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Captain Flint falling for the spanish leather coat

Caffeinated Fornication

This if for @ask-haleinski whose birthday was July 27th, and my stupid ass didn’t post it on time! This is basically how they met again in their universe so I hope you all enjoy! :)

Warnings: mature language and sexually explicit content

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Stiles was tired.

So tired that if he’s being honest the sweet release of death won’t give him long enough to become well rested. More often than not these days tired is now his default setting.

It was the reason he was currently walking down the street to his favorite coffee shop in town. It just so happened to be open twenty four hours. God bless because it was one in the morning and he needed his coffee fix if he was going to finish his essay.

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Random af, but does anyone else remember the time when third PV was out and there were people speculating about Chris being Charioce’s twin? (ya know, the good twin/evil twin trope)

I mean, would you think about it now? Two Charioce in the show, h a lp

Everyone Gets Some Love

Finally put together the lace piece of my continuation of the Everyone Needs Some Love series by @justwritingscibbles.

Alternate Endings from here

And now the Alternate Ending, Everyone Gets Some Love.

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You hung up instantly.
“Did you find it?” Mark called.
“No,” you replied, “I’m going to go look in the car, just in case.” You walked outside to your car, locking yourself in for privacy before you called Mark’s phone again. It rang only once before being answered, but only silence waited on the other side.
“Dark, are you there?” you whispered. He chuckled.
“So you did miss me.” You hesitated, not entirely certain why you’d called.
“Listen,” you said at last, “there’s a park three blocks from here, we’ve been there before. I’m going to be there in twenty minutes.” You took a deep breath. “Will you?” He chuckled again.
“We’ll see.”

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Chrysanthemums // Moon Taeil


the prompt: could I maybe get a taeil one where he’s the gardener of her kingdom and he’s always thought the princess was the prettiest in the land but he knows she’ll never like him back but he’s come to terms with it but he still likes to make her smile so he gives her a flower every week with a fact about the flower and the meaning of the flower?

words: 1655

category: fluff(!!!)

author note: haha jokes on you anon, she likes him back. also pls give love to my eldest son taeil, he’s so precious and deserves the stars.

- destinee

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why is the mother a different skin tone from the protagonist


maybe her dad is super white??

Filed Under: Things I Forgot Because of the Narcissa Erasure in the Films

GoF page 204 (American hardcover edition): 

“Oh yeah, you were staying with them this summer, weren’t you, Potter?” sneered Malfoy. “So tell me, is his mother really that porky, or is it just the picture?”
“You know your mother, Malfoy?” said Harry (…) “that expression she’s got, like she’s got dung under her nose? Has she always looked like that, or was it just because you were with her?”
Malfoy’s pale face went slightly pink.
“Don’t you dare insult my mother, Potter.”
“Keep your fat mouth shut, then,” said Harry, turning away.
Harry spun around. Professor Moody was limping down the marble staircase. His wand was out and it was pointing right at a pure white ferret, which was shivering on the stone-flagged floor, exactly where Malfoy had been standing.

Draco was turned into a ferret after trying to hex Harry for insulting Narcissa. 

Do NOT try to tell me this boy doesn’t love his mother. 

Tights | Peter Parker

Request: I love your Peter Parker x reader chat rooms, and I was wondering if you could do a Spiderman x reader drabble, but where the reader doesn’t know he’s Peter Parker and is trying to figure it out? 

*Note: I can already hear you guys requesting a sequel for this one. I just feel it.

Warnings: Cussing, Parental Abuse, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, the Whole Shebang

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Royal snowball fight

Originally posted by tinysofia

A/N: this shot is based on this imagine by @captainsxlo 

imagine the kids of Erebor having a snowball fight and accidentally hitting thorin and SHITTING THEMSELVES because holy crap they’d just hit king thorin with a snowball and thorin joins in and plays with the kids

So I stumbled upon this a few days ago and found it so adorable, that I just had to make a drabble out of it. I had literally so much fun whilst writing it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did xx.

Word count: 1577

Warnings: none

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Shoot me, not >> Yongguk, You

Bae <3 I hope he will get well soon :( My heart is breaking knowing that he is unwell. :( Get well soon my love.

A file was thrown in front of him over the table, making a thud as it landed right before him.

“Another mission.” Yongguk reached for the file, before opening it. “Who is it this time? A businessman? A dealer? Minister?”

“High schooler.” Himchan said, taking a seat before Yongguk.

Yongguk expression darkened and before he could see the profile, he threw away the file over the table again.

“Are you kidding me? Since when do we target kids?”

