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“Honestly, I know I wouldn’t be up here if it wasn’t for one of my best friends who took me to pubs and taught me how to make a good cup of tea and taught me everything I need to know about the UK. I just want to say I love you, Ed Sheeran.”

“America would never have happened for me, or I would never have got the ball up at all if I hadn’t gone on tour with Taylor Swift in 2013. She texted me and asked did I want to go away with her for six months. I might have been a very successful home grown act here (UK), but not in America, so it was the best text I’ve ever had from Taylor.“

Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie Joins 'Kinky Boots' Cast

Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie will take on the lead role in the Broadway production of Cyndi Lauper’s musical, Kinky Boots, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Urie will play Charlie Price, the protagonist who inherits his father’s failing shoe factory and partners with a drag queen named Lola (played by J. Harrison Ghee) to produce a line of high-heeled boots that help save the company. The musician will make his debut at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre May 26th and will perform through August 6th.

The gig marks Urie’s first major acting role, though Panic! At the Disco’s music and live show have always been imbued with plenty of theatricality. In a video posted to Twitter, Urie said, “This has been on my bucket list for the longest time and it really is a dream come true. I’m just so incredibly excited to be joining Kinky Boots on Broadway – that’s wild. Plus you guys get to see me in those heels now.”

Kinky Boots is based on the 2005 British movie of the same name and debuted on Broadway in 2013. Lauper penned the music and the lyrics, while Broadway vet Harvey Fierstein wrote the book. The production won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Score for Lauper.

Panic! At the Disco released their most recent record, Death of a Bachelor, in 2016. The group has a handful of live dates left on their current tour, which wraps April 15th at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida.

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On this day in music history: May 26, 1987 - “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me”, the seventh studio album by The Cure is released (UK release is on May 25, 1987). Produced by Robert Smith and David M. Allen, it is recorded at Studio Miraval in Le Val, France, Compass Point Studios in Nassau, The Bahamas, and ICP Studios in Bruxelles, Belgium from September 6, 1986 - January 1987. Following the success of their previous release “The Head On The Door”, Cure front man and chief songwriter Robert Smith decides that a change of locale to work on their next album is necessary, so the band depart for The Bahamas to record at Chris Blackwell’s (founder of Island Records) Compass Point Studios for the initial recording sessions. The eighteen track double LP set is the result of a very prolific period for the band, who record forty songs for the album before being pared down to the final number used on the finished release. The end result is The Cure’s most stylistically diverse and most accessible album to date. The album spins off three singles in the US (four in the UK) including “Why Can’t I Be You” (#21 UK, #54 US Pop) “Hot Hot Hot!!! (#11 Club Play), and their first US top 40 single “Just Like Heaven” (#29 UK, #40 US Pop). When it is initially released, the original CD version of the album omits the track "Hey You!” in order to release the album on a single disc, since the song would make the running time breach the CD’s then seventy four minute time limit. The song is later restored to the running order. The album is reissued as a two CD deluxe edition in 2006, containing demo recordings of several songs and a live version of “Why Can’t I Be You?” from the final show of the “Kissing Tour” in 1987. In April of 2013, the album is reissued on vinyl (available in the US in that configuration for the first time in over twenty years) in a limited pressing (on red 180 gram vinyl) of only 3,500 copies for Record Store Day in the US and UK. The vinyl LP is subsequently is reissued as a standard black vinyl pressing, and is the current version in print. “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me” peaks at number six on the UK album chart, number thirty five on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

so-butyraceous  asked:

Hi I'm new to twenty one pilots, may you tell me about them?

(oh god where do i start)

okay. first i’ll introduce you to the band.

this is tyler joseph. he sings, plays piano, ukulele, synth, accordion and writes all the lyrics.

this is joshua dun and he is the drummer. 

(they are both 25)

the name “twenty one pilots” came from a play called “all my sons” by arthur miller. read more about that here

you may have seen the |-/ logo around somewhere. there is an explanation for that here.

before josh joined the band, twenty one pilots was a three piece and released the self titled album (which has songs such as addict with a pen, the pantaloon)

then, the other members left and josh joined. they then released regional at best (which has some original songs from vessel, kitchen sink and anathema) at this time, they are still an unsigned band.

then!! in mid 2012, twenty one pilots sold out a show in their hometown, where they announced their signing to fueled by ramen. more here 

they then released an EP called “Three Songs”, (which was a teaser for their upcoming album).

january 8 2013 marked the release of their debut album, Vessel, (car radio, house of gold, ode to sleep). 2013 was a massive year for the band and their music pretty much spread all over the world. 

they went on a tour with fall out boy and panic! at the disco (save rock and roll tour) , and early this year, they supported paramore alongside you me at six in australia.

there are a couple more things you probably need to know:

  • skeleton clique: the skeleton clique sounds kinda scary, but i assure you it isnt at all. it’s just a name given to the twenty one pilots fanbase and anyone is welcome.
  • trip for concerts: instead of calling it “tour”, tyler and josh name most of their tours “trip for concerts”. see why here
  • they are obsessed with taco bell
  • tyler isn’t afraid to jump into the audience. and josh isn’t afraid to play drums on top of the audience either.

hope this was useful!
David Bowie Bassist Gail Ann Dorsey: 'He Altered the Course of My Life'

Sometime back in 1989, David Bowie was flipping through the channels in England when he came across an interview with Gail Ann Dorsey promoting her debut album, The Corporate World.

“Years later, he told me he thought to himself, ‘Wow, this woman is really interesting,’” says Dorsey. “'When I’m doing the right project, I would love to work with her.’

It took six years, but when Bowie was putting together a band to go on tour with Nine Inch Nails, he phoned up Dorsey to see if she’d be willing to serve as his bassist. “I was kind of in shock that it was actually him on the phone,” she says.

“At first, I thought it was somebody playing a prank on me. When I realized it wasn’t, I said to him, ‘I’m in the middle of making a record; let me speak to my producer and get back to you.’ We’d just started the record and we’d spent all this time and money, but he said, 'But that’s David Bowie. You have to go.’”

Dorsey started out on a six-week contract but wound up serving as Bowie’s touring bassist all the way through his final concerts in 2004. She also played on 1997’s Earthling and 2013’s The Next Day.

About a week after Bowie’s shocking passing, Dorsey got on the phone with Rolling Stone to talk about her nearly two-decade run with the iconic artist. [Read More]


[ JMELO | 2013-11-10 ]

Now, you each have a message for your fans around the world.

Aoi: This was our first overseas tour in six years. It was fun to visit many places and see so many of our fans. There are lots  of J-MELO viewers in countries we still haven’t visit. We hope to come see you next.

Reita: Touring abroad made me realize we have friends around the world. I hope that more people will come together and visit us. We’d love to go abroad again.

Uruha: Touring South America and Europe was an incredible experience. We had lots of great shows. I’d love to go abroad again as soon as posible. Thank you.

Kai: We’ve only been to a few countries. I hope we can go to lots more countries and come back to Japan inspired. Then we can give back to oue japanese fans. Please keep supporting us.

Ruki: The world tour gave us a lot of great inspiration and motivation.We’ll definitely visit the same countries again. So keep an eye out for us. We’ll try to get more successful so can visit other countries. So look out for us there too.

I don’t think I ever showed you guys the set list I got at Spring Fever last year, so here it is!

From The Pageant in St. Louis, MO, on May 2nd, 2013.