you mean the entire world to me

Finally!! It’s here! Song written entirely by me, this song means the entire world to me from start to finish. Everything I am and everything I want to be. This is different from anything I’ve done before and I hope you’ll give it the same chance you gave me. Thank you all.

A dog is a dog even without his leash but I knew, oh I knew.. before I got your fleas

- B.B.

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This has been something Ive wanted to do for a long time. It’s a lot scarier and stressful than I thought it would be. I am still terrified and second guessing everything about this thing… But to hold this in my hands is worth it. Ive been writing since I was five years old and this is a dream come true. There will be more to come, thank you all for your support.

My book is out! 🍻Please spread the word if you don’t mind! Thank you guys again for putting up with all my blogging about it. I can’t thank you enough. And to the people who pushed me when I literally was about to call the entire thing off, you mean the world to me (you know who you are) 😘

  • Dean: Cas, what have you done?
  • Castiel: What had to be done. You know, this world... this sad, doomed little world; it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get, and I will not let you die. I won't let any of you die. And I won't let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me. To everything. Yeah, you made a deal. You made a stupid deal, and I broke it. You're welcome.
  • (This is Castiel's finest, most loyal, most heartbreaking moment in the entire series.

I will continue to support and love you Seán, even when my life seems dim, I will remember how you hugged me and the amazing things you told me and I’ll never forget this. You saved me, you make me so incredibly happy. I love you with all of my silly, geeky lil heart. You mean the entire world to me. You’re such an incredible inspiration, I’ll continue to look up to you. Thank you for everything, thank you for saving my life. @therealjacksepticeye

The Rogue One vs OT fave competition thing that fandom is doing is … really baffling for me.

I mean, there are lots of reasons, like the fact that Luke Skywalker—far from singly claiming the glory—leads a squadron named in memory of Rogue One. 

But also, a lot of the … hm, guiding principles of the RO characters are lived out by the OT characters?

In particular, one of the essential RO lines for me is 

You’re not the only one who lost everything. Some of us just decided to do something about it.

That’s Cassian, but also it’s hard to think of anything that could better describe the Skywalker twins. Luke lost his entire world over those plans. Leia literally lost her entire world. And it only makes them more determined to throw themselves into the fray.

They do it in the immediate wake of those first terrible losses. And the next year, and the next, and the next, and the next, on and on and on. There’s another essential line from RO:

We’ll take the next chance, and the next, until we win, or the chances are spent.

That is the hope and determination that shapes every one of Luke and Leia’s choices. The Force is with them, and occasional pure luck—but that’s the only reason they don’t meet the same fate as Jyn, Cassian, and all the others. 

Often enough, it might be easier for them if they had. But, however steep the cost, they never stop pushing forward. They never give up.

They couldn’t live with themselves if they did, either.

  • you: yeah cole was cool, so sad he died tho
  • me, an intellectual: the death of Cole Stewart was quite possibly one of the most tragic moments in the entire TDM series. Not only did he die completely believing he was a monster who didn't deserve to live in the first place because of his abilities, but he died fighting for the freedom of children with the same abilities who he saw as innocent victims of a cruel unaccepting world when he couldn't even find it in his heart to accept himself. His death means that his family has now lost 2 children to IAAN and the third is going to be scarred permanently after seeing not one, but two of his siblings' cold, dead bodies, especially when the realization hits that Cole died protecting him after a lifetime of killing himself to take care of him even when he didn't appreciate it. Liam Stewart will spend the rest of his life feeling guilty and responsible for his brother's death.
Newt Scamander Rant

Recently, people have been asking me about fantastic beasts and in complete honesty, I’m absolutely terrified to tell them everything I know. To show them hoe much this story and these Characters mean to me. It’s truly a horrible feeling. I’ve been obsessed with the Harry Potter universe for my entire life, everything about the Wizarding world just makes me feel wonderful but, I’ve definitely been told to “shut up” about it. Every time I want to talk about Newt Scamander, I just know people give me strange looks. Ever since elementary school to even now, I feel constantly judged for loving the Harry Potter world and you know what, it bothers me. Fictional characters have helped me through so much more than my friends or my parents have.

When a character gives you a new outlook on life

Or has a character who is socially awkward like myself and many others

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Or when they make the LEAD emotional and have actual feelings

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It really makes having anxiety and being a socially awkward person who’s afraid of showing emotion that much easier. Newt obviously has had friendship problems in the past, like me and like him I need to learn to not dwell on the past. Why do people think that people who actually find comfort in someone fictional to be strange? I just don’t understand. These characters make me feel whole. The traits I have are reflected in a character, and they aren’t mocked or embarrassed by said traits. hell yeah I'm going to feel a connection to them. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander is just the kind of person I want to be. He knows he doesn't fit in, He knows others look at him weird, he knows how cruel humans really can be. I want to be able to be okay with all of these things.I want to be okay with people thinking I’m annoying or that i have interests in strange things. His philosophy actually helps me go through my day, every time I start to worry, I remember what he says. These aren’t just some book characters who we forget about when we’re done, These people help shape who we are. It’s not just Newt, different characters help different people and I am sick and tired of feeling ashamed of for loving the people who make me feel happy.So what if i love Newt Scamander, he is literally one of the only reasons i stay alive so if you think that’s stupid, that it’s childish, then go find a character who does make you understand. We all need one. 