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Face From The Past *Part 4*

Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 1557

<< Part 3

External image
You woke up the next morning and you wanted to go to school you would miss something if you weren’t there but when you walked into the kitchen you realised that you were in for a fight “Where are you going?” Rebekah asked as you reach for the cereal in the cupboard.

“Getting ready to go to school.” You mumbled.
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Hayley said as she continued to feed Hope.
“Well, that doesn’t matter.” You answered. “Where are Klaus and Elijah?”
“They figured that they would help since it’s the only way that they are going to find Mikael,” Rebekah explained.
“So we were out looking for the boy that went missing,” Elijah answered.
“A boy went missing?” You asked.
“The one that was arrested,” Klaus added and your eyes widened.
“Donovan?” You asked and Klaus nodded. “Great, look I have to go to school.”
“You haven’t eaten yet!” Rebekah called and you waved your hands but Klaus caught you around the waist.
“Eat something.” He ordered and you rolled your eyes grabbing an apple from the kitchen and biting into it.
“They’re eating something, bye!” You said grabbing your bag and leaving.

You walked into the school and put your apple core in the bin and then went to your locker and put all of your books away. You were unfortunately good enough that you were able to be in AP classes and that was why you were sitting in AP Biology next to Scott. “(Y/N)!” The teacher called from the front of the class.
“Huh?” You asked.
“Did you do last night’s reading?” She asked and you looked at her before shaking your head.
“Any reason why?” She asked.
“Not a particular reason.” You smirked. “There was a number of reasons one of them being the friend that was in the hospital.”
“I know that moving back here is hard.” She started.
“Yeah, I know adjusting is the way of the world I get it.” You cut her off rolling your eyes. The teacher then when on to talk about drop forms, she never handed you one but you weren’t going to drop anyway.

“Did you get in to see Lydia?” Scott asked.
“No. I tried using my free period but she’s still in the ICU and no one outside family is allowed in.” Stiles explained.
“You should have said I could have asked Klaus for help.” You said.
“How?” Malia asked.
“Compulsion.” You answered. They all looked at you. “It’s a vampire thing.”
“We got one thing though,” Malia said putting the bestiary on the table.
“Anything in here about half-werewolves, half-Kanimas?” Kira asked.
“The Chimaera,” Scott mumbled.
“Um, what?” Stiles asked.
“Chimaera. It’s a creature made of incongruous parts.” Scott answered.
“And if Liam said he found two burial sites, it means Tracy’s not the only one.”
“Who’s the second Chimaera?” Kira asked.
“Donovan.” You whispered to yourself.
“What?” Scott asked.
“Nothing, just something I have to check later.” You answered.
“Why would they bury them?” Stiles asked.
“Deaton thinks it’s part of their process,” Scott answered.
“The people in masks,” Malia said. Then there was a phone call, it was Scott’s mum and she said that something happened and that he would probably want to see.
“Guys I’ll meet you there but I have to go get Klaus first.” You said.
“Why?” Stiles asked.
“Well, it could be Mikael and the only way we’ll know is if we show them and Klaus could help if you need it.” You explained.

When you got home you put your bag down and walked into the living room to see Klaus was looking after Hope. “Klaus something happened!” You called as you walked into the kitchen.
“What are you talking about? Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah I’m fine something happened at the Hospital and it might be Mikael so you have to go see.” You answered. “Where’s everyone else?”
“Rebekah and Hayley went out shopping or something and Elijah went to make sure that they didn’t get into trouble,” Klaus explained.
“Who’s going to look after Hope?” You asked.
“We’ll have to take her with us.” Klaus sighed picking her up.
“What? Really?” You asked.
“So what happened?” Klaus asked getting Hope ready.
“I don’t know yet Scott and Kira when to find out.” You answered.
“Well then let’s go,” Klaus said walking towards the door.

