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From a person who idolises and stans Hobi as their bias, this makes me mad. It makes me mad that my out hobi, our sunshine, our beautiful beam of light has to say ‘who like me.’ There is so many things that j-hope does for BTS, they all contribute into their group and people just put down the members like it means nothing. How can you call yourself a ‘lover of BTS’ when all you do is criticise the one member that is never down, who is always smiling, who is literally a fucking god? I’m not saying you have to stan hobi and praise him like I and millions of other people do but don’t put someone down just because you feel like it. If you love BTS, then you LOVE BTS. You love each member with all your heart, you love their music, their dancing, their voice, their choices, their flaws. Everyone says that ‘j-hope is ugly without make up.’ Um excuse you, j-hope if fucking beautiful, with or without make up. Just because he doesn’t cake his face like you do everyday doesn’t mean he’s not pretty. He’s my hope, he’s your hope. He’s our angel. And we will protect him and love him for who he is and the decisions he make.

Thank you all for loving and supporting BTS, may we forever accept them and love them for who they are and who they become in the future.

Edit: to everyone saying that this was translated wrong I get you boo, but I’m still bringing this to everyone’s attention that Hobi still deals with stuff like this. There are still people in OUR fandom, OUR ARMY that makes him feel this way. So please, understand that I’m just bringing something important to the table and dishing it out to everyone who reads it. I didn’t think this would get big but it did and I’m glad to see so many Hoseok stans and even just other people part of BTS ARMY sharing love and kindness. Thank you all so much for the love and support you show BTS. I’m sure if they saw how much you all cared and stood up for each member they would be proud. Love you all and spread the love 💕💕🤗🤗

“I like you.”

“What did you like about me?”

“I don’t know.”

“How could you like someone and don’t know what you like about that someone?”

“All I know is, when we talk, you’re really quiet and we don’t really have things to talk about. But I still want to talk to you everyday. That means, I like you. Right?”


Find someone....
  • Find someone who isn’t afraid to admit that they miss you.
  • Someone who knows you aren’t perfect but treats you as if you’re.
  • Someone who’s bigger fear is losing you.
  • One who gives their heart completely.
  • Someone who says I love you and means it.
  • Last but not least find someone who wakes you up everyday and falls for you all over again.

I drew my new family

  • Belarusian: Вячэра (Viačera)
  • Bosnian: Večera
  • Bulgarian: Вечеря (Vecherya)
  • Croatian: Večera
  • Czech: Večeře
  • Macedonian: Вечера (Večera)
  • Serbian: Вечера (Večera)
  • Slovak: Večera
  • Slovenian: Večerja
  • Ukrainian: Вечеря (Vecherya)
  • Polish and Russian: *looks at each other a bit confused*
  • Polish: You know, it's all fun and games but...
  • Russian: ... /Ужин/ (Uzhin) is a bit shorter...
  • Polish: ... and /kolacja/ has a cute Latin touch on it...
  • Rest of the family: ... what about disowning you both.

I’m still hoping for Nekomata Sakura to come home but my orbs looks pitiful hnnnghh (o;TωT)o pls come home I’ll give you all the sweets you want!


Happy birthday to my little shooting star ♥ 

I hope you will have a beautiful day, filled with everything you desire~ May your every wish come true today, because you deserve it! I love you so much, beautiful baby boy~  Please continue being the happy, wonderful person that you are ♥♥♥

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???

Six Sentence Sunday- 9/24/17

“I dunno why I keep this, seeing as I only wore it once and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t working for me,” Molly said with a sigh, mostly to herself as she held up the black strappy dress she’d pulled out from the back of her closet.

Sherlock looked up briefly, the memorable garment catching his attention from where he lounged on her bed scrolling through his twitter feed.

“Perhaps if you try it again sometime,” he suggested casually, “the reaction from certain people would be somewhat…different now.”

“Different in what way?” Molly questioned, her interest clearly piqued.

Sherlock glanced up again to meet her gaze, now smirking playfully.

“Well…I look forward to showing you.”

Hey guys, a reminder:

When WOC/POC say that Characters of Color (COC-lmao) suffer the most on a TV show/film/book, it’s not really helpful to say that “All characters suffer!!!!”.

We’re not saying they don’t. We’re just saying that they suffer more than other characters. Like if you were to do a compare/contrast of the amount of screentime where a COC was physically tortured/abused/etc and compared that to a white character, you can bet your ass the COC would come out on top. 

Like….”All characters suffer!” is basically the fictional equivalent of “All lives matter!” and I wish y’all would understand that!!


170624 - Fansign Fanacc - OP asked Joshua and Jeonghan laughed




Consider: sometimes the goth helps the hippie put his jewelry on.

(based on Three & Leon’s chatfic After the Fire. Again.)


Welp I’m already on a slowboat to hell why not continue.. Imagine Finn telling you sit on his face.. *sighs*

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