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When You Take Me There

Genre: fluff af. like actual cotton candy i swear

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: A very in-depth confession of love from Phil to Dan based on and inspired by the song ‘Durban Skies’ by Bastille. (Written in Phil’s POV)

Warnings: tiny mention of alcohol?? slight suggestion of sex? idk it is definitely 100% SFW

a/n: this is the first ever actual good thing i’ve written in my life I hope it’s enjoyable and ik the punctuation is probably horrendous but idk who needs rules of the english language lmao. hope u all enjoy (also if you find any typos or anything pls lmk as it’s currently 4:30am and i’m like half asleep)


You are all that I’ve got to be thankful for.

Well, technically there’s a lot of things I’m thankful for. But nothing as important as you.

You. Dan Howell. The love of my life. My hopes, dreams, aspirations; my everything.

I know I want to be with you forever.

Our love incomparable, our souls inseparable. Nothing could ever break our bond, our hearts perfectly entangled together, like our fingertips on a dreaded, rainy, mid-Sunday taxi drive to the grocery store. Like our legs on a lazy Tuesday as we swear at each other playing Mario Kart. Like our bodies the first time we met, both of us shaking with nervousness and sweating like dogs. I am in love with you.

You outweigh any form of negativity I have ever come across.

You are all I need. One look at you- a glance into your beautiful, dark coffee-stained eyes, and I am at peace with all in my life. All that isn’t you, anyways. I am always at peace with you.

You are my entire life, and always have been.

I fondly remember the beginning. Vivid memories of carelessness and the feeling of newly found love. The long train rides you took to close the gap between us. All the thoughtless walks around Manchester, the cheesy coffee and cinema dates, as well as the angsty nights at my house when I secretly gave you alcohol after promising my parents I wouldn’t- and getting a bit drunk. Sometimes too drunk perhaps, which led to some out of hand things. I don’t even want to know what we did, as all I remember is one time waking up to you asleep naked on my family’s dining room table. They luckily weren’t home that week. You cried over how bad you felt, and I cheered you up by ordering Indian food and wrapping us both up on the couch in a blanket as we watched our favorite childhood cartoons. You are really something else, and I couldn’t ask for any better.

Back then I could only imagine what we would experience together.

I had no idea we, as a duo, would become at all known to the world. I didn’t think about all the lives we would change and all the places we’d go and all the amazing friends we would make. All I knew for sure was that I wanted you in my arms till the day I’d die, and to this day that is still all I live by.

I am so thankful to have you next to me in my life.

Moving to London was a major risk for us. We went through some difficult hardships career-wise, but deep down I knew it would work out. Anything can work out as long as I’m with you. Our love can conquer any and all obstacles.

I understand how you work.

Your thought process, your creative sources, how your mind works. I can tell how you feel at anytime, in any situation. Parties, events, when you’re stressing about what to do for the next scene in a video. I know that the only way you can sleep most nights is if I softly play with your fingers, and if the comforter is tucked in between your knees because you hate when your bare legs are touching under the blanket as it’s too warm and it makes you feel gross. I know you better than anyone else.

You make me feel like I can live forever.

Nothing matters when our bodies are pressed together like the waves and the shore on a humid, sunny day at dusk. You know that feeling you get when you finally fit the last piece into a puzzle you’ve been working on for weeks? That feeling of completion and relief, the satisfaction and pleasure your body experiences fitting that puzzle piece perfectly into it’s place and seeing the whole picture? That’s how I feel laying next to you. When I cover your rosy face in gentle kisses every morning and when our arms embrace every time we see each other after being apart. Maybe not exactly like that, actually. Multiply that feeling by about… infinity. The way you make me feel is simply indescribable.

You’ve made me view things from a whole new perspective.

I think back to when we first walked through town together and our hair wouldn’t stop going nuts in the wind and I kept complaining and got frustrated. Your hands reached down to mine and held on just tight enough and everything was instantly calm in my mind. You taught me how to be the best person I can be and told me everything I needed to hear and more. I am forever grateful for your impact on my life.

You are the only person I want to spend my life with.

I personally don’t think weddings are the most important part of a relationship, but I know how much you look forward to ours. I often imagine seeing your gravity-defying smile and glistening eyes of endearment as we exchange I do’s and an everlasting kiss to seal everything we’ve shared since way back when. Seeing you happy is what’s most important to me.

It’s a miracle this ever worked out and I am forever grateful.