“Mum, what’s happening to him?” Scott asked as they walked through the halls of the hospital.
“It’s the pain,” Melissa answered. “Nothing’s working.” Just then the screaming stopped and they all frowned fearing the worst they run into the room and when they did they saw Klaus standing over him. “What did you do?”
“Compulsion love,” Klaus smirked and you rolled your eyes.
“He’s basically made sure that he doesn’t feel the pain anymore.” You explained.
“How did you get in here?” Melissa asked and Klaus smirked.
“Compulsion again.” You answered. “Klaus can get whatever he wants through compulsion.”
“Let me see it. Let me see his arm.” Scott ordered.
“- Holy - What is that?” Kira asked.
“That looks like a scorpion sting,” Klaus mumbled.
“How did you know that?” Melissa asked.
“I’ve been alive for 1000 years, I’ve seen it all,” Klaus answered.
“Scorpion?” Scott asked.
“I know. But that’s not the weirdest part. Because a sting this bad means that he should have been dead 10 hours ago, and the scorpion that stung him would have been 10 feet tall.” Melissa explained.
“Please tell me that doesn’t mean there’s a giant scorpion running around Beacon Hills,” Kira begged and Klaus raised an eyebrow.
“Is that a possibility?” Klaus asked.
“Everything is a possibility here.” You smiled. “This place is crazy.”
“Lucas It was Lucas.” The boy on the bed mumbled.
“Hey, Corey. What Lucas did to you, he’s gonna do it to someone else, and it’s gonna be much worse. We need to know what happened.” Scott said as you played with Hope.
“I don’t really know. He’s never been like that before.” Corey answered.
“Like what?” Scott asked.
“Aggressive. We were taking it slow, but it wasn’t me. He was the shy one. Then we’re hanging out today and it’s like he was a different person. Like,” Corey explained.
“Different how?” Scott asked.
“Like, super confident. We were just kissing and then I felt this sharp sting on my arm and And then I looked up at him and I swear his eyes turned black.” Corey continued, you could see that Klaus was becoming unnerved by the new information if there was someone running around stinging people his family was in danger.
“You mean totally black?” Kira asked.
“The whole eye. But it was only for a second. And then he said sorry, that he’ll see me at the club tonight and then he just left. And then a few minutes later, I’m in the worst pain of my life.” Corey finished.
“Hold on, you said club.” Scott remembered “What club?”
“Every Friday night. Sinema.” Corey answered.

Klaus asked Melissa to look after Hope for a few seconds before taking you to the club “you have to go back.” You said.
“What?” He asked.
“To Hope.” You said. “You can’t leave her, Scott will be here in a few minutes you have to go back.” Klaus had a looked torn as he looked back and then at you. “You trained me, remember.”
“Be careful.” He warned before disappearing. You walked into the club ignoring the alarm that you set off and started looking around but you heard the growling before you saw anything following the noise, you found there was another werewolf, you pushed the guys away from him and crouched. “Are you okay?” You asked.
“I will be.” He answered, you helped him up and pulled him away from the fight that Liam had now joined when you turned you saw Liam on the floor and knocked the guy away again, he growled at you and grabbed you around the neck, that was when Kira and Scott appeared.
“You’re a little late,” Liam said and Scott knocked the boy away and another fight broke out you but as the fight ended Kira almost killed him and Scott stopped her but before you guys could move him an arrow went straight through him and you looked up to find that there were three masked figures like Malia had said.
“Oh, what the hell is that?” You asked.
“Why did you do that!?” Scott asked looking up at them.
“His condition was terminal.” One of them said.
“What does that mean!?” Scott asked.
“Failure.” They said before they disappeared.

When you got home you didn’t actually stop for very long before you were out of the door again, you grabbed a coat and left again only stopping momentarily to make the decision not to tell the others where you went it seemed that they were having a rare moment where they could act normally and be a normal family. You phoned Stiles “Hey where are you?” You asked.
“I’m at the school why?” He asked and you growled.
“Um, I think someone coming for you, you have to stay inside.” You ordered as you started running.
“I’m already outside.” He said.
“Hang tight I’m on my way.” You said hanging up.

Part 5 >>

Requests and general question!

Mario Kart (m)

Originally posted by jungkookrose

pairing: mark x reader

word count: 1,911

Mark had been blowing up your phone since 1 o’clock, asking you to come over because they just got back from wherever they were in the world a week ago, and he still hadn’t seen you. And yeah, sure you’ve missed him, he’s a great friend. But today was supposed to be a lazy day, you’d been looking forward to it. Chilling at the crib in some sweats and a sports bra, hair up, no make-up, looking busted. And you had told him this several times already, he just wouldn’t leave you alone! Texting you stuff like ‘i’ve already seen you at your worst,’ ‘i missed you,’ and ‘what are bff’s for?’

And that’s what led you to where you are now. Since you had adamantly refused that you would leave your flat at any time today, he he decided to take that as permission to come to you instead. And not only did he bring his uninvited ass over, he also brought the maknaes. Imagine your surprise, when you heard a knock on your door, knowing it could only be Mark wanting to be annoying. 

You got up to answer the door not really caring about your state of undress, since it was just Mark, he’d seen less than that. The first person you noticed was Mark, and he was already eyeing you up & down, admiring your cinnamon colored skin, smirking, not even a hello. Then Bambam and Yugyeom, who were trying at least to be respectful and avert their eyes with rosy cheeks. Mark finally noticed your glaring at him and threw his hands up with more enthusiasm than necessary, “Surprise!”

