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Season 1: Wow, Bojack is a real piece of shit.

Season 2: Okay let’s be honest he’s deeply depressed and messed up and had a horrible childhood but he’s still an unbelievable asshole and I’m glad the narrative isn’t trying to excuse his actions because of his pain.

Season 3: He just keeps sabotaging himself and in doing so dragging people down with him. He never thinks about the consequences his actions have on others, and even when he admits that he hurts people it’s always in a self-centered way. I love this show, and I love the side characters, and Bojack is an absolutely fascinating, complex protagonist but I will never, ever, ever actually like him.

Season 4: I love Bojack so much it goddamned hurts.


before anyone gets any ideas i just want you all to know that i am not at all fashionable in real life. i’m the wears-the-same-pair-of-pants-for-a-week type of person. i just watch a lot of project runway 

I’m standing in the open food court outside waiting for my food, when some girl on the third floor of the student union building yells down, “Hey! Hey black sweater guy! You’re cute!”

 I looked at the guy she was talking to, and he just looks up and shouts, “THANKS, I’M GAY!”

Then she said, “Cool! Can I come get your number for my friend then? He’s cute, promise.”

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Hey Kayla, I have a question: Months ago, I was sick and I got a get-well card and on it was "I miss seeing you every sunday" from a girl I rarely talk to and see every other sunday. She has also giggled when I said 'hi' back to her at least one time. I don't know why either. She is the sun and I am naught more than a gram of dirt. How can I make things go back to normal so my brain doesn't go dumb around her? I hate this.

bring things full circle and give her a card back that says what you’re feeling

First Class

By: CloudyGyeom

Prompt: “No, this is a dream.”

Summary: Kim Yugyeom needs to keep his hands to himself. —smut

photocreds: @yourdailyyugyeom

“Have you completely lost your mind?” You hissed slapping his hands that began to slide up your thighs. Crossing your legs, his hand slid off the smooth skin of your upper thighs and flattened against the cushion of the seat.  

“No one is here,” Yugyeom replied easily, his lips pursed into a knowing expression, “We can be quick.”

“We are in an airplane!” You grounded out, you swiftly glanced around the aisle in between the seats to see if anyone was looking at you, exhaling, you turned around to grab Yugyeom’s wandering hands, “Yugyeom!”

“Noona,” Yugyeom tangled your hands together, pulling you closer to him, he mumbled against your ear, his lips brushing your earlobe, “I haven’t seen you in months.”

“You’ve been on tour,” You sighed, “You can wait. We are going to land in Manila in like five more hours—” Your rant is cut off again when his hand boldly slips underneath your shirt to cup a clothed breast, his mouth clacked against yours. His lips moved aggressively against yours, his teeth nipping your bottom lip, as he squeezed your breast and grabbed the back of your neck.

Your hands grabbed onto the handrail with a white-knuckled grip, as sneaky fingers slid underneath your bra, bare fingers brushing soft skin. He tilted his head to fuse your lips closer together, his tongue slipped between your parted lips and you couldn’t help the way your back arched when he velvet slid against velvet.

It was getting harder and harder to ignore the roaring of your blood. The way he stole your breath with each swipe his tongue or the way heat seemed to shoot down in between your thighs every time he rolled a rosebud between, rough, calloused fingers.

You pulled back, violently, “Yugyeom—we are in public we can’t do this here!” You nearly shriek in a whisper that bordered on the verge of a growl, “The cabin is going to be full soon! They just went to grab their carry on in the other section—we can’t!”

“Noona,” Yugyeom groaned into your mouth, his eyes were bright, “The bathroom—we can do it quickly, please before hyung gets here.”

“Are you insane?” You stared at him, your eyebrows furrowed, “We aren’t mice, we aren’t going to fit in there—ah!”

Yugyeom grabbed you by the wrist and very well dragged you to the bathroom across from his cabin-esque seat. You protested naturally, you didn’t like being yanked around like a salt-shaker, but he had stopped once, and pressed a finger against his lips sternly.

You gawked at his audacity.

Pulling you inside the bathroom, he latched the door shut, the switch turning to occupied and shoved against the velvet-wrapped walls. You squeaked as he lifted you up to wrap your legs around his hips, the rough material of his jeans scratching your shorts, he breathed, “First class bathrooms are much bigger.”


Yugyeom wasted no time pulling down your bra, your shirt lifting up against your collarbones as he caught the rosebud in between his teeth. He sucked on the nub violently, twisting the plushy flesh in between his mouth as you arched against the walls of the bathroom.

“Fuck,” You hissed as he switched breasts, his fingers running tight circles against your lower back, making the ache in between your thighs throb to different pulses, “—baby, we can’t be long.”

“I can be quick,” Yugyeom rasped as his hands slid down your thighs, he growled, “Why did you wear shorts—shit.”