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAA PLSPLSPLS WRITE VIXX HYUNGLINE FOR THE NEIGHBOR AU TOO i love ur writing thank u for always working so hard 💝💝💝

woo thank you for reading my writing!!!!! it means the entire world to me~~
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  • everything is tidy, everything costs more than your entire life savings, everything is color coordinated to go with this soft lilac aesthetic and his storage space in the basement of the apartment building is full of artisan scented candles that’s why his apartment always smells like literally. heaven
  • im serious,,,,,,,he is a candles person like look at him,,,,,
  • and most of the kids in your building are convinced small woodland creatures help him get dressed in the morning or something because he looks like a prince that came alive straight out of a movie??? plus he just gives off this really regal, dignified air
  • it’s hard to imagine that he’s just living life like all of us ordinary people like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • has a parakeet for a pet that he named chamomile,,,,,like after the flower,,,,,,,like how cute
  • likes to play ambient instrumental music when he’s cooking or cleaning and he’ll sway to the music and hum ,,,,,,, has a personalized apron that was a gift from his mom like,,,,,,please
  • nags at all his other friends who are living alone because,,,,,,,do they not own feather dusters???? they don’t use coasters?????? 
  • “um i know your shoes are off but where are your slippers hyuk ive bought you like 5 pairs already-”
  • you know hakyeon because you live next door to each other, but also you’ve run into him at the same home economics store like a hundred times and he’s always in the candles section which you think is really adorable
  • like here is this tall, beautiful looking man getting overly excited about candles,,,,,,like it just always makes you smile when you see him
  • and you actually have a date tonight with someone you’ve liked since,,,,,forever and you finally had the courage to ask them out and they’re coming for dinner
  • and as you’re preparing you’re like OOO i should get a candle for the table,,,,,,,but sadly you have none - BUT there is someone who can totally help you out
  • and when you knock on hakyeon’s door he more than gladly lends you a candle and he’s like “are you finally getting into them like me??” and you’re like “hmmm,,,,,,you could say that,,,,,,”
  • and you put it on the table, planning to light it when your date shows up,,,,,,,,but,,,,,,an hour passes
  • than two
  • and you realize as the clock hits 10 pm and your hungry stomach is growling that the person isn’t coming,,,,and you check your phone for absolutely no messages
  • and you sit at the table and put your head down on it and sigh because this always happens, you get your hopes up and they come crashing down around you
  • and you look up and see the candle and you’re like “might as well return this.” so you drag yourself up and knock on hakyeon’s door again
  • and he answers with a smile that turns to a frown when he sees you standing there, dejected and you’re like “i,,,,,,ended up not needing it.”
  • and hakyeon is like looking at you and just from the saddness written over your face he can tell,,,,,,,,,,that this candle was meant to be shared with someone,,,,,,but that didn’t happen
  • and quietly he asks if you might want to talk about it, but you just shrug your shoulders and you’re like “there’s nothing to say, they just,,,,,,didn’t show up.” and hakyeon is like “maybe something came up-” and you laugh sadly and you’re like “i think,,,,,,they just stood me up.”
  • and hakyeon makes a face and is like “well then, they must be out of their minds. but that makes sense.” and you look up at him and he’s like “well,,,,,,,,let’s just say if you asked me to dinner i wouldn’t make you wait number one and i wouldn’t make you cook for me, i’d be thankful to invite you over and cook for you! i’d have to be the one doing the impressing, i’d feel so lucky to have gotten someone like you to say yes to me.”
  • and you’re staring at him,,,,,,,in shock because no one has ever said something so flattering to you and you’re like in your head like he’s just trying to cheer you up it doesn’t mean anything
  • and you try to smile and you’re like “,,,,thank you,,,,,,,if only everyone was like you,,,,,,,,” and hakyeon steps to the side and is like
  • “no one is like me, but im serious. come in and let me impress you, if you’re ok with having that date with me instead?”
  • and for a moment you’re like,,,,,,is this,,,,,,,seriously happening?
  • and hakyeon is smiling, showing you the candle and with a wink he’s like “we can even light this too!”
  • and you suddenly blush,,,,, looking away and hakyeon is like “it’s ok if you feel uncomfortable, i won’t push you to sta-”
  • but your stomach is like please,,,,,,feed me,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,,like hakyeon???? inviting you???? to a dinner date?????? did fate arrange this or something,,,,,did getting stood up just turn into the best thing ever????
  • and that’s exactly what happens you find yourself seated at hakyeon’s dinner table and he’s like “pardon my humble choice of cooking instant meals,,,,,,,im not that good,,,,,,at cooking”
  • and you’re like “it’s fine, im impressed either way.” and hakyeon laughs at your little joke and he’s like “is it the candle that got you?”
  • and you’re like “maybe, but also,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s hard not to be impressed when i just,,,,,well ,,,,,,,look at you”
  • and hakyeon sits back and touches his face and he’s like “really? well,,,,i knew i wasn’t bad looking but im glad it worked on you~”
  • and you’re like “hakyeon, not to be blunt but it works on EVERYONE”
  • and hakyeon laughs again, but this time you can see him clear his throat in slight embarrassment and oh my god YOU just made the GREAT hakyeon blush
  • and you get giddy eating your instant dinner and hakyeon is just like “when i see the person who stood you up, i might just throw this candle in th-”
  • and you’re like no no don’t do that,,,,,but oh my god who knew such savagery lay beneath such a handsome face
  • hakyeon: ;) 