Not even bothering to give a response or cover yourself, you immediately tried to shut the door back, but someone shoved their foot in between the closing object, “Woah! Hey that is no way to treat your friends, that came all this way to come see you, who missed you dearly.” Mark said with the greasiest smile knowing it would piss you off more. But the maknaes were there, they didn’t need to see their hyung get his ass handed to him. So you just let out a deep sigh from your nose, and stepped aside for them to come in. The maknaes stumbled in, in a rush of flailing limbs and loud greetings, even though they were still blushing a little. 

You just smirked at them giving them a small ‘Hey.’ Turning back to Mark, who had a smug smile on his face with arms spread open to initiate a hug. You just stared at him a little longer, hoping to make him feel at least a little guilty about barging in, but his smile grew and he just wiggled his fingers as a sign of impatience. You gave into the hug, burrowing yourself in his chest, head tucked under his chin, inhaling his cologne. His arms came to wrap around your curvy frame squeezing you, as he ducked his head down to your ear, “I missed you  >>>.”

Not saying anything in return to piss him off, you quickly ducked out of his arms skipping towards Yugyeom and BamBam who were making a commotion in the living room, with a dismissive arm flick, “Who wouldn’t miss me Bro?” Letting out an indignant noise, he just followed you , causing you let out a laugh. You saw the maknaes pulling out the Wii, it was almost tradition at this point to start with that gaming system. Plopping yourself on the couch, and Mark dive bombing next to you. “So what game are we playing first boys?”

They both turned to look at you, one with a pout, and the other a grin, “Mario Kart!” You let out a groan, knowing it was going to be nothing but chaos for the next couple hours


Mark was very done with with BamBam’s antics. Mark had been on a continuous losing streak, it only served as entertainment for you and the maknaes though. But starting to fear for BamBam’s safety, by the gleam in Mark’s eye, you start to intervene. You paused the game, and tossed the controller, ignoring the shouts of exclamation, “Hey Boys, can you go get a pizza from the place down the street,” they had already started making small noises of protest, “I’ll pay damn!”  They agreed after that of course. After giving them the money, they filed out of the door with calls of, “Don’t miss us too much!” and “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” 

As soon as the door slammed shut, Mark’s mouth was on you. “Dude what the fuck?” you spluttered trying push him a back a little for an explanation. Looking at him, his pupils were dilated, and he was already sporting a half chub. “I haven’t had a good orgasm in like 2 months >>>, come on! At the most, we’ve got about 30 minutes before they come back.” he groaned out, already slipping your sweatpants off. You just laughed at his desperateness, “Awe, Markus was your right hand not enough?” teasing him.

“Shut the hell up.” he called as he slipped his tank top over his head, and grabbed your neck with one hand to bring your lips back to his, you let him this time. Slipping your hand down in his joggers and boxers, palming his hardness to a full. He moaned into the kiss, nipping your full bottom lip, and slipped his hand into your panties thumbing your clit to get you wetter. You let out a whimper against his lips, and pulling off to skim your swollen down his jawline to his neck, adding sucks and nips trailing down to his exposed collarbones. He grunted pulling his hand away from your neck, and started pushing the joggers down, you stopped him, “Don’t take them all the way off, they’ll be back soon. Plus i’ve always wanted to have sex with my clothes on.” winking at him. He let out a choked out noise, that was caught between a laugh and a moan.

You got down on your knees pushing his legs apart to get in between them, looking up at him. He already had his erection out, pumping it up and down, you could see the beads of pre-cum and licked your lips, “take your hair out, I want something to pull on.” he grinned down at you, eyes already half-lidded, as your breath caught in your throat thinking about what he was meant. You could feel yourself dripping now, you reached up to your hair to pull it out of it’s messy bun, letting your curls fall. 

You moved in towards his erection still looking up at him, palming it in one hand first, then licking the tip. Mark let out harsh breath, head falling back to the edge of the couch, you could see his adam’s apple bob. His hand reaching for your head, not gripping your hair yet, but just running his fingers through it for the time being. And without warning, engulfing him all until he hit the back of your throat and moaned. He let some curses, looking at you choke yourself on his dick, his thighs automatically tightening around you, and pulling on your hair to keep you there a little longer.

You started taking deep breaths through your nose, and waited for his grip on your hair to loosen so you could pull back. When he finally did, you pulled up but not without dragging your tongue up the vein on the underside of his erection. “Fuck my mouth.” you demanded, letting your hand fall down to your core, where you were steadily dripping, and started pumping your fingers in and out, moaning. He wasted no time dragging you back to his erection, one hand gripping your hair, the other hand on your head pushing you down. 

