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guess who just survived their last few days of hell ??? this poptart did thats who !!!

ANYWAY starter call for indies because I don’t interact with enough of you and I enjoy pain. uncapped but I probly won’t write for everyone, depending? might come to your pms and poke around a bit who knows. feel free to hmu if you got ideas or anything you’ve been thinking my pms are open :’DD

Bye Bye Brooklyn Boys (12) - version 1

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: This is just so sad. Language.

Word count: 3.284

Summary: idk what came into me - this is the first version so yes, that means there’s going to be another.

Inspired by one of my favourite songs: Give by You Me At Six. Also, if you pay attention, you an find a subtle reference to “Castle on the hill” by Ed Sheeran.

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Y'all getting offended by paramore being called the pretty one. Honestly drop it I didn’t make it and I know paramore is worth a lot more than that. Its supposed to be funny so shove your judgments up your ass and move on if it bothers you