you may find yourself in a beautiful house

Encouragement for 12th house placements

Sun in 12th House: Keep doing what you love, and you’ll find yourself soon.

Moon in 12th House: People are here for you and are ready to help you. It’s perfectly okay to express how you feel. 

Mercury in 12th House: What you have to say DOES matter to people. 

Venus in 12th House: You are loved in so many ways. True companionship isn’t the same as romance and sex, and it may be right under your nose right now.

Mars in 12th House: You can find inner peace if you look in the right places. 

Jupiter in 12th House: Your smile brightens everyone’s day. It’s okay to be sad when you need to, though.

Saturn in 12th House: You’re not a drag. You are helping people much more than you give yourself credit for. 

Uranus in 12th House: You have it in you to inspire the changes in the world that you want to see.

Neptune in 12th House: You have so many beautiful ideas just below the surface, and the world will be so lucky to hear them one day. 

Pluto in 12th House: You have grown so much in your lifetime. Give yourself credit for that!

Hidden Enemies in the 12th house

Please Note: I don’t want this post to scare anyone. This is just a method I am trying out. Astrology shows us potentials, but it doesn’t have to be the end all truth.

A “dispositor” is the planet that rules the sign that another planet is in. For example, Venus would be the dispositor for Mars in Taurus. Jupiter and Neptune would both be dispositors of Saturn in Pisces.

Mars traditionally ruled Scorpio before Pluto was discovered by Percival Lowell.

Saturn traditionally ruled Aquarius before Uranus was discovered by William Herschel.

Jupiter traditionally ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered (I’ve heard it is debatable who truly discovered Neptune first.)

Sun’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Your father isn’t always thinking about what’s best for you. Your father might have been selfish in ways that were hurtful to you. You learn to be a better person and not fall into his behavioral patterns.

Moon’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Your mother didn’t always raise you with your best interests in mind. Your mother might have been selfish and made you feel victimized. As you do your “shadow work”, you transcend any awful experiences, instead of allowing them to affect how you treat other people.

Mercury’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Your siblings made you feel like you didn’t measure up. Watch our for young people who may try to manipulate you. Your mind can tap into the collective to gain inspiration if you ease your mind to be open to the universe.

Venus’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Women may try to manipulate you. Lovers make you feel victimized, and you’re meant to have relationships that bring out deep emotions. You gain appreciation for the beauty of the universe as you allow yourself to grow from tough relationships, releasing pettiness, grudges, and old heartbreaks.

Mars’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Men may make you feel victimized and it is up to you to find your own power. Something always seems to hold you back from feeling motivated and following thru with tasks, but as you do your “shadow work” and heal your inner world, you sabotage yourself less and you become more powerful. You are learning to move forward and fight for what is right in the most effective way, after you identify what drains your energy and the way of life that is best for you.

Jupiter’s dispositor is in the 12th house: Teachers, gurus, leaders, and healers might not be as grand as they seem. There are many psychics who con people out of their money, by making the client feel scared, so that they come back to them for more “healing” or advice. There is a huge grey area between genuine psychics/healers/gurus/teachers that truly help people, and the ones who kinda sorta help, but make the person/client feel invalidated, all the way down to “snake oil salesmen” who cold read people, and catch onto their desires. There are “gurus” and people claiming to be on a spiritual path who influence women to get in bed with them. Just watch out for leaders who don’t have your best interest in mind. Find your own truth, you are your own guru!

Saturn’s dispositor in the 12th house: Authority figures, people much older than you, bosses, your father, elderly family members, etc. may not have your best interest in mind. It may be tempting to ask for advice from someone you admire, but you might be inviting them to criticize you.  I had it happen to me where I had someone blame me for my “mistakes” without even listening to my whole story and how things came to happen. Remember that elderly people can be full of wisdom, but they can also be stuck to principles/ideas that do not work for everyone. Sometimes people who are older could be so stuck to their opinions that they refuse to be receptive to a young person. Find the wise crone within you and be very careful about revealing parts of your life to authority figures and elders.

Uranus’s dispositor in the 12th house: Rebels, badasses, geniuses, etc. might not be the best influences in your life, they could be manipulative, or lead to your own self undoing. Find the wildness within you and embrace it! Accept the parts of you that stray from the norm, as they lead you to your brilliance.