  • simple, no games, grey and white patterned everything 
  • pictures of his family and of his nephew in frames on his desk and hanging up on his wall
  • doesn’t,,,,,,,,,,,,,have a tv??????? how does he entertain himself?????
  • really big bookshelf though,,,,,he really likes to read. has recently gotten into composing so he bought himself a keyboard and a program for his laptop but he isn’t really sure how to go about it just yet
  • has like (1) painting in his house that his friend ken made for him and taekwoon isn’t even sure,,,,,like,,,,,,what it is,,,,,,,,but ken specifically did it in black and white so it would fit what he calls “taekwoon’s aura” and so taekwoon hung it up,,,,,,like near his bathroom,,,,,,,not somewhere everyone could see it 
  • the most updates appliance in his entire apartment: his fridge. just got a new one because the old one didn’t have an ice-maker
  • doesn’t like magnets but his nephew’s photo has to be in every room so he got a magnet just to put up a photo on his fridge,,,,,,,best uncle taekwoon tbh
  • sings in the shower
  • and of course: has a cat. named it leo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh the irony
  • and so you know him,,,,because you guys live on the last floor of the building and it’s a lot of stories up so when you take the elevator together it’s MEGA awkward because it takes a good 5 min to get up to the last floor and neither of you ever say anything
  • until one day you decide,,,,,hey maybe you’ll try making conversation but of all the things to talk about you like bring up something super random and you’re like “what’s your opinion on,,,,,,,,cats? i think dogs are a bit better as a pet,,,” and taekwoon just looks you dead in the eyes and is like “i have a cat.”
  • and from that moment on you cannot. get in the elevator with him
  • like you see him coming and you pretend to go back to your mailbox or you just look at your phone and hope he just leaves without you
  • and usually he does until one day he holds the elevator open and he’s like “it’s here, you should come in.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,right. yep
  • and you’re like why the HELL do i live on the highest floor i could have taken the stairs but it would have killed me
  • and as you’re going up, thinking about how horrible the situation is you suddenly hear taekwoon go “did you ever get the dog?” and you look over to him and you’re like ,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what
  • but then you remember and you’re like “i,,,,,no i didn’t. i want to, but,,,,,,i don’t know.”
  • and taekwoon is silent again and you’re like i messed up. it’s over for good now
  • until you get to your floor and he’s like “you can come and see my cat. she’ll make you change your mind. cats are great.”
  • and you’re like ?????? is he inviting me over
  • and taekwoon opens his door and holds it and is like “if you’d like, you can come.” and you’re like um,,,,,well ok,,,,,,i suppose
  • and his cat is really pretty,,,,,,all white fur and blue eyes and she takes kindly to you, weaving between your legs curiously and you lean down to let her sniff you before petting her
  • and taekwoon comes over and he’s like “you can hold her.” and he picks her up effortlessly and you stretch out your arms to take her and she’s so,,,,,,,warm
  • and you’re smiling because she’s so cute and you look at taekwoon and you’re like “she’s so calm, i thought cats didn’t like being held”
  • and you go back to the cat and taekwoon watches and the corner of his mouth pulls up a bit
  • and you have to go after a while and taekwoon says goodbye, and for the first time he also adds on a “make sure to eat.”
  • and it gives you the confidence then over the weekend to knock on his door and you’re just sheepishly like hey,,,,,,im going to the animal shelter today to pick out a,,,,,,,,kitten,,,,,,,,,wanna come?
  • and you think he might turn you down but he nods so fast and returns in 1 min with his jacket and keys
  • and you two have fun with all the kittens together and,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s basically a first date because afterwards taekwoon pays for the cat food for you new pet and c’mon only potential boyfriends would do that hEY 


