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Asgardian Wedding

Request: Hi could you write a request for a Loki x reader wedding day on Asgard?

A/N: It’s wedding day here on the blog! Keep an eye out for the next imagine posted later today, which is also a wedding imagine! There was no specified gender, so I wrote the reader as genderfluid.

Warnings: None.

Word Count Total: 1081

Short Imagine #106

Title: Asgardian Wedding

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To be Mrs. Jeon

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1.7k

Thank you, For giving me this idea Jhoeflowers. Enjoy Darlings!

You’re Welcome Kathy, Don’t blush too much!


The music played daintily. It was soft, yet it filled all of our ears with the sweet sound. It was the music suit for a bride that looked like a princess about to be crowned Queen. The light from the sun shined down on the white sand and the waves crested the shore making the scene seem something unworldly. I stepped forward to walk down the aisle, with my [brother/father/best guy friend] at my side holding my arm. I looked at him and he was already looking at me with tears in his eyes. We reached the end of the aisle and he let me go to stand in front of my bridesmaids. He gave me a small smile as his hand dragged over my arm, as he let go. He gave me one last small smile as he let me go to stand in front of my fiancé. I stepped up onto the platform and met the eyes of the one I was about to be wed with. He looked down at me with a large smile upon his face. His brown hair flowing in the wind.

I sheepishly looked down with a smile on my face. A finger touched the bottom of my chin and lifted it so I would meet his eyes. “Mr. Jeon. You are Jeon Jungkook becoming the husband of (Y/n) (L/n). Do you promise to love (Y/n) (L/n) and respect her, take care of her, help her, in joyful times and in hard times, healthy times and sickness times, every day, for ever?” The minster asked. “Yes, I promise.” He responded, his satoori pronunciation very apparent. My heart beat started getting erratic. The amount of nerves my body held was obsurd. “Miss (L/n), You are (Y/n) (L/n) becoming the wife of Jeon Jungkook. Do you promise to love Jeon Jungkook and respect him, take care of him, help him, in joyful times and in hard times, healthy times and sickness times, every day, for ever?” The minister asked. “I do- I mean, Yes, I promise.” I stumbled over my words. The combo between Korean and Westerner Wedding styles was different from what I was used to. Our families giggled at my little mess up. “I Now pronounce you Husband and wife, You may kiss the bride.” The cliché words were announced and Jungkook pulled me close by the waist. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” He whispered, no evidence of ever learning the Gyeonggi dialect, in his voice. I smirked. He dipped down and his lips softly grazed mine. He pulled away slightly and smiled when I chased his lips. He chuckled and gave me a chaste kiss. Everyone started cheering. I looked out at our families and giggled, shyly hiding my face in jungkook’s chest. His chest shook with his laughing. I slowly brought my eyes up to his. “Come on, we don’t want to miss our flight, do we?” He asked. I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?” I questioned. “Where are we going?” I pressed. He just laughed. “You’ll find out soon.” He responded.

He helped me down and we went down to the aisle. We reached the end of the beach where a Limo was parked. I looked at Jungkook. “Jungkook how much did this cost?” I growled. He smiled. “The cost of money doesn’t matter when I spending on you.” He said cheekily. “You’re gonna change your mind when you look at the bill.” I mumbled. He chuckled and opened the door to the limousine. I stepped inside and sat down in the middle of it. Jungkook slipped in, to sit next to me. The door closed and the limo slowly started moving. Jungkook grabbed a bag off of the ground and opened it. He handed me a pair of clothes and pulled out another shirt. “What is this for?” I asked. He smirked and started taking off his suit. He undid the buttons to his shirt and took it off. He put on the maroon button up. He then sat back and stared at me. “What?” I snapped when he didn’t move his gaze. “I really don’t think you want to go in an airport, in that dress, As much as I do like it, you need to change.” He mused, smirking.

“I can’t change in here!” I protested. “Here I’ll help you.” He pulled me by my waist, onto his lap and he started to pull down the zipper. “Jungkook!” I scolded, trying to pull away, but he had one hand firmly placed on my stomach. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” He mumbled in the Gyeonggi dialect. I groaned. He froze. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “You know I hate when you don’t speak correctly.” I hissed. He chuckled. “Like this?” He asked lowly, in satoori. “Mhmm.” I mumbled. He pulled down the rest of the zipper and helped me slip out of the dress. He turned me to face him, still sitting in his lap. He slid the sweater over my body and helped me into the loose sweatpants. “Beautiful.” He mumbled, kissing my forehead. I grinned and leaned against his chest. He folded the discarded clothes and when he finished he relaxed against my side. The partition between us and the driver’s was slid down. “We’re here.” He said. Jungkook grinned. I looked down at my heels. This is gonna be fun…. Jungkook got out of the limo and helped me out after him. He grabbed two suitcases and a purse out of the back. He handed me the purse and started pulling the suitcases inside. I waved to the chauffeur and followed after Jungkook.

