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Can you do an imagine where Daryl is very attracted and has lots of feelings for y/n but keeps it a secret an is really shy around her. One night she’s really scared and she goes to him for comfort and it leads to really sexy and sweet sex. :)

As always, thank you so much for requesting! It really means a lot that you’re making requests for me to write :)

NSFW: swearing, smut

There are lots of things that take getting used to when it comes to being stuck under one roof with five or six different people and five or six different personalities. One would just have to hope and pray that they actually got along with these people and maybe one day see them as family.

Daryl Dixon was that lucky to be surrounded by people that saw him as family, though never realized just how lucky he was. Then again, the only person he ever really noticed was you.

From the moment the two of you met, Daryl wasn’t really sure what to make of you. He knew he didn’t hate you but he didn’t know what it was he was feeling. Or maybe he was just in denial for he knew once he admitted it to himself, things would never be the same. It was easy to avoid you when you were at the farm. He set up his camp far away from everyone else and refused to make the slightest bit of eye contact with you.

But now you were in the prison, too small of a space to have a good enough reason to avoid you. That didn’t stop him from doing it although he knew it sent the wrong message.

One afternoon, you were frying up some deer meat that Daryl had caught earlier that morning. You were happily slicing up the finished meat and serving it to members of the group when Daryl emerged from the cell block, his empty stomach alerted by the smell of cooking meat. He did enjoy the way you cooked meat. He wasn’t sure why since you never used any spices or anything that would make it smell any different. Maybe it was just because it was you that made it.

“Daryl!” you called out. Daryl froze for a moment, trying not to awkwardly stare at you but you were holding up a bowl of food and he couldn’t just stand there like an idiot so he forced his legs to move towards you. With a warm smile, you set the bowl down in front of him, “Thanks for getting this meat for us. We’ll be well fed today. Wish we could make it last to tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” he grunted, keeping his eyes focused on the bowl in his hands. If he met your gaze, he wouldn’t be able to handle it. He was never good at making conversation, especially when it came to you, “I’ll go out again at dawn tomorrow. Thanks for the lunch, Y/N.”

“You overwork yourself,” you said, reaching out to touch his arm, “You should let someone else do it once in a while. You’ve done so much for us.”

Daryl shrugged but he didn’t move away from your touch. Your hand was warm and he liked the way you lightly squeezed his arm. He didn’t respond right away, forcing himself to lift his head and look into your eyes. You smiled at him and there was such immense happiness and light in your eyes that made it impossible to feel angry or sad. Daryl turned away quickly so you wouldn’t see his smile.

“I don’t mind,” he muttered, “I gotta go.”

He tore his arm from your grip and stormed off back to his cell. You had been trying so hard to make him happy but it always seemed like you just annoyed him. Why did you even bother? He was never going to be nice to you or like you.

You draped a hand towel over your arm as you were going to wash your face and get ready for bed, thankful there would be the heavy rainfall outside to soothe you to sleep as you weren’t used to having a good night’s sleep after months of sleeping with one eye open. Daryl was already in his cell packing a bag and preparing his crossbow for his hunt the next morning. You knew you should’ve just kept walking but you had this strong desire just to get him to like you.

“Good-night, Daryl,” you said.

“Night, Y/N,” he replied without even looking up at you. His body was stiff and he had stopped moving completely. You sighed and shuffled away while he mentally kicked himself for pushing you away the way he did. He just couldn’t bring himself to speak even though he had so much you needed to know.

You filled the sink with some cold water and splashed the sweat and dirt from your face, running your now cold, wet hands on the back of your neck. Standing back up, you let the cool water roll down your back, sending chills down your spine. As you dried off your face and neck with the hand towel, there was a flash of light and your heart stopped for a moment, knowing what was coming. A large boom made your skin crawl and you let out a squeak, covering your eyes as if that would make the thunder go away.

It was an embarrassing fear to be honest. You dealt with flesh eating monsters with no problem but a little thunder gave you severe anxiety. You tossed your hand towel to the floor and went back to Daryl’s cell as he was the only one in the cell block who was still awake.

Daryl looked up when he heard your footsteps and he started fidgeting as he leaned his crossbow against the wall, “What now?”

