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I don't understand . . . I thought Sonic games were really sucky and glitchy? Well the 3D ones at least (2D I've heard are great!). What's the appeal? And thank you for the pie! *nom nom nom*

I’m not much of a gamer so I can’t give opinion on every game. I only played Sonic Generations (completed it successfully) and Sonic-All Stars Racing Transformed on Steam, and there’s one game more (ahem Sonic Colors I think?)  all so far and enjoyed a bit. 

Frankly, 2D or 3D doesn’t really matter to me. XD As long as the game plays nicely, with its decent storyline and impressive graphics, that counts the most, right? I might’ve witnessed some glitches but never really cared about that.

The One Who Loves You The Most

The One Who Loves You The Most

They Call Me the Cavalry (BadassNinja)

Summary: Love is more than just an emotion. It’s an action, a conscious decision. It’s understanding each other on a level that nobody else can and seeing them laid bare and broken but being there to pick up the pieces and reassemble them each time. It’s knowing that they might see themselves as damaged or ruined but knowing that they are actually stronger than they or the world believes. Love is so much more, and he loves her.

Notes: For howdoyourespond.

SURPRISE!!! Did you guess it was me?! I’ve had fun writing your prompt and getting to know you a bit, all my love goes to you <3

This is for @howdoyourespond​ for the Philinda Secret Summer challenge. I hope you enjoy and like the story. The prompt was the song The One Who Loves You The Most  by Brett Dennen. You can read it here or on AO3 of


She is working silently at her desk when he walks in. He’s just recently come back from their failed attempt at reaching Daisy and the feeling of disappointment is still weighing heavily on his chest. Leaning against the doorframe he takes the time to just watch her for a moment, pen scribbling across paper as she signs documents and makes notes on others. The sunlight filtering through the window casts its light upon her making her hair glow amber and he hasn’t realised it until now, but he’s missed her. Three months out in the field on a stakeout with Mack, it’s made him much more aware of the more delicate workings of their partnership. Not to say that he doesn’t enjoy working with Mack, he’s a great guy and a good partner, but he’s not May.

“You gonna stay there and keep staring or are you going to come in?” Her voice breaks through his thoughts grounding him back into the present.

A smile twitches at the corner of his lips as she tilts her head watching him from her desk. The smirk on her lips is enough to beckon him closer, not that he needed much encouragement in the first place. It’s been awhile since they’ve seen each other.

“You look good,” he tells her as he perches on the corner of her desk.

She raises an eyebrow at him and he knows what she’s thinking. His three months on a stakeout has done nothing for his own personal well being, quite the opposite really. She however, looks stunning in her new ‘Director’ attire. Gone is the leather jacket - for now - and so currently he’s enjoying her dark blue satin silk blouse, a real difference in the styles of ‘Agent May’ and ‘Director May’. The dark fabric of her shirt pulls taut over her arms and stomach as she stretches out in her chair letting out a sigh. Turning back towards him she gives him a questioning look.

“What?” she asks noticing his gaze.

Shaking his head with a slightly dopey smile he can’t help the warm feeling that seems to spread through his being.

“Just glad to be back,” he says quietly earning himself a small smile.

She’s so beautiful when she smiles he thinks to himself, it’s a shame the world doesn’t get to see her smile enough. But then again, sometimes it is something’s rarity that makes it so spectacular.  

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Requested: by anonymous

Pairings: Peter Parker x Platonic!Reader

Warnings: None, really

Word Count: 1,258

A/N: As requested by you guys, here is the Peter Parker imagine that you voted for. Don’t worry though, a Bellamy one will be uploaded soon. I hint at Uncle Ben being murdered, even though it is not mentioned specifically in Civil War. But I get the feeling that when he is talking about not doing something to help people once you have powers that they were referencing Uncle Ben, so I included it. It is only briefly mentioned, but I just wanted to let you guys know. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and send me any requests that you have!

