you me ate chips

  • Friend: that #relatable feeling when your boyfriend hasn't texted you in four hours and you start wondering what he's up to, amirite
  • Me:
  • Me: that....relatable feeling when you sit on a couch you ate chips on without pants and impale your ass with sharp dorito crumbs
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Me: I think mine is more relatable

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96, myungjin

Prompt: “Sorry.” - “Good choice.”

This really sucks I’m sorry

The Chip Crisis

Jinjin ducks his head, clasping his hands in front of him.  “Sorry.”

He hears MJ scoff.  “Yeah, I’m sure you are.”

“You haven’t touched them in a week, though!” Jinjin says suddenly, looking up.  “What was I supposed to do?  I’m hungry and those are the only chips we have.”

“Park Jinwoo!” MJ yells.  “Seriously, you’re impossible!  You just apologized and now you’re taking back your apology?”

“Yes,” Jinjin says.  “I’m taking back my apology.”  He snatches the bag of chips from the counter and pushes several chips into his mouth.  MJ is yelling, and then Jinjin is running.

“Park Jinwoo, this is going to be your last day on this earth!” MJ shouts as he chases Jinjin.

There isn’t much room to run around in their small dorm.  Jinjin is laughing loud enough to cause Eunwoo and Moonbin’s door to open.  It closes right after MJ screams for Jinjin to stop running.  Their front door opens.

“Hyung!  I could hear you yelling outside the—what’s going on?”

Jinjin ducks behind Sanha.  “Save me!”

“He ate my chips!”

“You two, seriously.”  Sanha shakes his head, but doesn’t move.  Jinjin and MJ dance around the maknae until Jinjin finally makes a decision.  He sprints (sprint is used lightly) outside and down the street in nothing but his socks.  MJ follows slower (probably having stopped to put on his shoes), but Jinjin isn’t fast enough.

When MJ catches him, it’s by wrapping both arms around his middle and then <>dropping.  Jinjin stumbles, wobbling on unstead feet before he falls to the floor, landing in MJ’s lap.

“I got you!” MJ shouts, his loud words too close to Jinjin’s ears.

“Ah, seriously, you’re so loud.”  Jinjin ducks away, covering his ear with a hand.

“I wouldn’t have to be loud if you would just <>apologize.”  MJ leans closer to Jinjin.  “Apologize, you idiot!”

Jinjin shrinks in on himself.  “I’m sorry.”

“Good choice.”  Jinjin feels soft lips on his cheek and he smiles, glancing at MJ.

“I’ll buy you some more chips, I promise.”  MJ beams at Jinjin’s words, and Jinjin knows he’s picked the right option.

“And buy yourself some, too, so you don’t have to eat mine!”

Why are you guys even following me I just ate a bag of chocolate chip brioche rolls 😭😭 the night before my weigh in as well 🙄.

Its ok though I’m going walking tomorrow morning with my sister and I’m planing on being really strict. No cheat days/meals for now, even if my sister is coming to visit. I go back to uni in around like 30 days and since I turned 18 last month I couldn’t go out and really get a “uni experience” (basically clubbing) and it was kinda hard for me to meet people in my first year. I only ever got to hear what happened after the clubs/parties. I want to go out more and socialise more because my weight has made me really insecure about myself ngl. Also adding to the fact that I have no “going out clothes” and I look like crap in everything 😭.

Tomorrow I’ll set a goal weight and try to reach it before I go to uni to get me motivated. Just have to weigh in first. Not eating for the rest of the night and I’m gonna finish my 3L of water 💦.

When a Freshman Tells You To Be Quiet In The Library During Finals

The Tango of Finals Hell Week

This sucks

This sucks

Really Suck

Fuckin’ sucks

I’m so mad that I don’t know what to do
Fighting with little sleep
And continually weep
And to top it all off I’m with you

Feel like going insane?
Got a fire in your brain?
And you’re thinking of drinking gasoline?

As a matter of fact –

Honey, I know this act
It’s called ‘Finals Hell Week’

Finals Hell Week
It’s a dark, dizzy merry-go-round
As it keeps you dangling

You’re wrong

Your brain it is mangling

It’s different with me

And you toss and you turn
'Cause your professor’s so stern
Yet you study and study and cry out

I think I know what you speak

Finals Hell Week

Have you ever pouted your lips and called out 'help me’?


Have you ever ate a full bag of chips?

This is spooky

Did you ever lose points for not putting your name?

Every Time - So Be Cautious

Have you ever forgot to wear pants to the class?