“I-I was wondering if…um…” you cleared your throat, tensing when thunder struck again. Daryl frowned in confusion but waited for you to continue before he gave you one of his one to two word answers, “If I could…stay with you?”

“You wanna stay with me?” Daryl said, “Why? You afraid of a little thunder?”

“Look, I know you don’t like me and you probably think being afraid of thunder is stupid,” you said with a scoff, “But can you please just humor me? Please?”

Daryl sighed and he hung his head, “It ain’t that I don’t like you, Y/N.”

“Huh?” you sat down by his legs in his bed and leaned closer to him, “You do like me?”

He shrugged, “I dunno.”

“Come on, Daryl,” you mumbled, crossing your arms, “Please don’t play games with me.”

“It ain’t easy, Y/N!” Daryl exclaimed, throwing his arms up in frustration.

“What isn’t easy?”

“Bein’ around you,” Daryl murmured, “I-I don’t really know…I…I ain’t good at this shit. I ain’t good at sayin’ stuff but it’s…it’s stuff you need to hear.”

“You can’t say it?” you scooted closer, running your hand up his arm, “Show me.”

Daryl watched your hand move up and down his arm and he peeked at you through his thin strands of hair covering his mysterious blue eyes. He held his breath as he grabbed your chin and leaned in slowly, almost nervously. You inhaled deeply, waiting in anticipation until his lips finally made contact with yours. You closed your eyes as you moved your hands up to his shoulders and gave them a squeeze. The feel of his large, rough hands sliding up your thighs made you shiver and you pulled away which made him stop.

“You don’t have to go this far,” you whispered, your fingertips tracing his jawbone, “Is…is this really what you want?”

Daryl nodded, pushing your hair back, “Never wanted anything so bad.”

You grinned, kissing him eagerly as you crawled on top of him and straddled him, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Daryl kept his hands rested on your waist as you unbuttoned his shirt, as if he was unsure of what to do. You got out of his bed and bit your lip, smirking as you slowly pulled your shirt over your head, tossing it into the corner of his cell. Daryl threw his legs over the side of his bed and watched you as you came towards him, standing between his legs. Daryl placed kisses on your stomach as his hands moved up your side. Each kiss made your skin tingle and you leaned your head back and sighed heavily.

He unbuttoned your jeans, sliding the zipper down and tugging them down your legs, leaving you in just your bra and underwear. Before he could do anything else, you giggled and pulled him up onto his feet.

Kissing along his jaw, you lightly nibbled on his earlobe as you whispered, “My turn.”

You pushed his shirt off his shoulders and discarded it with your clothes in the corner. His breath was shaky as he looked down and watched you undo the button of his pants. You ran your fingers along the sensitive skin above the waistband of his boxers and he sucked in his teeth, trembling hands gripping your hips.

“Y/N,” he whispered. He wanted to worship every inch of you but you knew he would never say it. Although, it was impossible to make coherent sentences for you too. Your heart raced and the heat rising in your body was too much to bear. He trailed his fingers up your back and unclasped your bra, pulling the straps down your arms. With wobbly legs, you backed away from him and fell back onto the bed, your legs apart and your knees bent. Daryl watched your chest rise and fall quickly, your breaths shallow. You were flushed and your bottom lip trembled as you smiled at him.

Daryl never believed that you would want him as much as he wanted you. Hell, he never thought in a million years he would get to be this intimate with you, feel your lips on his, your soft skin under his fingertips. Was it possible that he was just dreaming right now? That he’d fallen asleep right after you had walked away to wash your face?

Well, if he was dreaming right now, he never wanted to wake up.

Daryl pushed his boxers down off his hips and kicked them away, approaching the bed and hovering over you, his heart pounding almost painfully against his chest as he hooked his fingers under your underwear and pulled them down your legs tauntingly slow while you twitched anxiously and let out a small whine.

“Come here,” you said, grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him down on top of you, kissing him with everything you had, the passion and the way your heart swelled whenever he touched you bringing tears to your eyes.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, pulling away, “Did I do somethin’ wrong?”