Neptune’s dispositor in the 12th house: Your desire for escapism can become a self-undoing. This is another case where a person could be prone to snake oil salesmen, as well as gurus, and psychics who cause damage to a client/student/follower without owning up to it. When a healer or psychic gives a session and says something inappropriate or damaging, and the client calls them out/stands up for themselves, the healer might say something like, “Ask yourself why that hurt so that your healing process can start”, instead of holding themselves accountable for saying something inaccurate/uncalled for. Over the course of my life, I’ve had over a dozen psychic readings, (maybe a lot more than that) some left me feeling invalidated, and some were wonderful. Choose wisely who you allow to read for you ;). Neptune is full of deception… Psychics are ruled by Neptune, perhaps therapists could be as well. Clients come to these people in their weakest hour, and sometimes they get taken advantage of.

Side note: if a psychic, astrologer, teacher, guru, healer, etc. actually cares about whether you are satisfied with your reading/session, that’s a good sign. Many healers will mirror any dissatisfaction back to the client, making the client feel like it is their fault, I’ve heard of this happening. Some psychics will insist they are correct about what they perceive about someone’s life, instead of accepting it when the client tells them they’re wrong. I absolutely love the metaphysical community, but it comes with just as much deception as it does wisdom.

Pluto’s dispositor in the 12th house: Someone who you perceive as magnetic, seductive, and influential might actually be self serving, or just not that great of a person for you to associate with. For example, maybe you have Pluto in Sagittarius, the dispositor would be Jupiter, then maybe you have Jupiter in the 12th. Another example, you have Pluto in Libra, and you have Venus in the 12th.

🌟 💫 ✨ my notes pt.2
  • The reason why you shouldn’t try proving astrology to skeptics is because the only real “”proof”” is for them to genuinely study it themselves and then apply it to themselves with complete honesty and open-mindedness. They can wait for solid and unfaulty “scientific evidence” if they want, or overly criticize the scientific evidence that’s out supporting astrology currently (apparently), but astrology is for the individual and how the individual perceives it for themselves. That being said, why wait for “solid” scientific evidence for astrology to be validated for you, when studying it thoroughly will give that same validation.  
  • The 4th is the most private house as it is directly opposite to the most public house (1oth). Those with moon in the 4th are likely to be the most private of their emotions. “Private” is prone to becoming “secretive” though. Moon in the 10th is prone to wanting to feel validated by the public.
  • Someone with the same sun and moon would have the same outward expression as their inward expression, these people are usually the surest of their choices and of what they want, this is even more so if their sun and moon are conjunct in the same house and sign. Whereas people who have sun square or opposition moon struggle with their wants and needs (more so the square) because the two signs (their sun sign and moon sign) want and need different things.
  • Earth is not part of astrology because it’s about the planets influencing us. By us living on earth, we influence it.
  • If earth were ever included into astrology (perhaps if we moved off of earth, but doubt that would happen in our lifetime), I’d like to imagine that it would be a benefic planet for sure and be the higher octave of our identities (sun/moon) because in [Greek] mythology earth was the mother of the Titaness/goddess of light, who gave birth to the “shining children” known as the sun (Sol), moon (Selene) and the dawn (Eos). That being said, it’s only fitting that earth be exalted in Leo ruled by the sun and Cancer ruled by the moon, since those are earth’s grandchildren. Also, there’s a scientific theory that our actual moon came from earth when the asteroid Theia (named after the Titan who literally birthed the moon) collided with earth. As for other details, just be creative, the information theorized is pretty much unrealistic.
  • If humanity ever left our solar system the astrology we know now is pointless to us, there would be a new one created based on the new theoretical solar system, as the planets in the theoretical old solar system would no longer influence us.
  • Cusps are not real; you can only be one sun sign because the sun cannot be in two places at once. If we had two suns in our solar system, I’m pretty sure we’d die…burnt to a crisp. If you ever feel like another sign, it is due to other factors in your chart like the ascendant, dominants, aspects and the presence of a stellium…which contribute to your dominants. Also, mathematically, mercury and Venus cannot be too far away from the sun, so they are often close to or in the same house/sign as your sun. So if you were a Pisces sun, it is not uncommon for you to have an Aries mercury/Venus, making you feel more Aries-like (thus people claiming to be “Pisces-Aries cusps”). That’s also why sun-mercury-venus are the most common in a stellium, because these planets travel closely.
  • Nothing in astrology is promised, whether it be fatalistic or a blessing. Mars opposition/square Pluto, it is said with this placement one will have an inner fight with demons and take it out on others, Saturn in the 5th says there will be a delay in children or none at all, Venus retrograde says the native will be unfaithful or flakey in love; or the belief that Jupiter in the 10/11th can bring success, Venus in the 1st is said to make someone beautiful, or sun in the 5th indicates the making of a person with creative talents…it’s all not promised. Why? Because there are several other factors. No one is inherently abusive or unlucky, absolutely no one is born with talents because those are something that are worked hard at to obtain they are never given by any kind of blessing or genetic trait, physical and inner beauty are entirely subjective and because even the most benefic planets can be afflicted by harsh aspects just as the most malefic planets can be uplifted by harmonious aspects. Nothing in astrology is promised because ultimately it’s about what you do with the information given. Do you have Venus in the 1st? Do you find yourself beautiful? Then you are. Do you have Mars opposition/square Pluto? Do you have inner demons? Then learn how to manage them, find an outlet for yourself, etc.
  • That all being said, stop blaming things on your placements. They are all indicative, not promised. Remember, “know that the stars may impel but they do not compel.” The stars don’t push you and say “lol imma make you do dis”
  • When the north node is conjunct the sun or moon, your life mission is integrated into your identity.
  • The 12th is the most unaware house, but coming in at a close second is the 7th as they are both shadow houses. 7th house natives, more so people with a stellium there, don’t know themselves because they find themselves through others. For example, if you have Uranus in the 7th you might deny your rebellious nature and impose it on others, but then come to find and realize that rebellious nature through a partner of some kind.
  • The 12th house is a karmic house. It is speculation that having planets there means you neglected those planets in the past life, or you didn’t fulfill your north node’s mission.
  • The notion of “contradictions” in your chart must be eradicated from your thought process. “I have ___ and it contradicts ___” is a very common phrase among people who don’t understand that everything in your chart works together.
  • We are all underdeveloped. You are, your mom is, your friend is, your friend’s mom is and so on. We all express the negative traits of our placements and probably always will…so, does anyone ever really become the developed version of their placements? I can’t answer that, I don’t know that myself.

