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High School Advice

From the nerdiest of them all <3

  • Buy yourself a planner, or at least use the one your school gives you. The jump from middle school to high school isn’t quite as big as the one from high school to college is, but it’s still a lot busier than you’re probably used to. Plan that shit out.
  • As far as school supplies goes, teachers stop caring enough to tell you what you need. Personally, I used a binder for each AP class and a folder for each non-AP class unless I really felt like I needed more space. Find whatever organization system works for you, and always try to live on the bare minimum; your back will thank you later.
  • Try and pick at least one class you might enjoy. High school is Hell, but at least you can make one hour of your day go by just a wee bit faster.
  • Join clubs, do a sport (even if you suck at it), plan an event, do anything that won’t make you look like a lazy teenager. Colleges will love you.
  • Sleep + Study, don’t do one but not the other
  • Things get harder, so naturally you’re going to get a bad grade once in a while. It’s okay, just know what you need to do differently next time and forget about it.
  • Teachers like kids who have their shit together. Say hi to them in the hallway, ask how their days are going, or maybe say thank you every once in a while. You’ll be surprised how much nicer they’ll be when you forget an assignment at home.
  • If you’re good at school, tutor. If you’re not, get tutored.
  • Self care is still important. Being healthy with an 85 is better than stressing uncontrollably with a 100.
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Summary: AU Future fic: When they find the sea, Bellamy and Clarke share a moment that starts out silly but turns into something more for both of them.  Prompt: saw this post on my dash, and thought it might spark your imagination for an AU one shot –

Notes: For warriorskye on Tumblr. What a week *sigh*. Finally got to revisit this prompt, sorry I hung onto it for so long! And thanks for always giving me such great inspiring posts! As usual, AU in a not-so-fucked-up future. Hope you enjoy :) 

Response to "Lean On"


I’m new to Tumblr, and came across one of your posts.

K: This is for anyone who doesn’t know what post this person is speaking about

and wasn’t sure how to reply to/comment on it but I needed to say something. I made a Facebook post about it, and here’s what I said:

Cultural Appropriation:
 Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) (Official Music Video) 

This is a catchy song. I enjoy it when it comes on the radio (except for that one annoying bit - you know which I mean) but I recently saw the music video, and at first I didn’t know how to feel about it. I watched it a few more times, and here are my issues with it:

Cultural appropriation is a thing. You might say, but this is an homage, an appreciation of Indian culture. It may have been done with the best of intentions but it falls short of true appreciation à la, say, John McLaughlin.

1. The Indian women are just props in the video. MØ and the men are always at the center, the focal point. They could just as easily have had an Indian dancer/s be more prominent.

2. Conflation of “Indian culture”. The majority is shot in what looks like a Mughal fort (North/Central India), with a few scenes from what could be somewhere on the West Coast (Goa/Kerala) with dancers wearing the traditional Kerala sari (off-white with a gold border). We are not a monolith.

3. During British Colonial rule of India, forts like the one depicted in the video were thoroughly looted. The gold leaf and jewels on the walls were stripped off and shipped to England. The image of white people dancing around our heritage surrounded by a harem of nubile brown women is the posterchild of imperialism.

The internet actually has quite a bit to say on Diplo’s cultural appropriation of the past but I didn’t want to muddle the argument with his history.

Interestingly, the most common comment made tells MØ to stop dancing weird and shut her legs. If India wasn’t always portrayed in Western culture via a few select stereotypes, perhaps the commenters might have noted that the move where she has her legs spread and jumps up on her toes is one of the basic moves of Bharatanatyam - only one of the many totally unique forms of dance still alive in India today.

So how could they have done this right?
Possible improvements: 
- Focus on a specific culture found in India.
- Have a prominent classical (or otherwise) Indian dancer be the focal point.
- Perhaps shoot film that highlights the country’s natural beauty, as opposed to selecting locations that are steeped in contentious colonial history?

K: Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard of the song before but this was very educational. - K

Guess who is the actual best? 

Oh, wait, you already know the answer? Well then, you won’t be surprised that giniroangou has some advanced notes on that one scene between Fai and Kurogane. Because she is… oh, did I already say ‘the actual best’?

… well it’s still true.


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mini giveaway

Reblog this and tag me in you favorite photo of your horse (using either @ pelham-bits or in the #’s), and I might draw it on the plane tomorrow! 

- mbf me

- this is not random, I’ll be choosing based on which photos I think I’ll enjoy drawing, so higher quality, well taken photos have a higher chance :)

- there is a chance for more than one winner, depending on how it goes tomorrow and how much free time I have while I’m on vacation

- photos can be a portrait or with a rider

- if nothing comes out of this it’s not because I’m trying to get followers or whatever, it’s because I sometimes just get a serious block with my art, and no matter how good my intentions are I can’t finish or post something I’m not happy with. I’m a perfectionist to extremes and it sucks.

