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Posts I’ve done on art movements, artists, and art techniques so far

Art Movements


Art Techniques

Other Stuff You Might Like To Read

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The Lady with the Veil by Alexander Roslin - AKA Another of my Ultimate Favourites
Analysis of the painting Salomé, 1909, by Paul Antoine de la Boulaye
The Portrait of Manon Balletti, 1757, by Jean-Marc Nattier
The Last Painting of Frida Kahlo
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Pre-Raphaelite Model, Jane Morris
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Recommended Art Books ;; The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait
Recommended Art Books ;; Klimt (Essential Art) by Laura Payne

I am positive there is many, many more (especially of the art techniques), however because of tags playing up and my blog had a problem with a whole page disappearing, these are the only I could find at the moment. More will certainly be added. You can exoect another post filled with even more art history info! Hopefully all the links work.

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Aaaaa, this DMM is so much worse than last year for me, how could I possibly choose between Dakotaraptor and Balaur? I love them equally!

I open this up to the followers to try and convince anon to vote for one of the two :D 

                                       HOLY SHIT THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU !!!

so, this is my 1,000th post, and i’m currently sitting at 337 followers, which i’m sure doesn’t sound like a lot when you compare the amount that a lot of people have, but i’ve only had padmé since january second of this year. that’s not even two full months, and somehow, still, over three hundred people have decided that my padmé is the kind of content they want to see. i’m still not sure why, but since i’ve hit such an amazing number and this is my 1,000th post, i wanted to do something nice for everyone and gush about how much i love you all. so without further ado, here’s my follow forever !!!

                                              THE DELEGATION OF THE 2,000

@aftcrshocks​ / @icaryian​ / @imhiscarer​ : to the shock of absolutely no one, i’m gonna take this moment to yell about my favorite person on this earth, kells. kells is probably my most staunch supporter on this website and in life, and it’s really……awe-inspiring ?? it’s amazing to me, the kind of love that kells has to give to her friends, and the unbelievably selfless ways she continues to show it day in and day out. my entire aesthetic on this blog was crafted by her, and she’s always willing to do anything at the drop of a hat, which is just !!! so much !!! we don’t deserve kells. i don’t deserve kells. she’s so talented and she’s so supportive and kind and i’d take a bullet for that woman. 

@jedibetrayer / @warcompass : in addition to being the best smad egg husband a senator could ask for, chloe is about 85% of the reason that this blog even exists, and i’ll always be forever grateful to her for that. her enthusiasm for star wars and for her muse is off the charts 100% of the time which is just A+ in my eyes. her writing is beautiful, her talent is off the fucking charts, and i just. straight up. adore that girl. 

@kybercore : sen is one of my newer friends and i’m so grateful that padmé brought me this lady because honestly ??? idk how i lived without sen in my life before now ??? sen’s writing is so amazing and her characterization is so on point and she’s always making me question my life choices every time she brings up a plot idea, but in the best way possible. i love her a lot ok.

@demandpeace : haley is just….my salt sister. like a soul sister, only closer, because we get salty about the treatment of our fave ladies and it’s EXCELLENT. i love haley even when she’s using her perfect writing to stab me in the back with padtine feels and i love her for giving me the powerful sassy space nobility girlfriends that i deserve. 

@masterofcraft / @triggrhappy : lillie was one of my first new friends on padmé and i’ll always be so glad and grateful for that. she’s been such a happy influence on my life since entering it, and has given me so many obidala feels it’s unreal. idk how i got to be so blessed but i’m so moved and grateful and never gonna stop being emo about it.

@coughbot​ / @crdered​ : MY SON. zach is my son whom i birthed and raised from infancy and is genuinely one of the sweetest and most talented souls i have ever ??? in my life ??? met ??? they write with the kind of elegance and cohesiveness that writers twice their age struggle with and i’m like. constantly amazed. also so fucking kind like call out post for zach for being TOO PURE.