You chuckled and shook your head, sniffling as you ran your hands up and down his firm chest, “No of course not. I just…nevermind.”

“No, tell me,” Daryl insisted, “What is it?”

You kissed him once more and he wiped the tears from your eyes with his thumbs, “I love you.”

Daryl tensed for a moment but soon gave in to the moment and he pulled away from you to stare into your eyes. It was the most difficult thing in the world for him, speaking his mind, expressing what was in his heart. But he’d go through anything he had to for you.

“I love you too,” he whispered, pressing kisses to your neck as he ran his hands up your thighs, wrapping your legs around his waist and slowly thrusting into you. With a gasp, you threw your arms around his shoulders and you both froze, jaws dropped.

“Please,” you moaned softly, “Keep going.”

Daryl lifted you slightly, his fingers spreading across your back as he pressed your chest against his, rolling his hips. You kissed his shoulder as he buried his face in your neck. You dug your heels into his butt and urged him to go deeper. The bed squeaked and groaned underneath you as he held you tighter against him and moved his hips faster. He grunted with each thrust and beads of sweat rolled down the side of his head, dripping off his jaw onto your chest. It became increasingly difficult to keep quiet as he started moving harder against you, sending you into a frenzy of pleasure.

It felt as though you were becoming one. There were no worries, no doubts, no fears. It was like you were the only two people left on Earth. You both had wasted so much time. His only regret now was waiting so long to make his feelings known. It was silly to avoid her and ignore her when this is what he truly wanted. You never even realized how badly you wanted this until the moment he kissed you. Looking back on it, it was always there in the back of your mind. But with everything going on and the fear of survival, you could never act on it. But now that you two were here, sharing this moment, you would never be able to let him go. He was yours and you were his forever.

You felt an ache in your stomach and your body started tensing, your toes curling as you tried vocalizing your immense pleasure while the ache grew stronger and the heat in your core burned even hotter, “D-Daryl. I…”

Daryl’s movements became a bit more frantic and he nodded against you, a few whines escaping his lips along with the grunts and groans. Your walls squeezed against him as your entire body exploded, flashes of white in your vision. Your climax washed over you and almost made you lose control of your body as you shook, raking your nails down his back, dark red streaks marking his back. His arms wrapped even tighter around you, squeezing you hard against him as he burst, releasing his seed into you.

The two of you stayed in that position for a few seconds before Daryl threw the covers over your naked, sweaty bodies. You rested your head on his chest while he gently stroked your back.

“You’re wonderful,” you said, “I hope you know I meant what I said. I really do love you, it wasn’t the heat of the moment.”

“I know,” he murmured, “And I love you, Y/N. I really do. Looks like the thunder stopped.”

“Really?” you lifted your head, hearing only the rain sprinkling down much lighter than before, “I hadn’t noticed.”

“Looks like I’m the perfect distraction,” Daryl replied with a chuckle.

“My hero,” you added, giving him another tender kiss, “Forever and ever.”

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Part-time job (Woozi scenario)

A/N: This is my first time writing. Like ever. So if you like it, please let me know!

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Woozi/ Reader

You had been working there for a more than six months and everyone knew you loved your job. You were always telling your friends funny stories about ‘your children’ and they would always tease you because whenever you entered a store you would automatically start looking for things the boys needed or would like.

There was always that friend who would drop a “There’s no way you’re not attracted to at least one of them” but you would only gasp and fake being offended while replying “I am their mother

Part of being a mother was sneaking food into their dorms because you knew they worked hard all day so you wanted to be sure they ate enough. The first time you showed up late at night with tons of pizza, Vernon would look around trying to find a hidden camera because, you know, ONE FINE DAY happened but they eventually learned to trust you and were secretly waiting for you at least once a week. At first you would just make sure they received the food and then leave before you all got in trouble but after you bought some chicken and coke for them they insisted on you coming in to eat with them. After a few months they wouldn’t even care about the food, they just wanted to see you because they actually had a good time whenever you were around. You would talk about everything, tease each other and there were a couple of times when you comforted a couple of them who were too stressed. You would try to leave early though, because you knew they had to wake up early the next morning.