Ends: tomorrow (July 27th)

anonymous asked:

Hello there!~ I was wondering what you know about crystals? I was attempting to make a connection with a new bit of smoky quartz I got and slept with it under my pillow for one night. Ever since then I've had very very bad luck that has not let up. I was wondering if you knew if this was at all common? Thank you and enjoy your day!

Hello there ~☽♡☾

I know quite a bit about crystals! In this instance, I don’t believe the stone had anything to do with it ~ Often times, somebody who practices with metaphysical things will mistake a streak of bad luck for magickal interference, when really your mind just might be noticing these events more often and convincing itself that the stone (in this case) was the culprit; especially since once you’ve gotten that idea in your mind, it automatically tells your brain to notice bad events that might actually just be more common than you think! 

Yet although it is a slim chance, there is also a chance of it actually being the energies of the stone; did you remember to cleanse it after you purchased it? Usually the stone with pick up energies from the previous owner or handler, which can make it tricky to work with unless you’ve “reset” the energy. Most likely, this is all that is! I recommend full moon, smoke, or salt/water cleansing for smokey quartz ~ So try doing a cleansing and let me know if you still continue to have your bad luck! 

I hope this helps, and hope your bad luck lets up soon. Have a wonderful day!

➺ Rainy

BigBang reacts to you wearing a cute bikini at the beach (request)

Anonymus asked:

Hi can I have a BIGBANG reaction to you wearing a really cute bikini on the beach when you’re on holiday together!!! Thank you!!!!!! I’m completely in love with this blog!!!

Awwww, thank you anon! :) I’m always happy to hear, that you guys like my blog. I hope you enjoy this reaction, too. :)


Just one word would come to his mind: Perfection. He’d be glad that you can’t see his eyes because of his sunglasses. Might take them down from time to time, trying to kill every guy with his glare who stares at you.


He might just enjoy the view of you in your cute bikini from his deckchair. Even if he’s lazy normally he might have a match of beachvolleyball with you to enjoy the view a little bit more.


He wouldn’t believe that you don’t work out and have such a fantastic body anyways. He might compliment you a lot and stay close to you to keep other guys from flirting.


Would enjoy the view (as any other man would), but might not want to have other guys to see you like that. So he might ask you to look for a lagoon or something, where you would be more private.


Wow, fantastic baby. He’d totally love your sexy body in a bikini. But he might the thought of ripping this tiny piece of clothing off your body later in the hotel room.

Thank You (Kikwang Scenario)

Hi! Finally got this done! So much feels writing these scenarios! I hope you like it and please check out my blog! It’s been fun writing scenarios again… but now on tumblr! Kikwang is my one of my top biases. I have too many biases. Haha. Enjoy! -Admin Panda?

Your body shivers in coldness, as you never felt more empty and alone without Kikwang there next to you each morning. Not only that, but there was possibly that he might not be with you Saturday, which is your 2nd anniversary with Kikwang.

Of course, you feel a bit disappointed, but at the same time, you were happy and felt blessed. KIkwang made you feel special everyday. As cheesy as it sounds, it was true. You didn’t think that love would make you feel so happy just to wake up every morning to see him, to see the guy that you know is the one for you. The one that sacrifices his sleeping time to talk to, or cuddle with. The one that never fails to make you smile when your down, or the one that always likes to brag to his friend how amazing you are as his girlfriend, how fun it is to be around you, and how you would always care for him whenever he needs you the most. He’s the type of guy that is worth your love, worth every moment to spend time with.

No matter if he’s not here Saturday or not, it wouldn’t be too bad knowing he was going to be back sooner or later.

You lay in bed, fidgeting with your phone, wondering how Kikwang has been this past couple of months. He would send you good morning and goodnight messages, and he never had time to talk to you too long on the phone, but it was enough to make your day, to hear his voice across the line. Although he was far away, the excitement of thinking about seeing him. No matter if it was Saturday or not, you were ready to run into his arms and finally get to be with him once again.

You roll over, holding your face with hands on your jaw, just staring at the medium size box on the top of your dresser, wondering if he would like the gift you made him.

You suddenly hear the doorbell ring as your heart jumped a little. Was he home already? You quickly make your way to the front door.

Don’t let your hopes up, you thought to yourself.

You open the door to see the mailman. You give him a faint smile, but then looked down to see two tulips in a gorgeous clear vase. You gladly take the flowers and thank the mailman. As you close the door you gasp, of course tulips, he knows that those are your favorite flowers. You quickly start smiling, knowing that red tulips had the meaning of true love.

You see a small piece of paper reading, “I hope your Monday is amazing. Love you. –Kikwangieeeeeee.” You laugh. You stare at them with full admiration. After a couple of moments you wonder why he only sent two tulips, but nevertheless, you were happy.

You put in the bedroom, wanting to wake up and just see them there, right next to you.

Later at night, it was around 11ish, and you were about to go to sleep until you get a phone call from Kikwang.

“Jagiya, did you get the tulips?” You look up to see the vase with the tulips.

“Yes, they are beautiful. I love them. Thank you, it made my day.”


“Yea, of course!”                        

