more convenient, so I hope you don’t mind me doing it this way! Part 3 is coming soon!! 💕

Part (1)



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“Ah~ This recipe is too hard!! I give up on cooking”

Jimin exclaimed, looking at the piece of paper that was in his hands. Cooking was never his forte but today, he wanted to make dinner himself. His plans quickly went downhill though as soon as he started reading what he had to do. Looking over at your boyfriend from the other side of the room you couldn’t help but chuckle, walking over to him.

“C’mon.. Let me help you”

You offered, bending over to see what the recipe called for. Of course he starred at your clevage, almost instantly. How could he not?

“Hey.. Cooking can wait”

He smirked grabbing your waist to bring you closer.


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Taehyung’s whiny voice could be heard from his room and you couldn’t help but chuckle. This must have been the fifth time in the past ten minutes he called for you. Turning off the television you walked to where he was, only to find him furiously looking at a piece of paper.

“What’s wrong this time babe?”

You asked giggling slightly as he raised an eyebrow. Turning over to you, he motioned to come closer, obviously needing your help with something

“How do you pronounce this?”

“Hmm.. Lemme see”

Your eyes scanned the text with Tae’s lines, more specifically English lines, bending over a bit, to see better. His eyes immediately met with your upper body area, fighting himself to not look

“No, you have to study!”

He practically screamed at himself, leaving you very confused.


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Jungkook whined from your shared bedroom causing you to sigh. He truly acted like a baby when he was sick. Placing the bowl of soup, along with a glass of water and his medication pills on a tray, you made your way upstairs.

“I’m here, I’m here~”

You smiled sweetly at him, leaving the tray down at the nightstand next to him. Despite his annoying behavior, he looked so cute. Makeup free face, with the blanket almost up to his chin and his hair messy, he looked at you with big puppy eyes

“Jagi.. My head hurts”

He complained pouting. Fearing that his fever might have returned you instantly bend over to place a kiss on his forehead, wanting to check his temperature. I guess, being sick, was not going to stop him from getting horny, as he wrapped his arms around your waist leaving small kisses on your neck, being obviously aroused by your cleavage.

“Jungkook!! You’re going to get me sick!”

You yelled pulling back.

“But babeee~”

I’ve Got You

IT’S WHUMP WEEK! Hope you’re all as excited for this as I am. I’m going to try and throw some (k)lance whump at you every day!

Day One- Fever

Lance glared up at the ceiling with narrowed eyes, as if its very presence offended him. “Why do we even make plans?” he wondered aloud. “They always go south, anyways.”

Keith rolled his eyes. “If we just stormed into Galra bases with no idea what we were doing, then we’d be caught pretty easily.”

Lance eyed him, unimpressed. His skin looked unusually pale in the dim, purple light. “Kinda like how we are now?”

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im waiting for capitalism to kill me because no one will hire my autistic crippled ass. They see me walk into the job interveiw with my cane and never call back. Before I was sick, I got the first job I applied for. Since then, I have applied to 10 or more places, have had interviews at 4 of them, and still havnt gotten hired. Why? Its because I either bring my cane or mention I might take a few more sick days than the average person. “Why dont you just not tell them that?” people ask. Well I dont want to get the job then be fucking fired for being sick. I want a job so bad. I want a job so bad. I feel usless. I want to be able. Able or just die

Most important things I learned about college:

1) yes people have sex.

2) no you can’t hear them through the walls

3) people will drink and get drunk you dont have to.

4) have a wingman/battle buddy (like legit, not just for dates. But in all things)q

5) you will get lonely. Its okay


7) this includes getting food… No joke.

8) go to class, you prof might send you home. If your prof is nice, and you’re really sick, they will. (Mine legit didnt let me in the room lmao)

9) first day friends dont last, thats okay.