Whenever they saw you working during the day they would just bow politely and focus on their job, pretending there was nothing else going on between you. No one would ever think that after everyone went home, you would wait for S.coups’ text telling you it was safe to visit them.

You loved taking care of them and would always treat them like children because you were the oldest one, to what they would roll their eyes and remind you that you were older for just a few years. You knew they weren’t really that young they were all babies for you.

… Except for one. There was that one member that made you stop in the middle of a sentence and forget what you were going to say because you got lost in the way he licked his lips. You couldn’t help but focus on him whenever you were with the boys and the fact that he seemed to be staring at your lips with lidded eyes all the time didn’t help. You were trying to tell yourself that you were imagining things because there was no way a ‘kid’ would be lusting after you and, even if he did, he was probably just confused because you were the only female he spent time with so you should back off to avoid taking advantage of him. You tried to focus on whatever the manager was telling you while the boys were practicing the new choreography but you couldn’t help to open your mouth in shock and drop your cup of coffee when you saw them, particularly him, thrusting their hips rather aggressively. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at you and all you could do was mumble an apology and start cleaning the mess you had made.

Hey, (Y/N)… it’s ok, leave it” said one of your coworkers while trying to pick up the broken cup for you while the manager lightly touched your forehead and asked you if you were feeling alright. You had to tell them you were fine at least 5 times before they stopped insisting on sending you home however you accepted to take a short break.

You practically run to the bathroom and unlocked your phone trying to find your best friend’s number.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck-“you muttered while you waited for him to pick up “Hello? Are you busy?

“Nah, this class is not very interesting- What? I’m on the phone, you shut up!… So, what’s up, princess?” He asked using that laidback voice that made you love being his friend.

“I like him. Fuck. I like him, I like him so much-“ you said sliding down the wall.

“Of course you do. I like you too” he replied.

No, not you idiot. I’m talking about Woozi!” You yelled running your hands through your hair

“Oh. Oh shit, you want to fuck your job!- What?! Ok fine, I’m leaving, you happy now?” you heard him say to someone (probably one of his classmates)

“I didn’t say anything about fucking him!” you said lowering your voice, suddenly remembering where you were.

“But you would like to, huh?” he asked.

I…yes.” You admitted with a sigh “But I can’t. He’s so young…”

He’s hot, princess. Just do it

“… Oh my god. Why are we even friends?

“I know. I’m too cool to hang out with someone like you” he said making you laugh “Am I still your prince?” you could hear him pouting.

“Of course. I’m the only one who would marry your ass when you’re still single at the age of 40” you said while the two of you laughed and you got ready to get back to work now that you were feeling better. Little did you know that someone had heard everything.


You hadn’t had enough time to visit the boys for a couple of weeks but when you showed up you gave them enough food to feed an army. Mingyu, S.coups and you were serving the food while some of the members were still taking a shower or cleaning when you noticed there was one plate missing.

“Who is not eating?” You asked suddenly getting worried as you thought that maybe one of them was sick.

“Woozi. He is going to spend the night in the studio again” Mingyu said.

“Oh. Please save some food for when he comes back them” you said trying to hide your disappointment.

“Sure but I can’t assure you he’ll eat it. He’s been dealing with a lot of stress lately so he’s been skipping his meals” S.coups sighed.

You remained silent and the boys seemed to understand how worried you were as they looked at each other and smiled.

“Why don’t you visit him and make sure he eats?” S.coups asked casually, his eyes sparkling.

“Me?” you asked surprised.

“That’s a great idea” said Mingyu, who was already packing some food for you to take away.

“I think it would be better if one of you guys go” you said and you were being serious.

“Trust me, he sees us all the time and we probably make him feel even more stressed. A visit from you would be very helpful for him”

You took the bag of food that Mingyu handed you but didn’t dare to move, still thinking that it was a bad idea.

“He really needs someone to remind him to take care of himself” Mingyu said knowing that you were about to give in “You are like our mother so I’m sure you can do it”

That was literally all it took for you to grab your coat and head to the studio.


Now that you were about to knock on the door you were feeling insecure again. This was a stupid idea. “Fuck it” you thought “I’ll just leave the food by the door and leave. He’ll find it eventually” but right when you were about to leave he opened the door and stared at you.

