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Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

Ok so that post mocking EL James made me think about a few things. 

The first thing is something that I worry about whenever I reblog posts that make fun of bad writing or bad writing advice. I worry that someone will see my utter malicious glee at a phrase like “his eyebrows widened”, and then think “I could see myself making a mistake like that. I must be a shitty writer. :( “

This is absolutely not the case, and in fact, it probably means the exact opposite!

Being a good creative writer is always a balance between two things: Writing clearly, and writing inventively. At some points, your writing might use quick cliches and simple, invisible language (example: defaulting to “said” for a dialogue tag) for clarity’s sake. In another moment, you might experiment with a new way of describing something familiar (in a fic a while ago I described someone’s laugh as “a butterfly trying to escape a closed window”, and people seemed to think that was cool)

The thing is, when you’re fiddling around with words to make New Things, it involves a lot of trial and error. You may very well end up with something ridiculous like “his eyebrows widened” when you’re just trying to come up with a creative way to say “his eyes widened”. This experimentation phase is almost always when you end up with magical expanding eyebrows.

And if you catch yourself doing that, even in something you’ve already published - laugh at it! Laugh at yourself, because you have made something funny, and funny is the hardest thing to make. Maybe you’ve even stumbled upon a good comedic idea. Douglas Adams and Sir Terry Pratchett both crafted some hilarious extended metaphors, and that definitely required some experimentation.

EL James’ writing was dumped onto the poor, unsuspecting masses in a state that can only be described as embarrassing, and her book succeeded purely because of scandalous marketing and morbid curiosity. We laugh at her mistakes because a whole chain of supposedly professional editors and publishers failed to catch them. The problem was not that EL James wrote garbage; the problem was that she wrote garbage and then no one corrected her and instead they sold the garbage in its garbage state.

But you must make garbage too! You gotta practice, and all practice is a process of experimentation and failure. Hopefully, your editors will be 100% better than EL James’s in that they will help you grow. So please keep writing ridiculous phrases! Remember that they are a sign of you trying to be creative. Laugh at them, too! And then learn, and try again.

I promised @legojacques a ficlet about Kent and sticky notes. 

side note: is it possible to write fics about fics you haven’t published yet?

Things Kent knows about himself:

He’s petty.

He’s more intelligent than people give him credit for.

He forgets things really easily.

Super easily, actually. He remembers being in the Q and having the best memory out of anyone on the team. Nowadays, he’s lucky if he can remember something long enough to write it down. He read somewhere about trauma inducing memory loss. Kent doesn’t care to figure out if it’s from physical or emotional trauma since he’s no stranger to both, and they equally suck.

Which is why he’s taken to carrying around a pen and a pack of sticky notes wherever he goes. Kit hates it because sometimes she’ll go roaming around, and find them inexplicably stuck to her tail. The cleaning company also hates them because it’s against their policy to move personal items. Which means his kitchen cabinets haven’t been wiped down in a solid month. Jeff hates them the most because if Kent so much as tries to leave a message for him on the fridge, it gets lost under fifteen different notes about what they need to fix for next week’s drills.

For Kent, however, they’re a great way to keep track of his thoughts. Just last week, he’d woken up in the middle of the night, grabbed a glass of milk, wrote down exactly what they need to get an edge over Seattle, and fell back asleep. It took them twenty minutes to find it the next morning. But they did beat the Schooners.

Unfortunately, there were a few instances where sticky notes were more to his detriment than anything. Case in point, he woke up a few mornings ago to find a sticky note on his bathroom mirror. It had a doodle of a duck with a heart next to it. Underneath the words “rematch island” were scrawled in his signature drunk-cursive. Kent only writes cursive when he’s drunk.

Since then, he’s cycled through almost every possibility imaginable. But he still can’t figure out what rematch island means. They’re on a roadie through part of the Metropolitan division. He keeps thinking that something will come up; something will give him an inkling as to what he’s forgetting. A hand claps his shoulder, stirring him out of his thoughts.

Jeff is chatting with him amicably as their flight descends into New York. But it takes a few seconds for Kent’s mind to process his words.

“What?” Kent finally asks.

Troy sighs, “how much of that didja hear?”

Kent winces slowly. “Something about a party?”

Jeff looks at him neutrally. “Close enough,” he decides. “She said it doesn’t start until ten so we’ll have plenty of time to shower up.”

“Who did?”