It was honestly starting to get a bit annoying. You loved your best friend, but if he ditched you one more time for an “emergency” you just might have to hang him. This was the third time that he had cancelled your guys’ plans this week because an emergency had come up. The first time, he was sick. Then he had a meeting that he had forgotten about, and couldn’t remember what it was for. But the final straw was when he got ‘called in to work an extra shift’ at the pizza house, and then wasn’t even there when you showed up to surprise him later that night.

You didn’t have the heart to bring it up to him. Even if you were angry with him, that didn’t stop you from noticing the bags that had appeared under his eyes and the fact that he was forgetting his school work all of a sudden. Those things were so unlike Peter that you knew something had to be up.

Luckily, you had a spare key to their apartment and Peter would be gone for at least an hour while he was at a Mathletes meeting. You didn’t feel great about snooping around in your best friend’s room while he was gone, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

You had been kept awake for the past few nights trying to think of an explanation that would clarify what was going on. But your brain kept wondering to dark places. You knew that Peter wasn’t stupid, but what if he had somehow gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd? You weren’t one to judge, but there were a few kids in your school that you didn’t completely trust. For goodness’ sake, you lived in New York City. Half of the people were shadier than a maple in July.

So, you swallowed your pride that afternoon, and let yourself into the Parker’s apartment, thankful that Aunt May want home. You quickly made your way to Peter’s room, honestly hoping that you wouldn’t find anything.

You spent the better part of an hour shuffling through papers on his desk, attempting to figure out the ancient computer he was so proud of, and even stooping so low as to check his sock drawer for any hidden contraband. But alas, your search turned up nothing, and you knew that Peter would be home any minute.

You knew that if he found you in here, he probably wouldn’t think anything of it. He had given you a key for a reason after all. You glanced at the clock- 4:15. Peter should be home any time. You took a deep breath, flopping down onto his bed. You simply stared at the ceiling, nearly resolved to just asking Peter what was going on. That is until you saw a piece of red fabric poking out of one of the tiles on his ceiling.

You couldn’t help it, curiosity got the better of you. you found a baseball bat in the corner, and gently pushed the tile up. A bundle of red fabric came toppling out of the hole, tied up by a rope. You gingerly untied the material, wondering what in the world this dork was doing. It felt like spandex. You were getting more and more confused by the minute.

It wasn’t like Peter played any sports. He said it himself that he wasn’t any good at them. You had joked last week that he should take up football after he kept catching everything you would accidentally knock off of your desk. What else would he need spandex for? You found a collar at the bottom of the waded up pile and shook it out to see… a superhero uniform?

‘What is Peter doing with a spandex superhero costume? Did he find it on the street? That certainly seems a lot more logical of an explanation than Peter actually being-”

“Oh, hey Y/N, I figured it was-” your best friend exclaimed as he burst in the room, but he immediately fell silent when he saw you holding the costume in your hand. You didn’t know what to say. You best friend had just caught you snooping in his room. “I can explain,” he said, grabbing the suit, for lack of a better word, out of your hands and stuffing it into the closet behind him. “I found it, in in the street a-and I figured that he, you know the superhero, Spiderman, that is, would be looking for it and,” he paused to glance up at you.

You could tell that he was lying. Peter had been your best friend for as long as you could remember, and if his stutter didn’t give it away, the hand rubbing the back of his neck or the fact that he is refusing to look you in the eye were pretty good indicators that he wasn’t telling the truth.

“Are you really giving me the ‘I’m holding it for a friend’ excuse right now? Because we both knew that isn’t going to work.” You said, crossing your arms and assuming your best ‘don’t mess with me’ pose.

“Well,” he said after a long pause, “Why should I have to tell you anything?” he asked defensively, although not sounding too convinced with himself. “You were snooping through my stuff.”