“Hey, I have to go, I’m about to start practice. I love you ____-ah.”

“I love you too.”

“Goodnight, have sweet dreams of me.”

“No.” you jokingly said.

“Yah!” You hear him start laughing.

“Fine, fine, if you insist. Goodnight oppa!”

“Goodnight ______-ah.”

For the next 4 days each morning, you received 2 more red tulips, each with little notes to start your day. You couldn’t help but keep smiling every time you heard that doorbell. This whole week was better thanks to him.

It wasn’t until Saturday did you not hear the doorbell ring all morning. You were even peeking at the door camera every couple of hours. You went back into the bedroom, staring at the beautiful red tulips that were accumulated throughout the whole week.

You said to yourself not to get disappointed today, no matter what, because you would be seeing him soon anyways. Mixed emotions begin to spread throughout you. As much as you don’t want to have high hopes, you still were excited because today marked two years, two years of so many memories that you two created together, two years of smiles and laughs, but also some ups and downs, but you both managed to hold each other up, and now made it this far.

An hour passed by or so before you started to watch some TV on the couch. It was around 7ish when you heard the doorbell ring. You jumped up, knowing it was some more flowers.

You open the door and you look down to see two more red tulips.

“Thank you sir v-“ You look up. Kikwang. Who you haven’t seen in months was finally in front of you.

“Happy two year anniversary jagiya.” He held his arms out with the two tulips in his hands, one big smile landed on his face.

“Oppaa!” You excitedly say as you run into his arms, once again feeling so extremely happy that he was finally home, finally here after such a long time waiting. Being able to hug him and to feel his touch again was something that you dearly missed throughout the months. His scent, his smile, him. Everything about him you missed.

“Delivery was late.” He started to chuckle.

“Just in time…I missed you so much.” You whisper.                  

“I missed you too. Your voice on the phone made me miss you even more.” He whispered back.

You hug him tighter, tad bits of tears starting to form. He lets go to see your face, and kisses away the tears that had begun to start escaping from your eyes.

“Happy tears right?” he whispered.

“Happy tears.” You smile.

It wasn’t long before you dragged him inside, leading him into the bedroom. The vase full of tulips immediately caught his eyes as he placed the last two inside the vase. He smiled, seeing the little notes he wrote you right next to the vase.

He noticed the black box right next to the vase.

“This for me jagiya?”

You wondered if he would like it. You nodded.

“Happy two years.”

He opens to see a black rimmed frame full of photos of you two and the memories that came along. On the corner you wrote, “I always love you Kikwangie. -______.”
You were waiting for his reaction, and you see him start smiling.

“If you ever miss me whenever you travel, just bring this so you won’t miss me as much.” You say to him.

“Thank you jagiya. Seriously the best gift I ever gotten.I’m going to take it everywhere.” He kisses you on the cheek, and was staring at the frame for quite sometime. Flashbacks of those memories were kicking around in his head. He loved gifts like these the most, those that hold so much special meaning, especially if it was from you.

He was smiling non-stop, looking at the photos like it was the first time ever seeing it. He starts laughing when he sees the photo of you almost crying on the rollercoaster.

You hit his chest, “Yah, I know which one your laughing at. I was so close from not putting that photo on there.”

“But you look cute.” You give him a stare and he turns away trying to hold in his laugh. You start laughing as he pulls his backpack onto the bed.

He  pulls out a box wrapped in bubble wrap several times from his backpack. He cuts through it and hands you a gorgeous looking box.

“I hope you love it.” You slowly take off the lid and see envelopes, and little trinkets.

“Woah, what are these?”

“While I was going around touring, I ended up buying something small from each country every week. Those envelopes are what I wrote for you to read. I wrote every Friday, so you wouldn’t miss out on the funny things the other members did.” He smiles at you.

You look around the box and see a letter that says “READ ME NOW.”

You open it and it read,

“Happy two years! I can’t believe that we made it this far. Did you miss me? Keke. From the moment I saw you until now, my feelings have never changed, and I’m still crazy in love with you. I want to thank you, thank you for being an amazing girlfriend that has been there for me, and understands everything about me. Thank you for accepting me into your heart and for always caring about me and loving me for me. You mean the world to me and I wouldn’t change anything. I love you,”

You look up, instantly gleaming at you, and he pulls you in, capturing a sweet kiss that you haven’t had in so long. He pulls away, staring deep into your eyes.

“Thank you for loving me.”

All About Elibe!

Hello and welcome to my new blog based all around Fire Emblem 6 & 7. I hope to have it in the future that this blog can be a one stop shop for information for players of the games and roleplayers alike. It might be a bit slow to start, but I am only one person. Here’s what I plan to add to this blog in the future:

  • Multi-part and in-depth character Bios
  • Interesting Triva
  • Who would win in a fight? AKA Elibian Death Battle
  • Cool fan art
  • And much more

So I hope you give this blog a look when you can and maybe some support as well, it would be very much appreciated. Fact and Art Submissions are welcome as well. Enjoy!