The slightest of changes in one of our paths could’ve caused everything to be different. It’s insane to think that if I hadn’t bought that exact box of cereal that one day, I would’ve never experimented with the camera I won and started uploading to youtube when I did. Every single specific decision each of us made somehow lead to this and it’s honestly terrifying to think about how easily we could’ve never even acknowledged each other, and none of this would be happening right now. I have no words for how thankful I am that things happened the way they did.

I was always told that it wouldn’t work, but look at where we are now.

I was told not to trust you. That you were just some stranger. That you were too young and naïve, and that it wasn’t really love and that it was all just excitement. I hope they realize how wrong they were whenever they see our faces in magazines and our names in headlines. I hope they’re constantly reminded that we were different and that we made it. We made it together.

All those four am skype call sessions to the four am sunrises we’d watch from outside your family’s house to the four am netflix show binges in bed that became the only normality we know of today.

The countless amount of train rides to see each other, to the countless amount of plane rides to travel the world together. Everything is more beautiful when you’re by my side.

The hundreds of days and nights spent embraced in your arms and the hundreds and hundreds more I look forward to. You are my definition of warmth and my meaning of home and you are everything I could ever want and everything I don’t deserve and everything else that is good in the world.

You are the best person in the world. I love you so much, Dan, and I know I will love you as long as we both shall live. You complete me in every way, and you are all I’ve got to be thankful for. 


What a difference a “date” makes…

On first glance these two pics of essentially the same pose may seem to be very similar, and it’s certain that there are those out there who would like to promote that viewpoint. But are they showing the same thing, really?
No. They are not. I believe the body language in both pics is telling a very different story.
In the left hand pic we see a couple in what at first looks like a close and intimate embrace. But look a bit closer and you see the little things that speak of “guarding” and unfamiliarity. Things that put “distance” between the two embracing. The first thing to notice is that the while the woman is standing fully facing the man, which would at first glance appear to connote intimacy, but if you look closer you see the woman is not actually standing full on to the man- she is fully facing him, true, but her whole body is moved off towards his left such that only her right side is in contact with only his left side. Bar the potential for contact to his chest with her left breast no other part of either person’s truly “private” parts are in contact here. And the hunched posture of her shoulders within this embrace is very effectively minimizing even that. For the man’s part he is minimizing his contact by keeping both arms quite loose so as not to pull the woman closer and both hands are low and nearer to her waist than to her breasts and cupped to minimize contact even there too. He wears only a social smile. For all that they are standing close this is a “friend” embrace.
The second pic shows a different couple and much different body language. Both partners are standing full on to each other but have “opened” the embrace to include the camera towards which both are giving a true zygomatic smile. They are both truly happy here. The contact of their upper bodies is not blocked in any way by either partner and the woman’s breast is being pushed into the man’s chest by the tightness of both of their arms about each other, and both at chest level. And both have made a complete circle of their arms to enfold the other, tight, and with a flat hand that does not minimize contact at all. In fact both have actually interlocked their fingers, increasing the “hold”. This is not a “friend” embrace, it is an intimate one- and one that both are enjoying from the evidence given by the true smiles.
The left hand couple’s embrace, whilst at first glance appearing to be similar, is only a caricature of the right hand couple’s embrace.

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"You may have his code embedded in your soul... But if you could see what I see.. Then you would know." Damn fatal you're a poet now

XD I like to think he can speak pretty eloquently at times!

Well, if he can ever get out a proper sentence/thought, that is!

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Hey I found your blog and I gotta say it's pretty amazing! I love the way you write HC and lil drabbles about Gaara and still keeping him in character *thumbs up* On that note, how do you think his first kiss with his SO would have been like?

Thank you for your kind words! They really mean a lot to me :)

As you may probably have already guessed, Gaara’s first kiss will be like the first kiss of many others: Awkward. Because Gaara is a little romantically challenged, I don’t see him being the person to initiate the kiss, which would place the responsibility onto his SO. It’s adorable to think about, but I can see Gaara actually pulling his face away, his eyes wide, when his SO leans in for a quick peck; not because Gaara is repulsed, but because he doesn’t know what his SO is doing, and is simply making room to be able to spectate the SO’s actions.

This would only be for instances where the SO dive bombs him with it, though. I think if his SO were to ask, or even just say “I’m gonna kiss you now,” Gaara would blush furiously, perhaps avoiding looking at his partner while asking something dumb like “are you sure?” Or “but why?”

Gaara would never explicitly say “okay, kiss me,” because he’s a man of few words, and because of this, I could see his SO being a little hesitant to follow through with it due to the insecurity that perhaps Gaara doesn’t want to be kissed. This just isn’t true, though. He just isn’t certain as to why he would want to be kissed…That is until he is. Despite how clumsy, and hurried it would be, he would enjoy it, completely amazed by how good it felt; however, it still wouldn’t be enough to convince him that his SO would want to do it again, and it would be something that he would cherish secretly, assuming that it would probably never happen again. His partner would have to fix that belief by harassing him with a barrage of kisses, before the lightbulb goes off, and he realises he’s worthy of the affection.

