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Bang Chan As Your Boyfriend

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Genre: fluff

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  • Well Hello There
  • Do You Have Time To Talk About Our Lord And Saviour
  • Bang Chan
  • I’m sorry
  • anyway
  • Chan is absolute boyfriend goals and no one can tell me fucking otherwise
  • like when you two first met, everything was really awkward because you were Woojin’s friend and as soon as you met his other friends you were like
  • damn
  • and Chan was like
  • damn
  • and Woojin was all
  • ;)
  • ‘I know whats going down’
  • so yeah basically thank Woojin for literally everything
  • As a boyfriend Chan is just so adorable and wants to do everything for you
  • dates are literally just sitting and watching him produce or practise or choreograph or write until you fall asleep bc he’s a hardworking dude but he wants to maintain a relationship that Woojin he worked so hard to get
  • you don’t mind tho bc Chan is absolutely beautiful and you can just stare at him for hours
  • he does entertain you tho
  • *cough*with kisses*cough*
  • If dates aren’t watching him do trainee shit into the hours of the morning when you should definitely be asleep it’ll be catching up on the sleep that y’all missed
  • tbh you don’t really sleep though
  • bc you also need to catch up on those cuddles amirite
  • sometimes when y’all are cuddling in Chan’s room Woojin will walk in and he’s like
  • ???
  • conflicted ??
  • should he be proud or throwing up ??
  • like legitimately??
  • but Chan doesn’t care
  • he’d be a very shameless boyfriend
  • because that’s how they are down under
  • (im so sorry for that)
  • but he’s just very proud that you’re his
  • and the other members tease him and he’s like
  • Felix: ….
  • Christopher would be a boyfriend who is very shameless about your relationship and wants to make you happy but sometimes you make him embarrassed so make sure to protect him as well
Music Series: A Lovely Night from La La Land

I’ll be honest…I’ve not seen ‘La La Land’. I’m sure at some point I probably will. I know it won loads of awards, and let’s be honest…Ryan Gosling is a bit of a babe, although I’m not generally that into blondes. For some reason it’s one of those movies that I keep putting off watching and I don’t know why. I have very little idea what it’s even about, and it’s been ages since I’ve seen the trailer, so this imagine is based 100% off lyrical interpretation, take it or leave it.

This is “A Lovely Night” from La La Land, performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. You can hear it HERE on Spotify, and it is on my Harry Styles Imagines Spotify playlist as well. Thank you for the suggestion, Anon! xo



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The lyrics “I hope the sun shines and it’s a beautiful day and something reminds you, you wish you had stayed, you can plan for a change in weather and time but I never planned on you changing your mind” will always hit me like a bus full of emotions.

Out of Nowhere Chapter 2

Originally posted by jjeonguk

On the car ride to Jungkook’s house I learned that his father had stepped down from his position. He had offered it Jungkook’s older who declined as he had started his own company. Jungkook after graduating from college decided to take on the position a couple months later as I was told. “Just make the sure kids are safe that’s all I ask”, he looked back at the kids who were smiling at him. His smile got bigger as Jeongsan and Jinhee blew kisses at him ,and he pretended to catch them and blew some back at them making them giggle. “That’s the number one priority right now is making sure they have a good babysitter, and getting a ring on your finger soon”, after I shrieked again he laughed at my shocked expression and held my hand on the middle console.

Originally posted by jeonwilds

“What? It’s true I do want to marry you and I’ve told you that before”, he kissed my hand that was intertwined with his. I kissed his cheek as we drove up to his house which the kids pointed at and tried to get out of their car seats. “Jeongsan, Jinhee sit down so Mommy and I can get you out”, they pouted but listened to Jungkook as we got out of the car. They still stared at the house in awe which is beautiful I’m not going to lie.