After baggage check and all that “fun” stuff, we sat down I chairs, in front of the gate where our plane was to land. I put my feet in his lap and leaned my head against the side of the chair. Jungkook’s hand started playing with the ends of my hair. He was completely entertained with the difference in texture than what he was used to. Even though this boy had gone all over the world to preform for many types of girls and guys. Wait a minute… I quickly sat up and looked over at the screen, that displayed all about our flight. Tahiti?! I turned back to Jungkook. He gave me a smile. “Tahiti?!” I whispered. “Took you long enough.” He smirked. I punched his shoulder and he pouted at me. “Do you know how expensive that is?!” I scolded. “It’s only a few million won(1 USD is equal to 1,120.21 South Korean won).” He bit his lip. “Jungkook!” I slapped his arm. “I wanted it to be special.” He mumbled. I sighed and leaned against his arm. “I don’t need all the bells and whistles to be happy.” I told him. He rubbed my arm lovingly. “Flight 08646 is now boarding.” The flight attendant announced. Jungkook stood up. “Only first class Jungkook, sit.” I urged him. He gave me an uneasy smile. “You did not.” I looked at him, jaw dropped. He pulled our boarding passes from my purse and I slowly stood up. “You are going to be the death of me.” I sighed, picking up my purse. After checking in with the flight attendants, we boarded the airplane. Jungkook allowed me to sit in the window seat. “How long are we going to be there?” I asked. “8 days.” He responded immediately. I looked at him shocked. “I love you…” he cooed, smiling. I rolled my eyes looking out the window. This is gonna be a long week.

I stepped out of the airplane and groaned at my sore body. That was 18 hours…. on a plane… with a husband, that is a living meme. He fell asleep halfway through though. It would be ok if the boy didn’t wake up 2 hours later. Then the flight attendant brought him apple juice. I repeat, Apple Juice. I am married to a child. We got our luggage out of baggage claim. We got into a taxi after converting our money to CFP Franc (1 USD is equal to 108.73 CFP Franc)(I don’t care if you wanted to know that or not, some people do). “Welcome to St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, Thank you for coming and we hope you enjoy your stay.” The lady greeted as We got out of the car. The taxi driver helped Jungkook get the bags out of the trunk. The taxi drove off as we walked inside the hotel. Jungkook walked up to the front desk and started talking to the clerk. After a minute he walked back over to me with the two cards in hand and no suitcases. He grinned at me. “You ready to go?” He asked. “Where is our stuff?” I asked. “It’s being taken to our room.” He smiled. “Ok.” I mumbled. We started strolling down the beach reminding me of what happened less than 24 hours ago. I am now officially a Jeon. That’s gonna take some getting used to. We walked all the way to our room which is a little hut type of thing. It was the size of a small house. “Jeon Jungkook, how much did this cost?” I asked stepping inside. His arms wrapped around my waist. “It doesn’t matter.” He whispered into my ear, breathily. His satoori accent sounded as if it had been a blessing from the Heavens unto me. I leaned back into his hold. “Mrs. Jeon?” He mused. “Hmm?” I responded lost in the bliss of being around him. “Do you know what newly weds do on their honeymoon?” He asked. “Hm?” I mumbled, completely oblivious to the situation about to arise. “I’ll show you.” He picked me up by the waist and carried me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. And this was the start of a very productive Honeymoon.

Not A Moment Too Soon

This is a Gillovny ficlet written as a birthday gift to one of my followers. Dearie, may your day be filled with laughter, joy and good vibes. You deserve all the best the world can give you. Keep on being awesome :) Hope you enjoy this!

P.S. This was not beta'ed.


He checked his phone again, the fifth time in less than two minutes. As if by doing it enough times he would be able to summon her presence or make her magically appear out of sheer will. Well, people do say you should never underestimate the power of thought. Or maybe he was just playing Mulder for far too long and the guy’s ideas were finally rubbing off on him.

He made a move to check his phone again when a soft, but slightly pitchy voice on his left stopped him. “Relax, dad, she’s coming.”

His daughter and son were apparently engrossed in their iPhones and those complicated apps he would never understand, but his eldest, ever the observant, picked up on his anxiety and all the fidgeting that came along with it.

“Yeah, dad, chill,” his son chimed in in his usual laid-back way.

Easier said than done, he thought. “She’s late. Fifteen minutes. Twenty three years I’ve known her and I’m yet to see her being la–”

“There she is!” His daughter pointed to the hallway, where a frantic Gillian, heels clunking with purpose against the marble floor, hurriedly approached the area David and his kids were.

His heart seemed to stop beating for a hot second while he took her all in. She looked like an angel in her two-shade cream colored knee-length dress, hair styled slightly wavy, ending in loose curls. One stunning, sexy angel, but an angel nonetheless. His angel. His safe harbor. His savior.

“I’m so, so sorry, you guys, there’s been a car accident on the main road and we got held back. Poor P is still looking for a fucking parking space,” she apologized in truly Gillian fashion, giving David a quick peck as per their usual private greeting.