And it’s such bullshit, too. “Restrain the dark impulses, see only the beauty.”


Wanda’s ANGRY and rightfully so. FUCK I’M ANGRY ON WANDA’S BEHALF IN LITERALLY EVERY CONTINUITY IN WHICH SHE EXISTS. If I remember right, in Evo, Wanda basically gets to just own being super pissed off, which good god, what a breath of fresh air. (And I may be misremembering, well see.) Still this just smacks the hell out of so many of my buttons.

Kids are wronged, and they’re allowed to be furious about it.

A few days ago a friend of mine saw that I was a top “we women” blog! I couldn’t even believe it! First of all being put in a category next to @2moms-0fucks is just so incredibly crazy and sweet! Because I can assure you I have not done anything nearly as amazing as this woman! They way that she inspires change and sells shirts and paintings to donate the money to a meaningful charity! Just wow! She is truly amazing! But seeing myself up on the “we women” tag for people to go and look gives me the push that I may have needed to change! It’s inspired me to speak out when I see injustice or stand up for people when normally I would keep quiet for fear of retaliation. That is what we women is about. It’s about never giving up and standing up for what is right and what you believe in! Being an example for women and spreading love and kindness in a time when it’s needed the most! I will forever believe that Tumblr made a huge mistake putting my name on that list, but I will forever be grateful as well because it’s given me a reason to speak out!

After reading that one day they might want to bring Irene Adler back to see what happens, I kept seeing a scene with her and Molly…  

Irene approaches Mycroft to call a favour he owes her so that she may finally be free to start a new life under a new name with her fiancé, Elizabeth Norton, a brilliant barrister who helped get her out of a gaol sentence. Mycroft agrees and enlists Molly’s help for his plan and Sherlock is ridiculously if silently nervous about this. When Irene, Mycroft and Sherlock  get to Bart’s, Sherlock and Mycroft have to take care of something so they leave Irene for a moment and she wanders off to the morgue on her own. Later, Sherlock follows and as he anxiously approaches the door of the morgue what he hears is the beautiful, fun-filled laughter of the two women.  He pauses, utterly confused. When he finally enters, there is no end to his awkwardness, while, as their laughter subsides, Irene and Molly continue smiling and glancing at each other. Later, as they sit alone in the car, Sherlock is still wondering about the laughter and asks Irene what they were talking about in the morgue. She looks at him with that wicked, teasing smile of hers and says: “Oh, just…you know…bodies”, as she turns away from him to look out the window, still smiling and very pleased with how uncomfortable she is making him. Cut to Sherlock’s awkward, secret panic face.


But, in fact, we know that, in there, Irene and Molly didn’t talk about him a lot at all. Irene explained what was happening, and told Molly about how she was preparing for her biggest and most frightening adventure yet, for Elizabeth. And how, at the other end of the world, under a new identity, she would go back to her old, almost forgotten passion and talent - writing music. And Molly sees this luminous woman and her electrifying eyes and she remembers how mesmerised Sherlock was back then, well of course he was. Irene asks Molly about her work and listens to Molly talk about death, and the dignity even murder victims have if you allow yourself to see it, and how she is often the last person to see them, and it is hard sometimes but it is also a gift sometimes that very few people understand. And even on the worst of days just a little sunlight up on the roof helps. And Irene listens to this slight woman speak of death and sunlight with such simple clarity and then make awkward jokes in her soft voice with a bloody liver in one hand and Irene smiles ever so slightly, she sees it now, what this woman is to Sherlock.

Finally, Irene asks how they met so Molly recounts how she had read an article he’d written on his blog about pattern recognition in bees and she posted a comment correcting a mistake he’d made. She was very particular about bees and he’d made a mistake. A small one but still. Intrigued and slightly annoyed, he arranged to meet her at Bart’s to discuss it and some time later, when he started working with the police, he recommended her to Lestrade…

At the end of the day, when their business was done, Irene and Molly shook hands, both quietly smiling and Irene was so glad she had wondered off to the morgue alone.

 (Also, slight plot twist, Molly totes wondered what a threesome would be like) 

January told me that just because a new year starts doesn’t mean a new me has to start.

February showed me that I am worthy of being loved.

March exposed me and all my worries and insecurities, and made me stronger by beating me down.