“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.”
― Gerard Way

Scorpio Rising: Once you find beauty in darkness and depth, you may never return to light.

Scorpio is ruled my Pluto, the king of the underworld and Pluto also rules the 8th house, which is about death, intimacy and secrets. When you have the planet of transformation through self destruction on the Ascendant/Rising you can’t blame people for fearing you a little. 

With the Scorpio rising you will evoke strong reaction in people causing them to immediately hate you passionately or love you passionately and there will be no in between. Black or white? it doesn’t matter cause you got both extremes but never able to find a common ground. You are passionate and intense in everything, whether you know this or not it will be clear in how you carry yourself and the image that you project on to the world.  

You want to be in control of your image and your destiny and when you carry something it has to be meaningful and perfect. Your whole life may have been controlled by someone else, so the moment you become an adult you take full control of your life in every aspect, even when it comes to love. You think things through, you never act spontaneously and you like to know where everyone stands and where you stand.  

With Scorpio on the Ascendant/rising you will have on the descendant/7th house cusp the sign Taurus. It is your opposite sign and it is the sign that balances you out, you may think of it as your shadow side when you are in private or in love. You are possessive, needy and private when it comes to love and once you love someone it is a done deal for you and you see no one but them. Highly romantic but have trouble in opening up to your lover and you need time to trust the person you love before you finally give in. 

Sex for you is a piece of art through it you see the vulnerable and sensual side of your lover as well as discovering the things that turns them on. You love to satisfy you partner in every way possible and you are not the type of person who moves on fast when a relationship is done. You demand and expect loyalty and dedication in relationship and if they do not exist you will not go through with the relationship. 

Features: They depend on the planets that exist on the first house, so having other planets can change your features from your typical Scorpio rising. 

However, Scorpio generally have deep hypnotic eyes that is sober and alert all the time in case of danger or if a crisis is to happen. Sharp jaws that adds more sharpness to a Scorpio rising’s face. The nose tends to be thin and pointed at the end and is usually short and small. The lips are average sized, the upper lip is usually thin while the other is plump. when you smile it stretches and forms a wide breathtaking smile. The face tends to be Oval with strong set of cheeks. 

