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Here a fanfic idea: SpongeBob and Squidward secretly dating about three months. At the Christmas party Sandy bring her new invention - mistletoe that makes a barrier if lovers stand under it and they cannt leave until kiss. So thats obvious what will happen next (that can be an accident or SpongeBob can bring Squidward under it on purpose).

This was longer than expected but I hope you enjoy it anyway! I’m worried I might’ve made it a bit too sappy but here you go. Thanks for the prompt!

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i'm looking for Very soft songs like urban zakapa's If You Still Love Me, any suggestions? thanks!

If you’re into that kind of song, I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy most of Urban Zakapa’s songs such as:
I Don’t Love You // One Spring Day //Just A Little Bit // Reunion // When Winter Comes
You can check more of their songs that we’ve posted before here.

If you’re looking for other singers’, my personal faves would be:
Coffee Boy - I’ll Be on Your Side // Coffee Boy - Pimple // Ra.D - Something Flutters // Paul Kim - Rain // Paul Kim - Dream // Sweden Laundry - Two Hands, To You

You might want to check other songs by Coffee Boy, Sweden Laundry, Paul Kim, Kim Ji Soo, 316, and Sosimhan Boys for more :)

- Jess
the light between the lines - starsshinedarkly77 - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Working the graveyard shift at a local convenience store, Hux encounters the wild and mysterious Kylo Ren, who comes in to play the battered arcade cabinet in the corner. Hux may not care for the boy’s fashion sense, but he soon realizes that they may have more in common than he first thought - and that Ren, among all people, might be the only one who might truly understand.

Notes: Hello all! Another fic that got widely out of hand is here, this time as part of an exchange with @iambnotwhatiamb! Thanks for the prompt, and I hope you enjoy it! Lovingly beta’d and moved along by the terrifically kind @acroamatica. I implore all of you to check the tags on this one, as the story contains content that may hit a little bit too close to home for some. Enjoy!


MEGALOVANIA (Undertale) ~Orchestral Battle Arrangement~

Available on “Undertale: Magic & Monsters”!


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So this arrangement took a lot of risks, mostly deviating from the original nature of Megalovania. It’s a lot more cinematic in its approach and the whole thing is in 7/8 time signature, which is why the melody might sound odd to the lot of you. However, I enjoyed making this one, and taking risks is interesting! :D Hope you enjoy!

ART by Eliminate98:


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Someone I thought I was in love with. It was my first or second real romance of my life and it lasted but a few months. I’m not someone to fall in love easy, I know I’m not, but sometimes you get tricked into thinking you are that kinda person. We met in the summer and things were great. We had chemistry, enjoyed getting to know one another. We would share things and think of each other throughout every day. Then it slowed down a bit. More and more. I’m not sure I’ve ever fought for a person’s attention so much. They wouldn’t even listen to a song I’d suggested or read something I’d written. I’m not sure what it was about this person that made me think I was in love. Might’ve been my untouched heart or my unheld hands. Whatever it was though, it wasn’t love. My heart chugged it’s way through the rest of the summer like the lil engine that could though it has been utterly broken and damn near ripped out. That was a close call but it wasn’t love. Lord have mercy.

Today’s post

So today I am moving away from Hawaii back to Ohio so I’m not sure what posting is going to be like the next week. I have all the imagines for the next 2 episodes done but once I get to Ohio I’ll be watching Supernatural on my iPad while writing down ideas instead of my TV so it may take a bit longer for them to come out. However, my flight is later in the afternoon so I might get some more episodes down or maybe even another one-shot backstory done cause I have 5 ideas ready to be written.

So I hope you guys enjoy the first imagine for Phantom Traveler!

(Side note: Rewatching this a few days before getting on a plane traveling 4,000 miles was such a bad idea).

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So I'm starting school in like 10 days, and I'm so stressed out for Latin! I didn't put in enough effort last year and I'm afraid that this year is gonna be too hard for me and that I'll fuck it up even more. plus, there's a big chance that I'll have a teacher who makes super difficult tests! I'm really stressed and I think I might already start studying a bit, but at the same time I wanna enjoy my last free days? I'm just scared that I'll be the only one of my family who couldn't handle Latin.

hey man i’m sure you’ll be okay! just study regularly and don’t let everything pile up on you, everything will be alright! :]

She’s My Sister- Castiel

Imagine Sam and Dean flirting with you, but an overprotective Cas warns them that you are his favorite little sister and a powerful arch angel. Sam and Dean are surprised to say the least.

Words: 202

Warnings: None

A/N: I thought that you guys might enjoy this little drabble. Hopefully I did okay with this. It was a little bit harder to write since I really didn’t know how angels acted besides what I’ve seen on the show. So hopefully I do okay with this. Enjoy.

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Kyo have you ever thought of roleplaying let's plays? Like have one of the Hetalia characters play a game like fnaf or happy wheels? I think it be interesting to see. Also thank you soooo much for your time and effort to give us all the lovely content you put out! You're my role model and senpai! Thank you!

I’ve thought about it, but that makes it really hard for people outside the hetalia fandom to enjoy it, ya know?

edit: thinking about it a bit more, eh its possible, it might spike my views a bit. i mean ppl do enjoy the in character bits i do. so maybe an ask vid or something that id voice or… something? get a prompt and read it out or something.