“Jesus, Parse,” Troy berates. “Lardo? She called on Saturday. I thought you wrote it down somewhere?”

Kent’s eyes furrow. His mind clicks everything into place. They were playing the Islanders tonight. Lardo had made him promise a beer pong rematch after last month’s victory over her. The duck, the heart—of fucking course. He bites the inside of his cheek.

Jeff raises his eyebrows, frowning in confusion. “What?”

“I forgot what my note meant.” Kent blushes. He fishes it out of his back pocket, handing it to Jeff.

Jeff stares at it for a few seconds before bursting out into laughter.

“Quit it,” Kent grumbles.

“I’m sending this her, right now,” he chuckles. He pulls out his phone and opens snapchat.

“Babe,” Kent whines.

“Don’t ‘babe’ me,” Troy counters. “What’s the point of metamours if I can’t chirp you?”

Kent tries in vain to suppress a grin. He loves his boyfriend…and his girlfriend. They shutout the Islanders. A few hours later, they’re fashionably late showing up at Lardo and Camilla’s apartment. Jeff kisses him earnestly before dragging Carter, Goose, and Perry to kitchen for drinks. He finds Lardo out on the balcony, laughing with one of her friends from work. Kent hugs her from behind, causing Larissa to yelp in surprise.

“Fuck, you scared me,” she grunts.

“Sorry,” he mumbles.

She turns to him, offering a sip of her mixed drink.

“I heard you spaced on me,” Lardo chirps, clearly amused.

“I wrote it down,” Kent swears.

“I saw.” She pulls out her phone to show him the screenshot she took. “You’re getting better at drawing ducks.”

He beams excitedly. “Yea? You liked it?”

Lardo smirks as she gets on her tip toes to kiss him. “I’d give it an A for effort. B for execution.”

Kent chuckles. “I’ll take it.”


MegaMan X, Zero, Legends and ZX abridged
also a drawing of Zero, he is husband

Togetherness (Jacob Frye X Fem!Reader)

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Hello Followers,
thank you for your patience once again. Here is another one and this time I took 41-year (well, he is 43/44 in this one) old Mr. Frye to the test. I mean, he needs love, too. And he is such a handsome man and had to go through a lot.

I hope you will enjoy this piece of Fiction. I do not have any knowledge about the bathing back in Victorian England. I googled but didn’t find enough or maybe I did not dig deep enough. (I actually just googled again to not look like a complete idiot in front of you and added a few things, heh)

A happy Fryeday to all of you. I hope my english followers are all okay + their families and friends after what had happened.

Title: Togetherness
Summary: Reader wants some time for herself but her dear husband thought otherwise
Characters: Reader, Jacob Frye
Relationships: Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Very slightly NSFW at the end (but really, not much)
Words: 1.885

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just a quick note to let everyone know that moodboard requests are open again!

here is a list of what you can request:

  • character moodboards
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  • any other themes (history, colour, aesthetic, etc)
  • i do accept NSFW related requests, but please be 18+ 

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Hi sorry to bother you but maybe you could help me with something😊 but just if you want to. So I have to write a characterization for school and I choose to write about Isak. Do you maybe know a few adjektives I can describe Isak with before and after his character development? I would appreciate it so much if you could help me💖, but seriously you don't have to, I have to write my school assignments for myself after all

oooh, this is an interesting ask! this isn’t really adjectives, I’m sorry, I just sort of wrote what came to mind off the top of my head and I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for for inspiration haha good luck with your homework!

before I would describe Isak as:

  • very guarded, both physically and emotional
    • a lot of us have let things go a lot further than we wanted while we were in the closet, but Isak didn’t let things get too physical with Emma and I hope he was brave enough to do that with Sara and other girls too
    • I feel like Isak was the friend who would pull the “no homo” card if a talk got to emotional or real because anything real was a threat to his tightly guarded secret
  • very choreographed (his whole life was a well performed charade, nothing was done accidentally)
  • I’d also say bone tired (it’s very difficult to live that way it takes it’s toll on you)
  • closed off to anything real, anything that would threaten the image he made for himself and crack the hard shell he coated himself in even though he is actually a soft lil marshmallow
  • P R O J E C T I N G this boy was massively projecting the image of what he thought a totally straight teenage lad would be like rather than just being himself
  • grouchy as hell. he probably felt like everyone else had it so easy while he was there struggling with everything all the time, so yes he got crabby with people a lot
  • resigned. he just seemed so resigned to living this life where nothing was real and he never got to be himself. you could see it in his eyes in those quiet moments when he was alone and it was heartbreaking
  • wound super fucking tight (probably from the pressure of constantly being deceptive about himself). he just looked SO tense all the time, like one little thing would set him off in a temper

currently I would describe Isak as:

  • very open. to a lot of things, I think. you want to talk? sure, Isak can talk. you want to study? sure. you want to sit in silence for two hours because you don’t know how to say what you need to say? sure Isak can do that that’s chill
    • his face also just seems more open? before he was so frowny and stressed looking constantly but now his face is much smoother and softer because he’s more at ease with where his life is he knows where he stands there isn’t much he needs to scowl at now
  • lighter. just seeing the way he carries himself is different. he almost glides now, he isn’t crushed under the weight of the charade and the fear of people finding out who he really is
  • he seems to be standing taller too
    • for a lot of s3 I felt like Isak was trying to make himself physically smaller; shoulders hunched up or his body slouched low in a seat but there’s none of that now
  • dependable. steady. Isak seems to sure now. there’s so little doubt left in his life. he doesn’t need to worry about if Even loves him or if his friends will leave him if they learn the truth
    • sure things might still be challenging for him (family life, balancing work and school and making ends meet, the role he plays in Even’s life when Even is having an episode) but I feel like Isak is more capable to deal with them now than he was two years ago
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Thank you all for the 1,400+ watches. I mean…with how little I’ve really been writing for this blog, I would suspect I wouldn’t really get many more. X’D It’s very sweet of you guys to hang tight and still support me especially when I’ve been unmotivated as of late. C: Means a lot.

I would do something for the 1,500 mark (assuming I get there), but the only thing I could really raffle is art or something free off of my commission sheet in terms of art and writing, but eh. I don’t know. I would do a give away, but I don’t have the money for it, and I have nothing to give away. ;w;

But regardless, I do thank you guys for the support—truly. You’ve been a wonderful wonder, and I appreciate you. c:

I did get to my emails, so I thank my email folks for waiting on me~. It’s been a pleasuring RPing and talking to some of you lovelies more in depth there without the hindrance of Tumblr’s messaging system.

Love you all,

~Oreana Galena


You knew he was never one for crowds and never wanted anything to do with loud noises.

Yet, he insisted on coming with you, even after you said he could stay home.

“Yoongi-ah? Are you sure you’re having fun?” You yelled into his ear, trying to be heard over the music.

He simply smiled and nodded his head in response.

His head was killing him and the crowd was a little too rowdy for his liking.

But he’d do anything and go anywhere for you.

Music Festivals w/ Yoongi for @younghobbitt (I hope you like it! 💕 )

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So lately in life I've become a pterodactyl with my screeching. Anyway. That pic of Cor. I'm just short of screeching because of it. llD It's so pleasing to my eyes I want to stare all day. llD His eyes are so pretty too and his expression makes me think that's the look he gives his excentric wife. When they do something super weird he just thinks and ponders how and why he loves this dork so much. Then he smiles slightly and indulges them with a straight face.

(Omg this is so late reply I’m sorry)

I can so see Cor just being an absolute fluff bunny with his s/o like that while maintaining a hardcore visage on the field and with his trainees. AND HIS EYES I’M IN LOVE WITH HIS EYES AND JUST-

*pinches his cheeks*
*pulls on his goatee*
*makes out with him*

Name: Joltechu

Category: the Lightning Rod Pokemon

Type: Electric

Height: 2′11

Weight: 66lbs

Body Build: Quadruped, but can stand bipedal if needed

This Pokemon is another experiment conducted by scientists fusing the DNA of two Pokemon. When Jolteon’s and Raichu’s DNA combine, they create a rather lethal Pokemon. This fusion is the most aggressive out of all the Raichu/Eeveelution fusions, seeing as it cannot discharge electricity properly, due to its smaller tail. They can, however, discharge when at rest, but these Pokemon move at such a rapid pace that they don’t have time to slow down. It is advised to trainers with Joltechus that they make sure their Pokemon discharges often, or they can become aggressive enough to harm other Pokemon who they see as allies, or even the trainer themselves.

Steven Universe is such a trans show that I don’t understand how people get confused as to whether other shows are about trans shit?