  • how,,,,,,,has he survived this long? no one knows 
  • his apartment doubles as his art studio,,,,,and let’s just say it’s more obvious to be an artists studio than it is to be humanly inhabited as an apartment
  • im talking canvases everywhere, paint evERYWHERE, pencils and pens scattered on the floor and stuck into mugs that are sTILL full of coffee
  • when ken sleeps, he sleeps on the floor right beside whatever he’s working on and yes a couple of times he’s rolled himself over a drying painting and ended up waking up covered in stains
  • had to walk around with a big blob of green on his cheek for a good three hours until hongbin came over and was like “what,,,,,,is on your face?”
  • likes to party and drink, at other peoples houses with other people or by himself with his art
  • hakyeon once told him to maybe get some decorations so ken picked a flower from the street and stuck it into an empty wine bottle and was like “wa-la,,,,,,,,,,,flower in a vase”
  • hakyeon smack his hand against his face so loud the Whole world can hear it
  • probably walks around his apartment fully naked like that’s the Most Normal thing
  • and one night,,,,,,,,,drunk painter ken ends up forgetting his keys (of course) and so to get into his home he needs to climb the fire escape
  • and he’s 100% sure he’s climbing it up to the open window of HIS living room
  • but instead he goes head first onto a carpet,,,,,,and he doesn’t have a carpet,,,,,,,,but you do
  • and you jump off the sofa, almost spilling your drink all over yourself when you see this long limbed dude climb through your window
  • and you’re like whaT THE HELL and you pick up a nearby magazine to use as a weapon
  • but then the person rolls over and you see the face and you’re like “ken?”
  • and he makes a noise and you’re like “ken,,,,,,what the hell are you doing?” 
  • and you look out of the window to figure out how he got up here because yeah the fire escape,,,,,,,,but that thing is like 15 feet off the ground how did he climb the side of the wall,,,,,,,,,,,,while being drunk?????
  • and you wanna ask him but he’s fallen asleep, drooling onto your carpet
  • and you’d wake him up with a kick or something but,,,,,,,you feel bad for him also like maybe,,,,,,,,just a bit,,,,,,,,you’ve always found him really cute
  • so you cover him with a blanket and get back on your couch
  • and when you wake up it’s ken whose shaking your shoulder and you’re ??????? huh and he’s like “HEY thanks for letting me crash on your floor, im gonna go now”
  • and you’re like huh what ok
  • and you go back to sleep and when you wake up you’re like what,,,happened,,,,,,was it a dream???/
  • but when you leave your house to go shopping you see something taped to your door and it’s a little drawing of ken smiling and he’s like ‘thanks for not kicking me out! thanks for letting me climb through your window!’
  • and you laugh and keep the drawing and when you’re coming back home you see ken on his way inside too and you’re like “hows your hangover?” and he’s like “KILLER, but last night gave me some art inspiration!!” and you’re like omg that’s cool and he’s like “by the way - how do you feel about sitting for a portrait?” and you’re like “that sounds nic- WAIT WHAT” and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i want to paint you. if that’s ok,,,,,,,i was originally gonna paint you from memory but i kinda want to look at you more.”
  • and you’re like “so you can paint me better?”
  • ken: “oh no, i just like looking at you.”
  • you: “are you flirting with me after climbing through my window drunk last night?”
  • ken: “is it,,,,,,,,,,working?”
  • you: “a little”
  • ken: “then yes im flirting with you, how about this i paint you and you tell me about yourself,,,,,,like a first date kinda situation,,,”
  • and you sit there, well more like avoid sitting on any wet paint stains and ken is working on drawing you but he’s also asking you silly questions like what your alien name would be
  • and he’s really cute,,,,,,when half his body isn’t hanging out of your window
  • also he really can draw,,,,but you’re also like “ken where’s all your furniture”
  • and ken just makes a vague hand gesture and he’s like “somewhere”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,ooo so minimalist 

Issac Lahey x Female!reader
(This is the other version of the imagine I posted the other day.)
Author: T- @fandomtextimagines
Warnings: Literally just language

Issac’s P.O.V

     “Today is the day. The day I tell my best friend Y/F/N Stilinski that I like her. No, that I am in love with her.” I whisper to myself.

     I asked Y/N to come to our game today to support me. But what she doesn’t know, is that I am going to show her that she means more to me than anyone else in the world.

     “Lahey!” Coach’s voice rang through the locker room. “Get on the field or I sit you on the bench and give Stilinski your place!”

     Stiles poked his head around the lockers beside Finstock. “Really?!”
Coach turned to him. 

     “What the hell, Stilinski?! Get out of here or you sit the entire match. You too, Lahey!” 

     I ran out of the locker room and onto the field just as we were all getting into place.

     “Issac!” It was Y/N’s voice. I looked to the bleachers. Y/N was sitting with Lydia, Malia, Hayden, and – Brett.

     I fought back the urge to wolf-out right then and there so I could rip out his throat out of his miserable neck.

     “Hey, princess!” I called back. I could hear her heartbeat quicken as I ran to my spot on the right side of the goal.

     The match started and I immediately ran for the person with the ball. It took almost no effort to knock him down, get the ball, and start running to our goal.

     “Come on, Issac! You got it!” Y/N yelled from the crowd.

     “Just for you, princess.” I whispered before shooting the ball into the goal, right above the goalies shoulder.

     The bleachers became a sea of screaming people and Y/N was standing in the front, cheering the loudest. I felt my love for that girl swell in my chest so much I though I was going to pop! But, that love quickly got replaced with anger when I saw Brett leaning closer to her, brushing her hair behind her ear. The more she moved away from him, the more he moved closer to her.

      I could feel my eyes light up and my claws push through my regular nails. “It’s almost half-time.” I said to myself “The sun, the moon, the truth. The sun, the moon, the truth.” I chanted, trying to calm myslef down.

     “THAT’S HALF-TIME, BRING IT IN, BOYS!” Finstock called us to the bench. 

     “Okay, so the only thing that is changing is I’m taking Corey out and putting Stilinski in for the second half.

     "For real, coach?!”

     “Yes, Stilinski. Unless you want to keep your ass on that bench.”

     “No, thanks. Bench makes my ass cold.” I had to interrupt. I need to go talk to Y/N.