More than pants–

I’m getting nauseous

(Continues to study while simultaneously dancing the tango in the library)

I’ll fail

I’ll fail

Probably fail

Fuckin’ fail

I’m defeated I should give up right now

Gotta look on the bright side with all of your might

I’d study all night Anyhow

When you test its test
You’ll go down with the rest
Its grip on your life makes you fall

So you think, 'Might as well’

Write a paper from hell

At least I’ll have write it at all

Finals Hell Week
Gotta study 'til your finals are through
You pretend to make flashcards
Cause you just can’t remember

But the end it will come
Still you have to play dumb
Til you’re glum and you bum and turn blue

Why do we stay up all night?

Just to be told we’re not right


Finals Hell Weeeekkkkkkkk 

(20 years later) 

And thats how I met your mother

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can you please do me a favour and write a scenario of the gom coming home and seeing their short girlfriend wearing an animal one-piece pajamas (i don't know the name) while sleepily welcoming them, give me all the fluff :3

I immediately… Never mind. I shall just write it because the idea is cute!! Note: Its Murasukibara’s lil story I’m excited for. I dont know why I was super excited, I guess the idea was really cute to me. Okay, let’s go!


“Hm? ____cchi? Honey?” Kise called out as he looked from one to another room from you.

Kise could hear the tv quietly playing from the down hall. His first assumption was the possibility of you falling asleep while watching tv. It was a little late, so he could understand.

As Kise entered the living room, he was going to call out to you in a sing song voice, but what he stumbled upon caught him by surprise. He was right. You had fallen asleep on the couch while watching tv. But you were balled up on the couch, wearing a… giraffe onesie? Kise couldnt take his eyes off you as he sat down next to your head. Kise sunk into the couch, causing you to wake up slowly.

“Ryouta?” you called out with heavy eyes. You sat up and opened one eye. Kise watched as you would blink multiple times then look to him with tired eyes.

Kise gave you a small smile. You were already small and adorable. But the onesie made you even more cute to him. The onesie had a hoodie with the giraffe’s ears and little antlers atop. Little black eyes were where they needed to be and where your head poked out, there was an outline of the giraffe’s mouth. You were still a sleepy, so Kise leaned over to see the rest of your onesie. As he looked behind you, he noticed a small little giraffe tail. He couldn’t hold in a little laugh.

“Honey, what are you doing in this?” Kise asked as he brought your forehead to his lips.

Once Kise let you lean back from the kiss, you opened both your eyes. You slowly registered what Kise was talking about and looked down to you outfit. You couldnt help but give a tired smile as you replied to Kise. “I wanted to show you before I went to sleep, I found it online. Isn’t it cute?”

As you yawned, Kise couldnt help but find you so cute. “Maybe you should have gotten a kitty onesie because you kind of act like one when you’re tired.”


“I’m home,” Midorima greeted as he placed his shoes in the correct cube.

Midorima walked down the hall and into your shared room, expecting you asleep already. He was coming home a little late from being out with his basketball team after a game. When he opened the door, he wasnt expecting you to be sitting up rubbing your eyes while wearing a panda onesie.

Once you finished rubbing your eyes, you smiled to Midorima slowly. “Welcome home, sweetie.”

Midorima ran through cards of possibilities within his mind as to why you were wearing this onesie. But all his thinking was getting distracted from how the panda onesie was a little big on you. You were already small compared to Midorima, but he honestly couldnt stop thinking how cute you were in this onesie. The hood of the panda onesie sat atop the middle of your head, halfway hanging off. The sleeves ended a little passed your wrists. He noticed when you would raise your hands they would slide down to the middle of your forearm.

Midorima noticed he was staring at you once you looked to him confused. Midorima made his way to the edge of the bed and grabbed your chin. He brought your lips to his slowly. Midorima could smell a bit of mint as the distance between you closed. As Midorima broke your kiss, you covered your mouth as you yawned.

“What was that for?” you asked sleepily.

Midorima got up from the bed and walked over to the bathroom. You watched as he would remove his shirt and tossed it into the laundry basket. As Midorima walked toward the bathroom, you couldnt help but tilt your head in confusion as he stopped in the bathroom’s doorway. You raised an eyebrow as you saw Midorima slightly turn a little to you and his cheeks were a little pink.

“You look cute in that,” Midorima quietly said. The words slowly registered into your mind. As Midorima walked over to the sink and began washing his face, a small smile came across your face.


Usually when you wore the black cat onesie, it would get Aomine’s blood pumping. But seeing you in the onesie as you fell asleep next to Aomine on the couch had a different reaction to him.

Aomine watched as you would quietly sleep while your head was in his lap and you laid yourself out on the couch. Aomine noticed all your curves in the black cat onesie. His favorite was the long tail. Or was it the red fabric sewn in around the neck of the onesie? No, it was probably the fact that whether you wore the cat hoodie or not, you were so damn hot. But as you slept in his lap with your hair placed above your head and across Aomine’s lap with the hood of the onesie behind your head, Aomine couldn’t help but pout. He was annoyed of how cute you were.