Jungkook grabbed the twins as I grabbed our bags from the trunk of his car. They ran up the front steps as fast they could with their little legs. As we reached the front door Jeongsan pulled on Jungkook’s pant leg making him look down. “Appa can I get on your shoulders?”, when Jungkook crouched down to let him climb on his smile widened. “Appa you’re so smart, strong, and tall I want to be just like you when I get big!”, Jungkook looked like he was about bawl his eyes out. “Eat your veggies like Appa did, and you’ll be just like appa when you grow up”, Jeongsan’s eyes brightened. “Will I be pretty like Omma if I eat my veggies?”, Jinhee asked and Jungkook kissed her forehead. “Yes princess, you be just as beautiful as your Omma”, she smiled happily as we walked inside. “Let’s get you guys in bed you’re gonna have a big day tomorrow”, The kids yawned as they followed him up the stairs. “I had someone come over and make them their own rooms when I stayed over last night”, I nodded as I followed behind the twins. “This is Jinhee’s room”, he opened the door and Jinhee squealed as my jaw dropped. 

“Does Princess Jinhee like her room?”, she smiled and nodded happily but yawned soon after. After tucking her in bed we went to Jeongsan’s room.

“I love it Appa”, he hugged Jungkook’s and laid in bed after I kissed his cheek. “He’s a lot like you when we first met”, Jungkook blushed and pulled me closer. “I was awkward and you were the first girl I ever courted! I was the badboy of the school and you challenged me every step of the way”, I laughed at his statement. “I still remember the day we walked into school holding hands. The entire school thought I was nuts to put up with your behavior”, he nodded as we walked down the hall. “You were but you put up with all of it, and the feelings you gave me just came out of nowhere. I was scared throughout high school that you would get up and leave, but when you stayed with throughout 2nd and 3rd year I knew that I wouldn’t let you go”, I pecked his lips as he smiled. “ Let’s go in our room my queen”, he opened the door and my jaw dropped. 

“Jungkook this room is beautiful this is too much!”, He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. “Nothing will ever be too much when it comes to you or the kids. You’re my world and so are they, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you”, When I turned around I saw the boy fell in love with. He had matured but he was still the same person that I fell in love with in high school. After we changed into our pajama’s we cuddled up in bed. “Tomorrow you get to see a new side of me and I don’t know if you’ll like it”, he pulled me closer practically spooning me. “It would take a lot for me not to love you Jungkook. It’s just another side of you that I’ll have to get used to, just because our love came out of nowhere doesn’t mean that it isn’t strong”, I rolled over and saw vulnerability in his eyes. “I’ll always love you my Kookie yeongweoni hamkkenikka”, he smiled as I brought my old line back from high school. “Yeongweoni hamkkenikka”, he whispered as he pressed a gentle kiss on my lips. 

