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Shinhwa voice theater - The tale of Orpheus and Eurydice

Lee Bon [DJ]: Narrator
Hyesung [HS]: Orpheus
Junjin [JJ]: Virgin 1 / Grim reaper 1
Dongwan [DW]: Virgin 2 / Grim reaper 2
Eric [ER]: Eurydice
Minwoo [MW]: Shepherd / God of the Underworld 

(pardon my English and translation inaccuracies, if any)

DJ: Orpheus is the son of Apollo and the muse goddess Calliope. He possesses a beautiful voice. His father gives him a lyre as a present so he is holding a recital.

HS: Ding-ga ding-ga ding. Hey, come on~~~~

JJ: Oh, omo, oh. Orpheus is singing~ That dance, voice and on top of that his recital skills…it is as cool as Shinhwa. Isn’t it?

DW: Ahahahaha that’s right, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Orpheus after listening to his recital. Woah~

JJ: But what’s the use. But what’s the use. Orpheus is getting married to Eurydice…

DW: Omo seriously?! Is that the truth?!

JJ: Yes… We are all, ah, our efforts are all in vain!

DJ: However,

DW: Ah!!!

DJ: However, not long after their wedding, Eurydice caught an ugly shepherd’s eye.

MW: Eurydice~ Eurydice~ oh you are my love~

ER: You ugly shepherd?!!!

ER: I’m already married!!! Go away!!! My darling Orpheus…I’m going to tell Orpheus!!!

MW: Oh~ I don’t care~ even if there’s a lot of people watching, I’m not scared, why don’t…you just come here~

ER: Ack!!! No!!! Kyakk!!! Ack! Kik!

DJ: While running away, Eurydice got bitten by a snake and died. Orpheus who lost his wife pleaded his sadness to both the Gods and humans.

HS: Please… my pretty and sexy… Eurydice…return her back! Please God…! Minwoo yah, Dongwan ah, Eric ah! Please help me.

DW: Orpheus~! Get yourself together~!. The living should continue living~

JJ: Don’t be like that, what do you think of me? Don’t I look better than Eurydice? I don’t mind if it’s your second marriage.

HS: I don’t need that!! I’m going to the land of the dead and personally search for my wife. My Eurydice~! I can’t be with anyone else but her~!

MC: He descended to the Underworld while singing. The boatman is touched by his song and let Orpheus cross the river. He also receives permission from the keeper of the Underworld gate. Finally the God of Grim reaper too heard his heartbreaking song.

HS: Ah ling-ga ling-ga ling~ Ah ling-ga ling-ga ling~ Hey, come on~ The trapped future~. Hey, come on~ Don’t ever stop~ Hey, come on~ You should protect it now hey hey hey! Yo! Yo! Yo!

MW: (impressed) What’s that song?

JJ: Ah, yes! God of Grim reaper. That is Orpheus singing.

MW: Why is it so heartbreaking?

DW: Oh~ about that. He’s asking permission to find his wife Eurydice, that’s why his singing is so heartbreaking?!

MW: Ah… it’s so heartbreaking…! I’m touched so send his wife to the Earth.

ER: Thank you… God of Grim Reaper!!! Honey!!! I’m here!!! Orpheus!!! Oh my darling!!!

HS: No, this, am I dreaming? Oh God, thank you.

MW: But, wait, I have one condition. Until before you reach the Earth…no; until you reach the Earth, you can’t turn around to look after her.

Members, DJ: Not look after her, he can’t look at her.

HS: Yes, I understand. I will never look back.

ER: Darling,can you really not look at me? When I’m this pretty?!!!

DJ: Oh, I’m really going crazy. Seriously.

ER: Me?!!!

HS: Oh oh, of course I need to hold myself. I need to save you. 

DJ: Orpheus walks in front and the two started off the dangerous road upwards to the Earth without talking at all. But then, just as they’re about to reach the Earth,

HS: E…Eurydice, you’re behind me, right?…

ER: Of course.

HS: You’re not lying, right? Oh, beautiful my sexy~ Eurydice you’re following right behind, right?