@sempermemoriia​ / @penitenciia​ / @harlemforged​ : tj is pretty much my favorite of all time ??? tj is, first of all, unfairly fucking talented, and second of all, so thoughtful and observant and it’s kind of the best thing ever ??? i never have to worry that tj hasn’t read my rules or my headcanons because not only does he read all of them but also he incorporates them in everything he writes with me and honestly i love that man more than sharks love blood.

@rosecrime​ / @trustfunded​ / @redeemself​ : maddie aka my other best friend i’m so !!!! i love that girl !! i would die for her !! i’m so blessed to have so many talented friends in my life and i’m sure y’all are tired of hearing that word but EVERYONE !! IS SO TALENTED !! I’M SHOOK !! maddie is such a fucking powerhouse with her replies it leaves me shook all the time, and her characters are always so multi faceted and amazing. no one makes an oc like maddie, like you could throw an fc at her and she’d come up with a well rounded character in under an hour, i’m sure of it.

                                                THE LOYALIST COMMITTEE 

@tachiisms​ / @ofalderaan​ : liesl is hands down one of the kindest, if not The Kindest, person i have ever met on this godforsaken hellsite. i am like 100% sure she has done nothing wrong in her life, ever, and i am, frankly, in awe of her skill at writing and of the amount of positivity and love she graces my dash with on a daily basis. also her siri is so good i’m fucking Shook at all times.

@rebelsacrifice​ / @ofeffulgence​ : lyssa is so incredibly lovely it deadass amazes me all the time like what a machine with her replies ?? how do you do so many replies so fast ?? how are they all phenomenal ?? teach me ?? her characterization is always spot on and her replies are always so good and honestly I Die.

@rcbelborn​ / @eireniic​ : val pretty much constantly has me screaming, if i’m being entirely honest. i have never, in my entire life, looked at another writer on tumblr as ‘goals’ as much as i look at val as my life goal. her writing is so phenomenal and poetic and beautiful while still being coherent and concise and i stalk….everything….and it’s all amazing……i can’t believe this….

@scarificed​ / @warbones​ : i’m pretty convinced miriam is actually satan at this point and i’ve sold my soul to the devil or something but honestly if that means i get to read all of her stuff about oak and also padmé gets to kiss his face i’ll take it ?? i care so much about miriam’s oc’s and i can’t wait to read more of them tbh.

                                                   THE GALACTIC SENATE 

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[8-bit] Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans | Undertale

A new 8-bit has been uploaded to my YouTube! I also redesigned the look of my channel, so check it out if you haven’t :3

He falls for it every time

Following on from this post:

Kaiba: “Mokuba, tell Yugi where he can go.”
Mokuba: “La Bella Italia around 7 o'clock-ish, smart clothes, no chains.”
Kaiba: “No, Mokuba.”

Kaiba: “Mokuba, tell Yugi where he can get off.”
Mokuba: “In the master bedroom, fourth door on the left, etching of a Blue Eyes on it, can’t miss it.” 
Kaiba: “Mokuba, stop.”

Kaiba: “Mokuba, tell Yugi where he can shove it.”
Mokuba: “Straight up-”
Kaiba: *claps hand over Mokuba’s mouth* “STOP.”

Me, rationally: Klaroline is done.
Also me: Just say the word, and I’m going to rewatch TVD and TO in preparation for a crossover.

hilariously useless post ahead…

My exact stance on the “Cas” vs “Cass” thing is quite firmly in the “I don’t care” camp, and that’s mainly due to my own name/nickname. (My name is Kristina. My nickname is Krissy, and sometimes Kris. If we apply the usual arguments to my own name, I’d be yelling at my parents about where the fuck the second ‘s’ and ‘y’ came from. I mean, hell - Sam vs Sammy has the exact same issue. So yeah - don’t really care. I do think it is the most hilarious debate in all of fandom, though.) 