yeongweoni hamkkenikka - we’re forever together

  • Aries: You were such a smol nerd when I first met you. When you talked to me i used to feel awkward bc i tought you were weird. I still gave it a chance
  • We talked a lot and I knew everything about you and vice Verza. Suddenly You were way much longer than me and grew up being this big handsome sweet guy and when I saw you I'd melt tbh
  • It wasn't until then that I realized I liked you.
  • Taurus: You were bad, my friends warned me, you had so much bad habbits. I was to clean for you at that time. But soon I realized I had a bad habitats . And ofcourse it had to be you
  • Gemini: everytime I talked to you, you'd show me another one of your personalitys. I thought of you as a shredded map, and I still, at the day of now haven't collected every piece. It bothers me.. But u guess that's part of your charm
  • Cancer: You were my first crush, a face Like a doll And a heart from gold. You learned to control my feelings. Somehow You made me see that life has good people And good times to. I still am thankfull For that.
  • Leo: You were such a Dick tbh And ily but, You made me feel Like i was worth less then You At some times. Constant fear of you and that you would leave me. But still being with You made me feel special And i was At my best Around You. Your smile and appearance made me feel so warm from the inside
  • Libra: you made me believe in love at first sight. I felt like it hit me so fast I didn't knew what was happening. You were the inventor of charm. But I didn't fell for your looks only. Your story's, your intersests, the Total package tbh
  • Your presence made me crazy and so happy
  • Virgo: You And i were friends For so long, I always saw You Like that 2
  • You always were kinda awkward with me. But I still liked you, I listened to all your story's about stupid stuff that you liked but I didn't.. And still I would never get bored, your personality and looks made me feel like I needed to have you. Like you had some addicting toxic in you
  • Scorpio: sexual tension. That's what I felt when I was with you. When you looked at me from so up close, all I thought about was kissing you, my heart would explode and my stomach turned upside down. Your style, hair, eyes, voice and words
  • I was obsessed and needed you, you knew it, I'm Shure
  • And you liked to see me suffer from that tension. And you knew damn well how to trigger it
  • Sagittarius: your were the sweetest ever, but still spoiled and kinda cocky sometimes. Because you knew what your strong points were. And you used those things to make me weak in the knees . Your jokes made me laugh and your story's made me feel like I NEEDED to live them with you. Being around you gave me the happy feeling of being on a roller coaster
  • Capricorn: I wanted you so bad. And all you was focused on was yourself.
  • You were very minimalistic and cold and for some reason I liked that. Like if you'd break my heart? I would Like You more. If you would tell me you'd hate me idc, you made me feel tougher than I could ever imagine,
  • Aquarius: You broke my heart, but id still not blame it on you. Because I just fell for you way to fast.
  • You looked so innocent but it literally was like a dream that turned into a nightmare. You actually was so numb, And no matter how hard i tried i couldn't break you, I wanted to so bad tough..
  • Being with you was like solving a riddle and I liked mysteries
  • Pisces: you were the love of my life to be honest, we would talk everyday laugh everyday and just have lots of fun, your sparkling eyes made me feel like I was lost in Space, At some point we got closer you stared to compliment me and get touchy and tbh Thats al i ever wanted You fulfilled my wishes And today we still are together Like this
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EM WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?! You’ve met me TELL THEM WHAT AN AWKWARD DWEEB I AM IRL. P sure cult leaders need to have charisma and no fear of public speaking. I have anxiety and a carbohydrate addiction and nOTHING ELSE TO OFFER.


D.Gray-Man | Lavi + Allen 

…for Rowan who’s an amazing person and writer and I wish you the best for your birthday!
I hope you like these two dweebs I drew for you! :D

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20.”H-how long have you been standing there?”

“So, Kara,” Lucy leans back in her chair at Noonan’s, beer bottle raised halfway to her lips and her other arm slung over the back of Alex’s chair beside her. “How’s the new job? Missing being an assistant?”

“Not really,” she shrugs, stirring the martini in-front of her absentmindedly as she speaks. “I like that I have more freedom and I get to actually write my own articles now, but… I do miss parts of my old job.”

“Yeah, like being around Cat Grant twenty-four seven,” Alex interjects, smirking, and Kara makes a face at her over the table. “How’s that crush of yours going now that you’re in an office down the hall?”

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Girl meets forgiveness (Submission)

Alright! This is a oneshot based off the headcanon I submitted earlier, as requested by @tearinmayaheart. Hope it’s okay!


Maya hesitated for the first time ever to be let into the Matthews apartment. She took a deep breath and pulled out her phone to check the time. She sighed, she knew she had to do it now.

“It’s Maya.”

There was a buzz.

“Come on up!” Riley’s enthusiastic voice helped ease some of Maya’s nerves. She still took longer than usual to walk up the stairs to get to their apartment. She opened the door, everyone smiling from the kitchen table in greeting.

“I have news.” Maya said suddenly. She felt nauseous, and she knew she had probably paled from the way the Matthews were looking at her.

“I-uh I invited my dad to come to our 8th grade graduation. He-he said yes.” Maya stuttered as she spoke, avoiding eye contact.

Topanga stood up from her spot at the table and walked to the living room where Maya was standing, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, “You’re so brave, Maya. I hope this works out for you.” She gave Maya’s shoulder a quick squeeze and her lips turned up into a small smile.

“Thank you. My mom isn’t thrilled, but she’s okay with it.”

Topanga and the rest of the Matthew’s listened while they walked over to join Riley, Cory and Auggie for breakfast.

