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Barista! Bae Jinyoung

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Requested: I have at least 5 request for a college! baejin but I decided to mixed it up a bit! I will do the college! baejin once I’m done with my exams
Based off: this prompt! (@dailyau & @homohighness)
Genre: college! au + coffee shop! au + barista! au
A/N: Dedicating this to @onlyjihoons because baejin & good luck for Os bby <3 This is scheduled as my o-levels start today (i’m stressing out even while typing this T^T)! I won’t be online but all my fics have already been scheduled so see y’all soon :) 

“You are like a caramel macchiato, with your scent still sweet on my lips.”

  • Jinyoung is a barista at the coffee shop near his college
  • He is one of the hardest workers and has the longest shift which is usually right after his classes
  • A lot of people tend to request for him because he makes the best coffee
  • He is in charge of coming up with new concoctions with Seongwoo that will then be approved by Jisung
  • He has drinks like Spicy Mango Coffee that sounds weird but holy crAP IT TASTES SO GOOD
  • He is terrible at latte art though
  • His heart always comes off more like a circle and a leave looks more like a broomstick
  • But it doesn’t matter anyway as the customer’s annoyance just goes away when Jinyoung comes up to apologize as he hands the coffee
  • Cause like he looks so soft in that apron that you just can’t help be like ‘oh it’s okay’
  • His apron is also full of badges that he got from his last Disneyland Trip with fellow barista, Daehwi
  • While he does greet each customer if he works at the cashier
  • Many think he is really scary since he  is pretty much expressionless and his eyes bags are dropping his face
  • Which is a result of him staying up all night to complete his literature notes
  • But his face brights up whenever a child comes to the cafe with his parents
  • He will give free cookies to the kids or just anything in the cafe until Jisung threatens that he will deduct them from his salary
  • He tries to take the morning shift whenever he can cause that was usually the time you would arrive
  • Your books in one hand and dressed in cute yet comfortable clothing
  • You never fail to brighten his morning since you were a very memorable regular to him
  • He thought it was odd that a girl his age would enjoy hot black coffee but that was always what you ordered
  • “One black coffee, please.”
  • You cringed inwardly when those words left your mouth as you were not the biggest fan of the bitter taste of it
  • It all started when you moved in to live with your best friend
  • While college life was fun, you regret not living on campus
  • It was annoying when you had to get up for an 8am lecture and walked all the way to your college
  • While it wasn’t too far away, you were always tired from the lack of sleep and the need to walk a good 2 miles to reach to your lecture hall
  • But then again, the rent was a lot cheaper and it made you feel more independent as you will be living alone and could even affford to pay your own rent
  • It was a really good steal as it had hot water and the internet was way faster than your school’s library wifi
  • But here’s the thing
  • ….. You are terrible at anything related to cooking and making drinks
  • Your parents refused to let you in the kitchen in fear that you would actually burn the kitchen down,,,,
  • You always end up spending a lot of your money in ordering take out
  • But your morning classes at 8am desperately called for coffee or you will fall asleep since you had to stay up at night to finish your endless assignments
  • So every day you ended up drinking something that tasted like diluted paint that pretty much make you choke the mixture out 90% of the time
  • Since you constantly mess the ratio up by either pouring in too much water or having way too much milk
  • You soon decided that you did rather just pay a bit more money for decent coffee that tasted better and would actually keep you awake
  • That’s when you found the cute coffee shop near your college that one of your friends recommended you
  • It was really cosy with potted plants outside decorating the shop and a warm shade of beige clung onto the walls
  • You heard it was pretty well known but there weren’t a lot of customers when you stepped in
  • Then again, it was 8am like wtf was even awake at this ungodly hour
  • There were a lot of really pretty pictures of coffee decorating the place and a really calming song was playing
  • Marbles table filled the place and the smell of cinnamon and coffee ground instantly woke you up
  • You loved the aesthetic vibes of this place and the music soothe your worries away
  • You lined up as you checked the menu to get to the front of the queue
  • It did have a lot of options and there were a lot of cool beverages you have never heard before
  • Soon enough, you were at the front of the queue
  • “Good morning, may I know what can I get you?”
  • You looked up and oh my god
  • This barista that was serving you was extremely attractive
  • His voice resonated in your ear and wow it sounded just as nice as he looks
