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Hi Sam. Please forgive the presumption but I wanted to share a book with you since you are interested in art theft by the Nazis in WWII. It's called "The Book Thieves: Nazi Looting of Europe's Libraries and the Race to Return a Literary Inheritance". I think the subtitle tells you about the premise. (part 1)

I wanted to share for three reasons: One, the book talks about a searchable database for the families of identified books. I thought maybe you could share with your followers in case any Jewish (or other targeted group) wanted to search to see if they could find family books. Two, I didn’t know about the book theft and I’m fairly historically aware! So, maybe others are interested. Three, the parallels between 1930s Nazi Germany and present day US and Europe.

Thank you! That is well within my wheelhouse and I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve heard much about the book looting of WWII – the art and the religious looting tends to take center stage. I’ll add it to my queue, much obliged! Queue’s getting kind of long so it may be a while, but I appreciate the suggestion!


Chapter 1, pt. 2. “Just a rose (days in the sun)”

The Enchantress showed her cruel manners in more ways than one. The trapped servants were not able to leave the walls around the castle; they were left to live with the little they had and had to learn how to cook, and clean, and harvest. That wicked witch appeared to only keep them alive so they could still suffer for all eternity, it didn’t matter in what conditions they were under.

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You all created extraordinary works, and we’re so grateful that you took part in our exchange!

As the deadline has closed, all gifts should have been posted. We’re currently reblogging all the gifts in addition to our normally scheduled queue. Enjoy ♥

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what makes brent a bad dude? I've only ever heard you call him bad but I have no clue why (to be fair I don't know anything about brent ad I'm in no way defending whatever he's done)

I’m not the only one who thinks Brent is a bad guy but I may be the only one who is vocal about it. Other people had been on his case but they rescinded their opinions either because they got close to certain grumps or because Brent interacts with them, but it doesn’t change that from what I have personally seen and heard and had happen he is not a good person. I don’t really care objectively if I am the only one who thinks so, but he is shit. 

Send me an off-anon ask and I’ll fill you in. 

So some people may have heard about posts with hyperlinks getting excluded from searches on this site.

To help combat this I want to try something. If any content creators out there want to you are now able to submit content on my submit page. This includes links, submitted links that fall in line with what i queue up (no NSFW stuff and nothing that you didn’t actually create) I will gladly reblog it. Who knows? If other, larger fan blogs do this maybe it’ll help a bit.

I wish I had any excuse written here but I have nothing.

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Relationship status: Taken!

Fave color(s): Orange

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Last song I heard: Centuries (I’m in Fall Out Boy mode rn)

Last movie I watched: Uh… I think it was Nine Lives back during Christmas break… I have not seen a movie recently :o

Books I am currently reading: Not anything for school, but there’s this book called “Lying Out Loud’ that I’m starting up on :p

Tags? Erm… I don’t think I should xD Y’all can do this if ya want :D

The path leading to the scaffold was extremely rough and difficult to pass; the King was obliged to lean on my arm, and from the slowness with which he proceeded, I feared for a moment that his courage might fail; but what was my astonishment, when arrived at the last step, I felt that he suddenly let go my arm, and I saw him cross with a firm foot the breadth of the whole scaffold; silence, by his look alone, fifteen or twenty drums that were placed opposite to me; and in a voice so loud, that it must have been heard at the Pont Tournant, I heard him pronounce distinctly these memorable words: “I die innocent of all the crimes laid to my charge; I Pardon those who have occasioned my death; and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France.

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You all may or may not have heard the big news. You all… have experienced something unique with us. You all are no strangers to the fascination that the beauty, strength, and sheer depth of water has always stirred in me, both in respect and fear, both as an artist and as a human being. When the world feels like it is crushing us, I have always embraced this fear, wielded it as my protection, harnessed that anxiety. There have been many instances of internal peril in our personal histories, but we have not yet drowned. We are still here, breathing. And, somehow, someway, miles away from home, I found love, I found a family, and I am going to be a mother. I don’t know how this will end. I couldn’t say. But I think we’re on the road to happiness. I know we are. I want to share with you something that Jessalyn encouraged me to write, now at which seems like an eternity ago, when I shared with her some of my feelings after a doctor’s visit. I’ve held it as a lantern at my darkest times. I know she’s with us, somehow, when I read it.