The signs as places you may find yourself, according to the Talking Heads

Living in a shotgun shack: Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius

In another part of the world: Taurus, Sagittarius, Gemini

Behind the wheel of a large automobile: Aries, Leo, Capricorn

In a beautiful house with a beautiful wife: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

(Part 2) (Part 3)

daizydoe  asked:

Describing you as a character: All people in this world have souls; Laure had the soul of a dragon. Not because she was made out of fire and agony (though sometimes she felt this way), but because she had a keen eye for beauty and hoarded it around her. This, coupled with her valiant spirit made her a dragon. And a memorable one, too.

OMG RAN I AM SO HAPPY!!! You are a gifted writer! Do not let anyone (not even yourself) tell you otherwise! I love you will all my heart and I wish you all the best in life! May you find a fulfilling job, buy a house or a flat, eat well everyday and sip some lemonade under the sun. I want you to be happy SO MUCH!


$450/2 br “

 ”…and you may find yourself, living in a shotgun shack!“”

this whole ad is a Talking Heads reference

A “once in a lifetime” opportunity. This Shotgun House is not “same as it ever was” -its been fixed up, nor is it “…in another part of the world” -its in the East-Arsenal Artists’ Colony in the Summerville Historic District near Augusta College/Augusta State University/Georgia Regents University. Walk to class, Sheehan’s Irish Pub, 5 o'clock Bistro, or The Indian Queen from this 1920s Southern-Gothic shotgun house. Wood floors. Beaded-board ceilings. Original pine clapboards. Quaint historic district setting -perfect for you and your “beautiful wife”. Ample off-street parking for your “large automobile”. Less than three miles from the Medical College of Georgia. Eat-in kitchen with “water flowing underground” and up into the washer & dryer connections and the vintage farm-house sink. Fireplace. Ceiling fans in all rooms. Cute front porch. Screened doors front & back. No worries about life “after the money’s gone” -its only $450 per month. “And you may tell yourself ‘This is not my beautiful house!’” -well, it could be. “And you may ask yourself, 'How do I work this?’” -send an email. 630 total sqft+/- Deposit: $450, Pet Fee: $100. Tenant pays: electric, gas, and water. This house has FOUR ROOMS as follows: front room, middle room, kitchen, and bath room. This house is nearly 100 years old -and looks it. Its definitely not for everyone. Central Heat & Air? - uh, no- Space heaters, ceiling fans, and screen doors. I can provide a window unit a/c or two if desired. Tiny yard out front. Tiny yard out back.*****AVAILABLE 9/1, with interior paint job since photos were taken.***** Porch Swing! Please refer to “Shotgun Shack” or similar in your message to me. Thanks.

Augusta, GA

Tiny Spy Assassin Steve pt IX

Earlier parts here. 

For those who were curious – yes, this will go on AO3 eventually! As soon as it’s finished or when I get tired of posting it serially, whichever comes first :D 

There is some brief NSFW content in this one, warning. (Blow jobs! Frottage! Dear me, dear me.)


When Tony – working on his third cheeseburger, in the middle of a press conference Steve didn’t think he should be giving before he at least went home to rest – announced that he was closing the Stark weapons manufacturing arm, Steve’s head whipped around towards Pepper.

She was standing in the back of the room with Happy; Steve was lingering in the doorway, ready to spring into action the second a reporter looked at Tony wrong. She saw him move and met his gaze, shaking her head. She clearly hadn’t known. Obadiah Stane, a stomping giant of a man who smelled like expensive tobacco, didn’t seem to know what to do either. But Tony was aglow, eyes bright, and as soon as he said the words, despite the clamoring of the reporters, he looked thirty pounds lighter. His shoulders squared up, his chin lifted, and he glanced briefly at Steve.

Steve nodded. He wasn’t sure what else to do.

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may horoscopes, 2015

aries- it takes two to make a relationship survive, but it only takes one to kill it.

taurus- its okay to be emotionally unstable. you will find your balance.

gemini- the earth still grows through the ashes where a house burns down.

cancer- you are not something that someone can just lose.

leo- it’s okay if your happiness isn’t because of them anymore.

virgo- every time you tell yourself you’re worthless, you’re being lied to.

libra- it is no longer necessary to be a wretched human being.

scorpio- there’s beauty in being able to say “I survived”

sagittarius- you will find new life in these regrets.

capricorn- don’t worry, you will always have love to give.

aquarius- do what you can to make this love take control.

pisces- don’t make up your own ending, it will turn into something you can break.