Hips set at brutal pace, he loved seeing the tears at the corner of your eyes, and hearing you slurp, and gag for it. All you could do is moan, loving the feeling of being under his power, and hearing all the pretty noises he made in pleasure. Mark finally pulled you off him, your lips slick with a trail of cum and saliva connecting, “I don’t wanna come like this.” he panted out. He let go of your hair, and pulled a condom out of his pocket, bringing it to his mouth to tear it open. You quickly got off your knees, watching as he rolled it on, in disbelief and amusement. “Oh so you knew we’d be fucking today, huh?” you asked with a small laugh. “I really didn’t, but I had high hopes,” he shot back with a smirk of his own.

Making eye contact with him, you could see his adam’s apple bob again, he was flushed, hair all over the place, and the sight of him made your mouth water slightly. “Shit you so look good,” he mumbled. You could imagine how you looked, cheeks red, your breast rising and falling heavily with your chocolate colored nipples peeking out of your sports bra , hair damp and disarray from all the tugging, and lips slick and swollen, glistening core, what a pretty visual indeed. 

Snapping out of your trance, you moved in for a quick dirty kiss, “We gotta hurry.” You straddled his lap, licking along his neck, holding your hips up so he could position himself, the other hand on your hip, you were starting to get impatient. Angling your hips down to meet him half ways, and when his tip finally pushes into your entrance, you both moan out in relief. Feeling the slight burn at the stretch, only made it better, the feeling of being full was just too good. When you met his base, you let out a quiet groan, you could literally feel Mark restraining himself from giving it to you. But you were having none of that gentleman bullshit.

You looked him dead in the eye, “fuck me like you mean it, don’t hold back now.” His eyes were black and clouded by lust at this point, but he nodded. With your arms placed on his shoulders and both of his hands gripping your hips tight enough to leave bruises, snapping his hips up. A whimper escaped your lips, you meet him thrust for thrust, grinding back every time you meet again. The only thing that could be heard was the slapping of skin and both your cries of pleasure, and your hands were leaving scratches all along Mark’s back. 

You were both so close, he was filling you up so good, your slick walls clenching around him, was almost too much, but he wanted you to come first. So taking one hand off your waist, he brought to your front to pinch your clit. Your breath punched out of you, as you felt the orgasm ripped through you in waves, and your walls rippling around him was the tipping point. He came into the condom with grunt. 

You climbed off his lap, falling beside him on the couch, both of you trying to catch your breath. Before you could say anything, you heard a gasp from the doorway. Both your heads whipped around to see BamBam and Yugyeom with pizza in hand. Faces red, flushed and shock written all over them. Yugyeom controlled his expression into something cocky, “So is this what we get if we lose?”

Becca’s Memorial Day Weekend Writing Prompts

I’ve been writing prompts from this list since yesterday. I am still taking them, but here is what has been written/requested. I will be taking requests through Monday, 5/29. I will likely queue stuff up to post.


Chris Evans x reader

5. “Well, this is where I live.” NC-17, graphic sex
6:  “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!” PG
9. “I am not losing you again.” PG
24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.” PG
27. “I love you, you asshole.” PG
42. “You braided his hair?” PG
48. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” PG
52. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” NC-17, graphic sex
57. “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.” PG
59. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.” PG
70. “H-How long have you been standing there?” PG
77. “The three seconds rule doesn’t apply to sticky foods.” PG
78. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.” PG
84. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?” PG
90. “Who gave you that black eye?!” PG
97. “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?” PG

Chris Evans x OC

23. “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” PG (Chris Evans x Ellie Spencer-Evans, The Chris & Ellie Series)
61. “A wedding?” PG (Chris Evans x Nikki Evans, Adventures in Parenting)
65. “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!” PG (Chris Evans & his daughter Addy, Perfectly Imperfect)

Frank Adler

10. “Why don’t they just kiss already?” PG (Frank Adler x OC, from Mary & Roberta’s POV)
109. “Don’t say you love me.” PG (Frank Adler x reader, possibly Gifted spoilers)

Steve Rogers

14. “I can’t explain right now, but I need you to trust me.” PG (Steve Rogers x reader)
41. “Please, take me instead!” PG (Steve Rogers x reader) 

The Stars In His Eyes (Part 1)

Originally posted by freakzter

Summary: You and Steve Rogers have a tradition of watching the stars together at night.

Fandom: The Avengers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2,488

A/N: I fell in love with Steve Rogers over the summer and I thought it would be fun to write him. This story features a young, pre-serum Steve. I also decided to split this into two parts because it was too long. Part two will be up either tomorrow or Monday. Enjoy!

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