I know what you are facing feels insurmountable and untouchable as a challenge. Believe me, I do. I know that unending feeling of drowning and anxiety; I know how useless you feel and how helpless you feel against these struggles, both tangible and abstract. I promise you, one day this will all be absent, this will all be remedied. I know it, in the most irrational pit of my being, that one day, you will be okay. Those around you, as much as they could say for themselves and you for you, you will be okay. You will be content. You might even find happiness. I promise you this. You only need to hold on for this span. You always have been targeting it and focusing on it, whether you knew which form it would possess or not. You were always ready for this, perhaps not willing, but able. You will make this. You will achieve. You will be okay.

I don’t know why I felt the need to post this… I suppose I just felt inspired. I just feel, that in say five years’ time, we’ll be able to look back at our darkest days and smile in triumph. The de facto family, our child’s uncles, of course just as bumbling and useless, and the man I love, laughing at calamity. We will be happy.

you use the safe word - all


You groaned softly into his mouth as he pulled your bottom lip with his teeth. ‘Hm hm, baby girl, what was that?’ He smirked, pulling your body up again, after leaving a chaste kiss on you collar bone. ‘N-nothing, Ash, nothing,’ You stuttered, even though you knew he heard. ‘Didn’t I tell my princess to be quiet?’ He asked you, running his calloused tips over you cheekbone, you nodded softly. ‘What else?’ He urged, wanting you to tell him with words, obviously. ‘Spankings, Ash.’ He smirked, pulling you over his knees. ‘How many do you think you can handle?’ You softly told him ‘ten’, as he ran his rather large hands over your butt, inching closer and closer to your still covered heat. He quickly pulled his hand from you, and let it slap against your ass. ‘fifteen it is, princess.’ Another slap echoed through your room, and another, and another, soon twelve spankings were given, and you simply couldn’t handle it anymore. Your bum started to feel too rough at eight, but you decided against telling him, as he was obviously enjoying himself. ‘A-ash, stop’ You muttered, only to have him spank you again. ‘Hmm, princess, tell me you like it,’ He grinned, gently running his hands over your ass again, tears started to stream down your cheeks. ‘Ash, please’ You let out a faint sob. ‘L-lemons, as, lemons’ As soon as those words left your mouth, he pulled you straight. ‘What did you just say?’ He asked you, fear evident in his voice. ‘lemons,’ you awkwardly told him, trying to rid your eyes of the tears. ‘Are you crying? Oh my god, you’re crying aren’t you? I’m so sorry baby,’ He exclaimed, pulling you on his lap, wiping at your cheeks. ‘I’m so so sorry baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you, shit I’m horrible, I shouldn’t have gone that far-’ He rambled, but you were quick to stop him. ‘Ash, Ash! Shut up, please,’ You smiled faintly, ‘I’m fine, just like, get me something to put on.’ You smiled, ‘Yes! Yes, of course, everything for my girl,’


‘God, that feels good, do that again,’ You cried out, as Michael’s hand flew to your neck again, only slightly choking you. ‘I know it does baby, spread wider for me.’ He commanded, thrusting into you deeper. ‘Tell me that feels good, doesn’t it feel good baby?’ He asked, grabbing your hip with his free hand. The feeling in your belly started to tingle again, indicating you were growing close. ‘Mike, oh-’ You tried to tell him, but you were interrupted by a squeeze of your throat. It felt nice earlier, but breathing was harder now, way harder. You tried to tell him again, but you couldn’t get any air out of your lungs. You squirmed uncomfortably, trying to hint him at it. He did not notice, and kept thrusting, his grip on both your neck and hip tightening. ‘I-i’m gonna, I’m gonna come,’ He let out, thrusting into you a few times more, before releasing into you, while groaning loudly. His grip on your neck finally loosened, before he let go completely, collapsing onto you. He probably took your squirming and faint groans as you coming, because Michael had never stopped without getting you on your high. You immediately reached for your neck, coughing a little while rubbing the sore spots on it. ‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ His head shot up, like a lost puppy. ‘Why are you holding your neck? are you hurt?’ He sat up, staring at you. You couldn’t dare to look him in the eye, ‘I-I tried to tell you,’ You sobbed softly, ‘Tell me what, princess?’ He rubbed you back, while you sobbed into his shoulder. ‘Hamburger, Mike, hamburger,’ And as you told him that, he loud out a small cry, ‘No no no, baby, did I hurt you? You couldn’t breathe, could you? You couldn’t even tell me! I’m so sorry baby,’ He pulled you into the hug even harder, not daring nor wanting to let go. ‘It’s alright Mike, it’s all good,’