“You’re wearing high heels. I could hear you walking in circles all this time and it’s really annoying. Also, S.coups texted me so I knew you were coming.” he said.

You cursed under your breath and tried to keep it cool “The boys sent you some food. Make sure you take a break and eat something” you said before turning around wanting to leave the building as fast as possible.

Come in” he said taking the food.

You stood still and looked at him. You never knew what to expect from him.

I want to take my break now but when I’m alone I can’t stop working. If you’re here I can’t concentrate so I have no choice.” He explained simply.

You weren’t even sure about if it was an insult or a compliment. “He’s such an asshole” you though as you followed him into the studio anyway.

High heels off. They are giving me a headache” he ordered.

You huffed but still took them off and sat down on the floor. You decided to play a game on your phone while you waited for his stupid break to be over. Since you were here, you might as well rest a bit. He just grinned and sat down in front of you, unpacking the food.  You didn’t even get to start playing when he interrupted you.

Are you going to eat or what?” he asked

It’s your food. You eat it.”

“You haven’t eaten yet, have you? There’s plenty of food for both of us” he replied and pointed at the other pair of chopsticks that Mingyu had casually packed. Well, you were hungry so you picked them up and started eating too.

Happy?” you asked.

He just shrugged and said “Tell me about your day.”

What?” you choked.

“I’m trying to take a break here. You are supposed to distract me” he said.

You really are an asshole. Fuck you.” you said out loud, not even caring anymore.

He dropped his chopsticks and stared at you widening his eyes but then he started laughing. Wow that was something you didn’t get to see very often. And yes, you thought it was hot. You could feel yourself blushing and there was no place to hide.

I guess I am” he said still laughing “but I still want to know about your day

You couldn’t help but smile at his pretty laugh and you ended up laughing too. When you two finally calmed down, you found yourselves talking about how stressed you both were. He was putting the leftovers back into the bag and putting it away when your phone started vibrating. Your best friend was texting you.

You couldn’t help but smile as you replied to his text but when you looked up you saw Woozi staring at you. There it was: lidded eyes looking at you while he bit his lower lip. You almost dropped your phone but decided to pretend it didn’t affect you and return your attention to the screen. Your friend texted you back right in time with a really good joke and you were so focused that you didn’t notice Woozi sitting right behind you and taking your phone away. You turned around to see him looking at your phone, furrowing his eyebrows while reading your friend’s contact name out loud “My Prince”.  You heard your phone vibrating again but when you tried to reach for it, Woozi just put it behind him. You tried to turn around and were ready to fight him but he started doing something you honestly never saw coming: he was massaging your shoulders.

“W-what are you doing?” you asked suspiciously.

“You said you are stressed right? You helped me taking a break so I’m doing the same for you.

“Can you at least give me my phone b-ah!” you gasped when he rubbed your neck just right.

“Don’t you know that phones can increase the stress levels?” he whispered next to your ear.

Fine, just- mmh… don’t turn it off. He’ll get worried” you said. Instead of replying he applied more pressure and you couldn’t help the small moan that escaped your mouth.

Fuck, how are you so good at this?” you asked breathless. You didn’t even notice the phone vibrating anymore. He just chuckled while pushing your hair over your shoulder and placed a soft kiss on the back your neck. His hands felt so good that it took you some minutes to realize he was kissing and biting your neck.

Jihoon?” You started to panic. Suddenly you were aware of everything: his hands touching your lower back, his teeth nibbling your earlobe, the phone vibrating nonstop.

Relax” was his only reply before he started sucking on your neck. You moaned and tried to push him away but he groaned, hugging your waist and pulling your back closer to him.

Jihoon, y-you’re leaving a mark.” You complained but he only sucked harder. “You fucker!” you hissed when you understood he was doing it on purpose. He stopped and leaned his head on your shoulder laughing breathlessly while caressing your tummy.

It’s not funny!” you said. He remained silent for a few seconds and then kissed your shoulder sweetly.