     “Coach, can I go take care of something?”

      “Three minutes, Lahey. Three.”

     I said a quick “thank you” and ran to Y/N. “C'mere. I need to tell you something.”

     Y/N walked behind the bleachers with me. “Is everything okay, I?” I shook my head.

     “No, but it will be. I love you, Y/N. I have since day one. I just never had the balls to say anything. But-but seeing Brett flirt with you, really got to me. I love you, God I love you so much it hurts, Y/N. You have no idea how much love I have for you and how much love I want to give to you. So, will you let me love you, and just be with me?”

     Y/N smiled. “I’m surprised it took you so long, Issac. I love you, too.”

     I leaned closer to her, my lips barely touching hers. “Lahey! Back to the field! Now!”

     I groaned. “Go kick some ass, baby.” Y/N said.

     I walked back to the field and Y/N sat down next to Lydia.

      “Go get ‘em, babe!” Y/N yelled.

      I grinned. That’s my girlfriend. And my number one fan.

Always Mine - Chapter 2


A/N: Hey guys. Just wanted to thank everyone again for the amount of love chapter one of this story got. I truly means the world to me. I’m not entirely happy with this chapter but  I hope you guys like it none the less. Don’t forget to let me know what you think!

This isn’t right, Negan. Y-you’re wife is sick and she needs you. She deserves to have you by her side.”

Now you sound like you’re fucking saying goodbye, Doll.” His gaze never left hers as he took a sip of his beer. Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat. She saw the way his eyes had darken when she brought up the topic of them stopping their affair and she just wanted to get it over with and leave. It was what was for the best.

I-I am.” She hated the way her voice shook but Negan had that effect on her. The look he would give her whenever she brought something up he didn’t like, was enough to send her back into her shell. But not today. No. She was going to stand her ground. “I’m sorry Negan. But we’re over.”

The room became quiet. To quiet. Negan just sat on the couch of her apartment and stared at her. Katherine tried not to squirm under his intense gaze. His eyes ran all over her body. Time seemed to drag on before he finally spoke.

No we’re not.”

The RV jerking brought her out of her day dream. She heard Negan laughing about how he had just ran over a walker. She slightly shifted, pulling her knees to her chest again. She hadn’t moved since Negan had gotten into the RV. She didn’t even move when her father had picked up the ax after Negan had egged him on. Katherine felt numb. She couldn’t believe he was back.

She could feel her father’s eyes on her but she didn’t meet them. She knew he’d want answers and he deserved them. He deserved to know the past she shared with the man who had just killed two of their friends. But she couldn’t find it in her to say anything. They were already in so big of a mess. She knew if her father found out, he’d want to kill Negan even more. But she wasn’t going to put them in any more danger than they were already in.

Katherine jerked forward slightly when Negan hit the breaks. He shut the RV off before standing up. He winked at Katherine as he passed her. She watched as he pulled the ax out of the table and walked over to squat next to her father. She could hear walkers groaning and growling outside but they were the least of her worries right now.

“You are mine. The people back there, they are mine. She, she is very much mine,” he said, pointing at Katherine. Rick looked over at her but Katherine just kept her eyes on the ground. “And this, this is mine.” He finished, showing Rick the ax. He grinned and stood up before opening the RV door. Katherine looked up. She heard hit him a few walkers with his bat before looking at Rick and throwing the ax outside.

“Hey, Rick go get my ax. Let’s be friends.” Katherine’s eyes widened. When Rick didn’t answer or move, Negan scowled and bent down again. “Go get my ax.” He growled. She let out a scream when he picked her father up and threw him outside.

“Dad!” She immediately got up and ran over but Negan blocked her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and crushed her against his chest.

“Oh no you fucking don’t. You and I are gonna have a nice fucking chat while your dad is busy.” He chuckled, walking over and pushing her down into the bench seat at the table. He immediately sat next to her so she couldn’t run.

Katherine moved as far away from him as she could which only made him laugh.

“Come on Kitty Kat, I don’t bite. Unless you want me to but you already know that.” Katherine didn’t answer him, instead her eyes focused on Lucille who was now on the table in front of them. She was still covered in blood and it made Katherine’s stomach roll. That was her friend’s blood. She heard Negan laugh again but her eyes remained focused on the barb wired bat.

“Don’t worry Doll, Lucille doesn’t bite either unless someone deserves it. And let me tell you, your friends fucking deserved it. That red head though took it like a champ.”

Katherine blinked as tears filled her eyes.

“His name was Abraham.” She found herself saying before she could stop herself. Negan smirked at her.

“I seem to have hit a nerve. Was he someone special to you, Doll? Because I think we both know how jealous I can get.” Katherine saw the way his eyes darkened and recognized the look immediately. She had seen it before when she had first tried to break up with him. She had gone out that night with some friends to a bar. She had met a cute guy and was talking to him at the bar when Negan appeared out of nowhere and shoved the guy away from her and pulled her out of the bar.

“H-he was my friend. Same with Glenn.” Negan just shrugged.

“Well now the Asian one wasn’t planned but that redneck didn’t listen. So I guess we know who to fucking blame.” He chuckled and Katherine just shook her head.

“I thought you were dead.” She admitted. Negan laughed again.