‘Let me touch you, please just let me touch you, ‘ You groaned at Calum, tugging slightly at your restraints. He had been eating you out for over an hour now, and you were surprised he hadn’t grown tired of you, nor your groans yet. You had come three times so far, but overtime he had asked you if you were still okay. You were, but it felt like this one had been building up for half a hour. You’re restraints weren’t just bugging you, they were starting to hurt your wrists, and you couldn’t stop but wonder what his hair felt like right now, and how good it must feel to run your fingers through it. He sucked on your clit again, sending you a jolt of pleasure, your body slightly cramping together, which made you tug harshly on your restraints, again. You let out a soft cry, which he heard as a moan, and his queue to suck, again. Making you tug at your wrists, again. ‘Calum, baby, stop, please,’ You groaned, your wrists aching badly. ‘No, come on, princess, one more, just one for me.’ He smiled against you, licking you with flat tongue. That made you moan slightly, your wrists may have been hurting, but you couldn’t deny the intense pleasure he was still giving you. The problem was, you knew if you were gonna come, it was going to take a while again, you had come a lot already. ‘No, calum, you don’t understand, I just- I can’t, ‘You squirmed, closing your thighs around his head, only to have him open them again. ‘Shh princess, let me take care of you. You looked to your right, noticing the small key, belonging to your cuffs. You were in no position to even reach for them in the slightest, so you were to your last resort, one you never used so far. You carefully tried to squirm his head away from you, closing your thighs again. ‘C-calum, p-pineapple,’ His head immediately shot up, as if he heard a gunshot. He reached for the key on the bedside table as fast as he could, and unlocked your cuffs. ‘B-baby, what’s wrong?’ He stuttered, you smiled faintly, he was still adorable. you held out your wrists to him, he muttered a soft ‘oh god’, before feverishly kissing them. “You know how sorry I am, right baby girl? I’m so so SO sorry,’ He muttered, holding your wrists to his chest. ‘I know, Cal’ You hummed. ‘It was good though,’ You smirked, which he returned. ‘It was was’t it? I knew it would be,’