  • He had like chocolate brown with bangs which he somehow pulled it off and dAMN
  • That jawline, those lips and sparkling eyes you could probably stare into forever
  • Then you realized you probably spent the last 45 seconds just checking him out rather than answering him
  • Jinyoung just gave you a confused grin and chuckled
  • “Are you ready to order now?”
  • You pretty much wanted to die in embarrassment as your ears turned bright red and your eyes widen upon being caught
  • Jinyoung is also blushing at your cuteness but you didn’t notice since you were way too embarrassed to notice that you could barely look up to him
  • “J-just a … coffee. Black.”
  • You wanted to hide in a corner because you actually wanted to try the salted caramel latte
  • But you just blurted out the first thing you could think off
  • He continued having the small smile on his face cause he was usually the one stammering since he is never fully awake at this time and makes everyone repeats their orders
  • But this time he is doing fine but he isn’t too sure about you who looked like you wanted to run out of the coffee shop
  • “…. your name please?”
  • As you muttered your name while keeping your head low, Jinyoung smile grew wider
  • Your name definitely had a nice ring into it but all you wanted to do find was to dig a hole and groaned over your embarrassment
  • You grabbed your coffee and ran all the way to the college once he called your name
  • Just the sound of him saying out your name was enough to bring a blush to your er
  • You were tempted to never go back but the coffee surprisingly great
  • And they spelt your name right
  • It didn’t help that if you didn’t go this shop, no other cafes were open this early
  • Even if you weren’t a fan of black coffee
  • But it’s probably because this tasted 100 times better than your homemade diluted paint lol
  • That was how you became a regular at the shop as you went there every time you had morning classes
  • However ….. there was just one teeny tiny problem
  • Ever since that incident, it was as if you were tongue-tied around him
  • You could literally only order a black coffee if that made sense
  • I mean the black coffee wasn’t the worst but the cafe offered so many other drinks as well !!!!!!
  • You brought your best friend, Woojin over once and he couldn’t help but laughed when he saw your face green with envy as he sipped on his Chai Latte (it’s my favourite drink btw)
  • Because you only ordered black coffee since you can’t get any other words out around him?????
  • Like your mind instantly didn’t function when it came to him
  • It also didn’t help that Jinyoung was always the barista serving you whenever you came (well he purposely tried to get that shift to see you)
  • And yes Jinyoung was his name
  • You never dared to peek at his name tag but referred him as the ‘cute barista’
  • But Woojin has gotten his name immediately when he ordered his drink and told Jinyoung that the drink he had last time was really good
  • Woojin also liked to rub it in your face since he became close friends with Jihoon, who was one of the barista working the same shift with Jinyoung
  • Woojin had immediately become friends with Jihoon as they shared the same interest of dancing and playing video games
  • It didn’t even take a week for them to start meeting up for dance practice or lunch in the college
  • Coincidentally, you found out that Jinyoung was also in the same dance club as Woojin
  • While here you were still stuck with your black coffee and your mind being a mess
  • You pretty much sighed every time you threw away the coffee cup, knowing that nothing was working out
  • Jinyoung also does the same thing as he wished he could muster up the courage to talk to you
  • But everything changed when Woojin texted you that for some of his friends will joining you two for lunch at your place since their dance practice ended late
  • You were used to his friends coming to your apartment for lunch and it didn’t really matter anyways since Woojin would always order out and pay for the meal
  • But as you opened the door with your keys and your hand full of snacks you eyes widen at the sight
  • Jinyoung was not prepared when saw you as he sat on your couch while waiting for Woojin to leave his room
  • If Woojin didn’t tell you that Jinyoung was coming
  • He didn’t tell Jinyoung that the girl he had been repeatedly calling cute was also the owner of the apartment he was currently at
  • Like Woojin had actually tried to set you two up but Jinyoung kept denying, saying that he wanted to asked you out yourself
  • But a month went by and Woojin was pretty much done with you two constantly complaining about wanting to make a move to the other
  • So he came up with a plan to get you two together with the help of Jihoon
  • They were pretty much enjoying the show at the moment as Woojin introduced you with a big smirk on his face
  • Jinyoung seemed to be okay as he nodded
  • But in reality, his mind is literally going WTF THIS IS TOO SOON
  • That was when you started talking to Jinyoung as you Woojin and Jihoon left to get more snacks