“That’s okay, the important thing is that you’re here,” he stated simply, finally allowing himself to breathe normally again.

“Yeah, right,” his daughter snorted. “Dad here was about to have a coronary with each minute that passed and you weren’t here,” she teased.

“Ha-ha, very funny,” David said mockingly and pinched her side, making her yelp. Then he turned to Gillian, taking her small hand in his. “We should go now, they are waiting for us.”

“Sure, yeah. Oh, do you guys mind looking aft–”

“Go!” the kids said in unison, shooing them away.

It didn’t take too long. And for that they were extremely grateful. From the corner of their eyes they saw when their audience entered the room where the proceeding was taking place.

It was the smallest and most uncharacteristically quiet audience they’ve ever had for anything they’ve ever done publicly. But that didn’t mean the audience was less than ecstatic and enthusiastic when what had just taken place in front of them was finally over.

The moment the man in the fine grey suit announced ‘Upon the authority vested in me by the Province of British Columbia, I now pronounce you as duly married. You may kiss your bride’, that 5-member audience - ages varying from 7 to 22 years old - whistled, clapped and cheered as if it were the most fun thing they’ve ever participated in their lives.

David and Gillian wouldn’t have it in any other way. It was exactly what they had envisioned when they finally decided to go ahead with this. No official announcement, no flashy engagement ring, no fancy ceremony, no over-the-top reception, no white dresses, flower girls or bridesmaids. Just the two of them, their 23-year-old love, a marriage commissioner and the five most precious people they had in their lives.

And they couldn’t have chosen a better location for it. It didn’t take much thinking or discussion either. In their minds, there was only one place to mark the beginning of their new journey. The same place where it had all started 23 years ago.

They signed the marriage license and registration, thanked the commissioner and the witnesses, gathered their kids and left the small and low-key place they had chosen to hold the ceremony, in a quiet side of Vancouver. It was now time for a private family celebration.

The kids walked ahead of them, chatting, laughing and teasing one another, her two young boys instantly siding with his teen son. It made their hearts swell seeing how well they all got along, despite the age differences.

A few steps back, the newlyweds, hands intertwined, simple white gold bands glistening in the light of dusk, quietly but happily appreciated the scene unfolding before their eyes.

“Think they’re happy?” he asked softly, his thumb absentmindedly brushing over hers.

“Need to ask? Just look at them,” she replied smiling. “We did it right, David. By us and by them.“

He nodded. "So that means… you happy?”

She stopped suddenly, body turning to his, and kissed him softly. The love she had for this man was immeasurable and made her tingly all over. She was the happiest she’s ever been, she knew that much.

“Still need to ask?” He just shook his head and deepened the kiss, bringing her body closer. “Daviiid,” she mumbled over his lips a few seconds later. “We’re putting on a show.”

Sobering up, he straightened himself again and they resumed walking. The kids continued with their light-hearted banter ahead, completely oblivious to their parents and their latest PDA. Had they witnessed that scene there would certainly have been a collective eye roll, with a couple of ‘eeeww’ or 'gross’ thrown in between.

“So, Mrs. Duchovny,” he said teasingly, gauging her reaction. She just giggled. “No regrets? You can still plead temporary insanity and flee.”

She chuckled. “Are you fucking kidding me? After putting up with you and your shit for twenty three years? Give it up, Mr. Duchovny… you’re stuck with me.”

“Shit, I tried,” he joked.

“You’re an ass. Lucky for you, I love your sorry ass.”

“Well, and I love your ass, so we’re even.”

She laughed loudly and slapped his arm playfully. “Keep it up, Duchovny, and you can kiss your sweet honeymoon night goodbye.”

“Dammit. And here I was thinking I was getting lucky tonight. I’m even wearing my Speedo.”

“Hey, you can’t use the Speedo as a bargaining tool, it’s not fair!”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” he smiled at her, wiggling his eyebrows.

“I’ll just give you a run for your money. Just so you wait,” she threatened mischievously.

“Bring it on…Duchovny.”

“Fuck, this last name thing will take some getting used to. Remind me again how I agreed to this?”

“Well, I can be very persuasive when it involves you, a bed and making you co–”

“Oh, shut the fuck up,” she interrupted him laughing, giving his arm another slap.

“Anderson, Duchovny. Who the fuck cares? Bottom line is… I finally got the girl. She’s mine now. Officially. And I don’t care if that sounds territorial. Fuck, it most probably does. All I know is that I’m the luckiest sonofabitch in this goddamn planet,” he grinned.

“Oh, you’re sooo getting lucky tonight, sweetie.”

“See? I knew this fucking Speedo was my lucky charm.”

She awarded him with her infectious laugh, and soon his distinctive one joined the laughing party.

Could he love this woman any more? He still couldn’t believe they were actually married. Married. Jesus, how the fuck did they get here?

It didn’t matter, anyway. It took them 23 years, three official failed marriages and countless relationships to find each other again. But against all odds, here they were. And it happened exactly when they were both ready for it. Not a moment too soon.


Story inspired by this pic. Need I say more?