10) be yourself. You’ll never regret it.

yellow t-shirt - peter parker

Yellow T-Shirt - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: (soulmate au in which people are colorblind, and the first color they see is the color of their soulmate’s shirt; but you don’t get to see all of the colors until you and your soulmate finally meet) While watching over the city as Spiderman, Peter notices a yellow t-shirt in the distance, letting him know that his soulmate is in the city, and Peter has to do everything in his power to get to her.

a/n: 400 follower special!! this one is kinda long and kinda cute, and i really enjoy it! sorry for the wait i’ll try and get back on my weekly imagines! thank all 400 of you babes for sticking with me! i love each and every one of you with all my heart!! (I’M AMERICAN I SPELL IT COLOR NOT COLOUR I’M SORRY OK)

word count: 1.9k

People had always tried their best to describe colors to Peter. Everyone always told him how bad they felt for him, how sorry they were that he couldn’t see in color. It wasn’t like Peter already knew, though. It wasn’t like Peter didn’t know how much it fucking sucked to be the only person he knew that couldn’t see colors.

The thing was, everyone had a different “thing” that would help them meet their soulmate. Some people had tattoos, others had timers, Peter felt like he got stuck with the worst one. Colorblindness. His first ever color would be the one of his soulmate’s shirt-or at least, that’s what he was told.

There was only a few other people Peter knew that had the same thing as him. They all described it the same, the first color you see is their shirt. After that, you still don’t see any color except for their shirt until you officially talk to and touch them. Once you did that, it all floods in. The love, the happiness, the colors.

Peter felt bad for the girl that was going to be stuck with him. She couldn’t see colors either, and her reward for seeing colors was a piece-of-shit trashcan of a guy. Who even knew if she was in the city, let alone the country. And even if she was in the same city, the girl would have to be dragged into Peter’s mess of a life. God, Peter wished that he could’ve gotten anything other than this stupid colorblindness.

(Y/N) had just moved to Queens, and to be honest, she hated it. She went to a school full of idiotic people that smoked weed in the bathrooms during school and drank their lives away every other weekend. The teachers couldn’t give a shit about what college the students went to or what careers they might end up with.

Not to mention, people constantly teased (Y/N) for her outfit choices. She didn’t know how to match colors or any of that, she was colorblind. It wasn’t a genetic thing or anything of that sort, it was a soulmate thing. To be honest, it sucked. Everyone at her high school had already found or had a good idea of who their soulmate was. It was easier for them, they all had timers and tattoos. It’s harder when all you have to go on is walking by someone and finally see their shirt color.

Surveying the city may have been boring, but it had become routine for Peter. It felt like a job to him, as a superhero he felt obligated. And though he wouldn’t admit it, there was another reason he did it. Underneath the “it’s my job to protect the city” bullshit, Peter did it so that he could try and find his soulmate. When he stood atop the buildings, he could see so many people come and go, and maybe he would finally see a colored shirt.

Putting his suit on, he stood on top of a building. Everything was in different shades of gray, black, and white. The sky was a light gray, it was actually “blue” he had been told. His suit was a dark gray with other areas of lighter gray. Tony had said it was vibrant shades of “red and blue”, and no matter how many times people tried to explain colors, it didn’t really help.

He was finally beginning to give up. Maybe he would never actually find his soulmate. She could be anywhere on the damn planet, and there was a possibility that the pair would never meet. Peter sat down with his knees bent and his elbows rested on them. He played with his web-shooters and sighed.

Just then, he saw something that wasn’t gray. Peter shot up, almost falling off of the building and scrambled to his feet. He took off his mask, not caring who saw him, just to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. Peter rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times, but it was still there.

It was a color. A fucking color. Peter was ecstatic. He couldn’t describe it and Peter felt like he might cry. The shirt was that new color he saw, and the girl wearing it was gorgeous. Even in black-and-white, she was pretty. He couldn’t see her that well from where he was, but her smile pulled on his heart and her eyes held a genuine happiness as she talked to the person.

In awe, Peter’s jaw dropped and after getting over the initial shock, he smiled. It was the kind of rare smile that you only saw planted on the face of love-sick people. The kind of goofy grin that you couldn’t stop even though your cheeks ached. It was the kind of smile that made the sun jealous of how brightly it shone.

Then, after a few seconds had passed, the girl disappeared. She had walked away and Peter didn’t see which way she had gone. “Fuck!” Peter cursed. He fumbled with his mask and put it on quickly. Peter swung from building to building and followed the girl. But after she walked into an apartment complex and the sun started to set, he realized what time it was and promptly made his way home.