You did feel a bit bad about that. You sat down on Peter’s bed, gesturing for him to join you. you rested your head on his shoulder after you felt the bed dip down beside you. “I’m sorry.” You said quietly after a few moments. “I was just so worried about you. You kept blowing me off, and, and that’s never happened before. I didn’t know what was wrong and I just couldn’t stand the idea of you keeping such a big secret from me. Not that I knew you were keeping a secret, but I just figured that it had to be something big if you weren’t telling me and inventing all of these lies and-”

You stopped when you felt Peter’s hand wrap around yours. “I was just trying to protect you.” he said. You snapped your eyes up to meet his, but found them looking at his shoes instead. “I knew that after what happened to me, I had to do something with them. But you always hear about people with powers’ loved ones getting kidnapped, and I just. I couldn’t stand the thought of you or Aunt May getting hurt, especially after-” he stopped himself, trying to avoid the painful memories of everyone that he had lost before.

“I know,” you said as he met your eyes with his own. “And I appreciate the sentiment, I really do, but this is terrible.” You laughed, gesturing to the discarded costume on the bed beside him, finally feeling the tension break in the room.

“What do you mean it’s terrible?” he asked, his voice doing the thing where it gets high pitched when he takes offense to something.

I have seen the videos of you, Mr. Spiderman. The design is all wrong. The web design doesn’t flow with the contours of your body, and it is droopy in all the wrong areas. You do know that I can sew, you adorable idiot.”

So, the next week when Spiderman was reportedly stopping one of the biggest criminals in New York City and doing it all in a spiffy new suit, you allowed yourself a small bit of pride for your best friend, who just so happened to be Spiderman.

etoiles (chapter 3)

chapter title: Sylvia
words: 8.5k

previous chapters: 1, 2 p. 1, 2 p. 2

chapter summary: As Adrien and Marinette slowly make progress with their relationship, Alix and Kim discover that finding love can be a little bit complicated. (it’s the heartrate chapter! @miraculer/ @caprette I feel like you might enjoy, haha)

“It’s been two weeks, kid,” said Plagg, exasperated. He had been summoned to Adrien’s side for the fourth time in two days, and the young man was looking more and more disheveled each time he saw him.

“Why haven’t you asked Marinette out for a coffee yet?”

“I really don’t know, Plagg. And it’s not even like I don’t want to—I’m just…I don’t know, afraid? I’m afraid I’m going to end up telling her that she wasn’t just imagining me in her bed and I’m afraid I’m going to tell her about being Chat Noir and I just…I don’t know if I can handle it.”

If you told her you were Chat Noir, that would solve about 90% of your problems, thought Plagg, sighing internally.

“All it takes is a text, kid. You don’t even have to call her, if you’re nervous talking over the phone or asking her in person after rehearsal.”

Adrien shook his head.

There was no doubt that he felt extremely drawn to Marinette; he had always admired her work ethic, and now that he was getting to know her, he was definitely starting to fall for her, especially after spending an evening alone with her in her apartment (even though he had been a cat at the time).

At the same time, he felt a little confused about what he really felt; he still hadn’t forgotten the feeling of Ladybug’s kiss on his lips, and he really wanted to know who she was, especially since he knew she was a dancer at the POB as well.

But perhaps it would have been selfish for him to wait for her to reveal herself. After all, she had said she already liked someone, and it wasn’t like he wasn’t interested in Marinette.

He was going to do it.

He was going to ask Marinette out for a coffee.


Read the rest atAO3 | FF


some anon asked what a crossover between @that1nkyone ‘s fic Spectrum, and my fic would be like. I talked it over with them, curiously because the person ended up requesting a one shot which i’m currently writing (just a chapter excerpt, basically). And here’s some sketches of what i imagine certain scenes might be like. Just imagine it as an AU of a fic of an AU…. that i’m writing a one shot fic for…

Basically it follows the plot of spectrum, but the relationships are a bit different (ie Tuffet has known them since childhood but there was no gb shenanigans involved. She also knows about what hapened to him vaguely), and i think that having a more reasonable mind like Tuffet might actually help resolve certain things faster ((i e maybe Papyrus wouldn’t have FALLEN INTO THAT RAVINE, SANS ))

but yeah, these are just little doodles and speculations. Enjoy the tomfoolery.