“It wasn’t meant to be funny” he said softly but he didn’t say anything else. No explanation to his behavior. No apology. Nothing. So you violently pushed his hands away and stood up but he quickly grabbed your arm and pulled you on top of him. You were now on his lap, while he was sitting between your legs. You gave him a killer glare but he didn’t seem to be intimidated.

“If this is a joke-“ you started but he grabbed your hips and grinded you against him. You gasped as you felt how hard he was.

“Does it feel like I’m joking?” he asked looking at you straight in the eyes. You didn’t know what to say. His cock pulsating against you didn’t let you come up with an answer.

“I can’t.” You finally said.” You-“

“…am too young?” he interrupted you. You looked away. “But you like me, (Y/N). You like me a lot.” he continued while caressing your waist.

“Sorry, I don’t.” You lied. You were very convincing but he wasn’t having it.

Yes, you do.” He grinned leaning against your ear. “Remember that day you weren’t feeling well and run to the bathroom?” he kissed your jawline. “I was worried so I followed you. I couldn’t just enter the girls’ bathroom so I was going to wait for you outside…That’s when I noticed you were on the phone.” He licked your neck and your eyes widened in fear and embarrassment. You remembered that. You literally had screamed that you had a crush on Woozi. How could you be so stupid? He was now looking at your face and he seemed to find your reaction rather amusing. He bit his lower lip and asked “How long are you going to keep me waiting?”

You wanted to die of embarrassment. Maybe you should just give in? But no, your mind wouldn’t stop telling you his body was reacting this way because he has no other female around him. He’s desperate and now that he knows you like him he wants to use you to relieve stress. Now that you thought about it, it was completely normal for guys his age to have sex. You started thinking about all the other boys back in the dorms and felt sad for them. They needed to have a healthy live and that included sex, even if they didn’t have time for relationships.

“I’ll talk to the company.” you finally said and when he looked confused you added “They can probably hire some women… or men, whatever you’re into for you to do your…things” you said, mom mode activated as you reassured him “There’s no need to be ashamed, your body is changing, this is totally normal.”

He narrowed his eyes and asked “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t want to fuck another woman.”

We’ll make sure they get tested before, ok? They’ll be clean and I’m sure they will keep the secret if they get p-“ He let out a frustrated groan, grabbed the back of your head and kissed you roughly. It felt so good to finally kiss the one you liked but you still weren’t sure it was right to take advantage of his needs so you tried to push him away. He pulled you closer, his tongue deep into your mouth and started thrusting his hips lazily. You parted away, gasping for air as he repeated “I don’t want another woman. I like you. Everyone knows you drive me crazy. Now stop killing the mood and kiss me back.” He demanded.

You were thinking about how much trouble you would get into if someone found out about what was happening when he kissed you again and this time you kissed back. He moaned, finally satisfied with your reaction but wasted no time and squeezed your ass, thrusting harder.

“You look so good wearing a dress. How come you never wear one for work?” he asked casually sliding his hands under it and caressing your thighs.

“I was going to go out with a friend.” You replied kissing his neck.

“The friend who keeps texting you?” he asked and suddenly you remembered him. You quickly stopped and were about to reach for your phone when Jihoon’s hand found his way into your panties and rubbed your clit shamelessly. Your back arched.

Fuck, Jihoon. Just let me reply to his text, ok?”

I’m not stopping you, (Y/N). Am, I?” he asked innocently while rubbing faster. You tried to glare at him but you couldn’t keep your eyes open at how good his fingers felt. He rubbed even faster while looking at your face, fascinated. “Are you close?” he asked when you started shaking. You nodded while moaning and he stopped immediately.

“What the fuck?!” You asked him breathless, frustrated because how dare he making you feel this good and then stop right before your orgasm.

“You should let your friend know that you are fine.” He simply replied.  You just looked at him wondering if he was actually serious but he didn’t flinch so you just grabbed your phone and stood up, hating Jihoon more than ever. When you checked your phone you even had missed calls.

Fuck, he probably thinks I’m dead.” You said as you called him.

Hello? What the fuck is your problem, princess? I almost called the police!” your friend yelled on the other end.

