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im so fucking angry because terezi pyrope’s personal system of ethics is one of the most nuanced and detailed examples of CLS paired with a critique of justice that i’ve ever seen in a piece of fiction and it’s homestuck

How To Use Popmoney

So I’m sure you’re all sick of paypal and it’s ever changing and many fees and sneaky little Terms of Services affecting how commissioners make sales. It’s been a problem for myself for a long time and I, naturally, seek any form of exchanging money with people that I frequently make transactions with.


This is a nifty program in which it goes directly from your bank to the recipient’s bank account. So far, I’ve only seen american banks be available, but I have yet to actually try international bank accounts.
Luckily, I have a bank account set up in the US. I used to pay rent whilst living in Pennsylvania and this was beneficial to me at the time. Living back in Canada, it’s just a matter of transferring funds.

I’m going to show you how to use this pretty awesome program (which only has a .95$ fee per transaction :0 IF THAT SWEETENS THE POT FOR YOU~)

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A few Tumblr users are displeased with my MSR joint bank account headcanon. Listen… having a joint bank account is one of the most married things you can do with another person

It's A Nice Day For A....

She was lying on her back next to him, letting her ring catch the light. “Aren’t there going to more people if we hit it after open?”

His foot was bouncing, nervous energy pent up with where to go yet. “Yes. But the big vault is on a timer. I’d rather have Richie only cracking one safe on our first job back.”

“So what are we gonna do before then?” She rolled over and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her chest against his.

He smirked, but instead of kissing her properly, he kissed her forehead.

“Seth.” She huffed, trying unsuccessfully to kiss him. “Seriously?”

“You don’t fuck before a fight.” He explained matter-of-factly.


He sat up, but kept her tight to him, skin to skin. “Boxers don’t have sex before a fight, it’s to keep their heads right.”

She stuck her lower lip and was going to argue, but the bedroom door flew open.

“Richie!“ and “Fuck are you doing?!?” were hollered out by Kate and Seth respectively.

“You don’t fuck before a fight.” Richie folded his arms over his chest.

Kate buried her face in Seth’s shoulder and groaned.

“We weren’t.. this is from last…” He sputtered before demanding, “What do you want? It’s barely 6 and don’t hit the bank until 10.”

“The courthouse opens at 8.” Richie held up a piece of paper, “and I have your marriage license.”

Seth looked down at Kate’s mischievous grin. “Wanna get married before we pull the job?”

“My dress is white.”

I have nothing to say for myself. It’s my muse’s fault. Also I’m still not over the amazing of that episode.
What Do You Mean (The Bank's Out of Money)
Georgia Maq
What Do You Mean (The Bank's Out of Money)

I can’t believe it’s twenty-fourteen and we’re still fighting for equality, and the minister for my gender is a racist, homophobic misogynist.

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Do you celebrate Pentecost sunday and monday in the uk????

You mean like a bank holiday? No.I’m sure people recognise it but we don’t get days off or anything.

- A.


I think life disappoints you, Mrs. Travers.

I think it has done that a lot.

And I think Mary Poppins is the only person in your life

who hasn’t.

I didn’t choose this life - Chapter 4

- Jeon Jungkook

Words: 794

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Jungkook woke up after an amazing sleep, he hadn’t slept this good for what felt like in forever. He opened his eyes, seeing her bare back in front of him, the cover probably had slipped down during the night.

He admired the sight.

She suddenly turned over, awake, facing him. Only an inch between their faces. She gasped slightly and moved back in chock.

“Sleep well?” Jungkook managed to ask. “Extraordinary.” She smiled.

“I’ll go check if our clothes are dry,” Jungkook said sitting up in bed. “Don’t look.” He teased and stood up and walked in to the bathroom.

All of it was dry except her shirt, it was made out of thick fabric. Jungkook sighed. He put on his underwear, jeans and pulled the sweater over his head, not putting on his t-shirt underneath. He grabbed her skirt, legging, underwear and his t-shirt and walked out from the bathroom.

She sat up in bed, sheilding herself with the covers. “Here.” Jungkook said and placed the clothes pile on the bed. “You’re shirt wasn’t dry so wear my t-shirt instead.” He said sitting on the edge of the bed, his back turned to her.

She got dressed, the t-shirt reaching almost to her knees. She tucked the front of the t-shirt in the hem of her skirt. ”Done.” She said. “Great.” Jungkook said standing up from the bed. The put on their shoes and jackets.

They took the elevator down and calmly walked past the reception area, exiting the hotel.