April taught me that sometimes other people see parts of yourself better than you do, but they may not always see the dark parts.

May spread me so thinly that I felt as if I were a drop of rain trying to cover an entire sidewalk.

June set me up; sometimes people are terrible, terrible creatures, and they’re willing to twist things however they need to in order to get what they want.

July presented me with an opportunity to prove that moving on doesn’t mean letting go.

August allowed me to rebuild parts of myself I thought I had lost.

September erased me; once again I would be a blank slate, and that haunted me for days.

October held me up for the world to see; I was now a part of something bigger than myself, something bigger that could make a difference.

November terrified me, showed me that out of sight did not mean out of mind, told me I was still in love even though I tried so hard to let go.

December let me know that just because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean I have to as well.

I keep seeing these posts about how sad or upsetting it is to see CHILDREN who identify as ace. So this is a friendly reminder to all my ace minors who may need to hear it today.

1. You are NOT sad, and no one has a right to be upset by your identity.
2. You do not need to explain, to an adult person or anyone else, what you consider sexual attraction, or why you think you are not experiencing it. No one has the right to ask you to question your own identity.
3. You do not need to listen to anyone trying to convince you you are probably more gay or more straight, or anyone trying to change the way you identify in any other way.
4. Asexuality is not about whether you have had or are having sex. If you self-identify as asexual, that is not you sexualizing yourself, and you are not harming yourself by taking on a label that MIGHT change in the future. and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise. 
5. You are not required to keep an open mind that your orientation may change. It MIGHT change, and if it does, i hope you can welcome and enjoy whatever you are feeling when it arrives. But you aren’t required to participate in the rituals of dating, crushes, or experimenting just to prove that it’s really NOT what you want. 

I am a firm believer in self-exploration, and obtaining self-knowledge through questioning what we know about ourselves, and the world. But the way ace kids are constantly expected to provide answers for how we are the way we are, and what it means, and how we’re really really open to being something else, is just disgusting. It does more to turn kids AWAY from relabeling or reexamining themselves.

If you’re a minor, and you ID as ace, then you’re ace. You’re not broken, or alone, you’re not wrong, and you don’t need to answer for it.

“It was hard seeing you...”

Alright so I need to talk about this part:

Because this pisses me off so bad. And you may wonder why. Well I’m going to tell you.

Because Ian had a hard time seeing Mickey in prison, he left Mickey alone to suffer by himself. But you know what, Mickey never left Ian when it was “hard”.

Do you think this wasn’t hard for Mickey:

Or this wasn’t hard?

No! It was fucking hard! It torn Mickey. But you know what he did? He did this:

So what if it was hard for Ian to see Mickey like that? Mickey needed Ian. Ian should’ve been there for him.


Opened up Critical Role-based art prompts on twitter and got “Gilmore gets a pet” and “Gilmore has a baby dragon” so I combined the two! I wasn’t sure which colour I preferred so here are both! 

some yoi fans are going to get on my nerves

Okay but there’s a part of me that’s very frustrated with yuri on ice fans.
After episode 7 came out today I’ve seen some fan girls say “if they don’t have sex now I’m going to be so mad!” and “sex is the next step!! They need to include it!!”

Like no??? I mean what makes yoi so amazing is how different it is from the stereotypical yaoi or bl that I see so often.

The relationship that yoi staff has portrayed in this show thus far is revolutionary to anime!!!
You can clearly see that yuri loves victor and that victor cares right back without throwing them into a forced and awkward sex pool. They have gentle touches, intimate moments and challenges that come with real relationships.

Unlike yaoi relationships, real relationships take time, effort and patience. It is NOT just sex!! And it may not lead to sex!!It makes me very annoyed to see that many people just expect it to automatically go to that level.

Not only that but yuri has a very accurate panic attack like moment before his performance??? That affects victor and yuri’s relationship? I MEAN HOLY SHIT!! Neither of them know what to do when it involves someone they care about and to see this is breathtaking!!

It makes me frustrated that a good portion of the fans are just watching it for the love development into sex??

I hate to break it to some of you, but real life doesn’t have those “shut the person I like up with a kiss” moments. There is insecurity, hesitance, understanding and very clear fondness for each other in the development of victuuri and I wish more people viewed this show in that perspective.

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Jumin + MC who happens to share the same name as his pet (not necessarily be Elizabeth)? Other RFA members may join in for reactions.

Hello~!! I’m not sure if this is quite what you were asking for, but I went for the humorous side of things :3

– R.I.


Yoosung: Ehh? Are you sure she’s trustworthy?