“Oi, let’s go to the room,” Aomine said with a click of his mouth. He watched you blink continuously to the sound of his voice.

Aomine watched as you sat up from his lap and rubbed your eyes. Your hair was a little messy. He could see a little drool coming from your mouth. But what made him really smile was your pout. As you looked to him with an annoyed pout, Aomine laughed a little.

“What, what’s so funny?”

“Nothing, you just look really cute. Cmon, let’s go to bed,” Aomine said as he got up. You sat up straighter with embarrassment. It always caught you off guard when Aomine would be even a little sweet to you. But it was always nice. You smiled a little and got up from the couch, quickly walking behind Aomine.


“____chin?” Murasukibara asked as he opened the door. He could hear light footsteps and the noise of a bag being rummaged through.

Murasukibara placed his shoes next to yours and slowly got up as he felt your presence in front of him.

“Yes, Atsushi?” you asked as you chomped down onto a chip.

Murasukibara’s eyes widened a little as he fully stood up, surprised from your appearance. He could tell you had just awaken from a nap from the way your hair was messy. You also had one eye a bit more lazy than the other. Murasukibara always made fun of you when he noticed that about you. But what surprised him was the over size grey hippo onesie you were wearing as you had a hand stuffed in a chip bag.

“____chin, why are you wearing that?”

“Its comfy.”

Murasukibara frowned a little as you casually answered him. He sighed with defeat and walked to you, kissing you on the forehead. Murasukibara walked passed you and into the kitchen, paying no mind to anymore of the little details of your decision. You watched as Murasukibara sat on the couch eating a chip. He turned to look at you, waiting for you to accompany him.

You walked over to the couch, sitting on Murasukibara’s lap. You leaned against the arm rest while he sat against the back of the couch. You laid your legs out across the couch. You noticed Murasukibara would watch you eat the chip, but he was looking at your onesie.


“Its too big.”

“Its comfy.”

“You said that earlier.”

“I know you like this on me.”

Murasukibara said nothing. He ate the chip he held in his fingers as he ignored you. You snickered with a mischevious smile, knwowing you were right.

“Shut up.”


Akashi slowly opened the door to your shared bedrooms confused that you weren’t in bed. He examined around the room to not find you. Akashi explored the house and found you no where. Not in the bedroom, not in the guest bed room, the bathrooms, kitchen, or living room. The only place left was in the backyard, but you couldn’t be out there. It was almost eight in the evening, you would be cold.

Akashi slid the backyard door and slowly smiled. You were sitting up from the cushioned swing and wiping your eyes. What made Akashi smile more was the onesie you were wearing. You always had silly reasons for things and Akashi always enjoyed them, no matter how silly. They were always a story for him.

As you slowly got up from the swing, Akashi met you. He wrapped an arm to your head and brought you in closer. His soft lips met your forehead. When his lips departed you slowly looked up to a blurry Akashi.

“Let’s go inside before you catch a cold, my pet,” Akashi said as he placed his arm around you and began walking inside the house.

“Are you not going to ask about my onesie?” you asked a little disappointed.

Akashi smiled down to you. “I was waiting for you to tell me.”

You walked through the space as Akashi opened the door for you. You walked through the hallways and went into your bed room, Akashi behind you. Akashi watched you walk in your onesie, curious as to why you wore it.

The bed felt so much better than the cushioned swing as you jumped onto it. Akashi watched you with a smile.

“Are you going to tell me why you’re dressed as a dragon now, _____?“ Akashi asked curiously.

You lifted your head to look at Akashi. You slowly sat up and examined what you were wearing. Instantly, it all came back to you.

“Ah! I forgot about this! I wanted to show you this!” you exclaimed alert. Akashi watched you jump to your knees on the bed and look at your body clothed in a red dragon onesie. “ wanted to show you this because it reminded me of you!”

Akashi stared at you confused. “How, baby?”

“Eeeeh, you don’t see it?”

Akashi shook his head with half a smile.

“Look, look,” you said happily as you pointed to the top of the onesie. Akashi looked to the top of the head to see just dragon eyes looking at him and red scales.

“Is it because it’s red?” Akashi asked. He sat next to you on the edge of the bed. His body sunk a little into the bed. As he looked back to you, he realized the onesie was a little bit loose, making you seem smaller than usual. “My hair is more pink than red, you know.”

“Yeah! But I know, okay? I tried really hard but there was only this one and I really like it!” you said with a big smile. Akashi kissed your cheek and looked to you.

“But why a dragon?”

“Because you’re so strong,” you said calmly. It was true what you said. “Dragons are strong and don’t need a master. Even if they had one, they still lead others. You’re a strong person, Seijuro.”

Akashi’s eyes widened. He hadn’t expected that answer. But he liked it. He leaned down and kissed your soft lips. He loved kissing you.

