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The Hobbit


Imagine Thorin Choosing To Court You

For My Followers

Nerves are bubbling in your stomach as your mother braids daintily crafted metal flowers into your hair. She made the metal and gemstone flowers for you, for your coming of age ceremony. Your father and her are the kings best blacksmiths because they can craft in such detail.

“Are you ready for your party (Y/N)?” your mother inquires as she finishes your hair. You’re finally ready we’ll psychically.

A long red dress with a golden belt cling to your form and your hair is in piles of fanciful raids. You couldn’t be more with pretty.

“I believe,” you reply and gulp. At the coming of age part for dwarves they choose a craft to pursue, suitors come forward to request courting, and man gifts are given. You are most nervous about the courting part.

“My sweet daughter all will be well. You do not have to accept any requests of courtship if you do not desire to,” your mother assures and kisses your forehead.

You’re concerned no one will request to court you. You’re rather unattractive in dwarvish terms and you haven’t many friends. The only close friend you have is Bilbo Baggins a dear friend of the kings. The kings nephews are very kind to you and the king is also polite when he sees you.

“Thank you mother,” you murmur and stand up. “Now it is time for us to get going. I would not want to be late for my own party.”


Your celebration goes smoothly through you choosing your craft and opening your gifts.

The courting part came up too suddenly for you.


“If any suitors wish to come forward and offer their hand to this dwarrowdam you are invited to do so now,” you father declares through gritted teeth.

From your read felt seat in the center of the large party hall you see no one stir.

And just like that all your greatest fears are realized. Now one wants to court you.

Trying to hold back tears you flash a false smile to the crowd and fluff your skirts.

“As I thought, shall we presume the festivities?” you suggest only barely managing to keep the waver from your voice.

“Wait,” a deep voice rumbles and your heart skips a beat.

Looking up you watch the crowd part and King Thorin stroll through to stand before you.

Whispers pick up in the crowd and you flush bright red.

“King Thorin? You’ve come to my celebration? I’m honored,” you say and move to stand so you can curtsy.

“Stay seated (Y/N),” he guides and you go till. “I have come to ask if I may court you.” Thorin kneels down and presents a bejeweled jewelry box to you. With shaky hands and a horde of butterflies in your stomach you reach out to it. Opening it up you find a golden tiara with shimmering gemstones encrusted in it.

“Is that?”

“I shattered the Arkenstone to forge a crown for when you become queen of you accept my request,” he explains and the crowd gasps.

You gape at him in utter shock. You had no idea this was coming.

“I accept,” you say barely above a whisper. He doesn’t hear you so you inhale deeply. “I accept.” The grin that spreads across his face makes your stomach roll in happiness.

“Bless you (Y/N),” he breathes and embraces you. The crowd claps and cheers while your parents weep tears of joy.

“You were always so polite I just thought..” you trail off unable to think clearly.

“(Y/N) you possess a heart unlike any other and a true beauty that rivals that of the Arkenstone. Every time we met you made me feel truly young and joyful again. I’ve known from the start that you are my one,” he confesses and you can help but grin wildly.

“I’ve always wished for you to court me and now it’s real. I’m just so happy,” you admit and stand on your tippy toes to kiss his cheek.

“And I as well.”


Thorin and you court for a year before getting impatient and deciding to wed.

The crown fits you perfectly and you’re now known to be the heart of the king under the mountain.

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Lokane prompt: Underwater

Wowza sorry for the delay. Here is this little one. Enjoy! Also,apologies for the grammar, it’s almost 3am here and my eyes are staring to twitch.

Fathoms Below

The human brain can last up to six minutes without oxygen. However, even after one minute, brain cells can begin to die. At three minutes, the likelihood of serious brain damage increases. At 6 minutes, there is pretty much no return.

Jane Foster was thankful she forgot all of that important information the moment she dove head first into the dark waters.

All in all, it was a pretty shit day.

Thirty minutes prior, she along with Thor, Loki, and Banner were escaping the game arena. The plan was simple: get out without causing a scene. Of course, this was said before Thor and Doctor Banner decided to have a reunion match which crumbled much of the colosseum. Loki had explained there was a hidden cave beneath the northern walls. Once their boat reached the gate, they had to swim beneath the surface to reach it other side.

He failed to consider the fast warriors sent after them as well as the possibility of foes beneath the surface.

Now, as Jane dove deeper into the inky waters to avoid arrows whizzing by her ears, she really wanted to punch Loki again. Preferably a knock out. This time, Darcy would record it so Jane could relive the feeling over and over again.

Jane’s revenge fantasy on the God of Mischief was cut short the moment she felt something wrap around her ankle.

Adrenaline was already coursing throw her veins but a newfound fear of dying poisoned her lungs.

The appendage on her ankle yanked her body away from their surface, hanging onto her like a dead weight. Like quick sand, the harder she tried the escape, the faster she sunk.

After several seconds of struggle, Jane finally relaxed, as a prey would knowing it was already dying under the teeth of a predator. After all, Jane was a scientist, and even in dying she realized her odds.

She closed her eyes only for a moment before she felt a death grip on her right hand. Her head snapped straight by the momentum of not sinking anymore.

Jane still couldn’t see, but a flash of light hit her ankle and the feeling of her slimy friend immediately vanished. Her new friend gripping her hand pushed upward to the surface faster than humanly possible. Jane, oxygen deprived as she was, was more than happy to comply with this new trajectory.

As Jane’s face broke the surface, she realized she should have called Darcy back before she went off world. Near death experiences were not her forte. She breathed deeply, forcing her brain cells to kick back on.

“For a human,” a voice breathing deeply next to her said, “you seem to be lacking proper knowledge of oxygen deprivation.”

Jane, still heaving in air, was less than thrilled to respond to her rescuer. “For a narcissist….asshole….you don’t know….how to plan an….escape.”

She could practically hear his frown. “And you don’t know how to properly thank someone who saved your life.”

Jane’s vision finally cleared as she looked at her so called savior.

Loki was staring as her, his wet hair falling in pieces all over his face. A fresh cut from the earlier battle marked his left eyebrow. His horns were no where to be seen.

Jane narrowed her eyes. “Sorry but not really in the position to bow at the moment.”

Loki’s teeth flashed even in dim lighting. “Oh don’t worry,” Loki said as he began to swim away, “you may kneel before me once we reach the beach.”

As they both began to swam towards the rest of their escape party on shore, Jane began to wonder why the God of Mischief decided to protect and save her for a second time since knowing him.


Request : Hi can I have an imagine with Klaus that they have sex (smut please) then 6 weeks later (cause that’s how long it takes for a baby to have a heartbeat) Klaus and the reader are cuddling and that’s when he hears another heartbeat they both find out she’s pregnant and they’re ecstatic. Thanks☺

Imagine : Having sex with Klaus, and six weeks later finding out your pregnant.

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Klaus gently laid you down on the bed, smiling up at you as you giggled helplessly, your cheeks red with embarrassment. He never understood why you got embarrassed by showing your body to him. He had seen it many times before, and he fell more in love with it every time he saw it. 

“Love,” Klaus began, his smile fading slightly as he watched your chest heave in anticipation. You were partially naked in front of him, after all. Your shirt had been tossed off in the living room, where the heated make out session had started. “You are divine, as always.”

You blushed heavily under his gaze and words, nodding almost to reassure yourself. “Can you be gentle tonight?” You asked, biting your lip nervously. 

Klaus was quick to crawl over top of you, kissing your nose. “Of course,” he mumbled, looking into your eyes. “Anything for my queen.”

He kissed you again, and you savored the taste of him. He always seemed to taste of bourbon and mint, a wonderful mixture that made you feel intoxicated on him. Sometimes, if he had just been feeding, he tasted like blood which always made this kiss more heated and intense. 

Everything was slow. The way he slowly dragged your clothing off, kissing every inch of your body, mumbling incoherent praises of your beauty into your skin, you shivered. You never understood why you got nervous naked in front of him, either, seeing as he reacted the same to your body each time, whether you were getting dressed, about to make love, or he was about to fuck you hard against the kitchen counter. 

Soon, the two of your had rid each other of clothing, and his lips softly sucked upon your breasts as he spread your legs gently. His fingers glided upon your core, and you let out a soft mewl, already feeling immense pleasure. “Please don’t tease me,” you managed. “No foreplay, I just want you.”

Klaus pulled away from you breast, nodding his approval as he leaned over you, connecting your lips in a sweet, chaste kiss. He then clasped one of your hands, the other guiding his length into your womanhood, causing you to gasp, your jaw falling as he entered you slowly. His size never failed to shock you, and it always seemed to stretch you to the limits.

Slowly, Klaus guided his hips away from yours, only to push back in without fully exiting you. “Y/N,” Klaus said in a breathy voice. “I love you so much, dear.”

“I love you too,” you hummed as he kept up the slow pace, his lips slowly kissing up and down your neck. “Sometimes, I think this is better than you fucking me hard.”

“I agree,” Klaus said with a lazy smile. “I can feel all of you, and it’s easier to show you just how much I love you, my dear one.”

You blushed at him, but soon he began to hit your cervix just right, causing you to let out a girly moan as your legs clamped around his hips. “Do that again,” you panted, grasping onto his shoulders. 

“Your wish is my command,” he said with a smirk, slowly continuing his onslaught on your spot, causing you to moan and grip him with each thrust.

It wasn’t long before you released around him, crying out and arching your back into him. He grunted in your ear, his seed filling you. When your body had calmed, Klaus pulled out and kissed along your body, relaxing you further. 

But as he sat back up, you noticed that he was rock hard again. “Already?” you smirked, watching him mischievously.

“You know what your body does to me,” Klaus nearly whined. “Are you going to do something about it, or will I have to?” 

You gently pushed him onto his back, biting your lips nervously. Sure, you had given him a blowjob before, gaining some power over him, but never had you topped. You had topped with other men, but this was Klaus Mikaelson. He was the most dominate person you had ever been with. 

Klaus rose an eyebrow at you as you quickly found your courage, swinging your leg over him to straddle his hips. “What are you doing, dear?”

