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Forum Migration Preparation and You!

Den of Angels will soon be moving to a new server and a new platform. We do not have a specific date, but it will probably be this week.

Threads, posts, private messages, profiles and other content will be imported to the new server. Marketplace access levels will not change. However, some things are different on the new site. Here are some things to do before and after the migration.

Before the Migration

Save your profile photos & member album images.
These will be replaced by different features on the new site and will not be imported. After the migration, these images will be permanently deleted. Please save your profile photo and any images in your member albums that you would like to keep.

Download your private messages and tidy up.
Your private messages will be imported to the new site, but the folders used to organize them will not be imported. All messages – including both sent and received messages – will go in your inbox.

We strongly recommend that everyone back up private messages. If you scroll down to the bottom of your inbox, there is a Selected Messages dropdown menu that gives the option to download your messages; the TEXT option works fine for most purposes.

Once you’ve downloaded your messages, please delete any old or irrelevant messages from DoA. Even if you do not feel comfortable deleting messages from your inbox, it will be a big help if you delete messages from your Sent Items folder.

After the Migration
We’ll provide more details after the migration, but there are a few things you may want to do.

Check your account preferences.
Notifications work differently on the new site, so you’ll want to make sure they’re set properly so that you receive email notifications if you want them. Also, there are different privacy options for your profile that you might want to set.

Organize your messages and subscriptions.
All private messages and subscriptions will be imported, however the folders used to organize them will not make the switch. After the migration, you will need to reorganize these.

Enlarge your avatar.
Avatars are bigger on the new site, so you may want to upload a new one.

Remove TapaTalk.
After the migration, DoA will no longer support TapaTalk. If this is the only site you use on TapaTalk, you may want to remove it. We know that TapaTalk has many fans, but security concerns and compatibility issues force us to discontinue its support.