  • It was pretty awkward at first but soon enough there was a conversation actually going on after you two started talking about the movie that was just released
  • Without either of you just blushing or being embarrassed
  • Your mind was going crazy when he laughed at your jokes cause WOW NOT ONLY IS HE GOOD LOOKING HE IS FUNNY & NICE AS WELL
  • You two finally got to speak to each other after months of you asking only for black coffee and him just giving you the usual greetings
  • When you go into the shop the next day, you can actually carry out a conversation with him
  • Thank the heavens that you could also stop drinking black coffee as you ordered a matcha latte
  • It felt so different when you spoke to him while ordering and both of you just smiling at each other
  • While you still visited the cafe every weekday morning
  • You were there even more frequently
  • Cause Jinyoung texted you that he was trying out a new drink and wanted you to be a taste tester
  • And like besides exchanging numbers, he will also walk you home or mostly to the coffee shop
  • While you study for your papers, he did make your drinks and gave you cookies
  • It was a lot of fun when you taste his drinks as you did make up quirky names and he did laugh at your silliness
  • But you two still don’t move past ‘being friends’ even if Woojin repeatedly pushes both of you to just confess since it was obvious that you two wanted each other
  • You didn’t dare approach the subject because what if Woojin was wrong and like Jinyoung only wanted to be friends?
  • It was the same for Jinyoung who just couldn’t trust his instincts
  • One day, there were loud knocks on your door and when you opened it
  • You were pretty much awestruck to see Jinyoung drenched in rain and …. was that a puppy???
  • He explained that he saw the puppy and was caught in the rain
  • You got him to change into Woojin’s clothes as you played with the puppy
  • But once he was done, you told him you wouldn’t mind keeping the puppy until he found the owner
  • That was when he ruffled your head at how kindhearted and thoughtful you were
  • “I really like you. Wait I mean like uhh for taking care of the puppy.”
  • When he saw your face fell from the last statement, he knew he messed up big time
  • Maybe Woojin was right and like coffee, it wasn’t wrong for him to give things a try rather than staying the same routine
  • He paused for a few minutes and took a deep breath as you seemed to want to leave
  • “Let me make it clear. I … really like you. Like you are the only reason I take the morning shift even I have to wake up at 7am and m-my earliest class is at 9am. I - I’m not allowed to get people to taste test drinks but I beg Jisung hyung to let you do it …. so i could spend more time with you.”
  • You both went completely silent for a moment
  • Jinyoung honestly thoughted you wouldn’t return his feelings and that he pretty much ruined a perfectly good friendship apart
  • until you lean it and gently press your lips on his
  • He freezes momentarily but returns back immediately as he relaxes to it
  • It was probably because you two drank a lot of coffee but it tasted like a warm cup of hot chocolate
  • But the puppy bark just broke you two apart as both you of you shared a shy smile
  • The kiss was short but it got the message through
  • Since then, you can see Jinyoung religiously practising his latte art so he can get a perfect heart for you
  • He is honestly really cheesy when he gives you your coffee cause there’s a bunch of cute nicknames on it
  • You two eventually keep the puppy and become both its owner and you two simultaneously gave it the same name
  • You guess it: Coffee
  • As the new semester starts, you two share some of the same class
  • Rather than you walking over to the cafe, he did just pass you in class
  • But it was still a routine of yours to drop by the coffee shop for the taste test
  • Does the whole milk foam kiss thing
  • The irony is that you two like to visit other cafes for dates
  • Also, low key tries to sneak you more coffee than usual and muffins whenever you come over
  • Barista! Jihoon has to stop him from looking at you every 5 seconds and start giggling and actually do his job lmao
  • He deadass gets so distracted when you are around but he always tries to deny it
  • Jinyoung: This time I really wasn’t distracted okay!!
  • Jihoon: Then how do you explain putting pumpkin spice extract in a matcha latte????
  • Jinyoung “ …. heRE”S THE THING -”
  • You wear his sweaters and hoodie in the cafes since he had to wear his uniform
  • He literally melts when he sees you with sweater paws
  • He loves cheek kisses tbh
  • He blushes such a deep shade of red when you do it
  • You are always super proud of him when his drinks get approved by Jisung and it gets to be on the menu
  • The two of you are regulars at calling takeout cause both of you can’t cook lmao
  • Cuddles with thick and warm blankets between you two
    Loves making you hot chocolate and then kisses you after that cause he thinks it makes the kiss that much sweeter
  • You love listening to him hummed in the kitchen in the mornings cause it’s so soothing and it sounds better than an ASMR video
  • “You are like …. my caffeine.”

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crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 2.06 who needs josh when you have a girl group?

“one of the smaller details that i love about this episode is the dynamic between valencia and heather, to which there’re two levels. there’s the friendship, which is just so beautiful, and then there’s the interplay of heather’s tolerance with valencia’s adaptation. valencia’s trying hard because, as we know, she’s a stranger to girl squads having had difficulty with them as a kid. she may be slow to adapt to this new scenario, but heather’s there to help her along. and she does so without judgement.” (x)

hi tumblr! I’m goin’ on a little vacay to these places called Italy and Croatia, idk you may have heard of them, but I’ll be gone for the next 2 weeks (!!!!). I’ll be checking in, obviously, but I was too lazy to set up a queue so it’ll just be a surprise. love you all xoxox

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Hi Sam. Please forgive the presumption but I wanted to share a book with you since you are interested in art theft by the Nazis in WWII. It's called "The Book Thieves: Nazi Looting of Europe's Libraries and the Race to Return a Literary Inheritance". I think the subtitle tells you about the premise. (part 1)

I wanted to share for three reasons: One, the book talks about a searchable database for the families of identified books. I thought maybe you could share with your followers in case any Jewish (or other targeted group) wanted to search to see if they could find family books. Two, I didn’t know about the book theft and I’m fairly historically aware! So, maybe others are interested. Three, the parallels between 1930s Nazi Germany and present day US and Europe.

Thank you! That is well within my wheelhouse and I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve heard much about the book looting of WWII – the art and the religious looting tends to take center stage. I’ll add it to my queue, much obliged! Queue’s getting kind of long so it may be a while, but I appreciate the suggestion!


Chapter 1, pt. 2. “Just a rose (days in the sun)”

The Enchantress showed her cruel manners in more ways than one. The trapped servants were not able to leave the walls around the castle; they were left to live with the little they had and had to learn how to cook, and clean, and harvest. That wicked witch appeared to only keep them alive so they could still suffer for all eternity, it didn’t matter in what conditions they were under.

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I wish I had any excuse written here but I have nothing.

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i had never heard of pangender being a racist gender. can you please explain how that is? i'm just a little confused on how that works (but part of that may be attributed to my not knowing the definition of pangender)

Pangender is racist because pangender means being all genders, and there are some race-specific genders and neurodivergent specific genders. No one person could ever belong to every single race or have every single disability in the world, so someone cannot identify as pangender without cultural appropriation and ableism.

-Mod Kasim

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You all may or may not have heard the big news. You all… have experienced something unique with us. You all are no strangers to the fascination that the beauty, strength, and sheer depth of water has always stirred in me, both in respect and fear, both as an artist and as a human being. When the world feels like it is crushing us, I have always embraced this fear, wielded it as my protection, harnessed that anxiety. There have been many instances of internal peril in our personal histories, but we have not yet drowned. We are still here, breathing. And, somehow, someway, miles away from home, I found love, I found a family, and I am going to be a mother. I don’t know how this will end. I couldn’t say. But I think we’re on the road to happiness. I know we are. I want to share with you something that Jessalyn encouraged me to write, now at which seems like an eternity ago, when I shared with her some of my feelings after a doctor’s visit. I’ve held it as a lantern at my darkest times. I know she’s with us, somehow, when I read it.

I know what you are facing feels insurmountable and untouchable as a challenge. Believe me, I do. I know that unending feeling of drowning and anxiety; I know how useless you feel and how helpless you feel against these struggles, both tangible and abstract. I promise you, one day this will all be absent, this will all be remedied. I know it, in the most irrational pit of my being, that one day, you will be okay. Those around you, as much as they could say for themselves and you for you, you will be okay. You will be content. You might even find happiness. I promise you this. You only need to hold on for this span. You always have been targeting it and focusing on it, whether you knew which form it would possess or not. You were always ready for this, perhaps not willing, but able. You will make this. You will achieve. You will be okay.

I don’t know why I felt the need to post this… I suppose I just felt inspired. I just feel, that in say five years’ time, we’ll be able to look back at our darkest days and smile in triumph. The de facto family, our child’s uncles, of course just as bumbling and useless, and the man I love, laughing at calamity. We will be happy.

Step-by-step guide to your first week at UoN!

Written by Hannah Redpath

1. Unpack everything straight away. Otherwise you may find yourself living out your suitcase for a week. Remember to choose your kitchen cupboards wisely as you’ll have them all year.

2. Have a cuppa with your new neighbours and get to know them. Bonus points if you have home-made treats to share.

 3. Sort out your internet connection in your room, if it’s still StudentCom be prepared to get very frustrated with them over the year. You may also need an Ethernet cable.

 4. On the Sunday before Week One go around the blocks with your flat mates and meet as many people as possible. Get names and numbers and make sure you try and find someone on your course.

5. Spend a lot of time at Freshers’ Fair, there’s loads of free food and loads of sports/societies offering taster sessions. You may find out about things you’ve never heard of before like Korfball and FlairSoc!

 6. Queue early for tickets for evening events, they’re insanely popular so sell out very quickly!

7. Have fun planning your outfit for the events, you may want to think about these before you get to uni.

8. Go to your introductory lectures, they’re very helpful and you may get handouts for the whole term.

9. Keep a good balance between being in touch with your family and spending time with your new flat mates.

10. Last but not least, have fun and make the most out of it.

The path leading to the scaffold was extremely rough and difficult to pass; the King was obliged to lean on my arm, and from the slowness with which he proceeded, I feared for a moment that his courage might fail; but what was my astonishment, when arrived at the last step, I felt that he suddenly let go my arm, and I saw him cross with a firm foot the breadth of the whole scaffold; silence, by his look alone, fifteen or twenty drums that were placed opposite to me; and in a voice so loud, that it must have been heard at the Pont Tournant, I heard him pronounce distinctly these memorable words: “I die innocent of all the crimes laid to my charge; I Pardon those who have occasioned my death; and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France.

you use the safe word - all


You groaned softly into his mouth as he pulled your bottom lip with his teeth. ‘Hm hm, baby girl, what was that?’ He smirked, pulling your body up again, after leaving a chaste kiss on you collar bone. ‘N-nothing, Ash, nothing,’ You stuttered, even though you knew he heard. ‘Didn’t I tell my princess to be quiet?’ He asked you, running his calloused tips over you cheekbone, you nodded softly. ‘What else?’ He urged, wanting you to tell him with words, obviously. ‘Spankings, Ash.’ He smirked, pulling you over his knees. ‘How many do you think you can handle?’ You softly told him ‘ten’, as he ran his rather large hands over your butt, inching closer and closer to your still covered heat. He quickly pulled his hand from you, and let it slap against your ass. ‘fifteen it is, princess.’ Another slap echoed through your room, and another, and another, soon twelve spankings were given, and you simply couldn’t handle it anymore. Your bum started to feel too rough at eight, but you decided against telling him, as he was obviously enjoying himself. ‘A-ash, stop’ You muttered, only to have him spank you again. ‘Hmm, princess, tell me you like it,’ He grinned, gently running his hands over your ass again, tears started to stream down your cheeks. ‘Ash, please’ You let out a faint sob. ‘L-lemons, as, lemons’ As soon as those words left your mouth, he pulled you straight. ‘What did you just say?’ He asked you, fear evident in his voice. ‘lemons,’ you awkwardly told him, trying to rid your eyes of the tears. ‘Are you crying? Oh my god, you’re crying aren’t you? I’m so sorry baby,’ He exclaimed, pulling you on his lap, wiping at your cheeks. ‘I’m so so sorry baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you, shit I’m horrible, I shouldn’t have gone that far-’ He rambled, but you were quick to stop him. ‘Ash, Ash! Shut up, please,’ You smiled faintly, ‘I’m fine, just like, get me something to put on.’ You smiled, ‘Yes! Yes, of course, everything for my girl,’


‘God, that feels good, do that again,’ You cried out, as Michael’s hand flew to your neck again, only slightly choking you. ‘I know it does baby, spread wider for me.’ He commanded, thrusting into you deeper. ‘Tell me that feels good, doesn’t it feel good baby?’ He asked, grabbing your hip with his free hand. The feeling in your belly started to tingle again, indicating you were growing close. ‘Mike, oh-’ You tried to tell him, but you were interrupted by a squeeze of your throat. It felt nice earlier, but breathing was harder now, way harder. You tried to tell him again, but you couldn’t get any air out of your lungs. You squirmed uncomfortably, trying to hint him at it. He did not notice, and kept thrusting, his grip on both your neck and hip tightening. ‘I-i’m gonna, I’m gonna come,’ He let out, thrusting into you a few times more, before releasing into you, while groaning loudly. His grip on your neck finally loosened, before he let go completely, collapsing onto you. He probably took your squirming and faint groans as you coming, because Michael had never stopped without getting you on your high. You immediately reached for your neck, coughing a little while rubbing the sore spots on it. ‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ His head shot up, like a lost puppy. ‘Why are you holding your neck? are you hurt?’ He sat up, staring at you. You couldn’t dare to look him in the eye, ‘I-I tried to tell you,’ You sobbed softly, ‘Tell me what, princess?’ He rubbed you back, while you sobbed into his shoulder. ‘Hamburger, Mike, hamburger,’ And as you told him that, he loud out a small cry, ‘No no no, baby, did I hurt you? You couldn’t breathe, could you? You couldn’t even tell me! I’m so sorry baby,’ He pulled you into the hug even harder, not daring nor wanting to let go. ‘It’s alright Mike, it’s all good,’


‘Let me touch you, please just let me touch you, ‘ You groaned at Calum, tugging slightly at your restraints. He had been eating you out for over an hour now, and you were surprised he hadn’t grown tired of you, nor your groans yet. You had come three times so far, but overtime he had asked you if you were still okay. You were, but it felt like this one had been building up for half a hour. You’re restraints weren’t just bugging you, they were starting to hurt your wrists, and you couldn’t stop but wonder what his hair felt like right now, and how good it must feel to run your fingers through it. He sucked on your clit again, sending you a jolt of pleasure, your body slightly cramping together, which made you tug harshly on your restraints, again. You let out a soft cry, which he heard as a moan, and his queue to suck, again. Making you tug at your wrists, again. ‘Calum, baby, stop, please,’ You groaned, your wrists aching badly. ‘No, come on, princess, one more, just one for me.’ He smiled against you, licking you with flat tongue. That made you moan slightly, your wrists may have been hurting, but you couldn’t deny the intense pleasure he was still giving you. The problem was, you knew if you were gonna come, it was going to take a while again, you had come a lot already. ‘No, calum, you don’t understand, I just- I can’t, ‘You squirmed, closing your thighs around his head, only to have him open them again. ‘Shh princess, let me take care of you. You looked to your right, noticing the small key, belonging to your cuffs. You were in no position to even reach for them in the slightest, so you were to your last resort, one you never used so far. You carefully tried to squirm his head away from you, closing your thighs again. ‘C-calum, p-pineapple,’ His head immediately shot up, as if he heard a gunshot. He reached for the key on the bedside table as fast as he could, and unlocked your cuffs. ‘B-baby, what’s wrong?’ He stuttered, you smiled faintly, he was still adorable. you held out your wrists to him, he muttered a soft ‘oh god’, before feverishly kissing them. “You know how sorry I am, right baby girl? I’m so so SO sorry,’ He muttered, holding your wrists to his chest. ‘I know, Cal’ You hummed. ‘It was good though,’ You smirked, which he returned. ‘It was was’t it? I knew it would be,’