“I’m so sorry, my lovely prince.” You started feeling incredibly guilty. ”I’m fine, I’m just-Wh…Oooh” you couldn’t finish the sentence as Jihoon quickly pulled your panties down and gave your clit a long lick.

“(Y/N)?” Your friend asked but you weren’t paying attention. You were trying to push Jihoon away while you angrily whispered “What the fuck are you doing?” but he looked at you straight in the eye, fucking grinned and buried his head between your legs. You let out a silent scream and started shaking as you were already close to your release thanks to all that teasing not long ago. Somehow you managed to finish the call before grabbing his hair and come in his mouth moaning loudly. He gave you one last lick and kissed your hip before pulling you back into his lap and kissing you hungrily.

How the fuck do I explain that to my friend?” you asked between kisses.

Just tell him the truth” he replied, taking his cock out of his pants and putting a condom on.

“Why do you even have one of those?”

“I’m 20 years old, of course I have one. Also I’ve been thinking of a way to be alone with you to do this. You coming to me today made it easier.” He said rubbing his dick against your entrance.

“Fuck you” you laughed.

“That’s the plan” he said sliding into you, both of you moaning. He waited a few seconds before moving slowly. You were kissing when your friend called you back.

“Answer him” Jihoon suddenly said.

No fucking way.” He thrusted into you harder and made you gasp.

If you don’t answer it, I’ll do it.” He threatened. You glared at him, refusing to pick it up. But he grabbed the phone himself and answered so you took it away from his hands, panicking.

I’m so sorry, everything is fine. I promise!” you said before he asked you anything.

“(Y/N) where even are you?”

“I…” you looked at Jihoon, who raised an eyebrow and thrusted into you. You gasped and tried to come up with an excuse quickly. “I had to head back to work. They needed me to take care of something for a photo shoot tomorrow morning” you lied. Jihoon laughed breathlessly and fucked you harder.

“What? They are assholes, you’re supposed to have the nights off” your friend replied.

I know, they are assholes.” You replied glaring at Jihoon and trying to hold back your moans. He smirked.

“(Y/N) you sound very tired. Have you thought about the job I offered you? You know my dad owns the company. Come work with us and we’ll treat you well, princess.” Your friend said worried. Jihoon furrowed his eyebrows and slowed down, looking at you confused. He had clearly heard what your friend said.

“Your offering sounds very tempting right now. I’m honestly considering it.” You said and Jihoon gave you one hard deep thrust that made you moan out loud.

“…(Y/N)?” you heard your friend’s confused voice but you couldn’t reply. Jihoon was fucking you roughly, he even looked angry.

“….Princess, are you-?” your friend didn’t get to finish his sentence because Jihoon interrupted him with an “Ooh, (Y/N) you feel so good.” Way louder than necessary. You slapped his arm, knowing what he was trying to do but he only continued. “Mmm yeah, baby. Just like that, you take me so well…Uuhh” You panicked and tried to cover his mouth with your hand but then he pounded into you with brutal force and you were the one moaning.

Oh my god, (Y/N) you are totally fucking your job!” your friend yelled before hanging up. You didn’t even have the energy to be mad at Jihoon as you felt your orgasm hitting you. Jihoon followed not long after with a low groan as he spilled into the condom. Neither of you moved. Your foreheads touching, the only sound in the studio was your breathing until Jihoon broke the silence asking “Are you going to stop working with us?”

“…If someone finds out about this, I’ll have to” you sighed. He kissed your lips softly before saying “No one needs to know. Except for your prince” he huffed.

“…He’s gay.” You told him. Jihoon didn’t say anything for a few seconds before finally whispering “Good.” And kissing you again.

I want to know you

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01. Trees - Twenty One Pilots / / 02. Holland Road - Mumford and Sons / / 03. Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk / / 04. Chasing Cars - Sleeping At Last / / 05. Winter - Daughter  / / 06. This Is Twice Now - Lydia / / 07. Always Attract - You Me At Six / / 08. Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons / / 09. Smother - Daughter

just wanted to do a playlist about these two, or their -dramatic- relationship from Karas POV.

once upon a time

I, an out lesbian, sent flowers to a straight, older woman I had a crush on. She and I had been friends for a few months, and our talks always played on light flirtation.