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ohhh do you have any fontcest fics you'd rec? i ask because I really like your interpretation of the skelebros so i figure you might have cute ones maybe. if not/you don't feel comfy sharing, it's ok! ty!

(>3>)  (<3<) (>3>)

Ok, so like, this oneshot i got to read today ( and i love it), it’s titled: I’ll show ya the ropes (and it’s damn good)

Another pretty sweet oneshot I enjoyed is called: Unintentional Voyeurism

This one I like to re-read from time to time, but it is a bit longer: Breaking Point

,,,crap, that’s all? I need to read more, jfc…


Fandom: The Outsiders

Under the cut is a list of random headcanons I have. I don’t think I’ve ever made a headcanon post, but I thought I’d compile my thoughts into one long post versus many smaller posts. Hopefully none of these have been thought of too many times. Enjoy!

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Anything for daddy (Jooheon) SMUT

Originally posted by jimin-nim

Request: Hey your writing is amazing!!! I was wondering if you could do a jooheon scenario with light choking and a daddy kink?? I don’t even know what to request for plot but I’ve been looking for a scenario with daddy jooheon and I just can’t find one. Thank you friend, you are doing the Lord’s work!!

Warning: Daddy kink and choking 

I feel some type of way about this..and..I LOVE IT! THANK YOU OMG LOL

This one might not be as long because im making him be very impatient

Hope you enjoy it ~~~

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Unexpected Feelings, Chapter 2

Author: SoulKiba
Rating: E for Everyone
Characters: Jesse McCree, Hanzo Shimada, Lena “Tracer” Oxton, Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, probably somer others too
Pairings: McHanzo, Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada
Overwatch just started to come back together and McCree is glad to be back at home. Though he didn’t expect to meet someone there who might be a bit more then just a friend.
But one thing was for sure:
It won’t be easy.
Notes: So this is my very first fanfic and I’m honestly pretty anxious about posting it :’)
I did write stories here and there but never really soemthing like a fanfic. But I just love this fandom and this pairing so much that it was bound to happen someday.

So I hope you might enjoy it qwq

Read it here on Ao3!

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I really enjoyed reading your RTTE overall review and I agree with almost everything! There are two things I personally would like to see next season: 1) How Hiccup builds his new leg (the one he has in the second movie); 2) Hiccup with eel pox. PLEASE this would be the most hilarious thing ever.

Why thanks very much! It might have been a bit incoherent as I wrote most of it almost a week ago and just finished it up now (after binging some more inuyasha no less) but I hope I got my general sentiments across. A good, harmless filler season that more gave us a whole side-story within the B.A. rather than cover more Berk grounds.

I am going to hop RIGHT ON that second wish of yours and raise you an Honorary Berserker Brother With Eel Pox in the mix.

Imagine Dagur’s recovered but injured and is holed up on The Edge. Astrid’s heading an investigative team on a new lead and Heather stays behind to cover some grounds with her brother and Hiccup stays behind to make sure nothing goes awry between the siblings… but not long after he falls ill…

So Dagur and Heather have their hands full for half-an-episode taking care of an Eel Pox’d Hiccup.

…Meanwhile Astrid keeps getting this string of desperate Terror mail…

More to life - Part 1

Heyyyy :) 
First, I want to apologize. I´ve never written an english ff before and I know that it´s far from perfect and that I probably made some mistakes, but I really tried my best and I have that idea of how the story will continue and I just loved writing the first part…so I hope that you´ll might somehow enjoy it and yea… :D 
Word count: 1599
Warnings: my english? (if that´s a warning… :`D)
Characters: Rob Benedict x OFC (more are planned in further parts, if you would like to read them :D)

At this point I really want to thank @sammyxorae for looking over it and giving me courage to write more. :) I might have sad “thank you“ a bit often now, but I hope that´s fine :D 


What, if all of the things you see in movies suddenly become real? When, because of one wrong word, a sequence of wrong words..let it be a whole conversation that went wrong, everything changes? You no longer get to live your normal life and cant do anything about it. Nobody asks, nobody cares. 