“I bet you fucking did. But here I fucking am and looks like fate brought us back together.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulder’s and pulled her into his side. She heard him sigh. “Feels just like old times.” He laughed before they both heard a thump on top of the RV. Katherine jumped as Negan groaned.

“We were just getting fucking cozy, Rick!” He unwrapped his arm from her shoulder’s and stood up.

“W-what are you doing?” She asked when she watched him pick the machine gun up.

“Get me my ax!” Katherine covered her ears when he started shooting the roof of the RV.

“No stop!” She jumped up and tried to knock the gun out of his hands but Negan wrapped his arm around hers, pinning her arms to her side.

“You’re in enough fucking trouble, Doll. Don’t add onto it.” He growled, letting her go and walked to the back of the RV. She watched as he opened the window and started shooting walkers. Her heart was pounding when she saw her father hanging from one. She didn’t want to be negative, she couldn’t afford to be. She had to believe her father would get out of this.

“Clock is ticking, Rick! Think about what can still happen.” With that, he shut the window and turned back around. He sauntered up to Katherine and grinned. “See? I was just lending a helping hand.” He walked past her and sat back down at the table. He crooked his finger in a come here motion. Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat and went back over, sitting opposite of him.

They sat there waiting. Negan kept whistling while Katherine looked down at the table. After what seemed liked forever, they heard the door of the RV trying to open. Katherine immediately perked up as Negan stood up, still whistling, and grabbed his gun before walking over.

She watched as he just stood there.

“W-what are you doing?”

He turned his head, stopping his whistling to smirk at her but not answering her. She jumped when he suddenly kicked the door open and started firing his gun again. Negan reached down and grabbed Rick by the collar of his jacket and threw him back inside.

Katherine immediately jumped up and ran over, sinking down on her knees next to him. Rick pulled his daughter to him.

“You okay?” Katherine nodded and looked him over.

“Are you?” Before Rick could open his mouth, Negan answered.

“He’s fucking fine Doll. I’m sure that was the fairest game he’s ever played. Right Rick?” Rick just glared at him as he walked back over and started the RV back up. Katherine and her father stood before sitting down at the table.

“H-how do you know him?” Her father asked, keeping his eyes on Negan. Katherine felt her throat tighten.

“I-It’s a long story.”

“Now it’s not that long, Kitty Kat.” Negan lifted his eyes to meet Rick’s in the mirror. He grinned, showing off his teeth. “I used to fuck your daughter, Rick.”

Katherine’s eyes closed as Rick’s widened. He turned to look at her, but she refused to look at him. Embarrasment and shame filled her.

Shortly after, they pulled back into the clearing where the rest of their group was. Negan turned the engine off and took the keys out before standing up and clapping his hands.

“We’re here, prick.” Rick didn’t answer him. “This must be hard on you, right? I mean, you have been fucking  King Shit for so long.” He started looking through the cabinet’s of the RV. “Losin’ two of your own like that.” He snapped his fingers and grinned. “Gettin’ ‘em clipped like that, one nut, then the other. And in front of your fucking kids? Now that is some fucking screwed up shit.” He kept looking through the cabinet’s until he found some rubbing alcohol.

“Ah, goody!” He walked over and sat down across from them. He unscrewed the top and took a rag before pouring the rubbing alcohol on and cleaning the blood of the ax. “You were in charge. Hell you were probably fucking addicted to it. And now, well, clip, clip…”

Katherine tuned him out. She just wanted all of this to be over. She wanted to leave, go back to Alexandria and hold Judith before going to bed. But deep in the back of her brain, she knew she wasn’t going to be going back to Alexandria anytime soon.

She hadn’t realized just how long she had zoned out for until a hand roughly gripped her arm and pulled her up. Her blue eyes flew open and she saw Dwight again.

“Get up.” He ordered. He pulled her up and out of the RV. She immediately shut her eyes as the bright light hit them. She then slowly opened them. She saw all her group still on their knees. Her eyes immediately locked on Carl who was looking at her with concern. All she could do was shake her head,a silent plea with him not to do anything stupid.

“Dwighty boy, easy with my fucking girl. I’m not gonna tell you again.”

Dwight bowed his head.

“Sorry.” Negan nodded and winked at Katherine and turned back to the group.

“What you do next, Rick, will decide whether your crap day becomes everyone’s last fucking crap day or just another cray day. Get some guns to the back of their heads, except hers.” He pointed to Katherine. Katherine squrimed in Dwights hold, only yelping when his grip tightened.

“Don’t.” He hissed. She stopped when she heard all the guns cocking.

“Good. Now level with their noses so if you have to fire,” he smirked, “it’ll be a real mess. Kid, right here.” Katherine’s heart stopped when Negan motioned for Carl. Carl didn’t move. “Kid, now.” Carl stood up and slowly walked over.

What was he going to do?

“You a southpaw?” She heard Negan ask.

“Am I a what?”

“You a lefty?” Carl just stared at him.


Negan smirked.

“Good.” Katherine watched as he took off one of his belts and took Carl’s left arm. He tightened it around Carl’s left forearm. “That hurt?”

Carl kept a straight face.

“No.” Negan smirked again.

