you meant your relationship with jonghyun

SHINee (mafia): why they'd leave the mafia

Onew:  he’d have no thoughts of leaving or starting over until he met someone who’s completely changed his view of life. The problem wouldn’t be about him disappearing from the family, it’s that he’s worried that someone is going to try and harm you bc of him. He’d definitely let you know of his concerns, but he’d love you too much to make your relationship public to anyone, so you’d end up running away with him on a whim.

Jonghyun:  his world is turned upside down when he sees you in an interrogation room, an innocent person who’s meant no harm. He’d start to think of all the bad and violent things he’s done in his life, so after getting to know you, you were his chance of escaping. He’d run this by Minho bc he trusts him, and on his agreement, you’d both be fleeing from the mafia and gang scene forever.

Key:  if anything, he’d try and recruit you. You should know by now this his job is very important and that nothing will run smoothly without him, and frankly, he doesn’t want to leave. He’d understand if you started to hate him or rejected his offer, but if you decided to stay…You’d have the most exhilarating romantic affair with Kibum. He’d make sure no one ever laid a hand on you, but he knew you could handle yourself anyway.

Minho:  it was a difficult choice to make since he runs everything and has an image to maintain, esp to rival families. Even the wisest person would understand why you two fell for each other, since he wasn’t as tough as he seemed- he was just looking for someone to stand by his side. If you wanted to stay away from his violent lifestyle, ofc he’d understand but he’d be heartbroken. If you chose to stay, there wouldn’t be a couple more ruthless or appealing than the both of you.

Taemin:  you’d be the only person he trusted with his secret, that he was planning on taking down the mafia down and that he was working with the police. You were probably the reason why he chose to tell them, since he loved them too much to keep going with this false facade. After the family practically disown him, they tell him to run far away with you by his side, or else they’d find you and make him regret that he ever fell in love.

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SHINee Reaction #5 -  they accidentally reveal your relationship on TV

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Onew: “oh they are so going to kill me….but yes I meant what I said…we are dating” *flustered for the rest of the interview*

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Jonghyun: “No I don’t know what you’re talking about. I never said Y/n and I are dating. What? You have a video replay…? Shit.”

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Key: “Oh, well I didn’t mean to say that! But now that I did and it’s revealed, aren’t we cute together?? Look at this, this is us at the beach, and this-” *shows you off now that he gave you two away*

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Minho: “nO DELETE THAT FROM YOUR MIND I NEVER SAID THAT! PLEASE DON’T PUT THAT ON AIR! They’re so gonna kill me omg I didn’t even talk to them about this first!”

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Taemin: *temporarily speechless as the host asks if he was serious about it* “Er…No I meant that I WISH I was dating them. I truly respect them and think they’re amazing. ehem, yes. I didn’t mean we were actually dating.”

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[soompi] jonghyun clarifies former comments about shinee’s “business” relationship on “happy together”

source: soompi

on october 20’s episode of  happy together , shinee has the chance to talk a bit about the true nature of their relationship as a group.

host yoo jae suk asks jonghyun to clarify what he previously meant when he said that shinee had been formed for business reasons. jun hyun moo expresses his shock at the comment, but the guys ask why that’s surprising.

“we came together for work,” explains jonghyun. “we didn’t know each other before we joined the agency.” yoo jae suk responds that after nine years together, some groups might not describe their relationship as business-like.

jonghyun then asks him when he and park myung soo met, and yoo jae suk admits that they met because of work twenty years ago. “so you got closer while you worked together,” points out jonghyun. “your relationship was formed on the basis of your work.

”the same way,” he goes on to say. “we’re extremely close.”

minho admits, “when i first heard that jonghyun said that, i thought, ‘why did he have to say it like that?’ i was a bit upset. but if you try to understand the meaning behind what he said, it’s that we were like that in the beginning, but now we are both loyal and close to each other. it’s because of work that we have this relationship.”

in response, jonghyun smiles, seemingly pleased that minho understood, and key bumps him with his elbow playfully while onew nods.