“I love you.”

Sanctum (Rapmon Scenario)

hola mis amigos: okay so, here’s the…fifth? request from nonnie~ fluffy but at the same time i couldn’t help myself so gang au. but don’t worry, i literally told myself “if i write angst i will fight my own ass in the desert” so we’re good on the fluff front. anyway, i hope y'all enjoy!

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This provided us with some entertainment in the office, check out Max from You Me At Six taking part in ‘You Me Ate Chips’ on Radio 1! Can you guess any songs? We only got the last one!

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Hai 👋 I'm hailey. I was wondering could you make me an image of koan and the guys are there when I let it slip that I'm pregnant ☺️🙈

Hope you like :)x

“Come on guys, the table is set!” Shelby calls out as Jenn and Lia finish bringing all the food to the table.

“Just a sec” Ricky yells

“Lemme just beat Trevor” Jc mocked

“You wish” Trevor answered and then they all started shouting random things none of you could understand.

After a while, all the O2L boys were still playing Mario Kart while you and the other girls (Jenn, Shelby and Lia) were talking about girly stuff and specially…

“How are you gonna tell him?” Lia asked you.

“Yeah, do you even have anything planned?!” Jenn asked

“No…I don’t know…should I, like, have a party or whatever?! I don’t know how to do this” you answered honestly

“Maybe we can all get together for lunch tomorrow or something and brainstorm ideas” Lia proposed and you all agreed to it.

“This pregnancy thing is already killing me, I’m eating so much, I’m surprised Kian hasn’t noticed yet” you laughed and shoved more chip in your mouth.

“What?” you heard someone say behind you and you stopped chewing the chips, just to make sure you weren’t hearing things.

“Kian” you said, swallowing the chips and getting up.

“You’re…pregnant?” he asked expressionless, you couldn’t tell what was about to happen.

“Hum…yeah?” you answered almost questioning it.

“I’m…I’m going to be a dad” he said looking at the other O2L members “I’m going to be a dad!” he said louder running to you and spinning you around, with a tight grip around you.

“Ki-Kian” you said, tying to stop him. When he put you down you ran to the bathroom and puked all the chips out. 

“I’m so-so-sorry” he said, worried

“I’m already sick in the morning, you can’t spin me around after I ate an entire bag of chips almost by myself” you joked, cleaning yourself up and gargling some mint mouth wash.

“I just…I’m going to be a dad…I can’t believe this” he smiled as happy as ever

“I’m glad you’re happy about it” you smiled at him and he put one of his hands on your lower stomach

“How could I not be happy?! There’s a little bit of both of us growing inside you, this is the most amazing thing that ever happened in my life” he answered you and you knew he was honest.

“I love you” you said, putting your hand on top of his “Both of you”

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OH MY GOD IT WAS ACTUALLY SO FRICKIN FUNNY??? ok gonna tell you the full day story -

basically my train got to Leeds at like 2ish so we went and got wristbands WHICH GOT TAKEN OFF US AFTERWARDS and then went to the hotel. in the hotel, which is fucking posh let me tell you and I am the least bit classy, we ate chips and drank tap water ok £21 for six of us because cheap.

we then went to the signing and queued for literally two fucking hours listening to the ep on fucking repeat and I could possibly now tell you every fucking note of every fucking song. when we got nearer to the front, we took selfies with them behind us which asHTON HAS FUCKING PHOTOBOMBED. we then made friends with security and they let us radio them across the table about chips omfg and it was great.

and then we went up oH MY GOD MICHAEL he is such a FRIKKIN sunshine like he was like ‘I HOPE YOU LIKE THE EP!!!!’ and thanking everyone omg and he was asking me how I was and I was so so so tired and he was like bless and then I was telling him about skipping school for the radio tour and he was like AWWWWWWW he was so chuffed for me???? and he gave me the biggest and longest hug and omg he’s such a teddy I love him

I don’t remember much about Calum other than speaking to him about being tired and hugging him and stuff but yeah????? AND THEN ASHTON

I will fucking kill him one day he spent the time offENDING ME because I poked my friend to get her attention and he was like “you’re such a bully” and I was like “I’m not a bully” and he was siding with Sophie against me and omg but then we had hugs and stuff and it was cute so nah ur forgiven

Luke oh my god the hatred I have for that snapback is unreal and Soph was like “YOU ALWAYS WEAR THAT EACH TIME WE SEE YOU” and he legit said “I hardly wear it!” like what the fuck it is glued to your frikkin head!!! and we basically offended that and then Soph went and he was asking me how I was and stuff and I had hugs and omg his hands are huge??? AND HIS EYES ARE SO BLUE

and then I got ushered out and Soph just flOORED ME and yeah pretty much it lmfao sorry for the length