“We’re like professionals.” She laughed, making Jungkook smile.

“We have to fix the credit card, today.” Jungkook said. “You’re right,we probably can’t keep up sneaking out from hotels in the future.” She said.

The word “future” sticking to Jungkook’s thoughts.

“He’s not here!?” His brother yelled. “This is where we last received signal sir.” “Get the signal back then!” He yelled. “We can’t sir, we think he probably threw the phone into the river.” “When I find him I swear…” His brother hissed, forming his hands into thight fists. “Search the entire area! ask everyone!” He ordered, returning to his car.

“Hello, is there some way to transfer my account to a private one?” Jungkook asked. “I don’t see a way for it not the be possible sir, may I see your Id?” The man on the opposite side of the desk asked. Jungkook handed over his Id to him. The man couldn’t help but react to the name. He handed it back, scared. “Ye- yes sir.” The man took his card cut it in half and handed him a new one on the spot, asking Jungkook to sign a few papers. “Thank you very much.” Jungkook said, standing up from the desk. “You’re welcome sir.” He stuttered.

Jungkook put the card in his pocket and walked over to his companioin, waiting for him. He grabbed her by the wrist and the walked out.

“Did it go ok?” She asked. “I think and hope so.” Jungkook said.

They walked away from the bank and up the street, entering a shopping disrict.

“sir,he just left.” The bank man stuttered. Jungkook’s brother leaning over the desk. “What do you mean he closed his bank account!?” He yelled. “I- I don’t know why sir.” making him sigh. “Do you have any useful information to provide at all?” He asked, annoyed. “He was with a girl…” 

The brother and his men left the bank. “Find the girl.” He said.

They walked into a clothes store and picked up a few pieces of clothing before they went into a cafe to eat lunch.

“What is our plan?” She asked, while cutting a piece of chicken on her plate.

“I thought we could either get a boat tickets or rent a car.” Jungkook explained.

“Renting a car sound’s best, if something happened we could use it to sleep in, aswell as a place to store our stuff.” She said.

“You’re right.” Jungkook said and took a piece of his food.

Jungkook climbed into the car and put his seat belt on. He started the car and the two of them drove off. Since it was already getting late they didn’t drive very far. They stopped at a motel and took in at it.

The room was not as nice as the other one, but still neat. 

They sat in the sofa and watched tv together. Suddenly he felt her head against his shoulder. He raised his arm and placed it around her shoulders.

Eventually she fell asleep. Jungkook lift her up and layed her down on the bed. He turned of the tv and walked over to look out of the window. To his surprise, he witnessed how three familiar black cars drove into the parking lot outside.


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For the WTNV prompt: Cecil has not looked at himself in a mirror for many years, so he lets Carlos describe him one night while they are laying in bed.


Cecil’s eyes were closed, and Carlos could feel steady breathing against his chest as he gently traced the tattoos that spiraled up his boyfriend’s arms to his neck. Starting at the wrist, he trailed his fingers upward, following every twist and turn of the tentacle-like markings until he reached the area just under the ear, where the neck met the chin.  There, something made him pause. “What is this?” he murmured.

“What is what?” Cecil replied sleepily, smiling slightly at the sensation of Carlos’ fingers on his jaw.

“This.” Carlos removed his hand just long enough to plant a kiss on the marking of his interest.  “This tattoo. The eye.  Does it… Can you see out of it?”

“Oh, there’s an eye there?” Cecil said as he instinctually turned his head in a failed attempt to examine the side of his own jaw.

“What do you mean?” Carlos met Cecil’s bank look with an equally perplexed one of his own.  “Did you not know that that was there?”

Cecil shook his head. “Once they hit my neck, it’s hard to see my tattoos on my own.” He gestured with his head, imitating his useless attempt to glimpse the purple eye just a few seconds before. “You know my…problem with mirrors.”

Carlos did know. When the two of them were furnishing their apartment, Cecil’s only request was that the house be devoid of mirrors. (Of course, that prevented Carlos from fixing his hair in the morning without Cecil’s help, but he got the feeling that Cecil planned it that way.)

And then a question occurred to Carlos, so obvious that he was surprised he had never thought of it before.  “Cecil,” he asked, “If you can’t see your reflection then how do you know what you look like at all?”

“Oh, I can see my arms and legs just fine,” Cecil said.

“But your hair, your eyes…” Carlos caressed Cecil’s forehead, where his third eye gazed downward – something Carlos had learned to take as a sign of discomfort.