She called me directly the same day and literally asked, “are you trying to tell me you’re interested in being more than friends?” I asked why (all fake innocent) and she said, “a girl has never sent me flowers before.”

I confessed my attraction, she confessed her curiosity. We dated romantic styles for a good six months…

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I wish I could love you (like I used to)  ~ listen ~  © lestars

tracklist; i. sleep alone ~ two door cinema club // ii. hold onto me ~ mayday parade // iii. I don’t love you ~ my chemical romance // iv. a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me ~ fall out boy // v. fireworks ~ you me at six // vi. breezeblocks ~ alt-j // vii. is there somewhere ~ halsey // viii. the scientist ~ coldplay // ix. afraid ~ the neighbourhood // x. the rain ~ oh wonder // xi. always attract ~ you me at six // xii. where i end and you begin (the sky is falling in) ~ radiohead // xiii. not the sun ~ brand new // xiv. land locked blues ~ bright eyes // xv. angels ~ mayday parade // xvi. heart skipped a beat ~ the xx // xvii. fourth of july ~ fall out boy // xviii. doubt ~ twenty one pilots

duration: 1hr 12min (18 tracks)

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so please tell us - who is your favorite knight saber and why? and do you have any thoughts about romantic relationships between the girls? in this time of inclusive media i think if the show was made today they'd be more blunt about that.

I’ve never made any secrets about who my favorite Knight Saber is, it’s definitely Priss, even though that’s the most common fan favorite. Her physical appearance and attitude have always been attractive to me, even though I myself am nothing like her. It also doesn’t hurt that, alongside Sylia, she gets the most development in the first six episodes of the series, providing more “meat” for someone to base a favorite on. Her relationship with Sylvie continues to intrigue and sadden me to this day. No amount of character liking can make me overlook just how B.S. her being saved in Episode 6 was, however; it’s some of the most plotholed, Deus Ex Machina stuff I’ve ever seen.

I myself do not follow any romantic relationships between the Knight Sabers themselves. There just isn’t sufficient evidence to support any of it, anywhere. The closest we might get, if we were grasping, would be something between Priss and Sylia. Sylia bends the rules for Priss a fair bit during the series, and there are a few moments, particularly during Episode 6, where we see that the respect and interaction between the two of them is on a different level than with the others. But I see no romance in it. In truth, the team is like a sisterhood, which in my opinion is a better foundation for a team than any romantic entanglements. Nene is clearly treated like the youngest sister by everyone, with Sylia providing her “motherly” style advice while the others poke mild fun at her naivete. Priss and Linna are like the two middle siblings born a year apart, comfortable enough to hang out together outside of work in multiple episodes. Linna looks after her reckless junior, but it’s purely platonic or familial. Sylia is the eldest sibling, forced to maturity before her time and looking after the others, bringing wisdom for their various problems, even if she has to come up with it as she goes along. These are her family. And no, Mackie’s behavior does not imply that Sylia’s version of family comes with any other unpalatable ideas.

Do I think these relationships would change if the series was released today? I don’t think so, and I hope not. I do think the series might be more open about sexuality in general, though. Minor Spoiler: In the eight episodes of Bubblegum Crisis, we see only two instances of sex, none involving the Knight Sabers, and both of them end very badly for the male involved (the female is killed in one.) None of the main or supporting characters so much as share a kiss throughout the entire series, although there are occasional jokes about boyfriends. Kenichi Sonoda was clearly not above playing with their sexuality, as images like this make clear, but it just wasn’t an important part of the story. With more episodes and more time for development, we probably would have seen some of this–if it was relevant to any sort of story.

O C T O B E R  31st | a Jily playlist for the night they died


i. seven devils FLORENCE + THE MACHINE | ii. no end, no beginning POETS OF THE FALL | iii. good to you MARIANAS TRENCH | iv. memo YEARS AND YEARS | v. sleepsong BASTILLE | vi. bed of roses BON JOVI | vii. always attract YOU ME AT SIX | viii. glycerine BUSH | ix. salvation GABRIELLE APLIN | x. let it be THE BEATLES | xi. i will follow you into the dark DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE