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Hello Simblr!

We can’t believe we have to make another post already. We need you all to know that we don’t condone hate or drama of any kind, and that we are here for POSITIVITY and POSITIVITY only.

If anyone has any doubts that their asks aren’t being posted, we have over 60 posts in our queue, and 90 messages in our ask box waiting to be answered. Please be patient, and remember, that our promise is to spread positivity to EVERYONE and to make sure everyone’s voice gets heard! If you don’t see your message posted after some time, it may very well be tumblr’s doing, and the ask got lost somewhere along the way. You’re always welcome to resend! If we haven’t received your message yet, we’ll post it– if we have, we will ignore the repeat.

Happy Simming!

-The Plumbob Positivity Team

I wish I had any excuse written here but I have nothing.

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us.  We’re both doing really well right now, and our relationship is stronger than ever.  Unfortunately, at this stage in our lives, we have decided to take a break from the blog.  Our page will still be up, but our queue won’t be filled.  Once in a while, we may post a picture or an update.  We want to thank all 18,550 of you for following us, and especially the few that have been with us from the beginning.  I know you all have seen us go through some rough times, but you’ve also caught mere glimpses of the amazing relationship we have.  I hope you all find what Ricky and I have one day, and we wish you luck with all that you do.

Love forever and always,

Ricky and Ryan


…..I saw him cross with a firm foot the breadth of the whole scaffold; silence, by his look alone, fifteen or twenty drums that were placed opposite to me; and in a voice so loud, that it must have been heard it the Pont Tournant, I heard him pronounce distinctly these memorable words:

‘I die innocent of all the crimes laid to my charge; I Pardon those who have occasioned my death; and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France.

He was proceeding, when a man on horseback, in the national uniform, and with a ferocious cry, ordered the drums to beat. Many voices were at the same time heard encouraging the executioners. They seemed reanimated themselves, in seizing with violence the most virtuous of Kings, they dragged him under the axe of the guillotine, which with one stroke severed his head from his body.

Memoirs of the Abbé Edgeworth: Containing His Narrative of the Last Hours of Louis XVI

                                           …Drum Roll Please…

You may or may not have heard chatter about the Team Biochem Super Secret Project…

Without further ado, we would like to announce @fyeahmeetcute, the ultimate fanblog of “Meet Cute,” the television show in @teamengineering​’s incredible fic of the same name.

We were so amazed and inspired by the creativity, talent and co-ordination that went into the fic, that we were inspired to return the favour and this is the result:

Fyeahmeetcute is your #1 source for everything Meet Cute. Over the next week (and a bit), there will be a running queue of fanworks made by various Team Biochem members that correlate with each episode of the television show. So, check back daily for new updates and a couple of surprises along the way!

We hope that you enjoy the blog as much as we’ve enjoyed making it and reading the fic that started it all.

Lots of love always @teamengineering from @teambiochem! ♡

Also, we’d like to extend an extra special shoutout to the extraordinary @amanda-rex and @mrsdecaestecker for helping us along the way. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you lovely ladies and we appreciate you both SO much!