ER: Told you so. Just wait a little bit. You can look at my prettier face as much as you like later~~!!!

HS: No, you’re saying you got prettier?

ER: Ee yap—-!!!

HS: I can’t wait! Where, where - Come here my love.

DJ: At last, Orpheus can’t hold himself back and turned around. Eurydice is dragged to the Underworld immediately. But Eurydice does not resent his husband who misses her a lot.

HS: Oh God of Hell. This is practice game. Can’t I do it again?

MW: Of course you can’t, I’m the God, are you, joking with me?

DJ: This time the boatman too, and the keeper of the Underworld gate too, cannot help Orpheus.

DW: What to do? The dejected Orpheus is sitting by the riverbank, refusing all food and drink.

JJ: That’s why, he shouldn’t have turned back…do you know how cold the grim reapers are? I think he won’t have a second chance.

DW: Orpheus~! don’t be like that. You can live with me, I’ll treat you well!

HS: No~ Go away!!!

DW: Then what about me?!

HS: I said go away!!! Ah, so annoying, seriously.

DJ: Orpheus stays away from women, and only lives in his memories. Virgin women persistently asked him for marriage but he coldly dismissed all of them. However since they are women after all, they have quite frightening prides. Some of the rejected women hold grudges and threw spears and stones at him.

JJ: I quit!! I quit!! You think there’s no guy other than you?!! Here, take this stone!!!

DW: Let us show how scary women can be when we’re angry! Here, take my spear!!!

DJ: Orpheus’s limbs were cut and his body thrown into the river. Finally, his spirit enters the land of the dead.

ER: Darling.. you should forget me and move on with your life, why are you following me?

HS: Oh~ Eurydice~ finally I can meet you. I don’t care, be it in hell, if there’s you, I’m fine with it. I love you Eurydice♥

DJ: Now, both of them finally found their happiness, strolling in the field together. Now, there’s no worries about getting punished if he looks at her so Orpheus can look at Eurydice to his heart’s contents.

Klaine one-shot - “The Boatman” (Rated PG13)

Blaine is waiting on line at the dock, ready to take a pleasant ferry ride across the water. Except, he doesn’t remember how he got there, or why he’s there, and something about the water, and the man driving the boat - a man he knows, he just doesn’t know from where - are all entirely wrong. (3855 words)

Yeah, so, this one is weird. I’ll admit it. But I’ve always been very proud of it, so I hope you guys like it. It is also a re-write, but I thought it would get everyone psyched for Halloween. xD Warning for mention of an accident, mention of blood, mention of past K*adam, flashbacks, angst, and anxiety.

Read on AO3.

A flash of red. A siren. A scream.

Blaine walks up to the dock, already crowded with people, dressed in what his mom would have called their Sunday clothes – suits and dresses and hats, the women with white gloves. A sort of strange way to be attired at the beach, but then again, so is he – dressed in his favorite mustard colored suit - so he’s really in no position to criticize. They’re all waiting for something. He’s waiting for it, too, even if, for the moment, he’s confused as to what it actually is. But the people on the dock are staring in the same general direction, so he looks that way, off the end of the short dock and over the water.

A small boat, only about the size of a row boat in length but much narrower, cuts swiftly across the water, the man standing at the bow pushing it along with a long, flat paddle. Blaine can’t see the man’s face from this distance, but he’s dressed to impress, too, in a designer blazer and slacks. That ensemble, Blaine recognizes. It’s turquoise and textured, and in a weird way, it matches Blaine’s own – not in color or style, but in sentiment. Blaine shakes his head.

That doesn’t make any sense.

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Owls & Stars - a fanmix for the interstellar love

Enchanted - Patrick Wolf // Boats & Birds - Gregory and the Hawk // Stardust - Lena // The Moon Song - Karen O  Ezra Koenig // You, Me and the Boatman - Quiet Company // Milk & Black Spiders - Foals // First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes // Such Great Heights - The Postal Service // You and I - Ingrid Michaelson // Wings - Birdy