“Should. It’s supposed to.” He finished tying it off. “All right. Get down on the ground, kid. Next to daddy. Spread them wings. Simon, you got a pen?”

Katherine watched as a guy with a handlebar mustache pulled a marker out of his pocket and tossed it to Negan. Negan took the cap off with his teeth and bent down, drawing a line on Carl’s arm.

It suddenly hit Katherine what he was gonna do. She wasn’t the only one as Rick started pleading.

“Please. Please. Please. Don’t.” Negan laughed.

“Me? I ain’t doing shit. Rick, I want you to take your ax and cut your son’s left arm off, right on that line.”

Katherine’s eyes widened as she started to struggle against Dwight again.

“No! Negan please don’t make him do this! I-I’ll do anything. Please don’t make him do this.”

Negan turned to look at Katherine and kept the same, villainous grin on his face.

“That’s a very fucking tempting offer, Doll. But it’ll have to fucking wait.”

Katherine felt her world crumbling as Negan went on. It got to the point where he started counting.

“Three!” Katherine started crying, seeing her father crying as well.

“Please.” He sobbed. “It can be me. Please!”


“Please, don’t-.”

“This is it!”

Rick just kept sobbing as Carl looked at him

“Dad just do it. Just do it.”

Rick sobbed and picked up the ax. Katherine clenched her eyes shut as tears streamed down her face.

Just as Rick was about to drop the ax on Carl’s arm, he heard Negan say his name.

Katherine cracked her eyes open and saw Negan squating next to her father.

“You answer to me. You provide for me. You belong to me. Right?” Rick just shook with fear. Negan growled and gabbed his face. “Speak when you’re spoken to! You answer to me. You provide for me.”

“Provide for you.” Rick repeated.

“You belong to me, right?! Right?”

Rick nodded.

“Right.” Negan nodded and stood up. “Dwight.” He waved Dwight over. Dwight dragged Katherine over and pushed her into Negan who immediately wrapped an arm around her waist, keeping her to his side.

“And she, she belongs to me Rick. She’s mine.” He lifted Katherine’s face up and planted a rough, possessive kiss on her lips. His lips roughly brushed over hers as his beard scratched her face. Katherine stood frozen, not knowing what to do. If she pushed him away, he would surely get mad and she just wanted this day to end with no more deaths.

Negan finally pulled away and grinned down at her.

“Now that is something I have fucking missed.” He turned back to the group and nodded his head approvingly.

“We did it all of us, together. Fuck, even the dead guys on the ground. Hell, they get the spirit award for sure. Today was a fukcing productive damn day! Now, I hope, for all your sake that you get it now. That you fucking understand how things work. Things have changed. Whatever you had going for you that is over now.” He started laughing.

“Ah ,Dwight, load him up.” Katherine watched as Dwight grabbed Daryl and loaded him into the back of one of the trucks before shutting the door. Why was he taking him? Negan looked back down at Rick. “He’s got guts. Not a fucking little bitch like someone I know. I like him. He’s mine now. But you still want to try something? I will cut pieces off of…hell’s his name Kitty Kat?” Katherine looked up, swallowing the lump in her throat.

“Daryl.” She whispered. Negan laughed.

“Wow. That actually sounds right. I will cut pieces off of Darly and put them on your doorstep. Or better yet, I will bring him to you and have you do it for me.” Negan laughed again and tightened his grip on Katherine. “Welcome to a brand new beginning you sorry shits! I’m gonna leave you a truck. Keep it. Use it to cart all the crap you’re gonna find me. We’ll be back for our first offering in one week. Until then ta-ta.”

Negan turned and started walking, dragging Katherine along with him. When they got to a black pick up truck, he opened the passenger side door and pushed her inside before getting in after her. Before she could move away from him, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder’s and lifted her chin up so their eyes met.

“I hope  you like your new fucking home, Doll. Cause you’re going to be there for a very, very long fucking time.”

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Here’s a thing. A thought. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves?

I don’t mean us. We won’t have seen pictures of any of the MACUSA founders, not really. I mean the witches and wizards, the ones that live in the magical world, the ones that work with Graves and pass him in the corridors and share that awkward silence when he happens to get in the same lift. Them. Have they ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves? Have they ever seen a photograph of Percival Graves?

The answer is yes, to the first, because there is one hidden away on some wood panelled wall among the other dour and scowling founders. The answer is no, to the second, because Graves is a lot more cautious with his face now that everything is recorded in photographs. But perhaps then the more pressing question is:

Does anyone think about the fact that Gondulphus Graves and his many generations removed grandson look the same? The hair is different, the clothes have moved with the times, but nothing else has changed.

Now. Let’s do away with Grindelwald, because for this story, I don’t want him here. Let’s take Credence and change his nature, slightly, because there are obscurials and there are vampires and really, there’s nothing to stop me swapping things over. Mary Lou Barebone decries demons and witches and unholy ghosts, and the blood-drinking undead are pretty high on her list, no matter if they were born that way or not. No matter how hard they try to keep the fangs at bay, bury it and bury it and walk the hallowed halls of the church with the skin burning over their bones -

Sometimes, Credence can’t bury it any more. He slips up one too many times and leaves one too many drained and bloodless corpses, and Graves finds him. But that’s ok. There’s no Grindelwald in this story, just a Graves who is teaching Credence control. After all, Graves has centuries of it to spare.