“Just lay back,” you instructed nervously. “I want to take care of you, because you’ve always taken care of me and I want to show you how much I appreciate that.”

Klaus laid back, grinning. “By all means,” he said in a thick accent. You nodded, using your confidence that was still there and began to grind your womanhood over his hardened length. He hissed in appreciation, his hands already coming to ghost over your hips. 

Slowly, you rose up and lined his member with your entrance, sinking down on him rather quickly. You moaned at the feeling of being so full again, immediately grinding your hips into his. 

Rocking back and forth, you placed one hand on Klaus’s chest, the other lying atop of one of his. His head was thrown back, his jaw slack as you rode him, grunting ever so often in pleasure. 

It was incredibly hot to see the powerful Klaus Mikaelson underneath you, under your mercy as you ground, circled and bounced along, easily coming to another orgasm. 

Klaus sat up to be chest to chest with you, thrusting into you slightly as an encouragement to keep going. His cock was twitching and expanding inside you, signalling he was close again. 

You pressed hot kisses along his collar bone, throwing your head back as you came, seeing white. Klaus grasped you lower back, keeping you close as he came as well, grunting and moaning into your neck as he bent forward, panting. 

“I love you,” You managed. 

“I love you too, Y/N.”


Six Weeks Later 


“Y/N! Get back here!” 

You giggled as you hopelessly ran from the hybrid, knowing that he could easily catch you. It wasn’t about him catching you, however.

Hands went around your hips, lifting you up over his shoulder. You squealed, giggling excessively as he spun, your dress being ruffled by the action. 

He set you down again, beaming. “I caught you,” he said in a childish voice.

“Only because I wished you to,” you told him, sitting down. “Sit with me, Nik.”

He obeyed immediately, laying down beside you, reaching for your hand. He gently squeezed, grinning up at you. “You know,” he began. “For a thousand years I never thought I would find someone I loved quite as much as I love you?”

You blushed, smiling down at him. “I love you too, Klaus.” 

That caused him to grin more, before he positioned himself so his head was in your lap. The two of you were silent for a while, holding hands as you looked over the river that Klaus had taken you for the day.

Suddenly, he was up, looking around. He looked confused, slightly murderous, and angry. “Nik?” you asked him, fidgeting nervously. 

“Someone else is here,” he said quietly. “I can hear their heartbeat. Stay where you are, Y/N.”

He was gone in a second, and you stood, nervously wringing your hands as you waited for him. You knew that he would keep you safe, but you couldn’t help the nervous feeling in your gut.

He came back, frowning. “I don’t understand,” he said. “There is no one there, not even an animal, but there is another heart beat besides yours.”

Suddenly, his eyes grew wide as he looked at you. “Nik?” you whispered. “You’re scarring me, what’s going on?”

“When was the last time you bled, Y/N?” he asked carefully.

You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion, before it dawned on you. “Does this mean-?” You began, but you were unable to finish your sentence as he began to stride towards you. 

“May I?” he asked, kneeling before you. You simply nodded and he pressed his ear to your stomach. You both sat silent for a moment, before Klaus looked back up at you, a complete shit-eating grin on his face. You seldom saw that look, and when you did, it was only when it was the two of you. “You are with child, Y/N.”

Tears formed in your eyes as you looked to your stomach. “We’re going to be parents?”

“I’m going to be a father,” Klaus said. Suddenly, he picked you up and was swinging you around, laughing loudly as he held you close. “Y/N, we’re going to be parents!”

He was like a child on Christmas morning, beaming proudly before kissing you passionately. “I’m going to be a mum,” you said fondly, beaming from ear to ear yourself. 

Klaus rested his hand on your stomach, you placing a hand over top of his. You looked up at each other, giggling excitedly as Klaus kissed you again.

Malec Fic: Good Boy, NC-17

So I made a post about wanting more Alec-initiated sex, and this was one of the AUs that I wanted and I guess I decided to give myself a reward *snicker* This is part 1 of Professional Dom!Alec AU :)

Warnings: BDSM, bondage, face-fucking. This part is roughly 2.7k and completely unbeta’d. It’s just for fun. 

Magnus answered the door with a wave of anxiety shadowing his excitement. Would he be good enough? Would he win Alec’s—Sir’s, he corrected himself—approval? The Dom had confirmed that Magnus’ references checked out, and had even said he was looking forward to meeting, which Magnus took with high regard as he had no idea how easily Alexander Lightwood dealt praise. He’d take what he could get.

But now, standing face to face with the Dom of his dreams, he couldn’t help but think of all the ways he might not measure up. It was in that second he realized what he was doing—looking his Dom straight in the eye—and he dropped his head in deference and shame.

He’d already fucked up and Sir hadn’t even said a word to him yet.

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Just for you. "When I first saw you in The Void I looked for a signature, because every masterpiece has one." " Do you have a name, or do all gods have pretty faces?" "I don't need a bone charm to kneel at your shrine."

I wonder just what else this silver tongue of yours is good for.  Surely not just pretty words, though they are most appreciated.  You may kneel before my shrine at anytime.