Groans filled you and Luke’s shared bedroom. He panted harshly, and softly bit down on you shoulder to try and muffle his obvious moans. You, in contrast, didn’t hide any pleasure, and was sure to have your neighbors know Luke’s name by tomorrow morning. ‘L-luke, deeper, please-’ You muttered, grabbing at his shoulders to get him closer to you. His skin slapped harshly against yours, while he was trying to pull your hips closer to his. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in almost two months, so you wanted to make it not only pleasurable, but also very, very memorable. Your nails raked down his back, painfully slow. Meanwhile, he bit down harder, still trying to get you desperately close. Suddenly he let go of your shoulder and hips, and took ahold of both your legs, still thrusting into you. He pulled your legs up, like he did once before, and laid them on his shoulders, it was’t too uncomfortable, but nothing you couldn’t handle. With your legs on his shoulder, Luke got a whole new angle to thrust, and was eager to do so. Maybe even a little too eager, as he still tried to keep you close. He bent over, kissing your neck carefully. This was weet, but made your body bent in a strange, rather uncomfortable way. Your legs started burning, and you felt a harsh cramp fill your right leg. He kept on thrusting into you mercilessly, and panting like the world depended on it. You raked your fingers down his back again, hoping it’d make him change positions, but unfortunately, it didn’t. “L-Luke, baby’ You mumbled, still holding onto his shoulder for dear life. ‘I’m, I’m not-’ You tried, but couldn’t find the right words. You only knew one at that exact moment, which was ‘Tangerine’. He stopped his actions, not thrusting for a mere second longer, and pulled out. ‘You okay, baby?’ He asked, running his hands across your jaw lovingly. ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you- That’s what I did right? I hurt you, right?’ he nervously rambled. ‘No, no, Luke you din’t really hurt me-’ His eyes widened. ‘Don’t sugarcoat it! ‘didn’t really’ is bullshit! How much did it hurt? I’m so sorry-’ You shushed him without missing a single heartbeat. ‘You didn’t hurt me, I was just extremely uncomfortable, I felt like a pretzel, Luke.’ You giggled softly. ‘Oh.. Oh okay, you alright now?’ He sighed, ridding himself of his nervousness. ‘Hm hmm, I sure am, babe.’ You smiled, kissing his cheek, trailing down his torso, peppering every inch with a kiss. You slung your arms lazily around his neck. ‘Can we name that position, ‘the pretzel’?’ He chuckled softly at you statement. ‘Sure babe,’ He kissed your slightly chapped lips, which he found tasting like minty gum and a faint trace of peaches evident on them. ‘Ready for a round two?’ You giggled, pulling him down with you. ‘As long as we don’t go for the pretzel again,’ You let out a squawk as he pinched your side, ‘Deal.’

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Hello Simblr!

We can’t believe we have to make another post already. We need you all to know that we don’t condone hate or drama of any kind, and that we are here for POSITIVITY and POSITIVITY only.

If anyone has any doubts that their asks aren’t being posted, we have over 60 posts in our queue, and 90 messages in our ask box waiting to be answered. Please be patient, and remember, that our promise is to spread positivity to EVERYONE and to make sure everyone’s voice gets heard! If you don’t see your message posted after some time, it may very well be tumblr’s doing, and the ask got lost somewhere along the way. You’re always welcome to resend! If we haven’t received your message yet, we’ll post it– if we have, we will ignore the repeat.

Happy Simming!

-The Plumbob Positivity Team

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us.  We’re both doing really well right now, and our relationship is stronger than ever.  Unfortunately, at this stage in our lives, we have decided to take a break from the blog.  Our page will still be up, but our queue won’t be filled.  Once in a while, we may post a picture or an update.  We want to thank all 18,550 of you for following us, and especially the few that have been with us from the beginning.  I know you all have seen us go through some rough times, but you’ve also caught mere glimpses of the amazing relationship we have.  I hope you all find what Ricky and I have one day, and we wish you luck with all that you do.

Love forever and always,

Ricky and Ryan


So I was quite inspired by @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s prompt Surprise, so I wrote this little ficlet.

Fitz had planned the perfect proposal, however he was never to good at keeping secrets. Could Jemma’s suspicions ruin the surprise?

Read below the cut or on ao3

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                                           …Drum Roll Please…

You may or may not have heard chatter about the Team Biochem Super Secret Project…

Without further ado, we would like to announce @fyeahmeetcute, the ultimate fanblog of “Meet Cute,” the television show in @teamengineering​’s incredible fic of the same name.

We were so amazed and inspired by the creativity, talent and co-ordination that went into the fic, that we were inspired to return the favour and this is the result:

Fyeahmeetcute is your #1 source for everything Meet Cute. Over the next week (and a bit), there will be a running queue of fanworks made by various Team Biochem members that correlate with each episode of the television show. So, check back daily for new updates and a couple of surprises along the way!

We hope that you enjoy the blog as much as we’ve enjoyed making it and reading the fic that started it all.

Lots of love always @teamengineering from @teambiochem! ♡

Also, we’d like to extend an extra special shoutout to the extraordinary @amanda-rex and @mrsdecaestecker for helping us along the way. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you lovely ladies and we appreciate you both SO much!