But the spelling of the nickname ‘Cas’ definitely dates back to the early days of fandom. (Hell, we all flipped the hell out when we realized Dean had given Castiel a nickname. It was very easy to make us flip out back then.)

On my second or third re-watch of an episode, I always turn on the captions, mainly because I have been playing very loud music for several years without earplugs and I want to make sure I didn’t mishear something.

So the sudden vivid memory that hit me this morning was of ‘Cas’ being spelled exactly like that, in the captions, back in season 4. My DVR of the original broadcast is long, long gone (hell, I’ve moved 4 times since then), but out of curiosity, I popped open Netflix. 


The very first time “Cas” is used in canon, 4x04: 

7 seasons later…

So can I offer y’all a TOTALLY FUCKING RIDICULOUS headcanon? 

Dean is the one who gave him that nickname to begin with. As Dean and Cas got closer, the second ‘s’ appeared. As their friendship evolved, so did the nickname. 

And now “Cass” is oddly adorable to me. 

Splinter Lives AUs

In lieu of a recent death in the TMNT family, I have compiled a fine selection of AUs in which Splinter keeps being an active part of the plot and/or stops being dead.

Crippled AU

Splinter gets stabbed and thrown off a roof just like in the episode, but in this universe he survives the encounter. Of course he has suffered pretty bad internal damage in the process, including spinal injuries, but despite this Splinter remains a mentor to the turtles despite being unable to properly fight anymore.

Saving Time AU

Time is being messed with by a mysterious and malicious outside force. Judging by the current state of history, whatever is causing these changes has it out for the turtles, who are now on a fast track to a gruesome fate. Figuring two can play at the ‘alter the course of history’ game, Rennet brings Splinter back to life with the time scepter so he can assist his sons in their mission to save the world from a complete time catastrophe.

Reanimated AU

Upon seeing the Foot Clan being revived after Saki met with a mysterious fate in New York, the scattered remnants of the original Hamato Clan start to band together in order to rebuild their own clan from the ground up. Unfortunately, only the members of the eradicated Hamato bloodline were trained to accurately translate the ancient esoteric Hamato scrolls; the cornerstone of the original clan.

Unwilling to carry on without them, they hire an ancient witch by the name of Kitsune to revive the deceased son of Hamato Yuuta; Hamato Yoshi. Traced to Northampton and pulled from his grave Splinter soon finds himself at the head of the clan, trying desperately to stabilize the heated vengeful undercurrent of the new clan while keeping his family at a safe distance from the madness threatening to break out in the unwitting city of New York.

Ghost Dad AU

(inspired by an idea from @aceaberration)
Splinter’s body actually dies in this AU, but his spirit escapes at the last second and ends up being stuck on the physical plane. Now more or less a ghost Splinter can disappear and reappear at will, move objects (though without nearly the same level of strength and coordination as someone with a body), float, move through walls, and inhabit some electronics.

He’s essentially a visible, benevolent poltergeist who is very fond of conversation and misses the taste of tea.

Reincarnated AU

Due to some unexplained fluke, Splinter finds himself waking up in a New York back alley in his human body. Dazed, confused, and afraid that a large portion of his life might have been some sort of hallucination, he grapples to readjust to life as a human while simultaneously struggling to find his family… and maybe, eventually, the reason behind this confusing phenomenon.

And my personal favorite…

Shredder just fell into the dumpster without climbing back up and pulling some bs finishing move AU

And I feel this one’s fairly self-explanatory

Just a little FYI...

Starting tomorrow I’ll “disappear” from tumblr for a while… I have a major practical exam at uni which will beginn tomorrow. This requires me to not only study a lot but also to solely focus on my work there. Therefore I won’t be on tumblr for the next two weeks. Sadly I’ll miss all the exciting February/March events (aka Leonore’s, Estelle’s and Oscar’s birthdays) but I’ll be back once I’ve finished my exam :) I also have my queue running so that my blog won’t be completely dead. See you soon, until then:

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