My name is Emily and I’m 27. At least I think I am because, honestly, I have no idea what day it is today. There is no such thing as the internet left. There are no mobile phones, no TVs, not a single radio around the place I now call home. How that happened? What I know, what they wanted us to know was that – and I quote - “because of disadvantages we firmly have to inform you, that with leaving the established exclusion areas, we are no longer capable of guaranteeing you to be safe. Of course we insure, that our troops will accommodate you all with essentials once a week.”

Sounds great, right? Yeah..I guess at this point you would like me to tell you what I think happened? We’re (and I’ll explain that said ‘we’re’ later) thinking it’s an atomic war. The sound of those two words itself is crazy, because until now I only heard it in relation with Fallout… But as I mentioned in the beginning: “what if” isn’t just a phrase any more. It’s not that thought you have after a movie, where you imagine what all of this would be like. That fiction became real. I will tell you my story. Where it began and where it ended. Why I think it has? You’ll find out. Just read what we had to say, see what we felt during that time together and at least then, this story will never come to an end.

Probably about 1 year ago

I felt numb. My body didn’t react to anything I kept thinking about and I was even to tired to be mad about that. That drink it was echoing in my head. What was in that damn drink. The things around me, people, tables, chairs.. all just blurry lines by now. I hear voices, there was screaming and the sound of breaking glass. Was it my glass? 

All of sudden I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I tried to keep my eyes open, so I could see if theres any blood, but something hits the back of my head and before I would have been able to do anything else, the left colors and contours faded away and within, all of the pain. I winced a bit, when I noticed a cold something touching my cheek. First, my eyes stayed close. Maybe I could just go back to sleep and pretend there’s nothing here.

But as a second drop fell on top of my nose, I reluctantly opened them. It looks like I was probably lying underneath a tree, but I have no idea how I got there. With the third drop landing on my forehead, I instantly sat up. As soon as the leaves from the tree were out of my sight, I tried to observe every little detail of the place I was in. 

Maybe about five meters away from where I sat, there was a path. It went alongside the field I was sitting on and looking to the right, down a small hill. Beyond that path, was a fence. I wouldn’t say it looked run down…actually, I take that back. Yes, that’s exactly, how I would describe it. The wood was porous and even from a distance I could see the parts of green that covered most of the material. That was it. Literally. A tree, a path, something that should be a fence, but mainly just grass. 

I rubbed my eyes, hoping that I would be home in my bed when they were open again. Nope. A sigh left me and I decided to get up. Only when I wanted to support myself getting up on my left hand, the same pain that I went through before came back and made me fall back to the ground. 

“Fuck!” I yelped. The way I was lying there probably looked really funny, but since I was sure that there was no one else, I didn’t care. That was until I heard a voice.

“Hello?” Great Em, now you’re hearing voices I thought with a contemptuous smile. 

“Hey.. I’m sorry are you- are you okay?” the voice questioned with concern.

I cocked my eyebrows while I slowly sat up again. That done, I blinked a few times looking up to the blinding sun before realizing that there was a man standing right next to me. I was kinda in shock and not at all able to frame a useful sentence, which surely made me seem more creepy than he already thought I was. 

Holding his hand out towards me and helping me up, “I’m Rob, by the way,” he spoke in a soft manner.

“Emily,” I finally managed to squeak out and grabbed his hand, “Sorry, I didn’t respond earlier, I just-” it was that moment, where I made the mistake to look into his eyes. The best way to describe them was they were grey-blue and that might sound simple, but it was a color I´ve never seen before. I felt drawn to them. Somehow safe, although I have no idea why and yes, I know that sounds cliché. I know, that is something people say in movies, when they want to clarify that the person they’re looking at, will change their life dramatically and all that stuff..Maybe it’s because he’s the first person I got to see. Because I didn’t felt like being completely alone.