“Bay window. Bay window right after pancakes.”

“Are you sure about this?” Riley’s brows were burrowed in concern.

“Yes Riles. I haven’t seen him in a really long time, you know that.”

Riley repositioned herself so she was facing her friend on the window seat. She tucked a strand of Maya’s hair behind her ears and took one of her hands, frowning. “Yeah, and the last time you did you came to me crying. And you cried because he doesn’t send you stuff. Remember the locket?”

Maya sighed, “I want to forgive him.” She stood up, “C'mon, we’re going to be late for school.”

“You what?!” Farkle exclaimed. Maya rolled her eyes and Riley squeezed her hand supportively.

“Maya, why would you do that?” Lucas questioned.

“Because, Huckleberry, he’s my father. And I know you don’t think my home life is great-”

Lucas interrupted, “Maya I didn’t mean it like tha-”

Maya put her hand up to stop him, “and it isn’t. It’s never going to be. But I want my dad to see me graduate before I go to high school. I want him to see that I’m doing good.”

“Well we’re all here for you.” Farkle nodded.

“Yeah, just let us know if you need anything.” Lucas said.

Maya returned to eating her food, but they all knew she was grateful.

Lucas, Maya, Farkle and Riley posed for a picture with Cory after the graduation ceremony.

“Hey Mr. Matthews, I guess you were an okay teacher.” Maya smiled up at him.

“Yeah, you were an okay student.” He grinned back.

Katy and Topanga took pictures of them, rotating the grouping once in awhile and forcing Shawn and Cory and a confused old librarian to take a few pictures too. Everyone was laughing and hugging, excited for summer, but knowing they’d miss the comfort of John Quincy Adams middle school. It was bittersweet.

Their laughs were interrupted when a blond man walked over to their group, almost shyly. Maya’s face lit up in a look of wonderment, “You came.”

“So kid,” her dad started, “Why’d you invite me?”

After the met up and exchanged awkward greetings, they all came back to Topanga’s. His voice sounded kind, almost fatherly and he’d been nice so far. The tension wasn’t quite as thick as it had been at the school.

They were seated at the couches near the entrance, Farkle and Lucas at the one closest to the door, Cory, Topanga and Shawn were squeezed into the one directly across, a table separating the them, and Maya sat in between Kermit and Riley on the middle couch. Katy claimed some things in the back of the shop had to be dealt with, and went back there with Auggie the second they all entered the closed shop. Topanga had already announced she’d go back and help her once Kermit left, making it obvious to everyone that Katy was avoiding him. No one blamed her.

Everyone glanced at the man, who Maya resembled much more than her mother.

“Well, dad, I wanted to forgive you.” Maya stated with fake confidence.

She turned her head slightly to the left to glance at Riley who offered a supportive smile.

“Forgive me for what?” Kermit asked.

Everyone opened their mouths to talk but they held back, knowing Maya had to do this herself.

“For leaving us.” Maya responded, a mixture of confusion and sadness laced in her tone.

“Maya, listen, I was young. And your mom- just- we weren’t a real family. I have one of those now and it’s different. It’s nothing against you, really it’s not.” Kermit defended.

“If it’s nothing personal, why’d you stop responding to my letters? Or why did you send back the art I mailed you?”

“You did what?!” Riley exclaimed looking at Maya’s father. Maya set a hand on Riley’s lap to calm her and turned her attention back to Kermit for an explanation.

“Maya, your doodles are cute and all but what was I supposed to do with them?”

“Maya’s art is amazing.” Farkle spoke up.

“She’s an artist.” Riley added on.

He laughed in response, “Yeah, she’s an artist just like Katy’s an actress. Looks like you inherited your delusional of having talent from your mother.”

“Excuse me?” Maya questioned with a broken voice.

Visible tears were welling up in her oh so blue eyes. “You know what? Forget it. I don’t forgive you. I’m not going to forgive you. I’m never going to forgive you.” She spoke quickly, standing up and turning to the door just as tears began to fall. She hurriedly made her way out the door.