Finally being on time for once, Peter’s aunt, May, ate dinner with him. “Any luck with the soulmate thing?” May casually asked, not wanting to pry but also wanting to know if he had found a girl yet.

“Actually, I think so. Yeah.” Peter said smiling, his cheeks turning a light pink.

May practically choked on her food and squealed congratulating Peter. The two continued to talk about random things; like their day, what was happening at school, and other things like that. Once the food was finished, Peter washed the dishes and went to bed. Tomorrow was a Saturday, meaning Peter could spend his whole day trying to find the girl.

(Y/N) woke up on the Saturday morning and left her apartment after saying a quick “I’ll be with some friends” and walking down the street. It was a cold morning and she wore a light-gray (”pink” was what her parents called it) sweatshirt over a gray (“yellow” as her friend said) t-shirt.

After walking inside the coffee shop, she ordered her drink and sat down after receiving it. She pulled out her laptop and worked on some schoolwork. After working for around two hours, (Y/N) pulled off her sweatshirt and exited the shop. Her backpack was slung over her right shoulder and (Y/N) walked down the sidewalk.

(Y/N) heard a loud crashing noise and everyone turned to look what had caused the commotion. That is, everyone except for (Y/N) after she heard someone yell “Spiderman!”. Unlike many other girls, she wasn’t obsessed with him and continued to walk without even glancing at the so-called “superhero”.

She didn’t want to go home that day. Home meant problems. Home meant that her parents would make her go to school on Monday. Home meant people asking if she had any friends or if she was “adjusting” to the move to Queens. God, (Y/N) hated it. She got that her family cared but it was annoying because she wasn’t “adjusting” to the move.

Turning into an alleyway with a backpack further down the alley, she slumped down against the wall. Her own backpack was nestled into her side and she let out a sigh. Sure, it was probably unsafe to sit in an alleyway by herself but, fuck it, what did it matter?

After messing around on her phone for a minute or fifteen, she heard someone grab the backpack further down the alley and do something with it. (Y/N) genuinely couldn’t care less what the noise was and as long as it didn’t affect her, she just let it be. It wasn’t until she heard someone yell “It’s you!” did she turn her head.

It was Spiderman, the actual Spiderman, in front of her. His outfit in color and all. Her jaw practically hit the floor as she studied the boy in front of her. Though she didn’t really care that he was Spiderman, a part of her was internally freaking out. It was like a fiction novel, her soulmate was a superhero.

Earlier that day, Peter tried to look for the girl but someone had decided to rob a bank the exact moment he donned the suit. He groaned and went to stop the person who was robbing the bank. The person wasn’t that hard to take down, though, they were just a petty thief that held a store at gunpoint with an empty gun.

After that had been taken care of, Peter realised it was probably best that he was Peter when he met the girl and not Spiderman. Walking back to the alley, he picked up his bag and was going to change when he saw the girl. The girl wore a different shirt of the same color as yesterday and he couldn’t help but yell out “It’s you!”

Now, Peter awkwardly stood as the girl, his soulmate, stared at him in disbelief. He reached up to take his mask off. After the mask was off, Peter ran a hand through his hair and smiled at the girl, who returned the smile with an equally bright one.

The girl stood up and opened her mouth, “Hi, I’m (Y/N) and I’m your soulmate.”

Peter let out a small laugh and said, “Hello, I’m Peter and I guess we’re soulmates.” (Y/N) smiled at him and stuck out a hand, which he happily shook.

Then all the colors came rushing in. Peter saw her hair and eye color, and (Y/N) finally saw Peter’s mess of hair and eyes in color as well. The city changed around them. Even the alleyway they were in was prettier than it was in black and white. (Y/N) and Peter looked around them as they finally saw the colors.

(Y/N) finally broke the silence, “I guess these are colors,” she said, a small smile placed on her face as she looked into his eyes.

“I guess so,” Peter replied in awe.

“Now about the…” (Y/N) said trailing off and gestured towards the suit Peter was still wearing. 

“I guess I have some explaining to do,” Peter said smiling, “Do you want to go grab a coffee or something?”

“I would be happy to, soulmate.”

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