Rob studied studied my face for a moment, “…you just what?” Rob asked smiling. 

I snapped out of my train of thoughts and instantly blushed. “I didn’t expect somebod-you, anyone to be…” I pointed out.

“-here?” He completed the sentence. 

I only nodded and ran a hand through my hair, “Do you have any idea where we are?” I asked trying to stay calm. Anything else wouldn’t have brought us anywhere. 

“Not where..” Rob mumbled, “but I might have an idea where to go.” With that, he took a piece of paper out of the jacket he wore and unfolded it. 

“When I got here, and I’m sure it was the same way you did, there was a letter lying next to me. I don’t know where it is from nor why you seem to not have one.” he stated and I looked at the paper in his hand.

He frowned, his eyes fixed on the paper as well, “Can you understand the handwriting? What does it say?” he questioned.

For some reason, my voice was shaking. I was afraid. Why was I afraid? I took the paper from him, “Eh, I’d say that it’s an address.. I mean I’ve never seen something like this before, but that’s the only thing coming to my mind.”

I handed the piece of paper back to him, making a step forward. “Yea that- probably, but…how do we know, where that is, when we don’t even have the slightest idea, where we actually are?” Sentences like these, for sure fall under the category of ‘things I never thought, I would say.’ Welp, this is going to be fun, you though looking around at your surroundings.

“Well…” Rob said, also looking around, “we could try the path down the hill? There  has to be a sign or…people, somewhere,” he trailed off for a moment, but then continued, “We can’t be the only humans out here.”

With that, we started walking into a direction and we had no idea where it would lead us. The first few minutes, neither of us said a word. Rob and I just moved one foot after another, side by side, without even looking at each other. 

“So..” he suddenly said, “Where are you from?” 

“Burbank, LA” I answered with a simultaneous shiver that ran down my back. He probably noticed that, but due to the look on my face and the fact that we’ve known each other for like 10 minutes, he didn’t question it.                   

“And you?” I asked.                                                                                   

“Missouri,” Rob replied with a smile on his face, and continued, “But I moved to LA a few years ago.. Job-related and all that stuff.”

“Oh, really? What are- were you doing?” I asked, curious to his response.

He titled his head a bit while his smile changed into a smirk. “I’m an actor.. and I have a band, actually..or, that is complicated,” he responded warily.

My eyes widened and I tried not to get to nervous, although I was just that. “That sounds amazing. I always wanted to be in a band..” I let out a small laugh as I remembered how I used to sing with a hairbrush instead of a microphone.. kind of an embarrassing memory. 

“I’d love to hear you sing, if that’s okay of course.” He chuckled before looking back at me. 

I smiled a bit…there was a chance I might have been nervous to sing in front of him, but actually I am confident with my voice. “Yea sure, but we might find something to sing first,” you giggled. He nodded in response and we continued to walk and talk about each others lives. We talked about pretty much everything that came into our minds to the point that we hardly noticed the house appearing. 

“And that’s how we- woa.” Rob stopped in the middle of his sentence, gazing at something to my right.

I followed his glimpse and my jaw dropped, “what was written on that letter again?” With the paper in his hands, he came standing next to me. 

“Sector 3, house 6,” he responds. I pursed my lips as I saw what stood on the door barley 3 meters away from us. “I guess…” I said, clearing my throat, “I guess we found it?” unsure of what I was saying, and I look to him, only to have our eyes met. I don´t know for how long, but it seemed that we were waiting for the other one to do something. To make a move. Basically at the same time, Rob and I took a deep breath and turned into the direction the door was. As if it was the most normal thing, we intertwined our fingers and step by step we closed the distance to whatever was behind that door.   

Soo…that´s it for the first part. If you don´t like it, it´s totally fine. I just had that idea and wanted to write it down and I´ll stop writing confusing sentences now, i promise :`D

I hope you´ll have a great day. Feel hugged and smile! :)