Groans filled you and Luke’s shared bedroom. He panted harshly, and softly bit down on you shoulder to try and muffle his obvious moans. You, in contrast, didn’t hide any pleasure, and was sure to have your neighbors know Luke’s name by tomorrow morning. ‘L-luke, deeper, please-’ You muttered, grabbing at his shoulders to get him closer to you. His skin slapped harshly against yours, while he was trying to pull your hips closer to his. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in almost two months, so you wanted to make it not only pleasurable, but also very, very memorable. Your nails raked down his back, painfully slow. Meanwhile, he bit down harder, still trying to get you desperately close. Suddenly he let go of your shoulder and hips, and took ahold of both your legs, still thrusting into you. He pulled your legs up, like he did once before, and laid them on his shoulders, it was’t too uncomfortable, but nothing you couldn’t handle. With your legs on his shoulder, Luke got a whole new angle to thrust, and was eager to do so. Maybe even a little too eager, as he still tried to keep you close. He bent over, kissing your neck carefully. This was weet, but made your body bent in a strange, rather uncomfortable way. Your legs started burning, and you felt a harsh cramp fill your right leg. He kept on thrusting into you mercilessly, and panting like the world depended on it. You raked your fingers down his back again, hoping it’d make him change positions, but unfortunately, it didn’t. “L-Luke, baby’ You mumbled, still holding onto his shoulder for dear life. ‘I’m, I’m not-’ You tried, but couldn’t find the right words. You only knew one at that exact moment, which was ‘Tangerine’. He stopped his actions, not thrusting for a mere second longer, and pulled out. ‘You okay, baby?’ He asked, running his hands across your jaw lovingly. ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you- That’s what I did right? I hurt you, right?’ he nervously rambled. ‘No, no, Luke you din’t really hurt me-’ His eyes widened. ‘Don’t sugarcoat it! ‘didn’t really’ is bullshit! How much did it hurt? I’m so sorry-’ You shushed him without missing a single heartbeat. ‘You didn’t hurt me, I was just extremely uncomfortable, I felt like a pretzel, Luke.’ You giggled softly. ‘Oh.. Oh okay, you alright now?’ He sighed, ridding himself of his nervousness. ‘Hm hmm, I sure am, babe.’ You smiled, kissing his cheek, trailing down his torso, peppering every inch with a kiss. You slung your arms lazily around his neck. ‘Can we name that position, ‘the pretzel’?’ He chuckled softly at you statement. ‘Sure babe,’ He kissed your slightly chapped lips, which he found tasting like minty gum and a faint trace of peaches evident on them. ‘Ready for a round two?’ You giggled, pulling him down with you. ‘As long as we don’t go for the pretzel again,’ You let out a squawk as he pinched your side, ‘Deal.’

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Hello Simblr!

We can’t believe we have to make another post already. We need you all to know that we don’t condone hate or drama of any kind, and that we are here for POSITIVITY and POSITIVITY only.

If anyone has any doubts that their asks aren’t being posted, we have over 60 posts in our queue, and 90 messages in our ask box waiting to be answered. Please be patient, and remember, that our promise is to spread positivity to EVERYONE and to make sure everyone’s voice gets heard! If you don’t see your message posted after some time, it may very well be tumblr’s doing, and the ask got lost somewhere along the way. You’re always welcome to resend! If we haven’t received your message yet, we’ll post it– if we have, we will ignore the repeat.

Happy Simming!

-The Plumbob Positivity Team

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us.  We’re both doing really well right now, and our relationship is stronger than ever.  Unfortunately, at this stage in our lives, we have decided to take a break from the blog.  Our page will still be up, but our queue won’t be filled.  Once in a while, we may post a picture or an update.  We want to thank all 18,550 of you for following us, and especially the few that have been with us from the beginning.  I know you all have seen us go through some rough times, but you’ve also caught mere glimpses of the amazing relationship we have.  I hope you all find what Ricky and I have one day, and we wish you luck with all that you do.

Love forever and always,

Ricky and Ryan


So I was quite inspired by @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s prompt Surprise, so I wrote this little ficlet.

Fitz had planned the perfect proposal, however he was never to good at keeping secrets. Could Jemma’s suspicions ruin the surprise?

Read below the cut or on ao3

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                                           …Drum Roll Please…

You may or may not have heard chatter about the Team Biochem Super Secret Project…

Without further ado, we would like to announce @fyeahmeetcute, the ultimate fanblog of “Meet Cute,” the television show in @teamengineering​’s incredible fic of the same name.

We were so amazed and inspired by the creativity, talent and co-ordination that went into the fic, that we were inspired to return the favour and this is the result:

Fyeahmeetcute is your #1 source for everything Meet Cute. Over the next week (and a bit), there will be a running queue of fanworks made by various Team Biochem members that correlate with each episode of the television show. So, check back daily for new updates and a couple of surprises along the way!

We hope that you enjoy the blog as much as we’ve enjoyed making it and reading the fic that started it all.

Lots of love always @teamengineering from @teambiochem! ♡

Also, we’d like to extend an extra special shoutout to the extraordinary @amanda-rex and @mrsdecaestecker for helping us along the way. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you lovely ladies and we appreciate you both SO much!