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lizalot: why no grey?


Yeah, what’s up with the no grays/greys, thing?

half of it was like… me treating black/white/gray as modifiers to colors and therefore not actually counting as colors

and then wanting the blog to be very visually colorful. which the rule wouldn’t stop, so it’s really just an arbitrary thing.

and it’s so arbitrary that i do technically allow them. all people have to do is to adjust the hex/color to break the ababab pattern.

quick explanation of what that means: hex codes are broken down into 3 pairs of (hexadecimal) numbers, each pair representing red - green - blue. if each pair is the same number value, it will make a gray color, regardless of what numbers you use (except for 000000 which is black/absence of color and FFFFFF which is white/combination of all color).

so if someone did ababaa, it would be very close to gray, but not actually gray. and thats how you cheat the rule.

Tom Holland Laughing

Shout out to my mutuals <3

So I haven’t been very active and peoples’ urls have changed and I really don’t talk to anyone anymore which is really sad because I used to love chatting to my mutuals. I’m making a conscious effort to remember I have this blog because I love it and I love being able to come back from work and scroll through all the fandoms and aesthetics and selfies and generally awesomeness that is my dash. So Thank you so much for following me and to those I follow back thanks for brightening up my dash! So here we go! Let’s rediscover some old friends.

In no particular order because I don’t want anyone to feel left out (I did leave little messages for irl friends though). My mutuals! I love you <3

@captainfiath (Pizza loving hug monster you), @pawtal (You’re adorable and we need to meet up soon because you’re awesome), @qrowravenbranwen, @firesofthefae (We need to actually meet properly when I’m not at work! You seemed super cool and your tag for Ruth is the cutest), @buckbrn, @viktuurnikiforov, @stucky-is-evanstan, @biscuit-barnes, @the-star-spangled-bucky, @space-boii, @hipstersteve, @sansasandorshipper, @grenedae, @undercovercarter, @purebloodblack, @batchofbarnes, @fizz-y-fizz, @avtomedon, @jacksonsjimin, @bornunderabluemoonbaby, @whatthefoucault, @timeandstars, @bluelightpietro, @molstere, @switcharoonamjoon, @captaindonna, @cptjakejensen, @nopebucky, @eowyyyn, @cannonusername, @the-punisherr, @really-bloody-tired, @afroallura, @jotunheim-asgard, @redviolet45, @splodie-arrow, @its-the-new-broken-scene, @rodgersteves, @walkmanquill207, @hosgmeade, @bromanov, @grumpyseb, @jeqngreys, @blackestcanary, @hawkinsbyers, @spacedanae, @gazingattheskyy, @cutiepieparrish, @sleepysmolandsapphic, @falconwings, @seb-had-a-crisis, @ximenalightwood, @myurlisbucky, @ms-danvrs, @buckandsam, @beatenbucky, @buffycuddlespigs, @siewmai, @alonelyseptember, @a-silentguardian, @johnlockogie, @moriartysteagirl, @books-fandoms-cocoa, @sophisticated-narwhal, @sarcasticlittleshite, @ibelieveinomero, @friendwithdragons, @thewinchesterboys, @agentpeggyromanoff, @rednorth3, @welovefreddie, @pleasebemyparabatai, @stcvcroger, @thorinarkenstoned, @do-not-call-it-art (Don’t know you irl but saw your blog recently turned 2 so congrats!), @yysiaa, @tumbling-downhill-pandas, @turbochargedhysterics (We haven’t spoken since Uni but I hope life is awesome!), @tonystarkdefencesquad, @thehufflepuffinourstars (Guess who’s awful at keeping in contact… me! I miss our woodland walks!), @thesuperlambanana, @fernmypreciousboy, @damnitpippin, @queerzaza, @kinggalahad, @octoberobserver, @sgt-peppers-blog, @lennonsstarr, @gethin-moriarty, @amy-in-the-sky-with-amethysts, @keats-and-yeats, @sherlockian-cymraeg, @damon-owlbarn, @abreak, @ijustwantedtobeclever, @hedwigisforever, @captainbadasswatson, @helgatrush, @lau0214 (I miss our crazy times in Aber and I’m so sorry I forget to reply!), @johnwutson, @boredarmydoctor, @milleniumfallcon, @vitruvianwatson, @the-sixtyfifth-rose, @spacenerdjoshdun, @shorlock, @lesbiansloveabanner, @seducemymindyouidiot, @alxanderham, @peachylips, @sallyskellington18, @chiltonsbutt, @aparselmouthspatronous, @thelordofstarsanddreams, @villain-lover, @moriartysgrave, @paysage-moralise, @erikthatsenough, @discardeddishrag, @dollmonsters, @gunsand-ships, @lilbasthet, @thegayvengeance, @delreylock, @terriblebeastie, @roosevault, @llitaa, @the-best-of-the-geeks, @fairytaletiger, @plushenko, @imwithloser, @hushwatson, @credence-lives, @rememberclaraoswald, @captaindrwatson, @orwells, @minminyard, @victorianbride, @autumneven, @fxckyeahmarkashton, @rousmari, @alexhamleton, @stupidmundane, @ethlena (hey sis! <3) @pluckyfandomer (running theme of me forgetting to keep in contact! I hope post uni life has treated you well!) @maggielovesotters

Wings and Stars

Sooo, I wrote another one shot.  I should be working on On Obsidian Wings, but I couldn’t resist.  Once again, this is based off of another conversation, which you can find here.  A masterlist of my fanfic is here.  

“You don’t have to look so sad waiting for me, I told you I’d be right there.”  Rhys walked out of the cabin, wearing casual clothing for once, and I grinned.  For our fifth Starfall together, the Inner Circle had decided to play hooky and go on vacation for a week.  Rhys practically shut down the Night Court, closing its borders and barring up the Court of Nightmares to make sure nothing would happen, and it was funny to see him so relaxed.  I supposed Velaris could handle itself if it meant that I got some time alone with my mate and my family.  

I twisted my wrist to glance at my watch, playing along.  “Actually, I was waiting to see how long you’d be admiring yourself in the mirror.  Me and Cassian made a bet.”  I gave him a crooked smile.  “Looks like I’m winning.”  

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anonymous asked:

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog! I am as obsessed with BC as you are and I love your all your great comments about him-including his beautiful physical attributes. It always lifts my spirits when I visit your blog!

Dear Anon, I’m sorry it took so long for me to send out my thanks for your kind compliments!  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the here & now–especially the here & now of Our Beautiful Obsession, that I let slide simply courtesy. Merci, my dear–and I hope you can accept too many hours mooning over

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as a good enough excuse. For he really is the best inspiration for even the naughtiest sort of behaviors, don’t you think? And of course for waxing poetic when the moment calls for it.

(PS  I thought of you specifically on the reblogged post that follows, hoping you enjoy reading the tags as much as I did writing them!)


                                                              we have to have HOPE!” 

PSEUDXCODE                                           ULTIMATEHEROANDSORCERER

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