Riley stood up on autopilot, about to follow her best friend out when Lucas stopped her, standing and putting a hand up, “I got this.” He said with an assertive voice.

“Are you sure?” Riley questioned, her own eyes welling slightly. He nodded and Riley sat back down muttering out a concerned, “okay.”

He turned to Kermit who stood up to meet Lucas’ gaze, “You don’t deserve to have Maya as a daughter,” he spoke harshly, reminding Cory, Riley and Farkle of how he spoke to the kid that had Zay pinned against the lockers.

Everyone’s quiet, because they’ve seen Lucas mad but never this mad. “And she is an artist. I could go on and tell you how amazing Maya is, but she needs me right now, and honestly, you’re not worth the breath. I want you to go. Now.”

Lucas left them all stunned and walked out the door, turning the corner to where he heard sniffling.

His face softened at the sight of his friend crying, curled into herself. He slowly approached her. “Maya..”

She looked up at him with sad eyes, and he expects her to snap at him, she doesn’t like being vulnerable. Especially since she just was with her dad and he treated her like she was nothing. Instead, she just lowered her gaze and moved her head down, her blonde waves curtaining her face.

Lucas sat down next to her, pulling her into him because he’s worried and she’s not moving and it’s Maya. She buries her face into his shoulders and she cries on him and it’s exactly what she needed. He lifts a hand and runs it through her hair, doing his best to comfort her because he knows she’s not ready for words yet.

They sit in silence for a few minutes until Maya’s cries die down. She lifts her head from his shoulder and wipes at her face. “Why didn’t Riley come out?”

“She was going to,” he answered, “like immediately. But I stopped her. I told her I was going to get this one.”

“And she listened?” Maya attempted to joke, but her voice cracked from holding back more tears.

“Surprisingly, yes.” Lucas smiled, bumping their shoulders together, doing whatever he could to cheer her up.

“But why?” Maya’s voice was insecure, a tone Lucas had never heard out of her mouth.

“Because,” he sighed, “she doesn’t understand. Her parents are perfect. You know that. She just wouldn’t get it.”

Maya opens her mouth to respond, but she isn’t entirely sure how to, and Lucas hadn’t opened up about his family life much, she knew he and his dad weren’t close, but he’s never been one to talk about it, so Maya closes her mouth and let’s him continue.

“You know, my dad and I don’t have a very good relationship. Especially after I beat that guy up and got expelled. I think I reminded him too much of a part of him that he was trying to forget. After the divorce and my mom and I moving out here, and him staying in Texas, it’s gotten worse. He used to fly me out to see him and my friends, and now he barely calls me. It’s just, sometimes I wish I had someone like Mr. Matthews as a dad.” Maya reached out, placing a tender hand on his crossed arms, nodding in agreement.

“Me too,” she whispered. They shared a look, one like they did a few weeks ago in class when they were going to take away art class and Lucas said he didn’t want that for her. That he wanted her to be happy.

Maya blinks and more tears fall down her already wet cheeks. Lucas brings a hand softly to her cheek, wiping them as the fall with his thumb. Maya closes her eyes and leans into his tender touch, a small sound of despair escaping her mouth.

“I’m so sorry Maya,” Lucas whispers and Maya’s face scrunches up and let’s out a sob. Lucas pulls her into his arms, wrapping her in a hug, somehow managing to get into a comfortable position even though they’re sitting on hard cement.

She’s taking little sips of air and her loud sobs shake her tiny frame. Lucas just tightens his grip on her, she needs to know that he’s not leaving.

He let’s her soak his shirt in tears, cry until none of her make up is where it’s supposed to be, her eyes red rimmed and her cheeks puffy. He let’s her her sob until her body isn’t shaking as bad and her breathing is less labored than before. She doesn’t life her head though, she lays still, his arms still wrapped protectively around her.

“Thank you, Lucas.” She whispers against his chest.

And even though she’s said his name before, this time it’s different. And he just pulls her even closer.

Thanks for reading! This is just something I could see happening on the show(hopefully)