And into this, let’s throw Newt. Newt who sees Credence and recognises him, Newt who tries to help. Newt whose creatures are cowering from the old magic threading through the town, Newt who struggles to reassure his thunderbird that he’s fine, that Credence is no danger to him –

Graves melts out of the shadows and his teeth, when he smiles, are a hair too sharp. His eyes, when he fixes them on Newt, glitter the darkest shade of red.

“Credence,” he purrs in a voice like velvet wine. “You made a friend.”

Newt stills. His heart beats fast but he tries to quell it, lore and legend both warning him how far out his depth he’s swum. He holds his case close and gathers his magic to apparate.

“Can we keep him?” Credence asks, deceptively light and innocent. Newt shouldn’t have interfered in vampire business, he knows this now, but he’d thought Credence needed help. He was only trying to help.

Graves’ hand reaches out, sliding up the side of Newt’s neck and raking sharp claws over the base of his skull. He tugs on Newt’s hair, tipping his head back and up, and lifts his other hand to run a finger up the front of Newt’s throat.

“Yes,” he says, and Newt’s magic crumbles out of his control. Graves smiles, hungry and slow, and curls his icy grip around Newt’s pulse. “I think we can manage that.”

niall has his own language. he says “love ya buddie” which roughly translates to “i love you with my entire heart and soul and your support means the world to me” and i think that’s beautiful.

  • Loki: You fought so hard againist me, Alex. And for what?! Why do you care so much if this world is destroyed? I mean, isn't this a place that brought you suffering your entire life?
  • Alex: I'm not fighting for this world! This world can go to Helfheim for all I care! I'M FIGHTING FOR-
  • Loki: Yes? For WHAT?
  • Alex: I don't want to say it.
  • Loki: The truth, Alex. Out with it.
  • Alex: The truth... Magnus, there's something you need to know...
  • Magnus: Oh, is it about how Silena was the traitor the entire time? Because I so totally called that one!
  • Alex: No. No, it's not related to greek demigods at all, actually. It's about us. Magnus, I- I hate you. I hate you with all my heart. I hate you more than I've ever hated anybody. I hate you so much, that I can barely take it. In fact I want to go on hating you for the rest of my life. If our world is destroyed, well, I won't be able to hate you anymore.
  • Magnus: Oh, Alex, I had no idea you felt that way about me! If- If it makes you feel any better, I hate you too. I think I hated from the moment I first met you.
  • Alex: In that case, Magnus, if we win this duel let us make sweet hatred together. Just you and me. Hating eachother. All night long.
  • Magnus: YES!

ok but literally though. out of all the people in the entire world, out of all 7 billion something, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that an irish boy in a cabin in the woods decided to make his first video. like say what you want about the whole butterfly effect stuff but damn. sometimes i’m hit by how lucky i am to have jack in my life…. i mean if i hadnt replied to that first message to my ex who would then introduce me to mark and jack this blog wouldnt exist.

listen its late and im getting philosophical but i love my son™ alot and im so so so so glad i found him okay

Serious post time.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m an absolute mama’s boy. My mom is absolutely fantastic, incredibly supportive, and means the entire world to me.

Well my mom has a really rare form of liver cancer that’s untreatable by regular means, and right now she’s getting prepped for surgery that she’ll have tomorrow. They’re going to basically scoop out all the tumors, and reshape her entire liver.

This has happened before. She’s had this surgery before from the exact same doctor, and it went perfectly. Like I said, the cancer she has is untreatable by regular means, but the surgery she’s having basically turns the clock back on it by 10 years, and she had the surgery 10 years ago. My mom is an incredibly strong woman, she’s so resilient and willful that I’m positive that she’ll be fine.

But, you know. She’s still my mom, and I’m still worried about her.

Everything is covered, this isn’t one of those posts about “if we don’t get x amount of money raised by y day then etc”. We’re all good.

But hey, maybe just keep the REAL Goat Mom in your thoughts, you know? If you’re religious, maybe pray for her, I know I will be.

That’s all. Thanks guys.

Friends and Dreams

Please don’t share your dreams with the entire world, and forgive me if this seems a bit negative.  I assure you that is not my intention.  By all means do dare to dream, and always follow your heart, just don’t shout your plans, hopes and desires to every ear within hearing range.  Why?  Sadly my answer is simple, it’s because most people do not care, and as crazy as it may sound, some will even actually hope you fail.  Don’t worry, I’ll never understand that one either. Yet before I give us all a severe case of depression, do not fret, God and the universe have sent us some most special souls for the very purpose of sharing such things.  They’re called friends, and the true ones will gladly listen.  So, how do you know when someone is a friend that you can trust with your heart?  Might I suggest you give this a try.  Metaphorically only, the next time you’re on life’s mountain top, higher than you’ve ever gone before, ready to take one step more, look around you.  There amongst the throng of naysayers and those hoping you’ll fall flat on your face, will be a small yet loving group, wearing knowing smiles with fingers crossed, whispering I can’t wait to watch you fly.  I guess friends and dreams are like love and springtime, they just seem to go together.    Love, Mike