Seven: Yes yes, I’m already doing a background check on her and so far she seems wait what the- PFFT GYAHAHAHAHA

Seven: be back later omg lolololol what is this…?

Yoosung: what is what?!? Is there a funny photo of her or something? I want to see, I want to see!

Zen: OI!

Zen: Don’t invade her privacy like that! Anyways, what’s your name, mi’lady? I’m sure you have a wonderful name! Must be just as beautiful as yo-

You: Elizabeth the 3rd

Jumin: Oh, how did you know my cat’s name?

MC: What? No… that’s my name…

Yoosung: …


Jumin: …

Jumin: I see. What a wonderful name.

Yoosung: OMG!! So THAT’S what Seven’s laughing about!!

Zen: God. I hope he’s not dead from laughing

Seven: still here let me st o ppp laughinasdfkljsdfj

Yoosung: Seven’s laughing so hard he’s having trouble typing!!

You: …

Zen: Oh! No, we’re not making fun of you, I swear! It’s just… your name is really uhm, unique.

Jumin: ?

Jumin: Why would we ever make fun of her for such an elegant name?

Zen: You, shut up.



  • I’m so shocked!!
  • Her name is the same as Jumin’s cat??
  • Such a coincidence…
  • Should I laugh? But no, I don’t want to be mean, I just met her…
  • But… pfft… oh no, I can’t stop laughing
  • -silently prays to God to forgive him for being a bad kid-


  • This wonderful lady shares the same name as that Trust Fund Kid’s cat?!?
  • This must be a joke or something
  • -exits the chatroom-
  • -re-enters the chatroom-
  • I-I mean… she has a wonderful name but… Trust Fund Kid’s cat…
  • GRRR. It’s all the Trust Fund Kid’s fault for his stupid naming sense!!


  • She shares a name with the most beautiful lady in the world…
  • I wonder if she looks like Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • Hm. I must meet her at once.
  • Would she like to eat lobster…? It’s seafood, after all. Then again, it’s not fish…
  • Wait no, this is a human. Right.


  • -still dying of laughter-
  • Error 707: Reaction Unavailable
  • The Defender of Justice is currently laughing too hard. Please try again later.
Some Moana Lyrics Sentence Starters

Change pronouns as necessary!

“Sometimes the world seems against you.”
“The journey may leave a scar.”
“But scars can heal.”
“Nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you.”
“I am everything I’ve learned and more.”
“The call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me.”
“It’s like the tide; always falling and rising.”
“I wish I could be the perfect daughter.”
“See the line where the sky meets the sea?”
“ No one knows how far it goes.”
“Everything is by design.”
“What is wrong with me?”
“See the light as it shines on the sea?”
“Will I cross that line?”
“One day I’ll know.”
“I have crossed the horizon to find you.”
“I know your name.”
“They have stolen the heart from inside you.”
“This does not define you.”
“This is not who you are.”
“You know who you are.”

Plus size fashion frustration post!

Discussion- what do you hate about plus size fashion or plus size clothing in general?

For me, one of my biggest gripes is how there is apparently no sense that fat people are people who need the same types of clothes that thin people do. 

For example– jackets. it snows here, and it gets super windy. But trying to find a jacket for real winter weather in over a 3x? Good luck! (Wal-Mart, y’all. They were the only place.)

Not to mention underwear. I don’t want to see another ka-jillion skater dresses. Can I get a little variety in my bras, please? 

UGH. Plus the whole scarcity mindset- if I don’t buy this, I may never see anything like it again. The whole line could go away and we’ll never have anything like this ever again. 

It messes with your head.

What do you hate or find frustrating about fat clothes? 

One very important thing that I have learned is to stop comparing my life to others. Sometimes, my chapter 1 isn’t like her chapter 1. And more than likely my chapter 14 isn’t like her chapter 14. And I can’t compare my chapter 1 to her chapter 21. They’re all completely incomparable. Everyone has a different path that life is taking them down. Each path is filled with lessons that you can either learn and grow from or let hinder you and depress you. I have accepted my path and what is possibly in store for me, and I’ve chosen to be optimistic about it all. Because honestly, tomorrow (or any day) could be the best day of my life! I will not allow myself to be sad because my life is not moving at the pace I may want it to. There is a silver living in every day and I’ve chosen to see each one. Life is not a competition to see who has the “better” one. The only person who you should be competing with is your past self.

I fucking miss Lost Girl. That show may have been a hot smoldering ass mess more than half the time but in so many ways and in so many critical aspects of representation, it gave me exactly what I wanted -needed-to see on television. I’m craving those elements now that it’s gone. It did leave a void. I miss you, Bo Dennis.

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