“No…I can’t see my face.” Cecil said. He shifted uneasily, looking ashamed. “I mean, I know that I’m not…”

Carlos waited for Cecil to respond, but he just rolled onto his stomach and rested his head in folded arms, avoiding Carlos’ eyes. “Not what?” Carlos prompted.

Cecil took a few seconds to respond. “Not…attractive,” he said finally, so soft it was almost a whisper.

Disbelief coursed through Carlos. “Cecil, you are beautiful,” he said.  Cecil was still staring down at the bed sheets, not looking at him, and Carlos was beginning to grow frustrated. How could he make Cecil see how incredible he was?

Carlos had never been very good at complements. Even with Cecil, he always seemed to struggle putting the love and adoration he felt into words, anxiety telling him that his love was too voluminous; that he would say something stupid and embarrass himself.  His enthusiasm did tend to alienate people, and he was terrified that it would do the same to Cecil. So, he restrained himself, treating Cecil lovingly but withholding many of his true thoughts and feelings in favor of a calmer, more withdrawn sort of affection. And Carlos regretted that now, because how could Cecil know how beautiful he was if he couldn’t see himself in the mirror? If nobody told him?

And then Carlos had an idea.

“Your hair,” he said, taking Cecil’s hands in his own, “Is brown. Or, at least, it is right now. It changes sometimes. But it isn’t just brown, it’s…” and here he hesitated. Come on Carlos, he’s staring at you. You’re not going to humiliate yourself. Just…say it. He closed his eyes to calm his nerves, and from then on his words came in a rush. “It’s red and gold, and when the sun hits it, it seems to shine. Maybe it does shine. It falls around your face in perfect waves, and when I first saw you it was what stood out to me the most, until I saw your smile. Your smile is so bright it’s a light source of its own, Cecil. It’s the kind of smile that makes me want to go to the ends of the earth just to see it. Just to make you laugh. Because when you laugh, your entire face sings with happiness. Your muscles relax, your eyes, wrinkle, and nothing – nothing – is more perfect.

“You have just a hint of freckles. I can only see them when the light hits your face just right, but when it does they decorate skin so smooth and deep I want to lose myself forever exploring it. And your eyes – oh god, Cecil, your eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Before I moved here, every night before I went to sleep I would sit outside and gaze at the sky, at the Milky Way.  And I used to miss that; used to long to see space again. But I don’t need to miss it anymore, Cecil, because of you. The sky is void, but your eyes are stars.” Carlos was breathing deeply, heart still pounding. He opened his eyes for the first time since he started talking.

Cecil didn’t respond immediately, and Carlos panicked. Was he angry? Offended? He desperately tried to read Cecil’s facial expression. Oh, he’d done it now. He hadn’t meant to say as much as he did. Cecil was probably going t hate him, or laugh at him, or –

All thought vanished from his mind as Cecil pulled him into a deep, wonderful, perfect kiss. And when he released him, he was smiling that incredible smile of his, all three eyes shining brighter than the Milky Way. “Is that…really how you think of me?” he asked softly.

“Cecil, that’s how you are.”

“Oh, Carlos,” Cecil kissed him again, this time wrapping his arms around Carlos’ waist and pulling him close. “I love you.”

Carlos smiled. “And I love you, my beautiful, perfect Cecil.”

au revoir // from lydia, to stiles {listen here}

lydia martin lost her best friend, lost her love, lost her so called distraction but she always had her anchor, her emotional tether but then a werecoyote appeared and now she feels like she is losing her stiles too

001. waiting game - banksWhat if the way we started made it something cursed from the start?

002. au revoir - one republicLet’s play a game where all of the lives we lead can change

003. better in time - leona lewisIf you didn’t notice you mean everything

004. drowning - banks |I can show you were sinking deeper

005. wrecking ball - miley cyrusWe kissed, I fell under your spell, a love no one could deny

006. stay - mikky ekko (solo version) | Makes me feel like I can’t live without you. It takes me all the way.

007. johnny belinda - active childi wish that i could change enough to be yours

008. burning bridges - one republic | I’m building bridges that I know you never wanted

009. drop in the ocean - ron pope | i’m holding you closer than most ‘cause you are my heaven

010. shades of cool - lana del reyHe lives for love, for women, too I’m one of many, one is blue

011. f*cked my way up to the top - lana del reyLay me down tonight in my linen and curls, lay me down tonight, I’m your favorite girl 

012. the funeral - band of horses | I’m coming up only to show you’re down for and coming up only to show you’re wrong.


So what exactly do guys mean by ‘unlikable woman’? Here, let WhoHaha explain what you actually mean…