Things That Happen Once In A Lifetime
  1. Waking up in a shotgun shack and narrowly escaping the crime scene blood free.
  2. Letting your days go by
  3. Forgetting what your beautiful spouse looks like
  4. Forgetting what you look like
  5. Forgetting where your beautiful house is
  6. Ending up on a highway, and you have no idea where it goes to
  7. Water underground

This list is brought to you by Dark Owl Records.
Dark Owl Records! May you find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile! 

Common People, Ch. 1

 Well hello! Welcome to Common People, a My Mad Fat Diary and Pride & Prejudice crossover fic, written by slitherouter and how-ardently.

 None of this would be possible without the amazing madfatty. We are so grateful for your help and insight and most importantly, your friendship.

Common People, Ch. 1

Dear Tix,

The dreaded moment has arrived. Tomorrow morning I will be marching through the gates of hell, I mean college, ha ha, and God only knows what hellish nightmares will await me there! 

Fatty, I’m too nervous to sleep, so I’ve decided to write you a bit. I know I’ve been bad with the writing, but it’s been two weeks of craziness here in the Earl house. Even more than usual, if you can believe that. 

First, since my cousin Chloe moved into the spare bedroom, taking over my bathroom and my life, my mum is in over-drive of crazy. Between the two of them talking about diets, showing each other their shopping, and giggling over magazines, there’s not a moment of peace around here. 

I swear the only sane person in this house is Karim, and he went away to visit his family abroad so he hasn’t been around to get me through the endless hours of prattle with these two. Kitty is still a tiny little angel, but she must miss him or something, because she’s been crying and fussing so much, and it just adds to the general chaos of everything, and, well, fuck. I can’t bloody hear myself think, Tix! Makes me miss those long afternoons of sheer boredom at the hospital with everyone. Maybe I’ll check myself in again. Ha ha, no I’m kidding. I’ll never go back. I know you’d throw a flower vase at me if I did!

Anyway, all this is going on and tomorrow is college and I’m bricking it. I don’t know if I can do another two years of people saying shit and always being mean fucks to me. Can I confess something, Fatty? I’m scared shitless that the moment my foot touches college ground, everything’ll start up again, and it’ll only take the world five minutes to destroy all the work that I’ve done on myself. All the progress, everything I fought for in therapy, the stuff Kester taught me… that all of it will just go poof the second someone puts me down.

Cause, yes, I know I’m brilliant, and you know I’m brilliant, but the rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck. And I know I’ve got so much going for me, and yeah, I’m a great person. But put me in those social situations, and all that is just irrelevant. People look at me and all they see is A BLOB. I think that I’m maybe strong enough now to stand up to people who take the piss, use my wit to give as good as I get. But I’m scared, Fatty, that actually, it really doesn’t matter how brilliant I am. Doesn’t matter how many witty put downs I have in my arsenal. The other person could always say, “Yeah? Well, you’re fat”. And they’ll be right, and I’ll be done. 

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and you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile. and you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife. and you may ask yourself, what ARE frogs?


Hey y’all, this is Angel, the pup I posted about on my Facebook page. I work with her and I want to see her get a home so bad, she’s been up for adoption for far too long. Angel is a rescue, she was abandoned with no food or water or shelter and is still so trusting of humans. All she wants is love from anyone she sees, shes what they calla ‘Velcro’ dog - attached at the hip to her owner! She is house trained, a great walker, and the most loving dog at my work. She has a few things though, like she is a digger, so she cant be left out in yards, and she isn’t aggressive, just doesn’t like other dogs. Angel is a lab/hound at about 40 pounds and always wants to be with people. She would have no problem living in an apartment with walks and lots of love. You can find her on PetFinder through my Facebook page or Henrico Humane Society’s website. Every day I give her toys and walk her because she deserves a home so much, but I can’t take her :( if you want or know anyone who may want her, please look at her ad or let me know! She’s such an angel, really. This is the most deserving dog. PLEASE HELP ME FIND HER A HOME. She is 1 year and 4 months old.

I will post about Angel until someone takes her. There has to be SOMEONE in this huge area.

**UPDATE** ANGEL IS OPEN FOR A FOSTER HOME, ALSO. So if you know someone, or you yourself want to help house a well deserving pup for a little while (although, you WILL fall in love with her), please check out her ad or contact me/hhs!

AND AWE NEW BEAUTIFUL PIC OF HER AND HER BLANKEY (look at her face look at it)