He had to place you back onto the ground to yank down your shorts and underwear. With one leg free of all clothing the other one lay cluttered with both your shorts and underwear wrapped around your ankle. Yugyeom parted your thighs as he pressed you firmly against the wall, he whispered roughly, “Jump.”

He caught the back of your thighs and plastered you against the wall with his weight—holding you in place. His fingers slid up to your mouth, with the slightest moment of hesitation you drew two fingers into your mouth – your tongue running against his fingers like spider webs – to have him pull it back, his eyes hooded and dark. His fingers parted your heat, stroking the folds gingerly before sinking one digit inside, you can feel your legs shake with each slow pump.

“Two fingers,” He said, his lips pressed against your neck, “I need you to take two fingers for me—can you do that, Noona?”

You inhaled, willing your muscles to relax, it’s been quite some time since you’ve last done this, but you were more desperate than ready, you gasped sharply when he slid another finger inside of you, stretching you until you can feel your knees weaken around his hips, he murmured against your ear, “Good?”

You didn’t answer.

Instead, your nails dug into his shirt, but you quickly slide down his abdomen to remove his jeans and boxers. Yugyeom breathed shakily when he felt your hands run down his length, he moaned when you wrapped around his tip tightly, fisting over him like a satin glove, his mouth gnawing against your neck. He scissored you once, and then twice, before removing his fingers to mount himself against you.

He kissed you roughly, as he slid into you, your hypersensitive nerves twitching as you felt all of him, the head of his dick kissing your cervix as you tried to control the bucking of your hips. You gasped as you tried to control the shakiness of your hands—he moved quickly, resting you on top of the sink, your bare bottom cold against the white marble.

“I’m not going to last long,” Yugyeom’s voice is breathy and high, his fingers dig into your hips, “It’s been too long since I last felt you,” He lifted one leg to rest in between the crease of his elbow and forearm, “We can take longer next time, Noona.”

Before you could even ask – your brain is spinning with this type of intensity flooding your veins and the way that Yugyeom felt inside you nearly knocks your heart out of your chest – Yugyeom started to slam into you, as his mouth pressed harshly against yours. You couldn’t even breathe. He placed so much effort into keeping you still and quiet that you started to shake.

It really had been far too long since you last felt Yugyeom inside you.

The angle of him thrusting into you upwards, with you sitting on the sink of the bathroom made you convulse around him, and it nearly broke his concentration as he felt satin walls clamp around him like a vice.

“Fuck Noona—” Yugyeom pulled back to breathe, his hands grabbed onto your hips firmer and he hissed, “You’re so tight.”

You whimpered—you couldn’t focus on anything but him and the fact that it only took him one swipe of your clit for you to come. You fell apart at the seams, your legs shaking as you shivered against him, his mouth covering yours as your scream muffled against his lips.

Yugyeom panted as he finished inside you, sweat beading down the sides of his forehead and the back of his neck. His forehead pressed against yours as he released your leg from his hold. Your fingers moved on their own, brushing dark strands from his face.

“Better?” You breathe.

He nodded and pressed a kiss to your forehead, “I missed you.”

You felt your eyes soften and you kissed him underneath your chin, “Next time you’ll take me on tour?”

“All the time,” Yugyeom replied, his eyes are gentle when he cleaned you up, fixing your shirt and sliding your pants back on.

“Now, carry me.” You demanded.

Your legs were numb.

“I think you’ve become even lazier since the last time I’ve seen you, Noona.” He commented but nonetheless picks you up, unlocking the door with one hand.

“I think you’ve become needier,” You bit his cheek in retaliation as he placed you back into your seat.

Yugyeom whined placing his hand on top of yours, “Agh! Noona, you’re going to leave a mark.”

“She already has like six, Yugyeom-ah,” Jaebum interrupted suddenly. He was sitting in the other cabin, his earphones draped around his neck, he didn’t look up as he threw a blanket over the both of you, “Let her rest. Those walls aren’t stable—you really did a number on her.”

You turned your head to glare at Yugyeom, who was smiling sheepishly, “Do not smile at me Kim Yugyeom!”

I keep seeing classrooms where the teacher has a QR code posted by the door. And in order to use the bathroom, students have to scan the QR code on their school-assigned iPad or one of the classroom iPads and take a survey (answering what, I don’t know).

And that, hands down, has got to be the most inane, pointless use of technology I have ever seen in a classroom (and there is a lot of ridiculous technology thrown in so teachers can look tech savvy).

It takes kids twice as long to go to the bathroom because they’re standing there fiddling with an iPad and answering questions, and what are teachers even doing with this data, if they keep records of it at all?? Why do you need to be able to compile a spreadsheet on how much your students use the bathroom?? If a problem is using the bathroom too much, you’ll be able to tell. If you need a graph to tell you how much a student is using the bathroom, they’re not using it too often.